i have no idea where the angst came from

i can c: 

basically it’s kinda, i love space things so i wanted to something, like, space themed?? lol but also keeping in mind that kara’s god is a sun god and she gets her powers from the sun i thought it would be cool to have her chest symbol sort of be that on her suit. 

It came a bit from this au(another dress idea i was thinking of for it) i had been thinking about for a while where Kara became more like a deity, where she was just Supergirl all the time. Not that she was suddenly evil being or anything but more where she somehow lost that human part of her and became the symbol people held supers up to, almost divine beings. 

moonlight [part one]

Summary: James wants to know what she is. || werewolf!bucky x supernatural!reader

Warnings: language (i think) and maybe a little bit of angst, but nothing too major (for now)

Note: I have no clue where this idea came from, to be honest. I think I might make this into a series if you all want me to.


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this might be cliché bc i sort of based this PLOT idea off of gossip girl, the bling ring, and the song ‘children of the bad revolution’ by lana del rey; but i want a bunch “bad” rich kids who run in a their tight-knit pack and all come from wealthy families, but their families all came into their money different ways and all handle it very differently. like one family married into their wealth, while others have been rich their whole lives, where one has to work for it, but they all are still very loyal to everyone in their little group but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t hella angst !! because they party all the time and all of their relationships are probably blurring at the edges because who is really just friends ?? and who are really lovers on the low ?? i need them taking selfies and updating their instagram feeds and then maybe doing designer drugs and linking arms and strutting down the streets of nyc probably in their nicest outfits !! and fights over stupid stuff that isn’t going to matter in three days and coming out on the other side a little bit more fucked up than you started but hey, that’s life !! and as long as they feel free at the end of the day and still have their trust funds, what else is there to complain about ?? e v e r y t h i n g, it turns out. bonus points if it’s a multi-muse group bc i want sibling ships/romantic ships/frenemies !!

The tales of the earth masterlist.

Myths and legends surround us and our history for all time, and yet it has become so easy to forget what is real and what has been forgotten in the past. Yet now here is an opportunity to travel to the darkest and lightest places up for offer, and explore the shaded edges of imagination. Fantasy au, different scenario for each member, loosely based on fairy tales.

Jungkook; The Monster

“A castle lies on the edge of the world, quiet and devoid of hope in it’s lonely companionship. And yet it seems to you, that no matter the time the walls seem to have eyes that seem so sad, the air seems to drip with stories of woe that you could never understand. But you intend to find out.”

→  ♥ ϟ  ✖︎ | Coming soon

Taehyung; The Siren

“For centuries it has been said that the water was home to the most cruel of creatures, one that had not an ounce of kindness in its cold body. Children have disappeared, like mist in the night at the hands of such a monster. Yet when it is your time to travel down to the cove, you cannot find the malicious spirit you were told about among the sobbing cries and desperate embraces.”

→  ♥ ϟ  ✖︎ | Coming soon

Jimin; The dreamer

“Every year you weep for the lost months and days of your childhood, bound within the walls you are forced to call your home. And one night, it seemed that your pleas were answered in the form of a shadow curling its hand into yours and herding you into the night with whispers of curiosity.”

→  ♥ ϟ  ✖︎ | Coming soon

Namjoon; The Fighter

“Who could put themselves above gods and ever hope to fly? Dreams and aspirations are cast aside so easily when war beckons its finger, and despite the ache in his heart he was forced to give up his will. And yet soon it seemed that he was high above the clouds, your arms being the only thing that could possibly keep him to the ground where his wishes lay. After all, it would seem that his wings were made of wax, and the sun was happy to loom ever closer.”

→  ♥ ϟ  ✖︎ | Coming soon

Hoseok; The Hider

“The house that you move into is warped and moulded by age, the walls hung with memories you could never hope to understand and life scattered like lost ghosts into the floors.Yet when you are made privy to the world that thrums with life nestled into the meadow that sings every night, you find yourself being dragged into the hold of burning eyes and untold whispers that pulled you to the dark of the night with whispers of truth. And he is the first to catch you in your fall.”

→  ♥ ϟ  ✖︎ | Coming soon

Yoongi; The Hunter

“The village you lived in was plagued by fear, the howls of a monster so terrifyingly near that it was hard to ever let your eyes close, accustomed to glancing behind your back. And when a hunter arrives to offer up his services, you cannot help but feel panic seep into you for a secret that you could never keep.”

