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10 facts

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10 facts about me here I go~~

1. I don’t have any idea for this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  what should I talk??? I’m not good at talking about myself.

2. oh, I pre-ordered “the news of the world” 40th anniversary edition on amazon. it’s more expensive than I expected :o but it’s okay :))) it will be great♡♡

3. oh, and I watched lady gaga’s documentary movie on netflix. I cried so hard. I really love her. she’s real star.

4. umm I want to draw in other new style :/ but I don’t know how.

5. I love my bob cut now<333

6. someday, I want to have a cat and name her Delilah.

7. I love rain. I love listening to the sound of rain :)

8. I can’t speak/write English well, so please give me a break😂🤚💦 I can’t even speak my first language decently tho😝 can I speak with only my soul?????? what’s language???????

9. I’m obsessed with lemon tea. I’ve always drunk it while I’m drawing ;)))

10. as usual I’m singing while driving. in these days I’m like “ ROLL UUUUUUUUUPUPPjegrj;grhsg!!!!!!!!!!! roll up for the mystery tour klgjklwehewgklge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“

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(Feel free to ignore this but) If you were to pick a disney song for each of your favourite ASoIaF characters (or the ones you have ideas for) what would you pick?

OH DEAR OKAY LET’S SEE count that I haven’t seen like most of the disney production of the last fifteen years so I might have odd choices but ALL THE SAME

  • robb: honestly anything from hercules (ONE DAY I’LL WRITE THAT AU), either go the distance or a star is born or zero to hero would work) same as I won’t say I’m in love is like so throbb I wanna die (’SCUSE ME THEON IS MEG OKAY)
  • tyrion: anything from hunchback of notre dame tbh (pls let peter dinklage actually act in that tv show he’s producing with charles dance on the topic PLS) out there could work but heaven’s light could work too
  • arya: tbh reflection from mulan, it’s horribly cliché and not at all imaginative but it fitsss
  • theon: I’M STILL HERE from treasure planet I’ll bring that shit down to my grave (also always know where you are works perfectly for him ngl treasure planet is the theon movie k)
  • something there from batb works fro both jb and sandor/sansa
  • joffrey, robert and aerys can all share the phony king of england from robin hood
  • sansa: when will my life begin from tangled (well early sansa)
  • I see the light always from tangled is jb and I’ll go to the grave with that too, and also my funny friend and me from emperor’s new grove and once upon a dream from sleeping beauty I MEAN C’MON
  • cersei: MOTHER KNOWS BEST tbh always from tangled shuddup guys I <3 that movie
  • jon: …. let it go probably, also he lives in you from the lion king sequel
  • lf: be prepared
  • jaime pre-kingsguard is so a dream is a wish your heart makes sorry guys I don’t make the rules, but actual jaime is evermore from the live action batb
  • oberyn: that song from thomas o’ malley in the aristocats which for me will forever be romeo and not thomas but nvm
  • I don’t even like pocaonthas tbh I mean I can’t watch it without cringing since forever but colors of the wind is jon/ygritte ops
  • you’ve got a friend in me from toy story works for all the nw recruits in jon’s class xD

there’s probably more I could think of but that’s what’s coming up at short notice xD


HANK- “So, I am sitting, what is it you want to talk to me abut, Gina?”

GINA- “Taric and I were talking and I told him about my current situation, and we thought…

TARIC- “Whoa, mother!!…no we, I told you I wanted no part in this. This is all her idea, Hank.”

HANK- “Okay, so everyone here knows something that apparently I don’t so what is it Gina?”

GINA- “I lost my job, and Emmett and I are through.  And he told me to get my shit and get out. So I have no job, and no where to go. My son will be coming home from college in a few days, and I have no where for him to go…”

HANK- “So, you want to move in here?”

