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The real Taylor Swift:

April 23rd 2009-July 10th 2010: The Fearless Tour

The Fearless Tour. Taylor decided to walk through the crowds at her shows, greeting fans of all ages, genders and races because SHE wanted to meet the fans that had been supporting her and helping her reach where she is to this day. After each show, Taylor held a meet and greet called ‘The T-Party’. This was a room where fans could go to eat pizza and meet each other and get to know other people and then get to meet Taylor. Taylor would walk around stadiums and hide behind food bars and then surprise fans in the line. Each night she would walk a number of miles to meet as many people as she could.

February 9th 2011-March 18th 2012: The Speak Now Tour

Much like at the Fearless Tour, Taylor said she wanted to continue walking through the crowds during one of her songs at the Speak Now Tour. Taylor hugged as many people as she could and thanked them for coming. Sometimes Taylor would tell her security to move out of the way and to let her hug more people. Taylor continued her ‘T-Party’ meet and greet. Taylor’s team would walk to different areas of the stadium during the show and hand out free meet and greets to fans who had gone all-out; screaming and dancing the whole time and wearing bold and creative costumes/handmade posters.

September 8th 2012: Ronan

The lyrics to this song are based on a blog she read about a four-year-old boy, Ronan Thompson, who died from neuroblastoma in 2011.Taylor wrote the song by putting together quotes from blog creator Maya Thompson, Ronan’s mother. Thompson is credited as a co-writer of the song. Taylor first performed the song live for Stand Up to Cancer in September 2012, and has only performed it publicly one other time, at the Glendale, Arizona stop of The 1989 World Tour, at which Ronan’s mother was in the audience. All proceeds from sales of the single go to help fight cancer.

2014: 1989 Secret Sessions

In anticipation of the release of her album, 1989 on October 27, Taylor held a series of “1989 Secret Sessions” over the past few weeks at her various homes across America, where carefully-selected fans were told they were attending some sort of secret event, with no knowledge of what was in store for them. When fans arrived they were told to sit in a room together and wait. Taylor then jumped out and surprised them all and they all got to hear her new album before anyone else. Taylor baked cookies and other goods, fans got to meet Taylor’s cat, Olivia Benson Swift, and they danced together and each got to meet Taylor and just hang out.

May 5th 2015-December 12th 2015: The 1989 Tour

At each 1989 concert, before perfoming her song ‘clean’, Taylor gave a 3-4 minute inspirational speech, telling fans to love themselves. This is what Taylor said to the crowd of 60,000 at Hyde Park, London on June 272015: ‘There are people here from all over the world, so if you travelled to be here, thank you so much for coming. And, you know, looking out at you, thinking about the fact that we all come from different places, maybe we all have different accents, we have different hobbies, different backgrounds, whatever. But there’s one thing that we have in common that I know for sure. That thing is that when we feel a great amount of joy, or a great amount of pain, we turn to music. That’s why we’re all at Hyde Park tonight. From talking to you so much, and getting to know you, it’s never been more apparent to me how difficult it is to feel okay about yourself in 2015. Real talk. I mean, every single day we go online – and trust me, I love the internet, okay? Love it – but, every day we go online and we scroll through the highlight reel of other people’s awesome lives. But we don’t see the highlight reel of our awesome lives – all we see is the behind the scenes. We see every single moment, from when we wake up and we’re like “oh, God, not feeling my hair today. Not going to be a good day today for the hair”. We see our doubts, we see our fears, we see our concerns. You are the only one who is inside your brain feeling all of your anxieties and the voices who are telling you that you can’t be who you want to be, or that you’re not who you want to be, or that you want to be more like that other person over there. Let me tell you, people are mean to each other, but no voice is as mean as our own voices are to ourselves. Is it true or is it false? It’s true, right? Okay, so if there’s one thing that you come away from this night remembering, I want it to be this – every day when you look in the mirror, and your mind is telling you all the things you are not – if those things are that you’re not cool enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not popular enough, you’re not successful enough, you’re not special, you’re not wanted, you’re not unique – those are not the things you are not. Let me tell you the things you are not. Okay? You are not somebody else’s opinion. That’s what you’re not. You are not going nowhere just because you’re not where you want to be yet. You are not damaged goods just because you have made mistakes in your life. Those are the things you are not. Let me tell you the things that you are. Would you like to hear the things that you are? You are your own definition of beautiful, and worthwhile, and no one else’s definition. You are wiser, stronger, and smarter because you made mistakes in your life, not damaged. And lastly, London, England, you are someone who is probably standing here tonight going through your own battles, fighting your own ghosts, trying to cover your own scars, stressing about your own stresses. But, rather than wallowing in them, you got up, you put on an awesome outfit, and now we’re all standing here together having the best time of our lives at a concert on a Saturday night. I realise that it’s not about being perfect, it’s not about feeling perfect. I think that sometimes it’s just about getting on with things and realising that you’re happy today. That’s all that matters. I just want you to know that one thing I have learned in 25 years, and I’m still learning, is that if you get rained on, you walk through a bunch of storms, life is constantly coming at you – that doesn’t make you damaged. It makes you clean.’

May 5th 2015-December 12th 2015: The 1989 Tour (Loft 89)

At Taylor’s 1989 concerts, she held a meet and greet called ‘Loft 89′ where Taylor, again, could hang out with her fans and dance around with them. Taylor met lots of different people including children with disabilities and illnesses. Taylor made sure everyone had a great time and that everyone was included and treated equally.

Christmas 2014/2015: ‘Swiftmas’

Taylor Swift surprised 13-year-old fan Delaney Clements who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of seven. Delaney, who is a massive fan of the 26-year-old singer started a campaign to meet Taylor called #TaylorMeetDelaney and on Saturday (19th December) her wish came true. Taylor surprised the family by turning up unannounced and the afternoon was captured on Instagram and Facebook with Delaney and her Mum posting photos. Taylor became so into the idea of ‘Swiftmas’ that she also sent a number of other fans packages of merch and other little presents.

Award acceptance speeches

To any award acceptance speech, there is always something directed to Taylor’s fans. Taylor thanks her fans for everything because she knows that we are such a big part of her life and she wouldnt be where she is now without us.

A very important quote Taylor has said:

Long story short: Taylor is one of those few artists who does nothing but good for her fans and everyone around her yet she gets body shamed and name called everywhere. It really does break my heart. 

Taylor has been there for me through everything and I know that she always will be because she has never failed to make us all smile and to make us all feel better about ourselves, She has made me feel loved and wanted and she has introduced me to some of my bestest friends ever. To me, Taylor Swift is not just an artist, she’s my best friend.


Karma is Oh So Sweet

Note: Not really a revenge story on my part, but I believe this is a fine example of cosmic revenge for a larger hole. Long story, TL:DR at the end.

About seven years ago, I was in my sophomore year of high school. Let me just mention this, I was not your typical student:

  • I came from one of the poorest family in this town of three thousand. My dad was physically disabled for years before this and had been unemployed since I was in third grade. This left my mom the only working member of my family until my dad was put on disability. My dad, however, did not get put on disability UNTIL my sophomore year of high school, so around eight years, my mom was the only one working. In fact, there were times when I didn’t even get new clothes to wear for a new year as we couldn’t afford it.
  • I am legally mentally disabled. I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in eighth grade and, legally, should have been in some special classes. This led the school to alter my schedule without my permission and resulted in my mom’s wrath to the school.
  • I am clinically depressed and went through a time when I did not take my medication as it made me aggressive. I have since switch medications and have become a lot calmer as a result.

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Bruce posts three types of posts on his social media (which includes Facebook, and Instagram because Tim said he had to have them or he’d be fired from WE)

The first is posts about where he’s working out. He likes to challenge himself in more places than just the cave so he goes to a bunch of different weird places.

Some of his top workout photos include:

  • Bruce doing pullups off the side of the WE building
  • His cliff diving off of some of Gotham’s most famous cliffs
  • The one time he was spotted chasing Damian up a children’s jungle gym (this was more of a Damian get down incident, but it was also tagged MY SON and Workout)
  • The short video of him literally swinging through the trees in one of Gotham’s parks
  • Him swimming out to one of the bouys in Gotham’s pier

The second is where he eats:

When Bruce isn’t eating at the manor he’s usually on a date or at some charity thing so he posts about these often. Most of the time he’ll talk about the charity, discuss his food, or talk about the person he’s with. 

The Batkids get very interested if he’s posting a lot about a woman. They’ve learned how to tell how serious Bruce is about his current date by how much he says about their date on FB. They also keep close tabs on his relationship with Selena this way, because it’s easily more reliable than either Bruce himself or the Tabloids.

The third is his kids. Some favorites are:

  • The time Bruce posted on his FB: “Just went shopping with Tim and learned the ingredients in a Red Bull, needless to say they are off the shopping list forever”  
  • The infamous Steph winning the Waffle Eating competition Facebook and Instagram cross post. During this event Bruce gave a moment by moment break down of the contest, right up to the point where Steph won then proceeded to ask for ‘another plate of waffles.”
  • Multiple shots of Damian looking put out at a meeting or a charity event, even more shots of Damian beaming while accompanied by animals. A favorite on Instagram is him with Batcow.
  • A lot of selfies with Dick, mostly of them doing mundane things like eating ice cream or arm wresting, there is also the rare photo of them working out together.
  • The famous shot of Bruce and a ‘mystery son’ (aka Jason) washing a motorcycle together. It looks like it belongs in a magazine and is captioned: Bonding Time. A lot of the comments for this read like: They look so happy.
  • The FB post where: “Cassandra and I just finished watching Inside Out, and we’re both still sobbing”
  • And the follow up post including a picture with Cass surrounded by plush figures of each of the characters, an ear-to-ear grin on her face captioned: Got her these because she loved the movie so much #Best idea ever
  • The Facebook post announcing that Bruce and Barbra started a team for the annual GCPD charity run and anyone is invited. A ton of people signed up and they raised a record amount of money that year. Plus Bruce got a great photo of him and Barbra together at the finish line.
  • The short video he posted of Duke trying to teach him how to skateboard cross posted on both Facebook and Instagram. This sparked a Meme of Famous People on Skateboards where people Photoshopped faces over Bruce’s in the video. (His favorite is the one someone did of Superman. He sent it to the League the moment he found it)

Hands down, everyone’s favorite posts are the ones that include the entire family, most of these come in the form of Instagram posts, but the Facebook conversations that happen in the comments are not to be ignored either.

Maybe unlock your asks? I’m not on tumblr so can’t use this function. Dunno if you’re up for it, but I’d like a discussion on all things fandom. I’m fascinated by it (and very neutral). You seem to be a deeper thinker than many round here, and new(ish)? So maybe no rusted on defences. :-)


Okay, took me what felt like a million years to find the button to allow anon asks but I did it. I swear the tumblr app for android is both the best and worst thing that has ever happened. I feel how my grandmother did when she got her first ever mobile phone at the age of 80 and was learning how to send and receive text messages. Rest in peace, Nanny Thel.

