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I'm new to the fandom, and I saw that article about Louis from the LGBT website. I know all about "homophobic Louis" unfortunately because it's one of the first thing you learn about when you join the 1D fandom (how people believing he was gay and in a relationship with Harry ruined their friendship forever, how he couldn't even understand the idea of supporting a gay man coming out without calling it bullshit...) but I'd love to know what he did to support the community, I had no idea he did!

it’s very frustrating to me that people are still getting confronted with this utter nonsense but please know, it’s not true:

louis has stated - on camera - that he appreciates LGBT fans. here is the whole video by the way.

louis has a triangle tattoo on his right ankle; a symbol closely associated with gay pride.

he has worn rainbow-themed clothing in the past..

most pointedly a rainbow apple shirt days after apple CEO tim cook came out as gay.

there is footage from the FOUR hangout of liam asking louis about the article i linked.

liam: have you seen it?

louis: no i haven’t seen it yet!

liam: it was good

(which is in direct contrast to what we know as bullshit 2.0)

then there’s this jumper with the “all out” slogan (despite common belief not directly associated with the LGBT charity but the message stands; it sure made me aware of the organisation in the first place)

and this tchaikovsky jumper.. a little history lesson: tchaikovsky was very much gay.

louis (along with harry) was thought to be behind the rainbow bears. there is really so much content to choose from but the strongest links to louis are his reflection in the sunglasses

and louis being spotted across the street from where RBB popped up

he shared some nice comments about steve aoki’s rainbow socks

and most recently louis hung out in amsterdam’s gay district, the reguliersdwarsstraat. spot the rainbow!

not so much a homophobe now, is he?

@babsxxxx: Okay soo a harry hook x reader idea for you: the reader grew up in the isle but is helping mal with saving Ben. She knew Harry from when she was growing up but hasn’t seen him in ages but he is mad at her for leaving him behind…. so yeah put your own spin on it and make is as angsty and fluffy as you can!

OK, so I may have gone a smidge overboard with this one, but I really like it. So, enjoy!

Word Count: 4336

There was a knock at your door.

You looked up, frowning for a moment, before taking this as an excuse to put off doing the homework for Fairy Godmother’s class. Getting up from your desk, you wandered over to your door to open it.


Sure enough, there she was.

“Y/N, we need to talk,” Mal said, pushing through into your dorm room.

You were still a little thrown from her sudden appearance. “I thought you’d gone back to the Isle? And your hair…you went back to purple?”

Mal waved a hand to cut you off. “We don’t have time for questions right now. I need your help.”

That definitely caught your attention. “What? Why? What’s wrong?”

“Ben’s been kidnapped,” Mal stated, her voice low. You’d never heard her sound so emotional, so sincere.

You blinked. “That’s horrible…but why do you need me? Shouldn’t we go to Fairy Godmother or Ben’s parents or–”

“Uma and her crew took him,” Mal revealed.

Oh. Everything clicked into place.


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Here’s a story that’s equal parts adorable and awful. 

I was in the beading aisle, putting stuff away that the replenishment crew didn’t get a chance to and a family comes through. Mom, dad, four year old son. All of them have prominent eyebrows. I ask them if they need help finding anything. 

The mom is looking for charms and chains but mostly she’s just getting ideas for a project. 

The dad looks mostly bored. 

The kid is occupying himself with a foam sword- knocking stuff over from the seat of the cart. I’m not too mad about it because when I pick them up and put them back he generally gets the idea that he’s not supposed to be knocking stuff over. So all in all- pretty good kid. 

The mom excitedly thanks me for helping her find stuff and says she’ll be back, the dad starts to follow her out of the aisle with the kid in the cart. 

But before they’re out, he leans over to his son and says:

“Miko- show her what we do to the ladies.”

And I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was certainly not for this 4-year-old to give me this dopey grin while waggling BOTH of his very thick eyebrows at me. 

What I gather from the trailer is that whatever happens that means they have to fight, Peridot is immediately on board.

Which only strengthens my idea that the Earth is Peridot’s reason. Is what caused Peridot to turn against Yellow Diamond. Yes, she cares for Steven and the other Gems. But its the Earth that Peri fights for.

She defended it against Yellow Diamond and argued that it is useful and has so much worth fighting for. She defended it when Jasper called it a shell. And now she will argue that the Earth is their home and that’s worth fighting for.

