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I've always loved your books. They were actually what made me want to write. Problem is, I tend to jump around from idea to idea and can never focus on one story. Do you have any tips on focusing better?

Focusing better… Not really. The best advice I can give is keep writing. The more you do, the better you get, and there will come a point where you find enough ideas that string together to form a complete story or book. It’s just a matter of practice.

Take something as far as you can, try every trick you know to expand on it, and sometimes you’ve just gone as far as you can with a given idea and you need to move on to the next one. 

Or you might be like my assistant. She always has two or three projects going at once. If she gets stuck on one, she moves to another. If she can’t focus on one, same deal. I can’t work that way, but she does all right with it!

do u see anything odd about the wikipedia homepage rn……

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OMG YOU PLAY SKYRIM TOOOOOO. Can i ask for a Skyrim Final Fantasy AU thing? I literally dont mind what but I play both and I would love to see these boy in Skyrim, like Iggy would be like a mage and Gladio a companion, and idk what Noct would be or Prompto maybe theives guild stuff but omg please I love your writing!! ofc dont feel you have to do this or anything though!!!

Ok, so I would love to make a full fiction about this. Your enthusiasm was so infectious! I’ve wanted to do this idea for ages, and now that I know it’s something at least one person is interested in, maybe I’ll sit down and do it (at some point). I’m actually also working on a male dragonborn x Argis the Bulwark piece that’s already nearly 40,000 words long… And there’s the Big Gladnis Story too, so I don’t know if/when this will happen. People in general don’t seem all that keen for Skyrim fiction? I’m not sure, just a feeling. 

Ok, I’ll just do some head canons and use it as planning and idea-bouncing for the Big FFXV/Skyrim Fanfiction which may or may not ever happen.


  • Noctis is dragonborn. His father is Jarl of Whiterun (sorry Balgruf), and he is also adept at Magic.
  • Has a private tutor from the College of Winterhold, but doesn’t get along with him.
  • Gladio, who becomes his shield brother, travelling with him as he goes to see the Greybeards up at High Hrothgar. Shaky start for these two, as Gladio thought he was just a whiny princeling, but after Noct saves his little sister from some vampires, he changes his mind about him.
  • Loves sweetrolls.
  • Gets very upset when the guards are sassy with him
  • Especially when they ask if someone stole his sweetroll
  • Uses a lot of destruction magic


  • Oh Prompto. He was orphaned and ended up in the streets of Riften. Got picked up by Brynjolf, and became a thief with them.
  • Actually finds himself fitting into the ‘cosy little family’.
  • He meets the chocobros when they come to Riften and he tries to pick Gladio’s pocket. Gladio hoists him up like a puppy and growls at him.
  • It’s the first time he’s ever been caught and he’s so surprised he has nothing to say.
  • Noctis likes him, orders Gladio to put him down, and says that a sneakthief could be useful on their trip, asking him if he wants to come along too.
  • High archery and stealth skills.


  • He’s a werewolf in the circle of the companions. Always helping people, always doing what he can for people in need. Big heart, but don’t make him angry.
  • Probably old drinking buddies with Argis
  • Lives in Jorvaskr, and his sister lives up at Dragonsreach, where Clarus is housecarl to the Jarl there
  • Finds himself falling for a certain tall, bespectacled mage as the journey continues… dammit Raufnir, stop making everything Gladnis ok I can’t stop so you’ll just have to roll with it
  • His transformations are extremely painful and he’s often left weak for a couple of days afterwards
  • When he doesn’t come and find them for a few days after the full moon is over one time, Ignis goes and looks for him, finds him slumped in the snow, half dead, and takes care of him…


  • Something wanted me to make him a Volkihar vampire, friends with Serana and her mother, entombed at the same time as Serana because of his knowledge of Auriel’s Bow and ancient law??? *shrugs* not sure what to make of that so maybe we’ll just put that to one side for now?
  • Ignis is a mage at the college of Winterhold, probably the youngest mage ever to be accepted.
  • He’s on track to become archmage after Savos, but leaves to see more of Skyrim and study dwemer ruins in Markarth
  • Is the kind of person who’d study dwemer ruins and culture for days and forget to eat
  • Probably apprenticed with mad old Calcelmo in Markarth…
  • Hears about the dragonborn in Whiterun, and journeys there, intending to study him and record events.
  • Ends up liking him and becoming friends.
  • Is asked by Jarl Regis to tutor his son and go with him to High Hrothgar to talk to the Greybeards.
  • On the journey he starts to fall for a certain burly werewolf, fuckit I said I’d roll with it now watch it snowball into a Gladnis post initially this was much to his horror, but he sees how gentle Gladio is, and how he ensures he’s a long way from people when the transformations hit.
  • Ignis takes care of him after his transformations
  • Uses a lot of different magic, and also one handed weapons.

