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What Is In A Name!

She used to dream of her lover and never knew his face. She used to dream of her home but before she could take it back she was suddenly met with a different path.

Daenerys chose to look North. Daenerys chose to fight the real enemy. It costed her Viserion. It costed her and her dear friend Missandei, Greyworm and it almost took her. All her life she bled, she gave, she suffered, she withstood, she ran, she walked, she crawled, she breathed a life not befitting for a daughter of a King. As mad as her father was she was still a princess.

Home is not just an architectural vision anymore, it is in her husband. It is in her family. She remembers the fateful day he came to her shores. She remembers the moment she came to seeing his face in the cave. In the dimmed tunnel… his face like a passing shadow. Like the lover in her dreams. Even before she willingly allowed herself to at least weigh the odds of finding romance amidst a war albeit her heart had already chose. Her heart had already sought the face of her once dreamt lover and found him to be infinitely more than just a vision himself.

Aegon is his name. He did not like it. He used to say it reminds him of the lies.

“Your real name … is Aegon Targaeryan. You were never a bastard.”

 "I sure felt like one. I lived like one. I did as one. I breathed as one. I ran, fought, crawled, walked as one. That name to me,“ he spat, "is worthless!A Targaeryan? It will never conjure up to the real life I lived. What?! A prince of Dragonstone?”

“And what of the Northron Lords? The moment they hear the truth they will drop their loyalties and walk away, and maybe even kill me first.”

Arya tugs on the hilt of her Needle before breaking in to say, “I’d like to see them try!”

All awhile Sansa leaned back into her chair, her hand clasped around her mouth with disbelief.

“He lied to me! My fathe- Uncle lied to me! All those years he never spoke a word! He lied!” Jon ended with exasperation his voice shaking. The grave realisation of who he really is dawning upon him, the father he thought was his, the love he thought he deserved, the cruelty that was brought upon him he believed he deserved. All a lie. Ned Stark is a liar.

“He lied.”

Pairs of eyes drifted across the room towards the silver haired Queen. Sansa and Arya by instinct peeked up to protect their late father and even Bran who was known to be rather … bizarre drifted his attention towards the Dragon Queen.

“Even so, you would ignore the measures of which your uncle went, to even have you breathing still? Do you ignore that if it weren’t for his promise to your mother, to protect you with his life, giving part of himself away as a Lord and as a man to his wife, the Usurper would’ve killed you? Do you ignore the principles he has taught you, to be noble, true to your word and honourable? Everything that man did for you… taught you, is it all for naught then Jon?”

The Stark siblings exchanged glances, surprised at the Queens avow on their father. Yet Jon was livid.

He turns to face her before bellowing, “I was raised a bastard. Or did you forget that Your Grace? I was spat on, I wasn’t allowed to sit with my half brothers or- cousins it doesn’t matter I was looked down upon. Catelyn Stark hated my guts even if I breathed half a mile away from her she hated it. He lied to me. All my life I thought he was my father, and yet I can’t bear, that now I remember everytime he looked at me he would’ve been reminded that it was my fault I tarnished his reputation… my fault I tore him away from his wife, my fault I bruised his family! You wouldn’t have survived what I survived!”

“He wouldn’t do that Jon. Our father loved you like you were his own, and you are our own! You have the blood of the wolf and the blood of the dragon. You are a Stark-” and before Bran could finish his sentence Jon turns away and faces the firepit in an angry stance not willing to have anymore of what the three eyed raven had in say.

Silence fumed the air despite the whole party gathered around the dull room. Bran, still, as emotionless..

Sansa and Arya, glanced at each other remembering the survival they thought the other wouldn’t have survived. They’ve had this ‘conversation’ before and it proved to be meaningless.

Sam stood by the fire undecidedly choosing who to look at Daenerys or Jon, twiddling his thumbs reevaluating whether this was a great idea after all.

Tyrion sporting a glass of wine after the reveal of Jons or is it Aegon now … whichever Jon sees fit for himself, true lineage.

If the Night King knew cold, then her orbs were a furnace.

She narrowed her eyes and without notice for shaken weight beneath her feet she slowly but briskly walked her body up to him. And in a low voice, “You wish to diminish my ability to have gone through what you went through when I have never done such to you with my history. Yes I am a woman and you a man. We may not be the same, but I am just as capable. I am just as worthy. I am just as important, and in my own conviction I am just as strong. I will not try to undermine your past by repeating my own. My reputation serves enough of it.”

“Yes the Targaeryan name has its own weight and yet I will choose to not conform to the maddening ways of my past ancestors. Why? Because I know better.”

After Viserys she always thought she was the last to carry the Targaeryan name, and when she reminisced the heated arguments of her succession with her Lord Hand, she never thought the name would still continue. Tyrion looked up to the Queen he chose and realised that no matter the odds of their romance, if they levelled each other, in spite of all the stupid decisions they’ve made, the two had a chance in surviving anything.

The Targaeryans were known to marry within their own blood, to preserve their links to their dragons, the blood of Old Valyria.

Sansa finally spoke but with a heavy heart she pushes on to say, “ You maybe half Targaeryan, but you are still my brother. Then, now, and always!”

Arya follows after her and she looks to Bran who in turn nods his affirmation. She had always and even despite her mothers cruelty towards Jon, Arya had and always will, side with him. She loved Jon like he was her own brother, and there was nothing that could make her love him any less. Not even a name.

Across the room they are still locked in an impassioned gaze, their breaths catching the vapour of the cold. He clenches his jaw and finally looks down, head bent while Daenerys follows him searching for his brown eyes. She takes his calloused gentle hands in her own. The dragon inside him needs to awaken. It’s been dormant far too long. It wasn’t surrender that overcame him, and she did not accept defeat. The blood of her blood and the blood of the dragon needs to wake the dragon within, not in rage or fits of anger, but to finally accept that dragons were always meant to take Fire.

To take flight.

She curls her hands with his between their chests and whispers, “We can’t bear to lose to this when we know what is coming. You can’t run away Jon. We can’t bear to waste any more time and we will figure out later the fight with Cersei on the Iron Throne-”

“I don’t want the throne-” “

I know,” she softly assures him.

“Jon if there is one thing that I have learnt in all the lessons that I’ve been taught, that it is our choices that condemn us. You wonder why he lied, he chose to love you as his own, condemning his own life, but I imagine it would have been a joy to see you grow into more than everything your mother never lived a day to witness. The least you could do is honour that.”

That night comes and goes in memory whenever she looks at the Starks. What a man their father might have been, their mother was also lied to and it was not in anyone’s candle light to hold her to her actions. Catelyn Stark felt what any other wife could’ve felt. Her brother Rhaegar may have been foolish, blinded by love and lust, driven to annul his dutiful responsibilities for the realm and chose love. Love costed themselves and the realm. Love costs.

But Gods be damned if her husband were to take another woman. What hypocrisy that is it doesn’t matter though she knows her husband is noble and too fair and too just to act on such lust outside of their love. A man of honour in his heart. She still can’t help but wonder whether she would still be enough, even when her hair is greyed out, if anyone could tell, or even when her bones become too frail.

The door closes behind her and she feels a warm embrace around her torso. His face coming to rest beside her neck laying open kisses behind her ear.

“Have they gone to bed?” she asks.

He lets out a chuckle and continues to plant gentle caresses with his mouth while saying , “Daeron wasn’t happy, and Ned only went to bed with a promise to ride Visenya tomorrow and Lynaera wants to ride with Ghost.”

He playfully squeezes her hips and moves his hands behind her starting to unravel her gown, resting atop her bum. With every deft movement of his fingers he never fails to let his mouth leave her neck. She smiles, humming with content full in her heart and turns around to face him resting her palm on his naked chest, his lips halting but his hands never stopped.

“You promised our 4  year olds a ride with a dragon and a full sized direwolf? The dragon I can forgive, Visenya is not that large yet but Ghost…. that I can’t my love,” she protested with a gleam.

All the while he had already finished dissembling her dress before him and pushes it down her body leaving her nipples to harden in exposure. So was he. With anticipation for his Queen.

