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Hi! I really liked your hc!!! and I also would like a head canon with the RFA +Saeran, V and Vanderwood with MC as the Daughter of a Yakuza boss (sorry if my english is bad)

You’re English is just fine, sweetie! Thank you for your request!

OKAY! Quick explanation about the whole “Yakuza” thing. So, like, I know that technically Yakuza are the Japanese mob, and everyone is Korean in game, but I’m a lazy sack of shit who didn’t know what to write in replacement of that that would be more appropriate, but… we’ll just have to roll with it because I have no idea what else to put down.

Also, before we get into the specifics, here’s a few wide-spanning ideas between them;

  • MC was the illegitimate second child of the Boss
  • She has an older half-brother, who is 10 years older
  • Her biological mother died when she was a baby
  • Her step-mother was the one who insisted on taking her in, and loved her like a real daughter because she was so freaking cute as a little one
  • She knows self-defense because her brother taught her
  • She knows how to act like a proper, respectable woman because her stepmother taught her
  • Her father’s underlings all dote on her as well


  • Yoosung is super scared to meet her family when she tells him
  • “I didn’t want to tell you about each other unless things got really serious.”
  • They go to her family home and he’s nothing but respectful and terrified as her stepmother serves the tea
  • MC never removes her hand from him both as reassurance and to protect him
  • Her stepmother loves how earnest he is
  • The thing that ultimately convinces her family that he’s the proper fit for MC is when one of the Underlings that’s had a crush on her since they were teenagers starts hitting on her while she’s showing Yoosung around
  • Yoosung goes a little yandere, steps very obviously between MC and the guy, puts his arm around her, and glares very scarily at this guy
  • “Hi, I’m Yoosung. Her fiancé. And you are?” “[says his name].” “Hm, funny, MC’s never mentioned you before.”
  • Immediately they’re sold. Hell, they help plan the wedding.


  • Well… they didn’t immediately jump for joy
  • Jaehee really wasn’t sure what to expect when MC led her to a very nice, traditional house
  • She was ever a little frightened by the people around the entrance, even if she greeted these scary people warmly
  • It wasn’t until they started doting on her and calling her little pet names from when she was baby that Jaehee understands that they’re like family and she has nothing to fear
  • When MC’s brother sees Jaehee, he laughs, but asks if Jaehee knows anything about protecting someone
  • Jaehee is a little offended, so does a judo throw of the older brother
  • Father and stepmother witness this as well, MC starts laughing and kisses Jaehee for her impressive performance
  • Stepmother is cautious, but approves of Jaehee being very polite, kind, and hardworking
  • Father is… well, he’s torn
  • He was expecting his daughter to present him with a strapping young suitor that he could scare -away- into submission
  • Instead he gets a woman who he just doesn’t know how to intimidate because she’s faced down the C&R household along with various other CEO and chairmans and walked out without a sweat
  • But at least his daughter is happy
  • After they’re home, Jaehee’s knees buckle from the nerves and she’s so happy that they approved of her


  • He used to be in a gang, but this… this is a whole new level
  • But he does know the culture, plus he’s an actor, so he’s able to be confident and friendly when he meets her family for the first time
  • Zen is immediately fawned over by her stepmother because (a) he’s so handsome and (b) she’s a fan of his.
  • He reluctantly admits to formerly being part of a gang, and earns the respect of the brother
  • That just leaves her father who has been eyeing him suspiciously ever since he learned Zen was an actor
  • His biggest concern is not if he can protect her, but if he’s (a) good enough and (b) will be true to her.
  • When her father pulls Zen aside to question him about his willingness to be faithful, Zen tells him about the Echogirl incident and says that he would do it again a thousand times, just to be with MC
  • The father just says, “If you ever hurt her, no one will find your body.”
  • “I would never dream of it,” Zen says. “Even if you didn’t threaten me.”


  • Jumin is not an easy to intimate man, so when they show up at her father’s home, he just walks in without flinching
  • He’s the perfect gentleman
  • MC’s stepmother approves of him quickly because he’s handsome, charming, and very successful
  • The men of the family aren’t so easily convinced
  • They know his father’s history with women, and even if they know about the RFA party and everything that happened, they’re still concerned that he’s going to cheat on her
  • He actually gets kind of scary when her brother implies he will sleep around like his father
  • Because, even the thought of anyone hurting his love is offensive
  • Her father ends up speaking up and admitting that, once, when they were children, MC and Jumin actually met
  • It was at a party at a yacht club that the Han family and he were part of
  • Her father remembers two things from that party; (1) Chairman Han trying to buy out his business to “legitimize” it and (2) Jumin being kind of a jerk to a younger MC
  • Granted, Jumin was like, 8 or 9, and she was maybe 4 or 5, so it’s a bit of a hard judge, but MC followed him around that whole party because he was so pretty, and little Jumin thought she was annoying and accidentally made her cry
  • So of course her doting father still doesn’t forgive him
  • Meanwhile Jumin immediately apologizes for that, and MC is laughing because it’s an adorable story and Jumin is being ridiculous for apologizing for something that happened so long ago
  • The men of her family manage to ease up after seeing his reaction, but remain wary
  • As far as MC sees it, as long her family and his father don’t cause problems, everything will be fine


  • He comes prepared with all their information memorized and a bribe of three boxes of Honey Buddha Chips
  • They’re impressed with his bribe, and when they ask about his job, they’re terrified
  • Because Saeyougn starts listing off their personal information (SS#, drivers liscense, birth name, date and place of birth, favorite internet search, last 20 things they individually purchased, etc)
  • They’re terrified, realize he’s a hacker, and they just kind of nod and say, “yeah, okay. We’re good. Please don’t hack us.”
  • Then they see how happy he make MC
  • As their leaving, Saeyoung says, “I think that went well.”
  • “Well as it could go.”
  • “I can’t believe they didn’t try to kill me after the whole ‘apartment bomb’ thing”
  • “They don’t know, and if you tell them, my father will find a way to kill you and make you disappear.”


  • V meets the brother first
  • “I don’t approve,” the brother says. “You can’t protect her if anything happens.”
  • “I can protect her in my own way.”
  • “Oh really?”
  • “Have you ever seen anyone attack a blind man?”
  • “…well no, but-”
  • “And if a blind man - or the woman he was with - were being attacked, wouldn’t you want to do something?”
  • “Yes but-”
  • “I may not be able to fight, but I can protect her.”
  • He’s earned points with father and stepmother immediately after this
  • Brother is still cautious, but he doesn’t go against his parents wishes


  • When he shows up, her family isn’t sure what to think of him
  • I mean, from the white hair to the black clothes…. he seems… interesting
  • But then they see the look in his eyes
  • They talk
  • He ends up fitting right in
  • MC would be surprised, except she knows she has a type
  • her father even briefly considers offering him a job


  • He didn’t once try to kill her brother, what?
  • Okay, but seriously, he didn’t expect to walk into the den of a mob boss when going to meet her parents
  • But it did explain a few things
  • Like why she wasn’t afraid of pretty much anything
  • And how she manages to keep such a cool head in crisis situations
  • MC is really clever, too, in that she knows how her family would react to knowing his former occupation (in that they’d either want to hire him as muscle or kill him), so she lies to them about it
  • She says he worked security at a data management facility (she’s not wrong)
  • Her father legitimately asks Vanderwood to go in for an interview with the security team at his (shady) business
  • Much to Vanderwoods surprise, things go remarkably well, and he’s invited to join them for dinner again
  • He’s so glad he ignored his survival instincts for once and didn’t run away
tutoring sessions — peter parker (part three)

read part one and part two. 

prompt: it’s your last tutoring session and to your surprise—peter’s late. you’re waiting in the cafe after your mom dropped you off, books open, work half-done, when someone decides to hold up the cashier. 

warnings: swearing 

notes: bro holy shit this thing blew up i’m shook and i wanna thank y'all for reading this. i have an idea for one more last part four for the end of this. please request more! thanks to those who messaged me and asked for this part three (i got so many anons): @theperksofbeingyourmum, @rosaetum, @k-baileyy, @legendarydazekitten, @yoyococo18, @kuerbistumorstan, @fandomtainment, @deans-angel-of-thursdays, @themilkface, @lucifersnipnips

The unusual buzz of the small suburban cafè that you lived near gave you a feeling of discomfort, causing you to shift in your seat over and over again, staring at your bottle of water that made a ring of wetness on the cover of your textbook. You sighed and moved it, wiping down the water damage and biting your lip. Your eyes glanced around, falling on people you didn’t know—besides the barista, who you saw every time your parents took you here for an early coffee—and you checked your phone. 

Mom: Call me when you need to be picked up. 

Mom: Does Peter need a ride?

You frowned, tapping your foot anxiously on the ground. I wouldn’t know. You sent back a quick and simple ‘I don’t think so,’ before slumping further down in your seat.

Where was he? 

Peter hadn’t bailed on one tutoring session, at least not without a good excuse, and you were quick to wonder where he was. He wouldn’t have just bailed on you—would he? No, no of course not, pull yourself together, he’s just running late. You shook your head and decided to study on your own, knowing that you couldn’t be so reliant on Peter. After all, you and you alone were going to be taking the test, and you couldn’t lean on him to help you then.

Still, it sucked that he didn’t tell you he might’ve needed a rain check. 

You flipped open your notebook and gazed at the scribbles of numbers and exponents among its pages. Normally you’d think you were screwed, but ever since last session you felt more confident. You could do this, you were smart and independent, and thanks to Peter, a lot better at math than you were a week ago. You finished each problem slowly, revising and checking your work online with Google and your phone’s calculator to make sure you weren’t making silly mistakes again. Finishing, you stared at your paper.

It hadn’t been long, maybe twenty minutes at least, but your hand was cramping. You bit your lip. Could it be? Did you really finish these problems with little to no mistakes? You let a smug look rest on your face as the thought registered and you smiled. 

“Who needs Peter anyways,” you jokingly whispered to yourself, before putting your chin in your hand and drawing with the other. Your brows knitted together as you said that, however, your cheeks instantly flushing. 