Anyhoo, you got me thinking. Fandom is a pretty broad topic and I could be here for days on end typing something out if I really wanted to. But since I don’t, I figured I would go with some of my more casual observations about the Outlander Fandom and in particular how it differs from other fandoms I have been a part of. Here we go:

  • Rules. The very first thing I ever noticed about the Outlander fandom was the number of rules that exist. Coming from many, many years in a fandom where creativity and freedom reigned I was mightily confused. It was this confusion that prompted me to return to my tumblr account and seek answers. What is considered a ‘true fan’ is a common theme among any fandom but what is considered to be a ‘true way to fan’ is a new one (for me, at least). I believe the main reason the Outlander fandom even has rules is because it is so small. Control is only a possibility if the number remains small enough (and/or the ratio of police vs fans remains the same). Since I do not have any statistics on fandom numbers I will compare a male lead from two different television programs. Sam Heughan averages 100,000 likes on a photo on instagram. In comparison Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) averages 700,000. Of course, that data is not fool proof but the difference in numbers is significant enough, yes? The fact that the Outlander fandom is so small and that control is at least to some extent possible, this leans towards the possibility that the personal life narratives of actors are also controlled to some extent. I’m not saying that this is the case. I’m saying that evidence of control in one area leans to the possibility of control in another and therefore is not an incredibly out there thing to believe. (I do, actually, have a theory on this but it is a personal observation and not a casual one so I shall not explore that theory here).
  • Shipping™. When I discovered that in many Outlander facebook groups shipping was not allowed I was flabbergasted. To say the least. Shipping has always been one of the pleasures of fandom life, has it not? The first thing I did was find an Outlander blog on tumblr that regularly accepted questions and asked them to clarify the no shipping rule for me. As it turns out ‘shipping’ refers specifically to shipping the real-life actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. To clarify, shipping is allowed but Shipping™ is not. I find it absolutely amazing that this fandom has taken a regularly and widely used verb and turned it into a noun (all the while continuing to use the word in its original manner).
  • Policing. The policing of fandom rules, especially the no Shipping™ rule, is very apparent in this fandom. No matter where you look, no matter your preferred social media platform, there is always someone policing the posts and comments. In one Outlander facebook group someone posted the latest viewing ratings for Outlander on Australian TV. It was a great number and I commented that it would be even higher if the show aired on free TV and at a time when all the little kidlets are in bed asleep. I was instantly shut down and my comment deemed negative and inappropriate. I never intended for my comment to be taken that way. I was simply making an observation. I would be more likely to tune in when the episodes airs live on Foxtel if it aired after my toddler was in bed asleep. In response I simply deleted my comment and left the group. 
  • Safe Space. I refer most often to the Supernatural fandom simply because that is where I have spent the most amount of time and been the most active. This is because it has always been my safe place. That place to escape reality. That place to fan without judgement. That place to just relax and find enjoyment in life. At least a quarter of my facebook friends are people I have met through fandom. They’ve been there through the heartbreak, the celebration and the boring stuff. I once travelled by myself to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend a Supernatural Convention. I shared a hotel room with 2 people I had never met in person before. One from tumblr and another from a facebook group. To this very day the three of us are close friends on facebook. I am yet to experience such a safe space in the Outlander fandom. The policing here is intense. There is the real possibility that your text or images may be screencapped and used to shame or even entertain. The idea that a comment or post made on one social media platform may end up on another and the OP shamed for whatever reason is not one that promotes comfort and safety. This brings me to my next observation.
  • The involvement of [significant] others. The first time I ever came across this, certain members of a closed Outlander facebook group were being publicly shamed on twitter and instructions on how one can and cannot fan were being circulated. This phenomenon seems particularly strange to me since I am not all sure that this [very famous] person on twitter is a member of the fandom nor part of the show’s production. It appears to me that this twitter account is simply its own platform for naming and shaming fandom members. This is certainly not something that promotes comfort and safety.
  • SO Hate. Distaste and outright hate for celebrity SOs [Significant Others] exists everywhere. What separates SO hate in this fandom from others is the intense defense of SOs that are unconfirmed and/or only suspected. To defend someone who is the wife, husband or declared partner of a celebrity, or maybe the mother or father of a celebrity’s child is reasonable (so long as it is non-violent). That celebrity has made their choice and that choice should be respected. It is, however, my view that if someone (celebrity or other) does not wish to openly discuss or declare personal relationships then they do not want us to discuss their personal relationships either. Please note that I am referring to personal choices and not PR-related ones. (I know I said I was excluding personal observations from this piece but… I kind of had to just throw my opinion in there. Oops). 
  • Common factor. This is my final observation and it is neither positive or negative. It just is. There is a common factor amongst all fandom members. That is, the characters Claire and Jamie. No matter where you go or where you look in this fandom you will find Claire and Jamie. I know what you’re thinking and it’s probably something along the lines of ‘Well duh, NigheanDownUnder’. But, the reason I include it on my list is because I think it’s amazing that you can find the same content on blogs from all ‘sides’ of the fandom. People will criticize and shame someone’s post or comment and yet reblog a Claire and Jamie post made by that same person. It is absolutely fascinating that people who share a common interest can’t get along otherwise. 

So. There you go. My initial observations on the Outlander Fandom and how it differs from my previous experiences of fandom. I have no doubt that over time I will observe more. I have no doubt my opinions will change. But for now, this is it.

“You’re the only good thing that i have” – Justin Foley x Reader.

Summary: Focus on the last chapter of the serie, specifically when Justin and his “stepfather” discuss and he throws him out of the house, without the boy’s mother saying anything else. This one shot is focused on the topic of friendship rather than something romantic, what happens after, it‘s left to the imagination of the reader.

Words: 3265

Reader’s point of view.

Enjoy it!

Your name: submit What is this?

The smell of butter coming from the kitchen and the sound of the microwave, causes my mouth to water. Finally, whenever I started making popcorn, those three minutes made me eternal. I was amused as I emptied the contents of the bag into a bowl, then I bent down to take out a pot of salsa. Yes it was going to be a great night; I didn’t agree if I thought it sarcastically, or it was true, considering that most of my nights on a Friday were the same. An exhaustive date between Netflix and me; But this evening would be special and not because I expected someone, but because I would have a home alone and could set the television to the highest volume if it hit me. I’m so funny! I laughed at myself as I packed up my supplies on the coffee table. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Mom go downstairs as she finished putting on her earrings; Dad left his study.

“Are you sure you want to be alone, dear?” I turned to see my mother. “You can join us. They adore you”

I chuckled.

“Because I was a little girl, Mom, now I don’t think they found me so funny unless I let them pinch my cheeks … and that won’t happen.” I pointed to her without erasing my smile. I slammed down on the couch and watched my parents get together.

“Why don’t you call one of your friends?” My father said.

“Because they must be in some party. Besides, I don’t have so many friends.” Me and my smile between teasing and trying to be kind. Sometimes I thought my parents didn’t know me at all.

“You didn’t want to go to the party?”

“Not really. Mom, Dad, I’m perfectly fine with staying here.” I raised my arms.

“And Justin?” I didn’t miss the way the man made a face. What father would like his daughter to be home alone with a boy? Even if that boy was my best friend?

“Probably with Jessica.” I smiled.

I knew Justin Foley since childhood, our parents were friends, or at least my mom was for Justin’s mother, then she started to change and finally they ended up moving away. My friendship with the basketball player didn’t flinch and we got along better than ever, except that I should share him constantly with his girlfriend, I didn’t uncomfortable, however, I also got along well with her, but I knew perfectly when I was doing a bad third and when not.

“Seriously, I’m fine; I won’t share my popcorn with anyone.” I looked at them with feigned adoration.“ You’re going to be late with your friends. Adiós

The little bottle of popcorn lay empty on the coffee table, just like my soda, while I stared at the series on the television. I found it interesting to put myself upside down on the couch, wanting to avoid the boredom I had been having for three hours with my eyes on the TV. It would probably be a good idea to go to sleep, but I wasn’t even sleepy. I had no stories to look at at Snapchat and Instagram, for I had already seen all of them. There was nothing good to do and a part of me regretted not having gone even a while to the party, mocking a few, talking to other people and maybe dancing. I’d be back before my parents came back, but they wouldn’t be back for more than two hours, I wouldn’t have time to do some of those things if I left right now, unless I decided to show up in my pretty pajamas.

I paused the series in progress and stood up taking the junk. I washed, dried them and settled in their respective places. I took a few chocolates from Mom, I knew that she would realize that it were missing two, but that it gave more, I felt like a lot. I returned to the room where I dropped into the sofa and took my phone entering Facebook, almost all my “friends” posted photos of the party, I thought I would find some Justin or Jessica but neither of them had posted anything since hours. I shuddered away from my head what those two might be doing. I left the application and before I blocked it, I got a call from Zach Dempsey. I answered.

“What’s up, Zach?”

“Have you heard from Justin?” He asked in a serious tone.

I frowned and sat on the couch looking at my chocolate, wanting to take the wrapper off with one hand. I focused on the background sound on the other side of the line, i could hear a distant noise that could be the TV, but no music. I was surprised that he wasn’t at the party.

“No. Why?”

“He was calling me a couple of hours ago”

“And … why didn’t you answer?” I shrugged, then chewed my chocolate.

I heard him sigh.

“It’s complicated, Y/N”

“Ok … what’s going on?”

“He didn’t tell you?”

“Is there something he need to tell me?” Okay, now I was confused.

Lately I had noticed the guys acting too strange, they all seemed to be alert, scared, worried, even the face of my best friend seemed increasingly exhausted, repentant, lost and even careless. I still didn’t skip the time when he missed class two days and didn’t show up at the team presentation, when I tried to talk to him, he had told me that he just gave him a stomach infection. I didn’t swallow it, since, after that, it was when the change began. And not only did they look that way, I was even present when Clay Jensen got out of control and accused all of us from causing people to commit suicide, or to speak more clearly, of Hannah Baker. Of course it was a sack that I didn’t have flat, in my life, I dealt with that girl, I only learned of her suicide because it became viral in high school. The only thing i knew about her was that she dated for a very short time with Justin, until his “dear” friend Bryce came up to take his phone and roll the photo my best friend had taken from the poor girl. In conclusion, everyone acted as if at any moment a policeman was behind them with a pair of handcuffs. And I didn’t understand why, and when I asked, they made sure to change the subject, so I just stopped insisting that everyone take care of their life. What if it hurt, was that my own best friend seemed less and less trusting me.

“I just wanted to know if you’d heard of him, Y/N, I see no. I’ll see you Monday”

“Zach” I stopped his intention to cut the call. He waited in silence “If he calls you, you talk to me, please”


After his answer I let him hang me. I leaned one end of the phone on my lips as I thought. I couldn’t know for sure where Justin was, doubted that at home, considering that he had told me that his mother had returned with that imbecile, but neither knew where he could have gone and less in his lost and constantly nervous state. The truth is, that lately, Justin Foley seemed a complete stranger in front of me, was no longer the same funny and carefree boy that I had gotten used to and that filled me with impotence when I thought about him, I was supposed to be one of the People who knew him the most, but, how to help him if he wouldn’t let me in? How to help him if i didn’t even know why he is submerged in constant misery? Didn’t he trust me as much as I thought? But if we told ourselves everything!

