i have no idea who any of these people are so

If you ever wanted a complete definition, explanation of how racist beliefs transmute to action, then just watch the 2017 Oscars. Such good wins… Viola Davis and Mahershala Ali, Moonlight. So many people making comments about the political situation, ok fine. But, as a brown person watching the Oscars tonight, I got hives from the secondhand embarrassment. Some of the things that were done were in such bad taste. Who thought it was a good idea to have Sunny Pawar act out the Lion King? WTF? And the tour bus full of mostly brown and black people walking into the Oscars just as everyone shouts out Mahershala Ali’s name?? Why? Also, Moonlight won. Did the Moonlight winners speak? I can’t find clips of any Moonlight directors, producers speaking. Only the La La Land people spoke for best picture. The win didn’t feel clean. Couldn’t they just have had Moonlight up there? It was almost like the nominators were like “ Well, we can’t have La La Land up there, but we know that they deserve to win, so lets do it this way, give them a chance to speak, have everyone applaud and then turn it around so we can have the La La Land director SHARE their award with Moonlight.” WTH?? No, not share, it belongs to Moonlight. I mean how do you try and still get it so so wrong? It feels like they are saying, “ We will give you this award but we don’t think you are human. We just feel angry, guilty, and envious that our pets are doing so well!” Maybe I shouldn’t be so angry and negative about the Oscars. After all some of those wins were about damn time! But those shenanigans just stick in my craw.

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i'm a vegan (yes, yes, found the vegan, cut the jokes) and i'm new to the solarpunk movement. i noticed that the question of our eating habits isn't discussed much (or at all) and to me, a solarpunk-future is only possible if we cut meat, dairy products and eggs out of our diets. it's probably only because i choose this lifestyle for me and it seems so obvious to me, but why no one talks about this? any thoughts or ideas about this?

I think veganism makes a lot of sense in relation to solarpunk, but I think it’s not the only reasonable approach to diet – particularly because of the social, cultural, and survival implications it can have for a lot of marginalized groups and individuals. 

I do think that it’s absolutely necessary to end industrial-scale production of animal products, and that a more heavily plant-based diet for the vast majority is the only sustainable way forward. 

There are people in solarpunk who are vegan, and who advocate veganism as part of what it means to them to be solarpunk. There are also people in the community who are critical of veganism, for its connection in some cases to efforts to suspend cultural practices of marginalized communities, or the insensitivity that some vegans have shown to people whose economic constraints or health needs complicate the matter.

Personally, I’m not vegan – I’m a weekday vegetarian – but I support vegans and veganism. I feel a bit iffy about the way that some folks treat it as a personal moral responsibility, because acting like systematic harms can be solved by lots of people just individually making extremely complex decisions perfectly is a really good way to diffuse and undermine activist energy. (It also can have some purity undertones that I think are counterproductive to ethical decisionmaking.)

But I think veganism as a movement is effective as a boycott, creating a sustained and systematic demand for alternatives to animal product dependence which over time makes those kinds of choices easier and easier for more and more people.

There has been some conversation back and forth about diet in solarpunk, but I think it’s been a while since it came up, and it’s not always super easy to find histories of thought on Tumblr. 

All that said – I hope you feel welcome, and I’m glad you’re getting into the community!

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dear natello, i hate asking this but how did you get popular on tumblr? i mean, besides posting mind blowing art, there's something you did that helped? it's not like getting notes and stuff is a priority for me, but i wish i had more followers to have more feedbacks and more interactions based on my art. much love and thank you in advance :)

Am I popular on tumblr? I don’t think so, I see this a little bit different. Also, you don’t have to explain yourself, feedback is important. Followers and notes are nice when you show your own content, it’s normal. But I’m affraid I didn’t do anything besides posting my drawings.
Drawing fanart helps to be noticed, then you can start tormenting people with your original stuff and OCs xD That’s what I do. Idk, it’s hard to say. Some people make giveaways. You can think about some bigger project like a series of drawings (people liked my spell series…) or dunno, something to make people wait for it and be excited about.
Also, give feedback yourself! This is how you make friends. (I’m rather terrible at it. I usually message people who don’t have thousands of notes under their drawings but they deserve it, and then run away so they never see my url again xD) If you’re shy you can always put all the love for the art in tags. (I tend to check blogs whose owners leave long tags with their thoughts about my drawings. And if I see they have an art blog I check it too.) But these are natural interactions on social media. If you give some love it comes back to you, right? :)
Generally, I feel lucky to have my followers (they are pretty good at cheering me on ;D without them I wouldn’t draw as much). So yup, the most important thing! I wish you a lot of luck!

