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Send me a ship, and I’ll reply with:

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  • Who would cook the better romantic dinner:
  • Who would build the blanket fort in the living room:
  • Who would have the best holiday ideas:
  • Who would need to clean out the other’s stuff to make room for their own:

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Omg, can you write a drabble about the age AU??? I love the whole idea of the AU, single adult kara adopting all these random troublemaking children who have so many problems

Word Count: 1,905

(Honestly, can someone send me more Age AU requests because I love this AU. If not, the Merman AU will suffice pffffft.)

Kara sighed, looking at his manager as if he was in a TV show and his manager was the confused audience.

No way in hell was he supposed to be forced to deal with this. 

Thankfully, he managed to master the arts of looking like he didn’t give a flying fuck, even though though a 40-year old or something woman was screaming to him regarding the cheese at the dairy section and how she got the wrong cut of meat, like two weeks ago. Poor manager was too timid to actually deal with customers like these, so Kara had no choice but to deal with this himself.

The only problem was that there was a 3-year old toddler sitting on his chair, legs swinging and watching the scene with curiousity. Kara didn’t want little Jyushi to be exposed to such things, but since he couldn’t possibly leave the child alone at home while the rest of the brothers were at school, Kara decided to take him to work and give him his phone to keep him occupied. But the loud voice of the woman was enough to drive Jyushi’s attention away from the phone.

Kara shouldn’t expose a child to such toxic manners.

“With all due respect, madam,” Kara sighed, trying his best to reason out with her. He made eye contact with Dayon from the other aisle, and the bigger man gave him a thumbs up, mouthing a “good luck”, as if it was a prayer directed at the blue-eyed cavalier to survive the rantings of the woman. “Sachiko-san is just a new employee. If she messed up, I apologize on her behalf. But this incident happened two weeks ago. I cannot fix what was in the past-”

“How rude!” The woman interrupted, glancing at her back to see if her apologetic-looking husband would back her up. The husband only gave Kara a pitiful look, which he responded with a sincere smile. “I want to speak to your manager!”

In an instant, the manager fled the scene. As expected.

With the woman throwing a tantrum right at her spot and causing so many  people to glance at his direction, Kara couldn’t  just reach out to the items on the counter and scan them as if the woman didn’t exist. However, her anger didn’t fade away as she screamed at Kara, and while the insults didn’t really affect him much (maybe just a bit), Jyushi was on the verge of tears.

The woman was scaring him.

So Kara turned around and carried his little brother, cradling him in his arms and rubbed his back to soothe him. “Ma’am, I do apologize. But I’m sure we’ll fix your, um, problem, soon enough. Please let me know if I’m allowed to scan your items now.” He then turned his attention to Jyushi, who was still sobbing and sniffling. It was to be expected that a child such as Jyushi would be easily startled by loud noise and angered facial expressions. His world was small and limited. “Ssssshhh.. it’s okay, Jyushi-“

“Are you asking me to leave the line?!” She looked offended. “I have never met a man so rude! I’ll be sure to have you fired on the spot-!”

“Excuse us!~”

The sudden cheery voice booming through the supermarket was enough to silence everyone, even the speakers that were playing the same song over and over. Accompanying the voice was several others, one that sounded annoyed, one that sounded as if he was itching to kill someone, and another that sounded pained to live in this world.

Kara noticed Choro at the very end of the line, just behind the woman’s husband. Choro was still in his school uniform, but he was holding three bags all at once while Ichi was holding the shopping basket. Oso was behind Todo, his arms wrapped tightly around his precious owl-themed notebook, while Todo himself looked impatient. Kara noticed there was another band-aid on Todo’s face, which got the eldest worried. He really hoped Todo didn’t pick a fight with his classmates again, but if it was to defend Oso from his classmates, then.. well, it was justified, in a way.

“Do excuse us, but we’ve been standing here for awhile now!” Choro said, waving a hand around. He seemed to have noticed Dayon on the other counter and waved to him, before turning back and focusing on Kara. They made eye-contact, and Kara instantly knew his ass had been saved. By the second-eldest brother, no less. “We just came home from school, and we picked up our dear little brothers from their own classes! Now we’re just waiting in line, so when we go home, we can make dinner for our beloved eldest brother, who works so hard for all of us!”

“I wonder what he would like.” Ichi said, playing along with Choro, but keeping his eyes on the box of pocky that he had picked up.  “I was thinking of making a certain something.. but that would take too long, no?”

“And with this line?” Todo crossed his arms, scoffing. “Unbelivable. Our big brother’d be home while we were still chopping vegetables!”

“He’d be sore.. and tired too..” And as quiet as Oso’s voice was, the snarkiness was still there and easily heard. “I’d like to.. clean the house.. before he arrives.. ohhhh.. but with this line..” He sighed, pretending that he was tired from a day at elementary by terrorizing his classmates just by being himself. “..Poor big brother.. he’d come home.. to a messy house..”

“And all because a line is long. Boo-hoo.” Choro pouted. “I was looking forward to showing my dear youngest brother a certain thing too. Isn’t that right, Ichi?”

