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I knew you were trouble

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Sweet pea x reader

Summary; You’re a northsider on southside territory and get yourself in ‘trouble’

Warnings; choking, anal, spanking, dirty talk, slightly dub-con, very dominant Sweet Pea

A/N; an anon requested some rough Sweet Pea and that’s exactly what you got so say your prayers and prepare for this unholiness 😏 (honestly, this could’ve been more rough but I’m happy with this so maybe a second part that’s even filthier?)

Going to a bar alone at night on the southside of Riverdale was not such a good idea. Especially when you’re a northsider.

Everything happening in Riverdale right now was just too much to handle so a moment alone with a drink sounded perfect. Even if the only place you could get a drink was the Whyte Wyrm.

The bar was kinda crowded but fortunately, you had found a table in a secluded corner and no one paid attention to you. Or so you thought.

After your second drink, you weren’t drunk but the strong alcohol was starting to create a small buzz so you didn’t notice the tall boy approaching you.

“Now is not the best time for a northsider to be in the southside, Y/N, is it?”, a deep voice came from behind you and you turned in surprise to see Jughead’s friend, Sweet Pea and a couple of his minion friends. You had met him a few times and he was good looking but that was about it.

“And why is that?”, you asked, trying to keep your voice steady under the boys intense stare.

“Just because your boy declared war between us”, he explained with an emotionless face.

“The mayor’s not a boy and I wouldn’t call this situation a war”, you told him, trying to focus back on your drink.

“Oh, so you don’t know?”, Sweet pea chuckled a little and your face twisted in confusion.

“I’m not talking about the mayor. I’m talking about the red headed football player who just pulled a gun on us”, he said and your mouth fell a little open.

“Archie did what?”, you asked in total confusion. That didn’t sound like the boy you had known for years but there’s wasn’t another red haired boy in the football team.

“Believe it or not, I don’t care, but I do think it’s best for you to leave”, he said and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Why should I? I didn’t pull a gun on anyone and I don’t have anything against the southside”, you told him, trying to seem as confident as you could but paranoia hit you and you felt like everyone in the bar was after you. Maybe it was his words or maybe the alcohol, or both?

“The southside doesn’t care. Cmon now, we’ll escort you out”, Sweet Pea offered a hand to you.

“Thanks but no thanks. I came here to get drinks and I’m not finished with this one yet”, you said and refused his hand with a small smirk. This made him smirk also as he leaned towards you, his other hand on the table and the other on the chairs back, trapping you in your spot.

“I’d come with us now, the others here aren’t so understanding. Besides, I bet your ginger boy is missing you so you better run back to him before someone else decides to have a little fun with you”, he told you in a low voice and you shuddered. His closeness and voice were intimidating but at the same time arousing and he was sexy as hell. You had to take a few deep breaths before speaking.

“I just told you that I’m not leaving. And if you’re referring to yourself with this fun, I’d rather go with my ginger”, you said with smirk of your own. You didn’t have anything going on with Archie but he didn’t have to know that. The two minions behind Sweet Pea were trying to hold back their laughter and you waited for Sweet Pea to make you leave instantly but he only smirked at you with a devilish glint his eyes.

“Oh baby, you have no idea what fun is before you experience it with me”, he whispered into your ear and you felt a chill go down your spine and the wetness between your legs was undeniable.

“Im sure the fun you have with yourself in your dark bedroom is the highlight of your day but now that I think of it, I think I will leave to go have some fun with an actual person”, you said and stood up. At this point, the boys behind Sweet Pea were holding their stomachs for laughing so hard. You didn’t know where all of this was coming from and it might have been stupid to throw some shade on a gang member but you couldn’t stop yourself as you felt horny about his dominant attitude. A little flirting wouldn’t hurt, right?

You couldn’t even take a step from the chair as Sweet Pea hadn’t moved and he was roughly pushing you against the wall behind you with his body, bringing his face so close to your face that you could feel his breath against your lips and you wanted so bad to kiss him. The boys behind him had stopped laughing and it caused a tiny fear in you as they knew he wasn’t playing anymore.

“You just made a big mistake”, he said, looking down at your lips as you dragged your lower lip between your teeth, masking your fear as you felt the wetness between your legs growing.

“I was hoping you’d be my next big mistake”, you flirted and a huge smirk spread on his face. He didn’t say anything, just stared at you with lust in his eyes and after a long moment, he finally spoke.

“Come with me”, he simply said after touching the exposed skin on your chest, dragging down to slightly brush over you nipple, making it instantly harden as you weren’t wearing a bra and then he started to walk up a near staircase. You didn’t even hesitate to follow as the two boys cleared a path for you.

