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Some Zuko and Katara fics


(this is especially for yell-allons-y, damonsbonbon and hyperspacemashmallow, hope this helps :D  )

  1. I’ve included lil summaries that may or may not reveal spoilers cuz sometimes the author descriptions don’t do it for me. Warning there, you can skip over these and read only the bolded, italicized author summaries if you so wish.
  2. Generally, if anything has an M rating, you can skip through the explicit stuff.
  3. Anything with  *** are favorite stories of mine right now.
  4. Many of the authors listed have profiles full of other great stories not listed on here, so I have linked all of their profile links as well so you can check those out too :)
  5. Finally, most important for everyone to do, REVIEW THE STORIES! So many awesome authors stop writing because there is no feedback from the readers. I have found that even if an author hasn’t updated in years (I’m talking several), as long as you try to review every chapter letting the writer know what you did and didn’t like about the characterization, plot, and writing itself, it is enough encouragement to get them motivated and updating again. So once again, REVIEW!!!

- The Last Waterbender*** by Haikoui (Rated T, 56k+ words, WIP) 

The Southern Raiders found the last waterbender, leaving her mother alive, and took the child with them to the Fire Nation as a prisoner. Zutara AU. The avatar has not been found yet, and Zuko has not been banished yet, either. Rated T (and maybe M at some point… maybe!) for later chapters. 

Slow to develop relationship (they’ve just started interacting due to certain circumstances), both learning things, unlearning prejudices and propaganda, very IC, very good OC’s too.  The plot is super interesting as the author manages to include both things from the show as well as their own very original ideas. I like how even though this isn’t  a canon story line, the characters are still IC, something I cannot say for even those who write stories that coordinate with canon. The suspense and surprises are very well thought out, too, as the author has an endless supply of creative villains and an interesting plot. Overall, super awesome.

- Jasmine*** by Yorushike (Rated T, 140k+ words, WIP) 

AU, Katara, traveling companion of the Avatar, had always dreamed of the day the war would end, but she had never thought that she would be forced to marry Firelord Zuko, who was said to have killed his own father, for this to happen. Zuko had no other goal than to repent for his sins and bring peace to the world, even if both his allies and enemies feared and hated him. Zutara,

While Katara is travelling with Gaang for training, Chief Hakoda is captured by a cold and distant Fire Lord Zuko, who has killed off his own family to become ruler and is feared by pretty much everyone, even his own citizens. Instead of torturing or killing Hakoda, he asks for Katara’s hand in marriage as a symbol of peace, to which she reluctantly agrees. She finds out things, like he’s actually trying to atone for his sins and those of the Fire Nation, and that he is a genuinely good but tortured man. Everyone is so IC, with a “I’m not deserving of love or anything good, imma just brood over here in this dark corner while trying to heal wounds i’ve inflicted on world” pre-Gaang Zuko and a “STFU, ZUKO, YOU ARE ACTUALLY A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY CREATURE AND A PRETTY CHILL GUY WHY DON’T YOU GET YOUR ANGSTY HEAD OUT OF YOUR LILY WHITE BEHIND AND SEE THAT i pet ur face now k frand?motherly Katara. The author also keeps Gaang in character. You will laugh out loud, if not let out one of those ugly laugh snorts every time the whole Gaang is present, especially seeing awkward ass Zuko interacting with them. You will cry at a couple of points in the story (especially one chapter in particular but i’m not telling cuz i’m a cruel person and want your heart completely unprepared for the pain WOOOOOOOOAH HOHOOOOooOooooOo). It is a bit slow at first, but that adds to strong development between Katara and Zuko, as well as setting up a good plot with interesting politics and culture. At this point, shit is going down but you have no idea what it is yet so SUPER SCARY but good yes. Occasional spelling errors, but not super present. 

Butterflies and Hurricanes by Rebirth of the Phoenix (Rated T, 103k+ words, Complete)

“You may find yourself capturing hearts that you are forbidden to keep.” She is a servant. He is a Prince. Together they are about to go against everything that keeps the world at peace. Zutara

AU, This one is already pretty popular. Katara is bought taken as little girl to Fire Nation, becomes servant to Mai, later to Royal Family, becomes friendly with Zuko, whole tiime she has little memory of her family, Zuko puts pieces together and they face shit. Pretty IC for the most part (I just wish Katara was a little bit more outspoken but at the same time it was understandable considering her station for a large portion of the story), good OC’s that you’ll like too.

- Fortress *** by SilverLining33  (Rated  T, 69+ words, WIP)

As a child, I was blind to the tragedies of the world. I chose not to understand. I chose not to acknowledge. I chose not to act. But now, things are different. This war has taken everything from me: my home, my family, my freedom. No more waiting for rescue. No more sitting by and relying on hope and faith. It’s time for me to take action. It’s time for me to fight back. AU. 

 WOW. this story. this story. THIS STORY. ohmygaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhHHhHhHh

I cannot begin to tell you all how great this story is and how much I think you’ll enjoy it too. 


AU, Fire Nation has pretty much taken over and colonized the whole world, including the Southern Water Tribe. Covers all that shitty shit that colonized people would go through like unfair and harsh government and brutality. Fetus Katara meets Fetus Zuko, son of mean governor Ozai who rules over South Pole at this point in the story. Shit happens, big stuff too, but I won’t reveal what. Fast forward several years, Ozai has long left with family in tow to Fire Nation, Katara thinks she’s done with them (hehe WRONG). The Water tribe and Katara suffer horribly, she’s left with no family (they’re gone for different important reasons), she’s depressed and filled with anger, has to hide waterbending or risk imprisonment and death, all while dealing with a fire nation soldier who is stationed in the South Pole and has the hots for her (hehe… pun… i’m sorry.) that she can’t stand… and then A LOT OF STUFF HAPPENS SHIT HITS THE FAN OHMYGAHD AND SHE HAS TO  GO SOMEWHERE BECAUSE OF SOMETHING BIG AND I WON’T SAY TOO MUCH BUT BAM, SHE MEETS LIL ASSHOLE KID SHE MET AS A CHILD THAT WAS THE GOVERNOR’S SON ONLY HE IS NOW AN ADULT ASSHOLE AND HAS A SCAR AND I CAN’T SAY ANYTHING ELSE BUT THERE IS MORE THAN THAT GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME TOO.

Basically awesome story. This author obviously took the time to not only research their stuff, but also spent time diving into the characters to portray very raw and realistic emotions and reactions. This gives very awesome, IC people, which is what I want from my fics but don’t always find. To add on to that, even the authors OC’s were well developed. I was surprised by the quality of these characters– even people who appeared for no more than one chapter made a big impact on me and the story. And the plot itself is very nice. The romance isn’t what drives it– there are outside factors like a freaking war and people fighting that move the plot along which adds to the realism. This also throws in the suspense, because while it may be safe for the mean time, there are people on the other side of the world who could be planning some shit.

Anyway, good story. Really, really good story. It has lots of potential and I hope to see it grow to a 200k fic complete with the main seasons covered in ATLA as the author’s interpretation is fun to read.

- Dancing in the Dark by DamageCtrl (Rated T, 64k+ Words, Complete)

AUPWP: Having heard a rumor about two tea servers in the lower tiers of Ba Sing Se, Katara and Toph sneak away go to investigate only to have their suspicions confirmed. ZutaraBlutara 

Another pretty popular one. For anyone who likes season 2 Zutara or Blutara, this is for you. It’s pretty cute. Zuko disguises himself as the Blue Spirit to get information on Gaang, Toph and Katara sneak around and find out Zuko and Iroh are working in teashop, Blue Spirit realizes Katara is a freaking idiot at dancing, he gives lessons to her cuz Zuko knows fancy royal dances, she falls in love with Blue Spirit, Zuko falls in love with her, stuff happens, OH NO WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF KATARA FINDS OUT WHO THE BLUE SPIRIT REALLY IS, on top of EVERYTHING else happening??!?1!?! Anyway, cutesy cute fic. 

- Time and Time Again*** by Dra323 (Rated T, 36k+ words, WIP)

A sigh of relief barely escaped her lips before rough hands grabbed her body and pushed her back against the tree. Katara screamed and attempted to claw at the body of the person holding her, only to have her hands captured. “Well, doesn’t this seem familiar?” He hissed. 

Starts off at Waterbending Scroll episode, goes different direction. Zuko is pretty much the insane, reckless, violent, angsty lil shit we see in Season 1. Katara is super sassy and coolio and tough and if bad stuff happens to her, she doesn’t do any of that stupid “cowering in fear but falls in love with mean guy cuz yay Stockholm Syndrome!” shit, instead she does the “imma be awful to you if you’re awful to me, and the fact that you’re fire nation doesn’t help you at all you asshat little brat.” I like the frustrated, crazy Zuko, I like how smart, sneaky, and resourceful Katara is in this story as well. 

Lots of shit happens from the moment Katara is taken to his ship. Right now, where I’m at in the story, they’re on a deserted island and have to depend on each other and Zuko is starting to realize “wow, I’ve been a big asshat to Katara, and she’s my only means of survival right now, I should be nice and appreciate what she has done for me so far”, kinda hinting at the beginning of a redemption arc, while Katara is like “he can go shove a coconut up his ass I’m not messing with that tool ffs I hate his stupid angry ass byyyyye”. Jet has also just been introduced and is as insane as ever, a big wild card right now and no one knows what’s going to happen with this guy walking around. 

Right now it’s heading in a very awesome direction, the emotions are there and you will get tense while reading. The action scenes are well written and you’ll be freaking out  when you get to them. I’m hoping that the author will write this as a 200k fic that covers the whole show to the end (and maybe beyond??) because I am liking how the author is writing not only the characters, but their relationship development too. It would be cool to see them interacting to different situations introduced throughout the show. There is the occasional spelling error, but not so obvious that it takes away from the story. Really good though so far, you should definitely check this out.

- In the Same Candlelight by Like a Dove (Rated T, 76+ words, Complete)

In a world where there is no war, Zuko and Katara spend their summers together. Growing up is messy, embarrassing, and at times sad, but they think it might be okay because they have each other. Edited summary. 

