i have no idea who made it

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Do you know who made that AU idea where Steven and Greg go on a road trip following a map Rose left to find/reunite the crystal gems in order to beat the diamonds? Because I want to do a comic miniseries on it and have to credit properly. Problem is I can't find the original post. Did you hear about that one?

I haven’t heard of that, but I’m sure one of my followers can help!

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markjin as college students who are both crushing on you

“Hey, Y/N! Have you started studying for that calculus exam yet,” Jinyoung asked, pulling up next to you and grabbing the books from your hand to which you blushed and thanked him before groaning about the exam, remarking that it was going to be brutal; when you told him that you had no idea how to study which made Jinyoung turn to you and excitedly say, “I have a friend that took it last year! I’d be more than happy to give you the past exam.”

You agreed, thanking the boy, grateful to have someone as hard-working and resourceful as Jinyoung in the class with you; after he left to go to his next class, you were about to head to your apartment when you were stopped by your other friend, Mark.

“Y/N! Do you want to work on the case for biology together? I know a really great coffee shop that’s open late,” Mark said, shooting you a toothy grin that made your heart skip a beat as he nodded at you to agree with him; you pulled him into a side hug with a small ‘hello to you to’ before saying that you would love to work with him.

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

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i love the la la land recast idea but i really think the male lead with the jazz obsession should be black yknow? who can we get

uh if this is re the “omg oscar isaac and janelle monae should have been the leads in la la land” post i made at 2 am last night right before falling asleep… i mean sure and i do get where you’re coming from but latin jazz is very much a real thing that developed alongside african-american jazz actually to the point that the two are inextricable in many places… i mean latin musical influences are integral to jazz?? latin jazz bars exist? i’m on mobile so i can’t hyperlink this but http://americanhistory.si.edu/smithsonian-jazz/collections-and-archives/latin-jazz lol here is my historical and cultural justification for thinking oscar isaac would have been good in la la land instead of ryan gosling being like “ewww samba music is the worst”


“Get Out” is the Horror Movie Black People Have Waited For

HOLY SHIT. Sorry. I’m still in Post-Terrific Flick Syndrome. Corny maybe, but I digress. My heart’s still pumping from what may have just made me believe in horror movies again. As a black woman horror fan, your mind tends to wonder about the fleeting possibilities of having a horror movie speak to you or at least send the message you would love to tell to the white majority- who have gifted us with decades of the black person being the first to go in this popular genre, but have absolutely no idea how we can feel some type of way about it. Get Out is the answer to our prayers. 

From the genius mind of Jordan Peele (aka the second half of comedy duo Key & Peele and my new muse), the psychological thriller tells the story of a black male, Chris (played by Daniel Kaluuya), who reluctantly travels with his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to meet her parents before realizing there’s some deeper shit going on with them and the very few black workers. 

First off, this movie gave me CHILLS. Goosebumps around every corner. I can’t even count the many times I sat throughout the movie with my grandma- yes, my grandma, who also enjoyed it- and felt so uncomfortable all because of the stares and creepy smiles you saw throughout the film. Satire-like truth. 

And the best part? It was all so…familiar. The microaggresions, the suspense, the unspoken fear and anxiety of being an outsider- a black person- surrounded by an ocean of eyes, white faces, all prodding and asking questions, comments that are supposedly supposed to be compliments while all-in all, making you feel like a rare spectacle in their high society zoo. Jordan Peele’s excellent creative work shined out, he definitely put his all into his first piece. It was like a black person’s secret nightmare being held in front of them like a mirror. My eyes never left the screen. And it’s that relevancy that makes this thriller special in a Trump Age. A scary movie about racism that gives white people a taste of their own medicine. This couldn’t have been released at a better time. 

And the music? Flashback to Insidious-level creepy. The violins popped in enough to make you feel the level of creepiness Chris was on in every part of the film. HEART-PUMPING!

Daniel Kaluuya’s Chris and Lil Rel Howery’s Rod were my absolute favorite performances. Rel’s character always came in with the right amount of comedy at the right time, very spot on and another shot out to Jordan Peele for great directing technique. And I gotta give a lil’ praise to Catherine Keener, who in my opinion, was the creepiest of Rose’s parents with her cringing teacup tapping (I can still hear it! That hypnosis scene tho!).

