i have no idea what the hell is this

The dinner party

-almost all YOI characters having a dinner party at some point-

Yuuri: “Can someone pass the salt”
Victor: “Here let me get that for you ba-!!!!”
*something flies pass Yuuri avoiding him by an inch”
Yuuri: *Unmanly screams but victor still loves him anyway*
Other characters: *in various state of shock but guang hong and leo had their phones out ready to capture some action*
Yuuri: *looks at pichit* “P-pichit-kun W-WHAT THE HELL!!!”
Pichit: *innocently smiles*“what?! you said pass the salt i just obeyed what you said!” *looks at seung gil’s position on the floor, out cold near yuuri*
Pichit: “ah that salt is dirty now! here let me get the other one for you!” *smiles at yurio’s direction*
Yurio:”……….DON’T. YOU. DARE!………”
Pichit: *laughs* “lol nope!!” *grabs yurio’s body and throws him at yuuri’s direction*
Pichit:”……..I have lived a happy life…….I have no regrets…..” *takes a selfie with the whole fiasco behind him* “#pichitchulanontlivedahappylife”

-later on Pichit was chased by an angry korean boy and a russian boy holding a plastic spoon yelling “I CAN KILL YOU WITH THIS FUCKING PLASTIC SPOON YOU HAMSTER FUCKER PIECE OF SHIT!!!!”

All the people who has posted screenshot of Wiccan i have no idea who they did it with spending a million shards. I mean the hell? I get the need/want to spend a few bucks on a game but to that extend i do not. Even if you are a millionaire whats the fun of the game if you buy everything? At least to me the excitement of AvAc is in freaking out over the time limit to get the characters and in geting the stuff for the upgrading and all not only on owning everything… anyways good job to those who have Wiccan already i will be jealous over here trying to unlock him the old way.

i applied for LAMDA now but i’m already kinda scared of the audition…like i’m not confident at all, but i wanna do this. i WANT to be an actress and i WANT them to train me. i want it, but i’m also scared of it. i’ve had carrie fisher’s quote in my mind for days: “stay afraid,but do it anyway”. and i need to do it. if i actually want to get in, i have to be the most confident person out there and show my whole potential. i’m done with trying to drag me down, trying to disappear. i’m the one who’s in my way. my parents and friends support me. my mind has to support me as well. like dude, this is for you!!! this is for you!! what the hell are you afraid of? i need to be confident for this. i want them to want me. but i have no idea how to be confident. i haven’t been confident for years. it’s time.

lolepopenon  asked:

If you were free from school/work/whatever for a year, what'd you do?

ooh boi, I’d probably draw a lot and travel around Hungary to see some friends 

but idea of a gap year sounds really interesting to me though, I mean after graduation I think it would be really good idk

next year will be hell, I’ll have to completely change my lifestyle in like… a month rofl 

toxic-kitty-cat  asked:

Mother. I just started watching Metalocalypse and what the fuck. Like. Why do I like pickles so much??? Toki makes sense because he's cute. But pickles????????? Also, I had a request idea last night, but I forgot it. So I'll send it in when I remember it. But still, Pickles??????????? What have you done to me mother.

welcome to hell

I got tagged!

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1: Are you named after someone?

Not that im aware of!

2: When is the last time you cried?

A couple of weeks ago when my pet rat was very very sick (shes ok now tho!)

3: Do you like your handwriting?

Nooooo not really xD Its very messy. My dad once said “For as good as you can draw you’d think you could write a little neater”

4: What is your favorite lunch meat?

Turkey! Specially Cajun seasoned turkey, yyuuuummmm

5: Do you have kids?

Nope! But do pets count? I mean they’re kinda like my kids?

6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

Hell yeah! I mean come on im pretty freaking fabulous (actually I have no idea)

7: Do you use sarcasm?


8: Do you still have your tonsils?


9: Would you bungee jump?

Ah. No thank you. I like..the ground..not rushing towards my face.

10: What is your favorite kind of cereal?

I cant really eat cereal sadly because trying to eat it with milk really hurts my teeth ;; But I can eat it dry, in which case I like to munch on quaker oats squares.

