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All Started With a Song Part 9 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1058

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) haha so here is the long overdue part 9! im thinking there will be two more parts but that all depends on where i take it. also have no idea when they’ll be up. hope you enjoy!


“How could you?” you whispered, then shoved past him running down the hall, down the stairs and out the front door. You had no idea where you where, but you couldn’t be there.

What the fuck just happened?

Conor was here. But why?

Back in the room Alice was freaking out.

“Liv, go find Y/n.” she said, still sitting in her spot on the couch.

“Okay,” she said, running out the door. She made sure to push Conor a little on her way out while muttering something that sounded like ‘jackass.’

“Bro, what the fuck did you just do?” Anth said, walking up to Conor.

“I was going to apologize,” he sighed.

“I’m on my way,” Conor said, immediately getting up and heading to his room.

“Wait, what?”

“I’m on my way. I’ll be in LA by tomorrow.”

“But why?”

“To apologies to Y/n, why else?” Conor answered, grabbing his suitcase.

“I don’t know, it just kind of seems like…” Anth trailed off.

“Like what?” Conor asked, grabbing a few t-shirts.

“It sounds like you love her bro.”

Conor froze where he was, “What? No! I don’t love her! I just need to apologize! I swear.”

“Okay,” Anth chuckled. “But I’m not sure I’m the one you need to convince.”

Anth hung up and just stood there. He didn’t love her, he was IN love with her.


“Apologize???” Alice stood up, furious. “You wanted to apologize??”

“Yes?” Conor said, slightly scared.

“God, you’re such a fucking prick!” she threw her hands up.

“How?” he said, flinching when she glared him.

“What exactly were you going to apologize for? Hmm?” she said, stepping even closer to the man who broke her best friend’s heart.

“For ruining the collab,” he said. “Wasn’t the obvious?”

After he said that, Alice just lost it.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You only had one thing to apologize?? God you’re so thick!” She began pacing the room. “How about how you ruined that collab. Or lying to face saying you forgot? Or how about unadding her on everything? Like can you be any more of a child. And right when she’s about to move on…” she walked up to Conor, poking his chest her between every word. “You. Fucking. Like. Her. Picture.”

“You’re right,” he sighed. “I need to apologize for everything.”

“You don’t get it do you?!?” she continued due to his questioning look “You fucking broke her. You broke Y/n. More than once. She cries in the shower because she thinks we can’t hear her in there. She won’t cry in front of us because she doesn’t want us to know how hurt she really is. She can’t even say your fucking name because it hurts so much. She blocked me out, her best fucking friend. All because of you. You broke her. And the only way you can fix it is by leaving her alone and letting her heal.”

By now Conor was upset, he hadn’t cried yet. But he was close.

“I was jealous okay?!?! I thought she liked me but then she started getting short with me and then I saw the guy on her Instagram! I was jealous and thought I should make her jealous too! I regretted it the second I saw what I did to her! I didn’t know what to do! So stop making me relive the worst mistake I ever made!” he was shouting. He didn’t meant to, he knew Alice was just defending you. But he couldn’t help it.

“Believe me,” he sighed. “I fucked up and I just need her to know I’m sorry.”

“Give me one good reason as to why I should let you anywhere near her.”

“Because I’m in love with her,” he sighed in defeat. “I am in love with Y/n and I need to tell her.”


You and Olivia had made your way back to hotel. But only after you went to the store nearby to get ice-cream.

You two were currently sat on the ground of the balcony outside your room. You were on a high enough floor that you could see all the way to the ocean, something you had to see before you left.

“So, wanna talk?” Olivia said, taking another bite of ice cream.

“Honestly? I don’t know what to say,” you laughed.

“He came all the way to LA,” she started.

“I know, but he’s ignored me the past two weeks. Why would he do something so drastic?”

“I don’t know babe. Maybe Anth will find out for us,” she wriggled her eyebrows.

You laughed again, “Maybe.”

“But in all seriousness, how are you?” Her tone had changed.