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers (though I’m now somehow at over 300), I’m writing 150 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence, and I’ll write you a 150 word drabble (or headcanon) in return! (note, drabble requests will close around Friday/Saturday 23rd/24th June)

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This season had it's faults but the music was ALWAYS on point I can't believe I've learned so many norweigan songs and artists and through them learned that I as a girl with immigrant parents, am not alone. And I just can't wait to know what Julie has decided her FINAL song Do you have any ideas? Anyways, the music needs it's own secrion of applauds, cuz the music and Iman literally saved this season for me!!

I AGREE!!!! the music is always on point in skam and im lowkey still hoping for a halo moment between sana and yousef wldbekkff

Plance Day Ficlet

It’s short! For real!

Unedited because I literally tried to bang this out in 30 minutes. Thanks to @longhairpidge for constant inspiration:

“Hey, isn’t that the component-thingy you’ve been looking for?”

Pidge looks up from the data screen she’s fiddling with just in time to avoid being whacked in the face by an errant Lance-hand. She squints against the harsh, pink daylight of the tiny swap moon they’re on and tries to see where Lance is pointing. Next to her, Hunk stops and turns and follows her stare. The streets are thick with bodies all trying to get to the various stalls, kiosks, and outdoor shops that make up the bustling, whole-moon market.

“I don’t see what you’re pointing at, dude.” Hunk says, “Though this light is seriously messing with my vision.” He rubs at his eyes and peers through the dense, alien crowd.

“Maybe you two just need glasses - real glasses,” Lance adds, shooting a grin in her direction.

For half a tick, Pidge forgets that she’s supposed to play it cool, that she’s supposed to pretend that smile doesn’t make her feel like she’s seeing the world through rose-tinted lenses. Figuratively, that is, since it literally looks like she is right now. She bites back a smile and goes,

“Maybe you just need to stop pretending like you know anything about the ship’s tech.”

With a gasp, Lance clutches at his heart.

“Pidgey-Pie, you wound me!”

She rolls her eyes and starts walking away from where Lance had stopped, hoping to catch up with Keith and Allura ahead. But Lance isn’t having it. It takes him two swooping steps to duck ahead and throw his arm around her shoulder.

“Look, doubt me all you want, but I definitely saw the component you’re looking for down that row,” Lance says. “And to prove to you how confident I am that it’s there, I’ll personally escort you myself.”

Steering her back towards the street he’d pointed out, Lance looks over his shoulder towards a rather bewildered looking Hunk and calls, “You go meet up with the others, we’ll snap the part and meet back up with you!”

They’re too far away and the market too noisy to hear Hunk’s reply, but his face as it bobs over the sea of aliens looks somewhere between exasperated and resigned. Lance laughs, and Pidge rolls her eyes again, and she’s whisked away down the busy side street.

They walk in silence for a dobosh or two, Lance’s arm still slung around her shoulders. The further they get from the main thoroughfare, though, the closer in he draws her. His fingers trail small, errant circles through her shirt, and despite the relative warmth of the swap moon, a slight shiver runs from her skin to spine. Pidge glances around, then tucks her head against his chest as they walk.

“So what’s this all about?” she finally asks, glancing up at him.

Lance shrugs, a casual gesture, but she can the nerves in the way he bites at the inside of his cheek before answering. “Well, you know, Coran said we needed to get some parts for the ship and would have to stop at a swap moon, and so I figured we’d have a day to wander and get what we needed…” he trails off. His cheeks seem to darken, though in the light it all looks like pink on deeper pink. “You mentioned wanting to get that one doohickey, and I’ve been craving weird alien food and so I thought we could maybe… make up for having our first date cut short.”

Her eyes narrow, but when she speaks, it’s louder than it needs to be, as if she could cover up the sudden thud of her heart waling on her ribs. “Lance, don’t tell me you made up seeing the part I needed just to get us away from the rest of the team.”