 AU, no war. Aang stopped Fire Nation from messing world up, he’s now a pretty old guy who is still adorable af. Water Tribe siblings and Fire Nation siblings spend vacations with each other and pretty much grow up with each other. More cutesy stuff. 

- I Was Not Magnficent by Like a Dove (Rated M, 53k+ words, Complete)

When Zuko first meets the waterbender with the scars, he’s fascinated by her. His fascination quickly turns into something much more. Soon Zuko will have to confront his greatest enemy - himself. AU. 

 AU, No Aang found from iceberg, Zuko didn’t speak out against general at war meeting and is still a prince in the Fire Nation, Fire Nation has pretty much taken over the whole world with Sozin’s Comet. Because of problems with little rebellions, Fire Nation starts messed up breeding program so they can raise their own earthbenders and waterbenders to enforce Fire Nation rule around world. They finally bring in a scarred waterbender for the program, shit goes down. Pretty good. Zuko is a snotty little dick who you kinda wanna slap (Katara actually does this, so no worries there) but grows into a more honorable guy. Katara is pretty cool too. My only complaint is that I didn’t like how quickly they immediately fell in love with each other. It felt a little rushed considering that they really didn’t confront many obstacles and personal beliefs that would keep them from wanting to suck face, but otherwise pretty cool story.

- Resting in a Raze (Sequel to I Was Not Magnificent) by Like a Dove (Rated M, 24k+ words, WIP) 

Zuko and Sokka go searching for a waterbender who has been long lost. Slowly but surely their world begins to erupt around them. Sequel to ‘I Was Not Magnificent’. 

To be honest, I haven’t kept up too much with this, but I figured people might want to know that there’s a sequel so BAM here it is 

- Tempest in a Teacup*** by AkaVertigo (Rated T, 34k+ words, IDK if it’s supposed to be complete, it felt like there was supposed to be more to me…) 

Fate puts Katara in the Fire Nation to grow up in the company of a Dragon, a prince, and a lot of good tea. AU Zutara…of a sort. 

 I’m pretty sure this is one of the most famous Zutara fics out there. AU, Iroh finds Katara as a little girl, raises her, she and Zuko grow close. This is really beautifully written. It manages to deliver strong emotions, humor, great dialogue, and an overall good plot through gorgeous passages. It’s set up like poetry at times but it is awesome. Pretty good stuff here.

- The Chief and I *** by jassmarie19 (Rated T, 21k+ words, WIP)

100 years after the War started the Fire Nation has managed to add on all of the four nations as Provinces, except the Southern Water Tribe. It is Zuko’s duty to travel to this land of people that shut themselves away from the world at the onset of the War and convince them to surrender. The King and I inspired AU. Rating may change.

This story is super awesome. I’m not gonna lie, the first chapter had me thinking that there wouldn’t be much to expect from the story but I WAS A FOOL AND HAVE SEEN THE ERROR IN MY WAYS. The plot is super cool.  There is much tension between the accomplished asshole Prince Zuko and a proud and sassy Chief Katara. Katara has some struggles she must face before and during the Fire Nation’s unexpected and very much unwanted arrival, such as just wanting her dad and bro home to take over. She and Zuko constantly butt heads as the arrogant (and very ignorant) Zuko tries to force Katara to surrender the Southern Water Tribe to the Fire Nation (or empire, at this point). Where I am right now, it looks like Zuko will be pulling in man power to take over the Water Tribe through force as he is getting frustrated (in more than one way, tbh, which is entertaining cuz Katara is just like GUHhhHhHHHHROSS GET YOUR WEIRD ASS TYRANNICAL SELF AWAY FROM ME). I can’t wait for the next update as shit just went down cuz Zuko is an impulsive dumbass who “doesn’t think things through” so suspense is there and very strong. Definitely worth reading.

- Polar Nights by crystalline talisman (Rated T, 72k+ words, WIP)

In order to arrange a treaty for the long standing war between the Water Tribe and Fire Nation, Prince Zuko is sent to the South Pole to arrange a truce by Fire Lord Lu Ten, where he is greeted by subzero temperatures, sea prunes, and quirky customs. This of course, is a cake walk compared to the revelation he’ll be marrying the stubborn spiritual leader, Katara. AU. Zutara.

Kind of a challenge to the idea of Katara being the one to leave her homeland for a political marriage. This is really entertaining, with spot on characters and interactions, an interesting look at South Water Tribe and Fire Nation cultures, and a fun plot overall. It shouldn’t be so entertaining seeing Zuko have a hard time, but with so many funny components to the many challenges he has to face in order to be seen as “proper husband material”, you can’t help but hope for more. Katara is also very awesome. She is a priestess with a stubborn personality, trying to face her own fate and what is expected of her in her position. She that takes quite a bit of joy out of jostling Zuko around. Fun. They are growing to at least see each other as possible friends where I am at in the story, with the prospect of heading back to the Fire Nation for another ceremonial process there. Humorous with great drama, this one is a pretty great read.

-Water Wench *** by Meeknchic (Rated M, 3k+ words, WIP)

“What is your idea of justice, Prince Zuko?” she asked through the fixed smirk. The woman sauntered closer. “Would you throw me in your dungeon?”

This is such a funny fic. I’m not sure if I should label it as “humor” or cracktastic. Poor Zuko is just trying his hardest and then he has to deal with a dumbass military friend, Chang, (who is bae tbh if he isn’t at first he will be later) and a snarky waterbender that just won’t give him the Avatar. The thing is, she doesn’t know that she’s giving shelter to the master of four elements. Each chapter so far has basically been Zuko’s failed attempts at getting the Avatar, persuading Katara to hand him over, ignoring his attraction for the uninterested Katara, while his stupid ass friend is laughing at Zuko when he is on fire when butt naked (this actually happens). The dialogue is witty and hilarious, the characters are quite on point as far as sticking to their canon selves goes. The author’s main OC (Chang the bae) has so much personality considering that he isn’t in the fic as often as Z and K. Where I am at, Katara has just been apprehended and is pissed. 

Anyway, super fun, quick read, so you READ AND FINISH IT WHILE TAKING A SHIT. 

-Down in Flames *** by sjdboom (Rated M, 80k+ words, WIP)

As Katara battles to protect the Avatar and restore balance to the world, she struggles to ignore the one major, golden-eyed confliction who keeps getting in her way. Rated M for chapters 22 & 26 ;)



like damn this fic has the best of everything and the things I listed above only scratch the surface. you get a reasonably paced development between Zuko and Katara, you get betrayal, you get a sneaky Zuko with inner turmoil, you get a smart and independent katara, you get a capture where SHE DON’T FALL IN LOVE PLS STOP THIS AWFUL TROPE DON’T DO THIS PLS. you also get an awesome plot that has you hopping all over the world, the Gaang present or working in background of story (you know, like what they would do in their situations, instead of fangirling over z and k…. they gonna do stuff with the war), Katara and Zuko having to face each other and themselves, just so much happens in this fic for how short it is and it is handled so well. I am praying for the next update.

Super awesome, you’ll immediately get hooked. 

-Facets*** by balai (Rated T, 61k+ words, WIP)

It was unfathomable. Imagine the rumours, the scandal that would spread at the idea of the Fire Lord sneaking about under the cover of darkness, donning the mask of the Blue Spirit. But he would do it. He knew the risks he took. Still, he would do it for her.

Oh you want a punch to the heart? read this fic then and feel you insides cry. like damn this fic is so good and you will be filled with emotions so no mascara while reading this one. basically post war Zuko and Katara dealing with external and internal forces, growing closer as they overcome many obstacles in efforts to help the world get back on its feet. Very nice.

-The Plan*** by Sisters-From-Hell (Rated T, 53k+ words, WIP)

Katara was captured after trying to save Haru. Now she is a concubine in the Fire Lord’s Palace and she must find a way to save her tribe and the world. AU based on the movie “One Night With the King”


GTFO with all those weird “KAtaara is a concubine to PRinc no FIRE LORD ZUko but they fall into luv <3” shit cuz that is not what would happen and YOU know it and thankfully this author knows it too.

Katara, being Katara, isn’t just gonna sit around all doe eyed while the world goes up in flames (pun), and she gets captured by the Fire Nation while causing shit for the nation. Sent to its capital, about to be given to old creepy guys for “personal use” a certain angel comes to her in the form of a tea loving uncle of the freaking Fire Lord. Iroh is basically a sneaky little shit but you know that’s Iroh and we love him for it. Zuko and Katara meet, it goes BADLY, and they hate each other (at worst) or ignore and look down on each other (at best). Does a pretty good job of subtly acknowledging stuff like the prejudices one would see in a colonizing, warring country, and doesn’t have Katara and Zuko falling in love immediately. There’s an incredible amount of tension and contempt between the two, and when they aren’t making the other’s life shitty, they’re creating plans. For Zuko, to use Katara as a tool for the war to “persuade” the Water Tribes to surrender to Fire Nation rule. With Katara, she takes advantage of living in the palace to soak up every bit of information at her disposal, with the hopes of using it later to give to the resistance groups or to take out the Fire Lord himself. She so far has kept her bending abilities hidden, and she has attracted the eye of certain Fire Nation men that Zuko is to deal with. Right now, it seems like Zuko is beginning to find her attractive (not admitting that to himself, though) and she is literally puking at the thought of being romantic with him, even if it is for her benefit in the long run. Also, a certain tribesman may have just cracked open the iceberg…

Super awesome, definitely should read if you want a break from the never-ending “katara-gets-captured-and-instead-of-working-to-end-war-or-to-acknowledge-and-fight-back-against-oppressive-nation-and-people-that-have-messed-up-her-life-she-gonna-fall-for-a-dude’s-diq-while-he-ignores-years-of-propoganda-and-shitty-parenting-and-decides-he-suddenly-likes-katara-too” stories. 

-Fallacy by BloomRay (Rated T, 15k+ words, WIP)

Three years have passed since the Avatar’s defeat and the Fire Nation’s victory in the war. Katara and a handful of survivors have sought refuge amongst the ruins of the Western Air Temple. That is, until someone shows up. A very unwelcome someone, as it so happens. AU.

