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Now that the Power Rangers are all millenials, it’s time… Power Rangers Memes

  • *Something mildly inconveniencing happens* AYE YI YI
  • (Instead of thanks Obama) Thanks, Zordon
  • “Billy, explain” “(fancy sounding science)” “Trini, explain” “Shit’s messed up”
  • I’ll trade my power coin for that sandwich
  • Someone burns Rita, everyone else screams and shoots their blasters at the sky
  • How am I going to backflip my way out of this one?
  • Angel Grove Youth Center and Fight Club
  • “Jason what should we do?” “I don’t know. Punch it.”
  • Dropping into a crouch and making putty noises
  • Zack screaming “Plié! Plié!” as someone runs from an explosion

Feel free to add your own wholesome Power Rangers memes

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I died. What would have happened if Viktor stayed and ordered room service instead of leaving to get coffee?

Would Yuuri have stayed to talk to Viktor after their first night together if Viktor had still been there when he woke up or asked him to stay when he brought coffee/tea?

thank you for the new chapter! it was a delight to read! good luck with exams!!! theyre hell but im sure youll do well!! and im also kind of curious do you have any idea on how the story wouldve turned out had victor gotten back before yuuri woke up/ordered room service/left a gosh dang note?

How would things have gone if the morning after instead of running out for coffee Viktor had stayed in the room and idk been a complete irredeemable sap and admired Yuuri’s sleeping face or sth until Yuuri woke up?

FUCK. FUCK. that last chapter was WAY more painful than i thought it would be. kaz please tell me what would have happened if yuuri HADN’T waken up and victor was able to get the drinks back and talk to yuuri after??? would everything be a LOT better??? would things still be the same in the long run???? would things have gotten worse???? PLEASE TELL ME

I’m not blaming Viktor - but how different would things have been if he didn’t go out to get coffee? I feel like that was kind of a bone-headed move on Viktor’s part. “Hey, this guy always interprets what I do TOTALLY WRONG AND FOR THE WORST so I’m just going to risk letting him wake up alone in my room. That’s going to go over great…” I mean… I would have probably read it like Yuuri did to be fair. Leave a note! Something! Great as always tho. :) If I didn’t know it ended well, I’d be dead.


If Viktor hadn’t gone out for coffee/had slept in longer then they would have talked. The idea behind the coffee/tea was he wanted some kind of peace offering and goodwill gesture to start the whole conversation on the right tone. But just like with the waltzing the night before, he thinks of an idea and just runs with it, without really thinking it all the way through. So it was a good plan but he got excited and was in a rush and almost left the hotel room without his wallet which also meant that he completely forgot about leaving a note. And then Yuuri took it as a sign that Viktor expected him to leave/wanted him gone and by the time Viktor got back he was feeling awkward and embarrassed and very stuck in the mindset that Viktor must not want him there anymore. Which, to be fair on him, is quite reasonable if after (what he was assuming was) a one night stand you wake up alone with no note. 

If Viktor hadn’t left he wouldn’t have had the desire to just rush out, he was actually being kind of affectionate and cuddly the night before after they finished. He still would have felt a lot of animosity towards Viktor but his walls would be a lot less guarded and if Viktor had asked, just like in chapter 12, there would be no way for him to avoid the conversation. So he would end up telling Viktor then and there why he hates him so much and the whole story would be very different  

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May I request some lovely crime/gang aus?

yes you may, dear anon!

  • “it’s not everyday you’re mistaken for the newest member of one of the most dangerous criminal gangs in all of history, i think you’re the only one who’s realised i have NO idea what im doing. please please please dont’ say anything, i dont fancy dying just yet!”
  • the classic “we’re the heads from two rival gangs with nothing but guns, our amazing tactical intelligence and a hell of a lot of sexual tension.”
  • “what was the one thing i asked you to do? keep the hostage alive. and what did you do? NOT DO THAT, THAT’S FOR SURE.”
  • “i’ve had my fair share of hostages in my times, but for fuck’s sake you are by far the sassiest and most problematic hostage i’ve ever had. i don’t CARE IF YOU’RE UNCOMFORTABLE YOU’RE MY HOSTAGE WHAT PART OF THIS DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND”
  • “im trying to form a gang but so far it only consists of one person, wanna make it two?”
  • “i knew you were too perfect, of fucking course you had to be the leader of the mafia. of ALL things, the leader of the mafia???”
  • i’ve been trying to catch the anonymous leader of the most dangerous gang in the city, ffs it’s my best friend isn’t it
  • Person A is the kindest, sweetest person Person B has ever met. Unbeknown to Person B, Person A is completely different when it comes to their job; they’re ruthless, cold-blooded and cunning. B would never suspect a thing, until A gets caught that is…
  • “you are in fact the worst burglar i have ever seen”
    “how many burglars have you seen???”
  • this job would be a lot easier if you weren’t on my team, but i really don’t have the heart to tell you that you’re rubbish at this because the look on your face when i told you you could join me was just so… i’m cruel but im not THAT cruel ok??

