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My First Fanfic. Ever.

Title: Friday’s Tribulations

Backstory (or whatever you call this): Summer-school has yet to start for the kids. Jesus has yet to go off for his wrestling scholarship and it’s like a week after the wreck. -end of backstory-

It was an early Friday morning for the Fosters family. Everyone had rushed downstairs but for Jesus and Jude who were still asleep.

The buzzing of Jude’s phone had woken him up. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes to see a good morning text from Connor. He struggled to write back to him still not fully awake.

“Morning~ :p” Jude texted back.

“What’re you doing today? :)” asked Connor.

“Idk yet.. I’m not even up out of bed yet.” he wrote back as he looked around the room and noticed that Jesus was still asleep. Jude’s phone buzzed again.

“Okay, text me later once you’re awake :*”

“Okay~ :):)”

Jude started to smell bacon cooking from downstairs. He got up from bed in his pajamas to see Jesus jumping from his bed trying to beat Jude to the door. Jude simply let him pass him by going down the stairs.

All the kids were centered around the table with their moms. Everyone reaching for their specifics for their meal. Lena started the conversation after her first sip of her tea.

“So what’s the agenda for today guys?” She said putting down her tea.

Jesus interjected first, “Practice got cancelled so I’ll be stuck here for the day.” Jesus turned to Mariana and asked her, “You going out to see that boyfriend of yours?” as he put down his toast.

“Yeah. I’m going to see them practice some more before they go on tour,” Mariana said back smiling.

“Sounds like fun,” said Stef drinking her coffee. “I’ll be at the station all day on standby love.” She said turning to her beautiful wife.

“Well I’ll be here,” Lena said putting her hand on Stef’s. “What about you Jude? What’ll you be doing?” She said turning her attention over to her son.

“Yeah, added Jude’s sister Callie, “going to see that boyfriend of yours?” She asked smirking.

“Yeah, Connor texted me earlier seeing what I was doing.. Would it be ok if he came over Mama?” He asked smiling at Lena.

“That’d be fine with me, I’ll be here and Callie,” she said directing her attention to the brown-headed girl. “Are you going to the drop-in center today?”

“Yeah–” said Callie before she could say anything else, Brandon told his moms, “I can take her on my way to practice with Mariana.”

“That’d be wonderful,” said their cop mother. “I gotta get going,” she said.

And with that everyone started to clean up the kitchen from them eating. On the side Jude had texted Connor saying,

“Hey :) my moms said it’d be ok if you came over here.”

As the clean-up came to an end everyone went their separate ways.
Jesus had announced to Jude and Lena that he’d be playing video games in the living room when Jude’s phone had buzzed from his boyfriend.

“Alright, my dad said he could bring me over in an hour, we’re still eating.”

“See you soon :)”

-one and half hours later-

Lena had noticed Adam drive up to their walkway. She yelled for Jude to announce Connor’s arrival. Jude ran down the steps from his room as fast as he could. He hadn’t seen his boyfriend since he was in the hospital.

Walking outside with his mom to the car, Connor had opened the door and was struggling to get out with his cast on his foot. Jude’s pace quickened as he reached to help his boyfriend out of the car. Adam had passed Lena Connor’s crutches through the passenger door.

“I’ll be back at 5 so you’ll have my boy for 6 hours,” he said closing the door to the passenger side, looking at Lena.

“Alright! We’ll be here.” She said waving as he rolled up the window and drove off.

Jude was trying to hold onto his bigger boyfriend trying to help him walk up to the door. “I got you,” he said walking Connor up the steps.

“Thanks,” Connor whispered to Jude, “I hate feeling this helpless.”

Getting inside, Jude guided the heavy-footed boyfriend to the living room where he got Connor to sit down.

Lena looked at the two and asked if they needed anything. Both shrugged their shoulders so she directed her attention to Jesus who was still playing video games.

“You care if Jude and Connor watch a movie or something in here Jesus?”

He turned and faced the two boys and nodded. “Yeah they want some rom-com to watch?” He asked jokingly.

Connor smirked at Jesus at his comment. He then turned to Jude and whispered, “Do I say something?”

Jude just leaned out from Connor’s whisper and asked, “Can I go to the office and find a real movie we wanna watch?” To his mama.

“Yeah,” she said smiling as she walked with Jesus out trying to give Connor and Jude their needed space.

Jude came back with the first volume from his favorite tv show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Connor didn’t say anything because he knows that this is Jude’s favorite thing (besides himself he thought).

“Hey you don’t care if we watch this right?” He asked before he popped it into the DVD player.

“No, it’s cool.. I get to be with you though,” he said as he smirked.

“Staap,” Jude said jokingly as his put in the movie. He jumped on the couch right next to his tan boyfriend where he leaned up against him. Connor had no idea what was going on but he went through with the whole thing having Jude by his side.

As the DVD started to come to an end Connor had grabbed a hold of Jude’s hand and rested his head up against his shoulders.

Jude asked him, “How’s your dad.. With us?

"He hasn’t really really said much. He gave me back my phone so that’s a start.”


“Hey since we’re both in here.. Alone,” Connor said turning his head to looking into Jude’s eyes.

“Yeah?” Jude answered uncertainly.

“I’ve wondered when we’d ever get a chance to be alone alone again. We’ll have to go out in a tent again,” he said laughing.

Jude laughed. He leaned in closer to look into Connor’s big eyes. “You’re so cute,” he whispered.

“So are you..”

Connor leaned all the way and planted one right on Jude. Pulling away, he moved back from Jude and looked back into his eyes. After that it was just instinct as their two lips met each other’s once again. Rubbing his hands through Connor’s hair, he was in paradise. Sweet paradise. He imagined himself back on that camping trip, under the tent with Connor. They came to a stop and they were holding each other’s hands. Eyes locked. Connor broke the silence.

“How did I get so lucky?” He asked smiling.

Jude responded only back with, “Math class.”