i have no idea where this idea came from lmao

the signs and forgiveness
  • forgives and forgets: sagittarius, gemini, aries, libra
  • forgives, but doesn't forget: cancer, aquarius, pisces
  • forgets, but also lowkey remembers and doesn't forgive: capricorn, leo, virgo
  • neither forgives nor forgets: taurus, scorpio
Just one last time
  • Yakov: when I die I want Victor to lower me into my grave so that he can let me down one last time
  • Yurio: amen
  • Yakov: did you just indirectly curse me
  • Yurio:
  • Yurio: ... maybe
the signs in a group chat/email
  • aries: is always interrupting important discussions randomly to talk about some ridiculous incident that occurred during their day, also spams everyone incessantly
  • taurus: shows up only to read everyone's messages and doesn't even bother replying to them, might start typing out a response but then gets lazy/distracted halfway
  • gemini: overuses emoticons all the time and sends witty comments in response to every single thing. also somehow thanks to them everyone else ends up with a giant collection of pictures of people/things they don't even care about
  • cancer: freaks out and rants about whatever's currently bothering them way too much, makes lame jokes, also starts fierce and intense debates on the most random and unimportant topics
  • leo: makes hilarious puns almost all the time and goes on a long rant about whatever's happening in their life
  • virgo: comes up with the lamest jokes ever honestly. also has a super serious side which involves them sending lengthy and detailed paragraphs on various intellectual topics
  • libra: shows up to say something like "why is everyone fighting pointlessly like guys pls....chill" or sometimes talk about something interesting that happened during their day
  • scorpio: keeps asking how everyone else is doing every 5 minutes + sends pictures and other life updates when no one else is online just to make sure the message thread is active
  • sagittarius: gets annoyed by the group chat after a while and ignores all messages, finally shows up 1 month and 1000000 messages later only to say "wtf why do yall talk so much honestly you're crazy....also btw today i--" and send a hundred more messages
  • capricorn: keeps asking questions like "have you watched/listened to/seen/made/done the following things?? because you should" also probably the best at sending the most sassy and sarcastic replies
  • aquarius: hardly ever shows up honestly but when they do it's either a super short message meant to tease one specific person OR some gigantic 10-page long essay on the complexity of life
  • pisces: is the poor kid permanently getting cyberbullied by everyone else :/

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY and I figured, what better way to celebrate than to write this ridiculous scenario that has been kicking around in my head.

KATAMARI SASUKE is. all I have to say. on the matter. (I’m sorry don’t judge me.)

Sakura does not know what to make of this. Literally. She has no idea how she is supposed to respond, she has no idea how she is supposed to feel, aside from completely and utterly dumbstruck. Which. She is. In fact, part of her is convinced her brain has short-circuited and can no longer separate reality from - whatever is going on right now. She can’t very well say she dreamed of it, because the thought never even crossed her mind. (Her broken, broken mind.)

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