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Scott McCall AU

Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: So I really don’t see a lot of these Soulmate AUs with the Teen Wolf fandom, or at least the tags I check don’t, but I’ve decided to write a series, which will finally get me on track for my writing schedule and hopefully inspire future imagines. Also this is a pretty long one… so enjoy!! AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!


When you were younger it seemed you found new scars on yourself every few months, sometimes 5 a month. Your parents were constantly worried but once they realized that the scars appeared on below your elbows and knees, they just figured out that your soulmate was clumsy.

“I wonder what this kid does all day…” Your dad used to tell you.

“I bet he’s a superhero.” Your mom used to tease you, just to see your tiny cheeks warm.

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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to write something with modern hitmen/assassins. Anything really important I might have looked over while researching?

Okay, if I’m being honest, there is no possible way I can answer this question. My psychic powers have failed me. I don’t know what research you’ve done nor how exhaustive it was. As a result, I don’t have any idea what you might have missed.

I can point you at our relevant tags for assassins and writing them. But, I can’t tell you what your research covered or failed to cover. There’s simply, no way for me to know that.

As with any kind of research, the first thing you’re going to want to do is start by identifying the core literature from the field. You can do this by simply looking at the Wikipedia references, and then following up with those. (The actual Wikipedia articles are usually worthless for research, but what the editors cited can be a valuable starting place.) Once you’ve started reading those sources, see what multiple sources reference. If someone’s worth talking about, then they’re probably worth reading. If no one’s referencing what you’re starting with, then it may be a sign that the source isn’t really that important. If it is cited, it will either be important information for the subject, or controversial. The tone of their citations should tell you which.

While you’re doing that, keep track of who the respective authors are. Those biographies slapped on the dust jacket are a good place to start. You don’t need to know everything about them, but if you’re looking at someone who spent decades in law enforcement or the intelligence community, they’re probably more reliable and useful than a random fan of 47 who mostly posts on Gamefaqs or a housewife from New Jersey publishing under a pseudonym.

Obviously, this will be easier if you’re in an academic environment, and have access to scholarly articles, though even without that, the basic framework is solid. Though, you might have to hit an actual library to find some of the material you need.

If you didn’t do any of that, then the answer will be, “a lot.”


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theforcegoesrogue  asked:

*curtsies* hi duke! I've been browsing your academic writing/essay writing tags so hopefully this hasn't been exhausted yet (otherwise I'm very sorry!). Do you have any advice or insight about how to figure out the "so what?" answer to a research idea? I've never been able to really justify my ideas beyond "this is something that I've found little on, and it interests me". Hope you have a great day!

*Curtsies* I think this is something everybody struggles with, because we all want “because it’s interesting” to be enough of a reason, but it’s not. So I’d say look at what your sources are saying. Why is it important to them? How are their reasons different from yours? Unfortunately there’s no obvious answer to this; you kind of have to go on a case-by-case basis. 

Getting to know the Kelz

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Relationship status: Currently, I’m single. But in regards to my feelings, I’m being careful with exploring anything. Growing up with a loving family made me realize the importance of commitment and understanding others. And throughout my school years, I witnessed my friends go into spirals of self-destruction by throwing their heart to someone without careful consideration. So… I don’t look into those flings because impulse crushes or what have you. I got to know someone before I even remotely suggest the idea of a relationship. 

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick. I’m not really into either, let’s be fair. But as far as use – chapstick protects your lips, but lipstick either horribly contrasts with your face or projects a real focal point on your face. People will want a money shot with your lips if you paint it a dark red or stunning purple. Plus who doesn’t like the taste of chapstick?

Last song I listened to: 

Going to Latios

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Hacksaw Ridge

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Top 3 characters:

1) Tohru 

2) X

3) Nausicaa 

Top 3 ships:

1) Toothless & Hiccup:

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2) Sakura & Lee

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3) Vash the Stampede & Meryl

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I can talk to a lot of people about superficial things, but you’re the person I think of when I want to talk about something interesting or important to me.

And I think that says a lot about us.
And about how much I want you to be in my life.


—  Love advices and schtuff #6 // lily rose.

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dude say it any other way you want that's ok but i think you would be the sort of person who wants to know the "uses (x) to cope" meme has ableist roots, somebody was making fun of adhd people drinking caffeine to cope with their illness

(On mobile bc I blocked tumblr on my computer until Sunday in my attempt to Actually Get Things Done, so apologies for lack of tagging)

Anon, thanks for telling me this!! Yes, I am 100% the kind of person who cares about this kind of thing and would like to be informed where possible, and I’m actually really happy someone thought to tell me this. I did look up this meme just now, though, to check on its source.