And I think that parallells Rose very closely as we’ve been told that Rose fell in love with the Earth and that’s what caused her to rebel.

In a weird way, Peridot represents history repeating itself as she’s the Gem whose motivations mirrors that of Rose’s as a Homeworld Gem who came to Earth with a single goal, but that ended up loving the planet after spending time on it.

Garnet fights to be together. Pearl fights (fought?) for Rose. Bismuth fought for her right to chose whatever she wanted and to stick it to the upper crusts.

Steven’s motivations was what everyone wanted him to be and Amethyst’s motivation was because…..well…..she lives there. She would fight to keep the only place she’s ever known. But I imagine both Steven and Amethyst has or will grow to find new reasons.

But Peri is the one whose motivations mirrors that of the Gem that started this whole thing.

Anyways I hate how the fashion and makeup world is so consumerist that the idea of femininity and feminism have become so intertwined with products and “baddie culture” that it’s seen as the height of feminism and reclaiming being a woman when really it’s companies capitalizing on the vulnerability of teens and young women to get them to aspire to unattainable looks and hypersexualizes them an unhealthy amount all just to get them to buy their products

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Hi B this might sound stupid but... how exactly did you know that bokuto was your fave from Haikyuu? Ive been thinking about it and I realized that I have no idea who my fave from Haikyuu is so... how did you know???

The moment I saw Bokuto I just…knew he was going to be my favorite character. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I fell in love with his brightness, with his strength and his playfulness. 

The moment that got me hooked on Bokuto was when he gave his famous speech to Tsukishima, because it’s is the essence of who Bokuto is as a person, of how self-aware he is, how hard he works, how he sees the world. Bokuto with this single speech changed EVERYTHING for Tsukishima, he gave away a life changing lesson, just for the sake of helping a kid who’s not even his kouhai. He just has the biggest heart of gold ever. 

Not to mention everything he did for Hinata. It’s another example of how Bokuto goes out of his way to make other people improve. When it comes to Hinata, Bokuto is always immensely proud, their relationship is honestly one of the purest things ever happened in Haikyuu history.

Bokuto is not perfect, he’s insecure, he’s dramatic, he’s not a genius, he fails in mathematics, he’s not stable and calculated at all. He’s painfully human despite being one of the strongest players in the nation. 

But, you see, just the fact that I could sit here and talk about Bokuto all day every day made me realize he’s my favorite character. Every time I see him in the anime or in the manga my heart does a thing and…

Have no idea what this is, was in my drafts
  • Lydia: seriously stiles you need to put that baseball bat in the junk
  • Stiles: Lydia how dare u, this baseball bat has stayed with me through everything when we were teenagers. Like hello did u see me use this bat I was the fucking bomb
  • Lydia: *rolls eyes* Stiles that was like nearly ten years ago you don't even play baseball
  • Stiles: *Shouts from the other room* IM STILL KEEPING IT LYDIA STILINSKI!

Just got an email asking me to put a page of resources for “parents of special needs kids” on my author website (where they have provided me with resources) and I just…

Parents are not my fucking audience. If they want to learn something from the stuff I post fine, but the idea of taking a space that is a) not actually about disability on the whole and b) when it is, the primary audience are actually disabled people, and making a space for parents really bugs me.

I mean, also, it would require me vetting all of the resources, which I would rather not do.

But primarily, it’s the parent thing.

It’s that this person has come to an autistic-run blog and asked me “but what about the parents” and I don’t think they realise why that would bug anyone.

Idk… I do write the Writing Autistic stuff, which is ostensibly aimed at allistics (though most of the audience are actually autistic people who find that they double as helpful resources for them, since none exist elsewhere), so it’s not as if there’s no content on my site for allistics, but it’s not stuff for parents.

And if they are good resources, and a parent might be helped by finding them, then I would be helping their kid by extension if anyone found them (though again, my audience are primarily book readers who are maybe there for representation, so this is inappropriate content on every level) but I don’t have a similar list of resources for autistic adults

because again I write fiction books which just happen to have disabled characters.