I do

It was no mystery that your brain had been a jargled mess already due to the sudden overdrive of algebra, but you had found yourself thinking of Mr. Peter Parker more often than before and MJ often had to snap you out of it when you sat together at lunch. You would then grumble at her because, this was her fault, she paired you guys up together—but she wasn’t wrong in thinking she had done you a favor. 

Something about, “You’ll thank me later,” she claimed; or whatever she would mutter about in the rare times she wasn’t reading a book that was about the human brain or by Sylvia Plath. 

You didn’t like admitting it, especially because he was your tutor and you needed to focus, not fawn during this time—but God, you think you liked him. You liked him as much as a fifteen year old could like another fifteen year old. You blushed just at the thought of it and worked up the nerve to send him a text message. 

Your last conversation had been about a movie he was raving about—Trust me, [Y/N], if you see this movie it’ll change your life, I have a DVD of it in my closet somewhere if you want—and you had never seen someone so excited about the things he liked. It was nice, you’d think, to see someone with so much ambition.  Even if he made you feel pretty crappy since he technically stood you up. 

Which was so not cool, by the way.

hey, peter. guess who finished all of her extra study work by herself with no mistakes (hopefully)? 

that’s right, me!

i’ll pat myself on the back, thanks. 

You hadn’t meant to sound sarcastic, but in all fairness, he did deserve part of it. It really wasn’t okay that he just left you on your own after this was your last study session and the test was tomorrow.

Closing up your books, you began to stand and call your mom so she could pick you up. It had rung three times when suddenly you felt something cold against your head, and a muffled whimper from people around you. 

“End the call and slide it over,” A raspy voice commanded and your heart froze in place. He sounded out of breath, like he was running away from something. Like he was running away from someone. “And then afterwards, don’t move unless you want a head full of metal.” 

You gulped and swallowed your pride, ending the call and sliding over your phone, keeping your hands away from it. Dumbass, you thought, but you kept your mouth shut. The guy backed away from you slowly, eyes burning into your own, before he turned to everyone else. 

“Give me all the money in the register and we’ll be okay, and no one—” He points the gun at you, and you realize that you had to be the youngest person here, “—gets hurt. Got it?” 

The barista is nodding, face red and flustered.

“Good, now hurry up.“ 

Everyone’s silent as they all watch her shove stacks of dollars in his backpack, and you try to get a closer look at him. Like a cliché, he had to wear a fucking ski mask. You held back a groan of disgust. You guessed criminals had no time to be creative when they were out ruining people’s lives.

The guy wasn’t all that big, maybe five foot ten at most, and he was lean. The only thing intimidating about him was the gun in his hand. 

“Wow, I didn’t you could go skiing this early in the summer,” a familiar voice says, and your ears perk up. “Awesome mask, I love your creativity!” 

Spider-Man’s there and everything clicks in your head. You’re watching, silently just like everyone else. A superhero. An actual superhero. 

Holy shit. 

“I’ll just take this, thank you!” Spider-Man shoots a web and uses it to catch the gun, before shooting the guy in the face as he dodged a right hook. “You really shouldn’t be carrying firearms, I bet you don’t even have a license for this thing. I’m appalled.” 

The guy is about to say something, but Spider-Man flings a web over his mouth. 

“Sorry, I can’t listen to rule-breakers. Part of the whole agenda.”

With the criminal webbed up and disarmed, everyone simultaneously lets out a breath of relief. Some people even start cheering. 

“Is everyone okay?” He asks, looking around. Or at least you think he is (it’s hard to tell with that mask), when he lands on you. He quickly clears his throat, making his voice sound gruff. “You okay, Ma'am?” 

You nod, but give him a suspicious look. 

Peter gulps underneath his mask. 

Is that [Y/N]? Karen goes, and he mumbles a confirmation quietly so no one else can hear it. 

I thought so. You constantly look at their Instagram when you’re in your mask. It’s quite hilarious. 

“Karen, not now,” he says, but she continues.

Weren’t you supposed to tutor them today? It says so in your schedule. 

Peter’s eyes widen and so do the ones on the mask and everyone’s still in awe of him actually being there. Crap. He knew he forgot something. 

“Glad to know everyone is good,” he manages to squeak out as he hears sirens headed this way. He looks away from you and shoots one more web as the guy continues screaming against the strings already wrapped around him. “Bye, Mr. Bad Guy.” 

With that, he opens the glass doors and shoots a web up at an apartment building, swinging away. As he leaves, the chatter around you begin to build back up, raved and excited. You put your hand against your chest to feel your heart beating rapidly. Thump, thump, thump. 

You gaze out the café windows and grin to yourself, calling your mom to tell her you were fine and alive so she didn’t worry and that you were done studying. You figured that when she asked about Peter, you’d make up an excuse about how he was a little tangled up in things so she wouldn’t think much of him leaving you there. 

She really was beginning to grow fond of him ever since he had stayed over for dinner after one tutoring session, and that was the most you could say for the only boy you’ve ever had over. 

You smiled to yourself once more and sighed. You had no idea how you were going to think about that final tomorrow now, but you took out your phone one last time, sending a text message to Peter. 

thanks for that…


You smirked, knowingly, thinking of his reaction. 

You may have been bad at math, but you were certainly not an idiot.

I Need My Girl Ch. 5 | Roomates AU

Betty and Jughead are out of college and rooming together and it couldn’t have been a more self-destructive decision. They’re both in love and best friends since the dawn of time. Jughead pining for Betty who has no idea, What could go wrong?

Hello all! This new chapter was already half finished by the time I finished chapter four so here it is! This chapter is more bughead-centric than the others and the whole thing (that is making you all cringe) is addressed ;) I am sorry to the person who recently sent me a request but I am starting it tomorrow I swear! All of the love you guys have been sending me in the comments has literally been breaking my heart! I have tagged the following who have asked to be tagged or are just being a damn sweet ass person!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Words: 2292

Warnings: There is talk of alcoholism and suicide. If this triggering for you you might not want to continue

Drink up baby, look at the stars
I’ll kiss you again between the bars
Where I’m seeing you there
With your hands in the air
Waiting to finally be caught
Drink up one more time
And I’ll make you mine
Keep you apart,
Deep in my heart
Separate from the rest.

Elliott Smith

A few weeks had passed since the incident and Jughead found himself feeling a new emotion towards Betty.

Every smile, touch, every time she would play with her ponytail, every look she gave him would make Jughead’s skin crawl. Every minute they spent together ignoring the situation, every time she would act as if that night in his room never happened, as if the moment they shared at Cheryl’s never happened, anger would settle in his chest.

The things that he used to love about her, the little things that would leave flutters in his stomach had now turned sour. They were tainted with the taste of what he couldn’t have. Now knowing what her touch was like in ways he’d never didn’t before had ignited a fire in him. One that Betty was trying her best but was failing to distinguish.

Each moment felt like a chore and he was loosing his patience. She didn’t tease him anymore and she filled their time doing small favors, silently trying to ease the guilt that still lined her face. She kept apologizing for little mistakes that she would make around the house. It was like she was apologizing for everything except the actual problem at hand.

The change in dynamic didn’t go unnoticed by Archie. Every time he was over it was like he was just there to be a buffer. Jughead would snap at just the littlest things and his body would tense up every time Betty would brush up against him. Every time Betty would laugh Jughead’s eyes would send daggers his way. One time Betty tried to do the dishes and he practically exploded. Something was very wrong.

Betty began to spend her nights out longer and she started sleeping over at Veronica’s, at Cheryl’s, at Kevin’s, at Sabrina’s, even sometimes she would show up at Archie’s.

The apartment became more of a common meeting place rather than a home to the both of them. Jughead picked up more shifts at Pop’s, ones particularly during the times he knew Betty would be home.

Betty’s thoughts began to become obsessive when it came to Jughead. Every time she would sleep with someone his face would appear. She was on thin ice with Veronica already, but one day enough was enough.

Betty tensed as she felt the nerves in between her legs begin to pulse. Veronica continued as she followed Betty’s moans before it happened.

Just as Betty’s head sunk further into the pillows and her eyes rolled to the back of her head she uttered his name.


Veronica stopped in her tracks as she watched the girl let go. Her eyes closed and her hands gripping onto the violet sheets. A tear fell from Veronica’s eyes as she watched the girl before her in a possessed state. Her face changed as her eyelids moved from side to side and her legs quivered.

Betty silenced herself as she had realized what she had just moaned. Her body stilled and her throat closed up as she saw a tear stream down Veronica’s face.

“You know if that’s what you’re here for, then maybe we shouldn’t be doing this anymore. I’m not someone you can just use to fuck away your feelings with.”

Veronica stood up from her spot and threw Betty’s dress in her face.

“Veronica I-“

“Even though this isn’t even anything, I don’t accept being someone’s second choice.”

“Veronica that’s not what, that’s not-“

“Get over yourself Betty and cut the bullshit…God, for once can’t you stop lying to yourself and everyone around you?”

Betty’s eyes froze as her mind went blank and her body went cold.

“That’s what I thought.” Veronica stated as she walked out her door into the bathroom down the hall.

Betty laid there as she stared at the empty door frame, listening to the water run from Veronica’s shower.

The sound of people passing through the streets and cars through New York’s roads filled Betty’s ears as she slipped into her dress. She trotted out of the apartment into the night, finding the closest bar in sight.

Four hours and 5 tequila shots later:

“He-ey, hey, hey…Baby, c’mon let’s go home.” Jughead whispered as she cried into his shoulder. He could feel her breath get caught in her throat as she tried to hold back a sob. Her body was shaking and he could smell tequila all over her. He pulled her up to carry her out of the house. He opened the passenger door of his truck with his left hand, pulling the car door ajar with his foot. He placed her carefully in the leather front as he buckled her seat belt.

“Just stay her okay? I’ll be right back. I promise.” He whispered against her cheek as he felt her nod her head under him. He closed the door as he walked back into Archie’s house finding him in the kitchen.

