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So I guess this happened….

An alternate universe where pro genjis use fidget spinners? Also I’m more than open to any ideas or requests you have regarding overwatch! Feel free to hit me up ; u ;

Soulmate AU: Soulmates Get Reincarnated with Their Memories Usually Intact

P/N = Previous Life’s Name

The images were usually very fragmented and fuzzy for you but if you focused hard enough and just long enough, you could make them out.

It was the 70s, you were in a hospital bed, and you could see his silhouette. He was tall yet the furthest thing from intimidating, even as he stood over you, saying something. You could never really make out exactly what the words were, but judging by the tone of concern that surrounded them, you could tell that they were words of worry. Maybe even a light scolding. You felt his hands cup your face and his lips pressed to your forehead. If you looked down, you’d see that your leg was in a large cast.

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AU where sun and moon are warriors protecting their kingdom. I’m really not happy with this one, but I hope you like it anyways!

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No but what if a soulmate tattoos AU is also a coffee shop AU?

and barista!R is incredibly embarrassed to have “I’ll have a venti peppermint mocha with no whipped cream and an extra espresso shot, please” in a pretty cursive font down his left forearm, and E just has “That so pretentious– I mean, coming right up, man” in tiny typewriter font letters on the inside of his right wrist 

Set after that QuiObiAni thing I wrote. Someone on AO3 requested a fight with Ventress and I thought that might be cool. :D

“Look at you, Kenobi,” Ventress said, her voice a mere hiss. “You’ve become so weak.”

Obi-Wan coughed, carefully hiding the blood left on his hand, and gripped his saber tightly. “And yet you’ve not yet beaten me,” he said lightly. “I’d say you’re insulting yourself just as much me, Ventress.”

Ventress sneered, her lips quirking up in a humorless smile. “Perhaps I am only playing with you before I kill you.” Swinging her sabers so that they cross over each other in an arch, she dashed towards Obi-Wan. Skipping backwards, Obi-Wan dodged her first swing and caught her second with his saber, the blue and red lights crackling as they clashed with each other. Using his greater upper body strength, Obi-Wan pushed her back and and darted backwards to dodge her third swing.

Despite antagonizing her, Obi-Wan was very much at the end of his rope. Ventress had landed some powerful blows against him and Obi-Wan could feel blood oozing down his back, soaking into his tunics. This was suppose to be a relatively simple mission. That’s what I get for assuming anything, he thought wryly.

Ventress strolled forward, insultingly casual. “Today you die, Master Jedi,” she said, bringing her sabers up over her head. As she did so, Obi-Wan jerked his hand forward, using the Force to throw her backwards. She screamed, equal parts surprise and rage, before getting back to her feet. She ran for him and brought both of her sabers down; Obi-Wan brought his up and to meet hers and it became a battle of wills.

“Give up, it’s over!” she hissed. Obi-Wan went to one knee, the strength of her two lightsabers overpowering his one. He could see the triumph in her eyes and he could only hope that his death would be quick and then-

She was off him, dangling in the air, her lightsabers falling to the ground as she struggled against an invisible grip. Obi-Wan blinked and looked past her to two tall figures walking closer.

Qui-Gon had one hand up, his face carefully blank although even from that distance Obi-Wan could see pleasure in his eyes as he slowly choked Ventress out. Beside him, Anakin smiled sharply.

“Wh…what are you doing?” Ventress gasped out. “You’re betraying-”

“No one,” Qui-Gon said. “We’ve not pledged allegiance to anyone, Ventress.”

Anakin’s drew his saber and fire it up. The red glow reflected in his Sith eyes and his smile widened. “In fact, we’re here to send a little message to your master.”

Ventress kicked her legs out frantically, before swinging one hand out to Force push Obi-Wan, sending him crashing against an outcropping of rocks. This unexpected move had Qui-Gon weakened Qui-Gon’s will and Ventress escaped his Force grip, quickly recovering to hope backwards, quick as a grasshopper, her sabers up in a defensive stance.

“Consider your message received,” she said hoarsely.

“Not quite,” Qui-Gon said, smiling. It wasn’t friendly. “You’ll die for this, Ventress.”

“Not this day,” she said, stepping backwards. She reached behind her back and threw a smoke bomb at them. When it cleared, she was gone.

Obi-Wan got to his feet, leaning against the rocks heavily. He wasn’t sure if his situation got better or worse, but as Anakin rushed over to him, he drew his lightsaber. “Stay back,” he said lightly.