A final shoutout goes to the cinematography for the chilling, almost noir-like lighting with many various shadows, darkness and the dreaded paralysis of the hypnosis scene (Literally. Again, that hypnosis scene ). 

If you have read and are just as excited to see Get Out as I was before this morning, I highly recommend you do so immediately. RIGHT NOW. You may also find yourself in Post-Terrific Flick Syndrome. 

Cause Get Out is THREE SNAPS UP (in a Z Formation). 

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I headcanon that Anti looks slightly different in each glitch because he's made by the fans, but every fan has a different interpretation of him, so he's constantly changing between everyone's own ideas of who/what Anti IS. Your thoughts?

Well! My own take on Anti consists that he is made out of the negative aura the JSE fandom has every once in a while. So in a way he is made by millions of people that have their ‘douche-y’ moments every once in a while.
He is not stable cause no one is evil forever so that aura really goes up and down in amount yanno. 

So in a way i really love your headcanon! It would make sense! And i recall Seán saying that he put so many different visuals in the “Say Goodbye” video for that same reason! 
I totally go with you when you say that the fandom made him. 

Like Anti said, it’s all our fault after all. 

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Hey I'm new for tumblr and I'm just very desperate for "how to get followers and people who actually read me" tips. Maybe you have some advises, please? Hope you'll get 1000 soon c:

i don’t really. my other blogs are basically flops. all i really did was take a popular idea that someone else had and made my own (and also used lots of tags)

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I need to get an opinion from 4 people for my religions and I know you're super into that stuff and I know you believe in god but what's your take on life and our purpose on god and good and evil you're the first person I wanted to ask

to create a god who damns us to hell for all of eternity for accumulated decisions we have made in our time of mere purpose and existence would contradict the idea of a god, nonetheless a forgiving, all loving god. the church, the bible, its interpretations of a god, heaven, the devil and his demons, are awfully narrowed into a closed idea. an idea too small for the creator of everything. I believe in good and evil. I just choose to understand that we all require both and I’m not afraid of the bad things in me.

Doomfist and Efi Theory

So… if you all didn’t know yet. These images have suddenly popped up on my Tumblr feed… and you can all guess it.

Doomfist has gotten his gauntlet back, and looks like he is coming soon.

So you might be thinking, “HOLY SHIT DOOMFIST IS FINALLY COMING HOOOOLLY SHIT” But then there’s also the recent post PlayOverwatch recently made.

An interview with an 11 year old girl named Efi Oladele, who has been recognized with her impressive talents in robotics and artificial intelligence. In part of the interview, she was asked what she was going to do with the grant she just earned, and all she said was “Oh… I have an idea…” and “It’s a secret for now…”

VERY dumb theory of mine, most likely will be criticized for it… BUT.

What if the grant Efi is going to use, is something to do with doomfist? 

She specializes with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ROBOTICS! She could create something that was like the Doomfists in the past, and use her creation for her own purposes. Good? Evil? Who knows. Or maybe she could do something like what happened to Genji. Get somebody who was dying and turn them into a cyborg. Unlikely, but could happen.

What I’m basically saying is, I have a feeling Efi has something to do with Doomfist, what exactly? No idea.

  • Chris: first love?
  • Yuuri: Victor
  • Chris: Person who made you figure out that you're into guys?
  • Yuuri: Victor
  • Chris: Celebrity crush?
  • Yuuri: Victor
  • Chris: Wow, you are just literally marrying the actual Man of your Dreams aren't you?
  • Yuuri: Yeah, I still have no idea how this happened
  • What she say: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I am actually freaking out because in under 100 hours a series that only airs once in a blue moon is airing the first episode of a new series which made the actors cry when they read the script and in the trailer the main character says 'I love you' to someone but I have no idea who and I am praying that it's his flatmate because they are both gay for each other but then in the synopsis of the second episode it says that the flatmates are drawn apart and I cannot understand under what circumstances this could've happened and I think the baby is going to die but I don't know and no one will listen to me freak out because they think its just a stupid show with famous actors when its actually so much more than that and all I honestly can do is wait.

sometimes I wonder if everyone who hates pineapple on pizza has ever had pineapple on pizza or is just reacting to the concept of it

Listen I made my mum listen to the hug track. She has no idea about the show. She first said it’s so sad and emotional. And reminds her of church choir music. Then I said to her “Mom it’s about two people. And this is a background music when they are having a moment. (I did not mention the hug) Just tell me what is the relationship between these two people”.