“What happened?”

Betty had showed up to Archie’s about an hour ago stinking of alcohol. Stumbling all over the place forcing Archie catch her before she tripped over the carpet.

“Do-on’t call Jug-gie.” Betty murmured as she lunged for the liquor cabinet.

“Betty what are you-“ Archie began before Betty cut him off. Laughing dryly as her hands trailed over the bottles before finding the vodka.

“You know, my mom called me today! I was expecting a long apology, a cry for forgiveness, maybe even a little groveling. But what does she say? She starts lecturing me about my ‘lifestyle’.” Betty exclaimed rolling her eyes unscrewing the cap on the bottle.

“She just doesn’t wanna call me a slut. But look at me! I am the slut. I’m the biggest fucking slut there is!”

Betty laughed into the bottle as she smiled when the rush of the drink went to her head.  Archie frowned at the sight.

“Mommy dearest didn’t think about that when she tried to send me to camp to ‘pray the gay away’. She was a lot happier when she thought she just had to worry about me getting pregnant.” Betty choked out as she held a grin. Her eyes were red and wild. She staggered holding onto the table as she gripped onto the bottle of vodka. Before she could take another shot Archie grabbed the bottle from her, pulling her into the kitchen.

“You’re not any fun!” She protested as she tried to grab the bottle from his grasp. Archie put the bottle away grabbing a glass of water as he eyed her cautiously. His eyes trailed over her face trying to find the Betty he knew. He had seen her drunk like this before but Jug was always there, there to whisk her away. The fact that she wasn’t back at her own doorstep calling on his friend was worrying. Why was she avoiding Jughead? He asked himself.

He handed the glass of water to her as she slid down to the floor.

“Drink this. You’ll thank me in the morning.” He said to her as he stared her down. He knew she would follow his orders if he didn’t break eye contact. Finally she broke, exasperated grabbing the glass from him in a puff glaring at him.

Archie stood up from his crouched position and reached for the phone. He knew that she would hate him if he called Jughead. But he was the only one who knew how to handle this. This Betty. The Betty with mascara running down her face and an empty grin on her face. The Betty with panic in her eyes and limp limbs. She looked like a cautionary tale lying down on his kitchen floor staring blankly in front of him. Her green eyes held nothing in them, like she was somehow not there, not present. It was haunting watching her lie there with her mouth parted sinking into the floor. The girl that was in love with his best friend was breaking before him and there was only one person to call. Archie dialed Jughead’s number and waited until he picked up after eight rings.

“Archie it’s 3 in the morning what the fuck?” Jughead groaned into the phone.

Archie moved away from the kitchen hoping Betty couldn’t hear his words.

“Betty she…she’s here. And it’s bad, really bad. She might be going full yellow wallpaper this time.” Archie paused as he heard a shuffle over the phone and a door click.

Archie walked Jughead back outside to his truck, stopping Jughead before he climbed inside.

“Jughead, we gotta do something.”

“Do what Archie?” Jughead yelled as his eyes trailed over Betty’s passed out state.

“She’s getting worse…she keeps pulling this shit. Getting drunk, going out constantly with people she doesn’t even know. And then as you say, she doesn’t even acknowledge it in the morning. Like it never happens.”

“I’m handling it Archie.” Jughead stated as he folded his arms leaning against the truck.

“Are you? Cause you carry her home and put her to bed just like you did with FP. And it’s not working. She needs help. She needs a professional. Maybe you can’t save her this time.”

“You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about Archie. You don’t know her. I know her. And I know that she will be fine. She just is going through a rough patch, that’s all.” Jughead insisted as tears started to well up in his eyes.

“If she’s just going through a rough patch, then why is she showing up at my place instead of her own? Why is she suddenly asking me not to call you?”

Jughead paused as he took in Archie’s words. But no amount of truth could calm him down, he was breaking. The girl he loved was drinking herself to death every night and he had no idea how to cope. It was déjà vu all over again, and a little part of him resented her for it. His gut wrenched and tightly coiled in his stomach as he looked at her, curled up in his truck.

“I-I don’t know. The past couple of weeks, things have changed. I-I don’t know why.” He choked out.

“Look I know that you don’t want to force her into anything, but maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s time to stage some sort of intervention.”

“An intervention? You think Betty Cooper is gonna react well to an intervention?”

“It may be our only option left.” Archie said exasperated as they both gazed upon the sunken blonde. Jughead cried at the thought of telling her that something was wrong with her. He was always the one to reassure her that she was beautiful and kind and smart and that not a damn thing was wrong with her. Nothing at all. Was this really his only option left? It seemed like some sort of betrayal.

“Okay, but just give me a week. Let me, I don’t know, figure things out. See if I can get her to snap out of it.”


Jughead climbed into the truck, falling into the seat. His head fell to the back of the leather and he turned his head to look at her. He lifted his hand up to her face and pulled back a strand of her hair that had fallen in her face. She stirred at his touch as she breathed out in frustration.

A moment passed before tears started to well up in Betty’s eyes again.

“She didn’t even remember that it was his birthday today.”

In that moment Jughead realized that it was Betty’s dad’s birthday and that he had been so wrapped up in his own problems that he had forgotten. It had been eight years since he killed himself. Betty had found him in the garage after he hung himself.

A laugh erupted from Betty’s chest as she shook her head as the tears ran down her face.

“It’s like she didn’t even love him…maybe she never did.”


“She’s never loved me that’s for sure. At least not the real me.”

Betty began to kick the dash as she started hitting any surface around her. Jughead panicked at the sight, grabbing onto her wrists as she squirmed under him. In her state she couldn’t fight him off for that long, her head fell into his shoulder as she sighed.

“She may not know the real you or understand you. But she loves you.” Jughead waited a beat as she lay in his arms.

“And I love you…you know the real you. And even though I haven’t acted like it lately, I do. I always do.”

Jughead ran his fingers through her golden hair as he pulled himself from her grasp to put his keys into the ignition. Betty laid her legs on top of Jughead’s lap as he drove out of Archie’s drive-way. Jughead turned to the intoxicated girl next to him. Her eyes closed with her head leaned up against the window. Her breath slowed and he could see the imprint that her heady breaths left against the frigid car window. The yellow lights above flickered over her, bathing her in light as the rest of the car was hidden in shadow. The illusion was gone as his eyes drank up her soaken state against the passenger cream colored leather.

Betty Cooper was broken, and for the first time, Jughead had realized that maybe he couldn’t fix her.

I Love You

A/N: @baerrylll gave me my first prompt request and I hope it’s deemed well! It came easier to me than I thought. Y’all were quick with the requests which is MAGICAL. The other ones will be up shortly! It completely obliterated my indents so bare with that. This is unbeta’d (THANK YOU GRAMMARLY!!) 

Prompts #11 -His eyes were cold and lifeless as he stared at me. “You have no idea who I am, do you?” and #27- You love her don’t you?” “Is it that obvious?”

   When Spencer called, two and a half weeks after meeting you, signs weren’t exactly pointing towards a date. Sure, you guys hit it off when you were introduced but then it was radio silence. You weren’t totally offended but it also wasn’t the best feeling. He was cute and sweet and the conversation was wholly different from anything else you’ve ever experienced.

   Maybe that was it? Maybe the conversation wasn’t fulfilling to him. You knew right off the bat that he was a force to be reckoned with, intellectually. He could have spent the entire group dinner talking about theories and psychologists but when you spoke? His eyes never left you.  Maybe it wasn’t the conversation.

   Maybe it was the job difference. Your best friend Rachel had mentioned something about her favorite cousin being a federal agent, FBI you later deduced, and you were not. You were a DSS and proud of it.  You weren’t out there chasing bad guys or investigating murders, but your work was hard and fulfilling. You couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

   When the first date turned into a second date, which turned quickly into a third and a fourth and half of a fifth (weather, man.), you came to the conclusion that this could be it. He could be it, The One. At least you had hoped. It took some work but you got along with his team and you knew better than to ask about case specifics. He, in turn, knew better than to ask about your residents. He understood HIPAA and the other laws that permitted you to discuss the finer details about your exact work life.

   Formal dates turned into casual get-togethers with his team, or your friends/ co-workers, or just the two of you. You both were at your happiest when sweats and movies were involved. Although, when he would read his favorite poetry to you it was pretty incredible. Likewise for when you would convince him to do some volunteer work at the local cat shelter. The way he looked at you, you just knew.

   The home you worked for prided itself on being someplace safe for not only it’s residents but also it’s co-workers, after all, everyone was family. So when it came time for a “family party” (monthly staff meeting that involved you getting your paycheck a few days early) it wasn’t a complete surprise when the conversation turned itself on you. Everyone was still arriving when Cassie, she was 7 months your work senior, sat next to you on the living room sofa with a mug of s’more flavored coffee. She looked a little tired but that’s what happened when you worked full-time, went to school, and had a 3-year-old.

   “Heard you had a date last night. What’s that make your total this month? 4?” She asked as she ran her hand through her short chocolate hair as she got comfortable.

   You faintly blushed and gave a soft smile. “Yeah. Something like that.”

   Melanie, Cassie’s best friend, and fellow 3rd-shifter sat on the sofa, putting Cassie in the middle. “Ooh. Do tell. Where did you guys go this time? Or did you stay in? Hmmm?”

   You giggled at your friend’s shenanigans. “No, we went out. His co-workers had told him about this hibachi and he wanted to try it out. So we did. It wasn’t planned. We just really wanted sushi and steak.”

   “Look at you guys going on random dates. Going somewhere just because. It’s like Y'all are married or something.” Cassie sipped from her drink.

   “Almost.” Melanie winked.

   The conversation died down, and the meeting started, but your mind had a hard time straying from what the girls had said, insinuated. You hadn’t even told him you loved him yet, but you couldn’t figure out why. What was stopping you?

   You made it home safely from the meeting and decided to settle in for a nap. You’d eventually realize why you had a hard time saying things to Spencer that would make him stay absolutely, make your relationship so concrete.

