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Okay don't ask me why cuz I have no idea but I remember this one time in your snapstory you were like(it's not gonna be verbatim cuz I don't remember exactly what was said lol) "hey guys not that don't appreciate it but girls who keep snapping me asking if I'm single I'm straight lol. Thanks though I'm flattered" and now look at you. Gay AF™. Tru Glow Up

it’s like all the wlw’s that we’re following me picked up on a vibe or something how weird

Also I obviously talked about it because I was enjoying the attention wonder whyyyyyy


Today I want to look at traditional depictions of witches in both the west and in Japan, how the magical girl genre developed out of the blending of the two, Sailor Moon being a witch, not in a crappy Madoka Magica “corruption of innocence way”, just like, she’s a witch and, by extension, how this makes Vegeta a wizard?

Closed Captioning coming soon.

Transcript below:

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Some slightly less silly pics of me with a bow!

Archery has been difficult. I’ve become very comfortable with close combat, and am super happy with my skill level. Archery, though? I’m horrible. To make matters worse, everyone seems to expect me to be automatically good at it, and there’s lots of laughter when I make a bad shot/ obviously have no idea what I’m doing.

It’s getting better every week, but it’s sure been a little bit of humble pie. 

Luckily, I have photographer friends who manage to make me look good! 

like the thing is, cis people are already attracted to trans people. i know a lot of you like to think otherwise, but you can’t just magically tell who’s trans and who’s not. that cute girl you saw at the movies might have been a trans girl. the hot guy you were drooling over in class might have been a trans guy, and unless they told you, you’d have no idea.

so the whole “i’m just not attracted to trans people” doesn’t work. you already are attracted to us, but the second you find out we’re trans, suddenly we’re unbearable? stop trying to hide behind shit like this and just admit that you’re transphobic.

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Sorry if this is too specific but, prompts for an angel who falls into the earth and is learning how to speak x language to communicate, finds the most common things weird/super interesting and has no idea about human society and takes things too literally?? (as in "They kissed on the lips because they are very, very close" so he kiss like that anyone who he considers a good friend or "take a seat" and he literally takes a chair)

aah i forgot! (though I didn’t really have the space for it jdnj) regarding the angel thing, there’s a young girl trying to teach him everything. They become very close but they’re just good friends.

Aw, characters who don’t understand humans, but try so hard…. I love this trope.

1. “So, people sit around and stare at this electronic box all day? Why?”

“Because most of us don’t have lives.”

“I don’t understand. You’re all dead? Perhaps this isn’t Earth after all….”

2. “You know what they say: Curiosity killed the cat!”

“No! The poor cat did nothing to deserve that!”

3. “LOL.”

“Where, exactly, did you learn that?”

“I was exploring the Book of Faces, and I-”

“I told you, stay off of my Facebook!”

4. “So, you keep this small creature in your house?”


“But you don’t speak the same language. Why would it consent to this?”

“He’s a dog. I give him food and cuddles. He’s happy.” 

5. “Why are you spraying yourself with that?”

“It’s called perfume. It makes me smell good.”

“It shares the odor of a dessert. Do you mean for people to think of you as food?”

“… No.”

I hope these help! :)

Date Drug

Prompt: You’re in no way a party girl, but being Archie’s girlfriend, who just so happened to be a jock, you’re dragged along to parties quite often. Only this time, someone won’t leave you alone.

Prompt Idea/A/N: I got this idea from @riverdale-imagining and I fell in love with it. So though it’s somewhat the same, I took my own spin on it! BTW, I don’t actually think Reggie would do this, even though he’d kind of a dick in the show. So know that.

Complete credit to: @riverdale-imagining (May I have this drink?)

Warnings: drugging. swearing. force. violence. yeah, sure, let’s go with that. also, the topic is very serious and is in no way okay to do, i am not trying to naturalize the seriousness of the situation

Pairing: Archie X Reader

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Drinking was never your thing. You always were repulsed by the idea. So being in a room filled with drunk kids that screamed and dance as if it was their last day on earth, was definitely not something you wanted to be doing. But as a newly made River Vixen and the girlfriend of jock Archie Andrews, it was kind of an obligation you came to celebratory parties.