What do you guys think? Am I being oversensitive?

if anything, the strongest beef i have about the treatment i got from the education system as a child isn’t that i wish i was STILL being treated like i was special it’s that the entire idea of me being a “"gifted child”“ was used as an out for them to avoid giving me the treatment i genuinely needed as someone who clearly had childhood onset psychosis. like it was only once i stopped doing well in school anyone took that shit seriously so honestly i’m incredibly glad i stopped being able to function in academic settings in high school because that was when people started looking at me and going “hey what’s wrong with you”, even though they should’ve done that way sooner

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Hello~ I absolutely adore your art and look forward to each new animation from you! Quick question: I've been trying to get into digital art for awhile, but I find that actually drawing on the tablet is difficult when compared to drawing on paper? Do you have any ideas for exercises for beginner digital artists that might help? Thanks in advance!

I’ve heard a few people say this but I never had any troubles transitioning from paper to tablet?

You get used to it I suppose, just keep using it and you’ll be a-ok. I always had the tablet in front of me, between me and the keyboard. Some people have it to the side of the computer, and that seems harder to get used to bc usually we draw on what’s in front of us but you can get used to anything if you do it enough

Vanish in the Dark Pt 5

Pairings: None at the moment(I think I got something.)

Warnings: Language, Blood, dead guy

Word Count: 2500+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: Aw-yeah. Part five is done. And now I’m back to, ‘oh lord where am I gonna go from here’. But don’t worry, I kind of got an idea. Kind of. For some reason, I’ve found watching Greatest Public Freakout videos to be a great way to get motivation to do anything. I don’t know if it’s the rage from peoples stupidity, or the face that all the freakouts are hilarious to watch. Oh, well; I hope you guys like this part, I’m going to be really really busy the next few days, so I’m not 100% sure when I’ll be able to update again. Enjoy! Also liking and rebblogging also helps me know if i should keep going. Thank you guys!  ❤️

Once again, the gif is not mine, credit to the owner.

*Part Four* | *Part Six* (Coming Soon)

Tony’s head fell back, stifling a groan under his breath. So far the conference was absolutely boring, all they did was drone on and on about what they were going to do, but never once showed any concrete evidence. Just fed the public lies upon lies. It had been almost twenty five minutes in, and it felt like forever. Especially since nothing out of the ordinary had happened yet. He was starting to doubt that anything was going to go down.

“This is turning into something pointless.” Wanda muttered, having tossed the magazine down beside her. The other muttered in agreement. The group had had their share of sitting through many boring meetings before, but this was taking the cake. Just when they thought it couldn’t get any more boring, a man in a white coat stepped up. Tony’s head practically rolled when the man’s dull voice began to drone on. He had shut his eyes for only a moment, when F.R.I.D.A.Y. beeped in his ear. All five sat straighter, suddenly tense and at the ready.

“Sir-“ F.R.I.D.A.Y. hadn’t had a chance to warn them for what she caught. She was cut off, suddenly silent after a beeping came from the chair in front of Tony, and the man frowned at the sound. Slowly He leaned forward, dipping down under the seat. The beeping stopped, only to be followed by a slow hiss. He shot up from his seat when smoke came out from under the seat. He opened his mouth to shout to say something, but a serious of small pops caught him off guard. In an instant, entire courtyard, street, and opposite building covered in a thick gas. The small beads that had been scattered from earlier exploded to release the gas they contain, spreading a thick fog that hovered the surrounding area. Tony didn’t have time to activate his suit before he took in a lung full of the gas, his whole body going numb. He collapsed to the ground, struggling to find his strength as he choked on air. Through his com he heard the others struggle, their bodies hitting the pavement just as hard. He tried to speak, but only succeeded in sucking in more of the gas.

Wanda and Natasha both had collapsed on the ground in front of the benches, finding themselves paralyzed from the thick smoke as well. It was as if the ground shot up to meet the two of them, and both could only barely raise their hands to brace the impact. Neither couldn’t see an inch in front of their faces, but before they dropped they saw Sam following quickly behind. Natasha fought to find her voice, hoping the two people immune to this were at the ready.

“Steve-“She croaked. She didn’t receive an answer, and dread settled in her stomach. Instead she heard him struggle to answer, along with Bucky.

Both soldiers were crumpled on the ground of the café, for the first time in a long time neither able to tap into their strength. To Steve he felt like before he was given the serum, his body refusing to answer a simple request to stand. Whatever was in this gas, it paralyzed everyone. Even the civilians that surround the area had dropped. His biggest concern was for their safety, but his next was where the hell this thick gas had all came from. He racked his brain trying to find an idea of where it could have come from, but came up blank. It had to have been planted before they even got there. But how did F.R.I.D.A.Y. manage to miss this?

