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authors note: so here we are again. Second one shot, this time it´s about Loki (why are there so less fanfics about him?) + I honestly have no idea, what exactly this is about. I just started writing and this thing happened. Sorry for this messy shit, but it´s like 5 minutes till midnight and I´m more asleep than awake.

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With your favorite book in your hand you walked down the long hallway. It was your time to watch Loki, the prisoner as the others (exept Thor) would call him.

Since you´ve first seen him he captured your interest. This mysterious god who was far too handsome for his own good. And everyone hated him, almost everyone. This time maybe even his own brother. Somehow, you weren´t included to this discription. You didn´t hate the trickster, in fact you actually really liked him. You found him rather understandable, no doubt, to kill innocent people wasn´t something that you would ever tolerate, but somehow you could understand, why he did it.

Holding up your ID-card so that the security guards would recognise you and allow you entrance, you entered the room. Everywhere a camera was placed. Just to make sure, Tony had said.

But that was it. Plenty of cameras, millions you thought to yourself, but no guard exept for the two infront of the door you´ve just passed.

Loki was standing right in the middle of his cell, arms crossed behind his back, starring into nothing.

“Everyday another guard.”, the god mocked. “What have I done to deserve such a thing? Are you all so desperate to see me?”, he joked. “I´m afraid I have to dissappoint you, they are quite a bit annoyed by your behaviour.”, you answered. “And that´s why they now are sending you?” His green-blue eyes were glaring daggers into your head, but you didn´t mind. You were looking for the perfect spot to sit down, read your book and ignore him. “Seems like it..”, you mumbled. Finally, you found a spot that seemed comfortable enough to spend the whole day there.


You haven´t seen him often before. ´Loki´s no-one you want to meet´ one of your fellow team mates had told you. Oh, how wrong they had been. What exactly it was that catched your interest? You didn´t know, but somehow his aura was enchanting. Somehow, you loved being around him, so you agreed to take guard more often. Sure, the others were quite a bit curious why on earth you would spend your spare-time with the god of mischief himself, but they were far more pleased that neither of them had to do it, so they wouldn´t spend a second thought on it.


“What exactly are you reading?”, his voice echoed trough the blank room. “Hm?” You looked up slightly at the man in the cell, not really remembering what he said. Loki rolled his eyes, but asked again: “Your book, I want to know what it is that you are reading.” He came to an halt and looked at you. “The light between oceans.”, you answered. The raven haired man scoffed and lifted an eyebrow. “What in Odin´s name is that about?” “It´s actually a quite beautiful story about a couple. The man, Tom, he´s a lighthouse keeper, living on a small island with his wife Izzy, one day they find a boat with a dead man and a baby and-”, but you couldn´t finish, as you got interrupted by Loki, “Only midgardians could write a whole book about things that doesn´t matter.”, he sneered. “Well for me it does matter. There are so many things happening almost everyday somewhere on this planet and a beautiful, yet painful story as this one here,”, you held up the book so that Loki could see the cover, “this one is a pure gem. My favorite book by far and a outstanding story about love and how it clearly is not an easy subject.” “Love is for those who are weak.” This statement actually made you smile. “I really do think, that even you, the great Loki, god of mischief, is desperate to find his one. You can try tell me otherwise, but as you might already know I´m quite stubborn and I believe in love, that´s why I´ve got to be going now, as I´m having a date. You´re brother´s about to guard you, maybe you wanna have a discussion about love with him. See you later Mr. love-is-for-the-weak.”, you grinned at him mischievously and winked, then placed the book right infront of his cell and said: “I´ll ask Thor to give it to you, maybe you wanna read it, at least if you do want to understand our weakness.”


The next time you were on guard, Loki seemed different. When you entered the room he was actually looking straight into your [E/C] eyes. Was that regret dancing in his?

As you stepped closer to his cell he let his eyes wander up and down your body, making you feel a bit uncomfortable. “I´ve read it.”, his small voice piped. A little shocked, your eyes widened. “You what?”

“I´ve read it.”, he repeated, this time more confident. “That.. It´s.. Thank you.” A small smile appeared on your face. “But why?” “Because I could see the passion in your eyes when you talked about it, it´s quite a long time ago, that I saw such a thing. I wanted to know, why you are so passionate about it. The book is.. It´s alright, I guess.”, he finally admitted. That probably was the highest of compliments you would ever hear leaving his mouth. “I´m glad you read it.”