Which was fine. You had expected that you wouldn’t do much and more just wait on the sidelines until Archie became too drunk himself or Archie wanted to leave. You’d done it many times before, and every time it had been fine because you got rewarded with an adorable drunk Archie who would stop at nothing to make you laugh. 

You were fine with that.

Except this time, Reggie wouldn’t leave you alone. You’d found out about the tiny little crush he had on you just a week ago and even though he knew you and Archie were an item, he still tried to ask you out and spent everyday forward flirting with you. At first you’d found it funny more than anything and even a little sweet, Archie had laughed it off himself because he knew you’d never go after a guy like Reggie.

But now, you were far from amused. Leaning against a wall, crossing your arms over your chest as you tried to ignore the presence beside you. You were clad in a pair of skinny jeans and a blouse, as you had expected to go home after the game only for Archie to drag you off here. 

You were trying to ignore Reggie, who stood beside you. He was going on about the game and how well he had done. It had been chatting your ear off for the past hour and you were about at your wits end. 

Sighing, you decided that the only way you’d get away, even if only for a few minutes, was to slip off to the bathroom. So smiling sweetly, you interrupted Reggie and excused yourself to the bathroom. 

On your way there, you passed by Cheryl who greeted you with a fake smile. You waved back, rolling your eyes at here ‘kindness’ before slipping in the bathroom. Upon coming inside, you side looking at yourself in the mirror. You were tired and exhausted and honestly right now a drink didn’t sound so bad, but you knew you’d regret it in the long run, so you pushed that thought away. You were no where near of age anyway, not that really mattered in this case.

You turned the tap on, splashing some water in your face before patting it dry. Sighing, you opened the door and slowly made your way back to your spot. Reggie was of course still there, so trying to ignore your own annoyance, you leaned against the wall again, picking up the glass of coke you had left there and taking a sip. 

You relished in the cold drink, hitting the back of your throat and swallowing. You were oddly very thirsty and which each sip it only seemed to increase, you took multiple sips, the taste suddenly very delicious. 

“So, Y/N. Don’t like alcohol that much?” Reggie asked and you had to blink to fully focus on him. Suddenly you felt sick and your legs felt weak. You pushed away the feeling, not truly understanding what was happening and instead focus on Reggie.

“No…” You slurred, placing your cup down and holding onto the wall when it became hard to stay straight. “It’s- it’s not really my thing…”

Reggie nodded and you didn’t miss the way his lips curved into a devious smirk. Suddenly you felt a sinking feeling in your stomach at the look in Reggie’s eyes. You felt him coming closer and with silent panic, you let your eyes wander across the living room, trying to look for Archie only to not find his familiar blue and yellow jersey. 

“Why not?” Reggie asked, coming so close that your shoulders bumped into each other. “I’m sure you’d be plenty of fun, all drunk and all.” Your muscles were giving up on you and you felt the world spinning. You had the sudden urge to throw up, but sucked it back down. Your eyes still on the crowd in front of you, you felt cornered.

Why had you chose to hang out in the secluded area of the house? Oh, that’s right, to get away from everyone.

“Everything okay, Y/N?” Reggie asked, his voice feigning innocence. You ignore the shoot of panic that shot through your body, and tried to take a step back. Your leg gave out on you, and you nearly fell before Reggie’s hand wound themselves around your waist, pulling you upwards against his body. You placed your hands against his chest and tried to convince yourself that you were overreacting and Reggie could help you. But you couldn’t ignore the way Reggie’s eyes scanned over you and he almost seemed proud. 

“Wher- Where’s Archie?” You asked, just wanting to see your boyfriend. 

“I don’t know. Haven’t seen him this whole time, actually.” Reggie shrugged, pushing you further against him when you stumbled. His head went into the crook of your neck, leaving wet kisses as you squirmed. You blinked, trying to locate what was happening and where you were. Everything was spinning and it felt like you might pass out any moment.

“S-Stop, let me go.” You tried pushing him away, but you were so weak nothing happened. “Please, I need to find Archie.” You words were slurred and almost inaudible. but you knew Reggie understood by the way his lips upturned into a grin.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. You’ll be find. I’ll take care of you.” He reassured as he begin to pull you away from the crowd. You tried to fight him but everything was a blur and you began to loose feeling in you arms and legs. You became so weak that Reggie just started carrying you away. 

