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Soulmate AU Prompt

Where your soulmate’s last words to you is tattooed onto your wrist.

What if Person A works as a paramedic, in ambulance making sure people get to the hostipal alive.

One day, person B is in the ambulance dying, their heartbeat failing, and they say “Please tell my spouse I love them, Please…I know I won’t make it” to Person A.
(Or some sort of love declaration to this spouse).
To have Person A promise they will, and then their heart fails, /they die/.
Hence Person A having to tell Person B’s spouse that they loved them dearly.
Person A having to pretend Person B wasn’t their soulmate.

Do what you want with this prompt!
Adjust it to your liking.

(I’m sorry not sorry for torturing my best friend with this Idea).


I know you’re all fucking deceased at this point and probably have no idea what to believe but I’m just gonna say it because I know a lot of people are feeling the same

Even if they brought Thomas back it doesnt make it ok for them to just make silverflint platonic. Not after 4 seasons of relationship development and build up, not to mention the amount of paralells we’ve been given with them and other canon romantic couples. Toby saying that Silver is the love of Flint’s life without them being canon and flinthamilton being endgame just doesn’t add up

The only way I can see any of this making sense would be if they were to make Silver and Flint’s feelings for each other canon, and the tragedy of it all in the end being James choosing Thomas and John choosing Madi 

“It is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another”

AU: high school dropout shawn

Part 2

A/n: Here is the second part of this really tiny imagine series thing I’m doing, but I have no idea what the hell I’m doing with it. Heres part 1. I’m very sorry it has taken me so long to finally get this out. I honestly kind of forgot about it for a while. But feel free to let me know your thoughts and what you think is going on or what you want to happen next :) No promises that i’ll tell you if you’re right or wrong, although I feel like it is pretty obvious, but that might just be because I already know what is going on. Either way, just give me your thoughts if you feel like it.



It had been a week since you started regularly visiting Shawn at the grocery store whenever you managed to get out of school early or whenever you could afford to skip your last period. You don’t know how you didn’t think about this earlier, but today you realized that you could go and visit Shawn at work during your lunch break at school. You didn’t really ask him if you could come but you know he’s at work so you just drove over during lunch. When you enter the store, one of the employees at the register recognizes you since you’ve been in to hang out with Shawn so many times. “He’s in the back on lunch,” He says, nodding his head towards the back of the store. “You can go back there.”

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anonymous asked:

I had…no idea that tonsil stones were a thing, but after a quick google search, that sure (finally) answers the question of what those *things* in my throat are. Ugh. But thanks. Luckily, mine are soft, not hard stones (so they're not painful at all, just weird), and only occasional. Sorry, you probably didn't want to know this. Hope your jaw is feeling better and you have an awesome day!

*tiny horrified screams* 

I mean. I’m sure you are a perfectly nice person and I validate your existence and tonsil stones are a normal thing people get but

*tiny horrified screams* 

Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place part 2 (Lin x Reader)

Warnings: Explicit language & vague underage drinking

A/N: Wow! Thank you so much for the incredible response to part 1. You guys have no idea how much it means to me. I’m planning on posting twice a week and I’ll try to be as consistent as possible. Please let me know what you think! There’s two flashbacks in this one, just so you know. One last thing, I’m new to tumblr and still figuring out the basics so if I don’t reply to you I’m sorry, I’m working on it. 💜

Part 1

It’s two days later when you find yourself thinking about Lin. You’re sitting on your bed, looking up as your rainbow fan circles slowly. It’s hot, too hot, and you can’t find the motivation to leave your current spot. It’s the heat, you think, that brings back the memories of Lin. The way the sweat drips in rivulets down your neck, reminiscent of the scorching days more than ten years ago. Ever since your audition, every waking thought has been plagued reliving the past or fantasizing about the future. 

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Scott McCall AU (part 3)

Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: Sorry this is late but enjoy and feedback is appreciated.


“We have to go back!” You yelled.

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I'm stuck. I am so utterly stuck. I have an abusive girlfriend and an abusive mother. I live with my girlfriend and recently she's started hitting me and throwing things like drinking glasses and plates too. Then my mom started abusing me when she found out I was trans so two years ago.. I really have no idea what to do now. I'm afraid to leave my girlfriend because I'd have absolutely nowhere to go and I can't go stay w/ my mom either...

Okay so idk if you are on mobile but on the computer ask page I have a list of things I don’t have experience and physical abuse is one of them.

I really have no idea what to tell you other than I’m sorry that this is all happening and I really hope you find a way to get to safety. Please stay safe. I love you

  • -Today, at 15: 46-
  • You: Jagi, are you coming home tonight?
  • Yoongi: Sorry, Y/N, there's a new idea I'm working on.
  • I'm probably staying at the studio again.
  • I'm really sorry.
  • You: You're forgiven, Suga.
  • I'll see you home someday then.
  • Yoongi: I'm really sorry jagi.
  • Don't call me Suga. Please jagi.
  • You: Fine, jagi. But you have to come home once in a while.
  • I know you're working for our futures, but what's the point if we end up never seeing each other?
  • I love you, jagi, but I miss seeing your face.
  • Yoongi: My face will be the one you see tomorrow morning, I promise.
  • Thank you for telling me, Y/N.
  • I've been focusing too much on work.
  • I'll come home as soon as I can.
  • You: Don't make Namjoonie do your work for you though.
  • That poor soul needs sleep too.
  • Yoongi: Yes, okay, jagi.
  • Love you.
  • ---
  • Alternative ending:
  • You: I know you're working for our futures, but what's the point if we end up never seeing each other?
  • I love you, jagi, but I miss seeing your face.
  • I don't want to tell our future children that their father couldn't be with them because he wanted our children's futures to be better.
  • Yoongi: Our children...?
  • Y/N, are you pregnant?!
  • Y/N.
  • Y/N??
  • You: ... Yes, Yoongi.
  • I'm pregnant.
  • Is that... okay?
  • Yoongi: Of course, jagi!
  • I love you so, so much.
  • I'll rush home now.
  • I'm so sorry about work.
  • Oh my god, I'm going to be a father!!
  • Don't doubt yourself jagiya, I'll love you whatever happens ;)
  • You: Thank you, Min Yoongi, father of my future children.
  • Yoongi: ()_()
  • 😍