The original meme actually comes from a post making fun of an anime fandom’s piss kink, apparently. (I have no idea what the fuck is going on in Haikyuu fandom but i am not surprised.) people have used the meme regarding the ADHD thing like you said, but that’s not where it originates from. So like, obviously it’s been possible to use the meme in ableist ways, but the meme itself doesn’t have ableist origins, imo.

(Also yes I’m garbage and I love memedocumentation. Shush.)

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hi duke, hope you're well. i have read through your kcl and grad school tags, and I have a question in this vein. I plan on pursuing a PhD in renaissance lit (shakespeare, in particular) and have been accepted to oxbridge and kcl. obviously, all are tremendous programmes, but i'm very torn in my decision making at the moment. i don't know how much you know about oxbridge, but obviously your experience at kings was good. any advice?

My advice would just be to decide what’s most important to you. If the prestige of Oxbridge is more important or you think you’ll get a better education there and the practical aspect doesn’t matter much to you, great. Problem solved. If, however, you’re really keen on making theatre practice part of your research, KCL might be a better idea, because Oxbridge doesn’t have the Globe. That was what I decided, and that worked out great for me. But everything I intend to do academically has the end goal of being useful to theatre practitioners. If you’re more exclusively interested in the text, KCL might not be right for you. Grad school is much more a question of “fit” than anything else. (I wrote this entire post assuming you were talking about MA programs. If you’re talking about undergrad, that’s a completely different conversation.)

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name: Sydney
a four letter word: ship
a boy’s name: Sirius (ha)
an occupation: swordsman
something you can wear: shame 
something you find in a bathroom: soap
a place: the sun
a reason for being late: smoothies were more important 
something you shout: SLAY ME, ANDREW MINYARD
a movie title: Signs
something you drink: shitty wine
an animal: snake
a type of car: uhh…school bus? back off
title of a song: Stoner Girl // Mod Sun

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I used to really be into Lapidot. Will the new episodes get me back on the train? Stay tuned for the next few months to find out

crying because next few months

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Happy Birthday stormy ( @khaoticvex)

Lemme remind that once upon a time I asked you wether I could draw your belly dancer AU or not and guess what I was saving that for today (aka yesterday the day of your birthday) problem is I didn’t really know the day of your bday but I was waiting for someone to say it or do something and BAM it was yesterday and i discovered today when I went to the traitor the supposedly natsu to my gray @selenba ( we gonna talk about this later you traitor ). And so i tried the belly dancer thing and the only way to honor that AU was using your way to color Natsu that’s why i he is a bit more tan compared to how i usually color him as for the bg you could have guessed that i had no idea what to do so I did a starry sky with shooting stars clever move Sou ( sou is me tbh i am praising myself so what ?[ so so what I am still a rockstar I ‘ve got my rock moves … ] ignore that okay ) CAUSE when you see a shooting star you can make a wish and when you blow on your candles you make a wish SO thanks to my shooting stars you can make tons of whishes and have a really happy birthday belated actually but happy nonetheless or maybe charles or pantherlily  


I Think I Have an Idea

The inspiration to write this hit me last night after all the amazing Captain Charming moments we got. This is my first OUAT fic (like ever), so I’m really nervous about posting it. I hope I did them justice and I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it! Also, totally unbeta’d, so I apologize for any mistakes!


It’s when he goes to return the book to where they’ve been hiding it that he notices. It’s only a glimpse of an image buried under other scattered pages, but it’s enough to spark Killian’s curiosity. Setting the storybook aside, Killian steps over to where Henry has been messily piling up his Author handywork. He extracts the one page that had caught his attention, the small corner of the picture revealing a sight Killian would rather soon forget. His eyes widen as he takes in the artwork, flipping it over to see the words neatly printed on the other side.

Brow furrowing, he lowers his arm, the page still firmly grasped between his fingers. His mind replays the events depicted on the paper unchallenged as he makes is way over to the stairs leading back to the rest of the loft. Killian slowly descends, stopping near the bottom so he can take a seat on one of the steps.

David looks up from where he’s still sitting at the table. “Hook?” He questions, the concern evident in his voice. He pushes back from his chair, crossing the short distance to where Killian sit. “What’s wrong?”