I sighed and quickly dialed Jessica’s number. I don’t know why I didn’t call him directly, maybe it was because I was scared to know him in trouble or that he would move away, again, and deny my help, but I would come to him even though he hated me for intervening.

At the third bell, she answered.

“I can’t talk now, Y/N” Jessica was crying?

“Are you okay?” I stood up from the impression. What the hell had happened now? “Jessica, talk to me”

“It’s nothing, Y/N, anyway, you don’t know anything” Sharpened her voice and I was offended “Also, why do you want to comfort me? Your best friend is someone else”

“Did Justin do something to you? I wanted to know if you were with him” she didn’t need me, well, I would just ask her the reason for my call and hang up.

“He was here, yes, and I hope I don’t have him around anymore,” she shouted.


But for the second time in the night, I was left alone with the phone in my ear. I went to Justin’s contact and undoubtedly called, but his phone jumped right into the mailbox almost immediately. This asshole had rejected my call. I locked the phone and dropped it on my side. I got tired of trying to help my friends somehow, no one seemed to want to trust me and Jessica had treated me badly. I snorted and rested my elbows on my knees as well as my chin in my hands. What kind of friends had I got? They brought something and completely excluded me from that. Now Justin and Jessica, what problem in paradise now existed? I had never heard her so aggressive and with so much hatred towards my friend, something very big had to happen between them and I was worried, for both of them, at least I knew that Jess was apparently good, but where the hell was the boy? When I discovered and found him, i would give him a good blow.

At least the boredom had passed and I had something to occupy my mind. A case that had no clue and I didn’t even know how to find them.

My phone lit up and I picked it up quickly. Justin’s name lay in the middle of the screen with a new message, I opened it as fast as the artifact allowed me.

I’m outside your house, can you go out for a moment?

I looked at one of the windows, until that moment I had noticed that it had begun to rain. I bit my lip and got to my feet leaving the phone on the couch. Going out in my pajamas was too much, considering that it was urgent to see that my friend was perfectly well, then I would take him to drag him all over the block, to worry me about this way. I took my jacket and my keys and opened the door, there, in the middle of my garden, was my best friend, drenched, hands in his pockets, his sports bag hanging from his body and staring into mine. His appearance looked just like the last few weeks when we had barely spoken, now we were in front of the other and even though i hated to admit it, i felt really uncomfortable.

I spit it out and ended up leaving the house and going into the rain. I slowly descended the porch steps and walked toward it, leaving a considerable distance between the two. Immediately I noticed his swollen eyes, he had been crying and it hurt me that i didn’t know anything about his new, almost permanent condition. I crossed my arms waiting for him to start talking. Neither of us seemed to disturb the rain.

“I know I’ve been pushing you away for a long time.” I raised my eyebrows. He continued, “And I’m so sorry, Y/N, you’re my best friend, I didn’t want to see you getting muddled in this mess; I needed an escape, know that there was still something good and that was you”

“An escape from what, Justin? Your way of acting lately … and that of everyone else? ”

“It’s more complicated than it seems. I didn’t want to tell you, because …”

“You know what? I know that things have gone very bad, and now you come to tell me that you argued with Zach and then you ended up with Jessica, then you remember that at last you have a best friend who cares about you and you come to use it as a cloth of tears” I had been affected by all this, and right now I realized that.


“Zach called me a while ago, he told me you called him and he didn’t answer” Justin looked down “Then I called Jessica … who practically sent me to hell for being your so-called best friend. So I guess you’re just coming in to let off steam about that, that’s your problem, Foley.”

“I wish that was just my problem.” He approached me. “I’m an imbecile, Y/N, and that’s why I’ve been losing my friends slowly, even to my girlfriend, Jessica doesn’t want to know about me anymore. I know that if you knew what was happening, right now we wouldn’t be talking outside your house”

“And risking hypothermia” I said “Let’s go in” I suggested.

“Don’t. It will be easier here, you won’t have to ask me to leave you alone”

“What are you talking about, Justin?” I retreated “Who the hell did you kill to act like that?”

“I don’t want to lose you, Y/N”

“You know something? You really are missing out on me. For weeks I tried to help you without knowing what is happening to you, but you throw me away, you tell me not to worry when it is impossible not to do it, and even reject my calls. Now you come here, with me, telling me all this, because I bet, you no longer have anyone else. I’m your last choice, aren’t I?”

I was going to march to lock myself in my house, but he stopped me.

“I didn’t want to come to you!” I looked at him wounded “I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want to poison you in this hunt” I was about to protest but he silenced me “You’re good, impeccable and graceful. Since the beginning of all this I have needed you desperately, I know that your words will always lift me, but to listen to them you need to know the truth. And I’m not sure you want to hear it”

“Talk about a goddamn time, Foley” I hissed.

“I’m sorry that you’re going to change the perspective you have on me. You have been a true friend to me”

Justin took my hand and took me to take shelter on the porch of my house, was seriously the fact that he didn’t want to enter. My friend had really done something wrong and now I wasn’t so sure I wanted to hear it.

“You remember Jessica’s party.” he started a little nervous. I nodded, how could I forget that party? My neighbor and also friend, Jeff Atkins, had died that night. “She and I were drunk … too”

“I know. I saw you” I murmured.

“We went to her room.” He paused, his eyes filled with tears. “But she was almost unconscious to go on with what we were planning …”

“Justin” I felt breathless.

“I did nothing but lay her down on her bed and cover her with a sheet. She fell asleep and my intention was to take care of her until she felt better.” I nodded following the thread of his story. “When I left her room I stayed at her door for a long time” He took a breath. "Then Bryce appeared, he was drugged and began to insist In that he wanted to enter the room, I told him that Jess was in there very badly. I wasn’t going to let him in.” I covered my mouth as I felt my heartbeat increase. “He manipulated me and entered the room, when I realized what would happen, I tried to remove him, but he pushed me out of the room and closed the door securely …”

“Stop it!” I practically screamed and closed my eyes. I could imagine what had happened then and now I understood why Jessica was crying and her sudden hatred of Justin. My head started to spin.

“I’m sorry” he sobbed.

I looked at him.

“It’s been weeks since that … And you barely spoke?” I chuckled, consumed with horror. Poor Jessica.

Then he explained me that it wasn’t by his will that he had to tell his girlfriend about what happened that night, she didn’t even know it, instead he brainwashed her with lies. Justin began to tell me that it had all started by tapes that Hannah Baker had left after her death, or rather, it came to them after. In these tapes, she explained the reasons why she decided to end her life and in each one spoke about someone specific and the actions they did against her and that led her to cut their veins and bleed in the tub. In one of those tapes, Hannah explained that she was in that room where Bryce Walker had raped Jessica Davis. At least those were Justin’s words.

“I think I’m going to vomit” I mumbled, looking away. “So … Is that why they’re acting like someone is going to kill them? On those tapes Hannah talks about you … about Zach, Jessica, Bryce, and how many more?” Justin nodded.

“I was the first … because of that damn photo that Bryce took”

“God, Justin, why didn’t you tell me?” He blinked confused.

“Are you not upset with me?”

“Of course I am! You’re an idiot and I shouldn’t forgive you! But it hurts me more than you haven’t trusted me”

“Like I said, I didn’t want to poison you with this. I didn’t want to lose you”

“Is that why you’re outside of your house at this hour?”

“Losing my girlfriend, a friend and now my best friend” He pointed at me “It’s not the only bad thing that happened to me this day”

“What else happened to you?”

“My mother’s boyfriend threw me out of the house after reading a summons”

“A summons?”

“Because of Hannah, they found evidence that points us … and well” He shrugged “I have nowhere to stay, they all turned their back on me, I know Bryce won’t do it but I don’t want to see him. Anyway, I’m sorry, Y/N, thank you for being my best friend”

He went down the steps of my house. I almost let him go but I snorted. At first i didn’t intervene because i knew nothing and he didn’t tell me, but now that he had done it, i couldn’t ignore our years of friendship and that he has always supported me. He will be an accomplice to a very serious crime, but i couldn’t bear to know that he was wandering the streets all night.

“Hey, idiot” I called him. He turned.

I walked resolutely toward him and hugged him. I wasn’t going to belong to that group that turned their back on him, because I wasn’t like them. I hadn’t done anything wrong and I wanted Justin, not to help him bother me for the rest of the night and maybe for the rest of my life in this place.


The Four Times Spider-Man Wore His Mask, and the One Time He Didn’t // Part 4/4

Part One / Part Two / Part Three 

Summary: After saving your life in a chance encounter, you start to see the Spider-Man everywhere. Fluff. Spider-Man x Reader fic. 

A/N: The final part is hereee and I really hope you like it… ALSO I think I might start taking requests for fics so like.. send me them. I’m not sure what I would/wouldn’t do yet so send me anything Marvel related (mostly Spider-Man stuff tbh) and I’ll do my best!

Warnings: Light swearing

Like every time before when Spider-Man had web-slinged himself into your life, as soon as he left, everything went back to normal. Which, to be honest, sucked.

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professormeme  asked:

who is penny milliken and why do you hate her? i know all the problems with HER right now, i've just never heard specific people mentioned yet

Hoo boy. Let me begin, and I will try my best to make this as factual as possible, even though I hate her.

Penny Milliken is HER Interactive’s current CEO, as of September 2014. This means that the only full game produced under her “leadership” was Sea of Darkness, which was likely in production before she took over.

Sea of Darkness was, by all accounts, a generally well-liked and well-enjoyed game. Especially favored by many of us here was the small but important inclusion that Dagny is a lesbian and had a wife, whom she separated with. This, of course, has nothing to do with Penny herself, because it was almost certainly not her idea. Katie Chironis, whose brief but impactful tenure as a lead writer for SEA and MID was widely praised by many fans, was likely the person responsible for the move towards inclusivity (correct me if I am wrong, as I have always been under the impression that story piece was Katie’s doing). And this is where our troubles began, because not long after SEA’s release (and the intense hype for MID, which seemed to deliver a dark, edgy, girl-focused story that we had been clamoring for) Katie left HER after only 9 months at the company. At first, we were very concerned that her departure was related specifically to the inclusion of a gay character, but the situation was murky at best. I think she left of her own accord, especially because of the huge amount of layoffs the company was undergoing.

Layoffs which wiped out nearly all of HER’s staff, it should be mentioned. Layoffs that came right on the heels of the successful release of a game. Their Glassdoor reviews (which I don’t have screenshots of, unfortunately; worth noting, too, that the company only has “1-50 employees” which is a pretty broad way of saying ten people work there, lol) cited how the company had shifted after Penny’s supposed ascension to the throne, and how the company was basically a revolving door of employees–benefits and security were very unstable and uncertain, causing a lot of long-time employees to leave (per my understanding). And the biggest blow, the one most baffling and most upsetting, was HER’s decision to fire Lani Minella very shortly after Penny took office. It bears repeating that Lani was firedshe did not leave of her own volition–and this decision was Penny’s (see Reddit thread comments where Lani cites the “HER admin” being behind the move). It became clear that HER was on their way towards a rebrand, but it was unclear exactly what that would be.