Steve wasn’t sure how long they struggled to simply roll over, but soon after what felt like forever, he began to feel a tingle in his fingers. He let out a groan of relief, his fingers closing and opening easier with each passing second. He was able to pull his legs underneath himself and push off. It was like he was a new born deer, his body trembling under his own weight. Bucky grunted, finding himself in the same predicament. The stumbled, gripping the tables and chairs as the tried to make their way across the street to the court yard. The gas, or smoke whatever it was, had begun to slowly dissipate allowing them a bit more distance. Steve could barely make out Natasha and Wanda as they too struggled to stand, and he stumbled to help Natasha up. Bucky was right behind him, pulling Wanda up to her feet. They hissed at the growing tingle, as if their whole body had been asleep and was waking all once.

“What the hell?” Sam uttered as he leaned against the pillar, struggling to breath. He watched Tony slowly do the same, standing to along with all the others in the crowd, gripping the chairs in front of him. Nobody could answer, still uncertain themselves. It wasn’t until the gas faded completely that everyone collectively could move again. The civilian’s looked around scared and confused, murmurs of questions growing through the crowd. What just happened? Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, a scream tore through the courtyard.

All heads snapped towards the sound, a sudden mass of bodies in suits surrounding where the sponsors had been sitting off to the side. From where each of the Avenger’s stood, there wasn’t a good angle on seeing what had happened. It wasn’t until a few of the security guards began to struggle with a man that they got a good idea.

“I didn’t do it!” The man screamed as he fought off the guards. He threw himself out of their grasp, only to be grabbed by more. He screamed as they dragged them into the building, the panic enough to cause a shiver go up each spine of those close. The barrier of people surrounding the sponsors split just enough to allow Sam and Tony to see what the man was screaming about.

Laying face first on the ground was an unknown man dressed in a black suit, a pool of dark liquid growing beneath the body. Sam had seen enough of battles to know that the male was no longer living.The sound of siren’s were in the distance, the wails growing closer.

“We need to leave.” Sam said as he pushed off the pillar, Tony quickly moving through the chairs. He and Tony both met as they strode through the gathering crowd, pushed against the people who wanted to see what happened. After such a boring conference, many of the media there were excited to get something worth telling.

Steve began to argue, but his mouth snapped shut at the hard glare Tony gave him when the met up. They crossed back over the street, passed by the café where the wait staff stood watching as the police cars and ambulances pulled up. They turned the corner right as the yellow tapes were pulled out, and the orders for all witness to speak with the authorities. 

Natasha spared a glance over her shoulder, one last time to take in the scene. She paused when she saw a lone man, the man in the white coat, standing on the podium, staring directly at them. Her skin began to crawl under his stare, uneasy for a number of reasons. Straightening her back, she turned away and sped to catch up with the others. It wasn’t until they returned to the hotel room, three blocks down that they spoke of what happened.

“I get their name now.” Sam let out a sigh, walking around the bar to grab two beers in the mini fridge. He motioned to Tony, who nodded at the offer of alcohol. Both downed the bottle before they began explaining.

“We were played. Somehow, some way, they managed to do it.” Tony stared down the neck of the empty bottle after he collapsed on the couch.

“Do what?” Natasha asked, scooting close to the edge of the love seat. Bucky settled beside her, his face pulled into a frown. “Tony, you still haven’t told us what. What happened?”

“You mean you haven’t figure out what the ‘Assassin’s’ have done, yet? I’m surprised at you.”

“I have an idea what they did. I need to hear you confirm it.” Natasha bit, her eyes narrowing at the man. Tony scoffed but said nothing in reply. Instead, he pulled grabbed his tablet from the coffee table.


“Yes sir?”

“What can you tell me?” There was a moments pause before the tablet sprang to life, a hologram popping up. A man’s face, in his late 50’s, came up with the words deceased written across it in bold red.

“His name was Robert R. Newman. He was a well-known sponsor for NASA, a government operated branch.” Tony rolled his eyes.

“We know what NASA is F.R.I.D.A.Y. What does that have to do with this Assassin’s crap.”

“Yes, but…” The AI hesitated for a moment, “NASA is also a branch created as a front for and by the Templars.”

The room grew silent, not even Tony had a word to say. Steve turned slowly from the window, wondering if his ears were deceiving him.