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So I'm writing an autistic character (Alex) who is part of a team of investigators that they've worked with for years. They're non-verbal and use sign language to communicate. With barely any warning, the team gets a guest who's shadowing them for months to get ideas for a tv show they're producing and I'm just wondering how Al could react to a stranger showing up, disrupting everything and asking all kinds of questions?

Most autistic people do not react well to having their routine disrupted. Having a routine that can be relied on, in an environment which does not change, goes a long way towards managing issues with things like sensory overload, executive functioning, and general stress and anxiety. Having a massive disruption like this can cause problems in all of those areas.

Likely reactions might include:

  • communication becoming even more difficult than usual; even if the character is used to communicating in sign language or writing with coworkers, with a stranger there, they might even switch off entirely
  • the character might waste a lot of time sitting around doing nothing; executive function might get messed up and they could have trouble figuring out how to start doing / do the things they are normally expected to do because the situation is different; they might be uneasy about having a stranger around and not be able to concentrate
  • if the character is hypersensitive, they might get overloaded from the increase in new stimulation (sound they’re not used to, more movement than usual in the area, etc.)
  • if the newcomer doesn’t understand their need for, for example, personal space or time alone, they might be even more stressed/overloaded
  • they might find it exhausting having to communicate with this new person, someone they are not used to and familiar with, especially if there is a need for an interpreter
  • the guest probably won’t know how to behave around the character, might make inappropriate remarks or demands, expect things that are impossible or at least very unpleasant, etc.
  • they are likely to be distracted in general and not working to their full potential
  • depending on their personality and level of empathy, they might simply refuse to interact with the newcomer and try to block them out, or feel compelled to accommodate them even if it causes them distress

Now, the character will not necessarily have massive problems as a result of this intrusion, depending on their personality and traits. Depending on what they do on the team of investigators, it seems like they would have to be okay with unexpected things happening to some extent. How do they normally cope with the unexpected? That is up to you as a writer. But it’s unlikely that this is ever easy for them. They most likely are using all the energy they have to keep up with even their normal routine, so a disruption like this is probably not going to be easy to deal with, especially for months on end. Even one day of disruption like this is difficult - going for weeks and weeks might get very exhausting indeed and is likely to impair their performance.

That’s not to say that it has to be that difficult. If you want the situation to go smoothly, there are some things you can do. Have the character’s coworkers prepare them well in advance for the intrusion and explain in as much detail as possible exactly what will change and what will happen when the guest arrives. If possible, provide information about the guest; what they look like, how their voice sounds, their personality, anything would be helpful. The less uncertainty, the better. Then, to make it possible for the character to do their job, they would have to create a new routine. Autistic people generally do not function well in chaos. If they can work out a system with the guest so that the autistic character knows exactly when they’ll be there, what they’ll be doing, and how to work around them, that can become their new routine. It would still be stressful at first, but they could get used to it.

But if the guest is the type to constantly interrupt or do unexpected things, your autistic character is in for a rough few months!

-Mod Aira

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Thoughts on ivar and sex? Some people have mentioned that his nerves got the best of him rather than he can't have it at all. People who are in wheelchairs can have sex but it take a different kind of learned effort but most have normal sex lives. How do you think he would be when having sex? He seemed very insecure and submissive but that might change if he got some confidence? He DID have kids and grandkids historically tho.

Yes, historical Ivar had kids but I think the show runners threw the last bit of historical accuracy out of the window by killing off Sigurd, so I really have no idea where they will go with it on the show.