That rebrand turned out to be Codes and Clues, an app released to help girls learn how to code with Nancy Drew. Necessary and cool? Sure. But at a time when the company inexplicably delayed Midnight in Salem (see this thread for the timing of C&C) for reasons related to “developer issues”, it became unclear how a company could produce an entire app yet have no idea what was going on with Midnight in Salem. See my post here for why it is a shitty, money-grabbing move that will not make the impact Penny hopes it would (i.e. creating a lasting fanbase that will continue to purchase their products).

The other part of this rebranding was the shift to the Unity platform. I’ve played a couple of Unity platform games, most notably The Wolf Among Us and the Strong Bad games (lol) made through Telltale Games. And I guess I can see why the shift was “necessary” to Penny, as Unity is a commonly used platform, but to me, walk simulator games (similar to Unity platform games) are fun, but they make me super sick unless I can get finely detailed controls over how the camera moves and works. And frankly, I don’t need to be able to look up at the ceiling or turn in a full circle when I’m playing Nancy Drew. That’s not why I play. But in terms of keeping up with the market, the shift sort of makes sense.

But why, then, hand this huge developer-related shift to an outsourced group of developers, rather than the, I don’t know, former in-house developing staff? LJ’s post here sort of addresses this, saying that many aspects of past ND games have been outsourced. But there is a huge, huge difference between “outsourcing” voice acting (which is not the same; recording from different locations than where the developers/producers/etc are located is very common) and handing the literal creation of the game itself to a completely unrelated team. LJ makes reference to HER hiring their own animators and artists after ICE…so then why fire them if that type of in-house work is truly as uncommon as she claims? This thread here has a great discussion of the bizarreness of this move and how it seems uncharacteristically greedy and is a very hypocritical move to make. I want to stress, again, that Penny Milliken has been the person in charge while these sudden and abrupt changes occurred; there is really no other source to pinpoint.

What else has been weird? Well, HER used Katie Chironis’s unedited story pitch for MID (would appreciate if someone had links to Katie’s original tweets about this) as an actual descriptor of the game/way to market the game, rather than, y’know, the actual story that was written, without Katie’s knowledge or consent. Katie is bound by NDA to not say anything about MID, but the game seems to have disappeared into the ether, as far as former and current employees are concerned. 

I don’t have as many sources for this, but LJ has made repeated references to the fact that the team is basically doing nothing right now…..yet claims that they’re working on stuff at the same time. This thread is particularly illuminating.

Additionally, HER makes really shitty marketing decisions on Facebook, such as running sales on games that fans already own. As far as I know, this content isn’t really being promoted to anyone who DOESN’T own the games. It’s silly to run sales on something that people….already own? If Steam ran a sale on Life is Strange, it wouldn’t tell me because I already own the game. Why would I buy it again? it’s a pretty obvious “clear our inventory because we are desperate for money” sale, which is very sad. I could go into a whole diatribe about the horrible marketing itself, but that’s more of a “PR is really bad at their job” thing than a “Penny Milliken is like Satan” thing. That being said, the fact that their marketing is this bad and Penny is fine with it (or is encouraging it) is really embarrassing.

And then we come to the comments on these posts. First of all, HER took down an advert they put up today that SEA was “the best adventure game of 2017.” I feel like I’m living under a (second) fascist regime, because that is such a blatant and deliberate manipulation of facts presented not only as truth, but as a way to “make money” (??? even though who would buy the game in the fanbase that DOESN’T own it). The reviews calling it that don’t exist. No one is saying that it’s a great game of 2017, because it was released two years ago. It’s like the “Bowling Greene Massacre”–a fake event is used to create hype for something supposedly coming in the future (although to very different ends for HI, obviously). Comments on the post calling this out were deleted, and then the post itself was deleted. It just seems absurdly, absurdly stupid to make such obvious and glaring lies the focal point of a marketing scheme to a fanbase devoted to solving mysteries.

Why does this matter, and what does this have to do with Penny? Well, many of us who have been involved with the HER fandom for years can tell you honestly that HER has always come across as a very open and accessible company that produced something near and dear to our childhood. I may never get to meet JK Rowling and thank her for Harry Potter, but up until Penny’s tenure as CEO, HER Interactive was very kind and engaging to fans who loved and supported their games so much. And it is remarkable that this game series has existed for nearly twenty years and still has the exact same people playing it! Emailing HER with questions about unanswered game plots and interviewing staff members (the interview of Kevin Manthei by thegoldengardenia I think, for example) was easy and fun. It was a mutual relationship that all parties benefited from–by having such clear, transparent access to the company that literally produced our childhoods, HER Interactive was able to maintain a steady, devoted fanbase in an otherwise dwindling market.

But now that Penny has taken the reins, all that has changed. Deleting Facebook comments, bizarre marketing moves like the “Odyssey” thing (explained here), and the seemingly intractable gulf that is information about MID (information about which is always contradictory; “we’re still working on it but we have no idea what’s happening on it” basically???) has led to an era of confusion and shunting a loyal fanbase. I would wait for MID for however many years it takes to make it if they had made it transparent and clear why it was the game had to be delayed, like many Kickstarter game startups have done in the past. I would donate money, too, if that was the problem. But by shutting fans out (especially by making an app clearly designed to shut most of the fanbase out through its intended demographic), HER has lost loyal fans, many of whom are my friends who I met through the games–friends I never thought would stop playing. Penny has single-handedly driven loyalty, respect, and trust in the company to the ground. It will be nothing short of a miracle if MID even recoups whatever it cost to make it, considering the only real market for the games (long-time fans, let’s just be real with ourselves here) has already been lost.

Anyway. I hate her, because she ruined something I respected that produced things important to me. She changed it in a way that was clearly not for the better, and she makes decisions that hurt good people–at a larger company this would be expected, but not for this tiny, tiny company. Nancy Drew has been an important part of my life for literally more than half of my life, and to see this company so clearly being run into the ground while fans’ protests are shut down is so painful. It hurts to watch something you love get ruined while you can do nothing about it, really.

So I hope that all was clear and useful! If you want to read more, I suggest this article!

im uncomf with the “bi women who prioritize women vs. bi women who prioritize men” shit for so many reasons and ive tried to put them into a coherent post for ages but i cant so here’s a list of Feelings i have about it

  • the only concrete definition of “bi woman who prioritizes women” that i’ve come across is “bi women who dates women primarily or exclusively (exclusively is better) and definitely is not dating a man at this exact moment in time”
  • and look:
  • if i was going to repress all attraction to all genders except for one i’d probably take the path of least resistance and “decide” to only act on my attraction to men because do you know how much easier my life would be if i “acted straight”? do you know how many people have implicitly or explicitly suggested i do so? do you know how many “gay celibate mormon” ~inspirational articles have been posted to my facebook feed since i came out? 
  • so like, if that were at all an option for me i think!!! i would’ve done it by now, i even heavily considered it at one point!!! but it feels like going back into the closet, like hiding part of yourself away so other people can ignore it. it’s incredibly damaging to my mental health, and that’s just when i’m attracted to women generally, if i actually fell for a specific woman and wanted to be with her?? it would kill me.
  • and people act like this is different because it’s coming from a different direction, it’s Radical but it’s the same thing, it’s just asking me to hide away a different part of myself because it happens to make you uncomfortable
  • its just political lesbianism by another name because bi women aren’t allowed to call themselves lesbians now but we’re still expected to act like them
  • and that’s the thing, the whole thing relies on the idea that your attraction is political, that who you date and sleep with and love is a political statement, and it’s not!! my entire life is not dictated by politics, i’m allowed to do things because i want to and not in service of The Cause. 
  • people act like asking us to “prioritize women” is so easy, like we’re boycotting men the same way we’d boycott a racist movie, instead of asking us to prioritize their politics over our own personal, intimate romantic and sexual desires
  • like i Get if you’re not attracted to men you think that that attraction is trivial (esp if you’ve experienced compulsory heteronormativity and were once convinced that you were attracted to men but realized that attraction was false) but it’s not, it’s as real and strong as my attraction to women
  • and you don’t have to understand that, you just have to respect it
  • the whole thing feels like some kind of violation, like a stranger walked into my home and demanded i started decorating differently, except it’s not my home, it’s my head and my heart but they’re so casual about it it’s like THEY think it’s my home, like an external representation of how i live my life instead of a very personal, intimate representation of my own thoughts and feelings
  • and ALSO i hate the idea that i need to “prioritize” women or men, that i need to frame my attraction in terms of social classes instead of in terms of individuals. 
  • if i date a man, and i prioritize him over random women i don’t know, i’m not prioritizing men over women, i am prioritizing a loved one over strangers???
  • similarly, if i date a woman, and i prioritize her over random men i don’t know, that’s not a political statement, that’s just…me being a human being and considering the feelings of someone i know and love over someone who has no connection to me?? oh my god
  • also what’s with the equation between prioritization and romantic relationships…the person im dating may or may not be more important to me than my platonic friends but if they are it’ll be because of my specific relationships with those people, not because romantic relationships are by default the most important relationships in any given person’s life
  • also what’s with the assumption that all bis are monogamous. if a bi woman is dating a man and a woman at the same time, what’s her status?? who is she prioritizing?? We Just Don’t Know
  • AND what about people who identify as neither a man nor a woman? what about people who identify as both? where does this leave us?
  • anyway my point is i don’t prioritize women over men OR men over women, i prioritize the people i know and love and my relationships with them over people i don’t know but happen to share a social class with. 
  • which goes back to the politicizing. you can prioritize certain groups in your activism (there’s cases where you shouldn’t, but like, it’s a thing that happens) but someone’s dating life isn’t activism and they’re not obligated to bring their activism into the bedroom. 

anonymous asked:

Prompt 76 bellarke

Bellarke Modern AU, ~2,200 words

For the prompt “I need you to pretend we’re dating” from this list.

On AO3.


No one who watched Bellamy and Clarke sniping at, bickering with, and insulting each other all through fall semester would believe the scene in Room 413 of Wallace dorm on January second.  

Not arguing, not even speaking, they are curled up under Clarke’s blanket together, cozy and warm in her narrow twin bed. Clarke is leaning back against Bellamy’s chest, his legs stretched out to either side of her. He’s twined his arms loosely around her while she holds open a book for them both to read. 