“Y/N!” A voice boomed in the rather loud room, you blinked, recognizing the voice. “Reggie! What the hell man?” Blinking, you were suddenly set down and you were leaning heavily against Reggie. It was a mess of different shapes but you caught sight of the familiar blue and yellow jacket and narrowing your eyes, you recognized Archie standing in front of you.

“Oh, Archie. We were actually just looking for you.” Reggie explained, and you shook your head. You were suddenly let go and stumbling you felt yourself fall into another persons arm, only except this time the arms felt warm. Safe. Opening your eyes, you looked up to see Archie and it felt like you could finally breathe again.

“Really?” Archie asked, his voice suspicious. You leaned heavily against him as his arm came around your waist and he hefted you up, supporting you. “What did you do to her? Did you drug her?” Archie’s angry voice rumbled out and you could feel the power behind his voice as your head fell into his neck.

“Of course not. Archie I found her like that. You should watch your girlfriend more carefully, there are a lot of dangerous predators.” With that Reggie walked away but not without sending one last gaze towards Archie, a hidden, threatening meaning behind his eyes.

You mumbled against Archie, feeling yourself slipping out of consciousness and before you knew it all you saw was black.

When you woke up, you were warm and you were comfy. You blinked, sitting up and holding your head when a rush of pain shot through. You groaned, hating how groggy you felt as you surveyed your surroundings. You were in Archie’s room, it was easy enough to recognize. The only thing is you couldn’t remember how you’d gotten here or why you felt so gross.

“You’re awake!” Archie’s familiar voice called out and turning you saw him making his way over to you. He held out a cup of tea which you gratefully accepted, still narrowing your eyes at the pain.

“What happened?” You asked, clearly confused. “Why am I here?”

“Y/N… that bastard he really did drug you.” Your eyes widened at the word ‘drug’ and snapped your gaze over to Archie. 

“Drugged?” You asked, concerned. You felt a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. 

“Reggie. We went to a party last night and i left you. Oh god, Y/N, I should’ve never left you.”

You tried to recall what the hell Archie was speaking about, but you couldn’t. You remembered going to a party, that you recalled and you did remember Archie leaving you quite early on. But then… oh god, Reggie. Reggie had been with you and then you went off to the bathroom, and that’s all you could remember.

“Reggie drugged me?” You asked, your heart beating. The thought that he could’ve done something to you. Could’ve sexually assaulted you gave you chills. And staring at Archie with tears in your eyes, you watched him nod. “Oh god…”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I promise to never leave you alone like that again.”

“Did he do anything?”

“No!” Archie yelled, frantically shaking his head. “Well no, I don’t think so. I got to you just as he was leading you out of the house.” Sobbing against your hand, you fell against Archie. Him wrapping his arms around you as you hugged him.

“I love you…”You whispered, finally feeling as if it was the time.

“I love you too.”


Growing up I had a lot of self esteem issues with my nose, (I have a jewish and french nose) and I have noticed that society really only considers women with button noses to be pretty (and don’t get me wrong, they are) but this puts a lot of pressure on those who don’t have tiny “perfect” noses. I want big noses to not be considered ugly or unfeminine anymore. I don’t want young girls (or anyone, really) thinking they need to change their faces to be pretty/loved. (Though if you have had/or are going to have plastic surgery that’s totally cool, and I respect that completely) but let’s destroy the idea that only small noses are pretty, all noses are beautiful!

Can we just talk about that Jaune/Ren hug though

Not even looking at it in a shipping way, or a friendship way, but just these two guys.

We have Jaune, a character who spent two whole volumes dealing with toxic masculinity, and constantly trying to be “the man” of any given situation, be it wanting to be “the hero” of the fight, refusing anyone’s help because of the idea that men can handle things themselves, or insisting on continuously asking out a girl who repeatedly shot him down on dates because that is what “men” do, openly initiating and embracing another male in a moment of very emotionally vulnerable physical affection, without brushing it off or making “no homo” jokes, as a way of conveying how much the other boy means to him. (Even going as far as to cradle the other boys head intimately while doing so.)