“Pshaw, like I would do that!” he says, though she sees his eyes dart from stall to stall, searching. “I had fully pure intentions of making sure you found the component you needed… after I swept you away for a brief romantic interlude.”

“You truly are a master of romance,” she says, voice flat.

But then Lance does that thing, that thing he always seems to do just when she’s least expecting it, that thing he did the moment before she first realized she was falling, hard and fast. They lock eyes, and his grin softens. A bright ball of heat bounces around in her gut. He stops, in the middle of the packed street, tips his head down, and presses his lips to hers. It’s soft, and chaste, and Pidge wishes he’d do it over and over again. So, she raises up on her tiptoes and plants a kiss on him. How long they stand there, surrounded by shopping aliens under a magenta sky, she’s not sure - a few ticks, maybe a dobosh, maybe an eternity - but it’s long enough to make her dizzy from lack of air and far, far too short to ever want to quit.

They pull away, and breathe, and some alien bumps into Pidge and mutters something that, if her Mynoxian is up to scratch, she knows would make even Lance blush.

“This is a pretty good start to a second date,” she concedes. “What else you got?”

He shakes his head, but there’s an undeniable fondness in his features. “So demanding,” he says. With a flourish, he pulls from the inside pocket of his jacket the very part Pidge had been on the hunt for. “And you’d think finding the piece you needed would be solid boyfriending, but nooooo…”

She cuts him short with another kiss, then plucks the component from his hands. “Thank you, Lance,” she says. Pidge tucks the piece in her small bag, then slides her hand in his. “Now, I believe you said something about weird alien food?” 

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Yay! The requests are open!!! So my ask is, What do you think it would be like if Sougo and Kagura switched bodies?

Mocchiro! I’ve been waiting for you XD
Thanks for yet another really interesting ask, I love myself a good bit of Okikagu!

- He skips the horrified phase and goes straight to the “What can I do to annoy her most?” Phase. Whilst Kagura is screaming and pointing and crying about her beauty being corrupted, he’s already grinning evilly and making sinister plans in his head. Should he embarrass her? Insult her? Cry about why he couldn’t have gotten stuck in a more attractive body?
He comes up with approximately 240 ideas in 5.6 seconds.
Oh dear. Poor Kagura.

- Goes around the neighbourhood trying to embarrass her. He takes off down the street before she can comprehend what’s happening and goes to the first house, where he asks for any stale milk that they have. He wants to make a water slide of it.
Then he begins a charity for used clothes, anything will do as long as it fixes this bodies fashion sense.
The line is drawn when he begins to try and get changed in the streets, and Kagura absolutely loses it.

- Eats all her Sukonbu because then nobody can say he stole it. After all, it belongs to Kagura, and it ends in Kagura’s stomach. Kagura will suffer all the ill-effects of it, but doesn’t actually get to eat it!
He made one slight miscalculation. If Kagura doesn’t eat the Sukonbu, then he has to do it instead.
He takes one bite, gags, and throws up all over the packet.
So nobodies eating it now.

- Waltzes into Odd Jobs and takes most of her stuff, when she tries to get it back Gintoki kicks the ‘police officer’ out and threatens to report him for stealing. Kagura tries to tell them there has been a body swap and it’s just the sadist taking all her stuff, but he’s not listening. Shinpachi calls Kondo who comes to pick “Sougo” up. Kagura is dragged away screaming she doesn’t want to go to the zoo with the Gorilla whilst Okita laughs and drags away her mattress.

- Is all too happy to fight after Kagura attacks him when he threatens to throw her umbrella in the river.
He looses the fight because it appears now he has the Yato’s weakness to sunlight.
He almost drowns, and the near-death experience causes the body-swap to reverse just as he is pulled from the river to be beaten to a bloody pulp.
They couldn’t be more relieved.

- Horrified that she has to be in this disgusting body. After the first few seconds of blinking in shock and comprehending what has happened, she shrieks her horror to the heavens and starts yelling the worst insults about Okita and how her ‘Innocent’ self has been corrupted by his evil soul (He quite helpfully points out she had no innocence to start with but she’s too busy yelling to listen) and begins to wail that she’ll be an ugly man hated by all for the rest of her days.