→  ♥ ϟ  ✖︎ | Coming soon

Seokjin; The Noble

“Who knew of the man who lay in his castle, draped in golden robes as he watched his people lead through their lives with well placed boredom? There was not a soul that remembered where he came from, or what his intentions were- save for you, who’s eyes were cast wide open and heart racing through the walls when a shadow fell over your slumber.

→  ♥ ϟ  ✖︎ | Coming soon

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She Will Be Loved (Angst)

A/N: I have no idea where this came from… Stuff in normal font is (Y/N), italics is flashback and bold is Shawn. Also, I listened to ‘Dumbledore’s Farewell’ as I wrote this and I would recommend too as it adds to the emotion! FEEDBACK would be lovely! :) 
4,464 words!

Tiny particles of debris slowly descended from the sky, similar to the first fall of snow.I couldn’t recall hearing or even seeing a collision of some kind. The last thing I heard was the shrill of the gunfire, and the last thing I saw was him.

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From Amy, With Love (Epilogue)

Dear Boys,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been by Ego Inc., but Mark and I decided to take some time to be alone together after everything that happened. I’m sure you guys will understand.

Mark is taking me to this awesome place in the desert for my birthday! I’m so excited, but I hate that I won’t be able to see you guys. Yes, I’ve received all your presents in the mail already, and I’m still not sure how you got the post office to ship that giant stuffed alien. But I’m not complaining.

Tell Wilford that I appreciate the pink “letter opener,” and I will use it to open many “letters.” I feel like a real Peebstache now. Tell Host that I’m taking the books he sent on the trip with me, and I plan on reading them to Mark while he drives. Oh, and make sure Bim knows that the little cactus he sent me is perfectly healthy and currently sitting in my bedroom window. I’ve named him Bimmy. Aren’t I creative?

Mark says hi. He’s been brainstorming new ways to integrate you guys into the channel, and I think it’s been good for him to have something to distract him. He still gets nightmares. Host, I think you might want to talk to him when we get back. (But don’t tell him I told you about it. He’s too proud to admit when he needs help sometimes.)

Me? I’m just the same. You can’t even see the stitches because of my hair, and the wound is healing up nicely. Don’t worry. Hey, I can feel you worrying right now. Quit it. I don’t often get nightmares anymore, and when they do come, I remind myself that I’ve got like a dozen big brothers making sure that I’m safe.

Wilford text me that you muzzled Dark? Whose idea was that? Because they deserve a gold star, and I want pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I’ll be sure to take plenty of them while we’re on the trip with the camera the Doctor sent me! I’m really excited to be a pile of hipster trash and take lots of pretty Polaroids to bring back to you. For the Host, I’ve brought along a notebook, and I’m going to attempt to write about everything that I see so that I can read it to you when I come back.

I love you guys. Please try to get along while I’m gone. I’d really appreciate it if you are all in one piece when I come back.

And I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me and Mark. I thought that I should let you know, Mark doesn’t know how to tell you guys how sorry he is for letting Dark control you for as long as he did. This nightmare was one hell of a wake-up call. Mark wants to make things right. That’s why he was at Ego Inc. in the first place that day, and if you’ll give him a chance, he wants to help you.

Well, I hear Mark calling me now, so this letter will have to end here. Ed, I have no idea where you got trained carrier pigeons from, but it’s awesome. I hope it works. I hope you get this. I’ll be back soon; I promise.


From Amy, with love.

(Gah, I cried writing this! So, this is it for FAWL for now. I may come back to it later because I feel like this timeline has plenty more possibilities, but as many of you have pointed out, I don’t want to ruin what FAWL is right now. Don’t worry, though. There is plenty more angst where this came from!)

Breaking The Righteous Man

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This is for @whispersandwhiskerburn Angel’s 2K Follower Celebration. I chose the song, ‘Guy What Takes His Time’ by the legendary Xtina. Along with the quote, ‘If you want me to keep talking, you’re going to have to stop that’

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Alastair

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Smutty smut, fingering, pussy eating, unprotected sex, choking kink, dangerous sex, Dean hurting reader, kinda fluff, then angst and abandonment. 

Word count: 1783

Summary: You are all Dean has in hell, but will you stay with him?

A/N: Ok, so, I don’t know where this came from. I could’ve done just a regular smutty fic with the song, but for some resaon, this idea happened. Smutty but becomes hella angsty…Hope u like it!!

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He wasn’t like the rest.

He took his time with it, his hands clutching your thighs as he kneeled, laying you down, before he trapped you beneath him.

