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Wonderland (Dean Winchester)

A/N: I have all these ideas  roaming about in my head and I just have to get them out…So here is another Dean series AU, hope you enjoy
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Pairings: Punk! Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, drinking, mentions of past abuse

Word Count: 1682

Summary: Dean’s a quiet boy at school you’ve barely ever spoken to but what happens when you accidentally grab his textbook instead of yours?
(Okay this Summary sucks…sorry)

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I watched solemnly as the second hand ticked past the twelve, my head resting on my hands and a sigh escaping my parted lips. This was the last class of the day but so far it had been the longest, I could have sworn I was hearing a high buzzing sound where the teacher’s voice was supposed to be, his hand slowly writing the notes I was meant to be copying down onto the blackboard. I sighed again.  
Looking away from the clock I flicked my eyes around the room, catching the gaze of my best friend across the other side of the classroom. It was one of the things that truly sucked about this class; Mr Tanner deciding that Anna and I couldn’t be trusted to sit together, something about not focusing I think…

Anna looked up from her notebook and gave me a soft smile, pointing down at her cell phone as a signal for me to check mine. I reached into my jeans pocket, holding it under the desk as I unlocked the screen, two new messages.

 Cas is throwing another party tonight, want to go? – Anna

Actually I’m not taking no for an answer – Anna

I smiled down at my phone, completely used to her demanding nature, no one could ever say no to her. I looked over at her again, nodding my head slightly in agreement before focusing my attention back onto the clock…only half an hour to go.


“I thought that class was never going to end!” I groaned as we walked towards the lockers, Anna snickering besides me.
“At least the day is over now” She mused.
I hummed in agreement, closing my eyes briefly and paying no attention to where I was walking.
“Oof!” I stammered as I hit something solid, or more like someone solid.
The textbooks I had been holding all clattered to the ground, skidding across the lino in every direction; I probably would have followed them had it not been for the hands holding my shoulders. I looked up startled, staring into the greenest eyes I had ever seen; dark emerald in colour and framed by the black charcoal eyeliner. I trailed my gaze down from his eyes, across the bridge of his nose to his plump pink lips; a silver ring pierced through the left side.
“I’m…I’m sorry” I said quickly, feeling the blush rise to my cheeks.
I had seen him around school plenty of times, he was even in a couple of my classes but I had never been this close to him before, the proximity causing my heart to smash violently against my rib cage. He parted his lips as though to say something back, however the booming voice of Gabriel broke our gaze.
“Hey Winchester!” He hollered, “Why don’t you let my girlfriend go alright?”  
Gabe was flanked by both Cas and Michael; arms crossed over their chests. I watched as Dean’s eyes narrowed, the warmth of his hands removed from my arms immediately; without a word he walked away, his shoulders tensed.

I rolled my eyes at Gabe’s possessive nature, bending down to grab my books. It really didn’t come as a surprise however; Gabe had been that way since we had started dating two years ago, most of the time it didn’t bother me but situations like what just happened always annoyed me.
“Why’d you have to do that?” I snapped, reaching for the last book on the floor before standing up.
“Do what?”
“He was only helping me Gabe, I was the one that walked into him”
“Winchester’s a freak y/n” He shrugged, “I didn’t want him rubbing off on you or something”
Both boys behind him laughed, high fiving each other at the joke; I was about to continue grilling him when Anna linked her arm through mine.
“Come on y/n, let’s just go get ready for the party” She said, “See you later boys”
She waved at Michael, flashing him a wink before walking away with me in tow.
“You so like him don’t you?” I teased lightly.
“Who wouldn’t?” She defended, “His gorgeous”
“Well…just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”
“Speaking of things you shouldn’t do…what was that back there?”
“What do you mean?” I asked, generally confused by the question.
“Baiting Gabe like that y/n…you know how protective he gets”
“Yeah well he needs to back off every once and awhile, it’s seriously like I can’t do anything!”
“I know that but…you also know how he gets when his angry, I just don’t want to see you get hurt”
I chewed the inside of my cheek, thinking about the last time he had lost his temper; we had been in an argument and he’d shoved me back into the wall. Hard.
Maybe Anna was right.