I remember reading an interview where Alex said that Ivar isn’t impotent, he’s just having performance problems, which makes sense to me. Not moving your legs much must definitely cause issues with the bloodflow in your lower body. He also said that after what happened with Margreth Ivar thinks that he is impotent and isn’t likely to try again any time soon. So if he ever gets confident enough to try again - what I really hope - the women would have to take control at first, so that he’d just have to sit back and relax. That will probably be hard enough for him anyways. I think maybe if Margreth would have done that instead of just lying there and waiting for it to be over, thinks might have turned out differently.

About him being insecure and submissive: Who isn’t at their first time? And now next time will probably be the same. Wouldn’t be realistic at all if he goes from thinking “he can’t please a woman” to being a skilled lover from one time to the next. When he gets more experienced and confident I imagine him to be quite dominant in bed. He likes to have control about others so I think that would be a turn on for him. But on the other hand some say that these born-leader-characters are often submissive in bed because they enjoy the chance to give up contol for a while. So that might be another possibilty. 

I hope we will find out in the seasons to come. Whatever the outcome will be a scene including Ivar and no clothes is always a good scene.

Getting very interesting asks today. Love it! Keep them coming!


GUESS WHO’S BACK BACK BACK BACK AT IT AGAIN (lol well maybe not so much but kind of)

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GUUUUUUYYYYSSSS IT’S BEEN SO LOOOOONG I don’t even know if people still look at my stuff or check if I posted anything new like come on two years of absence (SORRY BTW) School has been really tough and welp, no time for anything at all besides breathing and suffering
IN FACT, I haven’t read one piece since the end of dressrosa, literally, I have no idea what happened or if anyone died (I’m hoping there were no fatalities in these months) 

SO HEY let’s talk, tell me wassup, how have ya’ll been doing! and again, sorry for disappearing lol

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Yo man I just wanted to say that I got the vague idea of what was going on with this whole bullying thing and I think it's...ridiculous? Totally out or proportion? Insane? Anyone that thinks you're a bully is probably delusional lmao. You are a great person and always set a good example for doing the right thing on tumblr. Your followers have your back. Don't forget that.

Thank you so much! *hugs* That means a lot. I’m pretty horrified by what they’re doing and by the silly lies they’re making up. And yeah - everything is ridiculously out of proportion, that’s for sure.

But people who know me know that it’s all rubbish. I stood up against bullying, and they took it as a personal attack and are now doing the very thing to me that they *claim* I’ve done to them. It’s childish and I’m not going to engage in it any more than I have.

Thank you again! As far as I’m concerned it’s business as normal around here! I stood up for myself and that’s that. They’re not my friends, so I don’t really care what they do so long as they leave me alone and stop spreading lies.

It’s good to know I have some fantastic friends like you at my back though! Thank you for the support and the love - you are amazing, my friend!

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Out of curiosity. Are you okay with OCs having some type of relationship with your muse? Like romantically or platonically?

((Hey there, mun here! ^^

Truthfully, I am very much okay with the idea of my muse having romantic or platonic relationships with people’s OCs. I don’t see anything wrong with it so long as its not forced in suddenly (especially in terms of romance) and a relationship is able to build through interactions! 

I love having Perospero interact with people, whether they are OCs or canon characters ^^ And I do see him as a well mannered person who enjoys a good relationship in any terms! 

Romantic? Totally fine! Platonic? Definitely yes! Friendly enemy? Yes! Or just straight up enemy? Of course! ^^ 

Though I think I should add this bit in since it was brought up, if it involves a romantic past though, that one I am not entirely too sure of. Thus far, I do not know anything of my muse’s romantic past and a lot of stuff I have in there are just headcanons cause chances are Oda will never reveal any of the Charlotte family pasts in detail or even small tid-bits. Probably not? Again, I am not too sure in those kinds of terms but if we are talking in current times in which they can be interacting as of now, I’m fine with that! 

You have mine and Perospero’s approval!)) 