A month ago, any sort of friendliness between them would have been impossible, let alone this simple, instinctive comfort with each other. But then the semester ended, all but one dorm on campus closed for winter break, and all of Bellamy and Clarke’s respective friends packed their bags for a month at home. Clarke was lucky enough to already be living in Wallace, but Bellamy had to haul his stuff over from Walden, all the way over on the other side of campus. Worse, the room he’d been assigned was the one right next door to Clarke’s. For the first 48 hours, it was hell. They could hardly avoid each other, on a campus so empty and with only one thin wall between them, and the snapping and fighting that had been oddly exhilarating when they only saw each other once every couple of weeks turned stale and exhausting when they ran into each other several times a day. Reluctant conversations over the bathroom sink while they brushed their teeth turned, fairly easily, into daily lunches together by the big window in the cafeteria, and then to shared dinners and evenings in Clarke’s room, discussing current events and comparing notes on different classes and professors.

When they realized they had a remarkably similar taste in books, all pretense of acquaintanceship went out the window.

They also realized, in a gentle and unspoken way that still, when she stops to think about, causes Clarke no small amount of confusion, that sharing a bed is many magnitudes more pleasant than not, and from there cuddling became part of their daily routine, too. It doesn’t mean anything. Except that Clarke’s never seen Bellamy so much as put his arm around any of his other friends, and she doesn’t usually curl up under soft blankets with hers. She doesn’t consider herself an overly tactile person, at all. She just feels better when she’s leaning back against his broad chest.

Bellamy makes a low noise under his breath, a signal that he’s ready for her to turn the page. Just as she flips it over, though, the sullen hero’s journey is interrupted by the obnoxious buzzing of her phone.

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Does anyone else remember this pop song from around 2008?

by reddit user hartijay

I used to work on my university campus radio station in college. We used to talk about current events around the school, any news around the surrounding town, and played requested songs for students, something our school surprisingly allowed. I remember a very weird couple of months where students who tuned into the show constantly requested a song called “See You After, Babe”, a pop song by some one-hit-wonder group called Symmetry Icon, the dumbest name for a band I’ve ever heard. But that song was huge around October and November of 2008. As one of the campus radio’s DJs, I had to play that song over like a hundred times in two months. I heard it everywhere, in malls, gas stations, on real radio stations, and I think even on MTV.

Something was weird about that song, but I couldn’t remember exactly what. I tried Googling the song and band, but nothing came up in the results for either. Not even YouTube had a single clip of the song.

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The Other Lodge (Part 1)

Originally posted by likeyouwantme2

Pairing: OC x Reader

Requested: Nope

Synopsis: Veronica Lodge and her twin brother Jackson ‘Jax’ Lodge are new to Riverdale. He thought he was going to hate it here but then he met you.

GIF Not Mine

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Summer was coming to an end and the new semester would soon arrive. It was the same case every time when people would come off of the break, they would meet their friends at Pop’s and catch up. They would tell each other what they’ve been doing over the summer, or who, like it couldn’t wait till the first day back at school. This was the reason why instead of staying and eating at Pop’s you placed an order to takeaway.

While you waited you ordered a strawberry milkshake, your favourite, and scrolled through your phone trying to drone out the reunion between Betty and Archie that was going on in the booth next to yours. When you walked in to the diner you exchanged polite hellos and carried on to sit in the next booth; you knew that Betty didn’t want her conversation with Archie to be interrupted by the likes of you. It was obvious that she had a thing for him but apparently he was oblivious to it. You felt bad for Betty, Archie didn’t reciprocate the feelings she had well not in the way she hoped for, and you just wanted her to find out so she could move on with someone who does like her that way instead of pining over someone who unbeknownst to her doesn’t feel the same way.

You were in your own world scrolling through your Facebook and rolling your eyes at the numerous topless pictures of the guys on the football team that were on your feed when the bell of the door rang to signal someone entering the diner. You didn’t think much of it until you heard lack of conversation coming from Archie’s and Betty’s booth. Looking up you saw two new figures that you’ve never seen around Riverdale before.

The girl was average height, she had shoulder length, raven hair and was the epitome of fashionable, in your opinion. The other one was tall, however. He too had raven hair, it was short and had his long fringe swept back and was also the epitome of fashionable. You looked on at the exchange between the two new people and Archie and Betty. Archie looked really into the conversation along with the raven haired girl whereas Betty looked slightly annoyed at the interruption, even if she won’t admit it, and the raven haired boy looked bored like he would rather be anywhere but here.

To an onlooker they would think you were being a creepy stalker for staring at him but you couldn’t take your eyes off this mysterious guy. You took in all of his features; his perfect hair, his perfect outfit. He looked like someone straight from a magazine. You couldn’t quite put your finger on why you were so drawn to him, so engrossed in him. Normally he wouldn’t be your type. He was rich, a little bit self centred, a bit of a player. You knew the type too well. Your questioning would have to wait though because your thoughts were interrupted. “Order for Y/L/N!” When you heard your order had been called you shook your head to rid your thoughts of the mysterious stranger that plagued your mind and grabbed your bag shoving your phone inside. You got up from your seat at the booth and strolled toward the pick up for takeaway orders which also happened to be near where he was standing.

When he heard someone’s order being called he looked up from his phone and noticed what he thought to be the most beautiful girl in the room. He stood up straighter from his previous position of leaning casually on the counter. For the first time in his life he was speechless. Normally he would put his charm on and make a move to get your number but he couldn’t move as his legs were not cooperating with him. They stood fixed in place as he took in every feature of you. From your long Y/H/C hair to the way you swung her hips as you walked. He was captivated by you but he didn’t understand why. Normally he wouldn’t feel this way about anyone so soon ‘so what made you different to the others?’ he thought. His questioning would have to wait though as you made her way closer to him.

As you made your way to get your order you brushed past him making your way through the gap between him and the girl he came in with. You felt your heartbeat quicken from your close contact with him. You decided that it would be best to get your takeout and leave the diner quickly before he had a chance to seduce you and ask for your number. You grabbed your food and walked out of the door leaving an awestruck guy who hoped that he will see you again. ‘Maybe Riverdale won’t be bad after all.’ He thought.

Requests are open

A/N: so this is my first series type thing. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now and I’ve finally started it (yay me). I’m looking forward to write this and I’m always open to suggestion :). Also I have a Jace imagine in the works that I’ll post soon. I’d love to write more Shadowhunters, Teen Wolf, and Riverdale imagines so be sure to request them but of course you can request for any show :).


Lets go bitches.

What We Were Told About The Bakka Incident:

  • I feel like we have to start with the video because really, it was the lose thread that caused all this. So, Isak watches a video from Even’s second year with him and his “best buddy” Mikael. (s3e2)
  • It is insinuated that Even has known the balloon squad for some time and they were his closest friends. We see the boys at the Bakkoush household constantly so its safe to assume Even was there often. This is further confirmed by the fact that Even and Sana knew each other from the start of season 3. (s4e3)
  • What ever happened, it was during Even’s third year at Bakka. This incident caused him to repeat his year at Nissen. We know that whatever happened, is connected to social media. Vilde states in a text to Isak “Someone who went to Bakka with him last year said he totally snapped and wrote a lot of crazy stuff on the revue’s wall and stuff.” meaning Even wrote something on facebook that the school saw causing him to delete all his social media. (text s3) (link)
  • According to Elias “The guy just started doing a lot of random stuff. Then he tried to kiss Mikael among other things. And we tried to get him to chill but it didn’t work.” We can assume here that Even had a manic episode. Elias doesn’t elaborate but instead continues with “Sonja told me he was depressed. And when she told us, we tried to call him and text him a lot but…” Clearly, the boys cared a lot for Even. His use of “us” makes it clear they ALL, including Mikael tried to reach out but Even never responded. The last bit of this, is Sana asking Elias if he knew Isak was Even’s boyfriend and Elias shrugged it off. It confirmed for both Sana and us that Even’s sexuality has nothing to do with what happened between them. (s4e8clip1)
  • In contradiction to this we have Yousef’s view of the events. “You know Even? The guy we used to hang with? I think he’s gay. He tried to kiss Mikael. And Mikael is really religious. So he distanced himself completely and was really out of it. So it turned into… Even like trying to cure himself by reading the Quran. And it ended with him posting different verses from the Quaran- where it said like… gay people go to hell.” Where Elias brushes off the kiss attempt AND Even’s sexuality, Yousef is hyper focused on it. Then he goes on to say “You know he tried to kill himself?” to which Sana nods her head. Here we get a stranger confirmation: Sana knew Even well enough to know he wasn’t around anymore and for her to find out he tried to take his own life but knew NOTHING of the circumstances around it. (s4e4)
  • We know that Even did in fact read the Quran as it was confirmed by Sonja way back in s3 “He’s manic, that’s whats happening. He’s not well! Do you think he’s in love with you? He’s not. It’s just a sick idea he’s got right now!” (sorry i know it hurts) We now can see that Sonja was probably harsh because she thought she was reliving the incident from the year before. Even being manic, Even kissing a boy. She goes on to say “Last year he memorized the Quran in Arabic. Because at the time he thought that was a good idea.” Confirmation of part of what Yousef said. (s3e8)
  • The last bit here is Even being brought up in the Hey Briskeby video. Mikael still has Even’s phone number and when the guys try to talk about what happened, Mikael stops them. Adam starts with “You remember the thing with Even and Mikael?” We now can assume it was about the attempted kiss. What’s interesting is that Mikael states “It’s not important.” So according to both him (the person involved) and Elias, it really wasn’t a big deal. (SMS Roulette)

What We Saw:

  • We don’t see ANYTHING about the incident because skam doesnt do flashbacks. 
  • We do however see in that same youtube video how bringing up Even affects the boys. They become sad and quite with Mikael leaving the video all together for some time and Adam comforting Yousef. 
  • We see Elias sad but accepting of his loss of friendship with Even but then he perks up when Sana mentions Even asked about him. He even told her to say Hi for him next time they see each other. 
  • Mikael so it seems from that video in 2nd year was very close to Even his “best buddy” 
  • We also get to see Sana and Even interact without Isak. Without him, they let down any pretense and the familiarity and fondness is evident between them. Sana also gets a lot of joy from seeing Isak and Even together and we can infer that her fondness for them comes from seeing them happy and knowing BOTH their past and how far they have come. 

What We Were Told About The Fight:

  • Okay, okay. So we know only 2 things from the actual fight clip: Isak was hurt, Yousef ditched his friends in the middle of fight. Elias was pretty pissed off ( i mean i guess that’s 3 but they were all pretty pissed off) 
  • At the end of the clip we hear pepsi max girls talk about the fight and assume it happened for homophobic reasons. Sana ends up believing this. (s4e5)
  • She is angry with Elias under the assumption he punched Isak for being gay. We can assume she held this belief from her conversation with Yousef and how Mikael “freaked out” when Even kissed him. (s4e7clip1)
  • Isak finally reveals what happened….. sort of. He tells Sana “No it has nothing to do with that (homophobia). I punched Mikael. I guess I got a little jealous. And then Elias came and bam! knocked me down.” Why he got jealous we have no clue. DID he get jealous? no answers just more goddamn questions. (s4e7)
  • TODAY we get another major reveal. First Vilde claims she WITNESSED the fight and goes on to state “He was drunk and punched Mikael because Even and Mikael were talking. Jealous much? yes I think so.” So now we know that a conversation happened between Even and Mikael. And if Isak really did get jealous, did he come across them speaking in secret? Why was Vilde out there? What did the boys talk about? Why is Isak so fucking extra? (s4 text) (link)

What We Saw:

  • When we go outside to interrupt the fight (we as in audience and Sana of course) The first thing we see is Mahdi and Elias really going at it. We see Mikael trying to STOP the fight. He pushes Elias away and Mutta, trying to get them to leave. And we see Isak bleeding. 
  • What we don’t see? Vilde. 
  • or Yousef for that matter.
  • Later on when Sana is still giving Elias the cold shoulder, we see him pretty remorseful. 
  • Isak seems to just want to forget about the fight, maybe a little embarrassed it happened?
  • We see Even- oh wait no we fucking dont.
  • Again during the fight clip, we see Even look TERRIFIED when the balloon squad comes in. But…. Mikael isn’t there. The moment Mikael sees Even he leaves. 