11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Nope, I just slide them off and slide them back on xD

12: Do you think you’re a strong person?

I’d say no but people have told me otherwise and I am not sure why xD

13: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I like Moose tracks, but I also will just have vanilla too xD

14: What is the first thing you notice about people?

I dont. XD I have a bad habit about not making eye contact with people so I tend to just..avoid looking at most people xD;

15: Red or pink?

I like red mostly (TEAM MAGMA YES)

16: What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself?

I dont like my forehead I think hence why im always wearing a hat. Im sure there are other things at different times but thats the main one I can think of.

17: What color pants and shoes are you wearing now?

Blue jeans and some old grey and blue shoes.

18: What was the last thing you ate?

Breakfast which consisted of 2 sunny side up eggs, on toast that was covered in tabasco..and drinking coffee.

19: What are you listening to right now?

“Heavy”- Linkin Park (feat. Kiiara) it is very catchy!

20: If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

I…I dont know?? I would think maybe a shade of red? Or maybe Lavender?

22: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

I had to go check my phone xD Last person I talked to was my mother in law :3

23: Favorite sport to watch?

I’ll watch some football every now and then, but mostly just for the Saints or the superbowl

24: Hair color?

at the moment, dark brown with a hint of red, but I will be changing that ina  couple months :3c

25: Eye color?

dark brown

26: Do you wear contacts?

Nope! Probably have the best vision of everyone in my house xD

27: Favorite food to eat?

Crawfish! But thats only seasonal, so outside of that im partial to meat, pasta and almost anything in red sauce.

28: Scary movies or comedy?

comedy plz I dont do well with scary movies xD

29: Last movie you watched?


30: What color of shirt are you wearing?

Blue with all the eeveelutions on it :3

31: Summer or Winter?

Summers are pretty brutal but I can hardly function in the cold xD

32: Hugs or kisses?

I really like a nice hug, but kisses arent bad either. But nice hugs and maybe some petting.

33: What book are you currently reading?

Im not currently reading anything xD

34: Who do you miss right now?


35: What is on your mouse pad?

nothing sadly, its just black with a wrist cushion.

36: What is the last TV program you watched?

I was watching How Its Made last nigt to fall asleep but the last series I watched?…Ridiculousness (I love those kinda shows xD)

37: What is the best sound?

Various things but one of my favorites is either the sound of leaves falling when its windy, or when youre walking on dry mud and it cracks under your shoes and its just such a good sound -v-b

38: Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

Theyre ok and Ive listened to most of the popular Beatles songs but not really..a fan?

39: What is the furthest you have ever traveled?

Hmm..I have been to Hawaii so thats something

40: Do you have a special talent?

Im sure I do xDD

41: Where were you born?


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Supernatural Season 47
  • Dean, leaning heaviliy on his cane: Who the hell was that?!
  • Crowley: Do you have any idea what you got into? That was *dramatic pause* a Marquis of hell
  • Sam: A what???
  • Crowley: A Marquis of hell. The offspring of an Archduke of hell and a Baron of hell. Knights of hell are their second cousins twice removed and they often roam the earth together with their best friends the counts of hell, not to confuse with the viscounts of hell...
  • Sam, adjusting his hearing aids: No, I meant can you repeat that? I can’t hear you when your mumbling like that
but like a tinder reveal tho
  • like have you ever just sat with your friends while you all swipe through tinder?
  • and like gush over the people you match with and laugh over dumb profiles and screenshot the people you know?
  • idk i feel like ladybug and chat noir would do that when they’re bored
  • like chat noir would automatically cheer really loudly whenever he matches (which happens a lot and ladybug’s like “what the hell he’s an actual dork these girls have no idea”)
  • and whenever ladybug matches chat noir leans over, squints at the profile, and jokes around with her and says stuff like “eh, whatever, my abs are way better.”
  • chat noir has like double the amount of matches that ladybug has (”jeez, are you famous or something?”) but ladybug gets so many superlikes and chat noir is high-key not surprised because if he could he’d superlike her too
  • but then one day they’re both swiping and ladybug freaking screams because Adrien’s tinder profile shows up in her stack and it shows that he’s less than a mile away
  • (LB: “oh my god, why is he out here so late?
  • CN: “HAHA. ha. um. hey. who knows? he’s a model, right? probably….model…type…..things.”)
  • and chat noir isn’t trying to be pushy but he asks her “sooooooo, are you gonna swipe right?”
  • all the while practically begging in his head for her to say yes, oh my god say yes, please swipe right, please do it, it would make this evening magical. 
  • and ladybug’s just like “ugh we probably won’t match :/” and chat noir’s like “the dude would literally be an idiot if he didn’t match with you.” 
  • so ladybug decides to screw it and swipes right and she howls because YES! IT’S A MATCH! WE MATCHED OH MY GOD I MATCHED WITH ADRIEN AGRESTE HOLY SHIT
  • and then chat’s phone buzzes immediately after
  • with a notification from tinder
  • because he has a new match
  • and it’s marinette
  • and he damn near drops his phone from the top of the gd notre dame
"Stop watching those Tv shows, it's complete waste of time. Don't you have a life?"