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hey! huge fan of the way y'all just kinda [clenches fist] suck but i do have a question! if, and i understand this is a huge if, y'all decided to not be terrible (just like,,,,,,, in general) would you maybe stop killing women, treating cas like shit, treat people who aren't white men decently, maybe stop writing rape (just like ya know,,,, an idea) and allow any form of lgbt+ into the show? #NoSalt #AllLove #IHateYouMoreThanCasHatesApathy #NotThatYoudKnowThat #CAUSEYALLCANTFUCKINGWRITE

but if we stopped killing women,, people would think we thought women aren’t weak!! and if we started treating cas like a real character, then the whole shows ruined because it’s supposed to be about two brothers!!!! and no one else!!! despite the fact that cas is loved by so many!! but whatever!! and uh duh we’ve had LGBLT sexualities on our show!!! remember those side characters that dean nods at, or sam glances at, every now and then?? they could be LGBLT, we don’t know. #weloveutoo #isBLTrightorwhatisit

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I am non-binary. I have always kept my hair pretty long, (shoulder length or more) except for a horrible butchering of it my senior year of high school. But now I really want to change it up into something more gender neutral. Unfortunately I have the bone structure of a pillow so, I feel like all short hair cuts will make me look like a toddler with hipster glasses. Do you have any good ideas for short cuts for round faces?

In your situation I’d wholeheartedly recommend doing something with volume and slicked back. If you use product and keep maintaining the cut it’ll look more mature. 

Definitely something like this.
For a possibly easier and more carefree look go with something like this:

It’s pretty important not to make it too long, and to get it maintained regularly. Try going to a barber who can add in some masculine edges. Tons of different people have this kind of undercut style, and this is a more “mature” version so I think it’d suit you well! :) Good luck!


I don’t really get people who say “oh I was part of this social/political movement, but then I had this different opinion and people weren’t nice about it so now I’m part of the polar opposite movement”… Like, did you really change ideologies because people were rude? Or did you change ideologies and THEN people were rude so you had an excuse to get out? Because idk, my participation in social and political movements was always based on it’s ideas and sure, it’s nice to have good, fun and nice people with you, but if the people aren’t any of those things your ideas don’t magically change, do they? I don’t get it. Someone explain it to me because I’m consfused!

You are loving kindness wisdom energy

by Lama Thubten Yeshe

Many young people today have lost their identity. They have difficulty understanding who they are, so they try to identify with different roles, different ideas. But then, not finding their identity in any of these roles, they become lost. Disturbed, they lead meaningless lives doing whatever comes to mind, without much thought. Such things are happening in this world.

From the moment we were born until now, each of us has tried to emanate in many different ways. Many of us have emanated as hippies and movie stars or as terrorists or politicians, capitalists or communists. We have tried almost everything, only to discover in the end that whatever we have tried to identify with has turned out to be illusion, not reality.

These are good examples. You can see how your concrete concept of “me” tries to identify with some outer philosophical viewpoint, thinking, “I am this; I am this.” But then “this” is not what you find that you are. Instead, today you have discovered that you have loving kindness wisdom energy. You know you have this within you. You should trust this energy and identify with it instead of trusting outer projections. Your loving kindness wisdom energy must be cultivated, fertilised, protected, and tended well, like a garden. It can be nourished and developed and unified as the deity Gyalwa Gyatso.

We carry within us a heavy blanket of concepts and projections about ourselves. Over time we have constructed a kind of concentration camp within us, one iron bar, then another and another and another — so many concrete projections. In order to break through these projections, we need a profound vision of method and wisdom. We need to clothe ourselves in the very finest image: the union of great compassion and nonduality. This is your identity — your identity and your reality. You should wear this image in order to break through your limited, closed projections of who you are.

In our twentieth-century world there is so much hatred, disunity, and conflict. People are fighting for material possessions, are trying to conquer each other, never feeling love for one another. You can see this going on everywhere. It is incredible. Sometimes, even with a beloved friend, when you are both angry, you can’t feel your friend’s love and you can’t feel love for them. So we all understand how much the world needs peace and love — each individual and mankind as a whole. Therefore, we can easily see how logical and how worthwhile it is to practice such a profound yoga method. With this practice there is no need for hesitation; there can be no philosophical objections. It is very scientific, very down to earth.