So like, What do we actually fucking know?

  1. Even had a manic episode in his third year.
  2. Even tried to kiss Mikael. 
  3. Mikael DOES NOT HATE EVEN. 
  4. Even read the Quran and posted stuff on facebook.
  5. Isak is a jealous hoe doesn’t know everything. 
  6. SOMEONE has an issue with Even’s sexuality and it aint Elias or Mikael so  👀
  7. Even is terrified of SOMEONE  👀
  8. Something happened between the balloon squad reaching out after Even’s episode and his suicide attempt.

In Conclusion:


A little story in memory of Edith Windsor

This morning, I happened to see several articles making the rounds on Tumblr about how fighting so hard for same-sex marriage had been a mistake. Now, I’ve heard the arguments (you don’t work in queer theory without knowing them inside and out), and politically I’m more than a little sympathetic to the idea that the state shouldn’t get to determine the legitimacy of romantic and sexual unions, nor should special benefits be extended on the basis of one’s ability to enter into a state-sanctioned union. 

That being said, as we watch the postal vote in Australia (and all the homophobic rhetoric it’s stirring up) and reflect on the life and legacy of Edith Windsor, a lesbian trailblazer whose case eventually made it to the U.S. Supreme Court and brought down the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA), I couldn’t help but reflect on what the morning of that Supreme Court decision did for me. 

In the buildup to the decisions that summer of 2013, I remember watching as my friends on Facebook one-by-one, then suddenly en masse, began changing their profile pictures to the HRC’s equality sign, then, after critiques of the HRC’s transphobic policies began to emerge, to a revamped version of the equality sign or to other symbols–rainbows and the like–meant to symbolize support for a decision in favor of same-sex marriage. After all, not only was DOMA under consideration, but so was California’s Prop 8. And as someone who’d spent my whole life in Catholic schools, spent years sleeping with women and hating myself for it, drinking too much and sleeping too little as I pushed away the women I had fallen for, let them finally pull away, too frustrated with dealing with someone so deep in the closet, this broad show of support was inspiring, if slightly unexpected. 

Earlier that year, I’d finally done it–I’d finally come out. Not to everyone, not yet to family, but to myself, then slowly but surely to those closest to me. I’d said the words, let them sink in as true, as something that wasn’t just a dirty secret, but something I could embrace. I threw myself into all the queer theory and LGBTQ+ literature I could find, and let myself learn to claim an absolutely inspiring lineage of writers and thinkers and activists. And suddenly, here were friends and family members coming out in droves in support of my right to marry. No, changing a profile picture isn’t much effort, and no, marriage doesn’t seem like a particularly “radical” act to many, and sure, it was already legal in some states. But in my conservative Catholic hometown? You bet your ass it meant something. The kids posting on Facebook that everyone deserved the same protections under the law–they hadn’t been raised on those ideas; in fact, not that many years earlier, we’d all been in senior year of Catholic high school together being forced to write “False” next to the question of whether “Gay marriage is actually marriage” if we wanted full credit on an exam. But here they were, having learned and changed their minds and stepping up to engage with conservative relatives on Facebook, in classrooms, and at the dinner table–practicing what real allyship looks like. 

Then that week finally came–the week when we knew the decisions would start being handed down. The night before the decision came down (not that we knew it would come that early in the week), my girlfriend and I went on what was, at the time, one of our first few dates, having only gotten together that month. She cooked me dinner at her apartment, and we shared a bottle of wine, and we talked for what felt like hours–about anything and everything. And by the time we looked up, it was already 2 in the morning, so, for the first time, I spent the night at her place, went to bed curled up around her (not that I slept a wink until about 6 in the morning, too nervous about snoring or moving to really relax). But I still had my arms around the woman I was not so slowly, though also not so surely (having missed all those teenage firsts during high school), falling in love with, and I was happy–happier than I had been in a long time.

That next morning, June 26, we woke up–both of us already running late for work. But before I could panic about whether I had time to shower or to find clothes that hadn’t been slept in, I scrolled through the notifications on my phone, finding two AP Breaking News alerts: DOMA and Prop 8 had been struck down. And, god, as much as I had wanted to believe that we’d be strong enough to survive a decision either way (because we had been, for so damn long, and we would be again), had convinced myself that it wasn’t that big of a deal, waking up to the news that my country had recognized my love as legal, even if I never thought it was a right they should have in the first place? It still mattered. Because I could roll over in bed and look down at the absolutely stunning woman next to me and know that if we wanted to get married, we didn’t need to fly across country to do so, wouldn’t have to worry about that right being stripped away almost as soon as it was granted, wouldn’t have to listen as our conservative neighbors and old Catholic school teachers from back home sneered and pointed out that it was “just a civil union” to legitimate their homophobia. And god, for that…for that I will always be grateful to Edith Windsor and the thousands of LGBTQ pioneers (many of whom were, of course, not white or cis or wealthy like Windsor, who was chosen to represent us in large part because she was all of those things) who fought for so many years–long before Stonewall and the HRC and the ACLU–to get us to where we are today and to inspire us to keep fighting the good fight even now.


Vicky Holmes Leaves Warriors


What has for some time been a functional state of affairs has today become a somber reality. Vicky Holmes, one-third of the original Erin Hunter Warrior Cats team, has officially announced that she will no longer be writing for the series. The statement came today, April 24th, by way of Facebook, where she wrote that:

“Warriors has been the greatest blessing, the greatest privilege, the sharpest learning curve of my life. But nothing lasts forever. I won’t be writing for the series again. I will keep this page so that I can update you with movie news (oh please let there be some news soon!). And maybe I’ll pop in to share my new projects with you. But the latest series continues to top the bestselling charts, which proves what a fabulous job the new editorial team is doing (with the ongoing brilliance of Kate and Cherith, of course).”

Vicky has long served as the editor and story architect for the series - while writers such as Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry largely wrote the actual books themselves, it was Vicky’s creative vision that inspired them and much of the series as we know it. She has written much over the years about her inspiration for the series, but I’ve found this post from December 10th of last year to be especially revealing:

“It seems strange to talk as if I don’t have complete control over these cats. After all, I could have typed different words for the storyline … but these characters and their stories often seem to exist independently inside my mind, and my task is to watch quietly from the shadows and record what happens.”

Now, I’ve heard it said that Vicky and the rest of the Erins have only continued to write Warriors books because of money or fame. No doubt the success of the series prompted them to write more for it, but I think it’s clear that Vicky’s writing has always been about self-expression. Vicky’s cacoethes scribendi in many cases seems to come from flashes of inspiration. The character and story of Midnight both came after she decided that ‘Midnight’ would be a cool title for a book. I don’t know about you, but to hear a successful professional writer draw inspiration for an entire book and subsequent arc from merely thinking a title sounded good is really validating to me, especially as someone who’s created more titles than stories. Meanwhile, as I’ve chronicled before, it was a split-second vision of a cat disowning her own adopted kits to save them that gave way to the entire Power of Three arc. Her reverence for books like Watership Down helped to shape the series, while her love of action movies has littered the series with quotes pulled from the likes of Rambo, Gladiator, and The Avengers. And it was her own personal experience with being forced to face her own impending death that inspired the powerful conclusion to Cinderpelt’s character arc.

More so than any other person, the world of Warriors has and always will be Vicky’s creation. That being said, her own role in the series has been largely limited, as she hasn’t contributed to the main series since 2014. The latest arc, A Vision of Shadows, has earned much acclaim from the fandom, especially myself, despite being under the control of a new creative team. Her main contributions lately have been novellas, the most recent of which were Pinestar’s Choice and Spottedleaf’s Heart. Her decision to call it quits comes in the waning days of the controversy surrounding the latter’s inclusion of a Spottedleaf x Thistleclaw romance. The new plotline was poorly received as some fans disapproved of additional romantic interests by both characters, since it would seem in principle to cheapen their motivations and feelings in later books. Additionally others were put off by what to them seemed to be an inappropriate handling of a predatory relationship between a child and adult. I myself haven’t read the book, so I’ll refrain from any sort of formal judgement on these matters. I will however commend Vicky for the way she has faced this barrage of criticism. Staying as professional and thoughtful as always, she welcomed and responded to the criticism openly. Vicky thanked the fandom for their passion and thoughtfulness, stating that “Warriors has the best fans in the world - with the loudest voices and (sometimes) the sharpest claws!” Vicky is a class act and here demonstrates the virtues of love and humility, even in the face of opposition, that are all too necessary for this generation of readers to embrace.

Additionally, Vicky’s departure comes after criticism surrounding her personally anointed ‘super-fan’ Su Susann’s role in communicating Warriors information hit a crescendo. Many have taken issue with her ideas being considered series canon, claiming that they contain contradictions and baseless, needless assertions about the characters. I personally haven’t given her too much thought since I rarely use the Warriors Wiki and focus more on the text of the books themselves and my own reactions to it than any other source, but if you’re interested in learning more, my friend butterflyidentity has written a heavily-detailed piece about her on Warriors Amino.

Despite these recent controversies, Vicky maintains that they were not the reason for her sudden announcement. Quote:

“I’m not leaving because of the Spottedleaf furore. I won’t deny it’s been painful, but I’m tougher than that! I would know when I had written all the cat stories I had inside me. That time came with Pinestar’s Choice. I know there are a thousand more tales from the Clans to be told, but other people are doing a great job of that.I had hoped to go out with a triumphant bang rather than a clatter of outrage, but I guess we don’t always get what we wish for.”

Regardless of the quality of this series, nobody can denounce the content of Vicky’s character. I hope all of you make her exit as graceful as she offered it; leave her all the kind comments on Facebook and Twitter that you’ve ever thought and wish her the best on her future writing endeavors. She’s currently working on a new adult book series called Hope Meadows, with the first book Summer at Hope Meadows scheduled for release this June.

Vicky has already received many gracious and grateful comments from fans. Among others, butterflyidentity stated:

“I would like to thank Vicky for her tireless work on the series, running around the world on book tours, signing books with her iconic purple pen, and bringing joy and happiness to the fans.”