His palms rested on her wide hips and pulls her closer to his body. He smooths his hands down along her backside and pulls apart softly at her cheeks bringing her up and even closer to him making her moan her pleasure.

“What’s wrong with Ghost?” he murmured softly with a hum and touched her forehead with his, their breaths mingling with each other. “Hmm?”

“He’s far too large and the pups aren’t big enough yet for riding-”

“I don’t know if you can tell my queen but I am rather large for you beneath my underpants if you would like to participate in this riding.”

She gasps with surprise before letting out a laugh bringing her arms up to hold her husbands back pushing him down, closer to her skin. His shaft, truly… hard against her stomach.

“Mmm you got undressed rather quickly my King,” she drags her palms from under his shoulder blades across his chiseled chest and down towards the edge of his britches. Her sex grows slick with want and wetness and she wants nothing more than for him to take her into his arms and ravish her in more ways than she could count.

She pulls at the waistband and slips her soft touch towards his cock before taking the precum at the tip with a swipe of her finger and rubs it onto her slick folds.

Like a trickling hourglass Jon watches her wanton actions with hot breath escaping his mouth finding moisture on her top lip and then the sands of time gives in at its last grain. He growls like a mad wolf beneath his lungs and takes her lips in a heated battle of tongues. His hands pulls and kneads at her arse cheeks, pushing her up against his body grinding his body against hers. They’ve done this countless times before.

It should be simple and easy now and yet it was just as core shattering as the first time they laid together. In a muttered gasp she breathes out, “Jon! I want to feel every ridge of your cock inside me,” and pushes his britches down exposing his hard rod, and wraps her hands around the base of his member.

He doesn’t let her continue with anything more lest he gives in so he gathers her in his arms and carries her to their bed, her lower back just shy of the edge. She opens her smooth legs and he looks down at his beautiful wife.

Her lips inviting, her eyes a fury furnace, her tits with her pebbled nipples and probably still full of milk and he reminisces the time she had let him thirst on her rosy teats with the taste of milk on his tongue. Her chest rising and falling with hums of gasps, her curved waist and birthing hips are where he loves to handle her while pulling her up and down his shaft when she rides him. Her thighs are firm from all the riding on her dragons or on his dragon and finally her glistening cunt. A cavern he loves to get lost in and the one place he would spend to drink himself to a state of stupor.

He bends down eye level with her slick wetness and notices the mix of both their juices between her pussy lips and if rock was hard, his dick becomes pressed diamond. Her puckered clit stands out into the air and he leans down to sniff at her invigorating scent moaning loudly and licking his lips before fingering her clit between his middle and ring finger. Her body jerks at the touch and shudders at the feel on her sensitive spot.

“Jon please!” she begs and thrusts her hips upwards under his fingers.

“I love your body! Your eyes, your lips, your ears and that sensitive spot on your neck that has you shaking when I dress my lips to it and your tits when I press my tongue on your nipples sucking them into my mouth!” he whispers, her swollen lips catching his hot breath.

“I love the noises you make when I am making you feel this good, your legs and your thighs squeezing me while I make love to you my Queen.”

She gasps loudly and sits up on her elbows watching her husband feast his eyes and touch on her swelling pussy. She almost came right then and there.

“I love your pussy my love!” she lets out a whine at the words before grabbing his chin to face her and whimpering a, “Its yours my King.”

To feel love come in at his eyes, coming inside of her, or love in his gentle touch, or even when he takes her from behind. Pushing and pulling her warm snatch over his rigid cock taking her every breath.

“Please Jon,” she pleaded while he continues to play with her clit nipping at her thighs and starts moving closer to where she needs him to be and he gives her a final graze of his teeth on her puckered clit.

But he goes back to kissing her thighs. She huffs out her frustration and reaches down to his dark locks pulling at the soft tresses of hair she finds.

Finally, her abdomen tightens, and she can’t withhold her pleasure anymore. It slowly turns into bearing pain when he still skips over where she wants his mouth to be and right when his gaze catches her watering eyes she pleads once more with a shaky gasp, “Please Jon!”

He licks a stripe from the bottom of her cunt and flicking at the knob and her body clenches in a tight coil within her and she lets go. He is quick to slick his tongue inside her tight hole coaxing her juices into his mouth and the move alone has her shaking on her back.

He presses both his fingers inside tucking it agonisingly slow in and out of her pussy and shifts his attention to her nub sucking it into his mouth, holding it lightly between his teeth and flicking it with the tip of his tongue. She screams her pleasure and tightens around his fingers as he moans his lustful savour of her sweet cunt. He laps up her juices between his fingers and finds that she is about to cum again.

She struggles to push away from Jons assiduous mouth at first and finally she pushes at his chest with her feet and topples over onto her front taking in gasps of air. Her pussy, still aching, clenches at nothing and she yearns for the push of his hard rod to bring her to utmost pleasure. She rises up on her knees and hands before looking behind her at Jon with his dick in his clenched fist, breathing heavy. She moves around facing him and he moves forward to meet her, placing one knee on the bed and with his other hand caressing her face, he pulls her mouth into his. He bends down and pulls a nipple into his mouth and groans deeply before running his hand down from her face behind her to her arse.

“Turn around.” Before she goes to follow her Kings orders she grabs his hand from his cock and places it on her belly looking deep into his eyes. When love overcomes, words have no purpose. He pulls her back in for a passionate kiss and places his forehead against hers stammering under his breath.

She slowly nods her head in assurance and swiftly turns around to bare her waiting pussy for Jon. There’s no need for words in what she or he wants.

He surges forward and finally teases the head of his member on her swollen clit, sliding back and forward until he inches his cock inside her. He starts to groan and piston his cock slowly, but surely inside her. Her gasps are loud and wanton with every push inside her walls, she climbs closer and higher to release.

There is no rush to the end. They have all the time in the world. But even all the sands of time could not measure to the eternal desire to be by his side beyond forever.

“Sex joins two bodies, but making love joins two souls.”

 "Fuck Dany!“ he moans in pleasure and pulls at her cheeks, pressing them apart to behold the view of his shaft pressing in and out of her tight cunt, as she feels her own warm snatch grab at every inch of his rod. The sight enough has his spent tightening and all it takes is Dany moaning to be filled with his spent that has the both of them undone. He spills his seed inside her but he doesn’t stop.

 I love you.

He says with every push.

I love you.

She says with every tug at her cavern.

I love you.

He feels with every tightening of her cunt.

I love you.

She feels with every ridge of his shaft.

I love you.

He knows with every shattering breath.

I love you.

She knows with every whisper of her pulsing veins.

She loves him… And he loves her.


idk. Something like this. Lol. As promised a fanfic!

Thank You @flammafumoestproxima for encouraging me to finally write again! I think I did too much! But oh well aha!

Inspiration and quote comes from "Sex/Love” by Chrissie Pinney.

Songs I listened to while writing this: Bathing Beach EP Album by NOVO AMOR (The whole EP is awesome! There’s only 4 songs but oh goodness it was on repeat! My fav is Embody Me!)

the sun is dying inside itself,
and the moon has run away.

gone are the bright mornings
for the rooster to greet.

gone are the midnight choirs
of wolves singing to the sky.

the colors are bleeding together,
the words fade from their pages,
and we are all walking backwards
to the ticking of faceless clocks.
—  killing time while time is killing us | m.a.w
Heat of the Moment - Part 1: Rebound

Characters: Reader (Y/N Padalecki), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Cortesse (mentioned), A few nameless OCs

Pairing: Jensen x reader, Jared/sister!Reader

Warnings: Lots and lots of insults, talk of sex (very light), implied smut   

Word count: 1200ish

A/N: Andi aka @ellen-reincarnated1967 offered to write me another drabble for a series of hers I love, so I told her to pick one of five prompts but my overactive brain made a story of all five prompts. This is part one of a two part story.

2 out of 5 prompts are used in this one and they are bolded if you are curious.