- Goes to wash it (the body) because it’s horribly dirty and stinks of uncommitted crimes. Literally sprints to the nearest lake and starts scrubbing at the clothes with wet leaves.
Then she goes to the stage of cleaning under the clothes. Poor Kagura.
She clearly wasn’t thinking carefully because she forgot about the bit underneath the clothes.
Sougo has to stop her before she rips it off like she did to her genderswapped self.

- When she sees Sougo in her body going around and announcing that he wants to borrow the milk from everyone’s houses to create a water slide of old milk, and then trying to strip down in the streets, she snaps and realises she has to step up her game. She starts running around preaching the failures of the Shinsengumi for all to hear, and saying how she has 'deserted’ them and beginning some satanic ritual in the corner.

- Tries to set herself/himself on fire so Okita can “Experience what it will feel like when he burns in hell”. Okita doesn’t try and stop her as she laughs maniacally whilst setting a huge pile of garbage in the alleyway on fire and throwing herself into it. Why?
Because she’ll be the one feeling the pain.
She leaps out of the flames roaring in agony as the fire grows and covers a house.
Okita is now wanted for arson.

- Is the one who starts their fight because she can’t stand him any longer. Throws herself at him screaming and trying to pull his soul from her body, trying to kill his spirit to appease the sadist gods, anything to get this fool out of her skin.
She is tossed back to her own body just in time for his fist (swung by her) to hit her in the face.

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How old is skybox? I think the website said 3 years, but how long have you had this great thing as a concept? And did any good books inspire you? If so what, id like reading material

Umm, looking up my oldest sketches for it, looks like I started working out the ideas in 2012, so almost five years old at this point, sheesh!

I can’t think of any specific books I got inspiration from! A lot of it was just “stuff I want to draw and write about.”

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Milla having something with Otabek seems very unlikely to me honestly, mostly because he probably doesn't even know her, and also the fact there never was any kind of hint in any way pointing to it, unlike Otayuri has, and i really don't think the creators would simply throw that happening out of nowhere and there is also the fact that it would displease almost all of the fandom (which i surely think they don't want happening). I think her crush on him will would make Yuri more clingy to Otabek.

I agree with most you say, yeah! :)
What I do want to point out though, is that the creators don’t really owe us anything. We might be displeased about an idea, but ultimately it’s their story to tell. From what I see they have carefully crafted a meaningful connection between Otabek and Yuri and that points to them further exploring that in upcoming material. But they don’t have to make decisions based on what the fandom thinks. Sure, they wouldn’t want to estrange a big chunk of the fandom. Plus the creators have had a knack for making a story the fanbased hoped to see, even too good to be true in some aspects.
We Otayuri fans don’t need to worry and will get to see Otabek and Yuri interacting meaningfully. Just don’t forget it’s not our story to tell.

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Hi I was just wondering and I couldn't find if you take requests or not but could you make the other part of the original "Nina" shirt? Like the undershirt part of it? Idk if that makes any sense but i couldn't find if it has been done already, plus if you don't/can't do that it's fine :)

Hi nonny! I’ve been asked about this before and honestly? I don’t think it’s something I’ll do. I like the idea of the undershirt as a crop top, don’t get me wrong, but there’s no point in making a crop top based on the one from that original parenthood top. If we have a look at the texture, it’s obvious why:

As you can see, the overshirt covers like 90% of the undershirt’s texture? That means that in order to make it a top on its own, I’d have to either draw the missing texture by hand or simply use another shirt’s texture… and then what’s really the point? :^D I hope you understand! It’s a lovely suggestion, though, and I’m sad we didn’t get the full texture for the undershirt (I really dig the swatch on the picture boooo)! ♡

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(Different anon here) Woah. I knew sex magic was a thing but because it isn't something commonly spoken about in mainstream witchcraft (it seems like more of taboo than anything ) It wasn't something I took seriously. But the way you just spoke bout it made it seem like a very important tool. If you don't mind may you please go a bit more into it?! I wouldn't have the slightly idea about how to use sex to power my spells but I would love to learn. Would you happen to have any tips you can share?

