i have no idea why i did this


Aaaaand I did a second closet cosplay today, this time with @squigglydigglydoo‘s Henry!

Probably could have done more with this, but I didn’t have too many ideas. Ah well, it was a fun challenge.

(There’s some bonus content for this too. Also a bonus bit of photos under the cut)

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Theory time....

Alright so I want to talk about this

Now, I know that this has been talked about a lot (and I’ll probably discover that someone already talked about this before) but I want to give my thoughts, as I haven’t seen anyone say this theory yet. So hear me out please.

Alright, so far I’ve seen a bunch of different speculations about what is going on in the above picture. Back before season 2 came out, I think the largest theory surrounding this was that this was proof that he was galra, as it made his skin turn purple and shows his galra form. Even now people still think that is what it is even though they don’t need it anymore to try and prove that Keith is galra.

Lately I’ve seen a bunch of theories about him also being a druid, and saying that that is why his hand looks like that instead of the glowy wounds like Shiro and Thace’s.

Then there is the simpler theories of the magic just burned his hand and the pure quintessence healed it.

All or any of these could very well be true, but consider this;

The purple in his hand is corrupted quintessence.

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So obviously I was super uninformed about the sexualities of the members. I had no idea that any of them were actually gay or bisexual etc. and I deeply apologize for any of my followers who I have offended, or anyone who I may have lost the respect of.
I love people who have different sexualities and express they’re love and I love that these characters are showing the true beauty of the different sexualities that exist out there. I did not mean to look homophobic, and I have absolutely NO IDEA why I acted the way that I did.
I deeply apologize for what I posted. you don’t have to forgive me, but know that I am sorry and I was very wrong.

anonymous asked:

I've seen some people complain that Hermione and Ron were out of character in the Cursed Child. What are your views on this?

You’re never going to entirely replicate all the nuances of a character we learned about through the course of seven books in a five hour play, although they did a pretty damn good job with Harry. (A lot of that was down to Jamie Parker.) However, I thought they did a very good job of keeping them in character. 

I’ve seen all kinds of weird complaints about Hermione. Recently someone said they thought the fact that she asked Ron to kiss her before the Dementor attacks was OOC. I have no idea why. Most people point to her characterisation in the second timeline, though, where she was bitter and angry. And I get that it’s really hard to see her that way and I’d probably have been pissed off if she had been portrayed that way in the main timeline. But she wasn’t. And no, as much as I hate seeing Hermione like that, I don’t think it was out of character for her.

First, the fact that love gives us strength to be better people is stressed over and over again the play (and the books). In the second timeline both Hermione and Ron have grown up without the love and support that helped them become the best versions of themselves. I don’t want to hear any of this “it says that Hermione can’t be successful without a man” nonsense. That’s obviously not what the play was trying to communicate. Why would JKR, a woman who made her fortune when she was a single parent, get behind an attitude like that? She wouldn’t. I’ve said before that I think Cursed Child attempted to emphasise Ron and Hermione as soulmates, as people who needed each other. BOTH of them. So in that timeline, their relationship, which had been meant to be, had been disrupted. And neither of them were happy. Neither were the best versions of themselves. Add to that the changes that seem to have taken place with the friendship between the trio and it gets even worse. 

Also: one of the things I love about Hermione, is that she’s brilliant, kind and loving but also self-righteous, ruthless and vindictive as hell at times. You cannot convince me that this version of her isn’t possible. It’s not nice, but it is possible and it is in character given what we know of her from the books. 

We can also imagine that there were a lot of other changes in that time line that contributed to Hermione turning out as she did.

I wrote a whole post about Ron: Ron Being Wonderful in Cursed Child. I’m getting more and more irritated with the “He’s just comic relief” thing. Yes, he’s funny. He was funny in the books. He was also a lot more than that and he’s a lot more than that in the play too. 

everyone is making sappy posts about the friends and people they’ve met in this fandom and i want to jump on the bandwagon because i have a lot of love for folks out there and i need them to know this??? I honestly had no idea this show would have as much of an impact on my life as it did, but thanks to skam i’ve met so many amazing, beautiful, talented, wonderful people that i am endlessly grateful to know. So thank you to this show, first and foremost, for giving me such a mindblowingly wild experience - it really hasn’t been boring at any step of the way! - and thank you to the friends i’ve made along the way. You have honest to god changed me for the better <3