Thanks a billion to @teenage-internet-recluse for betaing this for me on super short notice.


You weren’t entirely sure how you had ended up in this situation. Of course you knew you were going to see him. There was no way around it. He was your brother’s roommate, but you had come to hang out with your older brother because you missed him. Jared was only two years older than you and you had done everything together growing up.

You knew he lived with Jensen but you had thought you would only have to endure his best friend while you were at the apartment. You certainly hadn’t pictured yourself sitting in a bar filled with bimbos helping your brother pick out a rebound girl for his best friend, that was for sure. If you had thought that was how you would be spending your Saturday night you would have stayed in Austin.

You knew Jared wasn’t doing it on purpose, but it didn’t stop you wanting to kick his stupid face in every time he pointed in the direction of some blonde with her boobs hanging out.

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Finn Balor/Reader/Seth Rollins- Seth and Finn are keeping a little secret from the Reader and she wants to find out what it is.

Warnings- Little bit of spanking, choking, this is pretty long as well so.

So yeah I feel like this is long and I don’t have a clue where this idea came from but its here now.

Tags: @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @hardcorewwetrash

I had maybe been in my hotel room for 10 minutes, when I got a text from Finn.

Hey Y/N get your lazy ass down to the bar. Everyone is chilling here.

I rolled my eyes at my best friends text and responded.

Thats no way to talk to your friend, but I’ll be down in a second.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and slipped on my sneakers. I grabbed my room key and headed out the door. I was turning a corner towards the elevator when I ran smack into someone. “What the hell?” I looked up to see Seth smiling down at me.

“Hey sweetheart. Maybe watch where you are going.” Seth moved past me as my mouth hung open.

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Summary: Dean and Sam mark each other permanently.

Warnings: smut, knife play, a little blood play, rough/dirty sex, technically bottom!Dean but it’s obvious that they both top and bottom equally

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: I have no idea where this came from. Just sat down and this is what came out. Hope ya’ll enjoy, it’s a little darker than I usually write. XOXO

They’re flushed and tangled in the backseat, both of them ignoring the fact that they aren’t teenagers anymore and it’s hard for them both to fit comfortably now. Not that they care. They aren’t looking for personal space right now.

Dean slides his leg over, sweaty limb rubbing up underneath Sam’s, and he manages to sit up without poking an elbow in any delicate places.

“Fuck, Sammy,” he pants. “That was…”

“Yeah,” Sam grins back. “It was.”

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Kill Zone - Part 1: Better Left Alone

Characters: Reader (Special Agent Y/N Singer), Sam Winchester, Special Agent Castiel Novak,  Dean Winchester, Cindy Stevenson (OC), Ella McKenzie (OC), Rowena Coven,   

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Mention of character deaths, Mention of murder, slight violence,  

Word Count: 4500ish

A/N: This is a serial killer AU of sorts. Not the typical kind, but it has all the deaths and violence this kinda AU bring with it. It was sorta inspired by Criminal Minds and that is why my agents are profilers.

This series will have deaths, violence, love, heartwarming moments and everything in between. I am hereby warning you for yet another rollercoaster ride led by me ;)

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for being my advisor and beta on this one.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Technical terms: 

Surrogate: A replacement for someone in the killer’s life.

Unsub: Unknown Subject aka the Killer.


You sipped your coffee as you went over the case files again. You hadn’t seen your friend for a long time, and honestly you felt a little shitty asking him for a favor like this. It was something you would have to live with though. If this Dean Winchester guy could help you pinpoint the location the kill shots steamed from, then maybe you could actually make some headway in this case before a 3rd victim turned up. Ella McKenzie had turned up 7 weeks ago, and Cindy Stevenson, 3 weeks ago. If the unsub was sticking to that pattern, it didn’t give you and Cas a whole lot of time to find him before another girl went missing.

You were deep in thought, reading the coroner’s reports over and over again, as well as the initial police reports, searching for any possible link between these two women. You were so far away in your own thoughts, you didn’t notice the 6’4” man smiling at you from the doorway. You didn’t hear him approach you, and he didn’t make himself known to you before he was leaning down over your chair half whispering, half talking into your ear.

“Looking good G-woman.”

You nearly jumped of the chair, your hand instinctively flying to your gun, as your eyes finally landed on the long-haired man, holding his hands up defensively before him with a huge grin on his face.

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nightskyandoceanair  asked:

Hi, do you have any advice on writing prophecies?


One of the most important things about writing “prophecies” is cliches. Prophecies have been so overdone with certain cliches that people are beginning to tire of the very idea of a prophecy- that doesn’t mean that prophecies are Now Very Bad. It just means that writers have to get even more creative when writing a prophecy.

First, some things to avoid when writing prophecies:

*** disclaimer: as with everything in writing, prophecy techniques are a gray area. Yeah, maybe you can pull it off if you are original enough. But generally, these are just some things that have been used tiresomely before.

1. The Perfect Poem:This means those prophecies you see sometimes that are super dramatic and usually rhyming. I don’t know where it came from, but there seems to be this idea that if something rhymes, it is all of a sudden a Very Important Thing. Additionally- the case of the magical prophecy that always rhymes. You’ve probably seen this before- an ancient prophecy is written on an Egyptian tomb or something, and then the explorer translates is aloud and it flawlessly rhymes in perfect English. If you want to do that, there had better be a reason, because rhymes don’t translate between languages since you are, you know, using different words. Also related: cryptic prophecies. The ones that are jumbled and poetic and it’s hard to tell what it’s saying exactly. These are bad when done just for the poetry and good when done with multiple interpretations in mind. I’ll get back to that.

2. The Delivery: Often when prophecies are delivered, they are delivered in the most dramatic way possible. Again, if done right, this can create a very intense and intriguing scene. But for the most part, people have gotten used to dramatic lighting and strange smelling mist and the seer going into a trance or something. If your prophecy is going to be delivered via Magical Ritual, make it an original magic ritual. Also, making a ritual scene runs the risk of misrepresenting and generally insulting cultures in which certain divination is sacred.

3. The Chosen One: Possibly one of the most popular tropes of all time, The Chosen One is the one the prophecies spoke of long ago, the chosen hero sent to save us all, and totally super done. Chosen Ones can be intriguing characters, but honestly? If you can do something different, do. Don’t jump to Chosen Ones. Really, really put work into avoiding your Chosen Ones. They cause trouble. As a somewhat off topic note, I personally love stories where the hero wasn’t chosen, where is was just coincidence or bad luck or good luck or whatever. The hero isn’t the person who was destined, they were just the one who happened to step up to the plate and swing, prophecy or no. It kind of shows how anyone can be a hero, but a hero isn’t just anyone. 

What You Should Do:

Do the opposite of what you don’t do. Yay, I’m so helpful. As a general rule, try to be original. Easier said than done, I know, but give creativity your best shot. As for random tips…

1. Clarity: If your prophecy is going to be poetically unclear, use that to your advantage. Make each line have a double meaning or different possible interpretations that could potentially be true. Surprise your readers and your characters and even yourself- it doesn’t always mean what you think it means. Explore the possibilities. 

2. Keep Track of Fate: If your prophecy mentions multiple people or events, make sure to follow through with your story. Don’t forget any details, it has to add up or it will all make no sense. Unless, of course, the point it that the prophecy was wrong. 

3. How Much Do They Know?: This one confuses me in a lot of stories. How much do your people know about this prophecy? If the prophecy is ancient or widespread, then there might have been plenty of opportunity to study it. Who knows, maybe they figured out a few lines in the time they’ve had to read it over and over before it became true. 

4. Being Cryptic: This is just a quick tip on how you can make your prophecies make less sense- maybe, originally, they made perfect sense. Language and culture is constantly evolving. Maybe the prophecy made perfect sense way back when it was spoken, but now it has been so long that nobody really remembers “brillig” or “slithy toves” even are.

5. Research: I kind of touched on this in point two of the don’ts, but I think it deserves its own spot here. If your method of prophecy is based off of something real, some real oracle or ritual, know your stuff and portray it accurately, or don’t do it at all. This goes from the Ancient Greeks to modern kitchen witchcraft and beyond.

