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Imagine one of them having yo guide you through your first kiss because you have no idea what you're doing

I can so imagine ashton doing this like making sure you were super ready to do this beforehand and then being sweet and gentle and giving you tips in a low whisper. and you’d be really tense because you were nervous and he’d say “relax your lips a little.. actually relax your whole body a little.” he could tell you were overthinking it and would tell you to “do what feels natural” and “follow my lead.” he’d notice your hands were still limp at your sides and he’d be like “you can touch me if you want” but you’d have no idea where to even put your hands and there just hovering a in the air as you try to think of where people put their hands in the movies but then you feel ashtons hands on yours and they guide them to his chest and everything starts to feel right after a while and you’re so grateful he was so patient with you because you really like kissing him and now you’re eager to learn more :-)


So a lot of people are saying just what I’m feeling: this song is insanely well-worked, lyrically matured, and significantly valuable in 5SOS’s discography. It carries much of the New Broken Scene’s message for the album and I’d like to honor that with my little concept. I’m no Isaac Rentz, but here we go:

Inspiration: Ever since I was little, I’ll hear songs and have this entire vivid picture explode inside my brain. Back when I took dance it used to be dances more than videos, but for this song I get this lyrical vibe: quick flowing moments that express a lot more than something short and concise. Ironically, I like this song lyrically so I have this idea to stress them as the outline of the song through almost lyrical video-style animation over the actual film. Anyways, I hope you keep this in mind as you read to know where I’m coming from. I’m hoping my writing leaves enough room for interpretation that you guys can feel where you’re coming from in it to.

Anyways, here’s the idea:

The main setting would almost be this storyboard kind of setting – it’d be like when you see the BTS of animators for Disney movings showing deleted scenes and everything’s black and white with just outlines moving (like the arrow above from Brave, *not my image*). That technique would be layered over the actually boys in black and white standing in this constantly changing black-to-white-to-black-to-white background while their movement would be somewhat slowed maybe like not even 25%. But all the animations would pop up almost explosively in vivid color and quickly, almost like in the Crossroads video by Forever The Sickest Kid with the neon but more animated in a lyric video kind of way. I’m not gonna go into too much detail with this idea except where I see the animations mainly and what stylistic choices I see for them.

Michael would start the video because he starts the song, head riding to deliver the first line and eyes flashing black (like in Supernatural) and back. Not much else would happen animation-wise here except for the outlines doing that shaky thing you see in the animated BTS videos since it’s just the beginning and like the lyrics, there has to be some build before the chorus.

As Luke comes in, his actual self fades into the picture behind Michael with his extenuated outline building itself over his image that steps up behind Michael and puts hand on his shoulder. Michael holds a hand up to grasp an animated, colored match out of the air while Luke grasps the similar matchbook to hold out for him. Michael strikes the match on it and this bold, intensely bright fire animation starts with bright oranges and reds exploding out towards the camera only to fade to gray and hang just before the screen, crumbling like ash as the ash slips between Luke and Michael’s fingers and they begin the pre-chorus.

While they sing the pre-chorus, the outlines around the sort of become unstable in the way that they start to tremor violently to match the build of the song. As they sing the final line (“Can you see inside?”), the outlines shatter and overwhelm the screen with black just for a second before the camera pans out fast into the chorus scene.

So this chorus scene would be of all four of the guys playing surrounded by the animations in this white space (almost like the animations hang around them in the SKH video but more in an oh-they’re-in-some-kind-of-void way because you know, interpretive symbolism). Heard of the game The Floor Is Lava? Well, the floor here would be a superimposed image of hurricane winds on the floor swirling almost like it’s going to suck them in. Their microphones on the stands would be little animated “poison pens” because lyrically, the microphone is an extension of their pens when they write. And the last animations would be four jet black hearts over each of the guys’ chests, only the animations would be different from the others as they would lack solid outlines. They’d be smudged black hearts that almost look like fingerprints if looked at closely enough. Their heartstrings would be connected to their music, the chords attaching to the cables near their amps wiring them in. To transition into the second verse, color from the various animations around them would float up oppositely to the gray ashes that fell in the pre-chorus and swirl like how I would visually describe as chemicals to pan the camera to the next verse.