And we also have Ren, a character who in every instance until now seemed completely taken back by any physical contact by anyone, immediately and willingly walk into someone’s arms, and just bury his face in their neck, and hold them back for an extended period of time. For someone who does not like physical contact, showing that amount of intimacy with anyone, especially someone they met only a year prior, is a HUGE display of trust toward that individual. (the only instance that i can think of where we did not see him seem even a little awkward with being touched before this episode is in vol 2 while dancing in the background with Nora during the ball. Even when she Booped his nose, he shrank back from it first before smiling.)

This was not just a hug, this was character growth at its finest.

okay okay okay so bear with me here. I know everyone is absolutely in love with the idea of white, old man Nick Valentine buuuuut… Have you considered a black, chubby Nick Valentine?

Nick Valentine who worked his way up to the rank of lead detective despite rampant racism and got the girl only to realize the whole operation he was heading was a joke? A decoy?

A Nick Valentine who woke up in a synth body, losing something he’d fought years to be proud of - his skin color? Who though - hell, maybe this was a good thing cause now he finally fit in with what everyone thought the noir aesthetic should be?

A Nick Valentine who had to encounter an all-new brand of racism and be subject to it, all while seeing human black people getting treated as equals to white people? Who once again had to fight his way from the very bottom to gain some semblance of respect in Diamond City?

Cause I think about it a lot man

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I feel the same way! I love Cosette and it's sad how little she appears in the musical and she doesn't have much personality either. When the movie came out,I saw a lot of people hating her and loving Eponine and that also made me sad. I hope that this new BBC series shows a Cosette with more personality and strength!

There’s a new BBC Les Mis series??? (I have been so totally and completely removed from the fandom for so long that I honestly had no idea.) Honestly, even if it were otherwise crappy, all I want is a well-developed, brick-accurate Cosette who has a close-but-not-creepy (lookin’ at you, French miniseries) relationship with Valjean…

…and a Javert with a proper sense of humor. Would you like my hat?

Seriously, though, I was rereading something I wrote about the musical’s Cosette and I still agree four years later:

Where is the girl who delights in chasing butterflies in the garden of Rue Plumet? Where is the motherless child who prays for her mother’s soul every night? Where is the clever, concerned daughter who spends time in her father’s cold room so that he will move to a warmer one, or who insists on eating black bread so that he will eat good bread? Or the young woman who is delighted to discover that she is not ugly after all, and who sets off on a crusade to become the best-dressed woman in Paris? Or the girl who loves life and spends her nights playing the piano and singing and running barefoot in the garden? Or the devastated lover who spent months crying and working her hands raw making bandages for her beloved, whom she was not even allowed to see in his hour of need?

In the musical, that girl does not exist. The musical’s Cosette is not even a ghost of that girl.

*sigh* It’s really sad, because Cosette has SO MUCH personality in the book.

I’m glad to know some people know and appreciate what Cosette’s character really is, and how important and significant she is in the Brick, though! And I’d shudder to think what M. Hugo would think about how they’ve reduced her to almost nothing, especially since she was (allegedly) based on one of his own beloved daughters…

Also, yeah: I remember a lot of people whining about how Amanda Seyfried wasn’t pretty enough to play Cosette and/or looked like an alien or something. Ugh. (I was so happy when she rocked that red gown during the Les Mis performance at the Oscars. At least someone made Cosette stand out.)

Trans males always seem to have a very strange idea of what girlhood is. They always mourn that they were never able to partake in beauty rituals with their girl friends or wear dresses in public.

You wanna know what girlhood was like for me? I’ll tell you:

Girlhood was deciding at 6 years old that I didn’t want to wear dresses or skirts anymore, and even though my mom was fine with it, it was terribly lonely to be the only girl at Catholic school who never wore plaid skirts and had to wear ugly khaki pants instead because it was my only alternative.

Girlhood was listening to the prettiest girl at school talk about how men are just physically stronger than women and that’s a fact of nature.

Girlhood was my mom insisting on covering my zits and scabs with makeup even though I didn’t care and didn’t want to.

Girlhood was my dad telling me how pretty i would look if I just wore dresses or acted more feminine.