Remember, this story is yours. Make your prophecy your own, too. There can be a million prophecies in the world, but this one is yours, so show how special is in the way only you can.

And thank you for the ask!


How Do Ya Like Them Apples?

Sure, Derek heard the familiar sounds of Stiles’ Jeep pull up outside his building and the steady, but slightly-too-fast beating of Stiles’ heart getting louder and louder the closer the elevator got to arriving at his floor, so it wasn’t really a surprise when Stiles came bursting into his apartment moments later. But what was a surprise, was the words that came spilling out of Stiles’ mouth as soon as he entered and laid eyes on Derek, where he was perched at his kitchen counter with a book in front of him.

“I got in! I got into NYU, Derek!” Stiles exclaimed excitedly, and then, with a look of determination set into his features, he added “and you’re coming with me!”

Derek’s whole body kind of… spasmed a little. The book he had open on the counter top fell shut when his fingers involuntarily twitched out of the way. He recovered fairly quickly, but not fast enough that Stiles didn’t notice.

“It wasn’t a question dude,” Stiles continued as though Derek had protested. “I know you only had 2 years to go when you followed Laura back here and I know they kept a spot open for you for next year. And you’re going to go back and finish your degree and you can show me around campus and we can get an apartment together and it’ll be awesome.”

Stiles grinned at him, tried to look eager but relaxed about what he was saying, but Derek could practically see the anxiety buzzing through him and sense his trepidation. Derek meant to say a firm ‘no’, if for no other reason than because Stiles was telling him what to do and Derek resented that, but instead what came out was “How do you know I was at NYU?”

Stiles gave him an unimpressed look. “I’m more than a little offended that you don’t instantly recognize my superior detective skills at this point.”

“I didn’t ask them to hold my place. I can’t just go back to classes like I never left, Stiles,” Derek continued quickly.

“Yes you did. Well, as far as they’re concerned you did. You formally requested an extended leave of absence months ago and they accepted your request to resume classes with the new admissions next year,” Stiles’ face was twisted in smug satisfaction, even with the undercurrent of anxiety still running through him, as though he simply couldn’t help himself.

Derek sighed because he’d done no such thing.

“I don’t even know why I’m surprised,” he murmured.

“Me either. You should know me well enough by now, dude. I made sure you were re-enrolled as soon as I sent my application in. Also, your signature wasn’t even a slight challenge, dude. After forging Dad’s monstrosity of an autograph on all my detention slips and grade reports through the years, yours was a piece of cake. You should probably work on that.”

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Yeah, a plot point I’ve been tinkering with for a while. I have the idea that if Princess Twilight got Spike from an educational standpoint, wouldn’t it make sense if SciTwi went through something similar? So I came up with this. She had pretty bad anxiety growing up to the point where getting a therapy dog would help her get through life, so that’s how she wound up with Spike.

Stiles Stilinski Imagine- Jersey Jitters

Anon- Could you do an stiles imagine where him and the reader just stayed dating and on away games for lacrosse the girlfriends wear the boyfriends jersey and he is nervous about asking her and FLUFF btw, love you and your blog!💕

Authors Note- Thank you so much, love you too!!x I actually loved this request and I hope I got it close to how you wanted. Nervous Stiles is definitely the cutest Stiles x

“So, do you have everything for tonight’s game?” your boyfriend asked, while helping you swap your books into your locker. “Popcorn, chocolate, spare converse, a jacket and a drink” you smiled with an eye roll. He does this every lacrosse game, as if you’d forget. “I know it’s annoying but its my first match with you as my official girlfriend” he said, shutting your locker door for you. “Aww you’re nervous” you teased. “I am not nervous, I just want to make sure you’re fully prepared” he said stubbornly. “Tell that to your face, is that a blush I see?” you asked, wiggling your finger at him. He gave a small laugh and moved your hand out of his face by holding it, as you walked down the hallway. “Don’t forget it’s an away game, so it’s extra important” he claimed. “Why?” you questioned. “Because we’ll be in their territory and I don’t want the other team to try and make a move on my territory” he began. “You have been spending way too much time with werewolves, you’re even starting to sound like one” you joked, after understanding his reference. “I’m sorry I have no idea where that came from, but that’s besides the point. Its a sort of tradition and I was wondering-” he began to explain, before you got distracted. “OO, Lydia is there. Can we continue this later, I need to copy her English homework before next period” you said, already beginning to walk off. “Uhm yeah, sure. It can wait” he returned with a small smile. “Ill see you later babe” you blew a kiss, before joining her. “Real smooth bro” Scott said, after catching up to Stiles. “Shut up ok, I’m going to ask” he replied. “Did you really think it was a good idea to call her your territory?” Scott was trying so hard to hold in a laugh. “Omg you heard that?” he sighed. “Yep and so did Jackson” Scott claimed, pointing to him. Jackson shook his head disappointingly, before walking off smugly. “I don’t know man, what if she says no? What if she breaks up with me? Maybe she’ll think I’m too clingy and go for some other lacrosse douche. Maybe-” he began to ramble. “You’re overthinking this. Y/n is really into you, I mean her heartbeat goes insane whenever you’re around” Scott encouraged. “Really?” Stiles asked, with a huge grin. “Really” Scott confirmed with a smile.

Lunch time finally came around and you and Allison reserved your normal table for everyone. Lydia and Jackson soon joined you, hand in hand. Instead of being met by your usual forehead kiss, that Stiles insisted on doing everyday to show everyone you’re his, you were met by a different greeting. “Hey baby” Stiles said brightly, sitting next to you. You weren’t able to utter a word before he pressed his lips to yours gently and attentively, he cupped your face until you eventually pulled away from each other, to the sound of Scott whistling, Lydia and Allison squealing and making happy noises while Jackson rolled his eyes. “Now look who’s blushing” he teased, pulling you into his chest, knowing you’d want to hide it. “God Stilinski, some of us are trying to eat here” Jackson muttered, biting into an apple. “Why are you so bothered, I think they’re adorable” Allison said winking at you. “Yes Jackson, why are you so bothered?” Lydia continued while staring at him, concerned by his almost jealously. “Whatever” Jackson scoffed. Scott widened his eyes at Stiles and then did a beating heart gesture discreetly, to goad him on. “Uhm as I was saying earlier-” Stiles began nervously. You stopped looking at your precious food and met his beautiful brown eyes, they were slightly glazed and kept flickering, showing he was anxious. “This should be good” Jackson sniggered, earning him an elbow in the chest from Lydia. You laced Stiles’ hand with your own under the table, to reassure him that whatever he was about to say you weren’t going to laugh or judge him. “It’s sort of tradition when we go to away games that the players girlfriends uhm wear their jerseys” Stiles mumbled quietly. “And you wanted me to wear yours?” you asked. “Yeah, it’s stupid I know and if you don’t want to its completely ok” he said quickly, earning him another Scoff from Jackson. “Aww babe that’s so sweet, I’d love to wear it” you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug, taking in the scent of his cologne. You kissed him sweetly on the cheek, before continuing to eat your lunch, with a huge grin on your face.

“Is everyone ready now?” Coach Finstock asked, with his usual sarcastic tone. Luckily the school bus was big enough for the players and a few people from the school to ride together. The six of you sat in your usual seats; Jackson and Lydia together, Allison and Scott on the row behind them, with you and Stiles on the row behind them. To think, the last time you all sat on that school bus you and Stiles weren’t actually dating and it was filled with awkward silences every time you two accidently brushed hands or shoulders. This time Stiles spent the journey with his arm around you, as you both talked about anything and everything. When you were about ten minutes away he sifted though his gym bag and pulled out his practice lacrosse jersey. “I forgot to tell my dad to wash it before today, its ok if-” he began to say. “Stiles, I don’t care what it smells like. I’m wearing it because it’s yours and I want to show off the fact you’re my boyfriend” you smiled. “This is why I love you” he said, staring at you admiringly. You were taken back by this, you’d known Stiles and liked him since before you could remember but he’d never said he loved you. Before you could respond the bus came to a stop and everyone began standing up and getting off.