“I mean, I’m okay,” you started. “At least I thought I was. You know what pisses me off the most though?”


“I actually thought I was getting over him, then I saw him in person. And…” you sighed. “And I realized that I really am still head over heels for him.”

You heard the sliding glass door that lead to the balcony open and saw Alice walk out.

“Hey babes,” she smiled as she sat down against the railing that kept anyone from falling off. “What’d I miss?”

“Y/n still likes Conor,” Olivia said, handing her ice cream and spoon to the brunette.

You couldn’t look at either of them. So instead, you looked at the ocean. It was beautiful. Like nothing you’d ever seen, especially with the sunset. You saw as the tide came in and then retreated back. It was like you and Conor to be honest. You wanted so badly to not like him. He’s given you so many reasons not to. But right when you think you’re over him, you realize you’re not.

He came all the way to bloody California just too tell you that he’s sorry.

And you would’ve forgiven him, but he had ignored you for the two weeks prior to this. Maybe he only apologized because he realized that you were moving on. Maybe he’s still using you. Maybe he just wants your body. Maybe he’s going to leave you all over again.

“Babe, please don’t cry,” Alice whispered, wrapping her arm around your shoulder.

You hadn’t realized that you were crying.

But you had realized something.

You loved Conor, but you weren’t sure if you could forgive him.

And that scared you.

okay but what if Lance knitted a tiny Blue

It’s almost an exact replica of her and he doesn’t really know why he did it, but he goes into her hangar to give it to her. He thinks she won’t like it, or just say a thank you to be kind, but she actually gets super excited. She’s never had one of her paladins give her something before. She nuzzles against it, but she’s a bit too rough; one of the seams breaks. 

Her face immediately whips up to Lance, checking to see if he’s mad, but he’s just laughing. It’s an easy fix, but she feels horrible about ruining his gift. She tries to carefully place it back together, but her claws rip into it more. Upset, she plops down, refusing to touch it and ruin it anymore. 

So he brings his sewing kit into her hangar, just to show her how easy of a fix it is. He threads the needle quickly, and stitches it back together with a skilled hand, the seams barely even visible once he’s finished.

Before he leaves, he makes her promise not to neglect it just cause she’s worried about ruining it again; he’d be happy to come back to fix it. After a bit of convincing, she does promise, almost immediately rolling onto her back and playing with it between her paws. Lance watches from the side of the hangar, far out of the way of the giant, metal lion. 

He feels a faint jealousy coming from their bond, something far off and slightly foreign; the other lions. He and Blue laugh, her purring becoming purposefully louder as a bright, happy smile spreads across his face.

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okay so i remember people on tumblr talking about this a little while ago but do you think kaz knew about inej's feelings before the events of soc? Like e.g. when inej is totally checking kaz out in the beginning of soc when he takes his shirt off or something, do u think he noticed or nah? Personally, i feel like kaz maybe had no idea that inej was into him cause he was in denial about his own feelings for so long but another part of me is like....yo.. what if he KNEW?!?!


The main thing to remember is that Kaz is like… The King of self-loathing and repression. At that point in time, I think Kaz was probably still completely in denial over his own feelings about Inej (or about the fact that he has feelings in general), that even the possibility of Inej having feelings probably would have just gone over his head because he wouldn’t have been able to accept the idea. And also Inej is a lot more subtle than Kaz (who is the least chill about anything concerning Inej honestly) so if anything I think Inej was probably the one who was aware of what the both of them were feeling.

But at the same time imagining Kaz’s reaction to figuring out Inej likes him is hilarious, and I’m just imagining him stumbling over his words whenever he sees her and trying to play it cool and when someone calls him out he’d probably just like, threaten them and pretend that it’s super normal. because like I said, he has no chill whatsoever

Over to you!

(( OOC: Okay so, a few weeks ago I hit a really cool and slightly terrifying milestone and I’ve been wanting to do a thing to celebrate it for a while. I have some ideas, but I’d like your input - because after all, there would be no milestone without you lot!