So first of all, some shout-outs are in order for the folks i already knew before y’all dragged me into this hellhole:

  • @boxesfullofsanasmiling - ME BEING IN THIS FANDOM IS ALMOST ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT, OKAY??? Here i was naively thinking i was never gonna pick up this show and then you had to go and tell me “oh yeah they handle mental illness really well actually”??? how dare you. but also in all seriousness I am very glad you convinced me to do so, and that you were here with me every step of the way. I am so, so incredibly lucky to have you in my life. My totally official spouse, my partner in all things writing related, my best friend. I love you with every inch of my heart, lyds <3 <3 <3
  • @rumpelsnorcack - the entire other reason i’m in this fandom, i s2g i need friends who will get me into less soul-consuming shows??? But also I seriously cannot thank you enough, you have been with me through at least three fandoms’ bullshit now so I’m pretty sure we can face pretty much anything at this point. I can talk to you about literally anything without judgment, and that’s honestly incredible. Thanks for putting up with my endless rambling, and for always being willing to talk to me about our boys <333
  • @pronouncingitwang - i guess technically i dragged you into this hellhole aksdjnaskjnda BUT I”M SO GLAD YOU LET ME OKAY???? You are one of the most amazing supportive people I know. Your messages [and your adorable face] never fail to brighten my day. thank you for sticking with me through…….. so much bullshit. You are wonderful and ilysm <3 <3

Now for the friends I’ve met through this beautiful mess of a show:

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Reunion (Sirius Black Imagine)

Requested by: Anon

Fandom: Harry Potter

Prompt: 4, 11, 19

4.  “I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.” -Pocahontas 

11. "Why me?“ "Because you saw me when I was invisible.” -The Princess Diaries

19. "I have made the decision to trust you.“ "A horrible decision really.” -Tangled

Character/s: Sirius (Post Azkaban) x fem! reader

Form: drabble 

Warnings: Swearing 


It had been a long time since you had seen him, and honestly you had gotten use to the idea that you never would again. Azkaban did have the best security but part of you still hoped, I mean someone could figure out how to escape it would be him. You knew you had feelings for him when he was sent away and believe that he didn’t do anything he was accused of. Though that was a long time ago and though you had moved on when he escaped you were still pretty excited.

Though after he never came to see you or anything after escaping you thought he may have forgotten you or just stopped caring. A while after the news of his escape you started hearing a voice in your sleep. They sounded familiar but you couldn’t pin point who it was. You would have some full blown conversations in those times though you knew how dangerous that was you did it anyways because you were lonely and a part of you said they were lonely too. 

 The voice started saying things along the lines of, ‘We should meet up Y/N.’ After he said that you took a couple nights to think it over coming to the conclusion that A. There’s no way the voice in your head is Voldemort so you’re safe there and B. If you took your wand you’d be fine. So one night you sigh and in your most confident voice said, “I have thought over meeting up and I have made the decision to trust you.

You hear a chuckle almost mocking you with it’s familiarity, “A horrible decision really.” That statement should have raised a red flag but it was almost like you were mesmerized by this person and felt safety in their presence. You still figure you should hold off a bit after him saying that

“Fine, than I won’t meet with you.” you say flatly.

“No, that was a joke. I still want to see you again.” he says. You instantly get confused, again? Maybe you were right and you did know this voice and person. Was it maybe him…? No, no way you dismiss those thoughts and wake up to get ready to meet this mystery person.

You slowly approach the spot you had decided upon for meeting. You saw a tall figure in the distance and gripped onto your wand tensely. As you approached he turned and smiled at you, “Hello Y/N, long time no see.” You felt like you were just stabbed through the chest as you gasp and drop your wand, slowly tearing up from seeing him again and from the shock. 

“Sirius?? I- um- how, you are, aaa, WHAT?” you stutter out, not able to think straight. He chuckles at that, finding your confusion adorable.

“I missed you so much Y/n.” He says holding a soft smile and shakes his head.

At this point your crying due to being so overwhelmed. He notices this and realizes he may should have maybe done this differently. “Hey don’t c-”

You interrupt him, finally getting a hold of yourself. “Why are you back now? Why didn’t you talk to me or tell me who you are sooner? I thought something happened to you or,” you pause and take a deep breath, “Or that you didn’t even want to know me anymore.” You say, still holding enough trust in him to admit that. 