Girlhood was my brother screaming at me when he was depressed, while my mom told me I had a bad attitude when I was irritable from depression.

Girlhood was listening to a classmate who was much, much thinner than me talk about how fat she was.

Girlhood was being emotionally manipulated into sex.

Girlhood was never wearing any kind of revealing top because my back is covered in acne scars and I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone seeing them. I see sexy women with smooth, scarless back in public, in magazines, on TV, and I feel like a monster.

Girlhood was being bombarded with femininity from the time I was born and not feeling any positive relationship to any of it. Girlhood was having femininity forced onto me and then being told that it’s a natural, normal thing and that men should be allowed to have it, too.

Girlhood was feeling like the only girl in the world who didn’t wear makeup or care about fashion, because I never saw other women like me in the media or even on the street.

Girlhood was getting called a bitch by people I’d never even talked to. In fact, bitch seemed to be my buzzword; whenever people didn’t like me, that’s what they called me.

Girlhood was puberty sucking away my self esteem until I felt like a hollow shell.

Girlhood for me was trying to put in tampons because it seemed more grown up, but not doing it correctly and injuring myself instead.

Girlhood was feeling like I didn’t even deserve to be alive because men weren’t sexually attracted to me. I spent my entire adolescence feeling worthless because I dress androgynously and men didn’t want to fuck me. When I finally did lose my virginity, I was amazed at how disappointing it was. In fact, I’m still amazed by how mediocre sex with men is; it usually involves painful penetration and feeling like an object. I looked into vaginal dilators to make penetration easier. I’d let myself be in pain because I wanted the intimacy of penetration, but bled afterwards. One guy scratched my vulva with his fingernail on accident, and I got a yeast infection afterwards. I still have a scar down there.

Girlhood was realizing that boys were allowed to treat me like shit and nobody cares enough to stop them.

Girlhood was letting every man talk down to me like I’m a dumb piece of shit until I eventually believed that I wasn’t smart.

Girlhood was realizing that men have never and will never give a shit about my feelings.

Girlhood was isolation. I never felt any need to succumb to peer pressure by being feminine or liking what’s popular, so I never had many friends and is constantly see messages about how girls like me are “special snowflakes” who think we’re better than other women and have internalized misogyny. Interesting how I never assumed I was better than anyone else, in fact I hated myself with such vitriol that I thought I deserved to die, but people thought I spent all my time by myself out of choice when really it was because nobody wanted to talk to me.

Girlhood was wondering why I didn’t get catcalled and assuming that I wasn’t pretty enough. When I finally did get yelled at from some guy in a car, I thought, “OOOH, I get it now.” Because I didn’t feel sexy, I just felt gross.

Girlhood was switching medications because my sex drive was low and my boyfriend didn’t like it, so I stopped using what was otherwise a totally functional medication so I could try out one with less sexual side effects that ended up making me irritable and angry and yell at my family. I finally dumped him and switched back to my old meds.

My girlhood did not involved beauty rituals of any kind. My girlhood did not involved feeling pretty. My girlhood did not involve feeling beautiful. And to be honest, I don’t sympathize with anyone who mourns a lost girlhood filled with makeup and prom dresses and feeling oh so pretty, because if that’s what girlhood is to you, you can go fuck yourself.

Episode Concept:

A woman is found in the bunker, lost and confused with no memory of who she is or where she came from. She is just there. The boys bury themselves in research whilst Cas looks at her oddly. He is sure that he has met her before but can’t figure out where.
She slowly warms to both Cas and Sam and both of them feel like they know her and that she is trustworthy. Dean however doesn’t like her, doesn’t like the way she laughs and jokes with his little brother and he certainly doesn’t like the way she is flirting with Cas… 

Throughout the action and the drama (maybe the woman brought a monster along with her from wherever she came from) much to Dean’s annoyance she becomes closer and closer to Sam and more so even to Cas. The woman bonds with Castiel in a way no one has since Dean himself, and Castiel seems rather taken with her too. Dean is obviously jealous of the pair (in that subtle subtextual way the show likes to use so much) and it all kicks off when Dean accidentally sees them sharing a passionate kiss.