So, here are my ideas so far:

  • OOC Q&A video
  • In-character Q&A video? If so, which character?
  • A particular thread you’d like to see?
  • A tutorial? God knows what for… makeup tutorial? Rp tutorial??
  • Any other bright ideas??

Let me know what you’d like to see, as this is my little “thank you” to you guys therefore its all over to you. I really do appreciate everyone who interacts with me on here and I get so much enjoyment out of this blog. I hope you do too. ))

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I'm writing a novel about a snarky 17 y/o necromancer. An child-like 16 y/o boy is called to help her, even though he seems very unqualified. She hates his guts, but he's the only one that knows the district like the back of his hand and didn't find living skeletons or the smell of rotting corpses riveting at all. They team up to save their district/country. I don't know from what!! Do you have any ideas? Can you help me? Love your blog btw, it's really helpful :)

**Squeals** Anon loves my blog and thinks it’s helpful!!! **More distant squealing**

Okay, I finally composed myself… So we’re looking for something that our Protagonists are saving their district and/or country from? I’m going to jump straight in with whatever ideas come to mind, I hope they can help:

  • Political- Government vs Republican. Rise and fall of a country/nation?
  • World war three- The uprise and rebellion for equal rights, acceptance of immigrants, freedom, peace among nations, etc, etc.
  • Discovered information- The nation is being drugged, tracked, poisoned, brainwashed, targeted, interrogated, banished, etc.
  • Apocalypse- We all love a good old apocalypse! (Also the minimal survivors fending for themselves. Especially when it’s rich people freaking out because they have ‘literally nothing’ and ‘why isn’t there wifi here?’)
  • Supernatural beings- Werewolves, vampires, demons, wizards/witches, gods/goddesses (Would that fall under supernatural? Sorry if I got that wrong!), Mermaids, Dragons, Nymphs, ghosts, super-humans, spirits, this list could go on forever if I wrote all these as hybrids, demis and forms of apparent immortals…!
  • Tortures, self-inflicted pain- unconsciously. Being mind controlled, in a way, to wipe out the human race, without any leads back to who had done it.

This was way harder than I thought it’d be! So I’m going to see if the lovely people in the comments will help out too, because I’m getting pretty pathetic at answering this one! I’m super sorry, It is most definitely not going to help you XD Good luck anyhow and if anyone has anymore ideas, maybe you’d like to help out our lovely anon by dropping them in the comments? Lots (and lots) of love to ya’ll from Yasmine xox

Edit- Check out what @sufin-the-web had to say in the comments!

Okay guys gonna ask your opinion again

I have 20+ new bat designs I want to release as well as starting releasing other animal plushies. Should I release them one at a time or in groups of 3 or maybe 5? If scented should I make 1 scented 1 not scented? Or how should I divide it up? I want them to be pre-made.

I have my own ideas but wondering what you guys think.

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i feel like im the type of student professors hate because i always get way too nervous while speaking and cant get my ideas right because of my anxious messy head. they all hate my what should i do?

Oh honey, I love having students like you! You are allowed to be nervous and anxious while you’re speaking! It’s okay if you need practice, or if you need alternative ways to participate in class. That is all alright and perfectly valid and legitimate!

Of course, I know that unfortunately, not all professors feel this way (which makes me super angry). It’s possible that you can write some thoughts down during class discussions and offer to hand it in to your professors so they know you’re engaged even if speaking isn’t your thing. Remember also that you are perfectly valid, that you are absolutely fantastic, that you and the ways you prefer to participate in class are wonderful and legitimate. I am sending you so much love darling <3 <3 <3

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Okay, wow, maybe someone should start a club for ppl who have a crush on Boss. I think I'm the fourth one? Not sure why we're all confessing now, but yeah. Tbh I was kinda expecting more ppl, honestly, cause you're a rly great person, Boss <3

i was expecting to not have any at all so this is, um, a surprise

you’re really sweet, anon !! thank you so much !! and i think you may be the–eighth??? oh gosh i just counted the ones in my inbox + ones ive answered and im ,, oh my,, 