“I just want to make sure you’re okay,” Anakin said, brow furrowing as his concern was replaced with anger.

“I’m sure I’ll be right as rain once I get back to the healers,” Obi-Wan said.

“That’s too far away,” Anakin said. “When we’re right here.”

The way he said we made Obi-Wan turn his attention to Qui-Gon, who’d managed to come so much closer than Obi-Wan wanted. “Get back,” Obi-Wan said, voice trembling a bit. From blood loss, he told himself, just from blood loss. Qui-Gon stepped even closer, apparently unconcerned about the lightsaber gripped in Obi-Wan’s trembling hand.

“Be reasonable, Obi-Wan,” Qui-Gon said, smiling softly. “We only want to help you.”

“That’s not the only thing you want,” Obi-Wan said and for a moment Qui-Gon’s expression shifted and he became a hungry thing, his smile widening and eyes narrowing. But it was just for a moment and he reached out and gently grasped Obi-Wan’s wrist, carefully powering down the saber. When he made to take it from him, though, Obi-Wan jerked backwards and his vision swam.

“Don’t take it,” he said and it was both a demand and a plea.

Anakin was suddenly by his side, one hand creeping across his back. “He’s losing a lot of blood, Master,” and the concern in his voice was so sincere that Obi-Wan couldn’t stop from leaning against him. Anakin took his weight and then some, lifting him up as if he weren’t a grown man, as if they didn’t weigh nearly the same amount.

Obi-Wan’s grip on his lightsaber loosened and Qui-Gon gently took the weapon from him, tucking it into his robes. “I’ll keep it safe for you,” he said, brushing Obi-Wan’s hair off his forehead. There was satisfaction plain on his face, a satisfaction that Anakin’s expression shared.

“Please…” Obi-Wan said but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to say. The darkness of the unconscious was calling to him and though he fought it, he still slumped backwards, head tilting back as he hung limply in Anakin’s arms.

Vanish in the Dark Prologue

Pairings: None at the moment(A.K.A I have no idea where I’m going with this.)

Warnings: None right now, maybe language? 

Word Count: 800+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: I don’t know if this is any idea someones already done, or thought of but I got bored in class and started jotting down this idea. The Desmond time line isn’t taking place in this AU(But I might add something in later though) I really have no idea which direction this is going to go, I’m just letting whatever happens as I write, so hopefully it’s not a total flop. Let me know what you guys think. Liking and rebblogging also helps me know if i should keep going with my ideas. Thank you guys!  ❤️

The gif is not mine, credit to the owner.


“I’m sorry, did that come out as a request?” Y/N leaned back in her chair, glaring at the man in front of her. “Let me rephrase that. I’m taking Clark, Heath, Aubree, and Victoria with me to meet with the Avengers tonight, for three days in New York.”

The man let out a noise of frustration, rolling his eyes at Y/N. There was a big part of him that wanted to tell her off, that he was her Mentor and she had no right to tell him to essentially ‘fuck off’. The smaller more reasonable part in him, knew that she was right. It only irritated him that she thought of it first. He stood up from his seat and moved around the oak table, leaning his hip on the edge as he stopped beside her. Y/N blinked for a moment, wondering where the shouting was going to come in to play. But one look at her Mentor’s face and she knew that she won this argument. 

“Wipe that smirk off your face, daffodil.” He huffed, though the command held no real bite. Y/N’s smirk widened a bit more, blinking innocently at the older man.

“What smirk? There’s no smirk on my face.” 

“Right, of course not.” He snorted, reaching down to grab the folder she had set aside for him. Y/N watched as he carefully read over the orders she wrote up, sitting straighter in the seat. The room shifted from gentle teasing to a serious, tense, atmosphere in a split second. He flipped through the pages, reading over each of her words with caution. He didn’t like the idea she was implying, but with the recent partnership between the Templars and Hydra, even her Mentor knew that this was inevitable. 

They had spent several years keeping their Brotherhood in the shadows, living to the Creed as best they could. Times had changed since the beginning and they had to alter a few of the rules to fit this day and age.They hired people who had their same interests, people who could help erase their presence from the world. They wanted to hide in the shadows to serve the light, and they worked hard to make sure they stayed that way. Going through with this mission, this important and necessary mission, would threaten the secrecy they worked so hard on. Y/N knew that, but she also knew the threat of the two combined forces was far greater than their silence. 