   The dream started like it always did; you were trying to travel somewhere far and you were running late for whatever mode of transportation was going to get you there. It changed, then. Taking the Megabus to the train station turned into taking an unidentifiable convoy to an unidentifiable place. Fear started to settle in you, and for good reason. All of a sudden you couldn’t recognize who was in the vehicle with you, or the passing outside. It was farmland but that quickly turned into a bridge being surrounded by water and that’s when it kicked in. That’s when your aquaphobia made itself known. You weren’t even touching the water and it had already begun to feel Ike the air was leaving your lungs.

   “Where are we going?” You managed to squeak out.

   No one responded. No one turned their heads to look at you. Lemmings, you thought.

   “Can anyone hear me?”

   Someone sitting behind the driver, a man, began to turn his head around. It moved so slowly, at some point you were concerned about how far he’d turn it. What was he, an owl?

   The two of you made eye contact but he didn’t blink, didn’t talk. It was almost like he wasn’t even breathing. But his eyes never left yours. They almost had a familiar feel to them, but eerie. The way he wasn’t blinking definitely wasn’t helping.  

   Then he stood up.

   The man turned so he was still within his seat space but his whole body was facing you, You couldn’t quite see his clothes or all the features on is face but you could make out the eyes and the emotion they held.

   No, They didn’t hold emotion. Nothing in him held emotion, of this you could tell. You could sense overwhelming dread as he made his way to the aisle of the bus you were still on, that was still going down the road. He was coming right for you but you couldn’t move, couldn’t get up, not that you had anywhere you could go anyway. He stopped right in front of your seat.

   You swallowed and tried to move towards the window but he grabbed your wrist and held it tight. Oh yeah, you weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It didn’t help that he had a tight grip, maybe even cutting off your circulation. You still couldn’t look away.

   His eyes were cold and lifeless as he stared at you. “You have no idea who I am, do you?”

   You inhaled sharply and his grip somehow increased. But that’s when you saw it.

   This is it, you thought. This is where I leave Spencer, and I’ll never be able to see or talk or touch him again. No! He doesn’t even know I love him!

   “Let me go!” You yelled and squirmed, but his hand wouldn’t release you. “I have to tell Spencer! I won’t be like you! I need to tell him!”

   You took a sharp and haggard breath as you sat up. You were in your bed, under your own sheets. After grasping reality, you ran your hands over your face and counted backward from 10. Numbers helped, sometimes. Numbers and food.

   Your stomach growling led you to swing your legs over the side of the bed and out of the bedroom. Before you made it ten steps, you could hear his voice coming from the kitchen talking to someone else. When you didn’t hear anyone else, you deduced that Spencer was on the phone. You decided to eavesdrop, give your heart some more time to let up on the hammering.

   “I’m sure, Morgan.” A brief pause as you heard him clinking around in the cupboards.

   “Yeah, she was upstairs taking a nap when I got in. I figured a quick cup of coffee would suffice and a sticky note. I probably won’t even wake her.” Water running, most likely into the coffee pot to fill the filter.

   A shattering of glass was heard before you heard your boyfriend briefly swear. “And that was my favorite mug. Darn it.”

   “You breaking her things, man?” Derek’s voice could be heard, he must have put his phone on speaker to clean up the mess.

   “It was an accident. I loved this mug. The coffee never got cold, like magic.”

   “If you believed in magic. What’s the total damage, anyway? You basically live there. It could be considered your mug.”

   Spencer sighed. “Yeah that sounds good on paper, but it’s not my property. It’s hers. I like to respect it as I respect her.”

   “By dropping it on the linoleum?” The other man chuckled.

   “It was an accident. Besides…I’d never want to drop Leah or hurt her.” Then Spencer gave an almost whisper. “She’s everything to me.”

 “You really love her, don’t you?”

  “Is it that obvious?” A smack could be heard. “Don’t answer that. I know it is. I want it to be. I-I want…”

   “What, Reid? What do you want?”

   “I want- I want to be able to tell her that.”

   “You haven’t!? She doesn’t know? You mean to tell me that you’ve been seeing each other for almost half a year and you’re basically living in her house, and you haven’t even said ‘I love you’ yet!?”

   “Aw, Derek. I didn’t know you felt that way.”


   “I know I’m sorry! I-I just… I don’t… I…” He took a deep breath. “I know it’s unlikely but she hasn’t said it either so there’s always a chance that she doesn’t feel the same way. I don’t want the thought that all of this has been for nothing. If I say it and it’s not reciprocated then…then it’ll destroy me.”

   “Listen to me when I tell you that you have nothing to be worried about. Y/N loves you just as much as you love her. There’s nothing to fear there, man. Just say it.”

   Taking the matter into your own hands, you walk around the wall separating the hallway and the kitchen. You walk up to your unsuspecting boyfriend and grab his face, pushing your lips against his.

   “I love you, Spencer. Always.”

   He didn’t dare do anything besides blink and if your heart weren’t still hammering from the dream and everything that followed you would have giggled at his dumbfound expression.

   “Well, that’s my cue. Thank God.” Derek said his goodbyes and then hung up.

   Your eyes never left Spencer, and his eyes never left you.

   “I love you, too.” At that, he grabbed your waist and pulled your lips back on to his.

Like Fire (Darth Maul x Reader)

Prompts:  “ If you like this idea, what about reader as one of Padmé’s assistants working in her Coruscant office, who somehow meets Maul. They either just do it once or start an affair (depending on how long you wanted to make it).” and “Is it possible to request some Darth Maul smut? I kinda need that in my life right now. :)”

Warning: NSFW smuttiness! You have been warned! Also, to make the smut a little…easier… I’ve written this Maul with his lower half still intact. Not that the story line is very important in this fic, but just so you know, it’s after Naboo. Let’s say that Obi-Wan didn’t cut him in half, just kinda…stabbed him. That work? Lol I hope so. Anyways, on with the show!

Originally posted by lucasborin

Being one of Padme Amidala’s assistants was a full-time job, taking up most of your hours during the day and even stealing a large portion of your nights, leaving you sleep-deprived in your efforts to get her reports done on time and make the right appointments with the right people. But you did love your job; the senator was one of the few good politicians out there, fighting for the rights of people not only from her home planet, but all around the galaxy as well.

It didn’t change the fact that you wished there was something…else in your life, though. Something new and exciting, something just for yourself. You’d wanted to find someone to share a relationship with for a while, but it just seemed so impossible, what with how demanding your job was. As you dwelled more and more on your lack of a love life, you grew less and less passionate about your duties until, one day, your boss approached you about it.

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unexpected gift | | [ e-2 barry allen ]

a/n: okay, I got inspired by a csi miami episode while trying to figure out ideas when I decided to write this although I can see e-2! Barr being so clumsy but is trying to show off to reader. I apologize if you have never have gone horseback riding as it is something that I know of and love. I think I made it pretty basic for those whom never ridden, if not please message me and I will try to do my best to explain also the horses are named after some horses I have known. I’m sorry for it not being really romantic because I had no idea what you wanted. For those curious about my tattoo, it went surprisingly well, it felt a bit tingly while the tattoo artist ( michelle ) who did it. But I sat through the whole thing and it took a hour and less than a half hour so thumbs up for me. Ships are closed for the time being and requests are open unless state otherwise by me!

nonnie requested: Romantic imagine with Earth 2 Barry? please

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                   Relationship(s): Earth-2! Barry Allen/Reader (married)

You were confused on the attire Bartholomew told you to wear for your one year wedding anniversary, you knew he’d try to be romantic but this was kind of opposite of what you thought he was doing. You walked downstairs as your E/C eyes met the green ones behind glasses of your husband while you made a confused look on your face at him, “Say Barr? This isn’t what I really thought of wearing when it was our one year anniversary.” You say as you gesture to your shirt, pants, and almost knee length heeled boots while he rocks his heels back and forth.

“Well, I-I was hoping to make it a surprise but it seems a little more obvious right?” The brown-haired male says in hoping you get it but notices that you still are looking at him blankly as he fixes his solid red tie, “Oh, you still don’t get it?” He licks his lips before biting his bottom one nervously, “I’m going to taking riding- well more specifically horseback riding because you told me how much you have missed it and I thought well it would be a good lil something plus I have never gone so,” He pushes up his glasses as you stared at him in disbelief for a moment before you hugged him tightly.

Horseback riding was your utmost favorite thing as a young child when your grandparents still owned a farm and spending summers there, they owned a few riding horses as your grandfather was the first to let you ride. Even though your mother and father protested about it while the old man just laughed and said you were fine on Cookie, the appaloosa mare that you’d ride until she retired from riding. Sure you had fallen a few times here and there with some bruises from that but you would always get back up to ride until your grandparents had passed on when you were in your first year in college and your parents sold the farm. You were of course upset when it happened but you moved onto becoming a lab analyst for police since you that was another thing you were passionate about. That was how you and Barr met was when you transferred over to the CCPD almost five years ago, and dated for three of those years before he popped the question. Back to you as you released the other from your hold as you gave him a quick peck, “Oh, thank you, thank you Barr! That’s so thoughtful of you, I can’t believe you remembered something from what I did as a child.”


You couldn’t believe it as you smiled while on Hart’s, the horse’s back while you began walking on her while the brown-haired male was trying his hardest to get on. You weren’t as clumsy as Barr was, the poor guy was an almost walking disaster sometimes although he always tries to play it cool. You looked back at him as he weakly smiles while he pushes up his glasses up before you cough, “Um Barry? You’re holding the reins with the wrong hands,” You point as his right was on the left and vice versa and tried not to giggle as he hurries to fix it.

“S-sorry, this is all new to me Y/N. Maybe you can teach me some pointers about riding uh, a horse.” He gulps nervously as his horse neighed, “W-what does that mean? D-did I-I do something?” His eyebrows crease in worry as you made Hart walk over so you could rub his shoulder to calm him down.