His lips caressed your skin, gliding softly as he sucked, marking you up as his and no one else’s.

Not that you minded.

No other man was like this.

You were sick of the ones who were eager to finish and nothing else.

Amateurs who rushed, making a big commotion as they fucked into you, thinking that would give you the pleasure they were feeling.

But Dean-Dean was different.

He knew what he had to do.

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Jongdae and his foreign girlfriend going in vacation together to her country so he can also meet her family ;) it would be nice to read about all the cuddly/warm moments during the trip and vacation time <3

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

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Moments can be many different emotions: sadness, despair, happiness, love or lust, but in the end - every single moment will inevitably end, like stars that burn in the sky, or candles that flicker and dance in the darkness of a room. Though, even when moments fade like Polaroid photographs, memories can replace them, and engrave long-lasting images in the brain of beauty or disaster for those who are given the God-given gift of a good memory.

Taking your boyfriend to Wales was one of those things - a moment, or so, that’s how it felt. From the airplane ride to the stay, to the long walks and family gatherings until the moment you departed back to South Korea. It felt like literal seconds ticking by.You only ever really realise how precious and beautiful those seconds are when time starts running out.

Time ticks against your wrist from the moment you landed in the North of Wales, it plays against your mind like a constant, antagonising ringing - but this is all for Jongdae, because only moments and fate will count until the final flight.

The trip started in the cool, chilly coastline of Colwyn Bay where your home is situated. Your family is big, but they’re full of love and support, and from the moment Jongdae steps in the room and shyly introduces himself in English, you can just tell how much your family adore him. Your parents admire his drive and passion not only for working but for you, and your siblings could die for his aegyo and childish antics - you, yourself couldn’t help but smile as he and your younger siblings unite together to prank you. You couldn’t be annoyed - not even a little, not when his smile was so alive and passionate his get your heart ablaze.

Life is short and cruel; you make Jongdae pose in photos with you to aid an older, worn down version of yourself, to remind you of the “good old days,” the days you can be around the one you love and not worry for tomorrow; only for today.

You travel around the enchanting countryside, introducing Jongdae to the hills of Snowdonia, and the alluring landscape of Llandudno in bright yellow wellies and big, warm coats. Though the heat of the clothes isn’t the only thing that keeps you warm - it may sound cheesy, and Jongdae would laugh at you for thinking such thoughts - but nothing can make you more mellow or warmer than watching the happiness in his eyes that radiates from his orbs to his grin.

Though exploring the country isn’t the only thing you do in your home town. Jongdae takes you back to your rebellious teenage years; kissing in corners when no one’s watching and whispering sweet nothings when no one is listening, and when no one is around at all you take advantage of the satin bedsheets where he, and only he, can make you whimper, moan and writhe.

With each distracting second of your day, it keeps you distracted from the insecurities and anxieties that you have - not looking at the ink that stains beneath your wrist watch that hides the image you only wish you could remove. You hate the way your Mother looks at you pitifully because of it, or the way your Father purposefully acts as though  it isn’t there, it’s like a time loop of pain and agony every time you come home.

And when the final day draws to it’s end, you sit on the plane with Jongdae, your heart pounding as the flight takes off like the final take of memories.

Jongdae talks animatedly about the trip, the unforgettable moments; though all you can do is smile and hold back the teardrops because you know his unconditional memory issue.

Back in Korea, you sit in a pearly white room, glazed eyes watching the seconds tick down on the final day inked on your skin.


You walk towards the cubical,


You gently pull back the curtain,


You step inside,


The bed dips under your weight as you take a seat on the hospitalised bed,


“Who are you?”

“It’s me, Jongdae, it’s {y/n}.”

And the number reverts back on your hand to 365 days.

Note: I felt cynical - please don’t hate me. Idea came from an AU prompt I read and I altered it to kind of make it a soulmate AU where the reader has a tattoo on their wrist counting down the days they have left with their soulmate. So Jongdae, unfortunately, only has a year until his mind resets because idk I felt like making angst. Tell me what you think, I’m usually not good at angst drabbles. Danke! (Also thanks to @stitch-xiu-up who I woke up just to help me with this and edit it. Goodnight) 

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I have this terrifying fear that Whedon is going to make Babs infertile. No idea where it came from, but it feels like something Whedon would do. It legit kept me up last night.