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What people also don't understand is that marriage means that you and the other person are a team. Those two people make their decisions together. So if you're going to do some crazy shit, make sure the other is at least okay with the decision even if they may not like the idea. People expect Iris to be a brainless shit that does what Barry says. Iris West has never been a "Yes" woman and she'll let you know if you screw up.

yup cause when they get married he can’t just up and leave without at least asking her. and what about when they have kids? they gotta make these choices as a unit. lol i swear haters have never been in a relationship ever. or they have but it’s been shit for them. either way learn to empathize. 

the new episode of b99 jesus christ im just having a lot of feelings okay holy shit prepare yourself for an essay alright. so something yall should know about me is that i am perceptive as hell with tv shows. like i know whats going to happen by the end, even when they dont want me to. like i guessed the ending of the usual suspect and yes it was the proudest moment of my life but i still did it okay. i had NO IDEA that the proposal was coming. like yeah he said he really needed to win this year but like he says that every year and also prison. i LOVE how even though this is a simple cop sitcom, it doesnt stop surprising me. its maybe one of the like three tv shows ever that is not problematic in any major way and jesus  christ it is just so high quality and just good i have no idea how anyone could watch it and not become absolutely obsessed with it. 

tl;dr brooklyn nine nine is good and pure 10/10 would recommend

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Hi! I wanna ask about last episode. About Penny Peabody. When will she return? And what does it mean "favour". It's about sex?

I have no idea when she’s going to be back or what she’s going to ask Jughead to do. The likelihood of it being sexual is slim to none. People HATED the archie/grundy story line. I doubt they’ll ever do it again, let alone only one season later. Plus, as questionable as the serpents are, I don’t think they’d be okay with somebody that’s at least 26 creeping on a 16 year old

Lucky 💫

“Um, Malfoy,” Harry muttered. “What are you doing?” Baffled, he looked at the Slytherin, who didn’t seem to be concerned at all.

“I’m resting. I’m so tired,” Malfoy mumbled, eyelids fluttering shut. He did sound pretty sleepy. Harry blinked as Malfoy’s lips stretched into a soft, contented smile.

“Okay,” Harry said slowly. “But why are you resting on my lap?”

“Why not?” Malfoy replied. “Seems like a good place to me.”

Harry stiffened as Malfoy turned his head and snuggled into him. What was he playing at?

“Oi, Harry!” Harry looked up. Seamus had just entered the eighth year common room and was grinning at him. “Don’t you two look cosy,” he said with a wink. Harry blushed and tried to move his legs but Malfoy was just too heavy.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” Harry murmured. What had gotten into Malfoy?

“And then we have to get started on Transfiguration but first we have to- Oh!” Hermione stopped dead behind Seamus. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight before her, her studying schedule obviously forgotten. If only momentarily. Ron, who had seemed rather displeased with his girlfriend’s evening plans a second ago, suddenly had a weird glint in his eyes.

Harry watched his friends and was shocked when Hermione clutched her chest and put her other hand on Ron’s arm. He smiled at her and nodded.

“I thought something like this might happen,” he snickered.

“What?” Harry spluttered. When Pansy came into sight, a knowing grin on her face,  Harry felt like they were all in on a joke he didn’t get. “Can somebody please tell me what is going on?”

“Shhhhh,” came from Harry’s lap. “Trying to sleep here, remember?”

Harry eyed Malfoy suspiciously. He had to admit, he might have reacted a little differently if they had been alone. It was a bit sudden, but he wasn’t all that opposed to Malfoy lying on his lap.

Harry’s eyes darted to his friends again when Hermione leaned over to Pansy and whispered something to her. Looking exasperated, Pansy nodded. Harry still wasn’t used to the fact that they were all getting along so well now. Pansy could be fun but, still, Harry was a bit wary around her.

He kept his eyes on her as Hermione strode over to him.

“Don’t be mad,” she told him. Harry frowned.

“What did you do?”

“Well…” She looked at him sheepishly. “It’s more what I didn’t do.”

Harry looked at her, puzzled. She leaned closer to him and dropped her voice to a whisper.

“I didn’t stop Pansy, when she stole something from Slughorn’s personal stores and put it into Malfoy’s tea this morning.”