I CAN’T DRAW (at least i don’t think I can idk what everyone else thinks) But I imagine it having the color scheme of black and blue like the rest of the blade of marmora blades/armor whatever but let’s try and describe it at least because i need to get this out before i forget it 

so it’ll be black but with blue glowy lines running across it and on the upper part of the prosthetic it’ll have a glowing blade of marmora symbol 

and on the foot there’s some padding because no one wants to hear Ulaz getting up in the middle of the night and there’s the sound of ulaz’s metal prosthetic hitting the ground and it’s like ugh (think like pawpads but on the entire bottom of his foot) and it’ll help him with sneaking around and shit 


So, I’ve been really trying to get this whole art blog thing started, but I’ve struggled quite a lot.

You know, as an inexperienced artist with a low tolerance for awesome stuff that looks at too much awesome stuff and instantly jumps to self- depreciating comparisons and assumptions (”I’ll never be that good”, “No one would look at my shit anyway, what’s the point” etc) there is just this constant urge to be, well, flawless. Which first of all, no one is, and secondly, an inexperienced artist can’t really be close to.

I keep seeing people I consider “perfect”, and without me really noticing, the thought settled down in my head that if I don’t reach a certain standard, their standard, I’m not okay and what I do not worth showing.

It’s been eating at me quite a lot, because “I’m just not good enough” and ”But I have ideas and I want to get them out” have been battling in my head for a long time, and I really want to change this all, because it all feels like a barrier of fear and because I feel stuck and because if I don’t start now, when will I?

I’ve made the argument to a friend before that “Literally no one else is as stupid about this as me, they all post their stuff” and he made the point that if they’re hiding, like me, no one could ever know they existed, so how would I know that no one else feels the way I do?

So if you’re somehow like me and think your blog has to be evidence of how awesome you are, consider that it doesn’t have to be flawless. Even if people you admire might seem so, your mistakes are part of your journey and by trying to present everything “perfectly” you’re being less honest, less true. But we can only become happy when we embrace our true selves. Consider that how people perceive you is not the point, but having a place to express yourself, a piece of your soul, is.

I’m having a metal revelation: B-A-T-T-E-R-Y 


- First and foremost, I think of physical batteries. Like the one in your TV remote. I’ve made a post on this before, -> (x) but considering Battery City literally has electricity coursing through it; this meaning of battery tends to be the first to come to mind. (Mind you what happens to batteries when they run out of juice, but that’s for another post.) Maybe, really digging into it; you could get an idea of citizen’s worth? They’re all ‘batteries’ to be used by BLI.

- Secondly, I think of Battery in it’s “artillery storage” meaning. Not much to explain here. BLI just havin’ a ton a weapons makes sense, I mean, the Dracs have ray guns too.

- Okay, this one’s odd. There’s a really arctic usage of ‘battery’ to mean set/series; i.e. “a battery of test.”  

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okay, I’m actually curious to hear your explanation for this one. I thought it was generally agreed at this point that welfare reform made the whole system vastly less efficient, for no good reason other than some vague notion that handouts are undignified or something

It’s not a strong endorsement – the reforms were a mixed bag, and the block grants were a bad idea – and welfare reform could have been handled better, but I think it was a net improvement.

Some elements of the reform, especially the work conditionality requirements, made the system more effective at getting most recipients off welfare and into work. And I think that’s better for human welfare, human flourishing, and social solidarity in the long run.

I’ve talked about some of this before – my controversial views on welfare, experiments on work conditionality, and poverty reduction – and the subsequent rise in extreme poverty – under the program

I also talked about an interesting paper on the long-term effects of cash assistance – and pointed out that the observed effects could not be attributed to high marginal tax rates, but were probably caused by a shock to worker preferences


doodle dump of some friends’ Gasters/OCs behold the fruits of my procrastination

Blind!Gaster and Fell are @bun-bunmuse
Gariss/Dings/Gasty are @asktruelabsgaster

“Please stop screaming, shishou, I’ve got us.”

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