you aren’t alone, anon. I’ve also worried about this, especially bc joss whedon has used infertility as a source of pointless angst for his female characters multiple times in his previous work. age of ultron was shit for a lot of reasons (like… it wasn’t even objectively good. it was just a Bad Movie), but the way he treated black widow in it was atrocious – taking a character who, in the comics, is fertile (as far as we know) but has never had kids because she doesn’t want them, and giving her a pointless character arc about how she feels like she’s “a monster” and “not a real woman” because she’s infertile. (this woman has killed dozens of people, including children, in her lifetime, but it’s her infertility that bothers her and makes her feel inhuman, because that’s realistic.) AND he only did it so there would be “justification” for him putting her in a very awkward, chemistry-less, out-of-character romance with self-insert bruce banner. and it’s been a while since I watched buffy the vampire slayer, but I’m pretty sure I remember him pulling something similar with a female character on that show, too. 

my biggest fear is probably that the whole killing joke thing will happen and be addressed in the movie, but SURPRISE TWIST, the bullet missed babs’s spine (because we all know there’s no way whedon will let her be paralyzed) and hit her uterus, so now she can never have kids!! oh no!!! how can she possibly carry on now that she’s no longer a ~real woman~?!! and obviously it only gets talked about in the context of her relationship with dick (or, even worse, bruce) because she no longer feels worthy of his love now that she can’t give him babies. :/

but yeah I hate whedon a lot lmao 


(the title is a Hamilton reference **surprise surprise** from the song “It’s Quiet Uptown - “going through the unimaginable”)

Intro: I am going to preface this fic by saying I am so sorry.  Like holy moly.  I honestly have no idea where this came from but I guess I was in an angsty mood and this just put itself together in my brain.  

This is for the ever-so-lovely @trekken81‘s Ed Sheeran Challenge and I chose the song Dive.

I didn’t know the song before writing this fic, and honestly struggled for a while with it.  But then I thought of one of the drabbles that I wrote for 400 followers, and it really connected with this song.  It is The One Where Leonard Drowns - you can see already where the angst is coming from.  Feel free to read that one first, as it may give you some context into the ‘memories’ that are dispersed through the story, but you should be able to read this without reading the drabble. 

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings: Heavy on the angst.  Small amounts of fluff but it only makes the angst hurt more.  Sorry.  Brief description of CPR.  A lot of sadness.  

ALSO: The formatting for this one is pretty weird.  It makes sense in my brain but that’s probably because I wrote it lol.  So if it doesn’t make sense I’m sorry. The italicized words are memories, the non-italicized words are current events, and the lyrics for the song are italicized and indented.  


Tell me what to do!  I need you to tell me what to do!”

His ribs crunched beneath your hands as you pounded on his chest. 

“I need you, Leonard.”

You dug the heel of your palm into your eyes, trying to dispel the images. 

The feeling of his lips, strikingly cold, unnaturally cold against yours as you forced air into his lungs.

Gasping, tears stinging your eyes, you scrubbed at your lips with your hand until they were numb. 

A knock.

The snap of a twig, the aliens approaching, and you curled over his un-moving body protectively. 

You looked through watery eyes to see a silhouette at your door. 

The form was leaning against the frame, and it struck another memory into your brain. 

Maybe I came on too strong
Maybe I waited too long
Maybe I played my cards wrong
Oh just a little bit wrong
Baby I apologize for it 

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The problem with L@ngst is that everyone lazily falls back on the idea of the team being mean and abusing him, which is stupid, instead of making it just being Lance over thinking and seeing things that aren't there or aren't true, as one with low self-esteem does. If the angst came from how Lance perceived things instead of just 'we need to yell at him just because' it'd be easier to deal with. And if you HAVE to have him abused verbally, use an alien! Use someone who does not know him well!

I’m waiting for people to overanalyse the fuck out of that scene where they were taking the piss out of Lance and Keith was like “I’m glad we’re all making fun of Lance” and turn it into some shit like “they’re abusing him!!!” like it’s fucking banter I call my closest friends dumb hoes on a daily basis joking that he’s dumb isn’t abusing him its just taking the piss

I Don’t Want Her/I Need Her

By ladiekatie // smokesforsterek

Teen & Up |  5,256 | Sterek | 1/1 | Part 2 of a Series

“What- what do we do?” Stiles looks from Derek to the bundle in his arms.

Derek is looking through the folder, taking out the small stack of papers.

“I have no idea. But all her papers are here, birth certificate, wolf registration, the relinquishing of rights,” Derek brings up the papers to smell them, to try to figure out where she came from.

Or the one where someone leaves a pup on Stiles and Derek’s doorstep with instructions to find her a good home.

