i have no idea where i downloaded this from

“If I could, begin to be
Half of what you think of me
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love

When I see, the way you act
Wondering when I’m coming back
I could do about anything 
I could even learn how to love like you.”

Welp, that’s it folks. The end of season one. 

Long ago, the four Crystal Gems lived together in harmony. But then, everything changed when Homeworld attacked. 

Pearl is lost and defective. Amethyst is an overcooked runt. Garnet is two smol lesbians in an overcoat. 

Peridot fucked off to Canada or something. Jasper and Lapis are in a hate fusion boiling at the bottom of the ocean. Yellow Diamond is gonna be missing her ship…

Life for Steven Universe has changed forever. Nothing will ever be the same.

10/10, absolutely a 10/10. I’m have trouble deciding if this is my number one or not, but … we’ll see. I’m gonna give it some time to stew and also watch it a couple dozen more times and download that song onto every device I own. 

I’m so excited for what the future holds for us. I have no idea where we’re going from here, but this opens up so many possibilities it’s ridiculous. So many more questions, so many new gems, so many new feels. I can’t wait. 

I’m going to take the next week to chill a bit. I’m gonna watch the Pilot, Uncle Grandpa, and I think there may be some shorts coming up? Those might be later, I’m not sure. Anyway, the next week should be pretty easy going. I can see that my inbox is slammed, so I’m probably gonna hold off on asks and do those tomorrow. I’ve also got a tiny little something planned if I can figure out a way to do that. So I’ll see you tomorrow for a big ole’ ask pile!

See ya then!~

Beach Vibes Look Book

Hello again :) I present to you my ‘Beach Vibes’ look book! I hope it is to your liking. Once again, I’m new at this whole typa thing, so please excuse any mistakes in my images or bad quality, I’m still learning ;)  But anyway, I hope you enjoy this look book, you can download this sim on the gallery under the username: Cattygat00

All custom content used in this look book is not created by me nor do I take ownership of any of it. I have listed all content that was used below, so please take a look. All the content creators I used CC from in this piece are amazingly talented, so I would really appreciate if you checked out their blogs :3 Have a lovely day!

Poses - flowerchamber


Jeans - Puresims


Blush - Mayberries


Hair - cosmic plumbob (look for the hair titled ‘Marion’)


Top - I can’t track down where I found this top! If anyone has any idea, please flick me a message on this account. So sorry about this, hopefully I can find it soon :/

The rest of the items from this look book are base game.

If anyone has any editing tips they would be hugely appreciated :) Atm it takes me about two hours to edit each post. Is there a faster way? 

A little help, please...

I’ve been wanting to start my own Swan Queen YouTube channel, but I have no idea where to get my media from. How do y’all upload your videos onto YouTube using HD clips from OUAT? Do you rip from Blu-Ray? Download from iTunes? And how do you have these clips converted to formats that can then be cropped and used for fan videos? I currently take whatever clips are already available on YouTube and crop using VLC media player, but it’s not ideal when I can’t find all the clips I need.

 I’m sorry, I’m quite clueless when it comes to technology (clearly). I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks! ❤

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Thank you!!! 💜

This one is from an app called: starfruit. I’m sorry I have no idea if there any links of the show online (as of now). So my best advice is to download the app? If not they have a youtube channel, they will probably upload a replay there. 

The youtube channel is: Here   

The FULL is: Here

And yes I really should start tagging the shows

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Hello can i have a question? Any chance you know where can i watch Emmerdale live? i am not from england and i was always watching on filmon, but idk why something happened and after 2 minutes of watching the site shuts down and that's it :(

Hello! Sorry I have no idea where to watch online as I watch on the TV in the UK and then download again if I want to later. Can anyone help this lovely nonnie out?

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Hi! I have an odd question. So I make typography posters but I find that whenever I upload them to tumblr from photoshop they are always blurry or pixilated. Yours are always very clear. Can I ask what settings/software you use for your edits? :D

Oh yes I totally get where you are coming from I used to have Adobe photoshop to do edits (though my free membership kinda ran out and money is hahaha) like at the start of this blog and oh uploading onto tumblr made them screwy.
Currently I use Pixlr which is free and it’s pixlr.com no download stuff.
It works very well though I had issues with it. Sometime during last year it started to upload looking fuzzy which I didn’t like and I had no idea how to make it not look like that… one day though it came back to looking clear and I felt super lucky! If anyone knows, hit me up!
Though yes I use Pixlr!! Hope that helps out! :D

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Would you share your folder set-up? It looks so incredibly organised and perfect. Thanks!

