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I watched matpat’s theory on gaster, kinda disappointed he didn’t point out how Gaster wrote the first 8 entries of the true lab. Like the theory is good and I love him, but there is proof that can’t be dismissed.

Like… is so weird to me that no one has made a conclusion like that public at all, I’m not the only one that has realized this so far right?.

And funny enough the undeniable proof to this lies on mettaton’s diaries. Now that I’m talking about this again, I’m gonna give a brief explanation. Basically it mentions in MTT’s dairies where he was still a ghost and where he met alphys and shortly after decided to accept Alphys’ idea of a robot body for him.

Now listen carefully, His Diary entry #1

Shyren’s sister just fell down, and you know what was happening at this very same moment?

Around the time Shyren’s sister died, Asgore asked the royal scientist to pick up the monsters that have “fallen down”

And we can clearly see the aftermath of what happened to shyren’s sister as a result of the DT experiments.




And only after building Mettaton she became the Royal Scientist

And guess who was the Royal Scientist before Alphys? The royal scientist that STARTED the DT experiments?





kitsunec4 replied to your post “I know you said you didn’t want more top 5 but I was curious what your…”

Really feel like the songs list eventually becomes, how Chris gets the songs he really wants through. And would actually have no idea what to do if his crazy out of left field attempt ever gets approved

The day that the ISU gives in and lets him do the Britney Spears medley where he has three costume changes in one exhibition (Classic red jumpsuit strips off into Oops! I Did It Again school girl uniform to the Toxic nude body suit with tasteful rhinestones) is the happiest day since his husband bought him that fucking machine.  

(also add flo rida’s “can’t believe it” feat. pitbull to the list.  you know he’s the only active skater who can do a quad toe while squeezing his own ass??)

Sherlock’s ONE therapy session with Ella starts back in His Last Vow: It’s not Extended Mind Palace, it’s an Unreliable Narrator

Something’s up with The Six Thatchers. This was a blog post and case back in 2012 yet no one in the episode remembers that. Also the episode was trippy AF but what does that all mean? We have a lot of guesses, and I’ve just thought of one more, one I’m actually quite convinced of. It combines our “extended mind palace” idea with the Mycroft’s concept of “the unreliable narrator”. So here’s the thing: Sherlock met Ella at the end of The Six Thatchers but he recalls events from his life from before he shot Magnussen in His Last Vow, when John’s life/happiness was threatened and Sherlock had to give up everything to save him. Everything we’ve seen since Mary shot him has been a recount of events from Sherlock’s point of view, even placing himself in scenes he wasn’t actually in. This is why we see characters repeat lines other characters have said, even though they were never there to hear them. Sherlock’s recounting, throwing cases in where they don’t belong to fill in the gaps. Meaning the events immediately after Sherlock got shot by Mary are him recounting the situation to Ella and we wouldn’t know that until right now. 