When we talk about loving kindness, we are just using words. But mere words do not help. We may know the words, but if we don’t actively energise loving kindness in our nervous system, then we have achieved nothing. This yoga method unifies loving kindness with our nervous system. This is exactly what we need, and this is why I am requesting you not to waste the time and energy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We should put concentrated effort and dedication into our retreat, then at least we will have been telling the truth when we promised, during the initiation, to engage seriously in this practice. And, of course, we will be doing something worthwhile.

Love and compassion come in different forms. There is pure love and pure compassion, which manifest in the form of Gyalwa Gyatso. But there is also selfish love. If we think about it, we can see that selfish love can be either positive or negative. It has both qualities. On the one hand, selfish love and selfish motivation are based on mental projections that fixate on their objects, such as family, husband, wife, or nationality, as “mine.” While the love you feel is, in fact, selfish, at the same time because of it, you give and share something. You give to your brother, your sister, your husband or wife thinking, “Because they are my relatives, because we Italian people are the same, because we all eat pizza, I therefore have an obligation to give them what I can.”

Selfish love, although limited, does have a kind of manipulative power to give, to serve. It has power that can aid in transforming you into a better, warmer person. For example, many men say, “Oh, I am not a bad man. I take care of twenty children and my wife. I send them to school, I give them good food, and I love them. They have a good home, and I do everything I can for them. Because of this, when I die, I shall die happy and satisfied.” There is some satisfaction in this. Do you understand? The motivation may be selfish and limited, but one’s actions bring benefit to others, and as a result a kind of transformation takes place.

Even though selfish love does have these positive attributes, it is clear that pure love and pure compassion serve in a much more profound, more dedicated way and bring about far more profound and far-reaching results. By practicing the profound highest yoga tantra method of Gyalwa Gyatso — the pure vision of the Dalai Lama — we are engaging in a mental exercise to eliminate the selfish mind completely. Through this profound practice of transformation, we can develop pure limitless love and compassion and thus experience directly their effectiveness in our own lives. We can experience this pure vision for ourselves. Because we so often see each other as objects of anger and hatred due to our mental projections, we are sorely in need of this pure vision. It is genuinely worthwhile and, happily, there is no doubt at all that we can achieve it.

so, i’ve seen a few of these floating around again and i thought i should put up one of my own! so, please like this if you would be okay with me doing the following:

  • replying to your open starters at any time;
  • sending you a bunch of memes;
  • tagging you in random starters;
  • bringing up plot ideas to you when inspiration hits, or when something in your wishlist catches my eye;
  • overall having multiple plots and threads.

sometimes i feel unsure of whether or not i can do these things when i already have stuff going on with people, so it would be really helpful to know who would be down for this kind of thing!

Reason number 19734 why straight people are tiring: They have literally NO IDEA how difficult it is for queer people to even FIND someone they could even THINK about dating. Like my friends ask me every once in a while why I’m not dating anyone and I just… like I wish I could make them understand that I can’t pick just any bar and go in and find someone who is probably halfway decent. We drove an hour to the nearest gay bar last week and everyone there was either paired off already or not my type AT ALL. This is how it is for us. Straight people meet other straight people EVERYWHERE. It’s so much harder for us.


Ok so I have had this AU idea of like…. grumpy hermit gay mess Hanzo who basically looks like his hair is the pelt fur from his lone wolf skin because he could not care any less of how he looks, and he is that one neighbor who’s an asshole and never says hi or anything and lets his hellhound of a pomeranian go to other people’s yards and destroy them or shit on them.

He probably works from home and avoids all human contact that’s not necessary, except Genji because he is his lil bro! he only goes out when grocery shopping or to pay bills or hit the gym (look at those guns and pecs )

This Hanzo also sports the piercings he has in the winter comic and more less dresses up with the same style of clothes?? when he goes out that is, most of the time he just wears tshirts and sweatpants.