here’s a long list of random prompts

-”hey dude? can you do me a favor and show me where i asked”
-”….spiders. of course it’s spiders.”
-”how the hell do you find anything in this place?”
-”what the hell is in your pants?”
-”you want me to go get what now
-”there’s no way in hell im working with HIM”
-”so you’re telling me, that out of all of our options right now, that is the plan you wanna go with?”
-”im sorry, what was it you said about vehicular manslaughter?”
-”it’s not stealing if he deserves it”
-”im sorry do you wanna repeat that
-”im not drinking that”
-”for the hundredth time, no
-”now is NOT the time for a selfie!”
-”that’s sick. how could anyone do that” “(just did That)….”
-”is planetary genocide really the answer here?”
-”yeah, about that…”
-”im sorry, but that’s pretty fucking cool”
-”that was the weirdest, scariest, most awesome experience of my life”
-”do i have to?”
-”i’ll wear whatever i want, thank you.”
-”dude are you okay? you look like you’ve got the plague”
-”this is fine, right? it’s probably fine”
-”how was I supposed to know that?!”
-”I didn’t know that was flammable..”
-”you’re kidding, right?”
-”we started at the bottom and somehow we’ve managed to sink even lower”
-”who the hell are you
-”this is a bad idea. this is absolutely a bad idea”
-”guys, maybe we shouldn’t go to this incredibly dangerous place- and you’re already gone.”
-”you can’t expect me to forgive you”
-”maybe i can’t hide, but i can sure as hell run”
-”you can’t just waltz back into my life like nothing happened!”
-”get out
-”is that blood?”
-”do i even want to know what happened?”
-”how the hell did you think that was a good idea?”
-”shut up, Satan”
-”i got my masters for this…”
-”im not supposed to be here
-”you can torture me all you want, i’ll never talk”
-”you’ll have to get through me first”
-”it’s my job to die for you. stop interfering with my work”
-”yes, im his guardian, unfortunately” 
-”well, you see, what had happened was-”
-”what the hell is that noise
-”you’ll never take me alive”
-”that’s the dumbest shit ive ever heard. let’s do it.”
-”i can’t believe you did that”
-”it’s a long story that involves a lot of blood, a couple squirrels, and one hell of a headache”
-”its dangerous” “but it’s so cute
-”have i ever told you how much I hate your guts?”
-”you ruined me.”
-”you’ll pay for that”
-”you can take everything, my possessions, my life, but please, dont take her
-”i’ll come back for you, i promise”
-”hate is such a strong word, i prefer extreme dislike
-”stop pretending to be a hero”
-”I may be a villain, but even i have standards”
-”forget the goddamn mission!
-”Im not doing this for you, im doing it for me.”
-”stay out of this
-”the devil is an asshole”
-”you got a problem with that?”
-”if you hurt them, so help me-
-”what is your damage
-”first of all, ow
-”…i forgot what i came here for”
-”are you sure it’s safe?”
-”thanks, i have anxiety”
-”sorry, but im not on the menu tonight”
-”you threatened who
-”if i wasnt incredibly happy to see you i’d kick your ass”
-”you owe me for that”
-”fuck off ghost!”
-”what kind of horror movie shit is this?”
-”oh, paranormal activity. my favorite
-”we were so goddamn close!”
-”permission to speak freely? that’s fucking stupid.”
-”how come everytime I turn around, you’re blowing something up?”
-”where did you get that
-”don’t look at that!”
-”who gave you permission to be here?”
-”hypothetically speaking-”
-”shut up you fucking nerd”
-”okay- who invited the bear?”
-”you won’t be laughing soon”
-”jeez, talk about a weird hobby”
-”dont you find that just a little suspicious?”
-”you won’t have to worry anymore”
-”i’ll take care of it, once and for all”
-”is there anything you wouldn’t do for money?”
-”fuck your eyebrows”
-”you’ve been playing this game for how long
-”could’ve went a bit smoother, but it still worked”
-”hey, we’re alive right?”
-”you didn’t bring me along for just my good looks”
-”how are you so confident about everything?”
-”oh yeah? if like to see you do better”
-”that’s not how this works! that’s not how any of this works!”
-”why are there so many dogs” “why not”
-”first of all, you ignored my dog in a bee costume, so fuck you. second of all-”
-”are you flirting with me?”
-”why do i find that hard to believe?”
-”why must i suffer”