Harry’s frown deepened.

“What did she put in his tea?”

Hermione bit her lip and put a hand on his shoulder.

“We just felt like he deserved a good day for once. He’s been through so much.” She gazed at Malfoy thoughtfully. “That’s not to say you haven’t been having a hard time, either,” she added hastily. “But Pansy thought you might… benefit from it as well. Seems like she was right.”

Harry looked between Malfoy and Hermione, not understanding what she was telling him. It must have shown on his face. Hermione sighed and shook her head.

“Felix Felicis, that’s what Pansy put in his drink.”

Harry’s mouth dropped open.

“That’s why he’s being so weird?”

“You were weird, too, when you took it in sixth year,” Hermione reminded him.

Yeah, Harry mused, it had been a strange experience. He had felt so happy and cheerful, like nothing could go wrong. And, somehow, he had known exactly what he had to do to get… to get what he wanted.


Harry’s eyes darted back to Malfoy, who was still smiling contentedly with his eyes closed. Harry wondered what would have happened if his friends had given him the potion, instead of Malfoy. He doubted things would have been this forward but, maybe, it would have had a similar outcome.  

Ignoring the fact that everyone in the room was watching him, he slowly raised his hand and ran his fingers through Malfoy’s hair. The Slytherin let out a long sigh that made the corners of Harry’s mouth twitch.

As he sat there, stroking Malfoy’s hair and marvelling at the fluttery feeling in his stomach, Harry thought it was lucky he and Malfoy apparently wanted the same thing.


tsukishima kei & yamaguchi tadashi

“i’ve never turned my back on you. and i’m not starting now.”

keith: if you put icing on a muffin, then it’s a cupcake. like, i’m not saying that all muffins are icing-less cupcakes, but once you slap icing on a muffin it becomes a cupcake. that’s just how it works!

hunk: they’re completely different recipes, you have no idea what you’re talking about!

keith: i don’t have to be a baking god like you to understand this because it’s honestly not that hard! like, okay- pidge! pidge, come here (she reluctantly comes over)

pidge: please don’t involve me in your lovers spat

keith: what do you call a baked product with icing on it?

pidge: a… cupcake?

keith: see? it’s a generalized definition! it can apply to a lot of things!

hunk: that doesn’t prove anything, that was a subjective opinion! good in theory but not in actual application, keith! if pidge understood the actual basis of the argument, there’s no way she’d agree with you!

(they glare at each other)

pidge: can i please just go now

both, without breaking eye-contact: no.

“Please stop screaming, shishou, I’ve got us.”

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i think it’s time i told you (i’m a fan of your universe) (1/1)

Years after Hawkmoth’s defeat, Ladybug and Chat Noir have a conversation about life, love, and marriage.

Ladybug checked her communicator for the third time that night, and frowned.

The green pawprint blinked idly back at her, resting at a junction between city streets—the same place it had been every other time she’d checked.

They hadn’t arranged to meet up that night. It was her turn for a solo patrol tonight, and there hadn’t been any trouble big enough to make calling for help a necessity. She’d stopped a couple muggings, interrupted a robbery—normal, small things. Nothing that needed an extra pair of hands.

And, sure, they both transformed just for the fun of it sometimes. Sometimes they caught one another out on morning strolls or midnight snack runs or impromptu patrols, but usually those involved moving around.

Chat’s tracker hadn’t moved in the past two hours.

She shouldn’t worry—Hawkmoth had been in jail for the past three years and Chat wasn’t in a bad part of town right now—but…


The green pawprint blinked at her from the same junction, at the same pace, unmoved.

Ladybug abandoned the end of her route and headed downtown.

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Never Underestimate The Power Of Boobs

Our party is on a stealth op to rescue an NPC Naga (Topaz) from a prison/‘exotic zoo’, with two female characters, a kitsune and a dwarf, disguised as sexy maids (supposedly to distract guards) and everyone else impersonating maintenance staff.  

..and then these happened.