Castiel is rather shocked himself that the woman was so forward but he can’t deny that he has feelings for her, though in a very confusing way. Castiel ponders this new development whilst Dean broods and Sam frantically looks for a resolution to this new madness they have got wrapped up in. 

When the climatic fight is over and the boys find out what the monster had stolen from the mystery woman, all is resolved. The woman’s younger sister was being held hostage by the monster, along with the woman’s memories. 

She reveals herself as Deanna. she followed her sister Samantha into the monsters trap on a hunt and was transported to an alternate universe. Needless to say everyone is surprised. Not least of all Castiel, who realises why he had such strong feelings for her. The sisters are able to reopen the portal to their universe and bid farewell to the boys. Though not before Cas gets a kiss goodbye and Dean gets a wink. Leaving Dean even more confused than before.

Nothing more is mentioned about the whole situation other than a knowing look from Sam and a slightly awkward pat on the shoulder between Cas and Dean. The episode ends with a lingering shot on Dean’s face as he watches Cas walk away. His confusion is evident on his face. An audience of general viewers wonder what the hell that was all about. Misha tweets something entirely inappropriate and Jensen flirts with him about it. The episode breaks Tumblr. The writers work is done… for now…

special occasion date ideas

Anonymous: my girlfriend and I are in high school and have gone to Japan on a school exchange for 3 months together! Everything is going really well and though Japan is a bit conservative we spend our break between classes making out in the locker room :P we’re nearly at the 6 month mark and we’ve never been happier with anyone else I wish I could cuddle with her more but we have to wait till we get home. I’m just so glad to have her here with me. What do u think I should do for her for our 6 month mark?

this is so wonderful to hear!! happy half year to you both! I’m so jealous you get to see your love every day <3 friend, you came to the right place because I could write novels about dates i can’t wait to take my girlfriend on. I’m taking this ask in the direction of what to do for 6 month mark, not what should you get as a gift - let me know if I misread. 

I think a lot of this depends on your personality/interests and your girlfriend! here are some ideas that i think might spark and idea or two. I’m only posting dates that I think are special occasion or out of the ordinary - trust me, I have tons more. just ask!

also, the price tag is something to consider! you could have just as much fun, if not more, spending $10 on a date than paying 10 times that amount. It’s still something to think about/possibly discuss, especially since you, anon, are still in high school like myself. 

Food adventures (I love food, okay)

  • classic dinner at a nice restaurant. sounds cheesy, but it could also be really fun. you can dress up, do makeup side-by-side, act all fancy and adult, then come home and surprise her with flowers before and lounging around in sweats playing board games (cards against humanity, anyone?)
  • restaurant-hopping date… go to one restaurant for appetizers, then move on to another for a soup/salad etc etc for main course, dessert, and then end with drinks at a cafe.
  • try some really exotic food, if you’re both up for the challenge. you could even attempt making a complex meal yourselves!


  • bucket list worthy - hot air ballon ride, whale watching, bungee jumping. opera or ballet performance. It’s something you will always share and remember!  I’m sure it get’s pricy, but it’s definitely not something you’ll forget anytime soon.
  • drive in theater - old-fashioned, very cliche but i’ve always wanted to
  • museum date aka admire art but more importantly each other! Gotta love the art museum cliche “observing the masterpiece” but completely ignoring the painting to stare at your girlfriend. most museums I know of have a free admissions day each month!
  • go to a carnival or fair - have her win you some sort of prize (and vice versa), cling to each other on all the rides, share dessert, take lots of pictures
  • shamelessly do a really cool, lame local tourist attraction you’ve been meaning to try! If you’re a “go big or go home” type, you can even both wear some broad-brimmed hat and a fanny pack.


  • for natural science nerds - aquarium, science center, botanical gardens, observatory, or zoo date! impress her with your knowledge - or lack thereof - of flora and fauna. nothing is cuter than watching baby sea otters (except possibly your date)
  • go on a picnic! It’s honestly so romantic to go on a long hike then settle down on a checkered blanket to eat homemade sandwiches and cookies.
  • seasonal fruit or berry picking - obviously depending on time of year
  • If you’re living near a large body of water, kayaking and paddle-boarding are incredibly fun!

let me know how you spend your “monthiversary” (my sweetheart claims it’s a real word)

Author’s Note: Just a little drabble I came up with at the last moment (while sleep deprived) for RokuNami Day… since I didn’t have time for anything else.

