i have no idea where the stem went

Behind The Rocks-Sanha

Requested: Nope

Summary: To take a bit of time to reflect on the future during his trip, Sanha went to take an evening stroll on the nearby beach. Little did he know that he would end up finding something in the ocean’s waters, something that he didn’t even think he would see in his entire lifetime.

Genre: Mermaid!AU, fluff, a bit of angst (teenage angst to be specific)

Word Count: 2, 636 (ah that’s the most I’ve ever written)

A/N: I have no idea where the idea exactly stemmed from, but after reading a bunch of mermaid!au fics, I was inspired to write this. I tried to be a bit more descriptive than I usually am with my writing, so it’s a bit different from my past fics. I still hope you enjoy it though! ^^

The gleaming, golden sun reflected onto the clear, blue water as its waves continued to hit the edge of the smooth, now cool sand. The wind was blowing gently as the day began to cool down and the sun began to set, cascading a beautiful array of colors onto the wide sky. It was now around 9:30 in the afternoon, a few minutes before the moon would rise and night would fall onto the lonesome beach. Only one person walked along the shore, his tall height creating a shadow that could be seen from miles away (figuratively, of course). His name was Yoon Sanha, the youngest one in his group of friends and perhaps the saddest, clinging onto the bit of youth that he has left before he had to begin his last year of high school.

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