“It would seem there’s much more than we know about the Templars. My information is limited, but that’s one of the small minute details I learned.” The AI grew quiet, allowing those in the room to process everything before starting again. “There’s more sir.”

Tony set the tablet down on the table, his eyes remaining on the face of the man he saw dead, face first in his own pool of blood less than an hour ago. F.R.I.D.A.Y. took his silence as an indication to continue.

“The man that was dragged away screaming was Franklin Rollin. He is high power member of Hydra. And the man who is being charged with murder. After the gas faded away, the guard’s found him standing over Newman’s body, with the knife in hand.” The image of the man appeared on the hologram, an article sliding up next to him. “He claims he’s innocent, but the finger prints and blood on his hands and the murder weapon prove him wrong.”

“Yet he isn’t.” Wanda whispered, fear settling in her stomach. Just as Tony said earlier, somehow, someway, the Brotherhood-the Assassin’s- had played them all. If they could do this, then what else could they accomplish?

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. why weren’t you able to pick up on any of this?” Steve asked the question that had been gnawing at his brain since he dropped to the pavement earlier.

“I’m a bit embarrassed to say, I never sensed a single thing wrong.”

“What about the cylinder under the seat? The one that let out the first set of gas? How did you miss that?” The AI didn’t reply right away. “F.R.I.D.A.Y!”

“I do apologize, but my sensor reading said that there was nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until the second before that I caught a read. By then it was too late.” The AI at somehow seemed ashamed it was so easily deceived. “One more detail I must inform you of; once the cylinder had activated, my systems were deactivated at the source, sir.”

“What?” Tony rasped, his head snapping up. Impossible. “How-what? For how long?”

“Five minutes, sir.”

“The exact amount of time the gas lasted.” Bucky uttered in disbelief.

Tony sank back into the couch, Natasha and Bucky doing the same on their seats. Sam leaned against the bar with his arms, his head hanging between his shoulders. Wanda slipped from her standing position to the sit on the opposite end of the couch, while Steve slowly made his way back to the window. How had all of this managed to happen, in such a short amount of time? Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, the highly intelligent AI system didn’t sense anything, and then was promptly shut down as if it had an on off switch.

“This can’t be possible. There has to be a loop hole, a good explanation, something!” Bucky ran his hand through his hair. Not even he had heard of something so complicated being executed so flawlessly. This group had thought of nearly every angle, and managed to screw over not only Hydra, but both the Templars and themselves.

“Why did they even want us there? If they had everything planned so precisely, they knew we wouldn’t be need, why have us there?” Sam asked.

“A show of power.” Steve replied. He couldn’t think of any reason but. “They wanted to show us what they could do.” Slowly he turned back to the room, his eyes tired. The others in the room shared the same expression, the similar anxiety in the back of their minds. They thought they were as cunning and powerful at one point, able to figure anything out. They were seconding guessing themselves after the show today.

“They said they would find us when they’d need us. Right now, I say we just get some rest until that happens.” Steve shook his head, tucking his hands into his jean pockets. Everyone mutter their voice of agreement, moving to stand.

“I’m gonna order us pizza.” Tony said as he whipped out his phone. The group gave their input of topping choices simultaneously while he dialed, coming out as one jumbled mess. Tony made a face. “I can’t understand you people when you talk all at once!”

Steve relaxed as the tension in the room dissipated. He turned to leave for his room, pausing to ask for a large double meat lovers before he left to shower. Tony grunted in reply and started listing off the order to the kid on the other end of the line.

Steve moved around his room in haze, his mind still thinking over every last detail of the morning. He couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t see how they managed to pull this off. If he was a computer, he was sure he would be short circuiting by now. He laughed to himself at that comparison. I’m spending too much time with Tony in his lab, he thought. Just as he passed the end table beside his bed, he caught something from the corner of his eye that wasn’t there before he left.

The dread from earlier settled once more as he saw the neatly folded paper laying on the table. Slowly, his moved to pick it up, finding his hands trembling ever so slightly. He turned the white paper over, frowning at the familiarity of the texture. It was sketch paper. The breath caught in his lungs when he saw the insignia from early expertly melted in the blue and silver wax that sealed the paper shut. Tentatively, he opened and unfolded the sketch paper, somehow knowing what he would see on the page. Two sheets were folded together, a picture-perfect drawing of himself bashfully looking away on the first page, and an equally flawless drawing of Bucky grinning wide on the second. Written in pristine cursive on the corner of his image, were the words:

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

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Hi, I really love your blog! It helps a lot when I am writing! I have this idea, which is lower class kids sneak into the upper class "kingdom" just to get a taste of what their lives are like. The Kids are from a bad place. The problem I have is that I don't really have a plot, I want something to happen where maybe a princess or prince join sides with the kids, but I have no idea what kind of conflict will happen or what they could solve. I'm sorry this is so long, but I'm really stuck.