You told him that it was normal as you went over very simple basics of riding a horse to him such as moving the reins to which direction he’d want to go or stop while you smiled at the nervous male. “Relax Barr, you can do it. Show the horse who is boss and that is you, don’t be afraid.” You try to reassure him as you began riding around so if the male needed help, he can just call you over.

This was a little harder than the forensic scientist thought while he tried to repeat all the things you told him but he couldn’t help but watch you while you cantered around and did jumps like no problem. He was in complete awe as you looked so happy and that was all he wanted for you on your one year anniversary as a married couple. Sometime later as Bartholomew tries to get your attention, “Hey Y/N! I think I got it!” while you look over before your face turned into fear as he fell off.

“Barry!” You got off your saddle and ran towards him as he gets up while you picked up the frames that fell off his face, “Oh my god, are you alright?” You ask as you pull him up, helping brushing him off as his green eyes look at you.

He nods with a hesitant grin, “Y-Yeah. I mean, that was so bad minus the whole falling off part. I-I think I did pretty good don’t you think?” Barry’s eyes flick down to his glasses, “Oh and thank you for saving my glasses.”

You let him take them from you as he slips them on again, “Hey Barr? You wanna go home and watch some science fiction movies, maybe order take out because I think I have had enough adventure for one day out here,” You say with a smile on your face as he looks bobs his head back and forth.

“If that is what my significant other wants for this occasion, then yes let’s do that since least I won’t be falling off things. Can we watch Commander Carl?” Barry asks you as you nod before you both went to get your horses so you could head home. You didn’t need no fancy dinner or show to celebrate your anniversary together, you just need each other.

Spider & Ice (Peter Parker Oneshot)

Peter Parker x Fem!Oc with ice powers

Summary: “He had just unknowingly given away his secret identity to a stranger, he may have a slight concussion, and he was half naked in front of this girl he had met twenty minutes ago, and… he wasn’t the only one.”

Note: ha ha im punny. This is my first writing on tumblr ahhhh! Also first edit lol. This is just a quick idea I had, tell me what you think! Please request some imagines as well! Enjoy!
     Chemistry had always been Peter’s best subject, so he scarcely paid attention. Today was no different as you absentmindedly stared out the window, until the teacher called on the shy girl who you were sat by. Then Peter’s full attention was directed to the small girl who seemed to grow smaller and smaller with every passing second.

    She widened her eyes, a flush making it’s way onto her pale cheeks as she stuttered, not knowing the answer. Peter felt bad for her as a couple students behind them started to giggle at her lack of knowing, so he leaned over and softly whispered the answer just loud enough for her to hear. She heard him and answered quickly, earning praise from the teacher and the silence of the students behind her. She looked over at Peter with piercing blue eyes and mouthed a sincere “Thank you”. He smiled back at her, but soon felt uneasy and anxious. The hairs on his arm stood on end and a chill ran down his spine. Trouble was near; he could feel it.


    The bell rang and the girl beside him leapt out of her chair and practically ran out of the classroom. Peter shook his head, wondering why anyone would get so excited about lunch. Peter quickly threw his belongs into his tan backpack and slung it over his shoulder, making his way out of the classroom and into the hallway, walking away from the stream of students heading towards the cafeteria and towards the nearest vacant room. He found an unlocked door and quickly dove inside the dark room, grabbing his suit, slinging his backpack onto the floor and his shirt along with it. He tried to kick off his shoes, but ended up tripping over what seemed to be a mop bucket.

    “Nice, Peter,” he mumbled to himself. “You just had to pick a janitor’s closet.” He turned to the wall, fumbling for a light switch along the wall. “Finally,” he grumbled when he found it and flipped the switch, a light flooding the small room. He turned back around to change and instead found himself face to face with piercing blue eyes.

    “You’re Spider-man?” she shrieked, eyeing the red and blue uniform in his hand. Peter jumped back, startled, letting out an embarrassing squeak, while hitting his head on the door behind him.

    “Oh, my gosh! Are you okay?” the girl questioned, sounding concerned.

     “I’m fine, my pride on the other hand…” Peter chuckled, rubbing the back of his head, then suddenly took in the situation. He had just unknowingly given away his secret identity to a stranger, he may have a slight concussion, and he was half naked in front of this girl he had met twenty minutes ago, and… he wasn’t the only one. He glanced down at her exposed frame, suddenly very aware that they were were partially undressed. His eyes widened as he took in the scene in front of him: her legs were halfway shoved into an icy blue spandex one-piece, her clothes on the floor next to his own. He quickly averted his eyes to the ceiling, stuttering incoherently.

    “Okay, but…” She shook her head as if trying to wake herself up from a trance. “You’re Spider-man? I was really expecting someone older.” Peter scoffed.

    “And you’re that girl with the ice powers! So, you’re the other super-being who’s been stealing all of my criminals,” he tried to joke to ease the tension, but it didn’t really help the fact that they were both half naked in a 4x4 room surrounded by cleaning supplies.

    “That’s me,” she said proudly, pulling her suit up all the way.

    “Now, what do you go by again?” Peter asked, changing into his own suit. “Glacier Girl? The Winter Soldier?” Peter chuckled, finding himself funnier than the girl across from him did. She rolled her eyes.

    “Channel 5 has coined me the Snow Queen, though I do love your wonderful suggestions,” she said sarcastically. Peter smiled at her.

    “Well, your highness, I take it we both had the feeling that there’s trouble nearby, and it would be great if you would accompany me.”

    “Well, Spidey,” she said, placing her mask over her eyes. “It would be my honor.” Peter gave her once last smile, then pulled his own mask on, holding out his hand to her.  She looked at it for a moment, then intertwined their fingers.

    “Let’s do this.”

wennbergbabe  asked:

I've only seen half of Wonder Woman but I liked it so far! Im so glad you're taking requests for it now! :). Okay I have two prompt ideas for you (if it's okay). One is a crossover with Diana and Natasha romanoff "who do you choose" where they both like y/n and it's time for you to choose and I'll let you decide who.. my other one is Steven Trevor "I will stand by you no matter what".

I’ll do the first one here and the Steve one in another post. Next time please send the requests separately if it’s not too much to ask, it makes it easier for me :P I love crossovers, and I seriously love these two ladies, because they’re so beautiful and soft but also so badass and hardcore, they’re goals! Thanks for requesting some more stuff, honey! <3 

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After the fight I felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins, it made my feel invincible. Like I could face anything, like I could take on anyone.

“Y/N” Nat called me, making me turn around to meet with her. 

When I saw her expression, however, I felt vulnerable again. That was not something I could face, even if the adrenaline still lingered on my system. But how could I face Diana and Nat? 

“The fight is over” The first one said gravely, staring at me. 

Her dark eyes and Nat’s fair ones were piercing me, expecting some words from me. But since I gave them none, the redhead spoke up. 

“You can’t keep this up any longer” Natasha sternly told me. 

“You can’t expect me to…” I sighed, overwhelmed. “I love you both!”

“Who do you choose” She insisted, demanding an answer. 

I looked at them both. They were equally beautiful, equally strong and I loved them so much. The only thing that made me want to choose between them was knowing that I was hurting them. 

They both loved me back, but things weren’t working out so far. I needed to make up my mind so they would stop suffering because of me. 

I closed my eyes and searched in my heart, hoping I had a sudden revelation. And to my surprise, I did. 

Perhaps it was the effect of the adrenaline, that made me feel awake and alert. But I was suddenly sure of who I wanted by my side, even if it was painful to abandon the other like that. 

“Diana” I said out loud, nibbling on my lip as I opened my eyes. 

When they locked with hers I knew I had made the right choice. I loved her more, judging by the butterflies in my stomach, by the way glancing at her took my breath away. 

Then came Diana’s tender and beautiful smile, even if she looked at Natasha and sent her an apologetic look.

“Sorry, Nat” I gulped, hating to hurt her feelings. Even if I knew how strong she was. “I still love you a lot, but…” 

“It’s okay” She nodded, walking closer to me. “I understand, and you finally made up your mind” 

Her lips grazed my cheek ever so lightly and she sent me a small smile. 

Shutting Down!

Hello everybody!

As you have all probably noticed, I haven’t exactly been posting any content as of late, and I have many reasons for this. The main one being, I just no longer have the motivation to keep writing.

To everyone that has followed me here, whether you were one of my first followers, or one of my last, I just want to say thankyou! I am so grateful to each and every one of you who have left a like, a reblog or even lovely comments, you have no idea how much it’s done for my confidence in writing.

I also want to apologise to anyone that has sent me a story request, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get to very many of them, and I hope you find another writer who can!

And finally I want to say a huge thankyou to my wonderful beta readers for putting up with my rough drafts and half done ideas, I really appreciate every piece of grammatical advice and help to patch the holes in my storylines!-

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‘imaginesoftheheart’ will remain as an archive for the rest of this year, and will be deleted on the 1st of January 2018. If any of you wanted to keep in touch, I will still be on Tumblr at @barnes-and-noble-girl- so go follow me here!

Thankyou for everything, Hannah x

“I choose Vodka”

This is part of a weekly prompt-filling event I do with the wonderful and lovely @tonystarktogo . This is a mix of my own ideas and @tonystarktogo’s related ask-series. I have a feeling that about half of the asks were mine, because I enjoyed the game so much, and the other half were pretty awesome, too, so I decided (with their permission) to write a little more about it. 

“I choose Vodka.”

“Of course you do,” Tony smirks and hands Natasha the bottle. It’s a challenge, because she was the first to choose, and now they’re prompted to find similarly strong drinks, simply for reasons of fairness. Thor, who had at first been confused by the request to ‘choose his poison’, settles for some of the strong Asgardian stuff he has stored away. After a brief, unanimous vote, Steve is condemned to partake in Thor’s special mead, simply because nothing else would be strong enough to affect him, and everyone really wants to get him drunk. Tony and Clint choose to share an assortment of flavoured vodka - starting with strawberry, because it’s the sweetest, and Clint needs to ‘numb his tongue a bit’, he says. Bruce chooses absinthe - a brave choice, alcohol wise, but the safest, he explains.

