i have no idea why i did this

Hey, I miss interacting with everyone here so let’s do the “requests” thing again, a bit different tho’. 

I usually try (and fail) to draw everything you guys ask, I won’t be able to that now, but I still want to know, so just tell me anything if you want to and I’ll try to pick something later and do a smol drawing.

No promises because I don’t trust myself for it right now, but even so I just really love to know what you’re all up to and heck everyone is sort of precious so yeah…

pray for me y’all.  During the first wave of acceptance/rejection letters to the honors college back in December I was placed on the wait list.  And I cried, ngl I was really upset.  But then things got worse because my dad called the college to inquire about why i got wait listed, and he did it without telling me. Now I had been talking to a admissions counselor a few weeks prior to getting my wait list letter and she said she absolutely cannot stand when parents call about stuff like that. So when I found out what my dad did it I freaked even more, especially since the guy he called is the guy who is supposed to recommend me to the honors program :))) My dad insisted he was civil, but honestly I have no idea what that means bc we have very different ideas on what civil is, like my definition of civil would have been for me to call for myself and ask how I can improve my chances, possibly e-mail because phone calls are too confrontational for this matter imo. He called the dude and asked why I didn’t get in. One makes me seem like I’m an adult who wants to do things herself the other makes me look like a child who didn’t get her way. Anyway the second wave of acceptance letters will be sent out this spring, I have been constantly stressed bc the honors college was my main reason for staying in state, and I’ll be able to handle it if I dont, but getting in is a huge deal to me.  But I’m worried all this stuff has hurt my chances, like I’m super super worried.  So please please pray for my peace of mind and that I’ll get in, and that if I dont I’ll be able to handle it gracefully and make the best of my situation. thanks

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I love how we all went from "Why did his face change?" to "We are here for Mark and love him with everyone ounce of our being." God I love this fandom so much.

It’s great. He looked normal in the video though so I have no idea… weirdo.

Do you sometime just, idk try real hard to not think about how you failed your whole purpose of living, and managed to actually trick yourself into thinking that you’ve moved on and is making new plans…
And then, something just HAPPENS to remind you what a fucking failure you are.

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Okay, I became a fan of Ghost like a month ago and joined the fandom like a week ago. I have no idea what's going on or why people are freaking out and it's kinda scaring me. Please help


but no to paraphrase this as much as i can–

there’s been a rumor going around for a while now that papa(tobias) fired all of the ghouls, or that they all left for whatever reason

and the euro popestar tour which starts tOMORROW is when we finally find out if anyone besides omega actually did leave the band and we’re all just fucking panicking tbh

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How did my clack babies get together?🐥

I’m not sure if I want to stick with my initial idea because it’s pretty cheesy but basically it was Zack having a childhood crush and Cloud being “oblivious” to it for a while. Zack didn’t really start to act upon the feelings until college but they didn’t officially date until 2 years after college ^^; Uh…it was a complicated start for Zack let’s just say. But if you want more details, shoot me a message and I’d be happy to tell ya all about it.

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Can you help me???? Like I'm 13 and I'm an aspiring writer but I just can't write long novels so I specialise in short, sad stories, but I tried posting one on my social media account and received some backlash so I took it down. Also, I have loads of ideas for a novel but I can never do it... should I keep writing? Also what I'm partially worried about is that my short, sad/sweet stories will be less well received than long, angst but happy ending fics...

Awww why did you receive backlash?? DEFINITELY keep writing! Different types of stories are for different people, just because some people don’t like that type of writing doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t! Write what you want to write and don’t give up!!! <3 <3 <3 

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Why did you create this blog?

I was young and very queer and always on tumblr so I thought it was a good idea :) 

I used to have a fan account for a ‘then famous’ youtube singer and thought I should start another themed blog :D 

Then this happened :) 

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You said awhile back that you had some idea of how they would dress Emma for the wedding. Any chance you'll share? I know it'll be fancy because everyone we saw was dressed formally but I have no clue how they'll top her Camelot ballgown; that's my favorite gown from the entire series.

I was not a huge fan of that dress. I thought the fabric looked too heavy. I get why they did it that way, because anything lighter might have looked too much like a wedding dress. I thought all 3 dresses from 5x02 were a bit of a miss. Plus my favorite one was the soft grey gown from season 3.

I made this post back in September. I think a mix of the first dress and the third one might do it. I don’t see them going with anything overly complex. Someone posted the dresses Jen liked on her IG account and she is a Reem Acra fan (like me!), so I think the Reem Acra style might be the input in that.

You might be able to tell, but I really love talking about this stuff. 

Honestly, I’m more concerned about what Killian will be wearing with that hook and brace.

So… just logged on for the first time in 15 hours or more. I got a ton a messages about drama happening (*surprise, surprise*), and someone writing a hate post about me. Anyone want to fill me in? 

Btw, haters are gonna hate, y’all. I have no idea who did this or why or what was said… but they must be very sad and small people if they did, so I kind of don’t care but I’m morbidly curious. 


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Oh God. I didn't have the dream where I'm talking with Anti, the word "Thanks" didn't glitch, but "Why?" did. I'm scared.

Oh jeez. Maybe he’s wondering why you’ve decided to talk to him? Maybe he knows you’ve spoken about it and asking why? I honestly have no idea. I just woke up and I’m spitting ideas out.

Do you ever just….suddenly follow a porn blog??? No, like, suddenly on your dash there’s a bunch of weird porn and you have no idea why? Like??????? Did one of y'all turn into a porn blog over night??? What’s going on??? Anyway I gotta unfollow cuz I’m not trying to scroll and see a million dicks every day


Stanuary week three: Memories
Bit by bit all of his memories return, but not all of them are good ones.

You can see all of my Stanuary entries here.


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*