So here’s the timeline:
–Mary Shoots Sherlock 
–Sherlock goes to the hospital and stays there for a long time to recover 
–Sherlock is not part of Mary’s reveal in the way we saw (Him scaling the hospital wall, moving John’s chair, setting up the I.V., the perfume, and rigging a projector was just him adding a touch of drama to embellish the story as he tells Ella ****this happens a lot, keep in mind*****)
–John doesn’t let Sherlock read the AGRA drive (so he assumes John hasn’t read it either, that would be the only reason to keep it from Sherlock)
–Sherlock calls Magnussen and makes a deal with him (Sherlock does not go to a restaurant in a hospital gown ***again, this is a touch of the dramatic for Ella’s benefit***) 
–John chooses Mary for reasons we do not know (Sherlock assumes it’s because of sentiment, but he wasn’t actually part of that scene so he’s simply guessing how it probably played out – he made sure to never have them use the words “I love you” because that would’ve hurt too much. Weird how Mary was at Sherlock’s mom’s house for Christmas? Yeah. She probably wasn’t there. But John and Mary reconciled that day, so Sherlock inserts that in his sphere. This happens more than once.)
–Sherlock kills Magnussen
–Sherlock gets high because he’s lost John Watson again (just like at the end of TSOT)
–Sherlock gives himself a Casablanca-type send off in order to tell John how he feels. Dramatic Bastard. Keep in mind he’s high as a kite, not on the tarmac, but hoping he could experience that movie moment with his leading man. This is why John doesn’t say much there or on that plane during TAB. The coke dream started after he shot Magnussen and envelopes all of TAB, but he tells Ella as if it’s real. 
–Mycroft doctors the footage, Sherlock never in danger of going to Eastern Europe because the tarmac/TAB wasn’t actually real. He’s still high at the beginning of TST, obviously. This is him coming down from the coke he took shortly after he killed Magnussen. 
–Sherlock is too absorbed in his phone (heart) to pay John and his new family any attention. He ignores John’s texts. He makes John feel like he’s equal to a balloon and a dog. He demands John take the bus.
–John, hurt, finds fleeting pleasure in a strange woman (This is what Sherlock thinks, at least. He’s seen all the signs. John losing weight, changing his hair, dressing nice, spending time away from both him and Mary – what else is Sherlock to think? What else are we to think? Keep reading and I’ll tell you). 
–The Six Thatchers case isn’t happening in real time – it happened years ago but Sherlock kept the best parts in order to better relay what’s happening with the AGRA stick. In the blog post, the murder weapon was a penknife with initials on it, shoved in a Thatcher bust. The mirror here is clear. All that we need to take from this is Mary’s past has come back to haunt her. 
–Mary leaves John to go to Morocco. John follows – Without Sherlock. John catches her and brings her back to London. Didn’t it feel weird when John and Mary were having a really intimate moment and Sherlock was just… sitting there absorbing it all? That’s because he wasn’t there, this is how he assumed things went in Morocco. Which means he wasn’t on that plane sitting awkwardly behind Mary and far from John. We see Sherlock with his eyes closed, sleeping. That’s also when he sees John thinking of the other woman. Sherlock tells Ella he has a reoccurring dream about John –  he’s dreaming about what he fears John is most-likely absorbed in: finding fleeting happiness in yet another woman. 
–Mary’s death scene is being recounted from Sherlock’s POV, meaning real events are very similar, but off. Sherlock believes Mary took a bullet for him, apologized, and John wept for the love of his life. Just because we saw it doesn’t mean it’s real. Just because Sherlock believes she’s dead doesn’t mean she actually is. Trust nothing.

This theory explains why Mary calls Sherlock the Dragon-slayer, something Mycroft said. It explains why The Six Thatchers was a case twice. It explains why Norbury quoted Moriarty from TGG. It explains why Sherlock is so hung up on premonitions: John and Mary in TST followed exactly what Sherlock dreamt about with the Carmichaels in TAB. 

So. That was long! But all of this has one question dangling in the air: What’s actually been going on with John this whole time? If he reconciled with Mary, follows her abroad, is spending time away from his family, and is in cahoots with a woman he met on the bus, it would point to John becoming a plant/agent himself working behind Sherlock’s back to destroy an invisible threat. This is why the end of The Six Thatchers mirrors the end of The Reichenbach Fall – except the characters are switched. John pushed Sherlock away, lied to him, left him a note, and distanced himself. Sherlock goes to the therapist and grows the facial hair.
The woman on the bus sits right next to a poster of Culverton Smith. Many have suggested she’s actually a part of something far larger than we can see yet. 

The last thing I’ll leave you with, and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Setlock show Martin Freeman filming on a camel? Alone? Why would he be the only one on the camel if both he and Sherlock went to Morocco? 

That’s because Sherlock didn’t follow him to Morocco when he tracked down Mary. Sherlock inserted himself somewhere to better tell us the story. 

This is part of their rug pull coming up. The unsettling nature of The Six Thatchers is meant to make us ask questions about what we can and cannot trust with our own eyes. Is it a bluff? Or a double bluff? Is he alive or is he dead? How could he be alive if I saw the blood on the roof? How could he be alive if I saw him fall?

The writers are giving us the same doubt felt by the characters. 

Welcome to Hell. 

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imagine keith struggling with his crush on lance and having no idea how to approach the guy, so he resolves to asking him directly about it but pretending it’s about someone else.