There was a long time of silence, until Loki spoke up again. “How was your date?”

You couldn´t help but laught, never in your life you would have thought to talk about your love life with someone like Loki. “He was a jerk. Zero interest in anything other than trains. And believe me, not even I can talk as passionatly about something as much as he did.” The both of you laughed, the first time you could actually see him smile a warm smile, other than the ones he showed everyone.

And from this time on, the both of you started to form a friendship, that neither of you would ever have thought of.

TURИ S3E1 Deleted Scene
  • (For those who don't have access. Keep in mind, this is very bare-bones and fails to capture the full effect, but should give you some idea of the scene. There's a lot of back-and-forth, close-up cuts between Ben, Washington, and a medium shot of both of them. I did not detail every time this happens.)
  • -
  • [The shot looks out from inside a tent. It is Night. Ben approaches, walking past one guard to enter the tent.]
  • Ben: Sir.
  • [The shot turns to reveal a long table. Washington sits at the other end, quill in hand and surrounded by paperwork. He glances up, studies Ben for several seconds before taking a breath and laying his quill down.]
  • Washington: I'm reviewing General Orders to be published tomorrow. I seem to recall requesting you write the report on the execution of Col. Bradford and Sgt. Hickey.
  • [Ben seems taken aback]
  • Ben: Yes sir (he approaches) you should have it, sir. (touches a piece of paper) It's, uh, it's right here in front of you.
  • Washington: (casually) You were to detail their final words. Their confession to counterfeiting. Instead, you make them sound like villains, and unrepentant ones.
  • Ben: Which is the truth.
  • Washington: (smiling) Yet it doesn't ring true. Men seldom revel in their evil in the gallows.
  • Ben: Well, I don't see them as men.
  • Washington: You don't?
  • Ben: No, sir.
  • Washington: (looking at his paper instead of Ben, speaks softly) What do you see them as?
  • Ben: ...scum. traitors. Tories.
  • Washington: (keeps writing) My mother could be considered a Tory...
  • Ben: (visibly distressed) Sir, you know that I mean-
  • Washington: -that's not the point. (looks at Ben) The point is discretion. As you yourself have stressed.
  • Ben: But don't you see? In the interest of discretion, we're protecting the reputation of /snakes/.
  • Washington: (smiles broadly, as if amused) And what do you think the Tories would call your friend, Woodhull, if they catch him?
  • Ben: (pauses, shifts) The same thing that they called my friend, Nathan Hale. An enemy spy.
  • Washington: Hm. The low sort. Not even a man. (evenly) Your thoughts were with Hale when you saw those men hanged.
  • Ben: (looks away) Yes sir.
  • Washington: When you see /any/ man hanged.
  • Ben: (looks down) Yes, sir.
  • Washington: And how many executions have you witnessed?
  • Ben: (looks to Washington) Fourteen, sir.
  • Washington: But Hale is not like Hickey. For his cause was just.
  • (Ben Nods)
  • Washington: (pauses, seems to consider) Do you remember his final words?
  • Ben: Of course. They were inspired by Cato, which we performed together at Yale.
  • (Ben looks away, seems to struggle for a moment)
  • Ben: "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country,"
  • Washington: (smiles, nods) Hm, very good. (with a small laugh) Except, he never said it. (lowers voice) /We/ did.
  • [Ben frowns, confused. Washington reaches over and pushes out a chair for him. Ben hesitates before sitting.]
  • Washington: When I received the news from Captain Montressor, Gen. Howe's Aide de Camp, it described Hale behaving with great composure and resolution. (Ben nods) Before hanging, he said he thought it the duty of every good officer to obey any order given him by his Commander in Chief.
  • (Ben appears greatly troubled by this)
  • Washington: He wished to be seen as a soldier, not a spy. He wasn't selflessly thinking of his country, but rather his own reputation. How his death would be received by his family, upon learning their son was a spy.
  • (Ben remains silent and still further troubled. He mouths he word 'no' once.)
  • Washington: (softly) Yes. We altered what he said. And thus converted a failed mission into an act of martyrdom. I imagine Captain Hale would approve.
  • (Ben continues to look uncomfortable, shifting and closing his eyes, finally looks up at Washington)
  • Ben: And so you think the Tories will turn these assassins into martyrs as well?
  • Washington: (emphatically) Not if we brand them as forgers first. Though it must be convincing. Our conflict with His Majesty erupted into full war over a single page of words on paper. The great contest we now find ourselves in is over whose word will be the final one.
  • Ben: (somewhat thickly, forced) I understand, sir. But, with respect, I'm afraid I cannot be the one to write it.
  • Washington: (momentarily looks away, looks back) Then I will write it.
  • (Ben immediately and wordlessly stands, returns the chair, and after a minute bow hurries away. Washington watches him leave, expression neutral.)
Each MBTI Type When Kidnapped