Sexuality (as a general term, not as referring to preferences) is a large part of many witch myths, so much to the point that many have thought that witches draw their power on lewdness and lust. 
Witch hunters especially thought so. Malleus Maleficarum makes a reference to witches drawing their power on it. 
“All witchcraft comes from carnal lust[…]”
After all, what would outsiders think when they saw witches dancing wildly and half-dressed or completely nude? Men and women weren’t allowed to meet out of wedlock with one another because it was thought that they only indulged in sex if that happened. I imagine that men and women meeting for ecstatic rituals in the night was considered so extremely sexual then that it was nothing but diabolical. 
Even beyond the idea of Sabbats, witches were tied to lust. In the case of Circe, the Greek sorceress, she attempted to seduce Odysseus to stop him from foiling her plans. Also in Greek legend, Jason is bewitched by Medea’s beauty. In the Arthurian tales, Morgan le Fay seduces her brother Arthur to produce a damned offspring. Nimue seduces Merlin to steal his power and lock him in a cave. This theme repeats itself across most cultures. 
But do not think this simply applies to women. Male witches used love spells to seduce the people they wished to be with. John Fian was said to attempt this, but have another witch turn the spell onto a cow instead. They were also said to take after the Man in Black, who would appear to people in the wilderness and seduce them. 

We know that witches have the ability to seduce, intoxicate, and excite, but what about the power created from lust? 
Lust is the thing that has driven creation. It is the spark that lights the flame. It is want. 
That primal feeling is something we know to excite the witch-fire. When directed and used properly, it can empower enchantments. 
Some people suggest getting yourself ‘heated’ before doing spell work. 
Some say that it is through abstaining that magic can be created, as it is the building up of a force. It is also sacrifice. 
Others say that giving into it is a way to create magic. Focusing on the goal, chanting, ritual movements, etc are incorporated. 
Some use sex to not only power spells, but to leave their body in flight as well. 
Sex allows the releasing and tangling of spirits.

What if you’re asexual and sex isn’t really your thing? You still have intense desires, like food cravings, or dreams of owning great wealth, etc. That can replace it. Want, which is the desire to thrive, can drive magic when lit aflame. 
Or maybe sex is just not something you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to exude it to have control over lustful powers. It can still be private. You don’t have to make your practice extremely sexual and lewd to include the use of lustful magics. 
Witchcraft comes from carnal lust, but lust isn’t always sexual in nature. It is carnal want. It is a craving for something. Witchery sprouts from a primal desire.

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i don't know if you talked about this before but what kind of powers do you think Jessamine would have if she was marked?

I reblogged a post about this, but it’s been a while, so it’s worth repeating!

Basically, I sat down with @palecrepegold at some point and we tried to come up with a unique power set for her, mostly based on the fact that she’s the empress. This would involve controlling people with her voice, or putting them to sleep. I’m, personally, very fond of the idea of affecting people’s vision for a short duration of time, or forcing them to turn away, with the whole “averting the eyes from the ruler” idea. It’s like an version of a fear effect some major video game bosses can have of you.

Additionally, I thought of her version of teleporting, which would be something like creating bridges and staircases to reach the areas that are otherwise hard to access, symbolizing the fact that as an empress, she can walk in anywhere. The kind of platform that exists for a limited amount of times and the one only she can cross. Obviously, it’s much, much slower than Blink or Far Reach, but to balance it out, maybe the distance it can cover is greater than either of these abilities.

In a similar way, I think something could be done with giving her a perk that helps her with the locked doors, but I’m not sure what it would be, without making it too easy.

Thinking more of it, I believe there must be some sort of an ability reflecting her sympathetic nature that made her care for the less fortunate people of her empire and refusing to give up on them. It’s a big part of her character and I feel like it’s important, but so far I don’t know if it could be turned into any kind of offensive or stealthy ability.

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So.... are you saying that everyone who goes to a con is a rich asshole?

oh no, of course not! i hope it didn’t come off that way.

as @ussjellyfish educated me, many of the basics aren’t actually that expensive. it’s not until you’re attending 3 or 5 or more cons a year and buying multiple Lana meet and greets and flying around the world or whatever that it’s a sign of substantial wealth. 

but even then, the “rich asshole” part isn’t about just attending. my dispute is with the attitude some people take. it comes out most clearly in the idea that a meet and greet is some secret special private thing that only a select few have earned and that they are special as a result of attending them–not that they have the money for it. 

that’s what i want to point out, that slippage between being able to afford a thing that other people can’t and being BETTER than the people who can’t. 