Tags: A/B/O Dynamics, Alpha!Derek, Werewolf!Derek, Omega!Stiles, Human!Stiles, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, 

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Part 3 of Destiel Marriage Problems (this time with a happy ending) (But beware the angst it still comes with!)

So apparently, saying I could do small ficlets and then saying I could finish this in 3 parts was the WRONG answer. This is SO much longer than the other two COMBINED. I see several places where i could have easily broken it of before continuing. 

OH well. have 1459 more words of angst with a happy ending!


For the last week and a half, Dean had been crashing on Charlies couch and drinking her stash, while Hannah had to deal with increasingly wet throw pillows from Cas’s crying. Both of them were distraught and enough was enough.

It was time for an intervention.

It was Charlie who came to the conclusion first, calling up Hannah in a rare moment of solitude. “Hannah, I have no idea what’s going on but something is very wrong. They’re too much in love for this. They need to talk.”

“Agreed. Though I’m not all too certain you’ll get Cas to agree to it, not when…” Hannah trailed off and Charlie squinted suspiciously at her phone.

“When what?” Charlie demanded.

“Well, he’s convinced Dean is cheating on him and he’s been trying to gain the nerve to confront him about it ever since.” Hannah’s’ voice was perplexed.

Charlie groaned. “Oh fuck…that’s what this is about? That’s why Cas threw the adoption papers out? Dean, you’re a god damn moron!” She fumed in the startled silence, only wishing Dean had been there to hear her.

“Wait, do you know what’s going on?” Hannah finally asked.

“Apparently, I do. Look, Cas’s fears are unfounded…but understandable. Let me explain…”


Dean wondered what the hell he was still doing there. He sighed, looking around the apartment he and Cas shared. He hadn’t seen much of his husband all week.

To be honest, he hadn’t seen much of him in over a month before that, and it had been wearing on him greatly. But it had been for a good reason. It was the reason he’d come home early with a plan to cook Cas’s favorite things, and finally fill his husband in on what was going on, thinking that Cas might want to celebrate once he’d heard.

And look how that had turned out. Maybe Charlie was right, though? Maybe he should at least try to talk to Cas and figure out why he’d changed his mind. He looked down at the bag in his hands and tried to decide what to do. Charlie had shoved him out the door and told him to ‘go home and figure yourself out’ but now here he was and he didn’t know which way to go.

Tears stung his eyes and he wiped them away angrily as the sound of the door handle jiggling made him whirl in place, eyes widening in surprise when Cas actually came through the doorway.

He looked like hell.

Dean knew what that felt like. He wasn’t sure if he should be happy he wasn’t the only one suffering or if he should run over to comfort his husband and find out what was wrong.

If it had been a week and a half ago, that wouldn’t have even been a question. How the fuck had they gotten here?

“Cas?” he managed to choke out. Castiel froze, head rising to stare at Dean in shock. He’d obviously not expected Dean to be there.

“Dean! I…what are you doing here? I thought you had better things to do?” Cas’s voice was bitter and Dean’s brow furrowed, taking a step closer to his husband.

“Wait…why would you think that?” Dean asked.

“Why would I…?” Cas looked at him in open mouthed astonishment. “Dean, you haven’t bothered to spend time with me in over a month, and you’re always evasive when I ask what’s up. It’s obvious you’ve grown tired of me.”

“Grown tired of you? Fuck, Cas, I missed ya like crazy man!” Dean blurted, taking a few more steps closer. Cas shifted back and Dean froze.

“Well, you sure could have fooled me,” Cas spit out. “I’m just getting some stuff and then I’ll leave.”

“Leave? Wait, no! why are you – you can’t leave me, Cas!” Dean said desperately, moving forward in his panic again. Cas pushed past him with a glare.

“Don’t touch me Dean…not when you’ve been….” Cas sniffled.

“Been what, Cas?” Dean demanded, his own voice wobbling at Cas’s rejection.

“Cheating on me,” Cas’s whispered word were barely heard but they hit Dean like a truck.

“What?” Dean’s voice was barely any louder in his shock and Cas turned to look him in the eyes for the first time since he’d come through the door. What he saw there obviously surprised him.

“You…you haven’t been?” Cas’s voice shook, a hand reached out tentatively to touch Dean, stopping just short of his cheek. “But…why else were you avoiding me? Coming home late all the time and refusing to tell me why? Dean, I don’t understand!” he pleaded.