ISFJ: Why would you kidnap poor innocent ISFJ? What did they ever do to you? Well since you’ve kidnapped an ISFJ be prepared for a few things… mostly that utter feeling of guilt you now have inside of you, but passing that by be prepared for the ISFJ asking questions, and trying to get you to become a better person and to let them go nicely… if this fails you can either expect their friends now turned vigilante to hunt you down… or the ISFJs survival guide knowledge they can put into use… In either case one road will set you down the right path… the other to death or prison… your choice.

ESFJ: Will likely find the entire situation annoying, or terrifying, so you can expect a lot of screaming, flailing, and kicking from this type if female… if male they will break through with their strength and punch you with the fury of a thousand suns… After they’ve either annoyed you by their constant whining and nagging or screaming to save the hassle it is best to let them go… other wise you may find yourself being kicked repeatedly… in the side… or groin before they leave.

INTJ: You… you have a death wish don’t you? Well for what ever maddening reason, you’ve managed to kidnap the INTJ, who has likely developed or researched effective contingency plans in such situations. They will not escape right away, no they will wait till you are asleep, break free, and the next thing you’ll ever notice… and they will make you notice, is cold sharp steel cutting across your throat oh so slowly, no, you don’t get to live.

ENTJ: What is wrong with you? Kidnapping an ENTJ? Are you insane? Is your mind not in the right place? Well if there isn’t an army breaking down your doors right as we speak, the ENTJ will have you measured, weighed, and will have found you wanting… So upon your death… it’s cute how you think you’ll live, the ENTJ will take control of your organization because… opportunity and turn it into the most powerful underground organization ever.

INTP: May or may not find the situation annoying, may even find it a pleasant vacation from their daily work grind. In either case after they’ve placed together all the pieces, and gathered up all the knowledge they will require… you will have found them to be gone… some how, they escaped, you can blame your own stupidity for this one… also there may be the makings of a bomb that they decided was to much of a hassle and simply decided to slip away.

ENTP: They will question every thing you’re doing and why, and debate you on it’s effectiveness. If they’re not doing that, they will likely be mocking you taking enjoyment out of the chaos of the situation, speaking of chaos they were likely the ones that turned your friends against you as well and caused a ripple effect that has now set off an anarchist type movement within the criminal syndicates… and you thought Kidnapping the ENTP was a good thing didn’t you? And just think they did all this with simply their wit… imagine if they decided to do more than just use their wit.

INFP: Would have normally just kind of gone with it like the INTP, letting the situation take them where it will and see what adventures may come from it… unfortunately for you they’ve seen you treat your lackeys like crap, which they dealt with for a time… until they saw you hit a defenseless person and kick a puppy just to show how “serious” or “evil” you were. Now despite common misconception, INFPs aren’t the crybabies you think they are, and you’ve just awoken their inner darkness, for the time being they will take the utmost pleasure in bringing you down and burning you tied inside of your house alive… Also due to their general way of getting along with anyone and treating others nicely you’re lackeys are now the INFPs bodyguards.

ENFP: You actually managed to catch the ENFP? Or do you simply think you’ve managed to catch the ENFP? The ENFP is likely just to excited by this situation to not want to ahem… “try it out” as such they will stay with you, but not bound like you wish, and due to their hyper activity on all the ideas coming to them, you have some how, in some strange explainable way… found yourself in the Twilight Zone, you don’t know how you got there, all you know is that the ENFP said something and then got you to tag along and the next thing you remember is waking up here with no way back and no understanding on how it all happened… but he/she was so fun though!