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I know you've probably been asked this a million times, but what's your thought on the idea of Henry and Edward being shipped together? Just curious, sorry if it's annoying ><""

I think it’s perfectly fun and silly! If people want to write fanfiction or….headcanons or whatnot on the subject, I’m all for it!

As for me personally, I’d have a tough time writing anything on the subject. Hyde is able to really get at Jekyll when he can attack his insecurities, but while Jekyll is certainly insecure about his bisexuality, I’m not sure Hyde would actually be able to intimidate him with shows of sexuality. At the end of the day, Jekyll knows that Hyde’s physical manifestations–in the mirror or in hallucinations–aren’t real. I suspect that if Hyde did a sexy dance at Jekyll, he’d just roll his eyes and walk away.

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looking after a cockatoo is basically like looking after a child they are hyperintelligent and very energetic and they need constant stimulation and reassurance and affection and i'm sorry for venting to you but i just adopted this very very sweet small white dinosaur and i feel like i have no idea what i'm doing

Oh geez I’m so sorry - Everything I’ve read has indicated as much, it’s why Max doesn’t want us to get a Cockatoo (Budgies, Pigeons, Cockatiels, Conures, and Caiques are all that’s on the table for us). You’ve taken on a huge task! But I believe in you, and I also feel like it’s very rewarding once you get the hang of it. You’ll have to send pictures once you and your new friend get used to each other!!

I really need everyone to read this please. Important info.

So for the past few days I’ve been struggling, with my writing, school, life. But I really want to get back to writing again but a lot of the requests I have aren’t speaking to me. So here’s my idea.

I want to clear all of my requests. I know that it’s really disappointing but right now I just can’t seem to do them. And I am so so so sorry for doing this. I hate to disappoint people.

I have a really good fic idea with the hamilsquad that I’m going to write, and I will keep working on Uncommon Love. But all the other requests will be gone. 

You can request them again another time, but right now I think I’m going to clear them. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think about this. I really want some solid feedback before I go through with it. 

Thanks for listening.


tema-laya  asked:

Hello! I've been trying to get into calligraphy lately, however, I got a tombow pen and it's been really difficult :( its the one everyone suggests but I'm finding that it just doesn't work with me. What would you suggest for calligraphy? Your posts are adorable btw, you inspire me so much <3

hii♡ so these are what i usually use for calligraphy, including :

- brush pen i found in the stationery store near my school. i have no idea if they are selling these outside my country or not, sorry ;;-;;

- koi colouring brush pen! these are my favs♡ when i first started doing calligraphy, i use these♡ and i would suggest you using this one, it might work for you too! ヽ(*´∀`)

- and the last one is pentel touch brush sign pen ses15, i think it’s a bit harder for me to use, comparing to the koi one; but still, it’s great

“practice makes perfect!” when it comes to calligraphy, please don’t always rely on the pen; it’s you who make those letters stunning and elegant; and i believe you can always do it with every pen you have in your hand, tema♡ and thank you sooo much, your words made my day♡

anonymous asked:

I accidentally let slip to the guy I like that I like him and got rejected (which I knew would always happen and thats why I never told him) because he thinks long distance relationships are stupid and not worth it and I feel more hurt by the idea that im not a person worth being with and I hate he made me feel that way and Im honestly just feeling really numb right now and just needed a place to vent im sorry

hey it’s okay!! rejection hurts no matter what the reason is. feel the way that you need to, eat something sweet, watch your favorite tv show. long distance just really isn’t for some people! it doesn’t mean you weren’t worth it. people have different needs, and it’s probably for the best that he knows he couldn’t handle long distance. im sorry this all happened though :{

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Hi What do you think would happen if cp had an experience that would show her that the lifestyle her family has isn't right? I.e. when they have a heist and she sees something that makes her feel guilty and she wants to help but can't. And what would Joker, Harley and Jerome as the big brother( I'm somehow obsessed with this idea, sorry xD) do or think?

Joker and Harley would never want her to pretend to be something she’s not. They don’t do that, they live exactly how they want and act as they want. If they didn’t they wouldnt be them so theyd teach their kids the same thing. Sure it’d be a little jolting at first, because theyd just assume and raise their kids in that lifestyle. However if she said to them she didn’t want this, they wouldn’t hold it against her or be angry or anything, because shes doing exactly what they taught her to do. I have an imagine similar to this where she explains her heart isnt in heisting and jokers reaction, here

as for jerome, it would be like a dick grayson/jason todd situation I think. Where one sibling is always trying to get the one that went against the mold of the family way to come back. Jerome would tease her about it and playfully ask when shes going to rob a bank and such. Deep down he wants his baby sister to join the family buisness

For @kurisuumakise and her great fic on ao3 (check it out to get wrekked every saturday)

Sorry if its a little big i have no idea what i’m doing