“It’s the only type of alcohol that really makes me calmer.” They all mimick his shrug. Nobody really expects Bruce to have to drink a lot, anyway. And a code green with a bunch of drunk Avengers around seems like a very bad idea. Not that any of this isn’t the setup for a really bad idea anyway.

“Alright, who’ll start?” Tony asks, once they’ve all got their glasses and bottles stashed next to them. There are a few snacks on the table, and water in case anyone needs any. Natasha and him exchange challenging glances, but in the end it is Bruce who starts. It takes a few rounds to get everyone - Thor in particular - to grasp the rules, and even though they are simple enough there are still occasional discussions whether “this or that” counts enough to have to drink. Of course, things always count.

“Never have I ever been caught having sex.” It’s a question everyone had expected to come up, although they probably would have pictured Tony to ask it. In fact, it is Steve who asks - and, to everyone’s surprise, they all drink, including Steve himself.

“It is not a rare occurrence where I come from, but I had expected it to be less common on Midgard,” Thor states.

“Gotta have fun somehow,” Clint chuckles. As it turns out, Clint has a lot of fun, in a lot of different ways, and he’s very willing to share all of them with the class. He is what Tony dubs The Shameless One™ in his head. If there’s any way to turn an innocent question sexual, Clint knows how to do it. Maybe that is his secret super power. And the archer doesn’t even wait for any of them to be properly drunk before starting with the freaky stuff. Not that Tony really minds, he can deal with freaky. It’s the personal stuff he likes to avoid, and while everyone’s focused on freaky, he has a good opportunity to do just that. Steve also has some effective ways of avoiding talking about his mysterious sex life (apparently, it exists after all, and Tony owes some people money). Creating diversions, starting discussions or simply focusing on the juicy details of other people’s stories usually distract everyone enough to leave Steve alone.

While Tony tries to keep it light-hearted - another effort to avoid personal questions and experiences - Natasha is his exact opposite. Her questions are personal on purpose, they’re based on things she knows about people and only fall short of ‘mean’ because she knows not to take things too far. At least while she’s still sober. As the game moves on, her strategy changes from exposure to curiosity. She starts asking things she doesn’t know.

“Never have I ever been scared to ask someone out.”

Her eyes are fixed on Tony and he knows it without looking up. He drinks, as do all the other guys. Everyone except Natasha herself, which is not much of a surprise except perhaps in Tony’s case. Because Tony doesn’t even need to ask, does he? It’s hard for the others to imagine there’s any woman - besides Natasha - he hasn’t been in bed with yet. But Tony knows this isn’t about meaningless flings and his public playboy persona. Natasha doesn’t pry, but he catches the corner of her mouth twitching into a satisfied smirk. She’s on to something, and he doesn’t really like the thought of that. Luckily, the next few questions allow him to drink some more, and the strawberry vodka is gone more quickly than he had anticipated.

“My turn,” Steve sits up straight and looks at them for a moment. He actually seems a little tipsy, which is promising and motivating all of them to keep the game going. “Never have I ever faked an orgasm.”

Both Natasha and Tony immediately down their shots, no hesitation, no questions asked. Nobody is surprised, really. Neither are they when Steve himself doesn’t drink. After all, they’ve just gotten over the shock that he has sex at all. But then a feral grin spreads across Natasha’s face.

So, this fill did get a little longer than expected. So, if you like, you can find the rest of it here on AO3 (link), because the read more function doesn’t work properly on mobiles.


❝ sometimes people who are thousands of miles away
can make you feel better than people right beside you ❞


just a little idea I got the urge to draw last night, somewhat illustrates my daily feelings~ ♡ 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm the anon who sent you the angst fic request. Thank you for your kind answer and I totally understand, it's a huge a fanfic to write. I love reading but I'm not good at writing, I have no talent for that especially in English because it's not my native idiom. I hope for someone who reads your blog takes an interest on the idea :) So for the fic request how about a what if Chichi discovers she's a half sayan from her mother's side, how would Son family react to that.

Author Notes: 9 months ago this came to my inbox; so sorry for the super long wait, anon, if you’re still around. I took a little time before writing this, debating about what time period to place this and finally decided on Cell Games before the, uh, actual Cell Games. There isn’t much to it and I apologize. I’m not good at this kind of scenario, I don’t think. It’s more of a conversation between Goku and Chi-Chi than anything. Ah, well. I tried.

(Funny note: I was kinda tempted to title this “I’m a What?!” but I refrained. Lol…)

Pairing/Characters: Goku x Chi-Chi

Time Period: Peaceful Days before Cell Games

Words: 1,162

Rated: K+ / PG

Title: A Hidden Truth

At first, she had been surprised by the news. Her father had come to her the other day, having gone through piles of forgotten boxes in his castle. Boxes filled with things from her mother. One of which was a letter addressed to her. A letter that revealed a very…interesting…secret.

So her mother was a Saiyan.

That was a strange thought. What were the odds? Why? How?

Chi-Chi sighed and shook her head. It didn’t matter. She’d been staring at the letter for hours as Goku lazed around the house and Gohan went on an errand for her. She really didn’t know how to process the information. Or what to do with it.

Though she supposed she should tell her husband at least. And Gohan would deserve to know, too. Gohan had more Saiyan blood in him than they’d thought, apparently. Goku would be surprised, she was sure. Huh. What would Goku do?

Well, she could find out easily enough. Chi-Chi smirked as she stepped out of the bedroom, tying her hair up into a bun on her head, letting her bangs hang loosely for now. To be honest, the information didn’t really mean much to her in the end. She wasn’t going to change a thing about herself. Her past didn’t change who she was or what she liked to do with her spare time. Fighting was a thing of the past to her, even if it was more in her blood than she’d ever considered.

But what would Goku think?

Humming to herself, Chi-Chi walked into the living room where Krillin and Goku were hanging out on the floor. Goku looked exhausted. Or bored. Maybe she’d been pushing too hard in the bedroom lately, not leaving him much time to sleep. Or he was just yawning because he had nothing to entertain himself, though he was usually pretty good at finding ways to entertain himself. Granted, he hadn’t been training much since him and Gohan had returned from their training, since they came back to her as those Super Saiyan things with the golden hair and teal colored eyes. She sighed and crossed her arms. Well. Maybe she could tease Goku a bit with this new information. Just to see his reaction.

“Goku,” she said as she hung by the doorway, gaining his immediate attention. “Can I talk to you alone for a moment?”

Her husband blinked, glanced to Krillin, and then climbed to his feet. “Sure?”

Chi-Chi slid her way into the kitchen, leaning against the wall next to the doorway. It wasn’t that she was trying to hide any information from Krillin or anything. She just wanted to see Goku’s reaction without getting Krillin’s on top of it.

When Goku walked in, he tilted his head, eyes watching her carefully, as if he could read the look in her eyes already and was wary. “What is it, Chi-Chi?”

“I just received a letter from my father.”

“Uh huh?” When she didn’t go on, he reached up to scratch the back of his head. “And?”

“It came from my mother.”

She paused again and Goku practically whined, stepping around to get closer and lean one hand on the wall next to her. “Okay, Chi-Chi, what’s this about? Why -”

“Apparently my mother was a Saiyan.”

There it was. The instant shock. His words stopped almost instantly and his mouth hung open for a bit. She could see his mind working as his eyes looked her over. He even glanced down as if searching for a tail. Chi-Chi had to hold back a giggle. Why would she suddenly have a tail now? That didn’t make any sense. But her husband could be silly sometimes, and she supposed it was a decent knee-jerk reaction.

“A what? Really?”

Chi-Chi nodded, then giggled ‘cause he was having more trouble processing the information than she was. “Yeah, apparently I’m a half-Saiyan. Which makes Gohan more than just a half.”

“Huh…” Goku said, pulling back and crossing his arms. “So does this mean you’re gonna want to fight Cell now?”

The look in his eyes, the slight frown on his face, clearly showed her that he wouldn’t be happy with such a decision. But he never had been one to hold her back from what she wanted. He didn’t even try to hold her back. In fact, she practically ran the house and he let her do whatever she deemed important. Though that strange mix of fear in his eyes meant he might actually try to argue with her if she said she did want to join him on the battlefield.

Chi-Chi simply rolled her eyes. “Oh please. I’m not going to change and suddenly get stronger or crave fighting as much as you just because of the new information.”

“Oh,” Goku breathed. “Okay.”

She raised an eyebrow at his obvious relief. “You like that, huh?”

Goku shrugged. “Well, Saiyan or not, I don’t know if I’d be comfortable with you on the battle. It’s hard enough having Gohan sometimes, but I trained him enough now to not be as worried. But you…”

“I know, I know,” she said, waving a hand in the air. “I’m still pretty weak compared to you guys.”

To her surprise, Goku frowned at her words. He mumbled something under his breath that she couldn’t hear. Before she could pressure him into explaining, he had his hands on her shoulders. And his lips to hers. A quick little peck as he whispered.

“You’re strong enough, Chi. You don’t have to call yourself weak.”

Her heart melted a little at the words, recognizing that he was trying to reassure her and not allow her to even slightly insult herself, regardless of how true her statement was. “That’s sweet of you, Goku, but, really, I’m no match for any monster you fight. And I don’t really want to be. I’d rather you two not fight at all, but I know holding you back isn’t going to work. I’d at least feel better if I knew Gohan wasn’t fighting.”

Before he could interrupt, she went on, “But, well, it doesn’t matter. Interesting information, huh? Knowing I’m a little closer to you than we previously thought?”

“You’re always close to me,” Goku mumbled, but then he laughed. “I guess it explains a lot, though.”

When he didn’t explain further, Chi-Chi narrowed her eyes. He actually smiled at her and pulled back, stretching his arms. So much for a crazy period of shock. He accepted it almost easier than she did. Because, well, she’d already told him once that it didn’t matter what his roots were – he was Goku regardless of his heritage. And she was the same.

Still… “Explains what?”

Goku smirked and leaned in to whisper in her ear. What he said made her blush and smack him lightly on his arm. Bringing their bedtime antics into this was the last thing she had expected.