This next verse would be of Luke walking down this very out-of-place strip of black road in the white space with Michael following close behind while various animations spring up around him (again, similar to the SKH video for some slight continuity). As they walk (hands in their pockets) and sing, the road behind them animates into cassette tape raveling up towards the sky which begins to fill with it and turn pitch black as Luke reach the end of the road.

Almost oppositely to the last pre-chorus, Michael would fade out and leave Luke at the end of the road as the sky sucks it up behind him, edging nearer. As he’d sing, he’d take his hands out of his pockets to show his outlines falling apart again and crumbling to the ground. Just as the pre-chorus builds, the road/cassette tape would pull out from his feet and send him flying (like when someone yanks a tablecloth of a fully-set table) with all his outline shattering as he is thrown into the next chorus scene.

This chorus would be similar to the last, the only thing changing that they all start to pull themselves away from their instruments, tearing at their heartstrings through the woah’s and oh’s to pull themselves away for the bridge.

Calum would take the lead and starting picking the remaining heartstrings as they walked towards the camera together, pulling them away as he say the first two lines (interpretively to be able to “forget who [they] are and dive into the dark” since music seems to be so much of an extension of themselves). They pick off the last of the heartstrings as the outlines fall with them, and as they stand in the debris of black, color begins to return to each of the guys’ own images.

There would be that first line in the final chorus where the camera would just focus on Michael gripping the heart animation over his chest as they outlines and strings at their feet begin to tangle a their ankles and try to pull them back in, the hurricane let loose as we see animations sucked into it. The remainder of the song would almost look like a Technicolor chaos with animation being drawn into the hurricane winds and the guys trying not to be sucked in. They’d be pulling and struggling against it, pulling each other away until Calum’s final part and the song’s climax hits where the winds begin to weaken and chords are snapped.

As we hear Luke’s final “to start again,” we’d see them getting to their feet after the storm, Ashup first and helping the others who rise up and watch as the heart animations – the only animations left – fall from their chests oozing ink in their hands. They let them drop, Ash (because he was the final piece to 5SOS) leading their way towards their instruments which miraculously survived all the chaos (and are now in color).

The final image shown as the music begins to fade out would be of the four black heart lying in a puddle of ink in the foreground with a blurred image of the four guys picking up their instruments is still decipherable in the background.

That is my idea for Jet Black Heart by 5sos-official! I hope you like it and feel free to send me feedback, like, or reblog it!

*again, not my image, just my idea and writing!*

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I really dig single parent (either Derek or Stiles). Much obliged. ;)

I have no idea what this is but it’s not that? TEENY TINY BLURB FIC THINGY.

Stiles thunders down the steps, unrepentantly hip checking Ollie into the wall as he scrambles for the front door, throwing it open to reveal… “No,” Stiles says, heart in his throat.  "No, no, no.“

"Uh.  Hi?” the big giant no says, standing on his stoop in a fucking leather jacket, Stiles wants to kill someone.

“No,” Stiles says again, and then slams the door.

He leans against it, breathing hard. He’s a little lightheaded and Ollie stands in front of him, hands on her hips, frowning.

“Are you okay?” she says.  "Was that Andrew?“

"Andrew,” Stiles says, then laughs a little hysterically and says, “You are not going out with Andrew.”

“Why?” Ollie says, genuinely bewildered.

Why?  Why?  Stiles has no idea what to say here.  Should he tell her that the last time he saw Andrew Hale was when his father had breezed into town ten years ago, Andrew and his baby sister in tow, to formally give up his claim on Hale territory to Scott?  That Andrew’s father basically broke his heart when he was eighteen, because Andrew’s father is a giant asshole dick? That Stiles had finally said yes to Stephen for all the wrong reasons; that if he hadn’t, they probably wouldn’t have gotten a five year old Ollie the very next year? Ugh. All those choices are so bad.