INFJ: Has somehow managed to predict that they would be your next target, and as such is adequately prepared… you’ve seen Home Alone right? Well if the INFJ doesn’t feel bad for you… which they likely won’t at this point, that is exactly what’s going to happen to you, to get to them you must first get through their traps, and by the time you get through their traps, they’re already long gone… as if they were going to stick around and wait for you to nab them… also there’s that gas stove that’s on… and that lit candle… how fast do you think you can escape? And thanks to their feeling function, everyone will think the INTJ did it and not them.

ENFJ: Is very upset with you, your life choices, and everything you’re doing, and they aren’t afraid to let you know it. As such will advise you to pursue a better way of life, but first serve your time as penance for the awful crimes you have committed. This is not the life you should be in, and there is a better future out there for you, you’re not a bad person just made bad choices. Luckily for you the ENFJ will help you go the right path in life and make the right choices, that you can’t help but feel and follow all while apologizing profusely to the ENFJ for kidnapping him/her.

ISTP: Congratulations, you’ve just kidnapped the Macgyver of the MBTI types… somehow, I’m not sure how but you did it! You should pat yourself on the back… no really, because that is the only moment of success you’ll ever have. Also remember that partially put together INTP bomb? Well the ISTP decided to finish it… they’ve also broken free, and yes the entire building is going to blow up with you inside it. The ISTP will naturally be watching a fair distance outside with their sunglasses on and a smile on their face.

ESTP: Action! Adventure! Getting kidnapped by a bunch of guys and beating the living crap out you all! All in a days work for the ever active ESTP, who for the sake of said action, adventure, and general fun time, decided to let themselves get captured for just this purpose alone… because you know, they have some friends they would absolutely love to tell this story too as well as take pictures of all the action along the way, you didn’t want to, but the ESTP has forced your hand and now you must go out guns blazing against the ESTP who will let him/herself get shot once… and once only to show live “proof” of the situation the ESTP had been in.

ISTJ: So… uh… just fair warning but… are you sure this is a wise idea? I mean this is the Judge Dredd of the MBTI types after all… anything they do to you from here on… which will yes… result in death. I mean I’m not sure how you did it, but the ISTJ has got the experience and knowledge to back themselves up and get themselves out of this situation, and depending on how irritated or angry they are, you may have just found yourself with a live version of a Judge Dredd type character… well it’s your funeral, the best result you can have now would be to not resist arrest.

ESTJ: Ok so I get why you’d go after the weak ones… or the apparent weak ones, but why must you go after the ones with power? In either case you haven’t paying your henchmen nearly enough money have you? No of course you haven’t otherwise you likely wouldn’t have resorted to kidnapping the ESTJ… well in either case, the ESTJ has now found this out, and your Henchmen is now the ESTJs henchmen, as the ESTJ has and is capable of paying them more than you ever were… and with the ESTJs new found freedom, and henchmen, it’s now time for you to pay the price with a severe beating and jail time.

ISFP: They didn’t want to act you know, they just wanted to do their own thing you know… walk or run across the park, spend some time with the animals and smelling the flowers, drawing pretty pictures or simply following whatever their passion is… but you’ve gone done and screwed that up… as such you’ve just turned the ISFP into a vigilante who thanks to you has questioned themselves, reality, and all the corruption in it… some one has to do something about it, might as well as start with you. The next you wake up you will have found yourself tied and gagged and left in front of a police station full of evidence as the ISFP now goes on their adventure of being a new found vigilante.

ESFP: The only reason you’ve managed to get the ESFP is because they wanted to go along with it, enjoy new sensations, and much like the ESTP enjoy a sense of action and adventure. They are probably thoroughly enjoying this situation, and all the things it presents for them… they however, aren’t too thrilled with remaining a kidnapped person so they will likely break out like the insane contortionist type of person they are, and in their fighting will turn it into some kind of crazy rhythmic dance of a fight which of course they will win. Enjoy trying to break yourself out of that pretzel you’ve now been turned into without any help.

So, based on what this fan is saying, LR and KJA arrived at where South Side High is being shot together. (there are pics of them in the car as well.)

LR took those photos of CS, but KJA got out and met with fans (who unfortunately mobbed both him and CS).

I think LR left pretty quickly, but KJA stayed with the fans for a bit.

I have no idea why either of them was there since they weren’t shooting till later, it seems, but it was nice of KJA to take photos with fans. Really fucked that they were so disrespectful. 