“so there’s this guy i like…. and you’re really good okay at flirting so i thought i could ask for your help”

lance gets suspicious bc they haven’t met many people in space (and also i love the idea of lance figuring out and having fun with it) “sure man no problem! you could use some of my pickup lines if you want! what’s he like?”

and keith tries to give this really vague description of lance which eventually ends in him just gushing about lance. “he’s such a funny guy” “i love his smile” “he’s brave and generous i admire him” “we um..started off with the wrong foot and now i can’t stop thinking about him” “my favourite color is blue like his eyes” *blushes even harder than before*

lance, smiling knowingly: wow sounds like you got it real bad

keith: i just want him to notice me you know? i really want to do something *sighs*

in the end lance tells him “who knows maybe he likes you back and doesn’t think your hair is that bad” before going out of of the room leaving a very lovestruck keith on the floor

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

Mickey literally said that the idea of him and Ian is what kept him going in prison. Do not tell me that Ian giving Mickey money or whatever makes up for what Mickey really needed. He needed Ian and he couldn’t even have that. I get it, sure - life as a fugitive is extremely hard but Ian knew that before he even agreed to leave in the first place. It’s not fucking right. Mickey got his heart broken again and while I take comfort in knowing that they love each other, I’m so incredibly sad that they did this. 

Hear me out: Roy with his hair parted and styled. We all love the hair swept back but just think…

(I’m making this digital as soon as I get a new charger for my drawing tablet)

You guys!

Henrik took it upon himself to make Tarjei feel comfortable. He knew that Tarjei was four years younger than him and took responsibility for his comfort. He knew that he needed to be someone Tarjei could trust and feel safe with. He knew that Tarjei should be in control. He was just like, “I am here for YOU, bud.”

And Even make sure Isak was comfortable. He was so, so patient, always checking to make sure Isak was okay with what was happening. And he never took it personally when Isak was hesitant. He made Isak feel safe and loved. He was just like, “I respect you and you’re in charge.”

Henrik’s complete lack of ego about the entire thing is incredible. He gives all the credit to Julie and has no idea how incredible he is. Of course Tarjei felt safe with him. He exudes warmth and gentleness and accommodation. He is a human angel. 

I can’t. I have too many feelings. This show and these boys and these characters are too much. 

(Shout out to @xionin for helping me process said feelings and @screamteam for screaming with me about them.)


I have no idea.

anonymous: “DID SOMEONE SAY REQUESTS?! (。♥ ∇ ♥。)  I’d love you forever if you drew a sad shiro with tsukiyama and banjou comforting him in their own way? (LOVE your art btw! hhhhhh!)”

omg i know you sent in this request a long time ago…. :”D i loved it and i couldn’t get what i wanted for it! I still have other ideas. Anyways, it’s so cute! thank you! I think they probably know when to give him his space, and when he needs an outing.

  • [The class is in detention under suspicion of cheating]
  • Hermione: I hope it was Draco. Then he'll get his butt thrown out of here.
  • Harry: What did he do to you?
  • Hermione: He told me he loved me. Who does that? Don't you see? He's trying to get me to trust him so he can let me down.
  • Harry: Crazy idea: you could just say "I love you" back.
  • Hermione: Yeah, but then if it doesn't work out, I'll have to kill him, go to Azkaban, break out, and kill you for giving me that advice.
  • Harry: I love how our friendship is based predominately on threats. I can still feel you looking at me... like a hungry cheetah stares at a gazelle.
  • Hermione: All right, whatever. I'll tell the jackass I love him, too.
James Sirius Potter

*James Sirius is born, Harry names the kid. So far so good.*

Sirius: Poor Minnie is going to faint when she hears that name.

Lily: I have no idea what he was thinking naming him after the two of you.

Remus: He doesn’t think generally, goes with his instincts.

Lily: Oh, let’s think where he got that from.

Sirius: *smirking* Could be anyone of us really.

Lily: James is uncharacteristically quiet.

*they all turn around James is watching his grandson very intently*

Remus: *puts a hand on James’ shoulder* Prongs? You alright mate?

James: *his voice breaks a little* I’m alright.

Lily: Oh baby *gives James a kiss*

Sirius: Oh, is ickle Jamie emotional?

James: Fuck off Padfoot, you’re just mad because he will use James.

Sirius: What? Of course he will use Sirius. Mummy dearest didn’t name me after the brightest star so it can be used as a fucking middle name.