Stiles says, “He’s a werewolf,” and watches Ollie’s eyes go wide.

“Okay,” she says reasonably, “except you dated Aunt Malia for years. Not to mention the fact that we’re, you know, technically part of a wolf pack.” She cocks her head. “Is that what this is?  Some kind of territory thing?  He doesn’t have to ask Uncle Scott, does he?”

“Aunt Malia’s a coyote, not a wolf,” Stiles says, only a little desperately.

“Aunt Malia’s dad is a psycho werewolf locked in supernatural jail,” Ollie says, eyes narrowed. “Try harder.”

There’s a tentative knock on the door behind his back and a nervous sounding, “Ah, sir?”

Stiles slumps against the wood, murmurs, “Worst day of my life,” takes a deep breath and then goes to open the door again.


Andrew Hale is a polite, well-mannered young man who happens to look like a miniature Derek, right down to the jacket, V-neck and jeans.  His only nods to his mom are the darker skin tone and bright brown eyes, and the way he seems to track everything in the room as a possible threat.

“Well,” Stiles says. “It’s nice to see you again, Andrew.”

One of Andrew’s eyebrows goes up at the obvious lie.  "Sure.“

"Dad,” Ollie says, swinging on a jacket.  "We’re going.“

"I’m, uh.” Andrew shifts awkwardly on his feet. “I’m sorry, sir, but have we met?”

Stiles stares at him.  "Yes,“ he says slowly. "Although I guess you wouldn’t remember.  Tell me, Andrew, does your dad know where you are tonight?”

Andrew seems to bristle at the question, straightening his back.  "Yeah,“ he says.

"And he knows we’re part of the local wolf pack?” Stiles says, fishing.

“Yeah,” Andrew says.  There’s a curl of hair that falls over his forehead, and Andrew pushes it back with the flat of his hand.  "It’s, uh, nice to meet you, Mr. Carpenter, but we really—"

“Oh, crap,” Stiles says. He lets out another semi-hysterical laugh and says, “I’m not Mr. Carpenter.”

Andrew looks confused.  "But isn’t Olive—"

Ollie likes to shorten her hyphenated name in school, because she’s ashamed of being a Stilinski,” Stiles says, and Ollie says, “Oh my god, Dad, you know that’s not—”

“Oh, crap,” Andrew says faintly.

“You break your Grandpa’s heart, sweet pea,” Stiles says, watching Ollie flush and grumble, and then Andrew says, “Oh, crap,” again and, “I gotta go.”

“What?” Ollie says.

“I think that’s a good idea,” Stiles says, leading the way back to the front door.  He opens it wide and feels only a little satisfied at the way Andrew’s shoulders slump on his way back onto the porch.

He glances over at a still-stunned Ollie and says, “Uh, I’ll see you at school?”

Ollie crosses her arms over her chest and scowls.

Andrew ducks his head, Stiles is getting very vivid and terrible flashbacks here, and he slams the door shut on that nightmare with an audible sigh.

Ollie stomps back up the steps to her room, and she may be mad at Andrew now, but at some point in the near future she’s going to be furious with Stiles, he is not looking forward to that at all.

I Can't Help It (college!luke)

okay but college!luke always staring at you from across the class and one day you notice him. it kinda gets you a little fired up cause you have no idea what the hell hes looking at and it makes you a little nervous so after class, you walk up to him, your head high as he’s picking up his books and you say a little too sharply “can I help you with something?”. his head shoots up, not expecting that to come from you. his face flushes a bright pink and he stutters “I-I just think you’re gorgeous and I can’t help it..”. your mood instantly lightens and you feel the tension in your shoulders diminish. “oh,” a small smile creeps onto your lips “well thank you.”. with a killer smile of his own, he nods and politely asks if you’d like to get coffee sometime

It’s You

Been a while since I wrote anything so I’m a little rusty.

All fluff bc that’s what I’m good at. :)

words: 1335

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