…oh wow you know what? You’re so right. What the hell am I doing? It’s not like these useless series have given me any great ideas, or taught me amazing lessons about life, symbolism, parallels, foreshadowing and whatnot.

My god, I’m a piece of shit!

How Do People NOT Multiship?

Seriously I don’t get it. Just looking at Voltron for example here, you’ve got

-Klance, your hate ship, that red and blue, the gay losers who pretend to hate each other but would be very upset if something happened to the other
–Sheith, with all its history and possibilities for angst and comfort
-Kidge, your dumb conspiracy theorists who have no idea what they’re doing in a relationship but they’re trying their best
-Heith, your cinnamon roll lovers
-Kallura, your space power couple and also the way to spite people just for fun
-Shance, your sweet little angel falling for space daddy and it could be unrequited if you like to suffer and I mean Lance called Shiro his fucking hero like can you not
-Pidgance, Punk and Hance, your friends to lovers ships
-Allurance, for crush nerds and could again be unrequited if you’re masochistic
-Shidge, with their adorable and lame support that makes me cry
-Shunk, which is just an even purer cinnamon roll ship
-Shallura, for all your space parent needs
-Pallura, because lesbians are beautiful
-Hallura, the team mom ship
-Shatt, more angst opportunities and the best name

And then there’s your poly ships

-Shklance, where Shiro’s the only sane one and keeping them alive
-Klunk, Kidgance and both at the same time, the purest of friends to lovers poly ships
-Shallurance, which is perfect for Lance angst if you like people feeling like an add on and less important when really they’re just as loved
-Shalluridge, which I can’t even describe how great it is
- Shalluratt, which I don’t actually ship but I get it

Then again maybe is just me I join a fandom and I either ship everything or don’t even ship the Canon there is no in between for me.

i log on every day and have no idea who or what y'all are ever talking about. who the hell is griffin McElroy?? what is torbjorn??? i’ve never seen a single star wars movie and i know zero things about pokemon. all i do is listen to say my name by destinys child and watch y'all have fun on the dashboard about a bunch of shit i know zero about. but y'all are having fun and that’s what matters

Types of posts in the KS tag

1. “I genuinely like this manhwa so here’s some great fanart” posts

2. “I have nO fUCkiNG iDEa what this shit is, it’s messed up as hell, you all are creepy fucks for liking this shit” posts


4. “Why did the Yuri on Ice fandom move to this?? what the fUCK??” posts

5. “I’m just here because I read the manhwa and liked it, why is everyone fighting” posts


as the years move on these questions take shape
are you getting stronger or is time shifting weight? (x)

Human Shield - A SuperCorp fic

I don’t always have time to make complete comics. I work. A LOT. But this was a really interesting idea I wanted to explore. And @luthoring​ encouraged me, sooooo… here you go.

Beyond the cut is the result, expanding on this comic. Written entirely from Lena’s perspective.

Fair warning: there is violence, injury, and angst. 

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