Not gonna lie, when I first read this, I was like “no”. I didn’t want to see Zuko regress back into his Season 1 personality as it would have been out of character, and I don’t like “Aang died…. okay anyway Zuko and Katara now suck face happy happy ending yes!” stories

This doesn’t do that wow I don’t know why I thought it would thank Jesus that’s not what we readers will have in this story. There were plot twists and major surprises and it’s only the beginning of the story. Very good so far, it has lots of potential.

-The Prophecy by XrhiaX (Rated T, 19k+ words, WIP)

AU. The Avatar lives in chains. The Earth Kingdom has fallen. Prince Zuko is a prisoner within the palace for his traitorous actions. And a Prophecy foretells of how the Last Southern Waterbender pertains to the Fire Nation’s ultimate victory.

To be honest I have no idea what’s happening right now and I mean that in a good way. Basically, you have a different plot running with the idea of Zuko still suffering punishment, but now he has a new “cell mate” (will make sense once you read). There’s still a search for the Avatar, and a confused and pissed Katara is taken to the Fire Nation to live in a gold cage, for reasons she doesn’t know either. There is obviously something keeping her there, as characters like Lu Ten are acting strangely while visiting a lonely Zuko, and there are talks of a prophecy. I can’t wait to see what will happen next, as the author already shows they have something planned with the way they are setting up everything so far. Since it is told from Zuko’s and Katara’s limited points of view, we only see so much, adding to the suspense. Pretty cool fic.

-Aerials*** by Bravada (Rated M, 28k+ words, WIP)

AU. One hundred years ago, the Avatar was killed, and the benders were no more. But now that the Fire Lord has merged with a demon, the Spirits are going to have to set things straight. Zutara, Taang, Sukka.

I love this fic. Zuko and Uncle washed up on SWT shore, taking on aliases to avoid death (confrontation, though, is something they do face and face often). Zuko slowly bonds with STW, in particular the two children of Chief Hakoda. Right when it seems like everything is going well, BAM SHIT GOES DOWN, IDENTITIES EXPOSED, and that’s just the beginning. Where I am right now, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, and Iroh left for the Southern Air Temples in search for people similar to Zuko and Katara. I love how in character everyone is, how fun the dialogues are as they always seem to grow a bit after a conversation, and the writing overall flows well. Every little interaction adds so much to the story. I enjoyed how Zuko grows from awkward and angry to awkward and nice, along with how Katara is strong, but also affectionate. The little events that help them to grow together are super fun and exciting. The other characters so far, such as Hakoda, Iroh, Sokka, and Zhao also make big impressions.

Great, fun read.

-The Spirit’s Beauty: A Fairy Tale of Sorts by NonsensicalLyrics  (Rated T, 28k+ words, Complete)

When Sokka and Aang go snooping around a seemingly abandoned ship only to discover it’s cursed, Katara must sacrifice herself in exchange for the Avatar’s freedom. Based loosely on the traditional fairy tale, “Beauty and the Beast”. Bluetara/Zutara.

This follows pretty closely to the original Disney story while remaining true to ATLA, I was surprised that this could be accomplished and done well. Zuko as the beast is endearing and Katara is pretty cool. I loved the whole mythos set up for the story as it added much to the story without taking away the charm ATLA has. It pretty much works like an episode of ATLA as they immediately go along with the main plot there. Pretty nice stuff.

-Reflections Dire by Jadely (Rated K+, 7k+ words, Complete)

News of the Painted Lady’s return spreads all the way to the Fire Nation capital, birthing festivities among the people. And who could happen to stumble into the middle of it with a keen curiosity other than the unsettled prince Zuko, who decides who decides to take up the face of the Blue Spirit one last time to meet the fabled woman himself. But who is who under the moonlight?

Zuko and Katara have to face their demons. Pretty cool, will make you sad for actual Painted Lady and Blue Spirit. Katara’s and Zuko’s interactions are pretty realistic too. Very nice short read. 

-Even So*** by lewilder (Rated T, 7k+ words, Complete)

A hundred years after Avatar Roku stops the Fire Nation’s attempts to take over the world, uprisings begin again in the Fire court. After the battles, the new Fire Lord, Zuko, seeks to reaffirm old alliances and looks for a bride from the Southern Water Tribe. Zutara, AU. Oneshot. 


Zuko and Katara marry, Katara is stubborn and won’t learn his language, he is still a shy little sweety anyway, they grow close while learning each others languages and the amount of affection between the two is so sweet but believable and not too much. It kinda follows them throughout their married years together (a little bit before for Katara). Very beautiful, can also read while in bathroom stall so double awesome.

-Beneath the Alder Tree by Harky21 (Rated M, 27k+ words, WIP)

“I’ve experienced many things in my time. I’ve seen storms brew and felt the earth quake. But there’s one thing that I’d only ever heard of in the whistling of the wind and on the dying breaths of men.” Beneath the branches of an alder tree a boy and a girl from enemy clans meet and learn that they may not be as different from each other as they thought. Rated M for later chapters.

Really great, set up almost poetically and from the point of a tree. It may sound weird, but it works so well. Katara and Zuko live in neighboring clans at war with each other, but grow very close through out the years in a field between their homes. The tree is a sort of narrator and I read it for the most part in Gandalf’s voice so there’s that. Super nice story with lots of surprises, tension, and great character growth.

-Burn to Ashes by beanaroony (Rated T, 21k+ words, WIP)

This is what the blood of betrayal tastes like, when its claws dig into your chest and tear at your throat and you palate nothing but sorrow and distrust again and again, again and again. S3 finale AU.

Well if you’re up for more angst cuz you just couldn’t get enough from earlier fics, here is this one for you. While heading over to take down Azula during Sozin’s comet, Zuko turns on Katara, believing it was for the best. They have to deal with much tension as Katara is sooooo done at this point and Zuko, being Zuko, just wanted to help but keeps screwing up instead. While they’re interacting, there’s lots going on in the background, mainly with everyone’s favorite batshit crazy royal, Azula. Pretty good so far. Where I’m at in the story, there is a major build up to something big about to happen so yes suspense is there, too.

check out some of these writers on tumblr as well

pearlynn59 somuttersthesea bulletproofteacup astaroffire

Once again, when I have time I will finish this list and organize it. I know that I’m missing a ton from this post, so if you want more before I have time to update this list, message me and I’ll send you some quick links. If there’s something you guys think I forgot, message me and I’ll see that it’s changed. Have fun :)

i will hopefully have fics for pairings like jinko up sometime too.

Try to pin me for illegal deductions? That's a paddlin'

This occurred about 3 years ago.

I shut down my framing company to pursue a job as a site supervisor for the development I had been building in.

Started with the builder after I had built the last house, and managed to get 3 out of 4 of my guys a job with the builder, so they wouldn’t be affected my decision. (the fourth guy was a piece of shit, who I never fired because his work ethic was awesome, but had a terrible attitude, bad habits, and was wildly hated by the rest of the crew. He was only there because he made me money. sorry)

First couple months go well, my three guys have settled into doing more than just framing, though they were not enthused about certain tasks, but who really likes working in a muddy hole, or highly physical labour tasks.

My guys were always dirty. Always wore “shitty clothes to work, as did I. Who wants to destroy I nice pair of jeans, or a new clean white t shirt, by getting them stained, or torn. So, our professional "look” left a little to be desired.

After awhile, the owner thought our mish-mash of a crew needed some cleaning up. Ive always subscribed to the analogy “gotta crack an egg to make an omelette”, so I wasn’t personally concerned about our outward appearances, our work should speak for itself.

I’d saved the builder 9$ per square foot, per house, and I could see he was happy about that, under my direction, the rest of the trades had increased the quality, without any incurred cost, and our houses just “looked” better than competitors, during construction.

I get called into a meeting, half way through the week, and the owner says “ I’m tired of you guys looking like no one owns you, your work attire should reflect the quality of homes we’re building, here’s a bunch of uniforms, enough so everyone has one to wear every day, and an extra in case you work Saturday’s.”

I say “ hey boss man! That’s a great idea! It’ll make my guys feel more included and happier! You’ve even embroidered their names on everything! That’s super cool!”

My guys were ecstatic. New shirts, pants, steel towed boots, and steel towed cold weather rubber boots, jackets, hard hats, hi-VI’s vests, you name it. All name brand, high quality stuff, Supplied by the company. It was Christmas in July.

Until they got their pay cheque.

Each guy including me, was deducted $1357.00 for “uniforms”

My lowest paid guy at $15 and hour, OWED the company money.

Next guy made $3.16.

Highest paid guy? A cool $57.

Me? Well I received a cheque less my “uniform” deduction for a little over $2500. I made more money building for him, than I did managing his site.

I was f*cking furious.

This is where the revenge comes in.

I paid my guys for their deducted wage, and then did some research.

Guess what?

Where I’m from, if you require an employee to wear a certain uniform, you cannot pass that cost off to the employee. It’s to be supplied free-of-charge to the worker.

This was also around the time I had been using my personal accounts at suppliers for odds and ends.

I called for a meeting, printed out the labour standards act, highlighting to pertinent areas, and explained to the boss, not only was it illegal, what they did almost cost my guys their homes, if I hadn’t stepped up, they would have been evicted, child support wouldn’t have been paid, and it could have been a lot worse.

My boss took this all in, and said “it’s not mandatory, that’s why you guys have to foot the bill.”

I said “okay boss man, my guys can’t afford to drop $1357 on work clothes, so I’ll have everything returned, most of it has never been worn, you can return what’s still new, I’ll pay the difference”

We all went back to work, wearing our torn jeans, ripped shirts, and stained jackets.

Problem solved right?


I was fired two days later. Since they were “my guys”, that meant them too.

So rather than tell the guys what happened, I told them to roll up all my tools, and anything I had paid for, take Friday off, and I’ll let everyone know what’s going on over the weekend.

Started back up framing that Monday, for the competing builder.

But that’s not where it ends.

I filed a complaint with labour standards, filed a builders lien on the 15 properties I had been managing for unpaid expenses and waited.

When he refused to acknowledge any claim against him, I escalated to lien his personal home. I had done $25,000.00 worth of work to his home, which was to be paid after the sale, plus an extra 10% for waiting.