Hope you enjoy!


And Christianity themes (but nothing too crazy), because Sora’s a Jesus archetype and Naminé seems like she’d be girl of faith like this, in another universe?

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Okay But Explain to me a Thing

If charlotte was really charles, why was aria’s hair dyed pink? Jason was the only one who mentioned liking aria’s hair and he was the one that had those creepy developped pictures of her (though he said they were ali’s which I also would believe based the idea that she “chose the girls” like she told aria when she drank the funky tea) but charlotte and aria’s pink hair have no relevance. 

Guys I'm going to cry.

I’m so excited and happy to announce that I’ve hit 1000 followers! I’m so beyond words and emotions. I’m so glad that I started this blog back in January and I’m shocked at the response it’s gotten! I love you all so much.

Now a bit of an appreciation post.

I defiantly wouldn’t have started this blog without the encouragement of @tizniz ( @thatcherjoesuggimagines @thatchermaynardimagines) she’s a beautiful soul who has inspired me so much and I can’t thank her enough for the amazing opportunity she has encouraged me to take.

Thank you to the group chat girls who are always there if I’m stuck with an idea or word or even just to chat shit. You all know who you are I love you girls.

Thank you to my family (even though they won’t see this) for sitting with me through my meltdowns over not being able to think of a post or my rush to write something at 3 in the morning. Y'all have put up with so much of my shit.

Thank you to my bestest friend Caitlyn, who also won’t see this. You’re my little girl and I love you.

Thank you to those who have been there since the first story and to those who have just joined us on this crazy roller coaster that is the Buttercream Squad! Thank you to those who reblog my shitty stories, those who like, those who comment and to those who request. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough. I love you all so much. Here’s to the next 1000!!! Oh yeah, let me introduce myself. Hi I’m Maddy it’s nice to meet you!


Oh lights go down
In the moment we’re lost and found
I just wanna be by your side 

like many others i started watching anime with naruto but i never really got into the fandom. though i have one big otp there and that is Shikamaru and Ino.

actually not really like they are in canon ( i stopped properly following the story halfway through shippuuden) but from the start on I had the idea of her as the stressed out white girl with this bitchy prom queen attitude who actually is really brave and loves her friends passionately. And he is the lazy unremarkable guy who’s just casually more mature then everyone and willing to genuinely understand her and saves her from being superficial and insecure. I could talk longer about how i would imagine this ship but maybe another time, thanks for reading :*

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did you get any bad reactions coming out?

none, though i fear if i’d have had an actual relationship to speak of my family might have taken more of an opposing stance… as it is they’ve never really had to see it as more than an abstract concept/phase/whatever they want to see it as. my mom and my grandma were a bit more reticent about it, but the fact i’ve had a super close friend who’s been in a couple relationships with girls has gotten them more used to the idea. still, i don’t think they take it seriously, and as for my friends they tend to forget it (seeing as i’ve dated my boyfriend since before uni and therefore i have straight-passing privilege to all my uni friends, although i do drop reminders from time to time that i’m not straight ahah)

I’ll start with myself here, maybe this will be a more of an example of how this will work.

I’m also open to ideas of how not to doxx ourselves while doing this (as I am aware a lot of girls are scared of doing so);

Everyone calls me Anya, you can all call me that, too. I’m in my mid-to-late twenties, a scientist and doctor in training, living somewhere in the Midwest, though I’ll be soon moving to South America for a little bit (I’ll return). I’m interested in friends, penpals, long term relationships over phones and letters (and in person, though I am absolutely flattered by the idea of having at least one Virginia Woolf like relationship in my life, haha) and skype and I am out for the love of my life.

The way I imagine this working is the people who are interested in me (or in any of the girls posting on the blog) would like their pictures and click to go straight to their blogs and message them straight forwardly, or speak to the mods and get a more concrete form of messaging (such as a semi-permanent email until trust is earned).

We could here just post pics anonymously and talk about our interests, what moves us, what we expect of relationships and other people, what our dreams are and leave to the mods to link us to each other.

I think it could work.

What are your suggestions?