Dwarf:  I roll perception to check for any signs of Topaz. (Nat 1)

DM: You see nothing but your cleavage.

(her next turn)

Dwarf: I roll to find the keys to the closest exhibit (another Nat 1)

DM: You are still entranced by your bust.

Dwarf: I go to the nearest employee and ask him for directions to the staff room

Employee: “Yes Miss Rack.. err, Maid, follow me!”

DM: The employee leads you towards the employee’s lounge, hitting himself against a tree in his distraction.

Female Paladin PC: “Everyone here’s obsessed, aren’t they?” *looks down at own bosom*

Kitsune: I run up to the man and distract him with my cleavage. “Oh mister mister, please, can you help me? Its my first day at work and I’m like, sooooo lost!” D:

DM: You interrupt him talking to a cloaked figure, who teleports away in a flash of light. The man, apparently the main ‘zookeeper’, looks embarassed.

'Zoo'Keeper “Um… er…”

Kitsune: I blink a little at the flash of light, then turn my full attention (and boobage) to the head zookeeper

'Zoo'keeper: Sorry… you seem like a nice person and all… but you really weren’t supposed to see that. I… I think I might be ordered to…

Kitsune: “Oh, please sir, I have nooo idea where I’m supposed to be and I, like, really wanted to make a good impression because its my first day and all~”

'Zoo'keeper: “E-er…” The zookeeper thinks some more, and stares at your bust “Well… promise you will never speak of what we saw and you can go. Okay?”

Dwarf: I roll perception to try find the others (Nat 1)

DM: Once again, you get distracted by your cleavage.

(Next turn)

Male Pirate PC: I roll to find [Dwarf] (rolls high)

DM: You see [Dwarf], standing nearby staring at her own chest. 

Dwarf and Kitsune are arguing.

Dwarf: I raise a finger, but lower it when I look at [Kitsune]’s face.  "N-Nope, not at all!“

DM: [Dwarf], Roll bluff. (rolls low) [Kitsune], Roll sense motive (the fourth Nat 1 of the session)

Kitsune: I glare at [Dwarf] for a long moment….. then notice our boobs and forget what we were arguing about.

20 Autobot Leaders Rated by How Much I Want to Punch Them

Starting with the big guy, the granddaddy of them all, G1 Optimus Prime. He’s like a father to me. I can’t in good conscience punch him, even if he sometimes deserves it for bad puns. 1/10 punchability I just can’t do it 

Rodimus Prime ranks high in the punchability for some because when Optimus died in the original movie, it traumatized kids so much that all their negative feelings got channeled into unbridled rage towards the guy who replaced him. However, I hate those guys because they became insufferable as adults, so that really just lowers Roddy’s punchability for me personally. 4/10 punchability he still kind of deserves it though 

Grimlock led the Autobots for a length of time I can’t remember after Optimus died in the Marvel comics. His was a reign of terror. I can’t decide if his jughead crown is kickin or if i want to kick it off him. 7/10 punchability he gets some lenience for his childlike innocence

Another Marvel comics leader was Fortress Maximus, who was also Cerebros. He was also the leader in the Headmasters anime after Rodimus flew off into space forever but I don’t think he actually had a personality in that. He’s a matryoshka of Autobot leaders with each getting smaller and more punchable than the last, ending in Moody College Student Spike Witwicky, who is thankfully the first one on this list who I don’t have to climb something to punch in the face. 9/10 punchability I’m a very short person so I might have to climb something anyways but that isn’t going to stop me

Last Marvel comics character, I swear. Captain Picard Hi-Q binary bonded with Optimus for a while, then Optimus died (this was about the third time), and Hi-Q eventually turned into Optimus so we just considered Optimus alive again. Don’t think too hard about it. 3/10 punchability I really like Star Trek TNG so I probably wouldn’t punch him