“Heyyy” you said, walking to the stands to join Lydia and Allison. You’d changed into Stiles’ lacrosse jersey but you had to shove your jacket on over the top because of how cold it was. “Welcome to the jersey gang” Allison laughed, referring to the two of them and the other players’ girlfriends, all wearing their boyfriend’s practice jerseys. After a while of watching Scott completely annihilate the other team, while competing with Jackson you were starting to get bored. That was until coach swapped Stiles with Greenburg half way through the match. “Omg Stiles is playing” you cheered, earing a smile from Scott who heard your enthusiasm and told Stiles. Stiles blew you a kiss as the whistle went to proceed. It was a while until Stiles actually got close to the ball, but even then her rarely threw it in the right direction. You took off your jacket and stood up, “Go on Stiles, you get a kiss for every ball you catch” you shouted, turning a few heads from the other school’s team. A minute later he caught the ball and automatically began to smile widely at you in the stands. “Stiles watch out” Scott called from across the field, right as he was tackled to the ground. “OOO” the crowd winced in unison. “You’ve got it babe, just walk it off” you tried to shout encouragingly. At the end of the match you ran over to the field and hugged your boyfriend, “Good job baby” you smiled as you quickly kissed him on the lips. “Are you kidding? I didn’t score one goal” he sighed. “That doesn’t matter, because you looked cute trying” you joked. “The one good thing is seeing you in my jersey” he grinned. “Yeah, I don’t think you’ll be getting this back anytime soon” you claimed. “About what I said earlier-” he said awkwardly. “It’s ok, because I love you too” you finished. “Really?” he asked in shock. “I always have” you said, pressing your lips to his, this time ignoring the chants from your friends. In that moment all that mattered was you and him.

I hope you enjoyed, requests are open but it may take a while because I have so much school work. Turn of post notifications if you want to be informed of my sporadic posting x

First Time.

Requests are open.

Summary: Yours and Shawn’s daughter Lydia gets her first period and you’re not there to help her.

You and Shawn had four kids together, three boys Noah, Elijah and Carter and eventually the two of you got the little baby girl that you had wanted from the start, Lydia Mary Mendes. She was beautiful. Tan skin just like you, Brown eyes from Shawn and you both knew that Lydia was going to be a heartthrob.

However, you also knew that the day would come where Lydia would experience something that every girl went through, you just didn’t expect that you would be in a completely different country doing a summer-ball performance. You knew that if it happened and you weren’t here she would hopefully handle it just fine, Lydia has her head screwed on straight and she’s a smart girl.

That night Lydia found out that she had started her period and her feelings were quickly split into two parts. The first part of her was relieved that she had gotten her period at home and not at a friends’ house or out in public. The other part of her was mad because you weren’t here to help her, and you promised her that you would be here when it happened.

Lydia quickly grabbed her phone and tried to call you. She called you three times, but you didn’t answer. She ran up to your ensuite and rustled through the draws and cupboard under the sink, but to no avail, she couldn’t find your pads anywhere. You had taken all of your pads to California with you because you knew you were due sometime that week and you had to be prepared. It wasn’t your fault, you didn’t know she was going to start her period the exact week you weren’t there.

Lydia had seen enough videos on YouTube to know that if she didn’t get a pad soon, she would begin to leak and if anything, remotely embarrassing happens to Lydia she wants to crawl into a ball and let the ground swallow her whole. Tears soon rose to her eyes and she began to tap her foot on the tiled ground. She knew she had to tell Shawn.

She slowly made her way down stairs to see Shawn with Carter. Carter was talking to Shawn about watercolour paints and the effects that they can have on the artwork. Carter was a phenomenal artist, you and Shawn had no idea where the talent came from because neither of you had no talent in the art department, disregarding singing and acting of course.

“Dad,” Lydia’s voice came out small.

Shawn turned around to see Lydia with her hands behind her back, tears staining her face and her feet shuffling. He could tell that something was wrong, he stood up immediately walking over to her. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He placed a hand on her back.

“Can I talk to you quickly?” She asked, her eyes meeting her brother’s briefly, “Alone.”

“Yeah, sure” The two of them made their ways up the stairs and into Lydia’s bedroom, the fairy lights hadn’t changed since she was born, “What’s going on?” Shawn asked again, determined to find out what has brought his daughter to tears.

“I um- I’ve” Lydia’s eyes darting around her room, too scared to let the words leave her mouth, “I started my period and I uh- don’t know where mom keeps everything” Her voice nasally from crying.

“That’s what’s wrong?” Shawn asked, not phased at all, “Baby, that’s nothing to worry about. Did you check my bathroom?” Shawn asked her.

“Yeah,” Even with Shawn’s chill reaction Lydia still felt as if she had something to be ashamed of.

“Okay, you and I will leave Carter here and we can go pick some stuff up, okay?” Shawn asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Okay,” Lydia nodded. Shawn laughed, bringing her into a tight hug like he would for you whenever you were sad or embarrassed about anything. It was one of his favourite things to do, hug you. You had a calming effect on Shawn and he was hoping he could have the same effect on his daughter right now because you weren’t here. In that moment Lydia knew that she had one of the best dads ever, and she couldn’t be more grateful.

A/N - Hope you like it, I’m trying to lengthen up my writings a little bit. I’m a sucker for some Dad!Shawn. Requests are open, so hit me up, guys.

Earth 38 Barry Allen x Reader Part One

Fandom: The Flash/Supergirl

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Kara Danvers, Cisco Ramon

Word Count: 690

Inspired by this imagine by @vividimagines  (x)

Prompt: Imagine being from the same Earth as Kara and Cisco and Barry instantly being attracted to you.

A/N: This was so rushed and so terrible I think I might throw up, but whatever! Hope you guys enjoy!

“Kara, I swear to god, what did you leave in your apartment now? We have to go! I can’t miss Chris Evans being hot!” I was whining like a child. Kara was dragging me down the hall, using her strength to pull me. 

“We go up the stairs so much I might as well skip leg day at the gym.” I grumbled. I know it’s immature, but she needs to see just how displeased I am.

“I’m sorry, okay?! I just don’t want to have to pay for $3,000 popcorn when we have some at home!” Kara took her keys out of her pocket to unlock the door, only to drop them onto the ground. She sighed and quickly picked them back up.

“You are so clumsy, sometimes I wonder if it’s even you out there fighting bad guys!” I said pushing the door open. I quickly stopped in my tracks in the door frame when I saw two guys standing in the middle of Kara’s kitchen looking very lost.

“Um, Kara? Are there supposed to be two strange men standing in your kitchen?” I asked, not taking my eyes off of them. Kara was still rifling through her bag.

“No, why-” She was cut off by the sight of them. A huge smile spread over her face as she saw them and she dropped her bags. 

“Barry! Hi! Why are you here?” Her face suddenly turned serious. “Is there something wrong in Central City?” He smiled and laughed, shaking his head.

“No, we just wanted to come visit again. We were travelling through the Earths, making sure everything was as it was before I, you know, changed the timeline…” He looked down at his feet awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck.

“But, ummmm who is this, lovely lady?” The shorter one said, attempting to lean back onto the kitchen island.

“I’m Y/N. Who are you guys?” I asked, still cautious. Listen, I don’t care if Supergirl thinks that these guys are swell, they just showed up in a locked apartment on the tenth story. That shit is not right.

“Right! Um, Y/N, this is Barry Allen, the Flash, and this is Cisco Ramon, also known as Vibe. I told you about them after I came back from fighting the Dominators. Barry, Cisco, this is Y/N, my best friend. She is also known as the Black Mamba.”

“Whoa, you have superpowers? What are they?” Cisco bounced up and down excitedly, waiting for my answer. I smiled at his childish attitude. It was like looking into a mirror. If that mirror made me a dude. And a geek. And nothing like me.