“You really thought that I…I was cheating on you? Is that why you…” Dean swallowed and reached into his pocket for the two envelopes there. He hadn’t been able to stop carrying either of them. The onion stained one was on top as he handed it to Cas. “- why you threw this away? I thought you’d lied to me about wanting kids. That…”

With hands shaking nearly as much as Dean’s, Cas took the envelope from his husbands’ hands, recognizing it instantly.

It was the one underneath that he didn’t recognize.

In a daze, Cas flipped the second envelope over and stared at the logo, his heart sinking. He reached for the papers inside with trembling fingers. “What’s this, Dean?”

“That…that was supposed to be a surprise. I was going to show that to you the night I found…” Dean swallowed. “I just wanted you to be proud of me. I wanted to be the kind of dad our kid would be proud of.”

“So you’ve been…you’ve been taking night classes? All this time?” Cas stared at him wonderingly, and a little miserably too.

“Yeah, special classes on an accelerated time schedule. It was mostly just insane amounts of testing. I mean, I already know most of this stuff, I just need to get the certifications for it. And I um…I did.” Dean gestured at the paper now open in Cas’s hands.

Cas sniffed and shook and before Dean knew it, he was engulfed in his husbands’ strong arms once again. With an echoing sniff, he brought his own arms up around Cas, the papers floating to the floor as they gripped at each other with desperate, needy fingers, tears now rolling freely down both their faces.

“I’m so, so sorry, Cas. I never meant to make you think that I was…” Dean buried his face into Cas’s neck.

“No, no, it’s my fault. I know you love me. I should have trusted that. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions the way I did.” Cas croaked out, “God, I was devastated when I thought…I couldn’t stand being away from you. I’m so relieved to know I was wrong.”

Cas jerked back a second later, panic on his face, “Shit, is it too late? What if I ruined everything?”

“Ruined what?” Dean asked, perplexed. “I’m not leaving you. We can fix this, fix us…”

“No, I mean, yes, of course we can, and we will! But I meant…” Cas dove for the floor, landing painfully on his knees and scrambling for the papers he’d dropped. Dean dropped beside him, placing a hand on Cas’s back and rubbing it soothingly, needing the contact with his husband and desperate to help fix things after his mistake.

Finding the papers from the adoption agency, Cas frantically skimmed them over, finally slumping back into Dean in relief, “We still have time.” Cas smiled up at Dean and Dean felt his heart leap for the first time in over a week.

Dean looked down at what Cas was holding.

It was official. They’d been approved and the agency just needed a few last things from them by next week and they’d be parents.

“You mean it?” Dean breathed.

Cas nodded. “I always did.”

“And you’re, you’re staying, right?” Dean’s eyes didn’t stray from Cas’s one iota.

“Of course, Dean. I love you, and I’m so sorry,” Cas answered.

“I love you, too, Cas, more than anything. And I’m sorry too. If I hadn’t hidden this, none of this would ever have happened…” Dean whispered, still hardly daring to believe his ears.

Cas reached out, and this time didn’t hesitate to touch Dean’s cheek, trailing his hand down to cup his jaw. Dean leaned into the touch and Cas thrilled to it. He hadn’t lost Dean after all. He gave his husband a watery smile, “No, it was for the right reasons. I’m sorry I didn’t have faith in you.”

Dean huffed out a short laugh, “Why don’t we just agree that we both made mistakes and put it all behind us and promise to talk next time?”

“I can live with that,” Cas agreed, seconds before their lips met.

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CAN TAEHYUNG COME PROTECT ME LIKE ASDFGHJKL, Honestly I have no idea where this came from. but BOOM BAM.

Characters: Taehyung x Y/n

Genre: Angst , smut . BadBoy!Tae

Description: Taehyung doesn’t like when they mess with his girl. 



Taehyung pecked your lips giving you a kiss one last time, “Taehyung, come on I have to go to school.” you mumbled into his lips as he began to nibble your bottom lip. You stood at the entrance of your high school, your boyfriend was the local drop out hanging out with the wrong crowd but it didn’t matter to you. He was your childhood friend, and had protected you over the years from any bully so of course you had come to grow feelings for the young troublemaker.