Ginrai’s robot self looks exactly like Optimus Prime, but he isn’t. Why he looks like him is sort of hand-waved away in the anime. The real-life reason, of course, is because he was just the Japanese release of Powermaster Optimus Prime. Ginrai is really good because he talks like an American teenager even when his robot form separated from his human self to become the Autobot commander at the end of Super-God Masterforce. 0/10 punchability I just can’t really punch a guy wearing converse, skinny jeans, and suspenders

Star Saber makes me forget that the Autobots were ever good guys. I don’t think he even has a personality outside of “noble and heroic leader.” He adopted a human son and tried to send him to a Catholic school but he doesn’t even buy him a uniform. The kid barely even goes to school in the end. 9/10 punchability don’t adopt a human if you’re not prepared to care for him

Optimus Primal is a good Autobot leader because he never even set out to be anything more than a captain on one ship but ended up sacrificing himself to bring life back to the planet, probably sparking a religious following. He won the “Power of the Primes” vote so he’s got to have a pretty low punchability, but he also looks like his malleble gorilla face would feel nice on my powerful fist. 5/10 punchability when POTP stuff starts coming will his name change to “optimus primal prime”?

Lio Convoy being a cat makes me not want to punch him so much. However, he isn’t a good father. Don’t worry about the kid not really being his son in any sense of the term. Why is ineptitude at fatherhood a recurring theme for Autobot leaders? 8/10 punchability Lio Junior deserved better

I’ll admit that Beast Wars Neo is the only thing on this list that I haven’t seen or read any of, so Big Convoy is mostly here for completion’s sake. Hence I’m rating him entirely on his appearance. Mostly I wouldn’t want to punch a mammoth, because they’re extinct, but I think he could take it. It would be a good workout for both of us. 10/10 punchability no hard feelings, we’re just two dudes lovingly punching each other

In Japan, he’s known as Fire Convoy, continuing their tradition of Autobot leader names, but in the west he’s the first-ever reboot of Optimus Prime. I don’t have a lot of opinions on him as a person or leader, but his existence opened the floodgates of Optimus Primes to come, which I have mixed feelings on. 5/10 punchability I can’t think of a reason to punch him, but I also can’t think of a reason not to

Armada Optimus Prime suffers from being Armada Optimus Prime. I think this was when they really managed to distill “Optimus Prime” down into its truest form. No longer was Optimus Prime a character, but a concept that extended beyond fiction and into our world. Optimus Prime means something. Optimus Prime is a figure for justice, honor, and liberty. 8/10 punchability I still can’t forget Energon though

Do I have to say anything. I’m not even somebody who vehemently dislikes Hot Shot, but for the love of god, why did he ever get to be a leader. 6/10 punchability I’d punch him but I wouldn’t put a lot of force into it, he’s not even worth it

Movie Optimus Prime is. uh. something else, all right. I can admire the movie taking the idea of Optimus Prime and going “okay, but what if he was also a murderbeast?” because I think that’s something we all really wanted to see play out. In practice it kind of scares me. 2/10 punchability I’m worried if I went for his face I’d no longer have mine

Animated Optimus Prime is a good boy. A baby boy. He’s trying his best in a world that seems against him. We all love him. 0/10 punchability I simply can’t bring myself to mar those luscious lips

I’m sure Animated Ultra Magnus did some great things during the war, but, yunno, seeing how Cybertron under him during peacetime is sort of a Stratocracy, I question his fitness to be the leader of a planet. They really gonna let the government run experiments on civilians? Okay. Alright. 4/10 I don’t want to punch him per se but I do sort of want to lead an armed rebellion against him

Hhh. HHHH. HOOGH. HHHAAAHH. HEH. HHhhhHHH. Just seeing Sentinel Prime’s face fills me with anger. If let loose, this rage could level mountains, sink continents, and incinerate entire solar systems. If there is any good in the cosmos, Sentinel Prime will not go unpunched. His face will be shattered into pieces with the sheer power of my unbridled fury. 10,000/10 punchability I have already punched him, spiritually, and I will do it again