Sweet Pea lead you to a door that he opened and waited for you to step in before he did too and closed the door behind you. You eyed the room and it was simple, just a bed, an old cabinet and a table, aside from some led lights here and there on the walls, making the room glow in red and purple colors.

“So this is where you play with yourself?”, you said and couldn’t hold back the smirk.

“I think it’s time for us to put that smart mouth of yours to better use”, he said, ignoring your little comment. You started to walk towards him and when you reached him, you dragged your fingers lightly from his wrist up to his neck and then to his lips. Sweet Pea was starting to breath heavily as your lips started to near his but you stopped right before they could make contact and then turned around with a light giggle. But he stopped you from walking away by grabbing your wrist tightly.

“Oh no, babygirl, I think you’ve got it wrong. It’s actually cute that you think you’re in charge”, he told chuckled lightly, making you even more excited. He then lifted you up by your ass and you wrapped your legs around his body and he pushed your back against the wall and brought his face close to your again, but still not making contact.

“You sure you wanna do this? Betray your northside friends by being with a southsider and a Serpent?”, he asked, but it wasn’t really a question, more of a tease.

“I said I wanted you to be my next mistake. I’m still hoping for the big part to be true”, you told him with a smirk as you finally connected your lips and he instantly kissed you back. His tongue battled with yours for dominance but you knew he’d win so you gave up and he hummed in satisfaction. Then he bit your lip, not hard but hard enough for you to gasp silently as he drew it back before releasing. After your little make out, he stepped back from the wall, turned around and threw you on the bed. Another gasp escaped from you at his roughness but it was just making you even more turned on.

“Ready for the fun to start?”, he asked with a smirk after removing his shirt. You couldn’t keep your eyes from his gorgeous upper body.

“Oh, it’s not over? I thought that was the best you got”, you said referring to the heated kissing as couldn’t help yourself with your comments, they were clearly getting to him and you wanted some rough sex and your words were your way of getting just that.

“You’re just making this worse for yourself, baby”, he told you and you knew he was doing exactly what you wanted, a little provoking was doing the trick. But you didn’t know that your words were unnecessary as you had no idea what kind of a person you were actually dealing with.

“Hit me with your best shot”, you provoked him just a little more and he lost it.

“Just remember, you chose this mistake”, he said with an evil glint in his eyes and there was a small flash of fear in you. Maybe this really was a mistake? But you didn’t have any time to think about it as Sweet Pea was pulling his pants down along with his boxers, revealing his already hard cock to you. And you had gotten exact what you wished for. He wasn’t big, he was huge. You weren’t new to big dicks but this was the next level. It was thick but not too thick but the length was amazing.

“That’s not gonna fit”, the words slipped from your mouth before your brains registered them.

“Scared? I thought you wanted something big, but don’t worry, I’ll make it fit”, he smirked and stood next to the bed, forcing you to lay on your stomach on the edge.

“Open wide”, he commanded and you gulped before doing so. You flattened you tongue as he pushed his cock in your mouth as deep as he could and it wasn’t even halfway in before you gagged.

“Cmon babe, you can take it”, he cooed and gripped your hair to push in deeper as you started to choke, tears starting to roll from your eyes. You were trying to balance yourself on the edge of the bed and trying to focus on pleasing him but you were struggling.

“You like choking on my cock? This is what you get for not controlling what comes out of your mouth”, he laughed darkly as he slapped your cheek not-so-lightly, making his cock twitch. There was no possibility to answer him and drool was starting to drip from your mouth as he thrusted into your throat. It started to get to the point where you had to push him away so you wouldn’t vomit and luckily, he let you. You had to take a moment to breathe.

“I like it rough but I’m not gonna hurt you”, Sweet Pea said.

“What if I want it to hurt?”, you questioned silently but he heard you as he had a sinister smirk on his face.

“Damn, you’re my kinda girl, I can’t believe we haven’t met before”, he replied and you smiled at his small talk in this situation.

“Don’t be gentle”, you encouraged him as you pulled your shirt off to reveal your naked chest.

“Trust me, I won’t be”, he said with a mischievous glint in his eyes as he started to pull your pants off.

“Come lay on my lap”, he ordered as he sat at the edge of the bed. You did as told and your hands were resting against his thighs and your knees almost touching the floor as you were positioned like a child about to get spanked for misbehaving, and you were, but not in a childish way. He caressed your ass with his big hand a few times before spanking it, hard.