“We’ll make sure it’s not known, they wouldn’t get the message until later tomorrow night.” Y/N stated, straightening her shirt. Her mentor nodded, rereading the last few paragraphs before turning his eyes on her. She was always his favorite, one of the reasons why she was able to get away with so much. Never had he trained someone who was a quick of a learner as her. She climbed to the top quickly, and rather easily. She worked harder than was ever expected of any of the trainees and it gained her respect from everyone in the Brotherhood. While she hadn’t the title of Mentor, the track she was on would quickly earn her the name.

“Y/n” He began, but stopped when she waved him off. 

“I know, I know. This might be the stupidest decision I’ve ever made. I wouldn’t let you take responsibility for my fuck ups either this time. If anything goes wrong it’s on me.” She stood, holding a hand out for the folder. Her mentor hesitated for a moment, not sure he was willing to allow that so soon. “Don’t start. I know, trust me I know. I’ve thought about this for a long time. You and I both know that the rest of the Mentors wouldn’t allow you to take another fall for me. I don’t want you to do that either. But you and I both know this needs to be stopped. The Templar’s are already too powerful, even after we’ve managed to bring the down a peg or two. Adding Hydra in the mix.” Y/N stopped, shuddering at the horror she could only imagine. “We can’t let that happen.” 

Her mentor sighed, passing her the closed folder. “Alright. Make sure you keep me updated, I want the five of you to come back alive and in one piece. None of this, ‘it was just a leg’ bullshit from last time.” 

Y/N flinched at that. She really didn’t want to remember that mission. She gave him a short nod, and moved to leave the room. Her mentor’s voice stopped her before she left the room, giving her a final warning. 

“I’m serious, daffodil. I don’t want any of the others to be hurt because of this. Least of all you.” 

Y/N gave the older man a smile, hesitating at the door handle. Knowing that once she left this room, she wouldn’t see him again until this was all over, she spun around and crossed the room in quick long steps. She flung her arms around him, burring her head into his chest. Her mentor returned the gesture, squeezing her tightly. They stood there for a moment, before Y/N pulled away. She nodded as she walked to the door, casting the man one last glance over her shoulder before she walked out of the room. This was going to be a long mission.

who would win in a fight

Old, stupid “gonna be Hokage” Naruto with his ideas about “morality” and “reform” and “the ends don’t justify the means” and “Gaara’s upbringing was a traumatizing nightmare”:

…or hip, new Seventh Hokage Naruto, under whose regime children can totally go on deadly missions if they can get results, Snakebert is allowed to roam free because ditto, and Gaara’s childhood is a model to emulate?


Morality has suffered a FATALITY.



Fireworks Have Been Claimed By The Gays

Anon asked: PICTURE THIS! (trumpet sound!) Michael Mell and the gang go to a firework show nearby. The fireworks weren’t the only thing Michael was gazing at though. *An AU where Michael and Jeremy meet at a fireworks show* I just got back from a firework show and this idea popped up in my mind. Your stories give me LIFE! Keep it up!

1) no YOU give me life, random citizen
2) this is really fucking cute whhhhat the hell i…fuuuK
3) I know I have other stuff to write I’m sorry if yours has been sitting but I’m writing this because the 4th was recent and *sets off popper* America

Michael nodded proudly to himself as he stared at his very expert packing. Inside the cooler in front of him were cans of Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Coke, and various fruit juices. Right on top of the cooler was a beach bag, it’s handle looped with the coolers long one. Inside were ghost pepper balls, swedish fish, oreo dippers, and Cheetos Puffcorn. He could not wait to get this party started, he had been invited by a group of really cool kids to go to the boardwalk and watch the fireworks. He brought a towel and bathing suit with him, but in all honesty he probably would just sit on the sand and watch everyone fuck around.

As he shoved his towel into the snack nag he realized that he had no idea how he got invited to this. For a bit he had been kinda friends with Rich after the shorter of the two randomly apologized to him for being a huge dick the past few years. Then from there Rich forced him to be friends with Jake and he kept getting swallowed up into forced friendships. He didn’t mind though, just a year ago he had no friends and now six? Shit he was living on air.

He got a message from Rich, he swiveled around on his heels and danced to the beat of music playing loudly in his room, picking up the phone in the middle of the dance.

‘u still pickin me up?’

'Yah dude I’ll be there soon ❤!’