I walked up the driveway after Anna had dropped me off, her voice yelling out of the car window that she was going to pick me up at five, no excuses. I waved her off with a smile but deep down I really wasn’t in the mood to go out; if I was being honest with myself I just wanted to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.
Anna had always loved parties though and as her best friend I was obligated to attend with her most of the time, and Cas threw these parties at least once a fortnight. His parents owned one of the biggest houses in the town, his Dad being quite high up in business; they worked over seas most of the time, leaving the house solely in Cas’ responsibility. Never a good idea.
The parties were booze fests, a place where ninety percent of our school could get trashed and high;   group make out sessions were a common thing and fights broke out almost every hour. But I guess going out and being social was a good thing right?

I unlocked the front door, closing it softly behind me before leaning against the old wood; nobody was home, all the blinds still shut like this morning. I wasn’t really expecting Mum to be home though, these days she only came home once or twice a week…sometimes not even that. I stopped caring years ago though, I quite liked being by myself.
Heading into the kitchen I grabbed a soda can out of the fridge, sitting down at the table to at least start some of my homework. Opening the cover of my math book I jumped back in surprise, noticing for the first time that this wasn’t my book; inside was an A4 size page, a drawing of a werewolf taking up nearly the whole space. It was amazing, if not a little gory; with the beast standing above a body, claws extended and its teeth exposed; I found myself mesmerized by the lines and the detail. With a smile I flipped through the rest of the book, finding similar pictures every couple of pages; vampires, werewolves, zombies…and one that I couldn’t identify, probably the freakiest of all of them, hanging from a tree with long claws.
I was completely entranced by the time I got to the end that I didn’t realize what time it was until my phone chimed with a new message.

Be there in half an hour xo – Anna

“Crap” I muttered, closing the book before jogging up the stairs to my bedroom.


“Ladies!” Cas called when we walked through the front door, “I’m sure I don’t have to tell you where the drinks are”
“We got it thanks Cas” Anna replied, tugging on my hand as we walked further into the house.
There were already people everywhere, some dancing, most drinking; the music blasting through the speakers. When I caught a glimpse of light brown hair I stopped walking.
“I’m going to go find Gabe okay? Make sure he hasn’t drunk himself into a coma” I yelled towards Anna, she nodded in understanding.
I walked out onto the balcony, raising myself up onto my toes to try and see over everyone’s heads; I squealed though when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, a pair of lips on the shell of my ear.
“I missed you” Gabe breathed, his arms tightening around me.
“Missed you too” I replied; hoping in the back of my mind that I was going to get the sweet Gabe tonight.
“Want to go get a drink?”
“Sure” I replied sweetly, turning around to peck his lips softly.

It was three hours later when I saw Anna again, her fiery red hair messed around her face and her lips swollen; I stared at her suspiciously, cocking my eyebrows.
“What?” She demanded, “You just said not to do anything you wouldn’t do and let’s be fair, I didn’t”
“Is he at least going to take you out on a date?”
“Yes as a matter of fact, tomorrow night”
She was trying to keep her expression neutral but I could see how hard it was trying to suppress the smile on her face, she had been wanting Michael since middle school.
“I’m happy for you Anna really I am”
“How was Gabe tonight?” She worried her lip a little at the question, nervous over what I might say.
“We were actually good tonight” I replied, “He was really sweet the whole time…his passed out up in one of the bedrooms though”
“Oh!” She said, “I’m glad you had fun than…are you ready to go though?”
“Yeah let me just grab my jacket”


Lying in bed later that night I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. But it wasn’t the golden, hazel eyes I was thinking about, it was the bright green and the silver of his lip ring, it was the book full of drawings down in the kitchen that were both beautiful and sad at the same time and it was the way his hands had felt on my arms.
One thing was for sure though, for the first time I was actually excited about going back to school on Monday.

