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My favorite part about working the day after a party holiday is waking up drunk patients and telling them they’re in the ER. I love being able to see, on their faces, the moment they discover where they are and then realize they have no idea how they got here.

I imagine it’s like watching your kid open presents on Christmas morning. But with less joy. And more vomiting.

Could you do a Harry Potter imagine where Draco and y/n have just graduated from Hogwarts and they decide to celebrate;)…
Ummm yes!!! I hope you like it babe

The past 7 years you spend at hog warts has come to a close. All the 7 years where already packed and in the common room saying their last good byes. You and your boyfriend, Draco, on the other hand had other ideas.
Walking into dracos room where he was finished packing, you had in your robe which was untied exposing your black Lacey bra and small matching panties.
“Mr. Malfoy, how does it feel being a graduate of Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry?” You ask biting your lip walking toward Draco who stopped shoving robes into his luggage.
“Fucking fantastic” he snakes his arm around you pulling you close.
“I believe that’s a course for celebration.” You say before kissing him on the neck.
“Y/N.” He moans.
“Mmmm?” You say trying to find his sweet spot.
“Oh my god.” Suddenly you are pulled off the ground and just as quickly on the edge of his bed, Draco standing over you.
This time you kiss his soft pink lips as the robe is taken off you.
A second later dracos hand is rubbing circles over your panties slipping a few fingers past the black lace.
“You’re really wet, y/n” he whispers.
“I know.” You giggle.
Suddenly he picks up the pace and your panties are no longer on you. You bite his lip in surprise.
“Draco.. I need you know.” You say before pushing him over. You know on top.
You quickly un button his pants pulling them off. And next the shirt.
“So is this my graduation present?” He laughs as you lower his boxers exposing his hard dick.
“No.” You smile hovering over him.
“No y/n don’t do this.” He whines as you tease him.
Smiling you slowly push yourself down.
Suddenly you and Draco rolled making him on top.
He pumps in and out quickly making your hold onto him as you moan in pleasure.
Draco starts sucking on your neck hitting your sweet spot while also hitting your g spot hard and fast. Making you claw at his back.
You could tell he was getting close. “Y/n, I’m.”
“Me too.” You pant before he could finish.
Seconds later he comes inside pushing you over the edge to also come.
“Holly fuck.” He says rolling off you.
“I’m going to miss this.” He smile.
You role on your side so ur face and face.
“Trust me. This isn’t going anywhere.”

redirect theme #01 – by quiffly (robinthemes)
static preview + code


what features
llike seriously
there aren’t any features here
it’s just a redirect theme
(im being mean ! you have to go inside of the code to edit the link. underneath <body>, there’s a small bit of coding that looks like this: <div class=”container demo-1”> <div class=”content”> <div id=”large-header” class=”large-header”> <canvas id=”demo-canvas”></canvas> <h1 class=”main-title”>I’ve moved to…<span class=”thin”><br><a href=”NEW URL”>NEW URL TITLE</a></span></h1>. where it says “NEW URL” and “NEW URL TITLE”, you can put your url.)

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for this theme, i’d like to give codrops complete credit: i got the whole animated header design and idea from here. i just thought that i would bring it to tumblr for all the amazing people on here.

TITLE: Hold a Lover Close

PAIRING: Matt Murdock x Reader/OC

REQUEST/PROMPT: “I almost lost you” + height difference

WORD COUNT: 1,533 (sorry it’s kind of short - or at least short for me)

GENRES/WARNINGS: Slight smut but not really, slight angst, cannon-level violence.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: This is about as close to smut as I will ever get. I have no idea where the gif is from (i found it on google images and it had no source when i went to the page). Title is from “Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off” by panic! at the disco. I tried making a post with a gif, I hope it looks okay. Enjoy!

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I was a bit worried that this piece wouldn’t be long enough, but I added in Bucky dealing with Sam to round it out. I just like the idea of Bucky being protective. Sam tries his best, but he forgets that not everyone is like him. Thank you to @bucky-slut (which is truly a marvellous url) for the request.

Prompt: Can you do a Bucky x reader where they live across each other and have a morning ritual where they get coffee every morning together but one day the reader wasn’t outside her door and he has the keys to her apartment and finds her passed out because of complete exhaustion from training and takes care of her?Thank you and I love your writings!

“Every Minute Counts”

Bucky knocked on the door politely, and waited. You’d given him a key to your house a while ago but he never used it. He’d never had the need. Every time he called for you, you were already waiting outside.

The two of you had lived across from each other for years. Every morning at 7, you woke up and went for a jog. You returned promptly at 7:30, showered, changed, and left the house again at 7:45. At the same time, you would see Bucky leave his house also. The 15-minute walk into town was spent looking at him from behind, at which point he’d turn into the same coffee shop as you.

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                     I didn’t get where I am by running and hiding from a fight.
                                Tomorrow is Black Friday and CatCo will be open for business.

Here’s a quick gif showing what I’ve been working on.  I had this idea in my head while riding the bus to/from work where you’re the driver and you have to drive your route while managing your time and making sure all the riders are happy.  Still got a bunch of stuff to add/tweak/fix but I got a lot of the gameplay logic in and it’s functional. :D

I spent so much time on this x_x

Have a small animation doodle everyone while I continue to work on my other drawings ^v^

I’ve been watching a lot of Undertale ‘Stronger than You’ animation parodies…and I thought of…a Kuroha/Takane version in my head…  So that’s where this idea came from. A PV like that would be cool…but I’m still considering the idea since I have a lot of other drawings/comics in mind…Knowing me..it’ll probably happen but in reaaaalllly slow progress

A bunch of my ramblings about it will be under the cut!!

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10 Signs You’re Too Much Of A Pushover

There’s nice, and then there’s too nice. Girls are told from a young age to be polite, to smile, and to “not be a bitch.” It’s understandable, then, that so many of us have trouble voicing our opinions! Expressing our needs as a woman often goes against everything we were conditioned to be. I am a huge pushover and always have been. The idea that someone might not like me or that my opinion would anger someone makes me feel extremely anxious inside. I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO LOVE ME! (Not possible, but I still try.) As a result, I’m constantly put into situations where I’m super uncomfortable but trying to act cool about it. “You want me to go to a party with a bunch of naked people chanting? Okay! Love naked people chanting.”