Hahaha, I’ll take that compliment, even though it’s faaaar from organized. x) 

The folder setup I use is an idea by LivLukas, where you set the folders to having first letter / symbols and then group the folders by name so that they all separate. Lisa uploaded an empty version of this folder setup that you can adapt to your own downloads, you can find it here. :)

lookbook number five

i did this lookbook with @azaleasimmer on facetime so hopefully she’ll be posting her lookbook soon also :P 



i literally have no idea where i got my top from but originally i was going to use this top 



hope u all like this xoxo


I love everything about Nexo knights! Well….actually…. I want Claytro to be cannon. And i gotta say anyone who will like this agrees with me. The problem is that i dont think the creators will make a show for kids gay…*coughs * although Steven universe is a 100000000% gay *coughs * But still you can’t just deny the fact that those two are meant for eachother! This ship is as cannon as Yuri and Victor! AND THAT IS PRETTY CANNON IF YOU ASK ME. I don’t like how they made this ship so lovable and the fact that it wont be cannon saddens me ;-;. Well this ship Will atleast live in out hearts! I call upon all Claytro shippers to rise up and keep the internet Alive with Claytro!

Btw im on this app Called Amino and i recomend you downloading it! Don’t forget to join the Nexo knights Comunuty! There you can roleplay (thats where my ideas come from), have awesome theories and conversations and see some cool fanart!
Cus now the Amino isn’t popular so we need more People…
By the way my profile is Jestro/Elestro! I will tell you more in my other blog.

Dragon Age: Favorites

I joined the Dragon Age fandom only a few months before Dragon Age: Inquisition was set to release. I finally had an Xbox 360 on which I could play games (shoutout to AT&T for giving me a free one for using their internet services) and it seemed a good idea to look into the game franchise that had the grouchy, pointy elf I’d seen all over Tumblr in 2011. I downloaded Dragon Age: Origins and that was more or less the end of it all.

Since sometime in September 2014, I have devoured as much media surrounding the games as possible, and consider myself a veritable treasure trove of lore knowledge. There’s very little in Thedas that I don’t know about; what I don’t know, I can look up. I adore the franchise, and look forward to where Bioware can go from here.

The general standard of thinking puts both Origins and Inquisition as the pinnacles of the franchise thus far. Origins, as the flagship, set the standard with a compelling narrative and decision-making that impacted the game. Inquisition, the recipient of many Game of the Year awards across many different awarding venues, with its massive scope and incredible attention to detail, has raised the bar even further. It is then a wonder, with two amazing games bookending the franchise, that my favorite game of the current saga is Dragon Age II.

[Image: gif of Alistair incredulously asking “What?”]

I know, huh?

Forgone as the absolute middle child of the franchise, Dragon Age II gets glossed over in favor of Origins and Inquisition quite frequently. While there are those like myself who ardently love the game, the general reaction to Dragon Age II is either fervent hatred or apathetic indifference. Considered a filler game between two epics of storytelling, it flies under the radar, swept aside as people applaud Origins for paving the way and Inquisition for leading the pack.
And it’s an absolute injustice that it doesn’t receive nearly the love it deserves.

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Twins Ximena and Tara Dupree are now available for download. 

Origin ID: UniqueKhaos (make sure you check the advanced and cc or whatever the hell it says)

TOU: Just don’t claim them as your own. Other than that, I really don’t care.

NOTES: This took me waaayy too long to figure out their cc (f that tracker cuz it didn’t show half of the ish) so I’m retired from the sim making business until a better tracker/built in cc tracker is available. 2. I have no idea where the eyes came from. The tracker couldn’t track those for whatever reason  >.> 3. The undies are basegame recolors that I was too lazy to couldn’t find a link for. And the lashes are stacked so you have to download all the ones I link…or not…idc. So if you get a message saying cc is missing or they don’t look right…it’s probably just the undies, or you didn’t install everything.

You need this stuff below the cut …not even gonna try to be fancy

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hello! i was looking at your brushes bc i really wanted to try them and i tried to use it on sai but there are textures with the name blob 1pt and pebbles 1pt and i'm really lost i'm sorry for taking your time but are these specials or could you tell me where did you get it? i'm sorry if this sounds kinda rude but i tried to search and nothing :((

I honestly dont remember where I got them from unfortunately. I think I googled sai brush textures and found a couple free ones to download on deviantart. I can attempt to put them in a dropbox. And this is how you install them except youre gonna put them in the brushtex folder. mine look like this if it helps!