“A finished project. Simple enough. It was only to be expected that I’d get a perfect score on it.” He shrugged. “We only had to make a plushie out of anything. I chose a cat-“

“Cat!” Jyushi squealed upon hearing that word, moving in Kara’s arms and nearly dropping the eldest’s phone in the process. ”Nii-chan, nii-chan! Cat!”

“Oh!” Choro’s eyes sparkled. Of course, he was just pretending that he spotted Jyushi just now. The eldest had already told both Choro and Ichi that he wa bringing Jyushi to work. “Would you look at that, brothers! There’s our dear little brother! Hi, Jyushi! My dear Sweets!~” Choro cooed. “Your dearest older brothers are back from school!”

“Choro-niichan!” Jyushi giggled, kicking his legs and reaching out to him. It was hard to keep him still with how much he was moving, but at least it made Jyushi feel better. “Choro-niichan! Cat!”

The woman’s husband cracked a smile, obviously touched by how much the brothers cared for one another. Choro, using his natural charm, just smiled back at the man and started chattering away with him, as if nothing was wrong. Even the normally impatient Oso and Todo just stood in the back, tapping their feet at the floor. Ichi just kept eye contact with Jyushi, before cracking a smile and waving at him. In return, Jyushi giggled and waved back.

Kara turned his attention back to the woman. “So, um, should I scan or-“

Suddenly, she threw the shopping basket over his head, nearly hitting him with the basket and it’s contents if not for Kara’s quick reflexes. “I have never been treated so rudely! I will report this shop and have it closed, mark my words! Such poor training!” Angrily, she stomped away, with her husband apologizing before following her. Kara sighed, and Jyushi started crying again, mainly because of the shock of having a basket thrown at their direction.

Several items spilled to the floor, inclunding a bottle of bleach, a shattered bottle of foul-smelling cologne, and some food bags landed on the floor as well. Thankfully, the other employees rushed to Kara’s aid, assuring him that they’ll be the one cleaning the mess and that he should just focus on calming his little brother down. The blue-eyed cavalier hesitantly nodded. He was really lucky to have such understanding people work alongside him.

“Are you okay?!” Choro rushed to him, grabbing his face. “Any bruises?!”

“No.” Kara sighed, lightly pushing Choro’s hand away and rocking the crying Jyushi in his arms. Choro wasn’t at fault, but Kara felt bad for letting his younger brothers witness such a thing. “I’m fine. How about you guys?”

“We were at the back. There was no way she could have harmed us.” Todo’s fists clenched. “..She’s not far off. Oso and I can punch her-“

“Please don’t.” As small as Todo was, this twelve-year old was a force to be reckoned with. He patted Todo’s pink hair in an effort to calm him down. “This is normal-“

“You call this normal?” Ichi scowled. “I’ll have Grandpa hear about this. And before you know it, there’ll be better security and a better environment for you all to work on. You deserve much more respect than how that woman treated you.”

“Um, please don’t have Hijirisawa-san send us more money. I already feel bad about accepting money without giving him something in return.”

“..You shouldn’t.” Oso spoke up. “..In return.. he asked you.. to take care of us..”

Oh. That’s right.

Hijirisawa Shonouske, the richest man in Akatsuka City, had asked him to take care of the five of them. And in return, he’d do anything Kara wished for. But Kara wouldn’t take advantage of such a thing. He’d work hard on his own and use the money that Hijirisawa put on his account to save up for a house, one that could fit the five of them as opposed to the small apartment they all currently live on. He didn’t want to rely on Hijirisawa too much, even though the small man could probably buy him a mansion in ten minutes.

“He’ll handle our rent and our tuition fees, just as long as you keep us under the same roof as yours!” Choro chirped. “Plain and simple, Karat Cake. And you surely deserve the best, and that includes treatment! Now, Jyushi!” He took the crying youngest away from Kara, before rubbing his back soothingly. “There, there, my little brother. Our dear Kara is not hurt. Were you scared? Would you like me to chase that wench down-”

“Please don’t encourage violent behavior.” Kara scolded. “Anyway, I’ll scan the items  you guys picked up. You were saying something about making dinner?”

“Of course.” As Todo and Oso worked together to put the basket on top, Choro handed over Jyushi to Ichi, and immediately, the yellow-clad toddler stopped crying and nuzzled his face on Ichi’s chest. “We would like to make dinner for our beloved oldest brother, who always works so hard to take care of us.” Choro smiled again. “Wouldn’t that be grand? A fitting feast for such a hard-worker.”

“I..” Kara’s face flushed red. Choro may have been living with him for months now, as well as the others, but he still wasn’t used to being bombarded with praise almost daily. “Flattery will get you nowhere, Choro.” He sighed. “And you better not burn the house by the time I get home.”

“No promises on that one.” Todo snorted. “With him as the second eldest, we’re as good as dead.”