Mom said “Oh.. That’s easy. They must be Lovers”.

I am fucking crying.


Part One of Hurt- The Outcast Marinette AU!

Part 1- Hair Cut
Part 2- Nightmare

Ages ago @kryallaorchid and I saw a post about what might happen if Marinette finds out Adrien is Chat Noir and confesses her feelings (revealing she’s Ladybug after he rebuffs her feelings) and Chloe overhears and shames Marinette to the whole class- essentially outing her as a liar and a fraud despite it being the truth. Thus the whole class turns on her one way or another…

From there we came up with the idea that Marinette, desperate and at rock bottom, having had every fear of hers come to light- does something a 15 year old would do in the situation. Run away.

Thus we have an outcast Marinette, a missing Ladybug, and a class of students who are slowly coming to the horrific realisation that they’ve made a terrible mistake…

The lyrics are Hurt by Johnny Cash.

one of my fave things about australian politics is that it’s almost entirely made up of old white men who have no idea what they’re doing, no-one trusts them, they’re all racist fools who put us in debt, every single one of them has been thoroughly humiliated on tv at least once

and then there’s penny wong, a left-wing malaysian lesbian who is quite literally the only australian politician i know of never to have made a fool of herself. she’s never lost a debate. she is five feet of rage, climate change action, and whoop-ass. everyone i know wants her to be prime minister but she’s literally said she doesn’t think australia could handle it. i love her

I made a ref sheet for the main character in the class film named ‘Rockin’ it’ I’m going to do! Her name is Katie~

The film is going to be about this girl Katie who LOVES Rock music, but doesn’t have anybody who shares that interest. So she tries to stay a bit of a wallflower at school because she thinks that others might find her ‘weird’ if they find out she likes such hard music. HOWEVER, new students arrive that look like they share a similar interest in Rock!…But Katie has NO idea how to go about becoming friends with them after being a loner for so long. They don’t even know if they SHOULD be friends with them for surely other people at school would make fun of them??

Eventually, Katie gets tired of feeling this anxiety of trying to please people by not enjoying something she loves and she takes it upon herself to spread the word around school…via flyers when everyone is in class and can’t see her of course. But the bell rings before Katie is done and she is stampeded through the halls and lands at the new rock kids feet. They notice her band t-shirt (her hoodie that was hiding it opened up during the stampede lol) and invite her to hang out with them at their concert. Katie decides to take her own advice and takes the Rock kids offer of friendship and they go and have a great time and all become friends!!

Katie returns to school wearing more band garb that she enjoys and she gets complements from the people in school saying she’s ‘Rockin’ it.’

I wanted to express that feeling of being a bit outcasted because of an interest you had didn’t fit into highschool terms of being ‘normal’. and that sometimes finding people with similar interests is hard, but when you do, you should take that plunge and become friends with them! When you’re around people with similar interests to you, it makes you much happier then you would be without. And that sometimes you can be overthinking peoples reactions and that everything will be fine! 


Ok, so, the carnival caretaker guy built the robot, which has being going crazy and wrecking things. He and derp Shaggy try to catch said robot, when–

–his wife reveals that she made the robot go haywyre, because because she “doesn’t think robots should work where children come to have fun.”

The caretaker is as amenable as can be, just saying “I guess I never thought of that!” He instantly accepts this newly-brought-up notion – episode wraps up, credits roll.

…so, lemme get this straight.

He spent who knows how many years building this robot to run the theme park, and his wife didn’t like the idea… so she never said a word about it that entire time, and then sabotaged it upon completion?

Rather than just tell him she thinks it might be a bad idea, she ruins his work and creates these risks?

Said nothing, and decided instead to make a robot with superhuman strength and no understanding of mortality go bezerk?

Caused tens of thousands of dollars of property damage, risked everyone’s lives, and jeopardized the theme park that puts food on their table… just so she didn’t have to tell her husband how she felt?