“Bad girls get spanked”, he simply said and repeated his actions again and again and again until your ass was definitely gonna have a bruise on it. He slapped you one last time before pressing his fingers at you covered entrance.

“God, you’re soaking through your panties”, he chuckled as he pulled the fabric aside and pushed his thumb in, pressing your g-spot and his index and middle finger went to rub on your clit as you moaned in pleasure. He fingered you for a moment and you were starting to feel your orgasm forming but he pulled out.

“Oh no, you’re not cumming before me”, he said and pushed you up and back to lay on the bed on you back. He then removed your panties and spread your legs and lowered himself between them. He licked your clit a few times before getting up and positioning himself with your entrance. You huffed out in annoyance at his little tease.

“Patience”, he smirked before starting to push in. His hands were on either side of your torso and you gripped his biceps to brace for his huge cock. He kept pushing and you started to feel a little pain, but not enough to hurt, just to make things exciting. As he still kept pushing, you started to move around, trying to adjust to his length.

“It’s not even in and you’re already squirming like the devil is in you”, Sweet Pea laughed at you and you hoped the color didn’t drain from your face.

“It’s not even in?!”, you almost yelled.

“No, but now it is”, he smirked evilly as he pushed himself in fully and a small scream escaped your mouth.

“Good girl, take my cock”, he said lowly and you enjoyed his roughness and dirty talk. He didn’t give you any time to adjust as he started to fuck you with force, pushing deep with every thrust. Moans filled the room and you were again starting to reach your peak and that’s when a hand snaked around your throat and squeezed.

“Remember, don’t cum before me”, he reminded and started to pound into you without mercy as he kept his grip around your throat.

In the middle of the relentless pounding, he suddenly pulled out and flipped you over on your knees and hands and without a word, continued to push into your already used pussy. He gripped your hair and pulled your head back as lowered himself a little to speak into your ear.

“I’m gonna ruin you”, he said and got back up, deepening his thrusts even more and slapped your already sore ass.

Once again, you were close to cumming but remembered his words and tried to control yourself but failed. Sweet Pea chuckled after you finished and pulled out.

“You got only yourself to blame for this”, he said and you frowned at him in confusion. But you knew what he meant when you felt his cock at your asshole.

“No, don’t, I’ll break”, you said with a little panic in your voice.

“Scream for me”, he whispered as he pushed in. And you screamed.

Your pussy juices on his cock made it easier to slide in but the stretch was causing pain and you tried to take it but you could only scream as he kept pushing and pushing until he was finally in and he didn’t give you any time to adjust with your ass either as he started to thrust into you.

Your screams slowly turned into moans and another orgasm was forming when he bent to pinch your nipples.

“Cum”, Sweet Pea demanded right before you did exactly that and he released himself inside your ass. You hissed a little when he pulled himself out of you and you both fell onto the bed.

“Was that fun enough for you?”, he questioned with a smile, the first actual smile you had seen on him.

“Well, I think Archie could’ve done better”, you lied, wanting to tease him.

“Liar, liar, pants on fire”, he chuckled as he pulled you into his side and kissed your temple. You were slightly surprised about his affections but in a positive way.

“You’re not a big mistake, I mean, big, yes but, mistake, no”, you said, feeling extremely drawn to the boy.

“So you’ll switch your Weasley to me?”, he asked and now you were really surprised. You didn’t get to answer when you heard your phone ringing. You quickly picked it up from your pants pocket from the floor and saw Archie’s name on the screen. Hesitating a little before answering, you saw Sweet Pea glance at your phone but he didn’t say anything.

“Hey, Arch, what’s up?”, you said, trying to sound casual. Archie asked you where you were but you didn’t wanna tell him, he was just gonna yell at you. But you didn’t have to say anything as Sweet Pea took the phone from you.

“Hey, Arch”, he mimicked your words but ended them with a chuckle.

“Listen, we just had the most amazing sex with Y/N here, so she’s gonna have to call you back later ‘cause you’re kinda ruining the moment”, he said and hung up the phone and your mouth fell open at his bluntness.

“You did not just…”, you started but couldn’t finish as Sweet Pea started to laugh.

“I definitely did”, he laughed and soon, you joined him. After a long laugh, you finally decided to reveal Sweet Pea your little secret.

“By the way, I never had anything with Archie so I’m all yours”, you said and waited for him to say something but he only kissed you.