I mean, alright. Prime Optimus Prime is kind of the distilled essence of Optimus Prime. If you took all the other Optimus Primes, and took all the things they had in common, and then took out a little bit of the anger because let’s be real here all the other Optimus Primes are quite a bit angrier than this one, you’d get Aligned Optimus Prime. Which is kind of how the Aligned continuity as a whole works. So, yeah, That Sure Is Optimus Prime. 3/10 punchability his soft-spoken words of wisdom would calm me down before I ever even raised my fist

Heatwave is the quintessential non-Optimus Autobot leader. He’s noble and courageous with a good sense of justice, but he was thrust into leadership without being the best and it and is a bit of a hothead. You can use that exact sentence to describe so many of the bots on this list. 4/10 punchability I don’t want to use violent methods when it comes to Rescue Bots but sometimes Heatwave’s personality warrants it 

I honestly can’t believe it took 30 years for a Bumblebee to be leader for reals. It happened so gradually that nobody was surprised when it happened, and yet it also feels like nobody can really accept it. I know I can’t. He doesn’t even look like any Bumblebee. Is this how longtime G1 fans felt when the Unicron trilogy started reusing names for different-but-not-wholly-different characters to keep the trademarks? 8/10 punchability we know you stole your schtick from Hot Rod via Hot Shot so stop trying to act like you’re so special 

Mystic Messenger : Prologue ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

I worked all alone - I cheked each answers ~ Please be considerate.

Like, reblog, or do nothing, but please don’t copy/paste it and claim it as your own… I am on my own and spent a lot of time to do this.

If you are on phone, please setting the page to be seen in the computer version! On the phone, the answers are sometimes unaligned and it can confuse you…

In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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okay i’ve been thinkin about a ice hockey au ever since i started reading omgcp and i’m struggling to not follow that storyline but i just

i want bucky getting into college on the promises of a hockey scholarship, he pays off his first year separately so he can get himself up to scratch on the game

i want steve, star forward, teaching bucky the intricacies in the rules, things that are never written down on paper but just are, because he sees this guy on the ice all the time, and he’s good, but you can only get so far in a team sport without a team y’know?

i want bucky teaching steve tricks in his free time in return, cocky little smile on his face when steve falls flat on his ass after attempting a spin that had him leaning backwards on his too-short hockey skates, then pulling it off himself in an identical pair

i want bucky earning his way onto the team in his sophomore year, and steve’s so damned proud that he made the cut but trying to hide how much he cares about this stubborn, funny, hardworking guy who’s doing his best to be the best

i want bucky to end up being one of the best forwards on the team bc he’s so light on his feet, that he’s basically impossible to catch

i want bucky versatile, switching out with one of the d-men in a training match so the guy can rest his ankle and owning the position

i want bucky getting up at ass-o-clock in the morning out of habit, down at the rink with his figure skates and keeping himself in practice, starting slow but keeping up with his skills, still able to spin and jump and glide like he could when he was competing

i want steve falling ass over tit one morning because he’s woken up after a bad dream, gone to the rink bc it’s quiet, to get out of his head for a bit, only to see bucky, and he’s just fuckin blown away

because this man is just at home on the ice in a way that not many people get to be, even after years on it

i want steve scrabbling to get his skates on, laces a mess, hovering just out of range as bucky skates, headphones in, mouthing along to the music

i want a dorky little “hi” moment when bucky realises he’s not alone, before steve’s like “is it okay if i join you” and bucky’s response is “try to keep up”

i want their skating together in the mornings to become habit, something they never say or even think about, they’re just pulling on their skates hours before classes, moving out onto the ice without a word but with an easy camaraderie that neither of them could do without, now that it’s there

i want bucky pushing himself, one morning, leaving steve to keep warm as he builds himself up to it, something he’s never pulled off but always wanted to try

i want him making this jump, and steve’s heart is in his throat bc if bucky gets hurt he doesn’t know what he’ll do

but bucky lands it, and he’s a little shaky as he comes out of it, an elated little whoop coming out of him and before he realises it, steve’s there, hugging him tight and lifting him off his feet, spinning them as bucky laughs because he did it

i want the moment to crystalise, hang between them like something they’re almost afraid to touch and then

i want them to not even think about it, bucky just gets his feet on the ground again and steve threads his fingers in bucky’s hair and they’re kissing and everything just feels right

i want a hockey au

Double Duty | M

Yoongi & Jungkook | BTS | 10.2k Words

w: for @tendershepherd and plotted with her (and she came up with the title. bless lmao) to create this mess of sub!jk & sub!yoongi, dom!reader, ass play, pussy worship, slight mxm, humiliation… and a lot more. this is so filthy. i’m sorry. lmfao