Klance “Babe” Headcanon

A/N:  Okay so somewhere on the internet I saw this headcanon and decided that I needed to write it.  Warning that I don’t write very often and that the grammar is probably terrible, but tell me what you think!

“Begin training level three.”  I say, even though I was exhausted from forming Voltron so many times earlier that day.

“End training sequence.”  Lance shouts suddenly, swaggering his way up to me.

“Hey! What the fuck, man?!”

“Don’t be stupid and wear yourself out.  We have ‘bonding exercises’ or whatever tomorrow too, mullet.  C’mon babe, let’s go eat.”  

“Fine.”  I say, relenting easier than normal due to my tired state.  Wait a second…

“What did you just call me?!”

“Uh, mullet?” He responds innocently, casting a confused look in my direction.

“No, after that.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.  You must be really out of it,”  He says, laughing, “Let’s just go get dinner already.”

What the actual fuck Lance?!  Did I really dream that up? I couldn’t have, I mean, yeah, his face is aesthetically pleasing, but it’s not like I like like him or anything. This better not be one of his stupid pranks again.  

Part of me was hoping that somehow dinner would be something other than that alien goop, but as always, my dreams were hopelessly crushed.  

“Paladins, I have an announcement,”  Allura states in her ‘mesmerizing accent’ as Lance puts it, “I know you are all tired from working hard today, so I thought it would be nice if we could all have some fun together.”

“Is this your way of trying to trick us into more ‘bonding exercises’?”  Lance says, giving her a skeptical look (which was more attractive than I care to admit).  Needless to say, Allura ignores Lance and continues with was she was saying.

“I thought it would be fun for you all to teach Coran and I some of your earth games, so you can feel more at home.”

“Thank you princess, the thought is very much appreciated,”  Shiro says in his very eloquent distinctly Shiro-y way of talking, “however, I’m not sure we have time to relax since Zarkon could attack any time now.”

“You worry too much,” Lance says rolling his eyes, “Hey babe, could you pass the weird alien seasoning whatever?”

The entire crew just looks at him, confused.  “Helloooo? Keeeiiith? Anybody home?  Salt?”

Everyone burst out laughing (Pidge was actually wiping tears from their eyes), I could feel my face burning as I practically chucked the seasoning at Lance.

“Hunk, you sooooo owe me 20 bucks when we get back home.”  Pidge choked out between fits of laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Lance asked, looking genuinely confused.  Everyone just laughed harder.  I got up and left, infuriated but weirdly pleased.

Pigde caught up with me later and asked, “So you and Lance are a thing now, huh?” Giving me that sly-ass Pidge face they always do when they find out one of your dirty secrets.


“Then what’s with the whole ‘babe’ thing then, huh?”  Casting me a look that no fourteen year old child should be allowed to make.

“Tch, to be honest, I have no idea why he’s doing that either.”  Pidge just rolls their eyes in response.

“God, both of you are too dense for me to handle.”  Then they roll their eyes and walk away.

I just stand there, confused to all hell about what just happened.

Time to celebrate surviving three weeks of hiatus with a new prompt! After coffee shops, space and royals, we can’t wait to see what you come up with for:


We’re sure you’re all familiar with this one, and there’s certainly a lot of possibilities to explore! There’s no rules on setting, so you could do a real world AU, or explore the possibilities within the canon. Or do something more exotic! The choice is up to you - as long as someone’s a single parent, it all fits, so go wild!

Again, usual reminders apply; please tag your works #shaumondays in the first five tags, and tag any triggers. If you could tag any otps and brotps somewhere in the post, that would also help us a lot with sorting! Also remember you can tag us @shadowhuntersaumondays within the post if you think it might go missing, and if something hasn’t been reblogged and you think it should have been, don’t be afraid to get in touch!