Remus: No, she named you Sirius because she somehow knew you would be an attention seeking little prat.

Lily: Merlin’s beard! LANGUAGE!

James: Like you never curse Evans. 

Lily: Do you mean when you annoy the shit out of me, Potter? *Remus and Sirius are both stifling their laughters* Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be watching my son and my grandson.

*Lily walks away from them*

Remus: It’s been almost 50 years, how can you still get on her nerves?

James: It’s a talent, Moony.

Remus: I know, I thought only Sirius possessed this particular talent.

Sirius: Do I get on your nerves Moony? *raising an eyebrow* Would you like me to get on something else?

Remus: *face palm* He’s bloody relentless.

James: I did not have to hear that, I think I will go get Tonks. 

Sirius: *grinning* She enjoys it when I do jokes like that, what she doesn’t get is that I’m serious.

James: I’m pretty sure she gets that you’re Sirius.

*Sirius rolls his eyes*

Remus: When will you stop doing that?

James: When hell freezes over. 

You can read Albus Severus Potter here.

Regarding the people who are saying that Yuuri only bought one ring: why would he buy only one ring when he said that he wanted both: a good luck charm (which he would clearly have to wear), and a gift for Victor (which he would clearly have to give him)?

I know the receipt said “Gold wedding ring” singular, but what if it was a “Gold wedding ring set”? Surely, no one sells a single gold wedding ring when the point is very much to exchange them?

the-true-guy  asked:

I got a theory, what if, Frisk gives Asriel their soul, and Asriel will become the god of hyperdeath, and will have more than enough power to defeat that pink menace????? Because Asriel is a God, and he has infinite health and infinite defense, so it will be impossible for that pink menace to kill him C:

I don’t think that messing around with the “Player”’s soul is a good idea in a glitched timeline to be honest.

anonymous asked:

from your tags you said you dont think grays trump card is iced shell. can i ask why please? because thats what i have seen and thats what this seems to be building up to. ending the way his whole story started

I’ve seen many people say that Gray’s trump card will be iced shell but I have other ideas for what it may be.

First, let me tell you why I’m pretty sure it’s NOT iced shell:

1) Gray called it his ‘trump card’. This gives the implication that it’s something we’ve not seen before, something that’s new for him to use. If it wasn’t new, he’d just say “yeah, well I have iced shell up my sleeve.” It’s not like iced shell is some secret weapon or anything. We’ve seen it enough times now for him to just call it ‘iced shell’ and not his ‘trump card’.

2) Gray has already come close to using iced shell twice before. Once in Galuna when Natsu stopped him, and once in Tartaros where he stops himself after remembering his friends and those close to him. I’d say the iced shell story is pretty much finished with now. Also, in this arc, we saw Gray finally having recovered from the trauma of his past, thinking of the future…which brings me to my next point.

3) Gray mentions his trump card in ch. 453 to Juvia. Here: 

If you ask me, he looks pretty happy in this panel. He’s talking about his trump card in a positive manner after just having discussed the future with Juvia. Why would he talk about the future and be smiling if he’s planning on using iced shell against Zeref? We all know how that ends: death. Gray wasn’t heading into the war against Zeref and END with the intention to die. He has a future with Juvia and his friends to get back to.

SO they’re my reasons for why his trump card won’t be the iced shell spell we’ve already seen and heard all about multiple times now.

Here’s what I think his trump card might actually be:

1) Demon-slaying magic’s version of iced shell. Maybe he’s learnt a modified iced shell that lets him cast it and seal away his opponent WITHOUT using up his own lifespan. This would come in handy when it comes to sealing away Zeref or the book of END, and he would continue to live with no harm done to him.

2) Memento Mori. In Tartaros, Mard Geer cast this curse but Gray protected Natsu and seemed to absorb it all. It could be that he now harnesses an advanced version of Memento Mori and planned to use it against Zeref or END.

3) Demon force. Kinda like dragon force but demon slayer version.

Well, I hope that answers your question! I think either of these situations are far more likely than his trump card being iced shell. Guess we’ll find out next week ^.^ 

 EDIT: lol nvm

upholstered furniture

pairing: pansy parkinson x harry potter

setting: modern, non-magical, reality/film star au; based on this

word count: 4,654 words

(7:22 am) Did you see the casting news yet? For Boy Who Lived?