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So I never ever post my stuff in here but I started writing this and it got out of hand and I have no idea where this came from but I like it very very much and I thought I shared it…

I’ve see many fics where Cat doesn’t miss a beat in correcting Kara to call her ‘Cat’ instead of ‘Ms. Grant’ when they start getting involved, and I have this headcanon:

Cat actually likes to be called 'Ms. Grant’ by Kara instead of insisting on being called Cat everytime Kara says it. And, not just in bed for a dom! sub! thing (though that would totally happen as well), but like just day to day because they are so used to it, and it’s a respect thing, since we see most people calling her Cat unless they are afraid of her (say Winn), and Kara says it in a very affectionate way that makes Cat’s heart skip a beat, and sometimes Kara says it teasingly, and other times she just uses it almost like a term of endearment (and she tried to teasingly use kitty once but got a slap on the face and a week on the couch, of her own apartment).
Because 'Cat’ is personal, 'Cat’ is private, 'Cat’ is intimate. It’s for when it’s the two of them and Carter, sometimes even Adam though Kara and Adam are still awkward around each other; 'Cat’ is for when they act like an old married couple and Cat does or says something so rude or stubborn that a simple 'Ms Grant’ reprimand isn’t strong enough, it’s for when Cat does something so amazing that Kara can’t help but gasp 'Cat!’, it’s for when Cat does something so considerate when Kara is down that all the girl’s emotions just spill out in a soft sigh or whisper of 'Cat’. It’s for when they are having breakfast or getting ready for the day or watching tv on the couch on a lazy Sunday at home with fluffy socks and worn out tshirts that Cat will never admit to ever wearing. It’s for holidays and long weekends on their private beach when Kara keeps trying to coax Cat into dropping her book and going for a swim with her, for when she calls excitedly to show her the sand sculpture she and Carter did, for when she slips behind Cat pressing her whole body cold from the water against Cat’s sun heated skin and they watch as Carter has the time of his life playing with their dog and Adam and Cat presses a kiss on Kara’s salty neck. It’s for the heated arguments over 'truth justice and the American ways’ they have at home that always start in the public areas of the house like the living room or the kitchen, or even their home office, but they always take it to the balcony of their bedroom when they notice things getting ugly so Carter won’t have to watch them tearing each other; it’s for the apologies after that and the i love you’s that follow, and the promises of open minded reconsideration, and the suggestion of ordering take out and having a game night with Carter. It’s for the hard moments of pain and doubt (and Cat has many of those because she might have a rough exterior but she actually is very caring and vulnerable) when Kara will wrap her arms around Cat’s tiny body and pepper kisses on her neck and shoulder before just burying her nose there and listening to Cat’s heartbeat waiting for her heart rate to go back to normal and her body to stop shaking. It’s for the pleas in the supermarket to get an extra tube of ice cream or box of sugary cereal or bag of chips combined with pouty lips and wide puppy eyes from Kara and Carter; for the excitement of waking up to the first snowfall of the year, and fireworks on new year’s eve followed by a kiss that starts before the count down and ends long after it’s done. It’s for the first time Carter spends the weekend at a friend’s house and Cat wants to call every five minutes and can only sleep after Carter calls (because Kara told him to in a discreet text) to say goodnight despite Kara insisting she can hear him and he is fine. It’s for when Cat is sick and being adorable yet extremely stubborn and doesn’t want to cooperate in Kara’s care to make her better; it’s for the whines when it’s Kara’s turn to get sick when she blows out her powers and Kara is literally the worst patient ever in direct competition with Cat herself. And it’s for when Supergirl is needed and Kara has to leave a very worried Cat behind (be it on the street on the office or on their bedroom) and she bids goodbye with a soft kiss on the lips a promise of coming back safe and an extra kiss to the forehead just to make sure, before flying off, up up and away, to save the day.

'Cat’ it’s only theirs.

(much like Keira/Kara is for Cat)


Summary: Written for @torn-and-frayed Songs of Supernatural Season 1 Challenge. The reader gets into a car crash after a fight with Dean. Song is Paradise by Sharif

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1964

Warnings: angst, language, character death

A/N: Every semicolon I used is a shot in the dark. Also this is my first fic ever so feedback is welcome/ wanted!

A giant that you to @blacktithe7 for the amazing help!!

Flashback is in italics (also labeled)


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You start to wake up not really remembering where you were. There’s a pain in your abdomen and you have no idea where that came from. You smell gasoline and it starts to feel really hot. Is that smoke? Then you hear the screams of a few people calling for help. ‘Am I on a hunt?’  You hear a familiar song playing.

Creepin’ into my head

Your body’s breathin’ me in again.

No more mistaken me as a friend.