We accept all types of fanworks that you could dream of, but please remember that all content should be created originally by you. This challenge has been incredible, and we can’t wait to see you rise to this week’s challenge. As always, if you’re in need of inspiration, you can check under the cut for prompts and ideas. If you have questions, ask them here, and remember fanfics posted on AO3 can be added to this collection if you wish! Happy creating!

Love, the SHAUMondays squad

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i’m either “i will post whatever the hell i want” or “if i post this i will be shunned by everyone and have to move to another planet” and there is no in-between

brickerbeetle  asked:

my guy do i even have to say it im p sure you already know what pairing im gonna ask for (it's sm just in case)

hell yes my dude hell yes (im glad you clarified im so oblivious and would have never guessed???? is the pairing thomas jefferson and john adams??? who knows???)

  • Werewolf and Hunter

I love the idea of Sousuke being the misunderstood werewolf, with a few bad situations that gives him the reputation for being a dangerous werewolf. Makoto comes into town to hunt down this werewolf–he’s like, a werewolf hunter that doesn’t believe that all werewolves are evil and will only kill them if they’re a danger to others. and then they fuk

  • Mermaid and Fisherman

alright so I may have already written a mermaid au where sousuke is the mermaid and i love that idea, but I think I love the idea of Sousuke the fisherman more. Like a straight up Little Mermaid au, where Makoto rescues this fisherman from a shipwreck and then Sousuke keeps going out to sea looking for him. oh the drama~

  • Witch and Familiar

LOL already wrote a witch au with Sousuke as a witch :D but this time with Makoto the familiar who makes sure that Sousuke doesn’t work himself to death GASPPP okay restart Sousuke is a witch who ended up injuring himself really badly because he was reckless with him life and then Makoto is his new familiar who comes to him to help guide him to be less reckless with himself hell yeah.

  • Barista and Coffee Addict

So every soumako coffee au that I’ve read has had Makoto as the barista which is totally cool, but I love the idea of Sousuke as this barista who’s just trying to make a living and then Makoto is the stressed out college student who pulls too many all-nighters and becomes a regular and Sousuke becomes Concerned for this Cute Boy who needs to Take Better Care of Himself.

  • Professor and TA

Makoto is the professor who is too stressed out and is taking on too much work and Sousuke is the TA who is like “you know it’s my job to help you right please let me help you I’ll bribe you with coffee and food???”

  • Knight and Prince

LET’S HAVE SOME FUN. Sousuke the prince and Makoto the knight. It’s just Makoto constantly chasing down Sousuke screaming “Stop fighting people, that’s my job!!” Or someone attacks them and Sousuke jumps in front of Makoto to guard him and Makoto afterwards is like “You’re the heir stop this! Do you not know how this dynamic works?!” And Sousuke just nods along and says “Sure, sure” but is he actually learning anything? No. No he is not.

  • Teacher and Single Parent

PLEASE, Makoto the amazing teacher and Sousuke the stressed out single parent of course. Sousuke starts volunteering at the school just to hang out with Makoto more. Some real slow burn shit.

  • Writer and Editor

Makoto the writer who is always waiting for inspiration to hit him and Sousuke is his editor like “get your head out of the clouds and write something.” And then when inspiration finally hits Sousuke is the one who is cooking food and cleaning up and making sure that Makoto actually goes to sleep. And then he tears Makoto’s writing apart and Makoto’s like “why are you doing this to me im so nice to you ;-;” and Sousuke is like “because i know you can make better stuff now lets hammer down this theme.”

The Sign of Dreams

So I dove face first into TSoT with the idea that it’s all EMP and by golly… it’s a trip.
(So because I’m not clever enough to draw anything from it yet, I’m gonna leave a good chunk of the start at the door)