That really got his attention, as his house was “sold”, pending the closing of the buyers own property.

The lien made it so he can’t sell, without paying me out first.

I ignored all calls, except from his lawyer, and he essentially shut down business, and blames me for doing so.

Long story short?

I got my money, but to this day refuse his $25,000.00 for payment as it lacks the 10%, plus 3% per month late charge.

He could sell his house, but he refuses to pay me out. Owes me about $56,000.00

F*ck that guy.

Discourse Terms That Need To Exist

Because, I’ve seen a fair few ideas pop up here and there in political Discourse that I think could be better used if they actually had names, Apologies if there are already terms in existence fro these, tell me if I missed them in the comments.

  • Point-Buy Fallacy- The idea that being of a marginalized group is the same as an extrordinary trait on a character sheet instead of simply a thing people are; and thusly that a character being of a marginaized group (or heaven forbid multiple marginalized groups) makes them automatically “special snowflake-y” and fears that too much diveri\sity would make a character “overstuffed”. Named after point-buy qualities in Tabletop RPGs and the jackass nerds that talk about a “Trans disabled black muslim lesbian” the same way they would a “Half demon half dragon half demon psychic with pink hair” in one of those games.
  • Ad Platonii- The fallacy in debate where one ignores such thing as societal power dynamics and history for some abstract “purity” of logic, IE those whole “How is X saying they hate Y different from Y saying they hate X” things. Named for Plato’s Theory of Forms, which posited the ludicrous notion that there mus be pure “forms” of ideas out there somewhere for them to mean anything.
  • Shrub/Shrubbery- A basic idea that is vital to the conversation going on and which both sides implicitly know is such but is never explicitly addressed, often purposefully obfuscated by reactionaries to get onlookers on their side. Named for the term “beating around the bush: and because “shrub/shrubbery” is a funnier synonym for bush.
  • Janu/Janus- A singular part of a work of fiction that whose problematic and non-problematic (Read: Fight Club, a lot of parts of drawn porn) aspects come from being read from different sides, as opposed to where the problematic/non-problematic parts tend to be more unambiguously separate (Read: Forbidden Zone, a whooooole lot of nerd-cutlure sacred cows), and which I think popular critique would more benefit from a distinction thereof. Named after Janus, the two-faced god of liminality.
  • Pulling a JonTron- When a privileged-demographic is accused of doing/saying something shitty, instead of apologizing; trying to do better, and moving the fuck on, instead getting into a hissy fit about how you did nothing wrong ; how you;re being persecuted; calling your opponents overly sensitive and usually something about free speech. Named after JonTron for the incident that lead to him pissing a good deal of his goodwill away.
  • Holy Divering- The shifting of one’s moral Overton window to darker and darker places via a combination of generalized exposure and the series of moral decisions to ignore/deny that shift and keep going. Named after the Dio song about just that.
  • Encrossing- The act of acting as if innocent lives being destroyed are an acceptable consequence of The Future, usually used by the neoliberal center-”left” in the US to justify the awful shit all around from globalization. Named for Noah Cross (N. Cross, geddit?) the villain of the film Chinatown, who used that as justification for his wicked deeds.
  • Brainclouds- The social circumstances that make false ideas seem true, often ignored in snobbish ad platoni “debunkings” of “false” facts” going around with marginalized people with no understanding of why they find it plausible in the first palce. Named after brainstorms and rainclouds.
  • Idoleen- An idea/argument that is technically accurate but not at all useful in the current moment and often being used by the relatively priveleged to derail criticisms. Examples include saying “Fully automated luxury Communism won’t work, somebody has to fix the machines” to people stuck in service industry hell whose ability to work in manufacturing has been shipped off to China or to disabled people starving in a land of plenty because of that “Omelas” view of labor.
  • The Savage Valley- The social justice equivalent to the uncanny-valley where an individual is seemingly more progressive than the norm but holding just enough bigoted/hegemonic views to make them feel more viscerally unpleasant than the norm. Named for Dan Savage who falls right at the bottom. The bi/trans-phobic jerk.
  • Argument from Arrogance: “If you cannot withstand my continuous stream of pretentious arguments and veiled mockery without going so far as to get angry or insult me directly, you are illogical and unintelligent (which I’ll make a point to say directly).” (Thanks to @spideraptor for givin this one!)

So, which ones seem useful, which ones seem misguided, and which ones seem overly mansplain-y (Which I have been guilty of falling into in the past)? Talk about it in the reblogs folks!

anonymous asked:

So prompt ironfalcon - Tony designed the original wings okay and did the maintenance before Afghanistan and knew Sam /very/ well, and Steve goes to introduce them and they're like we know each other *flirting while steve watches in confusion*


MCU timelines are a thing of incomprehension. According to the MCU wiki, the Jericho missile was created in 2010, and the EXO-7 thing was “sometime before 2014″ which I’m assuming means that Winter Soldier takes place in 2014. *eyes MCU timeline* Sure. We’ll just… go with that.

Whatever, let’s just consider timelines to be wibbly wobbly.


Tony Stark had a reputation. He was charming, an asshole, egotistical (and had a reason for it, with his genius and successful company), and damn good with weapons.

Sam wasn’t expecting anything more, and the first time he met Tony Stark, he didn’t get it.

Charming smile, quick words and handshakes, eyes that never settled on anyone for long. Except Rhodes. The smile was a bit looser, the words a bit warmer, when directed at Rhodes. But then, they’d supposedly known each other since their college days, and Rhodes was starting a liaison position with SI and the military.

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Manga for the Servamp-Anime Party Volume 9 Special

Mahiru: Today we celebrate, that you all can see us soon in anime form! [Ha Ha!]
Mahiru: Thank you for all your support! [Im so excited!]
Kuro: Bewitch yourself from me even in the anime….[Miauuu…] It will be a really peaceful and relaxing anime…
Mahiru: [?!] Shut up! Thats not even right!!

//Translator note: To match the 1:1 translation here is quite difficult. I hope its alright that way… And Mahiru looks really cute in this panel xD//

Mahiru: Its a modern Fantasy-Battle-Story about a high school student Mahiru Shirota, who makes a contract with a vampire and while he fights, he growths beyond himself(?)…!! //T.N: Not sure how to translate…//
Kuro: You are really dramatizing it….
Mahiru: Im not!
Misono: I heard, that Im the main character in the anime! Im looking forward to it!
//T.n: You would have been… if they did not skipped the Lust arc. <_</ //

Mahiru: Who said THAT?!
Lily: Im worried, if Misono and I will fit in the same picture… [Because of the high difference…] //T.n: LoL//
Misono: WHAT?!

Tetsu: Should I give you a shoulder ride… hm…? [Why are you suddenly so big…?]
Misono: Shut up!! In the anime Im just a little bit bigger!! [Somehow like this right now!!]
[ >:< That definitley wont happen.]

//T.n: Yeah. I definitley ship them…//

Lawless: Hey, in the anime we two will definitly get the main roles!
Mahiru: Why does everyone want to steal my main role?! [You two will get it definitley NOT!]
Licht: In the anime, where I play the main role, Im followed by sweet cats, so I seem even brighter in my appearence….
Mahiru: That would be like a complete another story?!

//T.n: Kuro on lichts head <3//

Licht: And why that…? Because Im an angel!
Lawless: Licht-tan, you are really a superduper-angel!! Im so excited to do the Angelpose in the anime!!
Licht: Shut up, Dirt/Shitty-Hedgedog!
Mahiru: I have no idea wheter that really will happen?! And why am I the only one, who has like no idea what will really happen!!??

Sakuya: I heard, it will be an anime about Mahirus and my wonderful school life
Tsubaki: What should that be? Who wants to see something like that?!
Sakuya: I! //T.N: I! Whole SakuxMaki fandom: We!//
Tsubaki: Thats so booooring…[he really means it!] or more like scary… [Uwaah…]

Tsubaki: Will it not be an anime, where I eat sweets, while the camera shows me in a sexy side angel? [So it seems like Im saying: Do you want something too…?]
 //T.n: I would watch every episode. Every 24 of it.//

Mahiru: That dont even deal with vampires anymore! [And you can do THAT youself!]
Mikuni: The anime-adaption…? So finally you all can hear my wonderful voice. [Certainly, I will have a wonderful entrance.]
//T.n: He really has one of my fav. voice actors <3//
Mahiru: Mikuni… I dont even know whetever you will make an appaerance or not…
Mikuni: [Of course I will appaer!] What kind of nonsense are you talking about! 

Mikuni: We all are excited for Abels wonderful voice, arent we? <3 Abel? <3
[What are you saying…? You are excited too.]
Mahiru: Hai, Hai, Abel (aka Mikuni Alisuin), right! Eh… What? [What are you babbling about? Thats only a doll?!]

Kuro: So… after we all had a bit fun… [Hopp…]
Shield: We all tricked you!
Mahiru: Hey! Stopp it!! That was not meant to be funny! The anime will really come and I will be the main character!
Mahiru: Please everyone, be excited!

The Anime will really come! Please watch it everyone.

So… From Volume 9 there are two extra left, but they wont take that long to translate…
Im so sorry that you all must switch between text and picture but i dont really know how to scanlate and which programms I need… >_<
Hope you are okay with that. I even took the two pages and splitted them, so you all can follow better…The photo quality raised a bit… And I hope you dont mind my Translator Notes. It helped me to calm myself while translating :’D

And thanks for all the reblogs and likes I got!! Its my first time doing that all, and maybe all of you noticed that my english is not the best, but still were so kind to overlook these things <3 (When you find big mistakes i dont mind if you tell me them, so i can fix it!!) Love ya all!!

Rich Boy - Epilogue

Pairing: Luke & Y/N 

Words 2900+

Warning: This is smut, read with caution. 

This is the final instalment to the Rich Boy series, It’s set a few years after part three, i really hope you guys love it!! xx

(gif isn’t mine)

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Kaname's Abusive Love

I just wanted to share this with you. It is a kind of essay about how Kaname is basically the most abusive asshole ever written by me, and you can spread it if  you want. Sorry it’s all convoluted and messy.

