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So I know we all imagine that the Marauders were 4 boys just getting in trouble and doing pranks but I do believe they were so much more than that. They were visionaries trying to explore the wizarding world by their own, discovering unknown spells and magic. The marauders’ map and becoming animagus was one of the things they did in such young age, but what if there was so many more accomplishments but no one else knows about it because the only people didn’t live long enough to tell the story - or solemnly swore not to tell. So yeah, I think during 7 years at Hogwarts they were trying to do something great, maybe even change de wizarding world (we have to dream big). they were always coming up with amazing and impossible ideas so I think James was the one who pushed them to try. Maybe that’s why people tell Harry how powerful and clever that boy was.

 And maybe getting in trouble was just the consequence of trying to do what they wanted, something big, something great. But the war came and interrupted their dreams and I’m sad again

What The Fuck Is Happening: an incomplete theory by me

In Dan’s liveshow today (11/21/17), he mentioned Phil would be going out of town. Someone asked “why?” and Dan said Phil was going to be seeing family, but Dan seemed very unsure.

Not an exact quote cause ya girl is too lazy to go back and find it, but he basically said he THINKS Phil is going up to see family.

Uh full offense but you’d think Phil would tell Dan where the hell he was going and why, so I know for a fact Dan knows damn well where Phil’s gonna be. Dan also said he was staying home and there wouldn’t be a liveshow next Tuesday cause he was gonna be playing video games.

This is suspitches. Why did Dan have to think about where Phil was going? Dan will be ‘playing video games’ instead of doing a liveshow?

Here’s a list of ideas I’ve got:

- Both Dan and Phil are going up to see Phil’s family but Dan doesn’t want us to get suspicious and speculate so he says he’s staying back and the video games is a coverup.

- They’re filming their documentary somewhere out of town GOODBYE! I still stand by this theory don’t @ me

- (Credit to my friend Madi for this) they’re working on YTRW

- They have Plans for PINOF and the reason Dan isn’t doing a liveshow is cause he doesn’t wanna talk about it, Phil’s ‘going out of town’ so he can’t do a LS, and if the gaming ls comes after PINOF, they’ll just play the game and ignore the chat

- They’re telling the truth and I’m just being a bitchass demon hoe but I doubt it cause all men do is lie

Why, Americans, why?

The moment American writers have no ideas, they always come up with the same thing: “Let them fight Nazis!”
I just saw the Crossover Trailer and I am soooo disappointed. It could have been great, I mean we even got Snart (!!). That’s amazing!! But then… Nazis. WTF!? Don’t they have any original ideas anymore?
I really liked the Dominators story, why did they have to screw it up with Nazis this time??????
I don’t know, this might be just me but I am German and it feels like the US love to rub our noses into the fact that we will always be seen as the evil guys. I hate Nazis just as much as the next guy but seriously, is there no other enemy that makes you feel big and strong and like a fucking hero?
There’s plenty to fight out there like right now.
But yeah, the real world is ugly, better keep your heads turned to the past glory. Yeah, let’s send our heroes to fight some more Nazis…

GREAT SCOTS! First of, holy shite! Thank you so much, everyone, for following this blog! You have no idea how much it means to both myself and Serey. Each and every one of you I hold dearly in my heart, and heck you’ve even stuck with me with every blog move, and I love you all! I’ve always had doubts, times of inactivity and serious concerns on both my creation and my writing, but to see this many people enjoying both Seremela AND my writing, I can feel my doubts washing away for a time. Even if I’m gone because of school or family life, I always have the little comments people have made and it never fails to make me smile. Thank you!

Secondly, I’ve been around on Tumblr for three years now, and boy! Seeing how much I’ve developed in my writing, and how much Seremela has changed is truly amazing. Looking back to when I first made Seremela, prior to joining Tumblr, I can say that she herself has drastically changed since day one of her creation to now. It’s truly jaw-dropping to see how much she has changed. My writing! Holy shite! I can’t believe how much my writing has changed! Looking back onto some old creative writing works I did in school two years ago, I can’t believe how much as truly changed. I look back onto most of my old writing and question myself on what I was thinking, and how much I did change from back then.

This is all thanks you guys! Your comments, your constructive critism, our little talks, the interactions, the questions, EVERYTHING has enjoyed me to continue with this darling muse of mine. Thank you so much, my darling beans!

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Thank you everyone! And remember: you’re all beautiful and loved!

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Why did you ignore my question about women being replaced by AI? I'm sorry if it was that pathetic but I was/am seriously concerned and still genuinely wanted to know your thoughts on it. If you still make it clear you don't want to speak of it I won't message again. I understand.

??? lmfao you sent that less than a day ago, do you have the remotest idea of the volume of messages I get every day?

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Ben is Dustin’s older brother and he comes back from college or jail or something to see Dustin treating Steve more like his brother and they (Dustin and Ben or Ben and Steve or all three) have a moment

….I…..love this with my entire heart and soul. I feel the overwhelming need to write this oh my goodness. 1000/10. Yes.


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know