“You are such a brat.” Choro crossed his arms. “It makes me wonder why I even insist on picking you up from school in the first place.”

hello, everyone !! i’m so excited to be here omg i am a sucker for fables, and i’ve had this muse idea for like forever, and i’m so happy she found a little home right here! thank you for the welcomes & because there are so many new people who have been accepted along with me, i’ll be sending everybody a welcome as well so be prepared for me bothering all of you !!! gumiho does have a plots page here so feel free to check it out and drop me a message if anything catches your eyes. i’ll have some basic info about her the read more so if you’re lazy like me and hate reading paragraphs, feel free to check it out as well !! if you would like to plot with me feel free to like this post, and i’ll surely get to you! okay okay gumiho out !!!

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I would like to send you art of your URL, but I have no idea how to create an image on the computer or send you that image. Instead, imagine this: There is a circle with a stick figure standing inside. The stick figure has a small voice bubble which reads 'Ner'. (Say-Ner. Saner. Get it?) Have a wonderful day!

. …. 
This is a perfectly accurate representation. I do indeed stand in circles and say ‘Ner’. The Knights who say Ni tremble in fear of me. And they owe me 5 shrubbery. 

harunaneko44  asked:

❤️ Give this heart to everyone you don't want to lose in "2017" including me if you care. Try to collect 12 it's not easy! Be honest and send this to anyone who made u smile this year🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟 (We don't talk a lot, but you're amazing and you deserve love c: ❤ and I admire you ^^ *runs away because is shy af*)

NOOOO please don’t run away i’m lonely !!!
 And omg thank you so much, I’m happy I could make you smile (even though I have no idea how LMAOO)
 Here is a heart for you as well because you’re a sweet pumpkin

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Who is the next #MissFrance2k16 ?

Hawky vs Mr Pigeon



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1. I ride my bike pretty much every single day and last year i fell off my bike and hit myself on the head pretty hard and broke my glasses and there was blood on the ground and loads of people were around me trying to help cause they probably thought a car had hit me but no cars were involved and now i have a scar near my eyebrow but that’s ok i still ride my bike everyday and it helps me to stay fit and i can eat a lot of the things i like and i love it yaaay

2. I think kpop and jpop are great, i still like alternative music and all that but lately kpop and jpop are MY THING (even tho i’ve been listening to jpop since i was like 10), i think i got a bit tired of da alt music sphere and music snobs, i don’t think i can longer relate to how people feel about all da bands so i had to step away from that world for a while and i guess i don’t know what’s cool anymore but that’s ok with me cause Infinite and Exo just released their new singles and they’re awesome like srsly you should all listen to their songs. I also can’t seem to feel excited about gigs anymore it’s so weird and kinda sad cause it makes me feel old u_u idk what happened and i think that counts as another random fact hahaha but idc

3. When i was very little, like 4 or 5 years old, i was going through that “i don’t want to eat” phase, i was also a massive dragon ball fan so my mom took advantage of that and told me that if i wanted to be like Goku i had to eat loads of food just like him and i’ve been eating a lot since then (◡‿◡✿)

4. I started to learn japanese like a month ago and lemme tell u it is AMAZING

5. I used to have a pet duck but after two lovely years we had to leave him at a farm cause i suffered from terrible allergies and i couldn’t breathe through my nose and i cried a lot because it really hurt having to leave him and i still get sad whenever i think about my pet duck i really miss him :(

i think that’s it so thank u for sending me these ∩(︶▽︶)∩


Owl City Poster Challege Album 7: Other songs

So yay its the last poster set! I didnt have a set colour scheme for this one so I just went with what colours I felt for the song. 

Well I will say it has been one heck of a journey and I have enjoyed it s hell load. Thank you so much for all the support omg I am so wow you have no idea :D 

Fear not though for this is not the end. I am now opening these as requests for people who.. I guess what me to make them little photosets? just send me an album name from whatever artist (or your fandom or some characters or whatever) and I shall try make you a lovely set of mini posters like these.

so yes, Im so glad yall hv been enjoying my sets and I am now opening my services to anything you may want. (in the mean time tho I think ill cover sky sailing and port blue too haha)

alrighty loves, thanks for the support!


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heeey i want bucky carrying POST-serum steve. steve dangling his legs, sending the calmest, the most nonchalant "What?" look to the other avengers gaping at the scene. he's just too used to be carried by bucky to perceive their size-diffrence. bucky as well.

omg, yes XD Steve and Bucky being completely oblivious and generally confused about why everyone is staring at them is kind of my favorite thing.

“Stevie,” Bucky says. “Steve, why are they fuckin’ staring at us?”

“I have no idea,” Steve tells him. He squints at his teammates, who’re all just watching as he’s carried across the gym to the showers.

“Guys,” he calls. “Is everything alright?”

Natasha starts laughing.

“Jesus Christ,” Sam rolls his eyes and walks away.

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Whenever I feel down or stressed, I go on your blog and it helps me calm down and laugh. I just want to thank you so so much for helping me cheer up, because your drawings help me smile! It doesn't even have to be a drawing, just seeing you on my dashboard is enough to make my day brighter. I love your presence, and I love you. Thank you for your hard work, for your amazing talent and being who you are. Lots of love♥

You know when I first started tumblr, I’d see the artists I follow get these kind of messages and I thought “ahhh it’d be nice if my art can make people happy too”. You have no idea how happy I am when you guys send me these omg. So thank YOU so much, it means a lot to me.