There was one point where I was a huge fan of Kaname (I even used to ship him and Yuuki, I won’t lie), but that stopped during Vampire Knight’s second arc. I didn’t quite realize the extent of Kaname’s manipulative behavior until I saw him living with Yuuki, and, frankly, I was horrified. His relationship with Yuuki displayed every sign of abuse and neglect, and Yuuki was a textbook victim. I will say right off of the bat that I don’t believe it was Yuuki being stupid or that it was even her fault for staying with Kaname, but more on that later.

First lets give some examples of Kaname’s abuse; all of which would warrant an arrest in the real world.

- Constantly referring to Yuuki as small or childish in some way. By infantilizing her and mocking her attempts to rise up to her pureblood status, he is telling her that she is insignificant and wont last without him.

- Punishing her. That puts him in a level above her, as if their relationship is a hierarchy. Also, wtf? How messed up is it that he treats her as if she is an animal that has no sense of right or wrong and needs to be domesticated (Robin Thicke mentality, anyone)? Even worse is that he punishes her for the moments she decides to display an ounce of independence.

- Not allowing her to go outside or see her friends. Abusers often isolate their victims to better control them. But even some abusers have more mercy than Kaname, since they will allow an exception for school or work.

- Threatening to withhold nourishment from Yuuki unless she uses her fangs. This falls more into the category of neglect, but you get the idea. Keeping essentials is a form of control and a sadistic way of making someone beg.

- Admitting that her feelings are split and complicating them further by having sex with her in the middle of a love triangle crisis. This was very very selfish of him, especially since he knew he was going to kill himself soon after.

- Making Yuuki rely on him to a large extent, and then suddenty abandoning her.

- Physically harming Yuuki. Remember that time Kaname bit the shit out of Yuuki and she was surrounded by her own blood? Also that he mocked her after it? Did you think that was all romantic or that Yuuki deserved it? Well then congratulations, you are one sick bastard. Yes, you can argue that she’s a pureblood and that’s in their nature and she will heal, but would you treat your loved ones like that? I surely hope not. Not to mention all of the times he’s roughly manhandled her.

- And last on this list only because it’s getting too long, giving her “treats” to make up for the shit he does. All of his sweet words, and loving gestures, and that one time he gave Yuuki Artemis and let her free must mean he’s not abusive and loves her, right? Hell to the fucking no. It’s the oldest trick in the book to lure victims into a false sense of security so that they don’t leave the relationship/situation, because they think “Oh, well they were nice that one time so they must care for me”.

Looking at all of these examples, I’d say that Kaname is much more like Rido than Haruka. I’m really surprised no one has really talked about that.

Now, a shorter explanation of why Yuuki doesn’t dump the pretentious pureblood.

Four factors play into this: Guilt, familial ties, baiting, and Stockholm Syndrome.

Guilt: Yuuki is always being guilt tripped by Kaname, so much so that she wishes she wasn’t born at one point. These feelings of guilt about not being with Kaname for those ten years, and of leaving him to be alone again make it impossible for her to leave. Yuuki is at her very core, self-sacrificing for the interest of others. Her weakness (or strength depending on how you look at it) is being monopolized so Kaname can get what he wants. That’s just a shitty thing to do.

Familial ties: Yuuki feels a duty to Kaname and her parents to carry on as a pureblood and remain with her brother/ancestor/whatever-i-dont-even-know-anymore. It falls under that stupid saying “blood is thicker than water”, and Yuuki firmly believes that. It’s why she left the people at cross academy who were her family for the majority of her life.

Baiting: I won’t say much about this, because I already mentioned it. It’s giving a treat in the middle of all the shitty stuff someone does so they will stay.

Stockholm Syndrome: I don’t believe Yuuki ever loved Kaname romantically. I believed her feelings for him devolved like this: Family love at age 6, mere infatuation throughout her amnesia filled years, and Stockholm Syndrome bordering on obsession up until the time she found out she was pregnant. Being in stasis and just waiting to die 2 months after someone “dies” (for gods sakes, he only fucking fell asleep) is not love. That just shows how far Kaname got into Yuuki’s psyche and fucked it up. You may argue that she did the same with Zero, but that was vastly different. Yuuki felt she had lived long enough by that time, and she had a happy life with him. She didn’t do it out of guilt or even to resurrect Kaname; that merely coincided with each other. She did it because she loved Kaname as a brother, as someone who made it possible for her to be with Zero.

On a final note. Kaname had one quality that makes him less of a horrible sadist in my mind. That was when he finally gave his blessing for Yuuki to find happiness with Zero.


This.. Holy shit. This. Like I don’t even know how to respond to this.

I have 672 GIFS and it took me twenty minutes to even find a handful that could adequately convey my response.

Whoever sent this to me, like, take a freaking bow you awesome son of a gun and let me give you a medal of pure awesomeness.

Absolutely everything is perfect.

My god this is all too perfect.

And I’m sure as hell going to post it, because if I didn’t it would be like hiding Mona Lisa’s smile. Like sacrilegious. 


Oh. My. God.

I’m gonna focus mostly on Alex and Piper here, and complain (because this is the theme of this post) about everyone else briefly at the end of my long ass rant:

I don’t get it.

Let me start with this. Because I really fucking don’t.
I don’t get how the writers have managed to cut in half the season with two dramatically different Piper. How they managed to undo all the PROGRESS that character had achieved from Season 1, and most importantly Season 2. How they thought it would be a great idea to have Piper CHEAT on Alex. Nothing makes sense.

When you watch the first 6 episodes, you think ‘Woah look at that, Piper is honest, and owns up to her shit. That’s character growth right there!’, and it was. 

She stopped lying and told Alex the truth, and she knew how she fucked up by not telling her right when she got there, and how she fucked by having Alex back there to begin with, but she owned up to those in that beautiful scene in Drama class. That had me giving her/them a standing ovation in my living room.

She told her parents that she had a girlfriend. And this, this is fucking huge! Not only did she finally call Alex her girlfriend, which at this moment in time I don’t think she ever has described Alex as such, may that be during Alex’s first time in Litchfield or during the flashbacks. I wouldn’t be surprised if she never gave Alex that title when she was talking to Polly for instance. But for Piper to say it to her parents, that she had a girlfriend that she loves, was incredible.

She asked Alex to be her girlfriend. And yes that happened after it slipped out, because that’s how natural it felt, that’s how inevitable they are to one another. And she was the happiest I’ve ever seen her when Alex, thankfully, agreed.

She thought of their future. In her mind, now that she had Alex back, once she was out, she’d have a home, with the love of her life.
She was ready to jump on the first person that dared to hit on Alex. She would have. 

I’m probably forgetting a few moments here that exhibits my previous point but as I haven’t rewatched any of it yet, and it crushes me to not be eager to, I can’t remember them right now.

But now let’s think for a long hard second, how THAT Piper could, in a way that makes sense, cheat on Alex a few episodes later, with a girl that (and I won’t go into how shitty Ruby Rose’s character was or how her acting and delivery was so awful that it was both painful to watch and hear) basically tells her she’s hot. That’s how it starts. And that’s all there really is to it. Stella fancy Piper and Piper fancy being fancied, by anyone really. Too bad Big Boo didn’t get the memo last season, she could have scored a 4! 

So basically her girlfriend who is back, because of her, is afraid for her life, because of her, and Piper is annoyed? And bored? And feels the need to cheat on Alex because all of a sudden she’s not having enough fun and doesn’t feel wanted? Oh my bad, it’s totally called for. Go fuck that useless bitch please, I wouldn’t want you to feel burdened by your girlfriend’s valid concerns. 

And the worst part is how, had Alex not broken it off, Piper would have gladly kept that up. This is disturbing on so many levels. Piper has become a soulless monster. By the last episode, her eyes were empty. The only thing left running through her veins is power. 

I skipped through most her scenes with Stella, because as I was behind and aware of what was going on, I didn’t see the point of putting myself through this torture. But the chemistry between Taylor and RR was nowhere to be seen. It was forced, it didn’t make sense (those words again!), and it was terrible writing. 

I should have seen it coming, and I did. The second news came out that Piper would have a 'new love interest’ I knew somehow my favorite character was gonna be ruined. But it turns out that I have managed quite well to hope for the best and not think it would actually happen, no matter how often the doubt would enter my thoughts. I have had too high expectations for a Show like OITNB, that until now has been incredible. I had hoped that story arcs like these weren’t for a Show with such quality. Especially considering that the love triangle AND cheating had been done already BY Piper in Season 1.

Some people will want to be smartasses and tell me that if she did it once, why not twice. And usually I would agree, but not when it comes to Piper and Alex. 

Because while Piper did love Larry, I honestly believe that she was never in love with him. Alex has always been the love of her life, and I still believe that even if it’s hard to right now.

The way Piper behaved after Alex broke up with her was so strange, as I said already, I skipped the Stella scene (all of them at this point) so I have no idea if Piper said anything about it, if she had the slightest emotion about it, but the way she was whenever she came across Alex was as if she was offended that Alex would dump her, Piper Chapman, the Queen of Litchfield, HOW DARE HER?! Her loss. Whatever. I’m gonna get tattooed by my tame girlfriend who is gonna leave and ohmygod I iz so sad!
I don’t make much sense, but I take comfort in knowing that I do more than that entire season, silver linings! 

I am curious to know what the writers were thinking while writing this. I truly am. They have managed to have the few people who loved Piper, one of the- if not the least favorite of the show, completely despise her. Perhaps that was their plan all along 'Let’s make people hate Piper, ALL OF THEM!’. But the cheating wasn’t necessary. Piper’s rise to the top of the food chain didn’t need that to achieve that. 

Piper ignoring Alex’s fears was enough to have me be frankly annoyed by her. Sure, now I hate her, but you know what? The difference now is that I don’t foresee myself appreciating her character next season. I don’t see how she can get back on my good side, or Alex’s really, after that. Not only have they killed the character I have come to love so fiercely, they also killed any hope I had. Because if that season taught me one thing it’s that you should never trust writers, even OITNB writers. 