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curse anon here alternatively yoongi's birds come back w news that snam got another pair of mortals and yoongi kinda. remembers the curse and he sets off w hoseok to Have A Talk w nam but then they meet jjk and yoongi's like ://// gotta end tht curse i guess momma moon didnt raise no bitch

Okay but I’ve also had this idea where!!!! Yoongi and Hoseok speak and Yoongi keeps INSISTING that he has to hold up the heavenly law. Hoseok can’t take it anymore and snaps, pointing out that they can’t even GO back to heaven so the law doesn’t affect them, that it’s been millennia since they were active, that the sun and moon have been fine without them for years and the hands of Heaven have probably made a replacement for them a long time ago.
Yoongi ponders this for a while, wondering what he should do.
And then they meet Jungkook, and that’s when he realizes.
He HAS to reverse it.

Can you believe?

For aphyuriweek2017 (X)

Prompt: Everyone knows they’re a couple but them

Summary: Through the grape vine and down to the bottle, they have no idea what everyone else is talking about.

Pairing: Zimbabwe x Belarus

“She’s with her again!” Katyusha leans into Ivan’s side, her finger pointing far in the distance to their younger sister as she talks to another nations. Natalia has told them before the country is Zimbabwe, but for the life of her Katyusha can not recall how the two may have ever met.

“They are cute together,” Ivan says simply which prompts her to erupt into giggles. She looks back to her sister and the nation she talks to. Though Natalia has a very reserved style with her long dresses and hair pulled back, her friend is much the opposite.

Zimbabwe wears a sporty skirt that is very short and a top tied up so her stomach is exposed. Her hair is in a mass of curls on her head and where Natalia might hide her throwing knives, Zimbabwe has hers out and open in holsters around her hips.

Keep reading

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kalluraisgay is an anti and/or a possible troll, you probably don't want to reblog from them


Okay but heres the thing. At this point, I don’t give a shit anymore. If I like someone’s post, I’ll reblog it. It doesn’t mean I like/agree with their point of view or am down to associate with them, it’s just me liking that specific post. 

I hate the division so fucking much you have no idea. It reminds me of Separate but Equal in a way, because no matter what side you’re on you’ll always think your side is the better one, even though we’re pretending that we can just live and let live. If that were the case, no one would be receiving death threats or anon hate or anything. 


So I’m gonna keep reblogging from antis if I like their posts. It doesn’t mean I’m an anti and it doesn’t mean I’m friends with them. Does that make sense?

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I don't know what to do... Being a little and a sub used to make me immensely happy, but now when I go into one of those headspaces, I feel off, very much not myself. I don't know what to do. It's to the point I want to get rid of everything (my toys, stuffies, blog, anything associated with BDSM or DDlg). Do you have any idea what I should do? I just want to feel like myself again but I don't know how. Thank you ever so much.

Your happiness is what matters, I don’t think you should be trying to force little space or anything like that. If feeling little isn’t making you happy you might need to take a break from it. But throwing everything away might be a little drastic. Focus less on fitting a little blueprint and focus more on what brings you joy :)

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Hello! I love your writing, you are really talented! I had a little idea where they are in highschool and the reader has a crush on lafayette and her friends make fun of her for it because they never spoke before because she is too shy. It gets to the point where even the hamilsquad make fun of her(in a friendly way) and Lafayette finds out and he's happy because he also had a crush on her and asks her out. Have a nice day! Sorry it got too long.

Yeah! This is a super cute idea! And don’t worry about it being long, long requests help me to best understand what you guys want so I don’t mind.

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(Did I use this gif already? Oh well, bouncy Laf gif can be used and reused)


Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.

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hey hey hey its me again to suggest that your 'sanders sides' is offensive to people with DID and u need to, check yourself

Hey! I’ve responded before to concerns about this in my asks, but to reiterate, when I started making them, I had no idea about the disorder. I was and am always going with it more having to do with an Inside Out feel. I’m glad people pointed this out to me earlier so I could educate and check myself and taper what I said and how it was displayed in the videos, avoiding terms like “personalities” and emphasizing they’re all part of my one personality. I also know, a lot of this needs to be clarified and emphasized to my viewers, so I’m going to be doing a video on the distinctions of DID with people who have it and/or specialize in it in order to talk about it accurately and better educate viewers on this important distinction!


#well that plan definitely backfired