Though, she guessed, he did have a point.

Hair Color (soulmate!Michael)

Requested: yess this genious anon did!

Words: 1103

A/N: okay, I don’t know if this worked or not, I could use feedback if you have any. Also I’m so sorry to the lovely anon who requested it! It did end up in something else, so just request again, if you want a different imagine, cuz it’s honestly a brilliant idea!! Well done Anonstein (get it? Einstein and anon mixed together?)
But if you liked this then cool. Also I might do a small series with the storyline, what do you guys think? Did you like it? :) (long a/n, sorry ;) )

PART 2! - PART 3! - PART 4! - PART 5! - PART 6!


Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.

You were getting really tired of your soulmate. You just wanted to get past college without anyone drawing too much attention to you. But when your soulmate being a hipster, apparently, he would always change his hair color. When he changed it for the hundred time, you got tired of his shit.

“Your hair color changed though the night, huh? “ Your roommate Sally pointed out as she sat up in the bed. You sat on your own bed, hunched over your computer. You sighed and gathered your hair to look at it. It was now mint green, different from yesterday’s blonde color.

“I’m getting really tired of him, Sally. “ You mumbled looking over at Sally. She had been your friend since the first time your soulmate changed dyed his hair. She walked over to you in class, asked you about it and laughed her ass off. Ever since she had followed your soulmate changing hair color.

“I have an idea. “ She got up from bed and walked over to the table with all of her makeup. You weren’t good with makeup. You, of course, knew the basics, but whenever it was something fancy, Sally would help you. “I’ll help you get back at your soulmate. By dyeing your hair. I’ll pay!“

You watched her with surprised eyes. You actually never thought of that. At first, you were quiet. You had to think it though. Would your soulmate change it back to green immediately? But then again, there wasn’t really any harm in trying.

“Okay! I’m in. “ You got out of bed and sat down beside Sally, looking at her while she was doing her famous smoky-eye. “Dye my hair. “ Sally laughed at you, throwing her red locks behind her back.

“I will. If you go on that double-date with me. “ You lifted your eyebrows. Sally was somehow weirdly obsessed with boys – even though they weren’t her soulmate. You didn’t get it. Why waste time on that when there clearly wasn’t a future. “To have fun!” she always answered, wiggling her brows.

“Saaaallllllyyy! “ You whined, shaking her arm, making her mess up her eyeshadow. She took the brush away from her eyelid, closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“First of all, you just ruined my look for the day. “ She said with wide, angry eyes. “Second of all, why won’t you go to the concert with me? Tomorrow night, please? “

“I don’t even like the band! Or the guy!” You stood up, whining about Sally’s solution and throwing your hands everywhere. Sally just sighed, trying to save the smoky-eye.

“I’m not saying you’re gonna have to kiss him, Y/N! “ She put down the eyeshadow and turned her head towards you. “Just go on the double-date, listen to the band and go home. It’s a concert, you can’t even hear him talking to you. “ She smiled because she knew that she had you convinced.

“Fine. “ You murmured, sitting back into the chair beside her. “Now do my makeup. “

Later that day, you both went to the hairdresser. You were both very happy about the choice of the color – pink. If anything, you would love to have pink hair. As you sat in the chair with Sally on the sideline, you thought about your soulmate. You didn’t know anything about him. You didn’t even know if it was a him. You and Sally had just concluded that, since you were most attracted to guys.

“How do you think he’s like? “ You asked, out of nowhere, while the hairdresser was bleaching your hair. Sally looked up from the magazine she was reading with a confused look, not knowing what you were talking about. “My soulmate. “ She breathed and tapped her black-painted nails against her cheek.

“Outgoing, maybe. Either really happy or really dark and gothic. “ You could see what would make her think that. It sounded fine – as long as he wasn’t a psycho. The hairdresser automatically joined your conversation.

“So it’s the soulmate’s fault, this mint-green hair? “ She laughed with her glove-covered hands massaging the bleach into your hair.

“Yeah. It sucks. “ You said looking yourself in the mirror. You didn’t look all bad with Sally’s makeup on.

“Sounds like me and my husband. “ She said with a small chuckle. “Believe it or not, this hair isn’t natural. “ She pointed to her blue hair. You all laughed a bit at the comment.

“Your husband’s okay with the blue hair? “ Sally asked her looking up from the magazine.

“Yeah. He had to. It was this or rainbow hair, I told him. He’d rather have blue. “ You all three laughed, but not in a “this-is-hilarious” kind of way. More of a “this-is-just-a-laugh-to-be-polite” kind of way. Sally returned to her magazine as the hairdresser finished up.

“There. We’ll let it sit for a while. Don’t move too much. “ The blue-haired hairdresser took of her gloves and threw them in the bin standing by the chair. “Call if you want anything. “ You nodded. After a long time, what felt like 18 hours, she came back. Sally had started on the third magazine, after reading every single word on each page. When the hairdresser came back, you were dying to ask a question.

“How did you know your husband was your soulmate? “ You asked eagerly, loud and fast. Sally looked up to hear the answer to that question.

“I just… I don’t know. I just knew. “ Was her answer. It was kinda disappointing. You were expecting a whole essay to find your soulmate.

As you were lying in bed, trying to concentrate on the schoolbook you were reading, your thoughts wandered. Somehow, the fact that you picked your own hair color made you more confident and you liked the baby-pink hair. Sally sat across the room on her own bed.

“Remember what you promised me, babe. “ Sally said, referring to the concert, that you would love to miss. You just mumbled “yes” and continued reading.
“Do you think he’s gonna change the color?” She asked, looking up from the same book you were reading. You turned around so you could see her. You really didn’t want the color to change now. You loved your unicorn-hair, so saying goodbye was actually making you kinda sad.

“God, I hope not. “  



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A character head cannon for Mirai Trunks?

I’m assuming this is for the character requests, I’m so sorry if it’s not.

But could we all acknowledge Princess Trunks for a second?? I’m so happy TFS included that in the abridged Broly movie!

- First Impression:

Originally posted by dragonballzforlife

WHO DIS. I demanded my cousin to tell me who he was because I loved him from the moment he sliced Frieza in half. Literally this was my reaction at that moment:

- Impression Now:

Originally posted by universosaiyan

D a d d y. I have no other words.

- Favorite Moment:

There’s so many??? I love him???

Originally posted by vgeta

- Idea for a story:

Trunks is helping to rebuild the city after the Androids and he makes a little friend. A little girl, most likely an OC, she’s hurt and he helps care for her, she basically becomes like his little sister.

- Unpopular Opinion:

None for Princess Trunks.

- Favorite Relationship:

I’m not crying you’re crying

Originally posted by txz

- Favorite Headcanon:

Trunks always kept up with his training, afraid of another villain arriving. (Which another villain apparently did arrive from what I saw on super). And he loved helping everyone he saw because he’s a sweet little cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs.


Originally posted by claracivry

Kurt Wagner x Reader


Prompt(s): “Could you do a Kurt Wagner x human reader? he’s really overprotective of her around the other mutants.” “Hi yes, hello dear can I please request some sleepy cuddles with Kurt because I have a MIGHTY NEED.” and “I have this cute little idea of Kurt just hissing at anyone who gets close to him and whoever he’s cuddling with. Think you can pull off that fluff?”

Note: AWWWWWWW OKAY I LIKE THIS. Reader is a human member of the team (kinda like Moira). Has mutant family (maybe) but is not actually a mutant herself.

It was late at night when half of the team got back from a mission. You were in that half. You trudged through the front door, still dressed in your leather uniform. Kurt, one of your closest friends and long-time crush, was spread out on the couch, reading a book.

“How did it go?” he asked, looking up and smiling.

“I need a nap,” you replied, yawning. He chuckled a little, his tail moving side to side. You walked closer and laid down on top of him, resting your head on his chest. Kurt froze, staring at you with wide eyes. You could hear his heart racing in his chest.

“V-vhat are you-”

“Hush,” you pressed your finger to his lips, quieting him. He nodded silently, still freaking out. You closed your eyes and snuggled into him. You felt his arms tentatively wrap around you. He gulped nervously, not wanting to overstep his boundaries. He used his tail to set his book on the table.

Kurt looked down at you, his expression soft. He brushed the hair out of your face and pressed a slow, long, gentle kiss to your forehead. He couldn’t believe that a beautiful, amazing, human girl had wound up in his arms, but he surely wasn’t going to take it for granted.

Your breathing slowed as you drifted off to sleep. Kurt just laid there, taking it all in.

“Hey buddy,” Peter sped into the room. He tilted his head, looking at you curiously. “What’cha got there?”

“Shhhh,” Kurt shushed him. “She’s sleeping,”

“Awww. Gettin’ cuddly with Nightcrawler, huh?” he teased. He zipped closer. “She’s kinda cute, all sleepy.”

“Grrrrr…” Kurt growled softly, baring his fangs.

“All right, all right, sheesh.” Peter raised his hands, backing off. He left the room in a blur of silver. Kurt turned his attention back to you, tracing patterns on your back. He sighed, finally getting comfortable with the idea of having you so close to him.

“Gute Nacht,” he whispered. “Ich liebe dich,”

“I love you too, blue…”

lol-ur-not-lauren-j  asked:

Hellloooo! I was wondering any fluffy werewolf aus? Thank you! 😘

  • I always wait for you after the full moon night at the edge of the woods so I can bring you home safely, I know you’re tired and sore
  • every time we get into a fight you scream “I’M THE ALPHA” and that’s so lame that I just start cracking up and I’m not even angry

  • you have the uncanny ability to attract canines so every time we go outside there’s at least five dogs tailing us right now oh my god

  • “I’d appreciate it if you stop making dog puns at me” “aaw, are you having a ruff day?”