“I know”, he whispered.

i-booty-me-oh-duh-blog  asked:

I love how your new comic refrences some if your older ones! I was wondering if they are all going to add up to one big overall story? And if you where ever going to publish your duck comics so they could be purchased?

yeah aahaha oops that happened, and they weren’t originally meant to have any sort of ‘order’- like, I like how the original comics can be read from any point and you can just, understand? the characters and the story I love that, and I’m trying to keep that but I have actually started thinking about what would be the best order to read the ideas I have… in? so like it’s not essential but it does make more sense if you read them chronologically (which is why I’ve pushed that one with this scene way back in production bc man we gotta earn getting to that sorry folks)

also no way I am never ever publishing these Disney would sue me so hard there’d be nothing left but a smoking crater- the only reason I can get away with this is because I am making zero profit! they are 100% Fanart for Fun

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Marinette and Kim Word: Don't

“Don’t you dare.” Marinette warned, pointing a finger threateningly at Kim. 

“What me?” Kim’s wide smile did not give him the innocent look that he clearly intended. He hid the water balloon poorly behind his back. “I’m just walking over to say hello to my dear old friend.”

“I’ll kill you.” Marinette’s eyes were narrowed as she watched him inch closer, careful not to drop the overfilled water balloon.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Kim couldn’t keep his face from breaking into a wide, almost maniacal, grin.

“I’m warning you. I will –” She didn’t get to finish because Kim smashed the water balloon over her head, drenching her hair and clothes. She sputtered, shocked and enraged, before letting out an inhuman screech. 

Not even Kim could run fast enough to escape her wrath. 

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hey man do u have any light hearted or humorous podcast recs? i pretty much exclusively listen to podcasts now but listening to horror and depressing ones isnt doin my brain much good. so far the only one ive found thats like that is eos10

I’ll see what I have!

Wonderful! by Griffin & Rachel McElroy
A show about things they find wonderful! Very upbeat and enthusiastic!

My Dad Wrote a Porno by Jamie Morton, James Cooper, & Alice Levine
A very famous podcast, has lots of comedians and actors on as guests, and is absolutely rottingly hilarious - I’ve heard it like 3 times all the way through at this point.

The Polygon Show by Polygon.com
Just some sweet gals that talk about some sweet games

What Should We Draw by Nathan Yaffe & Caldwell Tanner
“The show where we use the art of conversation to make art ABOUT a conversation!” Great dudes that have a dumb conversation then draw some art

Worst Idea of All Time by Tim Batt & Guy Montgomery 
Two kiwi dickheads torture themselves for an entire year watching a garbage movie, the podcast basically tracks them slowly descending into complete madness. It’s like a thought experiment you’d read about in an intro to sociology & psychology class

Spirits by Amanda McLoughlin & Julia Schifini
It’s supernaturally themed, but its very upbeat and interesting and the hosts are really funny folks

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With the temporary removal of micro transactions in Battlefront 2, do you see this as EA really listening and taking to heart the reaction, or is this more like how other developers have not had micro transactions in games upon initial release with internal plans to implement them a month or two later after reviews have gone up? Only this is under the guise of "See guys, we're listening!" and everyone patting EA (and themselves) on the back about "having done something".

My guess is that this story would have been the tipping point for Disney and EA. 


Mainstream financial reporting on the topic is what gets investors to notice. Maybe they’re tracking other metrics, like maybe early sales numbers were taking a hit. No idea. But mainstream financial reporting on how bad your game is being received seems like the sort of thing that would force everyone to start actually addressing the issue.

Personally, I have very little faith that whatever changes get cooked up will make a dramatic difference. But enough people will have moved on by then that there will be less anger and fervor by default.

What I want to happen in Supernatural at one point

Sam and Dean try to solve a ghost case with a simple salt and burn, but a Ghoul has snacked on the body and squirreled some of it away for later. So they have to find the Ghoul and his secret stash. And the Ghoul turns out kinda helpful and really only eats dead people anyway and Sam points out that they really can’t get mad as someone for grave desecration.

Also, since it’s an episode about Ghouls, Adam gets mentioned at least once so we know the writers haven’t forgotten him.

you know what this wasnt the point at all and it was 100% irrelevant to any of the actual serious shit he did but papatulus was never funny either. i have no idea why he thinks so highly of himself

He's going to get suspicious at one point.
  • Seidou: Happy 17th Birthday Captain!!
  • Miyuki: ...wait what?
  • Seidou: It's your birthday! Did you forget it? You're seventeen!
  • Miyuki: I'm 17 again?
  • Seidou: Yes and we're going to enter our last year together, so we need to enjoy it!
  • Miyuki: I'm getting a sense of déjà vu here.
  • Seidou: You'll have to be as twice as responsible because we have new first years!
  • Miyuki: I definitely fell in a time machine. Which got me wayyy too much back. I don't like it.
  • Seidou: And Sawamura's going to need you to create specific training regimen for his pitches.
  • Miyuki: I'm not getting through this number shit again!
  • Seidou: Oh, And you will be chosen as our representative for the Tokyo Senbatsu! You'll leave the team in a crucial moment to team up with all of our enemy teams' members we played before!
  • Miyuki: Actually I'm still in the middle of it but...
  • Seidou: And you'll probably never get to receive Narumiya's breaking balls.
  • Miyuki: I knew it!!