  • Mrs Hudson making tea and Sherlock commenting that he ‘just thought it sort of happened’. Which is an indicator towards it all being EMP, considering dreams are disjointed and you just end up somewhere, you don’t know how you got from A to B.
  • As it was said here it’s likely Sherlock’s parents are homophobic. And Sherlock saying that his mother ‘understands very little’ is possibly pointing towards the same conclusion. His mother doesn’t understand how Sherlock could be gay perhaps?
  • Not seeing the wedding ‘cause even Sherlock’s mind isn’t that cruel. Again the whole transition was very dream-like, you don’t know how they got from A to B, they just ended up there. There was no set-up, no wedding. (Because there actually was no wedding).
  • Harry (and John’s parents, that is if they’re even alive) not being at the wedding. Possibly ‘cause Sherlock doesn’t know what Harry looks like and only knows her from his deductions and the blog. Sherlock doesn’t expect Harry to turn up to her own brother’s wedding ‘cause clearly she wouldn’t be interested in that if they hardly see each other… Something tells me, this may all be a dream.
  • Sholto is barely mentioned, suggesting Sherlock has either never heard John talk about him, so Sherlock made him up. Or John mentioned him a couple times and Sherlock kinda shoe-horned him in. Again, now that I think about it, someone like Sholto being there but not John’s family seems rather bizarre, don’t you think?
  • The amount of guests at the wedding (barely a hundred people saw the invitation so god knows how many actually turned up) and the lack of family members is strange. We know John doesn’t have many friends and most people hate Mary so… who exactly are all these people? John’s cousins? ‘Cause apparently they turn up but John’s parents and sister… don’t?
  • ‘The two people that I love and care about most in the world’. Sherlock has known John is in love with him since ASiB and that is slipping into this reality.
  • Best man speech features more low self-esteem. I believe the part ‘the bravest and kindest and wisest human being, I have ever had the good fortune of knowing’, is what Sherlock wanted to say to John before jumping. But perhaps he didn’t out of fear of leaving John forever.
  • ‘In short, the two people who love you most in this world’. Sherlock is well aware that he loves John and I think the hug conveys his desperation and want to be with him, as he clings onto life.
  • Mary knows when Sherlock is lying. Yes we could tie this to the fact that she’s an assassin but I’m not here for that. It suggests she’s a character Sherlock made to shut him down, shut him up and shut him out of anything and everything in every respect. It’s the low self-esteem again.
  • The serviettes - ‘That just sort of happened’. Again, like the tea, it’s from A to B with no explanation. Very dream like.
  • One feature of interest, John Watson, saving a life. ‘The best and bravest man I know’. - More stuff Sherlock wanted to say before jumping?
  • Bi colours in the bar suggest that Sherlock knows fine well that John is bi and not gay.
  • Mayfly man case - When Tessa starts it sounds like John and Sherlock’s first night out. Perhaps this is when Sherlock began running out of material and so old cases really began to bleed in.
  • (This point is reaching) ‘He’s saved mine so many times and in so many ways’. Could this mean that John had a bigger part to play when Sherlock fell then the Actual scene leads us to believe? Nothing but speculation, however, there could be something here.
    I mean he’s saved Sherlock a lot but I feel as if I have to dig where I can :P
  • ‘Oh, way out in the middle of nowhere’ This is used in the ‘Sholto is the target montage’ but, no way did/could Sherlock hear that conversation. Hence, a dream. In a dream, Sherlock would know his own plot. Especially since we nickname it EMP and not just a coma dream. Lucid dreaming perhaps. (It would explain all the constant 180′s).
  • ‘I shouldn’t have tried to be clever’. Could reference how Sherlock shouldn’t have tried to be clever on the roof. In doing so, the fall happened and I’ve said it all before, our boy is in a coma.
    ‘You should have driven faster’. Makes me think this could be to do with John’s cab not being fast enough, not making it back to Bart’s in time to stop the events that unfolded.

Now, I have no idea what most of this suggests or anything. I’m tired and not much of a meta writer. However, I really like the theory that Sherlock has been in a coma since the fall and I’m prepared to find anything that points towards that.


Raven!Andrew and Renee

what if andrew and renee were both ravens instead of foxes? inspired by a friend!

Andrew cannot for the life of him remember what he said to piss her off, but he’s sure his mild provocation shouldn’t have invoked retaliation to this degree. He chokes in spite of himself against the hand squeezing his throat and shoves violently at the heavy body pinning him to the wall.

“I’ll kill you if you insult me again,” Natalie growls, and a knife slides out of her sleeve and presses itself against his gut.

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anonymous asked:

Im one of those confused people. i have absolutely no idea what the hell happened in those last five minutes, stefan dies and then all of a sudden sees elena. but bonnie has bought her back. how did she do that? then all of a sudden theres the funeral for stefan, matts cutting something, bonnies forgot her passport, klaus letter and jenna is back.