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like, can we stop saying demi-sexuality is a thing “most of the population experiences”?? because it’s not really?

demisexual is on the ace spectrum, and it means “does not experience sexual attraction to anyone unless they form a deep emotional connection with someone.” and yes, while it’s common for most of the population to only have sex once theyre in love with someone, that doesnt mean that they’ve never felt sexual attraction at all before. its not the single act of sex, its focused on attraction to people.

and also an important note with demisexuality, while you have to have an emotional bond in order to feel sexual attraction, that doesn’t mean you’ll be sexually attracted every time you form a deep emotional bond. you need the connection to feel sexual attraction, but you can have a bond and still feel no attraction.

of course since its on the ace spectrum you can still be a lesbian demisexual or a cishet demisexual, but pls stop saying that its a pointless term or “what everyone else feels”

academla's super informal studyblr awards

I had fun finally finishing up my last BOTM just because I really enjoyed looking through blogs so I’m going to do a super informal awards thing here. So informal, in fact, that I’m typing this on mobile and don’t have a graphic. Unfortunately this means I also can’t do a read more.

Important to note:

1. Winners are no “better” than other entrants. They’re just blogs that particularly stood out to me who I want to recognize.

2. I will probably follow a lot of you, so it isn’t a fool’s errand to enter. Also don’t feel bad if you’re not a “big” studyblr I honestly have no idea what that even means and I’ll look at your blog objectively I promise

3. I’m not doing this to rank studyblrs I honestly want to see new/more blogs and why not have the added benefit of giving some of you atta boys/girls?


- mbf @academla
- check out @theacademiczine issue 2 comes out in less than a month woo
- REBLOG no likes pls
- u can sign up for my texts / follow my personal Instagram / write on my wall if u want and there are links in my description
- be a studyblr
- this has to get like 50 notes idk I don’t even know this is so informal who’s gonna reblog it
- this will be over on Monday, April 4 at 11:59 pm EST


- categories will be for fav theme, fav URL, fav OC, and favorite overall
- I don’t want to say “best” because I feel like that implies the winners are inherently better but it’s not it’s based on personal preference and faves
- if enough people enter I’ll do multiple winners of each in situations where I can’t choose
- which I probably won’t be able to
- anyway u get a follow from me here and if u have an Instagram
- I’ll promo you on my blog
- maybe give you a s/o in my next YT video
- I will eventually put you on my winners page but tbqh I do not have my life together and haven’t set that up yet
- you’ll have won this very very low quality tumblr awards which is a prize in itself really

That’s basically it but if I think of anything to add I’ll edit this post and reblog. Thanks to anyone who does reblog! Love you all!

This post has actually killed me because I can’t get over the idea of Dad!Len

like maybe he found out he had a kid after the mum died or something and Len just can’t let this three year old boy stay with the asshole step-dad so he takes him in. And the only one who knows is Auntie Lisa who absolutely spoils the boy. 

So Len has a babysitter for when he and Lisa both have to ‘work’ at the same time, but otherwise Len is always there playing with his boy who he loves more than the world. He gets him loads of toys and takes him to get ice cream and watches disney films (he insists that he hates them and that the kid decided Frozen was his favourite all by himself, but Lisa knows what’s really going on)

And this little boy is literally the most important thing in his life, because he is determined to be a better father than his was, and if he can give this kid a great life then it makes everything he’s gone through somewhat more worth all the pain. 

and when his kid sees the flash on the telly he gets all excited and len makes sure to tell his son that he can be a hero like the flash someday too

It happens slowly, but he is specifically fine tuned to notice it.  The distance stilling and slowly freezing that she has shoved between herself and everyone else who has bothered to see it.  The chill settling as jagged icicles in the depths of the green of her eyes.  The bitterness that begins to bite into her tone.

He knows that learning of the prophecy has affected her ever since it had slithered back to the light of day from wherever her parents had been keeping it safely hidden away; and though her newfound belief in all things magical ought to have been reassuring, it has been anything but.

Because now she truly believes she is fated to darkness.

It is dangerous, really, what belief can do to a person.

His heart seems to fade in time with the color leaving her.  Every time she kisses him she is further from him and herself and he can feel it.

“I know it is easier, love,” he murmurs into her hair. She is curled to his chest beneath the sheets of his bed at Granny’s that they share now more often than not, fingers blindly playing a gentle pattern over the scars he has finally revealed to her.

“What are you talking about, Killian?”

Her voice is still thick with sleep and she does not look up at him.

He buries his lips deeper in her golden locks, leaving her a tender kiss before sinking back away from her into his pillow, searching for her eyes that he finds actively avoid him, watching her fingers trace his arm.

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