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Hi, can you please help me with the name of a fanfic where both Rhett and Link are near fifty, no longer doing the show, somehow single again and rediscovered their feelings for each other? I think you reblogged it at some point. I just can't seem to remember the name. ;(

I have no idea what that might be sorry hun :-S unless you’re talking about I Was Last by @missingparentheses ? that description would fit. Hope you find it ‘non! :)

jupitersfire  asked:

What is a pyschic attack?

The best definition I can give it is negative psychic energy, intentions, or actions either consciously or unconsciously inflicted upon someone else, with the effect of causing some form of harm. The resulting harm may affect one’s own psychic energy, or some other aspect of their being.

Examples could be psychic vampires draining someone’s energy to the point of causing harm, or some spells could be considered methods of psychic attack. It’s a pretty broad idea, is the point.

Anyone have a better explanation or examples?

(want to do a full fic version on this one here is a very small short one)

A gift for my darling @missladytale

Inspired by this picture here 

Rotten and Marubi 

Marubi was walking with his mates when suddenly without any warning he was suddenly pinned against a nearby tree by none other then Rotten who had at some point had  taken control ,who just so happens was also flushed against him Marubi could do nothing in that moment everything had happened so fast he was still a little dazed added to that aroma coming from Rotten he mewled suddenly for attetion, before purring loudly the moment his scent hit him he looked down at Rotten through half lidded eyes and smiled he went to speak but Rotten quickly silenced him by kissing him and made sure to keep Marubi wings pinned against the tree behind him.

so want to write more >///> but my imagination gets extremely active what do you think my darling @missladytale should i do some shorts of fluff and things XD 

Rotten & Melon belong to @missladytale

Marubi belongs to @twinklephoenix

My medication is good because well it’s not a given I’m going to start sobbing at some point every day, but I wish it dulled the feelings of hyper anxiety I have. It feels like my anxiety’s racing around my body and my body’s just sitting there. I don’t know, things with my psychiatrist aren’t the best. I feel like I’m coaching myself into recovery and paying her hundreds of dollars to say that my ideas are right. I try to tell her that while I know what to do it’s hard to implement things in a sustainable way. Out loud I can articulate my illness and deduce the logical advice in a way that she views more positive then it actually is. I do try to tell her this, but she never really addresses that and then I don’t see her for another few months and I still haven’t been able to sustain a progressive recovery. 

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Before this episode i didn't think they would make him overdose but now I think it's highly likely. After the news about Kate I can't see him trying to ask someone for help again so we will hit rock bottom. Probably at the end of Randall's ep since it will be the last before the hiatus. What do you think?

Tbh I have no idea. He might get to that point but he might not. This show isn’t usually so predictable but in this case, we know he is going to spiral even further. I hope it doesn’t come to that but it really does seem like it will. I really hope it doesn’t come to that but it really might and it will give everyone a chance go finally see that Kevin does need their attention, their love, and support.


Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws love and hate ambient noise. It needs to be a specific kind of noise depending on what they’re doing, and if it varies too far from the ambient noise they wanted, they just find it distracting.

🔫(Ø▽Ø⌿ )

some adhd Moods
  • having a new tab open for a half hour bc u went to look smth up and then forgot what the fuck you wanted to look up
  • subsequently going thru ur dash/feed backwards trying to trigger the memory of what u were gonna look up
  • forgetting ur adhd meds for like 4 days in a row bc u have adhd
  • wanting to do smth (read, watch a certain show, ect) and immediately losing interest after 2 minutes
  • Tonight I’m Going to Rearrange My Entire Room and Move My Life Forward and Achieve My Goals
  • nm i just moved my dirty clothes pile from one corner to the other
  • i have 10 fics open in different tabs
  • i had this great idea for school/work that i just have to tell- oh nm it’s gone now
  • leg
  • leg
  • getting bored halfway thru posts like these even tho u had some other points planned bye