My body’s achin

Hold me again and again and again

You slowly start to blink your eyes open, fighting the urge to leave them closed as you take in your surroundings. You’re hanging upside-down in your cherry red, 1972, Chevy Nova. You struggle to find a position that is less painful since the seatbelt is cutting deep into your shoulder. You can’t move your body as your seatbelt is locked and the buckle is jammed. You start to see small flames coming from your car and you become frantic, trying everything you can to escape. You try honking your horn, but it wont work. Terrified you will die in this car, you start crying for help, hoping someone can hear you over the chaos and loud traffic. You try everything you can to break free but the pain in your abdomen overtakes you as you drift off again listening to that memorable song.

 Take me away to paradise,

Feed me again with your love.

Take me back to where I was,

Fill me again with your love. 

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clairvoyant. (m) part one.

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part two. part three.

Author’s note: I have no idea where this came from or where it’s going *shrug* I do know it’ll contain drugs, alcohol and smut, with angst so there ya go! Also not sure who it’ll be centered around so enjoy the mystery.

Word count: 3k

The smell of cigarette smoke was overwhelming in his bedroom despite the incense he had that he swore would mask the smell, it clearly wasn’t doing much. You were sat facing him on the floor, your legs tucked underneath your bum as you held the clamp to his lip and held a needle in your other hand, “Dude, don’t you think you should, I don’t know…take that out of your mouth when I do this?” 

His eyes looked everywhere but at you, bouncing around the posters on his wall to his dirty hamper in the corner, literally anywhere but your eyes because he was terrified. “It helps calm my nerves, there’s no way in hell I’m taking this out of my mouth. Thanks for the shitty suggestion though.”

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So, I’m not sure where this came from, but have some angst in 250 words that goes from 0 to 10 in two second flat. Your regularly scheduled fluff and smut will return shortly. 

Rated M

“Pregnant?” Cullen echoed her words from a moment before, his voice flat and a dazed look on his face.

Elena nodded, not trusting herself to speak as tears gathered in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry,” she finally managed to stammer out, bringing her hands to cover her face as tears began to fall.

Carefully, mindful of the swift flinches his touch had met ever since Adamant, Cullen pulled her into his arms, holding her close as sobs began to wrack her body. She buried her face in the fur of his surcoat, cleaving to him, and Cullen didn’t know what else to do except smooth his hands down her back. He felt numb, frozen in place and utterly useless; he had had no idea she had been with child and now–

“I didn’t know,” came her muffled sob. “I didn’t know, I didn’t know. I would have never—”

“Shh,” he hushed, trying to keep his voice steady for her, trying to make sure the tears gathering in his eyes didn’t fall. “It’s not your fault.”

“It was Adamant.” Gasp. “And the rift. My own body and I didn’t know.”

His head was spinning, ears ringing as he felt his knees give out. A child. It was something he hadn’t known he wanted until she said it, until it was too late. They sank to the floor of her chambers and Cullen did his best to hold her to him, even as his tears wet the crown of her head.

Miitopia Angst

It was too much. It was bad enough when the Dark Lord stole from strangers. At least you could pretend to be fine with attacking monsters with human faces. But this was just cruel. To your side, the faceless bodies of your comrades stood, aimlessly wandering around like mindless drones with no objective. You realized with horror what this would mean. Materializing in front of you, three generic-looking monsters appeared. The faces of your companions- no, your friends, floating above you, slowly spiralling down. They landed on the beasts with a scream. You would have to face this alone. To save your friends, you would need to kill them first.

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Like I love your angst but have you maybe considered writing another angst but with a happy ending eventually?

i did, dearie!! it was the very first fic i wrote … and somehow everything i touch just becomes pure blood angst. it seems that my fics are angst by default, you know? i have like enough angst within me to fill a lifetime. is that even possible? lolol. kidding! of course i can. i did it for a few times already but mostly just on headcanon requests. though i’ve only incorporated the idea once and it didn’t happen again. i’m not a romantic by default and i write based on experiences and it seems that i have so many angsty experience irl??

also do you even know pandora hearts? that manga is like a living angst itself. that is where all my angst came from, really. can you feel like you’re being stabbed a million times everyday while reading that manga? every chapter just gets worst and worst? i am armed with 5 years worth of angst, friend. i need all of you as my sacrificial lambs. i need your tears.

just kidding!!! lolololol!!! of course i will. i have still like a hundred more requests i need to do and i won’t be going anytime soon so do expect a light themed fic the next time. and besides, i do nothing else but write and maybe my sucky am job and all so i would probably just answer requests and post yeah?? thank you for loving angst. i’ll incorporate an angst break soon, love!