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In the Mist - Prologue

In the Mist takes place in America in the mid 1800s. Jamie Fraser has left everything behind to start a new life, to get a second chance. This follows his discovery of a whole new world and discovering himself. And you never know who you’ll meet along the way. 

The world was escaping the bitterness of winter and emerging into the blossom of spring. What was once covered in blankets of white, gave way to silent streams and grass that had been left dormant for three long months. The sun still disappeared early in the evening, kissing the sky with hues of purple and blue before fading into black.

Human civilization was steadily growing and expanding into the wilds of the New World. Taking away the natural beauty of life. But for now, only the wooden railroads ran among them.

The outside world moved quickly outside the frosted glass window of the train car. Most of the passengers were asleep now, but Jamie Fraser remained wide awake. He hadn’t been there long, practically just arrived. The journey across the Atlantic was hardly tolerable, he spent nearly every minute of it with his head over a bucket.

But now he was on solid ground again, or would be. On the ship he often dreamed of the hills and moors he had lived among for so long in Scotland. He’d thought that life here would be much different, savage and harsh, as the rumors went.

Yet the vast wilderness and wildlife often reminded him of home, albeit much colder.

This place was a second chance, a fresh start. He took comfort in the thought, the only con being that he was on his own. There was no Jenny, no family, nor friends. No one he knew. This was the first time in his life that he was really, truly alone.

He didn’t remember falling asleep, but the overpowering smell of stale pipe smoke and the rising chatter of his fellow passengers had pulled him from sleep.

A short, slender man had taken a seat next to him, seeking pleasant conversation. He stood out from most of the other passengers, dressed in what could be assumed his Sunday best.

“Not long now. I can’t wait to see my Charlotte again. It’s been so long!“ His lips curled into a smile underneath a graying moustache. “Do you have anyone waiting for you?” He sounded happy, hopeful. Ecstatic to finally be going home.

Jamie gave a faint smile and shook his head, “No, I’m on my own.” He felt his heart sink in his chest as he thought about everyone he had left behind. The thought bringing on a new wave of grief and loneliness.

“Ah, a Scot! What brings you to America?” The man’s joyful countenance never faded, and it only made Jamie long to feel the same.

How could he tell the man that he left to save his family? That the constant fighting between the English and the Scots had torn them apart? That he had no one but himself to rely on?

“Work.” He lied. He turned to gaze at the dull browns and greens of the wheat fields that whizzed past them, wishing that they would swallow him whole.

The man smiled faintly, taking the hint that conversation was not wanted here.

Jamie let out a sigh once he was alone again, not realizing that he had been holding it.

The window fogged in reaction to the warm air against the cold glass, temporarily obscuring some of the view.

He couldn’t wait until they reached their destination.

The man was right, it didn’t take long before they came to a halt. People were lined outside the station, safe and happy in the embrace of their loved ones. They all had a home to go to, a place where they belonged. A purpose.

Jamie hardly had more than the clothes on his back. No place, no purpose, no destination. He hadn’t the slightest idea what was to become of him, where he would go or who he would be. Nothing but the hope that everything would be alright in the end.

And it all began with a step.

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you are always welcome to post all of your warm up draws because oh my gosh, my heart is ready to be broken and everything. ahhhh, I'm so scared to see what direction you're heading with Reigen, may it not be unsalvageable. And y'know, I also can't help but remember the really angsty au dream you had where the universe was against Reigen and Mob being together, and Reigen just sacrificing his life on Mob's graduation, so like is Reigen going to give up his life for Mob to come back????

that’s quite another idea you have there

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the first person tsukki talked to about his feelings for yamaguchi was kageyama. they're both in a similar situation where they are huge assholes, and their crushes are super bubbly and cute. it's one of the only things they can talk about.

They hate how similar they are but like there’s some solid advice exchanged

~ Mod Han

EDIT: this is probably also going into the fic ideas folder so I’ll definitely write it at some point

GOT7 as gang members texting Youngjae who is the the new recruit~

Jaebum (Boss): Boss/Ringleader
Mark (Coke): Illegal Gambling/Drug Trafficking
Jackson (Boom): The Weapons Expert/Hitman
Jinyoung (Chip) : Hacker/Computer Expert
BamBam (The Hot One): Honey Trapper/Kidnapper
Yugyeom (Reaper): Assassin/Sniper
Y/N (ICU): Spy/Informant

For those who want to know where this came from: I did a small scenario with an AU for Jaebum/Youngjae in which Jaebum was vandalizing Youngjae’s house and so Youngjae tries to catch him in the act. And then in the story I just threw in the fact that Jaebum may be part of a gang and Youngjae was kind of scared by him which hinted that he may actually be the boss.