Paint Tool SAI: Adding textures and stuff

Last edit: 14/10/14, 2:28

Soo braixenskirt is having problems with SAI textures and stuff, and since I myself as well as one of my friends had encountered the same problem earlier this year, I think it is worth sharing what I have found through trial and errors regarding this issue.

How to add texture files to SAI:

  • Download the texture you want 
  • Put them into the specified folder:
    -Blotmap / Elemap for brush shape
    -Brushtex for brush textures
    -Papertex for layer textures
  • Run Start-Sai.exe, with Admin rights if needed (right click->run as administrator, as some computers won’t allow the program to edit the .conf files)
    You can, of course, manually input the names into the .conf files, but it does the same thing, from experience. Also if you dont have start-sai.exe you should be able to download it from somewhere

So! Sounds simple, right?!


This is the part where it gets a bit messy: Sai has a pretty strict guideline regarding the files it can read as texture. Do note that most of these has been discovered from me through trial and error, not through skimming through SAI’s code, so it’s not as thorough but hopefully good enough.

“I added the texture to the folder, but it didn’t show up on the texture list!”

  • Maybe the .conf files haven’t been activated yet. Close sai, run start-sai/make sure the .conf files are OK, and start again.
  • The format of the texture is wrong. From what I can see, it seems to have to be strictly .BMP files with sizes 256x256 or 512x512. This might or might not be a strict restriction, so I’m not sure either on this one.
  • Maybe you put it into the wrong folder? Check again 

“The texture name shows up on the list, but it does nothing!”

Now this is the part where it gets fun

  • Sometimes, pictures you downloaded from the net cannot be opened in SAI. I have no idea why, but even though the thumbnail in your file explorer looks OK, do try opening the file in SAI. if there is an error (usually size error or something), there’s your reason why the SAI cannot read the texture.
  • The BMP format is incorrect. Even if the file is already .BMP, sometimes it still doesn’t conform to SAI’s rules. My guess is that it has to be explicitly grayscale. 
    No, the pic being grayscale isn’t enough. The file has to be saved as a grayscale .BMP, something I believe SAI cannot do.
    If you have photoshop, then you can use Image -> Mode -> Grayscale and THEN saving the file as .BMP, but I don’t think it’s possible in SAI.

For those interested, this is how I tested the above:

  • Copied a working texture (say, the default canvas) and renamed it.
  • Resetted SAI with start-sai -> texture is working
  • Opened the .BMP in sai, then saving it again as BMP through SAI 
  • Resetted SAI with start-sai ->  texture is NOT working
  • Opened the .BMP in photoshop, went Image->Mode->Grayscale, then saving it again as BMP.
  • Resetted SAI with start-sai -> texture is working again

You can see the difference in photoshop: Saving a BMP in RGB color mode results in a choice betwee 16/24/32 something bits, while when you convert it explicitly into Grayscale, the settings should only allow it as 8 bit BMP. There is probably a format difference between Grayscale and non-grayscale BMPs, and SAI is coded to ignore the latter.

Well, that’s all I guess. There’s very little information on these around, so I hope this helps! If you have anything to add, found a mistake on my part, or simply wants to clarify some of my points, feel free to inform me.

Happy texturing!

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Hi Leysa :) If it is not too much trouble I was wondering where you got the bedding and posters from in "A room for a scientist" ? I just love your colorful dorm! So cute <3

Hi :) I’m glad you love the dorm.

#1 and #6 are by TheNinthWaveSims.

#2, #4 and #5 are by Veranka.

#3 is by Muupi.

This one is by Anna.

#1 is by Amovitamsim.

#2 is by me.

As for bedding, I have no idea, sorry. I looked in every place where I’m downloading my beddings and no luck. Does anyone happen to know where is it from?

EDIT: The bedding can be found here. Thanks Shasta for the link!

Shimeji Help.

So once you’ve downloaded you chosen Shimeji here; the first sans link will do as an example.

Unzip that little shit, I use Zipeg, locate and open the file up.

You wanna click on the Shimeji-ee file I’ve got between the red lines and open it.

You;ll be brought to this screen where you just make sure the that Sans box is highlighted and ticked and click the Use Selected Button and you cute little shimeji should com falling from the sky.

After they…pretty much do what the want… I hope this helps other wise i have no idea why it isn’t working xD

Hopefully this help you @cipher-speaking-demon