Operation Baby Food

Okay so I have no idea where this drabble came from but it happened. I got inspiration from Killian being completely adorable, but instead of Killian it’s Henry trying to make his little sister laugh. I hope you enjoy it? I guess? Maybe?

Henry barely missed the green mush that came his way, but with a sigh of relief, it splattered on the floor beside him instead. Squeals of delight filled his ears at the new addition to mess she already made.  And when he looked back at the culprit, he was met with mischievous eyes and a gummy smile. Even though he tried to glare at the baby in front of him, he couldn’t help the tug at the corner of his lips.

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Call It What You Wish

Another Saphael Week fic! Combined with an ancient prompt from youcancallmecup, I hope you enjoy!

“But they look ridiculous!" 

"It’s to hide their identity!” The last thing Simon expected to happen during his Friday night was to have an argument with a vampire over Superman’s suit. It wasn’t what Simon had in mind when he invited Raphael over every Friday for a movie night. 

It probably wasn’t a good idea to show Raphael a movie that Simon loved. Never would Simon forget the words Raphael used to describe Batman. It hurt his little nerd-heart. 

“But it’s obvious! Dios, is everyone else in the movie blind? What’s the point of the ugly suit?”

“The suit is awesome,” Simon couldn’t win this conversation. Raphael would find flaw in everything Simon loved.   

Simon sighed, a long, heavy sigh. Raphael just rolled his eyes. They rarely got along. They loved it, however, when they found common ground. Obviously, that was not superhero movies. Raphael picked up in Simon’s negative vibes. 

Dios, Lewis, don’t mope about it. You did bring this upon yourself. The heroes don’t make sense, so don’t pretend they do. They’re for children.”

The feelings boiled up inside of Simon. He didn’t even know why he was getting so worked up over this. It wasn’t like it mattered, Raphael was known to have very strong opinions. Simon just wished Raphael respected his own. 

“Look,” Simon said, terse, “we get it. You don’t like positivity or movie titles that don’t end in ‘de Corazon’. But I do. This is who I am. Superman with his undies on the outside of his costume and bad asymmetrical 90s haircuts and all. I need you to be okay with it. To be okay with me.”

Raphael softened. Not visible to most people, but not to Simon, who wouldn’t ever be 'most people’ to Raphael. 

Dios, Lewis, you think I don’t? You think there’s any part of me that doesn’t - Penso, Lewis, if I didn’t like you, undies and all, I wouldn’t be here.”

That made Simon feel a warm sensation in his chest. Raphael did care about him, enough to stick around. He accepted him, for all his flaws and quirks. And at the end of the day, they loved each other. Though, Simon didn’t think Raphael would ever admit that.  Simon didn’t even know how to respond to Raphael’s sudden declaration. He wished he could turn his crazy thoughts into a coherent sentence. Just to let Raphael know how he felt. 

“Don’t.” It was one word, but Simon knew exactly what Raphael was trying to say. That he understood. That Simon didn’t have to say anything. Which was honestly a relief. They were at an understanding, and in the end, that’s what counted. 

“Thank you, Raphael.” Simon said. For putting my mind at ease. For being here, with me

“Are we going to watch the sequel now? Which, by the box, looks just as bad as the original.”

Simon smirked. Some things just never changed. 

Dances, Wishes, And The Strike of Twelve


Vanitas was slumped in his throne as he watches his father, Xehanort, get the ball together. So what, what is so important about this stupid ball? Yes it was his birthday, but he had other ideas that he rather use to celebrate rather than waste such good food. With a sigh he moves about in his seat, fixing his collar as it was to tight around his neck. “I am going to get that old geezer for this.” He mutters. 

The close strikes, bells ring, and the music begins. Looking up the room floods with un-needed bodies and heat. Why did his father have to invite so many people? Since when was he interested in…girls?