He walked over and wiped the tears off your face, grabbing your chin to turn your face up so he could look you in the eyes he loves so dearly.  “I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.” he says in a sincere voice, giving you a comforting smile at the end. 

You smiled a little bit and shook your head a bit looking down, “Why me?” you ask looking back up to him at the end.

He wraps his arms around you, “Because you saw me when I was invisible.” 

You were confused by that statement and softly ask, “When have I ever done that?” You thought for a second he didn’t even hear you because of how quiet you asked it, not wanting to ruin the moment. 

He backed up a step, unraveling his arms from around you staring down at you in disbelief that you couldn’t know. “When have you not? You were there for me and believed me when they were going to take me away, I know when I escaped you would write to Harry asking if he’d seen me and if I was okay, and even when I talked to you in your sleep and you didn’t know who I was you were still polite and perfect to me. Y/n you’re the best woman, no person I have ever met and ever will meet!” 

He finishes up with his little speech and your whole face was red. The man who you had loved for what felt like forever just said he thought you are perfect. You try to process it all and respond but he just laughs and says, “Man you’re even adorable when you’re flustered.”  This only makes it worse, he just hugs you again. 

“I missed you…” you mumble into his chest.


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Disney Drabble Prompts


I don’t wanna be the one. But I’m gonna be the one. It’s not called “RuPaul’s Sudden Death Lip Sync Race” so why did a sudden death lip sync determine the winner that way? I guess the challenges and the fact that Sashas only wins were with Shea (let’s be real, BECAUSE of Shea) meant nothing! I have a great idea for season 10 just have all the queens lip sync on the first day and whoever wins that wins the crown!

anonymous asked:

I'm assuming they mean how did you teach yourself to learn a language. Meaning what kind of method did you use? Books, apps, and so on I guess? I would like to teach myself Arabic but have no idea where to start?

answered asks by topics 

language learning masterpost

my language study materials

All of those are on my homepage which is why I was confused by anon’s question. 

My arabic isn’t fantastic and I only learned to read basically so I don’t have great resources tbh, sorry! 


You did it buddy!!!

Oh, so everyone can make these bubbles, not just Garnet. Good to know. I wonder if Steven can? He must not know how, or else he would’ve bubbled that one he just had. I still have no idea why they do this. Are you unable to destroy a gem? Like back in Frybo, Pearl had those “gem shards”… Maybe that’s the best you can do, just break them up into shards, but then it’s dangerous because they can take over garments and control them? Idk, I’m just grasping at straws here. This show has a lot of questions and mysteries.

“I like regular Steven better”

Awww Garnet, that was really sweet and nice. It’s good that she recognizes he’s still just a kid… He doesn’t have to be totally serious yet. He’ll get there in time.


Also that little song was so cute!!!

“World Enough and Time” [SPOILERS]

Doctor Who, S10E11

- Fuck this show.

- Bill’s hair is fantastic. I missed the big hair even though I am not a fan of the extra curl definition.

- This episode is brought to you by Quantum Physics.

- What is with Black companions and Cybermen? Martha didn’t have to deal with them but she had to handle the Master.

- Why didn’t Bill figure out the time thing?

- Fuck this show. The idea that one ship can have such a huge time difference is a really good sci-fi concept but they did Bill so wrong.

anonymous asked:

Hi Sara! Considering your feelings toward Quinn, I'm curious to know how his death affected or impacted you. For what reasons did his death sadden you?

I go into quite a bit of detail about this on our latest pod, which you can listen to here. This was a more personal post written a few weeks after the finale. 

The short version is that I didn’t (still don’t) understand why this had happened and I’ve been able to explain and rationalize everything that’s ever happened on this show. It makes me question whether they really have any idea what the hell they’re doing–not only with respect to the larger story but more importantly to Carrie, which is the reason I’m watching.

I was also pretty sad about the reaction I saw in the fandom. It hurt me to see so many people angry, distressed, and saddened–all deservedly–by this. 

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this show over the last 4+ years, and I’m extremely invested not only in it being a worthwhile, well-written, and well-executed show for smart people. I’m also invested in this community I’ve built here being a fun and enjoyable place to hang around, and I felt that was in real jeopardy after his death, which also upset me. 


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know