Sorry for taking so long to answer.

My advice is just start. Write this first scene you have in mind. Allow your characters to drive the story. There’s no right or wrong ways of writing a book. Maybe the plot will come to you. Maybe your main character’s development is the plot. When Leo Tolstoy wrote War and Peace, he had no plot, just a few characters and the project of writing a short story (this video is amazing). Also, when Emily Bronte set to write Wuthering Heights, she only had the scenery in mind, the moors.

If you are not sure, you can create plots by listing the worst things that could happen to your main character. This often generates lots of plot ideas. But I honestly think that your characters are strong enough for a character-driven novel. 

Things I learned today.

July 25-

1. I thought I was 5'2. But at the doctors today “she was like..okay, so you’re 105lbs..and 5'4..” and I was like “huh?! I am?”
Yeah, so apparently I’m just at that line, just barely under 5'4 she said. I have no idea why that made me happy lol

2. When E.T. first came out, it was in theaters for a year?! What the?!
Thats what read. Didn’t fully look into it but, that’s insane. I didn’t know this.

3. My daughter is way more like me than I thought.
Her father and I aren’t together, so we co-parent and today my child was “taking a break from being the angel she normal is”..and I was fed up. She wasn’t listening to me. So I said “we’re calling daddy..you can tell him how you’re acting..” He isn’t mean, he doesn’t yell but he means business and she knows it. She obeys him. I can say the same exact thing, but a male authority figure-she hears and listens to.
I was the same way. And I don’t know why. It’s strange.

my plan for the big bang if i decide to do it is a fic that i hope i can tackle with actually decent characterization for once. it’s going to involve rhys contracting a virus in his brain from when jack was inserted into him and is gonna be an alternate kind of ep 5 where they’re co-CEOs but jack stays as a hologram inside rhys brain despite his illness because he thinks he has a better chance of saving rhys working from the inside out. it would have a lot of feelings and junk and angst with a (maybe?) bitterly happy-ish ending

anyway thats my idea, what do you guys think?

When I actually got into Good Robert (slept w him first NOT KNOWING had to fix it) I could not stop laughing about the idea of what a fuckboi Robert COULD have messaged Dadsona w Amanda RIGHT THERE

“What you doing, Dad. DUH. Send back "just chillin.” NO G, Dad. THATS LAME.“

She’s standing behind her socially inept father when Robert sends back a

"cool…. what are u wearing ;)”

She’s stunned silent. Horrified. And she’s not sure if her dad answering with a “??? My clothes??? You saw me this morning at the grocery store?” is better or worse bc it means HE DIDNT GET IT HOW DID HE NOT GET IT THERE WAS A WINKY FACE THATS A CLASSIC SEXT STARTER AND HOLY SHIT HER DAD HAS NEVER ONCE HAD SEX NOT EVER NOT ONCE THATS N O T ALLOWED

When your parents ask what you do when you’re alone in your room:

When your friends ask you to hang out, you say you’re busy but all you’re really doing is:

When you’ve just graduated from college and you have no idea what the fuck you’re supposed to do:


When you’ve just self-sabotaged your skating season and don’t know what the fuck you should do:

Red Lights - A Stiles Stilinski Imagine/Drabble

(A/N) Okay guys, here it is! This is the first imagine i’ve ever actually sat down and decided to share now that i’ve gotten over my nerves. I have a few more already in the works and an actual assload of ideas chilling in a journal but that i’m probably going to agonize over for a while yet before they make their debut. I don’t really have much else to say by way of introduction so I guess we’ll just hop right into it.

The idea for this actually came to mind while I was driving home from a friend’s late at night listening to Black by Pearl Jam, I then proceeded to sit in my driveway for around an hour writing it in my notes on my phone because I was instantly obsessed haha. I hope you guys enjoy 😊 

     The night you first realized you loved him wasn’t some big earth shattering epiphany, rather, it was a subtle shift into awareness. Like when you walk along a curb and one of your feet slides off the edge, and for a split second your heart lurches and your body experiences the sensation of falling, and then your foot hits the pavement and you laugh before walking on, it was something like that.