This becomes a McHanzo AU when Jesse moves in next door and finds Hanzo’s dog digging a hole on his lawn and decides to take it back to its owner and when Hanzo sees him he just “???????????? wow im gay af ??????????” 

Basically this AU is Hanzo being the one smitten by McCree and trying to get close to him but being too socially awkward to do it properly and having like bad timings and freaking out and going back inside his house whenever he feels he has fucked up to which Jesse is oblivious and just thinks Hanzo is an interesting guy. 

Hanzo tries to make it clear how gay he is without saying it by always using his Im gay mug that Genji gave to him as a joke…..just…boy….pls….Genji teases him to no end and as a way to encourage him, Genji says he will go after Jesse if Hanzo doesnt do anything about it which Hanzo is very aware could happen in the blink of an eye knowing how efficient his lil bro is when it comes to flirting with people, the guy has some unreal skills for dating.

but yeah thats all I got….. basically this is me wanting more McHanzo from Hanzo´s point of view, and having him less…uhh…far away and mysterious about his feelings? I want him being an awkward mess.

okay thats all Im sorry.



Leave Lauren Zuke alone!

If nobody has heard yet, people have started badmouthing Lauren Zuke because they wanted to write Lapis and Peridot as a couple and apparently that “wasn’t what Rebecca wanted to happen”?

You know what Rebecca would want to happen? For her writers to have fun, pitch ideas about what they would like to write about, and most of all she wouldn’t want them to be harassed over such a stupid problem as a shipping war.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Amedot, I think it’s pretty cute, but seriously get a grip. If you want to draw shipping art? Fine. go ahead. If it’s not canon who cares? It doesn’t change the original show in any way at all so all of the people hating on non canon art can stop that as well, it’s not needed.

Edit: Just read some of the comments on Zuke’s post. Anyone who sent hate should be ashamed of yourselves. Putting fictional characters over showing decency to another human being is absolutely disgusting.

fanfic prompts for writers

send a number and pairing to the blogger!

  1. we pretend to be a couple to get on a couples game show and win the prize money
  2. laundry mix-up, we have to find a way to exchange our bags, but I don’t know how to tell you your DC underwear sucks- marvel is better
  3. I need to save you from the beep test before one of us passes out
  4. you are the announcer at an event, I am the participant, you accidently hit on me during the game/fair/dance & I go to talk to you after I stop laughing
  5. “okay, so you’re looking for our daughter who time traveled here?”
  6. you are the witch/wizard on 9th street and I am the poor patron who’s cursed been cursed by a succubus. Help me.
  7. your sexy dance is giving me a migraine, I go to show you how it’s done
  8. We are both in limbo and our deaths were somehow connected, we don’t know how, but we might as well go together to find out
  9. I am the museum curator and you can’t sleep inside the exhibit!! Stop moving the displays around at night for fun 
  10. DND game gone wrong
  11. revolution is upon us, I am the plucky newspaper reporter sent to stab you, you are the moderate trying to stop the bloodshed
  12. “Okay, I have to draw your freckles. Right now.”
  13. there is a rogue Roomba in our dorm playing music in the middle of the night, I go to try and track down the owner
MBTI types based on people I actually know

I got this idea off @entjheda and decided to do it based on the people I know!


  • You complete me <3
  • Literally we have reverse functions so you need me too HAHA
  • Will cry if made fun of. May not do it in public. But will come home and cry for hours
  • Appreciates other people’s weirdness and accepts them for who they are
  • My lil bbys essentially


  • Stop Trying To Beat Me In Sass
  • might be more funny than me what huh who said that
  • Likes to be the Dad Friend
  • Is not always the Dad Friend
  • Pair them with an INTJ I dare I double dare you
  • Up for literally any form of entertainment ever


  • Mom Friend x 100000
  • Somehow always knows what to say to make you feel better
  • Probably uses witchcraft to do this
  • Very very very very very very emotional
  • But bounces back after a hella long time of Coping


  • Gets offended easily
  • “What do you mean you don’t adhere to the social norms”
  • Worries a lot
  • Just wants harmony and peace 
  • Kind of annoying because Fi v Fe but tries to improve always