  • you’re not very fond of moon watching and star gazing so instead we lie down in field and watch the clouds instead

  • in my defense half the time I’m a dog beast so it wasn’t my fault that I was curious what dog food tasted like please sto p laughing at me

  • we’ve just moved in together and you want to buy a cat?? hello, dog-person in the house do you even know who I am?? (plot twist: they love the cat to bits)

  • I don’t know if your staring at that dog or if you’re having a telepathic conversation but the owner is getting super weirded out
- jo
No need to say goodbye

Request: Once again I loved the OS that you write with my request! And as I still have some ideas lurking in mind, I come again pollute your ask. May I suggest a GabrielxReader? Shortly after Gabe’s death, she discovers she’s pregnant, so she decides to stop hunting and leave the TWF, to try to have a normal life. Obviously, nothing normally happens as she must raise a half human half archangel son who loves to make jokes like his father, but (…)also regularly faced angels to whom the child is an aberration and demons who want to kidnap him (for I don’t know why). And one day, as she tries to protect her son again, she receives the unexpected help from Gabe, who had once again faked his death. Happy end with fluff and candies ! Thanks ♥

Words: 2348

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader, Dean, Sam, Castiel

Warning: nothing I think, correct me if I’m wrong, maybe a little angst

Keep reading

Hair Color Pt. 6 (Soulmate!Michael)

Requested: The idea came from this lovely anon-stein.

Words: 1708

A/N: This kinda turned long, somehow. I was having writer’s block one day, and then the other I just wrote. I dunno… but for those who have been requesting this, here it is!

Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.

PART 1! - PART 2! - PART 3! - PART 4! - PART 5!


Check out this:


Michael closed the door behind him. You stood right in front of him, closer than you’d like to admit.

“You’re not gonna break up with…? “

“Carter. “

“Yes, Carter. You’re not going to break up with Carter because of me? “

You didn’t know if Michael wanted you to break up with your current boyfriend or if he didn’t. Either way, you did not know how to answer the question.

“Do you want me to break up with Carter? “ You said, picking off the red nail polish from yesterday. It had become a habit to ruin your nails whenever you were nervous.

“That’s not… Uhh… I don’t know. “ Michael stumbled upon his words.

“He’s a nice guy. Doesn’t believe in soulmates though. So… “ You said, just to get it out there. Michael’s face brightened by the word “soulmate”. You couldn’t help but smile slightly at his reaction, his eyes focusing on you – not your boobs, not your eyes, but you as a whole.

“So he doesn’t believe in us? “ Michael smirked. You laughed.

“No, I guess he doesn’t. “

“We need to make sure, don’t we? “

“Make sure? “

“That we actually are soulmates. “

You nodded at Michael’s words. “I’m not really fond of this color…” You pointed to your purple hair, making Michael chuckle.

“That’s what I thought after you re-dyed it seventeen times or something. “ He laughed, turning around and opening the door to the boys. For once, they actually had paused the game. They all sat bend around the table, discussing something hushed. Calum had a piece of paper in his hand, making it clear that they finally had started working.

“Y/N and I are going to get another hair color. “ Michael only just stock his head in the room.

“You’re going out again? Jeez, Michael, we’re supposed to be working. “ Ashton exclaimed, not happy about the lack of Michael again.

“Well, you’re doing a pretty good job. “ Michael said, closing the door. You just heard Calum say “Let them” possibly to Ashton.

Michael and you walked outside again, the streets busier than before. Michael stood there rather awkward, not knowing which way to go.

“If we’ll just walk in one way, we’ll get to something? “ He said confident and went to the left with you running behind him.

And you did get to something. A museum, a bike shop, a florist, even a pet shop – that you and Michael went into just to see a cute parrot. However, no hairdresser.

Fans multiple times for pictures stopped Michael and you’d just slide out of the photo, or sometimes just walk further, not waiting for him. When he came running back, it was with good news.

“A fan told me there’s one overhERE. “ Michael pushed you to the right, making you walk in a small, nice alley. And correct, a small 80’s salon was coming up on the left.

“I’m voting brown, by the way. “

“No way. “ Michael chuckled quietly. “Let’s go BLUE! “

“No. I want a natural color. Blond? “ You asked, turning your head towards Michael, who was obviously considering the color.

“No. “ He shook his head as you walked into the salon. “Red. “

You nodded slightly. Red was still… unnatural, but it was better than all the pastel colors, you thought. Definitely something new.

“Can it be a dark red? “ You asked, curious.

“No. “ Michael laughed. “I’m the famous one here, paps are all over the place. “

It hit you all of a sudden. Paparazzis weren’t a thing you had even considered before Michael mentioned it. It was going to be a normal part of your life whether you liked it or not. Michael was talking with the woman behind the desk, but you didn’t listen. It didn’t matter what Michael said to a random hairdresser. Michael was placed in a chair and you followed him by sitting next to him in another beside him. There wasn’t a lot of people in the salon besides you and Michael. A old lady was getting her hair dyed and a man was getting a haircut. The tunes of an old Beatles song was playing in the stereo, making you tap your foot lightly.

“What kind of music do you listen to? “ Michael said, probably noticing the tapping.

“Anything, really. Expect if it’s too cheesy and poppy. “ You said. “Lyric can be about love, but try not to make me vomit. “

Michael laughed, nodded, agreeing with you. You got a long talk about music again. This time it wasn’t the band’s history, but the band’s present story.

“It’s hard sometimes. “ Michael mumbled, while the hairdresser walked away. “The first tour was the worst. We love playing live, but getting on a bus and staying indoors is awful. “

You nodded, even though you already knew this. You had done your reading on 5SOS before meeting Michael, knowing that he had it hard sometimes. So did Ashton.

“We’re getting better to cope with it though. “ Michael smiled a sad smile. It wasn’t the first time he had talked about the subject, but it still hit you in the chest.

“I can imagine. “ You said, not wanting to dig further into the dark subject. The hairdresser came and did the last piece of work.

“Looks good. “ You said, walking out of the salon. And he did look sweltering with the red-blood hair.

“Thanks. “ He mumbled and walked out on the bigger street. “We better get a cab. “ He said after looking rather confused at both sides.

The cab driver somehow recognized Michael talked to him with a deep, friendly voice.

“I have a daughter, y’know? “ He said with a big Irish accent. His hair was almost gone, but the bits of it left were white as snow. “Loves your music. “

“Thanks. “ Michael chuckled, his cheeks almost as red as his hair.

“You’re good musicians, you and your band. “ The driver said, looking in the back mirror. “Who’s the lady? “

You looked rather confused at the Irish man. Nobody had ever asked you who you was. You weren’t famous as Michael.

“Uhm… A friend. “ Michael said, looking at you with a stressed shrug.

“I see. “ The driver said, braking so the car made the noise of a whale. “Well, here you go. Can I get a picture? “

“Of course. “ Michael said, before getting out of the car.

“I’m so going to tell Milly about this! “ The Irish man almost jumped up and down in the driver’s seat. Michael closed the car door and walked up to you, waiting on the steps.

“He was nice. “ You said, opening the door. The smell of boys hit your nose one more time this day but at this point, it was getting comforting.

“Yeah. “ Michael said, hurrying up the stairs before you even could close the door. “It the best meeting fans’ parents. They’re so…”

“Old?” You joked, running behind him and standing outside the door to the boys’ playroom.

“Shut up. You know what I mean.” Michael said, opening the door. The three boys sat exactly as you left them, with heads bend over a small piece of paper.

“Wow, your hair got red again. “ Ashton laughed and looked at you. “You know you’re gonna get just as red hair? “

“I was growing tired of the purple, anyway. “ You said, standing and looking at your phone. Michael sat down and slammed his feet beside the paper laying on the coffee table. Calum looked up from the writing process and stared angrily at Michael.

“What?” Michael shouted at Calum, making him shook his head and go back to the writings.

“What did you do? “ Luke asked suspiciously. You looked up from your phone, looking at the scene that was forming.

“Nothing!” Michael yelled in defense, looking smaller than the three. “I got my hair dyed!”

“Paps?” Luke asked again, quickly glancing at you.

“None. “ Michael said confident with a spark in his eyes. “Met some fans. No paparazzi.”

“You sure?“ Ashton said in a serious tone, shoving his phone into Michael’s face. Michael eyes widen as he mumbled “fuck”.

“How the fuck?” He yelled, sitting straight and taking his feet of the table.

“You should know by now. “ Ashton mumbled. You stood there slightly shook as you looked at Ashton, who just gave you a comforting smile.

“Did they take pictures of me? Us? Together?” You said, pulling the phone out of Michael’s hand. Michael nodded slightly and sighed. He was annoyed, because questions would come up in interviews about you, fans would ask about you and hate would get to you – all that he didn’t wish for you.

“Damnit. “ You whispered looking at the awful pictures of you and Michael, walking beside each other. There was no touching, but the matching hair colors might give it away. “I haven’t told anybody about this! I skipped school! What if I get expelled?”

“You won’t get expelled for missing school! “ Luke said comforting, getting up from his seat.

“I didn’t even tell Sally! “ You yelled, not knowing what to do with your hands. You caught Ashton’s eye and threw his phone back to him, taking him by surprise.

“Did you just throw my phone? “ He whispered, but nobody listened.

“Who’s Sally?” Luke asked, while getting a water bottle from the corner and looking at you confused.

“My best friend! “ You exclaimed. “She flirted with you the night we met. “ You pointed out, Luke looking somewhat sickened by the thought of Sally’s flirting.

“CARTER!” You shouted. You ran out of the room and down the stairs, four pair of feet running behind you. You stopped by the door, seeing that Michael looked down by the mention of Carter. Therefore, you instead took a couple steps towards him, kissed him on the cheek and ran out of the door.

“See ya later!” You yelled, smacking the door behind you before the regrets came flooding. Why did you kiss him on the cheek?

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Simon D x You - Oneshot

„Can I help you?“ You asked the stranger who was wandering around the store like a lost puppy. He was dressed in black from head to toe, except for his snapback, which was red. You liked his street style and you couldn’t deny that he also was quite attractive. However, you didn’t approach him because you had ulterior motives in your mind. You were simply doing your job and that was helping customers to find the things they were looking for. 

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