So, an anon just asked if it could actually be a story and I assigned them each roles in a gang for fun. And now we’re just kind of rolling with it!

Honestly, I have no idea where this is going to go…just ask me questions about it, make fics and texts and snapchats, send in writings about it and lets all make it a thing together haha~

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Hey, what if you don't do a sequel to Bad Ideas (I'm DO TOTALLY FOR IT BY THE WAY DONT GET ME WRONG HERE!) but instead you write another spideypool ABO fic? I understand you don't really want to do a Bad Ideas part two thing and that's okay.

I thought about just a completely different spideypool ABO too! Kind of leaning towards that. Maybe not so much an AU and they are actually Spidey/Deadpool in NYC just with the added ABO!?

We could have like awkward “oh no I’m in heat whos going to help me??”

And “what?? You’re an omega??”

And awesome moments where they finally rip off their masks!

And insecure!wade because of scars but Peter is already half in love with him because the alpha always takes good care of him and doesn’t care about scars!!!!

MakoHaru Stripper AU

Rin takes rich kid Haru to a strip club for his 20th birthday. At first Haru refused to go inside, but they reached a compromise that they would go inside for an hour and if Haru really didn’t like it, then they would leave.

Inside Haru feels positively annoyed and uncomfortable: Rin said he was going to get them drinks twenty minutes ago and still hadn’t returned. It wasn’t even that crowded, so it shouldn’t be taking so long. (Little did Haru know Rin was distracted and very occupied flirting with a certain handsome bartender.)

Feeling incredibly out of place and uneasy, Haru decides that if Rin doesn’t return within five minutes, he’s leaving. And that’s when a new dancer goes up on the main stage and he becomes enchanted.

The stripper in question is a boy that can’t be much older than Haru is, with a body like a God’s and the most beautiful face he has ever seen. Everything about this boy is absolutely bewitching, from the way he moves his hips to his tanned skin that slowly becomes visible, from the blush dusting his cheeks to the way his hands clench around the pole and his strong arms support his weight. 

Haru can’t tear his gaze away from ethereal being, and when his eyes meet the brightest green he’s ever seen, his heart leaps inside his chest and he knows he has fallen in love.

Of course, at that moment Rin decides to return with the drinks he went to get over half an hour ago, forcefully pulling Haru out of his trance. Rin wears the widest grin Haru has ever seen and proudly shows him the phone number that’s written on the palm of his hand. Excitedly Rin starts to blabber about how he managed to get Hot Bartender Sousuke’s number, but Haru tunes him out, lost in thoughts about the boy with the greenest eyes he’s ever seen.

After that night Haru returns to the strip club more and more often, unable to stop thinking about that one stripper. He knows he’s being stupid and wants to stop, knowing that he can’t expect anything from this, but somehow his feet always seem to take him to the place again.

Most of all, he wonders how someone so amazing, so beautiful, so perfect could be working at a place like that. Surely someone like him could do so much better. Maybe he enjoyed the attention he received from being a stripper, but somehow that didn’t feel quite right to Haru.

Some time passes and Haru has become a regular at the strip club, though only at the days he knows his stripper works. He always makes sure to leave big tips for his stripper, otherwise feeling like he’s taking advantage of him.

In the meanwhile Rin and Hot Bartender Sousuke have hit off and started to date. When Rin finds out about Haru’s obsession with the green-eyed stripper, he manages to get Sousuke to introduce Haru to him.

Once more, Haru begins to refuse, feeling like a pervert for being obsessed with someone he doesn’t even know and he’s afraid that meeting the person of his dreams might shatter his hopes and fantasies,  but Rin manages to talk him into it with a claim of “you can’t stay a virgin forever, Haru!” Rin arranges a meet up with Sousuke and the stripper and so Haru is introduced to Makoto. 

Makoto and Haru become fast friends and Haru falls in love even further with Makoto’s personality. But this only gives him more questions. How could someone so kind, so smart, so wonderful, so perfect be working at a strip club?

One night Haru decides to ask these questions weighing on his mind. The second Haru asks him about it, Makoto’s smile falters and is replaced with a look of sadness. Afraid to have crossed boundaries, Haru starts to apologise, but Makoto insists it’s okay, and he tells him how he ended up being a stripper.