  • gets stressed out when you don’t adhere to the rules
  • Is actually pretty chill (as long as you keep to the rules)
  • Cares so much when you are upset. Will hug you when you are upset.
  • I wish I appreciated you more when you were around tbh


  • Ne. That’s all I’m going to say.
  • Could be the Dad Friend. Gets yelled at when they try to Dad Friend me though.
  • Responsibilities™
  • Will never leave you on your own drunk and dying in a club (but will make fun of you the morning after)


  • Problematic Fave
  • Very Problematic Fave
  • Likes the same weird nerdy obscure shit but hides it under layers of Social Skills Inferior Fe
  • Gets embarrassed very easily
  • Is fun to embarrass very easily
  • Pretends not to care but cares a lot 


  • Urgh
  • Why are they so attractive
  • And make you feel so special inside
  • But turns out they are Openly Fuckboiz
  • You knew this all along but you still went for it 
  • Pair with an ENTJ and you get a fun spontaneous bromance 


  • I’ve met a wide range of INTPs going from extremely stubborn fascist to a good very smart no-nonsense friend
  • Great to live with because they are so quiet 
  • Not even sure if they exist properly because so quiet
  • So nerdy but so unashamed


  • Absolute partner in crime. 
  • Has the sass and the wit, lacks the planning of anything
  • Strong Independent Woman 
  • Snapchat game is almost better than mine 
  • Needs a lot of introvert time though but its ok they’ll be back


  • You guys are deep
  • And you spend a lot of time in your room contemplating the univerise
  • Which is great because we reach the same conclusions except I do it through experiencing the world
  • they’re very loyal when they like you
  • and you definitely know when they Do Not


  • I’ve actually never met another one of me 
  • Which is very weird
  • No wait I do have this one female friend
  • Alpha Female ™
  • Very hardworking and studious and smart but will have minor breakdowns if things don’t go according to plan
  • Will Peer Review you 
  • Without you asking


  • emo
  • so emo
  • “I can’t hang out today I feel like you deserve so much better friend than me and am contemplating the universe”
  • Very thoughtful and will remember things you said you liked from 3 months ago
  • Will also get you to somehow spill your deepest darkest thoughts 
  • And then disappear into the night because emo


  • ???????
  • where do you find these
  • seriously I know NO ONE of this type
  • I imagine you’re kinda like Zooey Deschanel
  • In which case pls don’t Manic Pixie Girl around me 


  • Best Friend ™ and Cinnamon Roll ™ 
  • Really really nervous socially
  • But gives A+ emotional advice
  • Very loyal, but wobbles a bit
  • Needs you to protect them at all times
  • Likes romantic comedies


  • Other Best Friend ™ and Cinnamon Roll ™
  • Protect them, they’re naive and oblivious - I’m just going to copy this from someone else because it’s TRUE
  • Literally will overlook anything if you are nice to them once
  • Will be a puddle of tears inside if there is conflict
  • Just wants to be loved 
  • Is loved ferociously

I love seeing people write about DA companions as parents, but as a parent myself, let me be real here…it’s not all cuteness.
I wanna see Alistair having to change a blow out for the first time and it is the most shit he has ever seen and it came from such a tiny human being.
Iron Bull wiping puke off his face when he tried to play ‘toss the baby’ and it back fired.
Morrigan, who is breastfeeding Kieran, almost in tears because her nipples are so chapped they’re bleeding.
Cullen having to hear about his wife’s hemorrhoids and the amount of body fluid he will be dealing with.
Leliana finding random stains on her clothes and not even caring any more.
Cole rocking a sick little one, helping them get over their bad ear ache while their parents sleep because no one can survive being awake forever.
Fenris having to wrestle his child into clothes and accidently get a foot in the groin. Cassandra staring off into the void as she tries to concentrate but she is sooooo tired and hasn’t slept in 3 days and Maker have mercy, what is that smell?

And my favorite:
Having to identify the brown stain as chocolate or shit.

Parenthood is a scream. Literally.