(8:15 am) fuck off its sunday

(8:16 am) Ronald.

(8:17 am) unless they chose to go with an actual fucking cgi flamingo i dont give a shit right now and it can wait until tomorrow

(8:19 am) It really can’t. Harry’s going to fire you when he finds out.

(8:19 am) ??????? get ur blasphemous ass back to church no he’s not

(8:20 am) Yes, he is. It was YOUR idea to scrap the chemistry test.

(8:23 am) omg what is ur DAMAGE chemistry tests r dumb af harry hates them

(8:24 am) And sometimes you have to act as his AGENT, not his best friend, and advise him to do the things he hates, Ronald. Like chemistry tests.

(8:25 am) thx for the fortune cookie fun fact i’ll pass it on to harry’s latest oscar nom ok

(8:29 am) Check Variety. They reported on the casting this morning. There was a “leak” at the studio. Naturally.

(8:32 am) harrys gonna fucking fire me ur right

BREAKING: Hurricane Hollywood star tapped for female lead in Paramount’s Boy Who Lived

October 11, 2016. Los Angeles.

Well, it’s official.

Seemingly permanent tabloid staple Pansy Parkinson (Hurricane Hollywood; The Hottie and the Nottie), better known for her outrageous late-night party antics than she is for her acting prowess, has been cast as Harry Potter’s (Under the Stairs) on-screen love interest for the futuristic dystopian thriller, Boy Who Lived, slated for release by Paramount sometime in Summer 2018. While Parkinson has been persistently vocal about her desire to make the transition from her Cristal throne in Vegas to the slightly more respectable silver screen, this will be her first role in a major motion picture.

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170114 'Al Arabiya' Interview with Leeteuk - ‘The most... ‘ Questions:

- Member who takes care the best of the other members?


- The most lazy member?


Leeteuk:” when stylists bring our clothes.we all chose what we want. Kyu as long as it’s his size it..”

- The funniest member?


- One of the most handsome members?


Leeteuk: “ All of them are handsome, alot say it’s Siwon but I choose Donghae~ “

- The smartest member?


- The one who is always hungry? 


Leeteuk: “ kkk He is happy as long as u give him food..”

- The most sensitive & blunt member?

Yesung & Kyuhyun.

- The most stylish member?


- The bravest member?


- The best candidate for being a father?


Leeteuk: “ Maybe me but I’ll choose Donghae. He have alot of idea about marriage.. when I once asked him about his dream ( donghae) he told me he wants to be a great dad..”

The fastest to memorize choreographies?


Leeteuk: ” The member who can’t learn fast is Donghae. he keeps forgetting steps. the most difficult member during practice is Heechul, coz of his age..” 

MC: 6 members are in army, Who do u miss the most?

Leeteuk: “ I miss all of them. I went to an army event to help members. when they’re in vacation we practice together. I can’t choose one. I miss all of them . I miss each one of them. they are all in the army& I miss them all ..” [c] [c]

is there a fic out there where tony is trying to buy some time for the avengers to initiate a plan so his idea is to try and flirt with thanos, to throw him off guard enough so he wont notice what the others are doing

but then it turns out that thanos has heard all about his ‘merchant of death’ moniker so he’s,,, all about that so the distracting is definitely working but now tony has to deal with thanos trying to get it on w/ him

and then thanos is all, let us compare our body count, you must have killed so many to get a wonderful name like that! and tony is just hahaha…. yeah. yeah i have (and thanos is giving him heart eyes while tonys trying not to cry)

Okay so real talk about Alec being able to just walk into Magnus’s apartment when it seems everyone else needs to knock: I know we’ve all been low key assuming it has to do with wards or something but what if Magnus did give him a key?

Remember that night where Alec stayed and “nothing happened”? We know they talked. We know Magnus wanted to make Alec feel safe and comfortable with him. What if, that night, Magnus offered Alec a key? He’d have made sure to be clear that it didn’t come with any strings or expectations. Just…an offer. “Be welcome in my home, and let this be a safe space for you when you need one”

And now we see Alec using it for just that