Blixemi, my friend and co-founder of Epic Rap Battles of Warriors, said:

“I’m so incredibly appreciative of her time she dedicates to her work and her fans. It is the most surreal experience to have spoken to someone who’s, quite literally, shaped and inspired all that I’m doing today. Her love and passion will be passed down through those she continually inspires.“

Tom, my occasional CatCast co-host and other good friend, added:

“Through the writings of Vicky I was able to establish dear friendships, some of which have lasted well over 10 years. I’m forever indebted to the joy I get from not only her creativity, but the creativity that she has inspired in others.”

Fellow Warrior Cats analyst Tennelle Flowers remarked that:

"I can’t thank Vicky enough for the world she has created and fostered through years of love and hard work. Warriors has shaped who I am as a person, and I would not be the same without her writings. In many ways, Warriors has given me more inspiration than any other form of media, and continues to inspire me to this day as an artist, and I hope Vicky knows that she has raised generations of artists who have found their calling through her books. I wish her the best in life and look forward to seeing where she goes next.”

And finally, fandom animator and comedian Moonkitti said:

“There was a time in my life when all I needed to hear were Midnight’s words of reassurance to three cats who had recently lost their abilities. I want to thank Vicky for not only Dovewing’s Silence, but every warrior cat book she’s worked on, because without them I would be a completely different person. I wish her all the luck in the world as she moves on to "adult books” from one of the most mature and thoughtful children’s series I’ve ever read.“

Personally, I owe Vicky a great deal of gratitude for creating Warriors, a series that got me through some of the loneliest years of my childhood and today has served as the basis for my current YouTube channel and more importantly many wonderful friendships. Going forward, this decision likely won’t have much of an effect on the books themselves, but now is as good of a time as any to reflect on the series and to share your gratitude and prayers with a person who has given us all so much joy.


Jaune’s Semblance has ALREADY been NAMED and SHOWN - RWBY Theory

Watch the video before you read on!

(Copied from the post I made on the RWBY and Beyond Facebook page)

I’ve always thought Jaune’s semblance was the ability to rebound attacks, hence why Cardin is clutching his hand after punching Jaune in Forever Fall. This video made me think of another theory. What if semblance depends upon how one’s aura is unlocked? Ren’s aura was most likely unlocked when he was at his lowest point emotionally, in a situation where keeping calm was literally the only way to survive, which is why his semblance allowed him to do just that. What if Nora accidentally electrocuted herself, but her aura unlocked to save her and she was able to absorb the electricity? Emerald, being a thief, might’ve found herself cornered at one point, but her aura unlocked and her semblance allowed her to escape. And Blake might have needed a semblance that literally took the hit on days when Adam was especially cruel. The Schnees are very much about passing on their legacy, so what if by hereditary semblance, they don’t mean genetics, but unlocking the next generation’s aura and thus passing on a semblance that way? That would align with this video’s idea of Pyrrha doing the same thing for Jaune.

You might be wondering why people wouldn’t just unlock each other’s semblances then. It’s because someone else’s semblance might not end up being what another person needs most. If Ren had any semblance other than the one he got, so you think he and Nora would’ve escaped Kuroyuri? A six year old shooting fireballs from his palms or something still wouldn’t be able to fight through all those grimm. If Nora’s aura was already unlocked and she had a different semblance, would she have otherwise been able to survive a powerful electric shock? Another reason is that Remnant seems to value diversity in it’s warriors. Everyone has a different weapon, outfit, fighting style, and dust preferences. Having many people with different semblances would mean that it would be easier to find someone well suited to a specific job.

I think the best thing about my theory, even if you don’t believe it, is that it allows you to come up with a story behind why every single person has their semblance. I’ve done Nora, Emerald, Blake, and the Schnees. What about Yang, Ruby, Qrow, Glynda, Sun, and many more? I encourage you to come up with some of your own and share them with me.

One thing I would like to say about the idea of Jaune’s semblance being polarity is that it would be a huge shock if it came true, and a reveal that would feel well worth the wait I think, especially since V4 was about Jaune cementing Pyrrha’s legacy in his weaponry, armour, and nightly sword training. Need to have the symbolic foreshadowing before the reveal. I almost feel like I heard a massive spoiler now! There will be no “WTF” moment but an “I kinda saw that coming” moment. I’ll always have the reaction videos to look forward though 😊

Story of us

Summary: Y/N always thought that her and Calums story would be like a fairytale, but perhaps it’s just a story without a happy ending. Based on Taylor Swifts song.

A/N: I’m really sorry that I haven’t been active in ages, but there’s a lot going on in my life right now, and I don’t have that much time to write… I’ll admit that this is not the best I’ve written, but then again it’s not the worst either, so I hope you’lll all give it a chance! x

Used to think one day we’d tell the story of us

How we met

And the sparks flew instantly

And people would say “they’re the lucky ones”


Your mother would always tell you stories about princesses and princes who met and fell in love at the first glimpse they caught of each other and at first, you believed her. But when you got older and experienced falling in love for the first time, you realized that the stories weren’t as realistic as you had thought when you were a little girl; love at first sight didn’t happen outside fairytales and definitely not for an ordinary girl like you. However, when you met Calum Hood, you began to question that belief. As soon as your eyes met his brown ones, fireworks filled your body, time stopped and it felt like you were being hit by a lightning.

Suddenly, you found yourself in a reality that had a lot in common with the fairytales of your childhood and the romantic movies you liked to watch as a teen. And in a matter of few seconds, you felt yourself ripping your heart out of its place in your chest and placing it in his long, elegant hands. Somehow, your heart quickly adjusted to the feeling of the rough skin that he gained from playing on stringed instruments, and his palms became its home. And if it wasn’t enough that your heart belonged to him, his voice was nearly hypnotizing to you and you swore you saw a future in his glance with loving kisses, palms intertwined and picnics at the beach.

You always thought that one day, when you and Calum had settled down, gotten married and had kids, you would them the story about how you met, how the sparks flew instantly and how it was clear to anyone who saw you, that the two of you belonged together. And you had been so sure that there in a couple of years would be small children with Calum’s chocolate brown eyes and your (y/h/c) hair, but suddenly the two of you weren’t even on speaking terms and the future you had thought were right in front of you, vanished like smoke in front of your eyes.


I used to know my place was a spot next to you

Now I’m searching the room for an empty seat

Cause lately I don’t even know what page you’re on

When you were with Calum, you knew who you were and where you belonged. Your place was next to him, whether it was in a red velour seat at an award show, walking beside him in the street with your hand in his or on the couch late at night, watching a cheesy movie while tucking at his small curls. But now here you were, completely by yourself and looking for an empty seat where your eyes would have no chance of catching a glance of him. However, you couldn’t prevent your eyes from taking in his appearance just for a couple of seconds before you sat down. He looked great, he really did. His hair had gotten a bit shorter since the last time you saw him and the dark circles under his eyes were not as prominent as they used to be, but he still looked like the Calum you loved, and the need for him made you feel like you were out of air. Without him at your side, you felt empty, like there was a big piece missing in your puzzle.

He hadn’t seen you yet; he was busy chatting with Lauren, Ashton’s sister, and you weren’t sure you wanted him to. Because if he did, one of you would have to choose whether to greet the other or not. And since you hadn’t heard a thing from him since the breakup or had had the energy to ask his friends how he was doing, you had no idea which one he would choose. But perhaps you would find out today, and you couldn’t help but wonder if the reason for you being invited to his best mate’s wedding was because Calum missed you just as much as you missed him.

Oh, a simple complication

Miscommunications lead to fallout

So many things that I wish you knew

So many walls up that I can’t break through


You had tried so many times to go over the break-up, but no matter how many times you tried, you couldn’t figure out what had coursed it. It had happened slowly; so slow, you didn’t even realize it before it was too late. He went on tour, and somehow, without any of you noticing it, good morning-texts and late night-calls became less frequently, and when he finally returned home to you, you had lost to ability to communicate with each other. There hadn’t been an actual talk between the two of you about letting go of your relationship, but one day when you came home, his things were gone, and about a week after, you changed your relationship status on Facebook and deleted the Instagram posts that he was in. However, here you were; 2 months after the day where you and Calum’s paths went in different directions and still as heartbroken as if it had happened yesterday.

While you stood there looking at the man, whom you had thought were the love of your life, you felt the words you never got to say to him fill up your body. You wished you contained the courage to walk up to him, to sit down beside him and tell him how you felt. Tell him, that you were sorry, tell him, that you laid in bed every night, longing for his sweet humming against your hair and his arm around your shoulder. You would tell him, that you loved him and that you needed him to take you back, because without him, your life felt like it was without purpose. But you weren’t brave enough, and the words that would forever be engraved in your longing heart was just another wall you couldn’t break through.


Now I’m standing alone in a crowded room

And we’re not speaking

And I’m dying to know

Is it killing you

Like it’s killing me?


When you stood there, completely alone while being surrounded by people you just two months prior had called your friends, you realized that the feeling of being alone didn’t come from not talking to anyone, but instead because Calum’s hand was missing from your back and the sound of his laughter gone from your ears. And even though there were only about five meters between your bodies, it felt like you were in different galaxies.

Now that you saw him again, reality finally hit you; you weren’t the cause of his smile anymore, the reason for the sparkle in his eyes or the person he seemed to mention in all conversations, simply because he couldn’t talk about himself without talking about you. Just like Calum were a part of you, you had been a part of him. Your pieces had fitted perfectly together, and even though neither of you had been one to believe in the one and only or soulmates, none of you could deny the feeling that the two of you belonged together in ways, that could be hard to understand for others and sometimes even for the two of you. And that’s why it felt so bizarre that you now stood alone and wondered if you were the only one feeling like you were drowning.

I don’t know what to say since a twist of fate, when it all broke down

And the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now


Just like you couldn’t help but believe that it was written in the stars that you and Calum would find love, it felt like your break up had been out of your hands too; like it was some strange twist of fate that tore your heart into pieces, and neither you nor Calum were given any other choice than to walk away from each other. And perhaps it was destiny that the two of you would find each other and think that this was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, and then ending up breaking the other’s heart instead. Perhaps you went through all this pain because there was an important life lessen you had to learn. Either way, it hurt like hell, and you couldn’t help but think about the fact that your perfect fairytale suddenly looked more like a tragedy. Why hadn’t the fairytales, you had grown to believe in, warned you that sometimes, a happy ending was out of reach?

How’d we end up this way?

See me nervously pulling at my clothes and trying to look busy

And you’re doing your best to avoid me


It was time for the groom’s speech, in this case Ashton’s, and you cursed yourself for letting the curly haired boy’s beautiful words become background noise in favor of thinking about you and your ex’s situation.

Ashton always had a way with words, and that was clear to the reactions his speech received. If it wasn’t for the fact that this was his and his beautiful wife’s big day, you would have begged him to explain your contradictory feelings; how you could love and miss someone as much as you loved and missed Calum, while knowing that the relationship you had shared with the Maori boy had so little chance of getting back on track. It was somehow always easier for you to wrap your head around things when Ashton had explained them for you, and you wished he could do it now; maybe then you could begin to move on.