“I can borrow other people’s powers. I have no idea where a name like ‘The Black Mamba’ came from…” I cleared my throat before shooting a stern glance at Kara. 

“But it seemed to stick with people.” Kara sighed loudly.

“Look! I just suggested the name in passing! Ms. Grant seemed to like it, and you know when she likes something, she does not change her mind.” I playfully rolled my eyes at her exasperation with me. This always happened. 

“But we have to leave now if we’re going to have enough time to go see the movie and buy the tickets. You guys wanna come?” Kara offered to the two of them.

“Yeah! Sounds good. What movie are you guys going to see? It’s not a chick flick, is it?” Barry asked, whining a little at the end. Kara and I looked at each other before laughing loudly.

“Are you kidding me? I’m like the biggest geek in National City! We’re going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” I said, throwing one of the bags Kara handed to me over my shoulder. Their faces lit up with smiles.

“You guys have Captain America here too?! Man, this day keeps getting better and better!” Cisco said.

“Well we have to go if we ever want to actually see the movie, let’s go!” Kara said, speed walking to the door.

I think I’m going to get along just fine with these guys.

Part Two: Coming Soon!

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junowaffles  asked:

Okay, I want to know if either Keith or Shiro ever got so drunk, that one of them bought an exotic animal and forget about it. Also could the animal be the same color has their lions?

[The Voltron Family] Shiro came back in with the mail. The kids were still sleeping since it was only 7am on a Sunday. As he went through with all the mails, he handed the ones meant for Keith on the table. Keith was drinking his usual cold chocolate drink as he gathered his mail. Shiro sat down across his husband in the breakfast table as he grabbed his tea. 

Keith: *goes through the letters* Electric bill, water bill… *hums* *opens the electric bill one* *eyes widens* My god.
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow at Keith*
Keith: Our bill is $1000 for this month. *gapes at Shiro* What on earth did we do this month that we used too much electricity??
Shiro: Hmmmm. *ponders* It’s summer, Keith. It’s to be expected.
Keith: But $1000? Did we suddenly have centralized air conditioning?
Shiro: You know, I was actually going to discuss that with you.
Keith: No, Shiro. We are not going to have centralized air conditioning. We have three floors in case you forgot. *rolls eyes* *mutters* This family needs to know how to save. We have a swimming pool for a reason. Use that if you feel so hot. *grumbles while glaring at the bill*
Shiro: Then our water bill will—
Keith: It’s cheaper than electricity. So. Plus, books are available for entertainment. We’ll have a family meeting about game console usage.
Shiro: *chuckles* You can’t do that, Keith! It’s their source of fun! 

Shiro just shook his head at his husband. He went back to his own mail, opening the credit card bill.

Shiro: *eyes widens* Keith.
Keith: Hmmm? *looking at the other bills*
Shiro: Did you somehow buy something worth $8000?
Keith: *snaps his head towards Shiro* What? Why would I buy something that’s worth $8000? Who in the right mind would?
Shiro: Keith. *shows him the bill* I swear to god, I did not buy anything this much. At least not in these past few months.
Keith: *shock* So you think I would?

Both obviously didn’t have any idea where the big amount came from, so Shiro had to call the bank to confirm.

Operator: Ah, yes, Mr. Shirogane. It says right here the purchase was done on March 31st around 11pm. 
Shiro: At 11pm? *eyes Keith*
Keith: *shrugs* 
Shiro: May I ask what was the purchased?
Operator: It was a squirrel monkey.
Shiro: *shocked* A SQUIRREL MONKEY
Keith: *eyes widens in horror*
Operator: Yes, sir. They are really expensive too.
Shiro: And this was using… my credit card? 
Operator: Yes, sir. *continues explaining and giving more details*
Shiro: *gulps* Yeah, okay, thank you.

Shiro placed down his phone on the table and saw Keith’s head buried in his stack of mail, groaning… in pain

Shiro: Keith. 
Keith: I was out on March 31st with Kuro. Remember that time? I got drunk.
Shiro: *crosses arms* Yes, I was informed. You wouldn’t stop kissing me. You called me a “sex god.”
Keith: *groans* Don’t remind me. Not my best night. *head still buried*
Shiro: You were drunk, I get that. But how did a squirrel monkey get into the picture?
Keith: *moves head to the side to look at Shiro* I may or may have not entered an exotic pet shop.
Shiro: And?
Keith: And the monkey was yellow and it reminded me of Hunk. I wanted to get Hunk the monkey. So I purchased it. *bites lip*
Shiro: Using my card?
Keith: Yeah. We used your car that night, so. *shuts eyes in shame*
Shiro: Okay. *takes a deep breath* Okay. May I ask where this 8 grand monkey is now? 
Keith: *slowly opens eyes* That’s the thing. I don’t know. 
Shiro: What do you mean you don’t know?
Keith: I mean it as it is. I feel like I might have… released it somewhere. I dunno. It’s a bit blurry.
Shiro: You let go of an 8 grand monkey… in the city.
Keith: Forest, maybe. I dunno. There were trees. 
Shiro: Keith.
Keith: I’m sorry! I’ll pay for that $8000 no big deal!!! *panics*
Shiro: *can’t really stay mad* *chuckles* 
Keith: *looks up* You’re… not mad?
Shiro: I mean, I am. That’s 8k, Keith! But you’ll pay for it anyway so that’s not my problem anymore.
Keith: *pouts*
Shiro: I am amused you bought an exotic animal and forgot about it though.
Keith: Remind me not to get drunk with your brother again. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: You’re not getting anywhere near alcoholic drinks again. Who knows what you might buy next time. I don’t want a lion in this— *stops to think about* Actually, that might—
Keith: TAKASHI, NO. 

“Tough Love” Peter Maximoff x Reader (Requested Soulmate AU)

Request: “hi there ! i just lowkey stalked ur blog and i love your writing!! could you do a soulmate au where when one person gets hurt/gets a bruise etc., the other person gets one and peter is like so clumsy so he runs into stuff all the time and charles’ daughter seems to always end up with bruises everywhere for some reason ? so charles is like “gotta investigate” and he finds out abt the soulmate thing so he makes sure peter gets bruised during training and u know what happens from there! thanks sm!!” ~ @fuckkoffcourtney

Warnings: Mentions of sex, Mentions of Genitalia, Bruising, Curse Words, Shitty Writing

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL, Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: Hey, babe! Sorry this took forever! I kind of went to a stupid place with this one because I wanted to change somethings up so enjoy Goofy Peter™. I may have accidentally taken a really sweet prompt and injected middle school humor, but oh well. really hope you like it! Thanks for requesting. 


“No! Look! it really looks like a penis! There’s the-“

Jubilee pushed his hand away from his shoulder, silencing him.

“We get it Peter, it looks like a penis. Anyone else want to share their artistic representation of Peter’s bruise?” She smirked as she offered Peter’s shoulder to the rest of the table.

“I think it’s cool!” Peter sulked. He smirked as Charles  made his way into the cafeteria.

“Charles will think it’s cool. Hey Charles!” Peter waved to get Charles attention, running over to meet him.

“Xavier!” He called out, raising his shirt sleeve to show Charles the bruise, “Doesn’t this look like a penis?”


Charles glanced at his arm. It really did look like a penis.

“I can’t talk now, I’ve got to go meet Y/N for tutoring.”

“But you didn’t answer me!” Peter groaned. Charles laughed, grabbing a sandwich on his way out of the room.


Y/N gazed at the overly-stuffed pages of her Trigonometry book, wondering how she could read the same paragraph 12 times and still retain nothing. There was a small knock on her door and she hummed a little greeting as Charles wheeled himself in.

“Already hard at work, are we?” He smiled as he glanced over Y/N’s shoulder at the book.

“Trying to be, at least.” Y/N sighed and buried her head in the book’s binding.

Charles chuckled. and pulled the book into his lap, glancing over the pages carefully.

“Have you tried to work any problems?”

“Yeah…’tried’ being the keyword.”

“Well, as long as you’re-“ Charles stopped. He suddenly felt a little distracted by an oddly familiar, phallic looking bruise on Y/N’s shoulder.