Now Alex is as good as dead for all we know, and who knows, perhaps Piper will not bat an eyelash when she hears about it. Or maybe she will lose it and realise how wrong she was on every fucking point and how terrible she has been and blame herself. But even all of that wouldn’t be enough. I need her to suffer. I’m the psycho now. But I need it, because while that won’t win me over, that will satisfy me, a little. At this point, this is the only thing I want out of next season, because anything else would be asking for too much, this is already.

So yeah, bravo OITNB people, you have ruined a character, and you’re this close to ruining the entire show. But we have a year to wait to know. One long year of bitterness. Fun times ahead!


- Nicky, oh Nicky! The scene where she got taken away broke me, and Lorna’s reaction’s buried me. I guess we won’t see her again? Do we know if it was Natasha’s wish to leave?

- Talking about Nicky: One thing I truly hated was how she didn’t even get a single scene with either Piper or Alex. Her friendships with these two in Season 1 and 2, were so great. I hate that the first few episodes were so all over the place with so many different characters to have time to have that moment.

- Which is another thing I didn’t like this season, the way time was handled. Too many characters, not enough time or too much time in between to really get invested in someone’s arc. Shame. And it doesn’t look like it will cease as Litchfield is about to become even more populated. Yikes.

- Lorna. Her 'letter dating’ thing was funny at first, but it got old real fast. I won’t say more because that’s ridiculous too.

- The whole Norma is the God of our new religion…Blah! I like you Norma but not enough to sit through this, too long, shit show.

- Bennett leaving, boo! I get that he has a new Show, but that was so wrong to have him leave like that. If he had to go then I would have rather have him going to jail for what he did than to leave like that. 

- Tucky, I liked you this season. I really did. Big Boo, too. 

- Poussey, man I want to love you but I have a hard time to. You deserve so much more.

- Taystee and Suzanne’s friendship tho!!! Loved it. Suzanne cuddling Taystee made my day hahaha

- Suzanne, the writer. HAH! That was hilarious. Until that girl started being all up her ass and that bored me too. 

- The Gloria/Sophia business was good, at first, but yeah it went on and on, and you can tell how little patience I had during the second half of the season.

- Healy and Red!!!!!!! Oh that shit was so good! I almost shipped it. But then every time I was afraid to see them do anything because that is not something my eyes would have been able to unsee.

- Red back in the kitchen and making damn sure everybody knew she wasn’t cooking that shit, accurate word, that people were eating. Perfect!

- Maria…Oh boy, the way the writers fucked up my favorite minor minor (yes two minor’s) character be a total fuck up, should have been a clear indication that they could have even the best character growth of the show, reduced to nothing in an instant.

- Soso…I was happy to finally put a face to Meadow, that’s all.

- CHANG! Haha the mysterious Chang. Glad to know more about her. Also, she should be the one running the kitchen, just sayin’

- I did like Mendez’s mother, she was genuine. But LOL at Pornstache’s cameo. Didn’t see him coming but it was good to see he’s still living his delusional love story.

- And last but so not least, Alex. Alex fucking Vause you guys. My favorite on the Show, by far now. It was so good to have her back full time. And honestly she was the only thing worth it this Season. She’s done everything right, which makes Piper’s complete twist so surreal. She better not be dead, oh she better NOT!

- Oh and the lack of Vauseman flashbacks, what the fuck?! That is one of the reasons I love them so much, how you can see them in the present time but get glimpses of their past relationship that always explain so much.

I think I am done. It’s a good representation of my thought process ever since I saw this disastrous Season: Alex yayy, Piper good, Vauseman aww, Nicky nooo, Piper what the fuck, new girl shut the fuck up you annoying voice and face, Piper you crazy, Alex my poor baby, PIPER BAD BAD BAD BAD, PIPER GO TO HELL! ALEX NO DON’T DIE!!! I can be so eloquent, I know :)

Interview with MissHoneywell!

And now it’s time for an interview with the irreplaceable MissHoneywell (aka @badnovels), who writes dark!Peeta like no one else can. Join us for a conversation about reading, writing, the fandom and the unforgettable Prompts in Panem!

Note from the mods: This interview was carried out before the very exciting announcement of one last round of PIP.

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My Thursdays with Oakley 8 - Last lecture of the day

  • +18 Content. Part 8 of…. Reader´s perspective.
  • Author: me, so-easy-to-love-me
  • Character: Oakley
  • Genre: Emotion, conflict and pure smut
  • Summary: Oakley and his playmate meet again under unusual circumstances - but will they debate and reconcile?

It took me a considerable amount of time to look reasonably presentable.

For the first time I was thankful for my shopping excesses. My bathroom drawer was brimful with cosmetic products, all of them were, in my opinion back then, absolutely vital to purchase when the chic Lady at the counter applied them on me, praising how dewy and peachy I looked (her words, not mine) no matter if I couldn´t even pronounce them correctly or knew how to use them by myself. Let alone the dent they left in my finances.

But hey! It finally seemed to pay off now. Because I needed all the help I could get.

I had only stopped crying a few hours ago and my puffy eyes still stung with redness and dryness. My hair was a matted mess and looked like a proper nesting place for mid-sized birds; my skin felt as dry and emaciated as did my whole, exhausted body. Altogether, my sight in the mirror made me want to go right back to falling on my bed and crying again. That´s how awful I looked.

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There’s a problem in our shelters and it needs to be addressed.

Warning for opinionated post forthcoming and you may not necessarily agree with me and that’s okay!

So there are a lot of advocates on the internet in favor of adoption over purchasing a dog from a breeder, and let me clarify in that adopting from a shelter is still purchasing a dog – the fees are less than you might expect of a breeder, but you are still buying the dog. Evie was $140; puppies can run for even more, and very rarely is adoption a free process, as it should be because if you can’t afford an adoption fee for a pet, you probably cannot afford the pet. But I digress and that is a different point entirely; so we have these advocates that preach adoption and encourage people to support shelters and there’s something I want to discuss about this matter that I feel is an extremely large problem with shelters.

I’m going to begin this by recounting a story to you from a friend of mine. She went to our local Petsmart where rescues and shelters and such often have adoption fairs, and she’d been looking for another dog for a while. She already has an older Australian Shepherd and is a very responsible pet owner; I’ve gotten advice from her a ton since getting Evie, on places for flea treatments, quality food, etc. She knows her stuff. So she goes to this adoption fair and has her application filled out for a herding-breed type dog. I can’t remember if this was a border collie, an aussie, some kind of mix, or what, but the point is that it was a high-energy herding breed of some kind. Now keep in mind she already owns an Australian Shepherd and she’d had him most of his life. The employee with the rescue or shelter or whatever kind’ve organization it was reviews my friend’s application, and she immediately gets a vibe that this woman is judging her inside and out and that she’s under severe scrutiny. The woman is asking her questions in a very prestigious way, coming off very snobby and like she’s looking down her nose at my friend. And at the end of this experience, she basically implies that my friend’s body-type is too heavy set for her to keep up the exercise requirements of this herding breed dog. She interrogates her about the activity needs, WHILE SHE ALREADY OWNS A HERDING BREED, and then makes a snide remark pointedly referring to her weight and body-type. I’m not sure if she was blatantly denied the adoption or if she was so offended by the woman’s behavior that she said “fuck it”, but either way, she did not get the dog. In fact, after this experience, she told me about how she’s done with rescues and shelters and wants to go through a breeder instead. The entire time she was recounting this to me, I know my jaw was hanging open in shock.

That woman deprived the dog in question of a home where it would have been very well taken care of, with a responsible owner who feeds it high-quality food, meets its every need, and yes, exercises it properly like she does for the dog she already has.

And this is the problem with shelters: making people looking to adopt jump through unnecessary hoops.

Now let me clarify in that I do think a screening process of sorts is necessary, of course. And I understand that places at least claim to want what’s best for their animals. But the requirements on some adoption applications are utterly ridiculous, and whether you’re accepted or denied can totally depend on the employee you are dealing with and how judgmental they decide to be to you. You are taking a risk on this animal; you’re adopting an animal you have no pedigree for, no guarantees of health, no idea of temperament history, or what behavioral issues will arise once you get the animal home. You are taking this risk because you want to provide an animal with a loving home out of the goodness of your heart. It’s appalling that we make people literally bend over backwards for shelter applications, on animals they essentially know nothing about. Beyond the couple of times they may have met with the animal, and whatever the shelter may know about its origin, this animal is a mystery. And it’s not like potential adopters are getting a free pet, either. They do pay the shelters, and as paying customers, no way should they ever be under interrogation for someone to pass judgment on them. The extent of some shelter applications easily overrides anything I’ve seen breeders conjure up, and when a shelter makes an animal so totally inaccessible, they are turning potential adopters away to go to breeders. There will still be applications with reputable breeders, but at least they get a lot more for their effort and time; an animal with a health check, pedigree, an idea on temperament and energy level and anything else they may want to know about their pet before-hand. Something they’re not going to get with a shelter animal but are being made to jump through more hoops to get the less-reliable pet.

If shelters cared so much about their animals, why do they not want homes for them? Why are they striving to set impossibly high standards? Perfectly good pet owners have been turned away or turned off of a shelter because the application was just that ridiculously extensive, or employees at the shelter treated them like they were insignificant, not-good-enough-for-this-animal trash.

Another friend told me about how a shelter near her requires you to basically write miniature essays on their application about how you would handle certain problems if they arose with the animal in question and what training methods you would use to solve the issue. Why are we doing homework to provide a loving home to a homeless dog or cat? As this friend pointed out to me, she’d have no idea how to answer those questions because dogs are individuals and all of them respond to training differently and she wouldn’t know how to respond without knowing the actual dog and what works with it training-wise and what it responds to. She stated she steers clear of this shelter because that’s just too much, and I agree with her! For just as much effort, if not less, you could go to a breeder and secure a dog that’s been bred for health and temperament and has good genes, whereas with a shelter dog you’re taking a gamble, and being made to do back-flips for that gamble, no less! Good homes are walking away and steering clear merely because the shelters themselves have made these animals unobtainable. You can be the best pet owner in the world but if there is one thing about you or your application they don’t like, boom, you’re done for. And it is exceptionally discouraging. And you’re given that one moment to make an impression that says “I’m good enough for this dog I have no history on” because if you mess up on the application and are denied, sure as shit the shelter is not going to talk to you about it or discuss it with you. So you’re sitting here on-the-spot trying to make yourself pass this unnecessary test just so you can give a dog a good home.