When Makoto was seventeen, his parents died in a car accident, leaving behind three children of which Makoto is the eldest. There were relatives who were willing to take them in, but not all three of them, so they would have been separated. Determined to keep his family together, Makoto dropped out of high school and desperately started to look for a job. They had to move out of their house and into a small apartment. Makoto had big dreams for the future, but his little siblings come first. There weren’t many employers willing to hire him, a high school drop out with no particular set of skills, and the pay for the other jobs wasn’t enough to pay the rent and provide for his family. The strip club was his last resort: it was either this, or prostitution (Makoto shuddered at the thought.) He begged the manager of the club for a job, explaining his situation. The manager was reluctant to hire someone who’s underage, but eventually gave in, though giving Makoto certain rules he had to follow and extra protection. Makoto hates working as a stripper, he feels dirty and uncomfortable doing what he does, but he does it for his siblings; so he can save up for their future so they can go to college, and won’t have to resort to working in a strip club like he himself had to.

Upon hearing this story, Haru is flabbergasted. Being born into a rich family, he had never even considered that there were people like Makoto who were forced to work jobs like this just to keep living. 

Haru offers to support Makoto financially, but Makoto refuses. No matter what Haru says, Makoto won’t budge. So, Haru starts to leave even bigger tips at the strip club. 

This goes on for a while until Makoto confronts Haru about this, asking why he’s doing this.

“Because I love you, Makoto, and I want to help you. I want to get you out of that place, so you can go to school and make your dreams come true. Because I want you to be happy.”

Makoto is in tears and accepts Haru’s confession and they start to date. Makoto stops working at the club and goes to college with Haru paying for his tuition. Still, Makoto feels guilty for needing Haru to pay for everything and he gets a part-time job, so he can at least contribute to his family. He swears he will pay Haru back every penny, but Haru simply replies with.

“Don’t bother. Once we get married, my money will be our money any way.”

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i just wanted to say that after reading your explanation for the magical plant au, i am very disappointed in you. and also very much wondering where this is going to go next. (i'm 128% invested in this au but actually what gave you this idea)

I know, I’m disappointed in myself tbh but it all started when I went to stay with @notallballs for a few days. That’s not to say it’s entirely her fault - we’re both equally to blame for this hot mess of an AU. Me more than her since I may have been the one to mention the curiosity that is this Daichi/Tentacle fic (super duper content warning, please read the tags!!), which I came across a long time ago on my internet travels but was too chicken to read on my own. 

Curiosity really did kill this pussycat…

I’m not really sure how much I can share about the actual plot at this point since we’re still in the early stages of developing it but we’ve been chucking around such delightful phrases as “gentle dom plant!Iwa” and “heartfelt, emotional tentacle porn” and “prehensile vine dick”. It will definitely have it’s cute and sappy moments because you know what I’m like with my soft iwaois, I really can’t resist, but I’mma be totally honest with you guys, it’s gonna get hella weird all up in here. 

Before anyone panics: everything on this blog will remain completely sfw, okay? I’m fully expecting to lose a few followers over this because I know it’s some freaky deaky bullshit that not everyone is here for, but anything explicit will go on the side blog _(:3」∠)_

Now excuse me, I believe my bath of holy water is ready. 

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When and where will the 'Sim Au' be out? I'm so excited for it!! *-*

Aaa I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with it!! At first it just started out as an idea but now it’s evolved into this giant…thing…that I really want to do something with, but I’m not sure. My original thought was turning it into a fanfic and just writing out everything I want to happen, but knowing me that will take a very, very long time to complete, you guys would have to constantly get on me about updating, that’s the only way it would work ;w; Buuut if you really want me to do it, I will! You just have to be patient with me, because sometimes I will take months to update chapters, and I also have school and stuff, so…yeah!

I’ve actually already started writing the first chapter, sort of to test and see if I actually want to dedicate the time to write this monster of a story, so I could have that uploaded by the end of the week if I really. Put my heart into it. ^^

But thanks so much!! I’m really glad people like this AU, even though I’ve been super vague about it lol, you guys are awesome <3


Did someone say Legend of Korra Medieval AU, where Korra’s a knight who eventually falls for Asami, the blacksmith’s daughter (but let’s be serious, also a blacksmith)?  Here are a few things I was looking at for reference because, honestly, I have no idea what’s going on with armor.