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Two-part Drabble Game

I decided to make another two-part drabble game because the last one was a lot of fun to make and write.

Pick a character, a situation, and a sentence, and I’ll make a drabble out of it.


1 - Roommates AU
2 - Stuck indoors on a rainy day
3 - The aftermath of a bad fight
4 - At a bar
5 - Home after the hospital
6 - In bed at 2am, blissfully drowsy
7 - The anniversary of something
8 - After working for six hours straight
9 - Settling in for a cozy night together
10 - After a near-death experience
11 - Soulmates AU
12 - Finally home after a hard day
13 - Someone does something stupid
14 - Stuck together for a long period of time
15 - Someone is jealous/hurt
16 - After their first date
17 - One is recovering from a wound/illness
18 - Someone’s birthday
19 - Comforting the other
20 - Both are drunk and happy
21 - Spending a holiday together
22 - Jealous
23 - Miserable/in a bad mood
24 - Right before a passionate/first kiss
25 - Being somewhere you’re not supposed to be
26 - A very cheesy date
27 - Seeing each other for the first time in a while
28 - Love confession
29 - Breaking up
30 - One person is scolding the other
31 - Lost in the middle of nowhere
32 - Date night gone wrong


1 - “You didn’t have to scare me like that.”
2 - “I just want to let you know that I love you. A lot. Never forget that.”
3 - “I can’t believe you, sometimes.”
4 - “A cup of coffee would be nice.”
5 - “You’re one of the most important things in my life.”
6 - “Do I love you? Yes. Do I like you? That’s still up for debate.”
7 - “You didn’t have to do this, you know.”
8 - “You’re lucky you’re cute, because your taste in music is awful.”
9 - “I wish I never met you.”
10 - “No, I love you too much to let you walk away like this.”
11 - “Need some help?”
12 - “If you’re so bored, I have other ideas on how to pass the time…”
13 - “Tell me what you’re thinking right now.”
14 - “Well geez, if you don’t like what I’m wearing, I can go and change.”
15 - “If you think I don’t feel anything for you, then you’re more stupid than I thought.”
16 - “There’s nothing to be scared of, okay? I’m right here.”
17 - “I like spending time with you.”
18 - “I promise I’ll always be there for you. No matter what. You’re not alone anymore.”
19 - “What? No, I never said that…”
20 - “Don’t tell me what to do.”
21 - “They’re wrong about you.”
22 - “I can make you some tea or something? Read you a story. Lie down in bed.”
23 - “Hey, at least the stars are beautiful tonight, right?”
24 - “I never want you to feel like you’re not good enough.”
25 - “You don’t have to do that. Really.”
26 - “We should go out more often. You’ve been so busy lately. It’s like we never have fun anymore.”
27 - “Sorry. You’re just…really adorable.”
28 - “If I kissed you right now, what would you do?”
29 - “You’re not nearly as smart as you think you are.”
30 - “You smell nice.”
31 - “I won’t let anyone hurt you.”
32 - “As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.”
33 - “It’s too hot.”
34 - “It’s 2am. Go back to sleep.”
35 - “You wanna bet?”
36 - “It’s okay. We’ll figure it out.”
37 - “You’re stuck with me, like it or not.”
38 - “You just feel really good. Soft and warm…”
39 - “I don’t want to leave you just yet. It wouldn’t feel right.”
40 - “It’s just hard for me to forgive you after everything that’s happened.”