I love shelter dogs and I’m all for adoption, and if you follow me, you know that. I adopted Evelyn from a local shelter in November 2014 and she’s a great dog. I got lucky, though; not all shelter dogs come away from that environment without an array of issues, behavioral and medical. Adopting a shelter animal is a risk. And I hardly feel like you should be pushed to these extreme measures when you’re essentially taking a risk to begin with. You don’t know that the dog won’t develop cancer in a couple years after adopting it. You don’t know that the dog won’t have bad joints later in life. You don’t know the dog won’t be any level of reactive. You don’t know if the dog will develop anxiety or destructive behaviors once you get it home. Shelters should be grateful to its potential adopters, not treat them like garbage. They should be thankful that the individual is willing to give this dog they have no guarantees on a chance, and willing to open their home despite the risks they’re taking. And not only that, but they’re paying the shelter for the opportunity! No other place would condone the mistreatment of paying customers, so why do shelters get away with it? You can determine if someone is going to provide a good home for a dog or cat without a 20 page application. You can determine if someone is going to provide a loving home for a dog or cat without making them write you an essay trying to convince you of such. You can determine if someone will provide a responsible home for a dog or cat without even considering their physical appearance, age (as long as it’s over 18, of course), gender, or anything else about them as an individual.

If your screening process is turning responsible, quality people away, you’re doing it wrong. You’re not helping animals at that point; you’re being snobby and will continue to have a shelter of homeless mutts on your hands. You should be willing to work with your adopters, and the last thing you should be doing is try to make their homes seem inferior when your end-game is supposed to be homing these animals.

The fact that I hear horror stories like I have from my friends all the time unsettles me. I was expecting partially to be denied when adopting Evie, because I know the shelter I got her from has been known to have “snobby” employees who get some sort of sick satisfaction stringing you along and then stamping DENIED across your forehead, sending you home defeated and bitter. Fortunately everyone I dealt with that day was a dream, but what if I had walked in on a day that one of those employees was on staff? Would I have left with a dog or a broken heart? Would I have still been deemed good enough for her, when I’ve given her my best since day one? Adoption shouldn’t be such a toss up like that. Good people shouldn’t have to worry about rejection. It’s pretty easy to tell within a few questions if someone is a responsible pet owner. It shouldn’t be as stressful as a professional job interview, not knowing if the outcome is going to come out in your favor or not. Shelters are meant to find homes for unfortunate animals, and I hardly think that a kennel in a shelter is preferable to a home where the person may not know exactly what solution to use on a problem that arises right away. There were times after adopting Evie that I had to go out of my way and do research to find the best problem-solving method; I don’t claim to have known everything about keeping dogs. It’s a learning process, and while you should have done some research before-hand, the learning continues with experience. You are not going to know how to solve every problem the second you walk through a shelter’s doors. You don’t know what the dog you’re going to get will be like at home. I didn’t learn anything about Evie until I had her home, despite that I’d had a meet and greet session with her. I learned that she doesn’t bark at doors to go outside because she’s a quiet dog, so she didn’t know how to tell me she needed to go outside. I solved the problem by researching and asking a friend who had taught her dog to ring a bell to ask to go out how she did it, and taught the trick to Evie so that she had a way of announcing her need to go outside in a way that I could hear while in the other room. And it worked! On an application, how would I know that this was the answer I needed to write down? Every dog I’d ever known or had before her barked when they needed to go outside. Evie had different needs, and I adjusted once I learned this about her, and found a solution that worked for her. And that’s what responsible pet owners are going to do. Even if we don’t know right away how to solve a problem with our dogs, we’re going to keep trying and researching and learning until we find a way that works for our dog, and then we’re going to get it solved!

Expecting a potential adopter to bend over backwards for you or to be an expert on dog-keeping right off the bat or judging them in any way based on their appearance is unjust, unfair, wrong, and it’s not helping your animals. This is a problem and it needs to honestly just go away. How much easier would it be to home pets if people weren’t afraid of their shelters? Of being judged and being told that they’re not perfect pet owners? Shelters, all I ask is you respect your adopters. Realize that they are there, taking risks to adopt this animal, out of the goodness of their own hearts. If they can go to a breeder and get a better value with a fraction of the interrogation, they probably will! A reputable breeder probably isn’t going to expect their customer to be an expert because they’ve spent enough time with dogs to know how different each individual dog can be, and I certainly can’t imagine a reputable breeder casting judgment on someone’s body type! Your adopters make or break you, and setting impossible standards for the adoption of your animals is not helping anyone; you, your adopters, your reputation, or your animals.

Now I understand that not all shelters are like this – some employ the right people, some have applications that are the appropriate length and ask the right questions, some encourage adopters more than scrutinize them.  And kudos to those places! Those are the kind of shelters we need! Those are the ones that are going to help animals find loving homes, not necessarily perfect, flawless homes, but good, loving homes where they will have toys, good food, a bed, a place to sleep that isn’t concrete and chain-link fences. There are so few perfect and flawless homes out there that if you set impossible standards, your animals are going to spend a long time waiting. And if you’ve never dealt with a shelter like this, consider yourself lucky. It makes you feel so inferior to have a shelter tell you you aren’t good enough. Even if you’re trying your absolute best, even if you try with every bit of energy you have, to be a good pet owner. These stories that I’ve mentioned should never, ever happen in regards to an animal in need. Ever. No one should choose to let an animal remain homeless when a perfectly good person has come forward, willing to embrace them into their lives, just because someone wanted to make another human being feel inferior and not good enough.

magsdev  asked:

Omg. Can you please write a sequel to Ours. Loved it!!!! I want to know Peeta's reaction to Leo!!!! :)

Sure thing! I’ve put it off too long, so here you go. :)

Also, thanks to all the users/anons that messaged me to tell me how two-year-olds act. That and a bit of googling made this whole thing possible, since I am hopeless when it comes to child development.

Part 1 can be found here.

“He’s… what?”

White and silver stars tingle behind Peeta’s eyes, his senseof balance completely deserting him. His fingertips pat down the armrest of the sofa behind him before gripping it for life, slowly lowering himself to the cushions.



The word plays on a loop in his head a thousand times over, but it sounds so foreign; he can’t possibly attach this concept to the little boy tucked in Katniss’s grasp. Her little boy. His little boy.

Jesus, the kid’s beautiful, he thinks as he scans Leo with knowing eyes this time. How could this have happened? How could he be a father?

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Incarcerus: Chapter 3

summary: AU. Vampire and bail bondsperson Emma Swan is drawn into a supernatural murder mystery that entangles her with strange forces, dark secrets, a far-too-charming, handsome, and enigmatic fellow vampire named Killian Jones, and the ultimate questions of how to start a blog on Fangd, get a parking spot in Boston, and avert an immortal war. She is confident love is nowhere in the plan.
rating: T
status: WIP
available: FF.net and AO3
previous: chapter 2

“I did not,” said Emma, “kill that woman.”

“Yes, and I’m sure you didn’t have sexual relations with her either, President Clinton.” Regina was clearly not in any sort of mood to deal with this. “But as you are currently the prime and only suspect, and as I seem to recall you promising me very recently that this wasn’t going to end up as a scandal, explain. Now.”

“It can’t have been me because I’m not even in Boston!” With that, Emma was forced to divulge that she had gone to London, that her investigation into the witan records had unearthed the bizarre incongruity of Killian Jones being reported missing when he wasn’t, and her trying to figure out what to do now, all of which made Regina sigh louder and louder. “So,” she finished. “I know it looks bad, like I killed Lily and fled the country, but they have to see that… ”

At that, she trailed off. If nobody had seen anyone else coming or going from Lily’s apartment after she left (which they wouldn’t have, as a vampire could both move at undetectable speed and use the mesmer to make humans forget, both facts which she herself had just nicely proven) they would conclude that she had killed her then, taken a cab to Logan, and purchased a getaway ticket, staying at the airport overnight rather than risking going back home and being arrested. No way around it, it was a sequence of events which would have set off all her “guilty as shit” instincts if she’d heard it in regards to someone else, and as she worked catching crooks for a living, she did know something about that. “Regina,” she said again. “You know me. You know I’m not a killer. You have to tell them that.”

“Every time anyone ends up in the news for murdering someone, their family always says they don’t know how they could have possibly done it, it’s not who they are. Do you think they’d listen to me even if I did?” Regina sounded half-exasperated, half-sad. “And you’ve made the situation worse by meddling around in the witan records in London. It looks like you’re trying to alter or conceal evidence, that you were the one framing that other vampire for your crimes. What did you say his name was, again?”

“Killian,” Emma said reluctantly. “Killian Jones.”

“What?” Regina drew in her breath in a hiss. “Killian Jones?”

“Why? Do you know him?”

“Yes,” Regina said, even more reluctantly. “He’s my brother.”

“What? What the hell, is this another Zelena situation?” In that case, thank God she’d dodged that bullet. Even if she felt just a tiny prick of regret. “Regina, why didn’t you tell – ”

“Not my biological brother,” Regina snapped. “My blood brother, which I trust even you know means that we were made by the same vampire sire. Frankly, he’s an idiot. He swoops about in his sparkly coat like the Dark Prince of the Night and broods like a champion, but he’s useless when it comes to any fangs-out action. I’d doubt it was him who carried out the Harvard attacks even if we’d got the report back that listed him missing. He’s never even been to America as far as I know, or if he has, it was before I was a vampire. As long as Gold lived in Great Britain, leaving for too long might take away from quality failure at vengeance time.”

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I was hoping to make a video explaining this, but things have got progressively worse and now I don’t really feel like explaining this in person.

This is regarding everything to do with the Chair Thrower EP, like the release date… Like how I was gonna announce one and how there isn’t one now!

If you’ve been following my stuff for a while, you know that my projects don’t really go to plan. Like all the things that a good musician should be doing, especially when trying to get new work off the ground just never get done right with me. This new EP is meant to be different, I want to get it right and not sacrifice any quality or meaning by rushing it and making do with what little I have, I want to make a good thing and put it out there.