“What happened to your arm?”

Y/N frowned.

“What? Oh, this?” Y/N craned her neck to look over at her shoulder.

“It’s just a bruise. I don’t really know where it came from. I sort of have this thing where I get a whole bunch of bruises and cuts sometimes and I’ll have no idea what happened.”

Charles studied Y/N’s arm carefully. It really did look like a penis.

“Have you seen a doctor? You could have a blood disorder or something.” He suggested, trying to find any reasonable explanation for the identical  dong bruises on his students arms.

“Nah, I’ve been before. They couldn’t really find anything wrong with me. Remember a few months ago when I got those bruises on my neck? They sure as hell weren’t hickies.”

Charles sat back in his chair, trying to decide if he should let it go, or investigate further.

“You know, depending on which angle you’re at, it kind of looks like a-“

“OK! So, trig functions!”


A few days passed and the bruises were buried in Charles’ head under more pressing matters and ideas. He didn’t even think about the marks until Peter managed to hit himself in the face with a basketball (on accident???), resulting in a glorious, black and blue mark on his hairline. He had tutoring that day with Y/N, who also seemed to be sporting a little discoloration in the exact same spot. What the hell was going on? Was it some kind of a kinky, teenager sex thing? Were there kinky teenagers living at his school? No. It had to be a mistake. He pulled a book from the shelves in his office, burrowing through a list of known mutations in search for something that fit his description. It was nearly midnight when he found what he was looking for under the ‘Secondary Mutations” heading.


Every once in a while, a rare secondary mutation involving ones soulmate will manifest itself. Upon doing so, such mutants will have a physical link to their “Soulmate”, such as matching bruises, cuts, scars or birthmarks. If someone has been experiencing any of these symptoms without explanation, a person in their life may have this mutation. Even better, they may have found their “Soulmate”.

Charles laughed to himself as he read, forming a mental plan to experiment with the notion.


Logan didn’t ask questions when Charles told him he would be sitting in during training. He also didn’t ask questions when Charles asked him to make sure Peter Maximoff was bruised in some way during the class. He figured that he shouldn’t ask questions that he didn’t want to hear the answers to.

“Shit, Logan! What was that?” Peter groaned and rubbed his elbow, which had hit the floor roughly when Logan knocked him down.

“You’ve gotta be ready. Yeah, you can run. But not if you don’t see things coming.” Peter scoffed and sat back down in his seat. Logan glanced over at Charles, who nodded gratefully as his eyes focused on Y/N’s elbow. Class droned on. It wasn’t ten minutes later that Y/N took her jacket off, revealing the beginnings of a little bruise on her elbow. Charles smiled widely.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, Logan but I need to see Peter and Y/N in my office really quickly.”

Logan shrugged and nodded, the class poking fun at the two as they made their way to the door. Charles shut it behind them, talking as he lead them down the quiet hallway.

“ I called you two out here because I think you’re Soulmates,” Charles stated flatly. The students stopped in their tracks, giving each other a confused look.

“What the heck?” Peter mumbled to Y/N. Y/N shrugged, jogging to keep up with Charles.

“How’s your shoulder, Y/N?” Charles stated as he turned to face them. Y/N pushed her sleeve up to reveal the slightly lighter looking bruise. Peter glanced over at it, gasping as a grin rose to his face.

“You have a penis bruise too!” Peter’s eyes went wide and he grabbed her arm, staring at it.

“Peter, you have a secondary mutation. You share a physical connection with your soulmate. Every bruise or cut or anything of that matter is reflected  on Y/N’s skin.”

Peter laughed a little and Y/N started to match Peter’s lesions with her own. She smiled as Peter looked at her, amazement in his eyes.

Charles sighed contently, “I’ll give you two a moment to talk. You better be back to class by next period!” He called back to them as he trailed down the hallway.

Peter exhaled nervously and scratched his arm.

“Well…I uh-…I don’t really know what to say.” He stuttered, still a bit shocked from the news.

“It’s nice to…meet you.”

Peter could hear his own heartbeat as they started walking through the hallway back to class.

“Sorry, I’m so clumsy. Maybe, I would have tried to be more careful if I’d known I was bruising for two.”

Y/N laughed and blushed a little bit. She never would have though that someone like Peter would find any interest in her, but the amazement hadn’t left his eyes since they started talking. Y/N found herself hoping it never left.

She could already tell that he was definitely worth a few bumps and bruises.

Drunk Shopping || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 875

Summary - The one where Jack made such a stupid purchase.


You woke up with a searing headache. You tried your hardest to remember what had happened the night before, but it was all a blur. Curse those stupid boys for always dragging you to the clubs with them. They knew you were a lightweight. You rolled over in bed and cuddled into your boyfriend, Jack’s chest. He groaned and wrapped his arms around you, holding you tightly to his body. You laughed, “Morning to you too.”

“Where are we?” he mumbled. “What year is it? What planet am I on? What did I drink last night? How am I still alive?”

“Me too,” you said back, nuzzling your face in the crook of his neck. “We’re getting too old for this.”

“Never,” Jack laughed. “I’m gonna be young and carefree forever!”

Before you could respond, you heard your doorbell ring. You looked at Jack who looked equally as confused as you did. “Should we leave it?” you asked. The doorbell rang again, cutting off any response he would’ve given. You sighed and got out of bed, throwing on some pajama shorts and one of Jack’s shirts. Jack followed you to the front door, curious himself as to who was on the other side.

You opened the door to see a delivery man. “Can we help you?” you asked, your eyebrows furrowed.

“Yeah,” he said gruffly, “I have a delivery for Jack Maynard?”

“That’s me,” Jack said, sounding thoroughly confused. “I didn’t order anything.”

“Yeah well we’ve got a package in the truck with your name on it,” the man said. “I just send what they give me. Don’t shoot the messenger.” He handed Jack a clipboard with some papers on it and told him where to sign, then mumbled something about getting the package from the truck.

“What the hell have you ordered?” you asked, standing on your tip toes to see if you could see what the men were carrying.

“I have no idea,” Jack said.

“Should we just bring it around to the back?” the man called to you and Jack. He and another man were carrying a large box out of the truck.

“Uh, yeah sure!” you said. “Thanks!”

Once they dropped off the package and took the clipboard from Jack, they were on there way. You and Jack stood in the doorway for a second looking at each other. Finally, you just shrugged and walked to the backyard where they dropped off the package. Jack came back a few seconds later with a knife. He stabbed the box and pried it open to see what was inside.

You held your breath in suspense.

Then, you laughed.

“Really Jack?” you said. “A trampoline? When and why did you buy a trampoline?”

“I don’t know!” he said. “I must’ve done it last night when I was drunk.”

“A fucking trampoline,” you said again, laughing still. “You’ve gone and bought a trampoline! How do we even put it together?”

“You want to keep it?” he laughed, picking up the instructions page and staring at it with furrowed eyebrows.

“We might as well,” you said. “It’s already here.”

So, you and Jack spent the first two hours of that morning assembling the trampoline. Once it was all put together, naturally, you jumped on. Jack joined you immediately, trying and failing to do some flips. “If I was on it by myself I could do it!” he protested. “But your bouncing throws off my balance!” You laughed and stuck your tongue out at him. Jack smiled and bounced over to you, grabbing you and pulling you down with him. You squealed as you fell beside him, the trampoline still bouncing lightly. “Imagine the sex we could have on this,” Jack said with a cheeky grin. You just laughed and shoved him lightly so you were both laying on your backs staring up at the sky.

It was a nice spring day. The sky was blue and the birds you hadn’t managed to scare away were chirping happily in the trees. You looked at Jack who was still looking at the sky. As if sensing your stare, he turned his head to you. “What?” he asked, a small smile growing on his face.

You giggled, “You bought a trampoline.”

“That I did,” he laughed, looking back up at the sky. “I guess drunk me wanted to feel like a kid again.”

“Young and carefree forever, right?” you said. “That’s what you told me this morning.” Jack smiled.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’m like Peter Pan. Never going to grow up.”