In happier news, look at this fucking amazing shot one of the fans captured.

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okay i really love this scene and idea?

Janet and our reporter/Raoul analogue, Woolrich, have come back to the theater where the murders are taking place in the hopes that Janet could identify anyone unusual who might be the murderer

also this movie is doing a really good job of capturing the mystery of things - somebody has been running around in a costume hanging people or otherwise murdering them and pinning notes to their bodies, real bullets wind up in guns that were loaded with blanks by the property master, our heroes get shot at and see the fleeing back of their attacker but nobody else near them heard the shot or saw the guilty party. Basically this is doing a lot on a very tiny budget to give me a feeling of suspense and mystery even though, like the original novel, it’s not exactly a stretch to guess who the killer is or what’s really going on. The whole “but he was dead!” angle combined with the strangely supernatural elements like no one seeing him enter or leave hearken back to a Leroux-esque feeling that’s been lost in many later adaptations.

this of course assumes it is a Phantom adaptation. it might as well be, honestly, for all it’s doing.

Defending (3) - Loki Laufeyson x Reader

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Words: 1323
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Featuring: Thor Odinson, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton
Warnings: kidnaping, kinda sad.
Requested by @heavenlytheshield
Third part to Loki: you were found unharmed by hydras number 1 thug, with the help of Clint and Natasha , you had been safe. Loki had swooped in and he owed them a huge debt. Once back at home, you explained to Loki that you were pregnant with his child. Afraid to tell him, he ended up crying. Never knowing what love was until now.
Authors Note: ok so I love writing Loki. Also. There might be a Hamilton reference in here. No regrets.

One Two


“How is the search going?” Loki walked into the research room where Natasha and Clint were working.

“We’ve narrowed it down.” Natasha answered.

“What are some ideas?” Loki asked, finding hope again. You had been missing for almost two weeks now, and it had only been a few days of searching.

“Not anywhere in Asgard.” Clint answered. “Most likely Earth- that’s one place they don’t think you’d look, considering the two of you live here, and you’re so important here.” Clint said.

“Do we have any idea who the evil is?” Loki couldn’t stop asking questions. And Natasha and Clint knew that, they could see the love he had for you- which was nice. Seeing Loki so worried about you showed just how much he loves and cares for you, instead of evil. So they didn’t argue all the questions, they just wanted to find you.

“Loki? Brother?” Thor’s voice was heard booming down the hallway.

“Research.” Loki said, just loud enough for Thor to hear.

“There was a letter for you.” Thor walked in the room, surprised that his Midgardian friends were here. “How did I not know of this?”

“We’ve all been working around the clock to find (Y/N), we have to find them.” Natasha looked up from her work for one second. “We’ve barely left this room.”

“I see, but you’re, here?” Thor asked.

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he would come back to his apartment dorm, exhausted from a full day of class and tutorials, only to be greeted by one of his roommates. “oh hey, man! someone came by – the person you introduced us to last week? they waited for you to come back, but that was about two hours ago.”

he nodded, yawning into his fist as he fought off his shoes. “anything said at all when they left?”

“uh,” his roommate blinked and pointed behind himself, down towards the hallway where the bedrooms were located. “they haven’t left yet, actually.”

that set off some alarms in his head. quickly throwing a thanks over his shoulder, he barrelled down to his room and opened the door, your name halting on his lips when he found you passed out asleep on his bed instead. legs all tangled up and poking under the sheets, face nuzzled into his pillow – it was at least an endearing sight to come back home to.

he couldn’t stop the smile that appeared, moving slowly to place his bag down. getting out his phone, he sat down on the ground beside his bed and tapped on snapchat. turning to the front-facing camera, he aimed for a silly shot of his face beside your peaceful looking one. after captioning it “look who i found 😴😴” and sharing it on his story, he lowered his phone a bit to look at you properly.

raising his hand and brushing strands away from your face, he smiled again and shook his head as he got a cute idea that would at least neutralize the silly snap from before. positioning his phone camera again, he made sure to capture the shot of him leaning in and kissing your forehead.

“best thing to come back too tho ❤️”

Pokémon Go

Warnings: Like 1 swear word
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read requests on bottom)
Readers Age: Any
Word Count: 597

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: Since Pokémon Go came out I figured there’s no sense in waiting, so here this is! I know it’s short but hey I still like it. Enjoy!