I’ve mentioned all the things in previous posts about what’s made this better for me, like how I’ve had a small group of great people to help me with everything I love every single one of them to bits. Unfortunately one or two of those people are not in a good place and can’t bring myself to put them through anymore trouble than necessary. It does make matters worse.

I’m gonna be blunt. I’m not good. I had the foolish idea of not letting anything hold me back, I left my job, took what money I had saved and tried to pursue freelance music stuff and be ‘Daniel Dobbs - Singer/Songwriter artist guy’. Now I have no money and have lost someone I feel is very important to my creative process and generally just getting Chair Thrower out there.

Basically what I’m saying is I can’t do anything right now, I can’t even pay off the recordings of the EP, let alone afford to make a music video or just anything for that matter. I can’t even give anyone a rough idea of when I’ll actually release anything because plans have just fallen apart, so for the time being, everything’s gonna be put on hold until I can pull myself and some money together. These things happen, like I’m no stranger to things not working out. I do feel however, that I’m too familiar with things not working out and I’m just tired of it! I’m not gonna give up or throw all these ideas away, although I do feel like this will be my last attempt at whatever this is.

I know this doesn’t look like something to get upset over, but like, I’ve just been trying to make a good start on something that I care about. Making music is all I can do that makes me feel good about myself, so when I can’t even make a 5 track EP right, I feel pretty shitty and these songs mean a lot to me, like I’m so proud of what I’ve made and have never wanted to identify with a sound more than just these 5 songs. 

I’m sorry about being a miserable sod, I just want the people who care about this stuff to know what’s going on and hope they’ll understand why things are the way they are right now.

Again, thank you to anyone that has been supportive since this all started, you’re all great!


A whole bunch of stuff that you never wanted to know about Droplets, but here we are ...

Hi guys! This is me procrastinating/realising that I don’t actually really know how to take a day off from writing.

I kinda needed a place to store all this information (as half of it is not explicitly mentioned in the actual fic), so maybe you guys would like to see it too? No future spoilers, but spoilers for pre ch. 11 if you haven’t yet caught up.

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VERY LONG POST Now that I calmed down after reading the HP spoilers for the play I can calmly analyze my thoughts about supposed continuation of the universe I fell in love when I was 10. First thing first, I am not in the fandom of Harry Potter, I have never read any fanfiction, because I felt that this one of few stories that had no reason for alternative view, it was perfect to me, probably because when I see Harry Potter’s books I see them through the eyes of my 10 year old self. It has been a while since I’ve done detailed reviews, but my long grown up potterhead emerged again, because if the spoilers are true…well, let’s just say I am glad that the majority of my favorite writers are dead, yes JKR I am talking to you, you old owl! To mess up the masterpiece that put together generations, you need to have a special talent for that.

So, as always, I’ll start with good impressions. Further you will see major (I still hope fake) spoilers, so don’t want it, don’t read it or use Confundus.

1.    The actors. I pretty much liked all the cast, the WOC Hermione was unexpected, but nice turn out and frankly speaking I don’t care what skin color the actor has as long she/he plays their part at best. I know there was a lot of discussion about that, but I don’t see a problem here at all. Special thank you for the actor who plays Harry Potter, I couldn’t ask for someone who would be more perfect, the way he carried himself in interviews, the way he looks at photos, his actual face and eyes expression are so Harry!

2.    Hermione – Minister of Magic. Naf to say.

3.    Friendship between Scorpius and Albus

4.    And that’s fucking it.

Now I want to point out all that I pretty much hated:

1.       THE WHOLE FUCKING PLOT ( yes, I am very calm now) for starters, I hate continuations  they are ALWAYS bad and HP didn’t change that rule. I get it that the fandom demands more but fans WILL always demand more and that what differentiate the actual author from ficwriters. The author knows when to stop and what should be left to reader’s imagination and continuation of the story ALWAYS should be left to fans, for their theories or headcanons or whatever.  Rowling already offered us prequels and that is great! I would gladly read the story of Marauders, the foundation of Hogwarts, I would be amazed if Rowling wrote an actual Hogwarts. A History.  or some other textbooks that were mentioned. But Next Generation is always awful and as far as I concern HP takes the cake in this one.

2.       Albus goes to Slytherin.  I hated it, not because I hate Slytherin or because I am a hardcore Gryffindor myself (hello, Pottermore Sorting) But because I always felt that Albus should be a Gryffindor and at the same time he should become best friends with Scorpius besides his place in Slytherin, there are few reasons for that:  A. It will show once again that the sorting is just sorting, that despite the differences, people can and should be friends with people that are different from them. B. It would eliminate unnecessary drama, seriously? As far as I remember Harry didn’t care which house belong his children and besides, WTF with Harry being a shitty dad? I remember the epilogue, they were all giddy and happy and children get along just fine. Why it is absolutely necessary to make their family unhappy? It doesn’t mean that they didn’t have problems or never fought, of course they did, but about toys or whose turn to go for a walk with Teddy or whatever domestics they may have, like JKR said herself : Harry had enough trouble for the rest of his life. C. It would be really a very symbolic friendship, a love letter to the friendship between Lily and Severus and a symbolic reunion between the founders of Hogwarts.

3.       HARRY FUCKING POTTER. What the hell is wrong with him? Instead of being kindhearted, selfless, intelligent auror, we have a childishlike, selfish and unpleasant man during his midlife crisis, who doesn’t care about his son’s feelings or about the fact that his son and his friend broke much more many rules than (khe-khe) Delphi who basically wanted to see her parents, while Albus and Scorpius were two little brats who didn’t like the fact that Harry didn’t want to save someone they didn’t even know really, who had no clue about the rules of time travel and who had a very vague idea of it was like during the war. They behaved like Harry and Ron would if they didn’t have Hermione. I can’t believe that a teenager that was wiser than majority of the wizarding world , who fought as equal with Voldemort, who talked as equal to Dumbledore, who dug out a grave for a house elf, who managed to forgive Dursleys for years of abuse, who forgave TWICE Wormtail, who felt mercy for Snape before he knew the truth and eventually learned  to respect and appreciate that complex man, Harry Potter who was up to fight the whole world in order to tell the truth, the one who forgave Dumbledore, who actually sent him through hell to death since he was 1 year old, I refuse to believe that a person whose strongest qualities were courage, forgiveness, understanding and love as opposed to Voldemort’s cruelty and cowardice turned out to be such a crappy adult. Rowling insisted again and again on the clarity of Harry’s soul and conscious and the play shows that Harry is SO FUCKING stupid, that he lost every valuable lesson he had in his life, which I don’t buy. He is not perfect and he never was, but he never was narrow-minded and selfish.

4.       The mythology of the HP world. Let slip the little facts about careers of the heroes, that Minevra  is still at Hogwarts, those little things stich slightly but they can be easily omitted. TIME TURNER, let’s talk about this stupid thing. I always hated the plot when the main heroes go back to the past of the original hero, mess up and then save the day. Remind you something? YES! 85% of fanfiction.net OK, let’s say the timetravel, but THE TIMETURNER? The one that supposedly can work only back in time and in order to restore the timeline you actually have to live through the hours? The one that was so secret and dangerous that Hermione couldn’t tell Harry or Ron about something as silly as classes? And now it turns out it can work not within range of strict rules of HP world, but as A FUCKING TARDIS.

5.       Severus Snape. I never liked the guy, like seriously I get that he has like billion of fans and he is undoubtedly complex and interesting character, but despite the fact that he loved Lily that he was a double agent, etc. etc. he was a pretty nasty, little son of a bitch. And frankly speaking I liked him more as a villain than a suffered lover. He was cruel to Lily, his love of the life, he was immensely unfair to Harry and pretty much to everybody else in the world, like they say not every abusive home brings a serial killer, just like here not all people with abusive childhood turn out to be giant asses to the whole world, we all have our problems, but they do not justify us if we are cruel to other people.  BUT, that what he was, upleasant, hard and never showing his weakness to other’s Snape. How I wish he rested in peace alongside with Dumbledore and good half of the Order of the Phoenix. He was proud that one of the future Potters bears his name? Proud my ass! I can believe that he became allies with Ron and Hermione in that Voldemort world, but friends? Never. It’s like if one day Snape came to the potion class in pink wig and in a pink dress. It’s just that sweeeet.

6.       Cedric Diggory. All that goes with Diggory. I don’t even want to ho there, because I believe that the death of Harry’s own parents or Sirius were much more traumatic than Cedric’s death. Let alone that Cedric became a Death Eater at one point and killed NEVILLE! Good bye the heartbreaking speech in the Great Hall after his death. That is not the guy who was mourned by entire Hogwarts and two other shools.

7.       And the sweetest thing. The lovechild between Bellatrix and Voldemort. I literally have no adequate words for that. Let alone that Bella was close to her sixties and that she spent a good part of her life in Azkaban, let alone that I’d rather believe that  Voldemort would shag Nagini then a human being, WTF was even that? Voldemort having sex??? It was always strongly implied that Voldemtort was asexual, that he didn’t care for ANYTHING except immortality and power, and this obsession was born in him even before he went to Hogwarts. And now, when he was heading to absolute power, he is distracted to something as trivial as sexual release? That simply contradicts EVERYTHING we know about Voldemort, we saw him from the moment he was about to be conceived and this person, the one whose soul was so scarred, whose mind was filled with hatred fathered someone, even by accident? Let alone the fact that the very existence of Delphy sort of dims the defeat of Voldemort ( thank you fellow potterhead for pointing this out, I hope you won’t mind me mentioning it) , his main cause through life was immortality, even when he was a child and now he sort of has his continuation in his daughter? In the story written by a woman whose main idea that the true immortality we gain is through our children? The depths, the irony of Voldemort’s death is erased.

Those were the main points, I think. The are many more stuff that I didn’t like and that I don’t know of, but I want to believe that this plot is somekind of huge and bad joke, because if the story is truthful it will be a great shame as Harry Potter is still wonderful and magical and I don’t want it to be spoiled by just one play.