“Great,” you sighed sarcastically. “I’m gonna marry a man child.”

“Who says we’re getting married?” he said, turning his head to look at you. You laughed and dramatically laid your left hand on your forehead.

“I don’t know,” you said, “Some idiot who bought this ring and shoved it on my finger. He didn’t really give me a say in the matter.” Jack laughed and pulled you closer to him.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you too,” you smiled. “And all your stupid drunk decisions.”

Jack smiled and kissed your cheek. You laid your head on his chest. “Jack?” you said quietly.


“How much did this cost?”

He sighed, “I don’t even want to know.”


officially, i have no idea what im doing anymore but im not gonna stop


genre -  angst

summary - facetime with jimin for the first time in a long time…inspired by the gif below…also loosely inspired by thief by ansel elgort 

a/n - no idea where this came from, but yeah it just happened..i kinda started thinking about this at 7:30am in math class after seeing this jimin gif on my dash lol + sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, i don’t proofread much

It had been three months, maybe four, heck you’d stopped counting, since you last talked to Jimin. It was easier that way. He was always too busy to talk, too tired, something, anything. He always had a reason not to talk. And you figured you’d quit putting in the effort.

You two have been together for a little over two years now, and sure things were great at first. You were in the honey moon phase. But now that he and the boys had become so popular, hardly taking a break, constantly promoting, you realized you were no longer his number one priority.

But you still were a supportive girlfriend, whether he was actually paying attention or not. You still bought all their albums, watched all their music videos and variety show appearances. Hell you even went to a concert without telling Jimin, because it wasn’t like he’d actually have the time to see you after. It was off to another city just like that.

So here you were, like most nights you lay awake, wondering how his day went. If he ate, how tired he must be from practicing so hard. Sure you’d texted and received a few replies, but that didn’t fill the void. You missed his voice, his laugh. God you loved that laugh. To be blunt, you missed him.

You rolled over, pulling your laptop from your beside and opening it, the bright light blinding you, but your eyes adjusted. You opened to FaceTime, scrolling to his contact, your mouse hovering over the call option. You could practically hear your heart beating in your chest, but you said fuck it and you sat, waiting, hoping that the call would connect.

Just as you were ready to close your laptop, he picked up, causing your heart to skip a beat.

At first the screen opened to an empty hotel room, and you were a bit confused. But soon Jimin appeared, sitting on the edge of his bed. He was in ripped jeans, your favorite, a black hoodie and black hat, and had sunglasses on. He looked great.

Neither one of you said anything, as if waiting for the other. Jimin took down his hood, then sat with his elbows on his knees as he looked at you, though you couldn’t tell because of his glasses.


“Hi.” His reply was short, and almost harsh. You ignored it, continuing on with whatever questions you felt like asking.

“Where are you guys now?”

He sat back, tilting his head to the side, seeming annoyed, but you tried your best to convince yourself he was just tired.

“Japan, and no Jungkook isn’t rooming with me. No one is.”

“I wasn’t going to-” you stopped yourself from getting angry with him, knowing it would get you nowhere fast. “How are you, you seem tired?”

Jimin sighed as took of his sunglasses, tossing them onto the dressed his laptop was propped up on. “I just came back from our concert.” His voice was a bit hoarse, he sounded exhausted. Taking off his hat his ran a hand through his air, which was now black, news to you. He tossed it aside with his glasses as well.

“I’m sure you gave the fans a great show.”

He scoffed at your words, leaning back on his hands as he stared at you. You could tell by his body language he was annoyed. “Y/n, why did you call me? To try and figure out what’s going on between us, or just to ask about my day?”

Both, that was what you wanted to say, but this being the first time you’d talked in so long, not knowing when you would get another chance to confront him, you had to be bold.

“I mean, what is going on between us? It’s been what, four months since we’ve actually talked, and I don’t mean your idea of us talking on the phone for five minutes before you have to go do something.”

You didn’t notice your tone until he adjusted his posture, as if surprised that you were as upset as you were. “Look, I’m just busy these days.” He ran a hand through his hair as he sat up, his eyes connecting with yours.

“I barely have time to sleep, I’m constantly going to different countries, performing. Coming back to shoot music videos and commercials. Sorry if I don’t have time to call you.”

“You should make time Jimin!” You practically startled yourself, Jimin just staring at you through the screen. “If you loved me, if you cared about this relationship anymore you would make time for a simple phone call every once and again.”

He laughed as he licked his lips, growing angrier the longer this call became.

“If I loved you? If I cared? Y/n, you think I haven’t thought about what I could do,to make things better? For me, you, for us? I have, I did, trust me I did. But, things just take a backseat when other important things come along.”

Tears were filling in your eyes, but you were trying your best to not let him see you upset, you swore long ago you would stop crying over him. Sure you still loved him, and you still would no matter what things he said to you. But, this Jimin, he wasn’t the Jimin you’d fallen in love with. “More important, right. That’s what I thought.”

“Y/n! Come on, I tried to fix myself, for so long. I tried to think how I could be a better man to you, to be what you deserved. But I got tired of trying to change myself. I couldn’t be the man you’d fallen in love with, people change, I changed.”

The next few minutes were filled with silence, and the occasional sigh until Jimin finally spoke again. “Let me guess, you’ve spent countless nights awake, wondering if I was okay, if I was eating well, how my schedule were treating me? Yeah well I had plenty of nights like that too. Wondering how you felt about me, what you thought of me now. And, one day I no longer cared. I didn’t spend those nights thinking of you, wondering what had happened in our relationship. I just, didn’t care.”

How? How could he simply just not care, you’d still been there, regardless if he knew or not, for months. Still supporting him, still loving him, missing him, wanting to hold him, kiss him, anything. How could he just stop caring about any of that?

“What are you trying to say?” Your voice was a bit shaky as you finally spoke, surely he’d seen your tears now, but you could care less, just wanting his explanation so you end the call quickly.

He sighed, shrugging as he looked at the clock at his bedside, telling you he was just ready to get this call finished. “I just, I don’t love you anymore y/n. I’m sorry, but, I stopped loving you months ago.”

Those words practically ripping your heart from your chest. While you had still been hoping for something to change, he had made up his mind, while you were made to believe there was still a chance for some sort of fix.

“So, while you’ve been texting and calling, barely, with me these past few months, that whole time you’d felt nothing. You were just going to let me believe there was still something there, until I finally confronted you about it? How can you do that to me? I’ve been by your side for how long, and you just play with my heart and emotions? I could have moved on long ago, I could have saved myself all the stress and pain these last months have brought me. But because you didn’t have the balls to come right out and say it, I’m the one who has to suffer?”

He put his hands in the air, as if to say there was nothing done wrong on his end, but you were over it.

“Well you got what you wanted Jimin, you don’t have to worry about fixing things because this relationship is done. I wish the best with everything, tell the boys I’m sorry for bringing the into things. I can’t believe I looked like such an idiot because of you. Goodbye Jimin.”

You closed your laptop, surprised you didn’t break the thing in half with how hard you slammed it shut, and set it back on your nightstand. As you laid down you were a bit shocked, you thought that if, and when you and Jimin ever broke up, your reaction would have been much different then it was now. But you had no tears, no sadness, instead almost the feeling of a weight being lifted off your shoulders.

Now you no longer had to worry, or stress over when he would finally answer a call or reply to a text. Sure you would miss him, but you’d held on for too long when you should have let go.

As you tried to go to sleep, your phone dinged at your bedside, and you questioned who would be texting you so late, and as you looked at the screen you laughed.

[Jimin]: I’m sorry things had to happen that way

Rolling your eyes you clicked his contact name, scrolling to the bottom of the screen until you saw the block button appear, pressing it and smiling as you tossed your phone back to it place on your nightstand.

Ugh my endings suckkkkkk, but like I hope you all like this? Idk where it came from but I got super inspired by a gif and a little by a song and that rarely has happened to me lately so enjoy it because who knows when I will find inspiration for a new scenario again hahha