Ever since this new game came out, you’ve been obsessed with it. It’s called, Pokémon Go! You love Pokémon, you know all of them. Mostly the old one hundred, and fifty, the new ones just confuse you now. But that’s not important because right now, you’re running around the bunker trying to catch more Pokémon.

You walked into the library, phone held up, you scanned the room until you found a Squirtle, “Ah-ha!” You yelled, and proceeded to capture it. Your brothers, who were sitting at the table, jumped at the sudden yell.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Dean asked, clearly annoyed that you’re still on your phone.

“What does it look like?” You snapped as you slowly walked around.

Dean shot Sam a look, “To be honest, I have no idea what I’m looking at. I think my sister is going completely insane.” Dean pursed his lips.

You gave Dean the Winchester classic, bitch-face. “I’m catching Pokémon.” You informed them.

“Pokémon? Why do you need to walk around the bunker to catch Pokémon?” Sam asked.

You sighed, and started explain the game to them, you went through step by step, and showed them what you were suppose to do. “That’s stupid.” Dean concluded, Sam agreed.

“Yeah, to an old person. But to my generation, this is the best thing since the invention of chocolate.” You said, your brothers shook there heads, as you walked out of the room.

This game has also been getting in the way of hunting, “Y/N! Put your phone away and help clean up the bodies!” Dean instructed. You ignored him and continued walking around the forest, searching for Pokémon.

Dean stomped over and snatched your phone, “Hey! I was about to catch a Gastly!” You whined as you reached for your phone.

“I don’t know what that is, but you will get this back when we get done.” Dean said, “Plus, how fun could it be to the point where it’s distracting you on hunts?”

“You’d be surprised my dear brother, you’d be surprised. Maybe you should give it a try.” You suggested as you patted his shoulder and went to help Sam.

“What? No, it’s… It’s for nerds.” Dean said, you rolled your eyes.

Once the hunt as done and you were back at the bunker, you walked back into the library, you walked up the steps, but stopped dead on your tracks. Your brothers were walking around with their phones out, “I think I just got a Pikachu.” Sam said.

“Well, I just caught a Chimchar.” Dean bragged.

“What… Are you guys doing?” You asked, making both your brothers jump and hide their phones.

Dean looked at Sam, they had a silent conversation, “Nothing.” Dean replied.

“Oh, sure, Pikachu, Chimchar, you guys are walking around with your phone’s out. You were playing Pokémon Go!” You yelled, a smug smile on your face.

“What? No, that’s… That’s, crazy…” Dean rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“You so were! The guys that said it was stupid and for nerds, actually like it! Liars!” You said triumphantly.

Your brothers sighed, “Alright, it’s pretty fun. Although I will say it still makes you look like an idiot.” Sam admitted.

You threw your arms up in victory, “My brothers are as big of nerds as I am!” You said.

“Oh, shut up.” Dean demanded as he started walking around with his phone out again.

“Anyway… Guys wanna trade Pokémon?” You asked as you perched on the table. Your brothers heads snapped towards you, they both walked over and you all began trading Pokémon.

Requested by Anonymous:
“Can you please do a sisfic where the reader is obsessed with Pokémon Go, and Sam and Dean having to deal with the reader playing it 24/7, like maybe she plays it around the bunker or while walking around on a case with her brothers? Thank you!!!”

Requested by @ask-psycho-dragon:
“Hei! Since the pokemon go is out I was thinking that the sis has it and introduces the boys to it. First they act like they don’t care but later the reader finds them running around the bunker trying to catch pokemon and battling eachother? If you don’t mind”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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The Drunkalypse Season 4, Episode 10: "The Children"

Overall Rating: 9/10 Tyrions in a barrel…crate…whatever. gdi.

I really loved this episode. It had everything I liked about Game of Thrones in it and nothing that I really hate, though the book wanker in me was clearing my throat a few times.

I legitimately didn’t know at some points what was going to happen, or how it was going to go down which was exciting. Some things I had hoped for happened, and some did not (SMH!!!!!!!!) but I thought it was a really well-paced, eventful episode.

ASOS is my favorite book of the series, so seeing things wrap up was CRAY! I don’t remember hardly anything from the next two books without wiki help, so I’m looking forward into venturing into the darkness with you all! Yasss!!!!!!



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