“Well, my dear Mrs. Irwin, I think it’s time to get this party going. May I have this dance?” Ashton’s words to his wife pulled you back to reality, as the happy couple made their way to the empty floor. People gathered in a circle around Ashton and his wife, but you just kept standing in the corner of the room. The circle of people was slowly dissolved, as more and more joined in on the couple, and at last, you were one of the only people whose body didn’t move to the beat.

I’m starting to think one day I’ll the story of us

Of how I was losing my mind when I saw you here

But you held your pride like you should have held me

As you stood there, leaning up against a cold marble pillar, you started to wonder how the story about you and Calum would be told in the future. If it would be the tragic story of two stubborn individuals who couldn’t find the right words to tell each other and then deciding not to say anything at all, because they were too proud in the end. Perhaps your story would be a tragedy as great as Romeo & Julie, or perhaps it would be as unknown as any other sad love story that lives forever in the hearts of the involved, but never is said out loud.

The guests were still dancing, and after a few minutes even Calum joined in. A gorgeous brunette with the body of a model were the lucky girl who got to dance with your ex, and when she whispered something in his ear, he shot her the biggest smile you had seen of his face in a long time. There hadn’t been a lot of smiles in the last period of your relationship, to be honest, and you had missed seeing it more than you had realized. Calum always smiled with all his white teeth visible, and he looked incredibly cute when doing so. Clearly the girl thought the same, ‘cause right after, she shifted even closer to his lean body and placed her fingers on his chest. He didn’t remove them, and he didn’t even look uncomfortable. Had he gotten over you this fast? Didn’t it take him more than two months to forget you, the girl he always swore he’d marry?

Oh I’m scared to see the ending why are we pretending this is nothing

I’d tell you I miss you but I don’t know how

I’ve never heard silence quite this loud

When Calum finally caught your glance, his body stiffened and a sorrowful expression appeared on his face. He looked like he wanted to say something, but you weren’t sure, and even if you were, it could just be to the girl in his arms. However, his brown orbs didn’t dart away from yours a second and as cliché as it may sound, all the loud voices and the slow music disappeared and it felt like you and Calum were the only ones in the room.

All the broken promises and shattered pieces of both of your hearts made you wonder how Calum would describe it, perhaps in a song, and you were pretty sure the words would be something like “never heard a silence quite this loud”, because at least that was how you felt.

Calum was the first to break the trance and look away, and the sting in your heart felt like it would tear your whole body apart. He was so close and had never been further away, and it only took him a few seconds to get himself together after your moment. How could he act as if all of this was nothing?


This is looking like a contest

Of who can act like they care less

But I liked it better when you were on my side

But two could play this game, you decided and searched the room for a good looking person. The first who caught your attention was a male, probably in his mid-twenties with curly blond hair and, from what you could see, a nice smile and kind eyes. When he realized you were looking at him, his cheeks heated up. He was good enough for the purpose, you decided.

You made your way through the room and took a sip of your champagne while doing so. Perhaps it would get you the courage to let another man touch you like Calum was supposed to. You greeted the guy with a smile and asked him if he wanted to dance. You were pretty sure he just had parted with another girl and took a break from dancing, but judging by the way he shyly looked at you, he seemed willingly to go on the floor again.

You really tried to keep up a conversation with him, but you weren’t really into answering questions such as: “How do you know the bride and groom?”, “Is this what you’d like your wedding to be like?” and “What do you do for a living?” Besides, you were already busy watching Calum through the corner of your eye, and happily, he seemed disturbed and kept sending your dance partner death glances.

The battle’s in your hands now

But I would lay my armor down

If you say you’d rather love than fight


It was his decision, you realized. You weren’t going to take the first step, and if he wasn’t either, then the two of you would be over. But if he walked away from the pretty brunette and decided to go after you instead, you would lay your armor down the second he asked you to. If he told you that he was tired of pretending and just wanted to be with you again, you would go with him wherever he wanted. But he just kept dancing. And you felt yourself give up. He was the one that had left you, after all, so it was him who had to reach out, but he didn’t. You wanted to yell at him; scream that he never would find anybody like you, and that would regret this later on. But you just kept on dancing, too.

So many things that you wish I knew

But the story of us might be ending soon


It’s over, you told yourself and tried to hold back the tears. Now that you knew Calum was never going to be yours again, you remembered so many things that you wanted him to know. You wanted him to know how much he had hurt you, and that you hoped it would keep on haunting him for the rest of his day. And you wanted him to know, that you had loved him from the second you laid eyes on him for the first time and that you didn’t think you’d ever stop loving him. But you couldn’t tell him these things, and that was a fact you had to live with.

So you excused yourself from the stranger, walked out of the wedding and called an Uber. When you sat in your apartment, once owned by Calum too, you started packing down your stuff in boxes and not more than a week after, you closed the door to the place where you and Calum had loved each other. The days of reminiscing was over, and now you just had to figure out how to tell your own story instead of the story of yours and Calum’s. The story of you and Calum had ended, and yeah, it wasn’t a happy-ever-after, but you knew that there would be other stories to come.


The end

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Okay I had started to write this earlier today but then I realized I was nearly doing a complete writeup of this class on the history of art patronage in Italy in the 15th and 16th century that I took for my bachelor’s, and while I personally think it’s a fun subject it *can* get a little meandering so… this is the short version (which is telling, lol).

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Of course, of course! Let me use names, it might make it more understandable :) But feel free to switch their roles! "Modern AU: Clarke can't sleep at night; Bellamy often wakes up with nightmares. He ends up seeing all of her late night Snapchats and Instagram posts. Cue adorable late night talks, etc." Hope this helps!

I twisted it a little bit because Im incapable of writing angst… So it’s Bellamy having weird dreams and Clarke not sleeping at night! Social Media Au!

thank you @bellamybb for reading this over! tagging some people who showed interested in this @francyfifty @prongsno​ and also @selflessbellamy@marauders-groupie@boob-morley@hiddenpolkadots​ because i want your thoughts on this

Keeping me up at night

Clarke Griffin: Should I stop drinking coffee or should I continue not sleeping at night?

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           Wells Jaha: you’re gonna die at 30

           Raven Reyes: you could never stop drinking coffee. Rip friend. Nice knowing you.

Clarke wasn’t a big sleeper. Ever had been. Apparently, she didn’t need a lot of sleep to function.

However, she needed a lot of caffeine.

Her phone vibrated with a new Facebook notification: Bellamy Blake commented on your post.

          Bellamy Blake: I knew you were a fake. I don’t sleep at night by my own means thank you very much.

She smiled and immediately answered.

           Clarke Griffin: yeah you’re right. Coffee got me awake since im a baby…

           Bellamy Blake: clearly. Don’t do drugs kids.

She didn’t know Bellamy that well. She only met him once for one of Octavia’s birthday party but they somehow ended up following each other on most social medias. She wasn’t complaining because he was fun and he seemed to not sleeping at nights, just like her, and they always ended up talking through the night… She liked him.

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Episode 100 Director’s Notes

((I normally don’t post these but I felt that these were so important to read no matter what kind of fan you are. Thank you Joseph and Jeffrey, you have given us so much and continue to give us your all.))

My wife and I got married a few months after we got engaged. We were married in a short ceremony that took place in our apartment, officiated by Carlos-voice/delightful person Dylan Marron, and attended by only our immediate families.

Thinking about episode one hundred, we discussed the idea of Cecil and Carlos getting married. We didn’t want this to be a lengthy multi-episode plotline. A wedding does not always have to be a saga. Sometimes it can just be a day.

When we talked about this episode, we also discussed a way to celebrate the landmark of 100 (!) episodes. That is 100 episodes that Jeffrey and I have written and edited (with the occasional help of our amazing guest writers, something we’re hoping to continue and even expand in 2017), 100 episodes that Cecil has sat down and recorded, 100 episodes that I have edited in Audacity, 100 episodes that have gone out into the world to be downloaded by anyone with an internet connection.

I forget which of us had the idea, but there came the question: could we include every person who had ever done a guest part for us? The answer, it seemed to us, was definitely not. That’s a lot of people, and our episodes aren’t that long. Maybe we could fit in a bunch of them, but not all.

But we decided to try. And they’re all in there. Some of them just for a word. Some for full monologues. All of them are amazing performers who have brought this world to life for us over the last four and a half years.

Working with folks like Wil Wheaton or Retta or James Urbaniak is obviously an amazing experience. But so is working with performers like Kevin R Free and Kate Jones and Erica Livingston. Every person we’ve cast on our show has had two things about them: 1. They are wonderful people who are a delight to work with. 2. They are exceptionally talented.

We are grateful for each and every one of them, and so excited we could bring them all together for this day.

- Joseph Fink
December 15, 2016


In the old model of broadcast television, 100 episodes is a milestone beyond just the roundness of the number. (And it is pretty round. Just look at it: 100.) One hundred episodes was the marker that indicated the show would be syndicated. Residuals for years! Obviously in podcasting, everything is syndicated all the time, and there are no residuals from networks.

Perhaps the years will age this medium into something resembling the models of television, but in our time making this show, what’s been so rewarding is not having to create it under the machinery of gatekeepers and check-writers. We wrote it, acted it, recorded it, produced it, promoted it, and for a variety of reasons, people liked it.

For 4 ½ years and 100 episodes, and a novel, and 5 different live stage shows, we have written nearly half a million words for the Night Vale universe. (500,000 is even rounder than 100!) And in the lobbies after shows, or on twitter/facebook/tumblr/email, or sometimes even in the streets, people tell us: “This show is important to me.” “Night Vale saved my life.” “Cecil puts me to sleep.” (I swear that last one is said in the tone of a compliment.)

Never did we think our weird little town would be considered important, especially not to so many people. We’ve watched fans come together online for the past nearly half a decade and share stories of coming out, of social anxiety, of fighting illnesses, of insomnia, or of something as simple as boredom. They share their love of Night Vale, not with us, not out of praise, but with each other. In that way Night Vale becomes a real place - a meta-universe of itself where people meet to build stories of how alone they no longer feel.

I grew up before the internet, and I wish I could have had a community to tell 1980s me that sports has non-aggressive fans, that someone else was watching Eerie, Indianabesides me, that it’s totally cool to make a Rogue (X-Men) cosplay, and maybe even wear it in public, and maybe even how to get that white streak in your hair. Sorry, I have no photos of that moment in my life, but just know Rogue had way better abs than I.

I had radio, and I slept to it, and it was my community. It was a single voice telling stories and playing music, and it put me to sleep. Radio was important to me. It didn’t matter the song or the story, just that it comforted me at my most difficult time of day: night.

It heartens me to know other people love Night Vale and love each other for loving Night Vale. I can’t believe we’ve made 100 episodes. Four and a half years. Time is weird, I guess. With or without our current listenership, I’m pretty sure Joseph and Cecil and I would still be making this show, but it’s way funner with you along. Thank you for making it great. Thank you for sharing your lives, both with us and with each other.

- Jeffrey Cranor
December 15, 2016