Things in Beacon Hills had always been just on the left side of peculiar, it was a known fact and not something you thought much off. At least, not until you dropped right in the middle of said peculiarities…literally.

You were, for the lack of better words, fucking pissed. How you got stuck playing errand girl for your sister was beyond you. Amber was already a needy mess whenever she didn’t feel well, add in a broken tibia from a tumble at cheer practice and she easily became your worst nightmare. You huff angrily as you walk (or skulk but who’s around to say) along the unlit corridor to your sister’s locker to retrieve the textbook she just had to have for her homework, who the hell manages to break their leg from a two-person high pyramid anyway? After grabbing the book, and making a mess of the locker because you never claimed to rise above petty, you turn toward the staircase at the end of the hall. You leisurely make your way down, standing on one step and hovering with one foot over the next step down before dropping your weight onto the free floating foot and coming down hard on the next step (You’re gonna reflect on this moment later and wish you had heeded the repeated warnings to not play on stairs), when the sound of a door slamming against the wall at the bottom of the steps startles you and sends your body lurching forward. You land in a less than dignified heap at the base of the stairs. When you let out a low groan and flip over onto your back you meet the equally startled stares of a one Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. There’s not much said, or much you can understand at least, as they grip your arms and drag you down the hall at break-neck speed. Not that you need much explanation when you hear a growl that sounds like it came from the depths of hell itself. The rest, as they say, is history.

You wouldn’t change it for the world, regardless of the constant complaining you do to the contrary, because those boys quickly became the most important people in your world. Scott became the brother you always wanted; protective, and caring, and loyal to a fault. And Stiles was what you’d both call your “soul-twin”, the one person who could understand fundamentally who you are as a person because you’re one in the same. And it’s worth it, all the fear and loss and pain, because you personally felt you gained more than was taken. That doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t sometimes really just need a break from it all, a second to breathe when it all becomes too overwhelming. It’s at times like these when you usually do one of two things; go to Stiles’ house and watch B-rated movies until you crash, or go on a drive. Option one was preferred but lately things had been…tense, between you two. Not in any way you could explain either, you certainly didn’t think you were fighting over anything currently, it was just there. This sudden thing between you two. That’s why when you quietly snuck down to your front door keys in hand at 1:30 in the morning you were more than a little surprised to find said boy hunched over in your front yard searching for pebbles to presumably throw at your window.

“Uh, Stiles?” He gives a strangled yelp and jerks into a standing position, the few pebbles he managed to find flying up in the air and raining down upon his head. You do your best to smother a snort and he flushes red.

“W-what are you doing here?” He stutters out and upon seeing your raised eyebrow hurries to correct himself. “I mean it’s your house so I obviously know what you’re doing here in the general sense –I meant what are you doing outside?”

You raise your hand and give your keys a shake, “I was actually on my way out, I’m going to drive around a bit. It’s been one of those nights.” He bobs his head in agreement. This interaction feels weird, strained, and that in itself makes your heart clench. When he visibly deflates at your continued silence the words fly out of your mouth without thought, “Do you want to come with?”

You don’t talk as you drive around the town, instead you let the radio fill the silence, the street lights every so often lighting up the interior of the car in a dull sweeping flash of orange. You drive in and out, around and around familiar streets, and yearn for a simpler time when you didn’t instinctually gaze into passing alleyways and the gaps between houses looking for something that doesn’t belong.

There is the occasional car that passes you by, save for that you two are alone, and when you pull up to a red light at an empty intersection you could swear that in that moment you two are the only people on the planet. You turn your head and stare at Stiles wanting to say something–anything, but his face is illuminated in a vibrant red and the way the color plays on his pale skin and creates long dark shadows beneath his eyes and in the hollows of his cheeks is so striking that you are stunned speechless. You don’t know how long you stare but when his face is suddenly lit up in green and the car doesn’t move his head turns towards you. You’re not sure what it is he sees in your face in that moment –you wouldn’t be surprised if your mouth was hanging wide open honestly– but whatever it is makes his lips curl up at the corners and his eyes sparkle mischievously, he reaches for your hand on the gear shift and intertwines his fingers with yours, your eyes following the movement in an odd mix of curiosity and nonchalance. When he brings your hand up to his face and presses a kiss to the back of it however, your eyes snap back up to his face and you forget how to breathe.

It’s there in that moment that it happens, that sliding into awareness. Right there in your car stopped in the middle of the road, with the soft crooning of Pearl Jam humming from your radio, wearing a ratty beacon hills t-shirt and red fleece Christmas pajama pants with your hand pressed against Stiles’ mouth, you realize you love him. This, this is what you had felt between you, what your heart had been trying to get your brain to understand. You see your smile in his eyes more than you feel it on your face and you turn to face the windshield, without looking at him again you start the car forward.

“I love you, Stiles Stilinski.”

In your peripherals you see him turn forward as well, a wide smile on his face as he holds your hand in his lap and gives it a gentle squeeze.

“It’s about time you figured it out.”

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THANK YOU!!!!! And if I remember correctly you said you wanted Buckboy not Steve so I’ll write that, but if I’m wrong let me know.

Okay so I really like the idea of Bucky sticking up for his small black girlfriend when somebody says or does something fucked up so here ya go

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They were having an amazing night. Ever since Bucky had gotten back from cryo, y/n had been on a mission to show him everything he missed during his time as the Winter Soldier. She had borrowed from Steve’s list and added more onto it. They had done everything on the list that involved New York and y/n was eager to bring him to Washington D.C. 

The walk to the NMAAHC (National Museum of African American History and Culture) from their hotel was short, but Bucky was still nervous about it. His anxiety started to eat away at him every time he was in public. A lot of people still saw him as the metal-armed assassin who not only killed a shit ton of political leaders,but also tried to kill Captain America and multiple others.

“Calm down Buck. It’s gonna be okay,” y/n said as they walked down the street. “The museum is only a block away.”

Bucky nodded softly and focused on the task at hand. You just gotta make it down the block. do this for y/n. They were on the stairs of the museum faster than he thought. Y/n went to open the door only to find it locked. She cocked her head to the side when Bucky pointed out the hours posted on the door.

“Looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit doll,” Bucky said as he sat down on the stairs. He patted the spot next to him and wrapped his arm around y/n when she sat down.

They sat there for 15 minutes watching videos on her Instagram and talking. Until a man looked at them and scoffed. Bucky looked up from the video they were watching and looked angrily at the man.

“You got a problem pal?”

The man rolled his eyes and pointed to y/n BLM shirt. Muttering a “She’s one of them.”

Bucky looked at him shocked and walked over to the man. 

“What do you mean she’s one of them? You think black lives don’t matter?” he asked, earning another eye roll and a scoff from the man. “Then we’re gonna have a problem. Cause when it comes to my girl, I don’t fuck around.”

The man (who Bucky had a good three inches on) stood on his tiptoes to be at eye level with Bucky.

“I’m not a big fan of our kind dating nig-”

The man didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence before Bucky’s right hand collided with his jaw, knocking him to the ground. 

Y/n watched proudly as Bucky defended her. Feeling her heart swell for even more love for the father of her unborn child.

i grew up on south park and im fine like i have my own internalized shit i gotta work on and everybody does but i dont harbor so many of the nasty opinions that lame reddit bros who watch south park do and i really do think that’s a loud minority. so idk maybe south park raised a generation of trolls but the message ive always gotten from south park is just question things and think for yourself and be true to you. so idk why dumb boys would be faced with that message and just blindly repeat stuff said by cartman but hey! stupid people do stupid shit. south park likes to present a dumb idea by having a character believe it and then the episode is usually about breaking that down. but i guess if you already hold those dumb nasty beliefs youre just going to feel validated by seeing someone say it on tv and not listen when other characters call them stupid and they get a comeuppance. so it’s a shared responsibility of the creators and the audience, unfortunately matt and trey (like a lot of white and male artists tbh) think their work exists in a vacuum and that you arent responsible for what the audience makes of your work. i disagree with that mentality and i think the last two seasons show that theyre starting to realize that mentality is bullshit and has consequences. all the people i know who watch south park are my queer & trans friends in their 20s. like it obviously has more than one type of audience & it’s reductive to act like south park only has one type of fan and is responsible for trolling on a whole when white guys have Been doing this awful shit they just got a new and nastier way to do it. i dont approve of all the things theyve said and done, some of it is Not Cool and Out Of Line. but i believe that theyre attempting to change and not be like that anymore cause theyve done some growing. so that’s how i feel about that.