Okay, so before Stefan died he gave Damon his blood which turned Damon human. Bonnie somehow (even after seasons of saying no loopholes) wakes Elena up. Bonnie deserved her happy ending so just go with it.

Stefan says his goodbye to Elena, explains what happened and then walks out of the school into the sun, showing he is at peace. Lexi, his best friend, joins him also at peace.

Matt is still sheriff (he now has a badge) and is considering running for Mayor. The two people closest to him, Vicki and Tyler, are shown to be looking over him and have found peace.

Bonnie is alive, well and is finally living her life to the fullest. It is implied she is travelling the world. Enzo is also at peace as he watches over her, Bonnie can no longer see him. She outlives both Damon and Elena.  

Alaric and Caroline with help from Jeremy open the Salvatore Boarding House for the Young and Gifted. Jo looks over Alaric and her kids at peace and Sheriff Forbes also at peace looks over Caroline. Caroline receives a letter and a generous donation from Klaus.

Elena returns to Mystic Falls after attending Med School, where she is writing in her diary in the graveyard with a crow ala season 1. She writes that they get to live their lives because of Stefan.

She sees Damon and they hold hands as they walk off together, except the scene changes and they’re walking towards the Gilbert household. Elena looks away and before she knows it Damon is gone, implying he has died.

Elena keeps walking and eventually ends up at the household where she sees Jenna, her parents and John. Her interactions with them imply that she is now also dead. They are all at peace.

The final scene is between Stefan and Damon. Where Stefan opens the door and finds Damon with his infamous ‘Hello Brother.’ Damon has found peace.They hug and the show ends.

jungkookie doesn’t hover...

following all the thirst posts, i thought it was about time i made a jeonlous/hoverer!jungkook post; 

that’s NOT jungkook hovering over seokjin and jimin. no. 

care to guess whose hand that is behind jimin?

is anyone surprised that it’s jungkook? probably not. but can i pls also gush about jaebum and jimin together in one photo, interacting…sdkfsfk

look at jungkook staring at yoongi lifting up jimin all happily. just like namjoon and seokjin, look at him cheer them on. he looks super pleased. that frozen smile he gets on his face cracks me up every time.

(x) listen, the camera noona was gushing over jimin’s abs after that legendary MAMA performance. i feel you girl. jungkookie is NOT jealous. hell no. 

why is he always around whenever jimin and hoseok flirt? i have no idea but his expressions are the best, honestly. 

do i need to remind everyone of this glorious moment? 

ok, so he’s stopping our hobi, i WONDER what he’s gonna do next? 

jimin: *aegyo* “give me~” 

jungkook: *cant resist* *feeds jimin himself*

(x) look at this smug BABY BUN. im in tears. 

jimin and hoseok exercising, care to guess who’s watching them through the mirror in front of them? 

jungkook: not amused. 

aww…namjoon and jimin walking together, isn’t that sweet?

jungkook: no.

(x) look at this guy, he literally wedged himself between namjoon and jimin. calm down, bro. 

aww, joonie finds jiminie adorable…

jungkook: no.

bunhead || 2

Summary: Calum has never been in love- ever; it’s not on his top priority of things to do either. But, when the band is on break for the holidays, and Calum wants to spend time with his mum, who is the owner of the top ballet/dance company in the country; Calum meets a girl whose eyes held more galaxies than the universe, and a smile that made his heart beat faster than ever before. This might just make him change his priorities up a bit, but sometimes there are tough decisions to make in the industry.

Word Count: 2,599

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So uh is it just me or is the attempt to make ur tank as similar to a Natural Emviroment not actually a big deal?
Like. As long as u meet tge needs of the fish i feel like they dont actually give a shit if their hidey space is a ~natural piece of driftwood vs like a fuckin fantasy ass castle like as long as it serves the purpose? It doesnt seem like a big deal correct?

Gentle Hands and Gentle Hearts

“See! Oh my god. I have no idea what you said, but it was adorable. Wait, why aren’t you kissing me yet? Do not deprive me of my kisses, Keith.” Lance leaned his face closer to Keith’s, imploring him to, please, hurry up.

“Alright, alright. Here they come.”

Keith smiled softly and kissed Lance, his hands going to cup his face and the back of his neck. This boy was going to be the death of him, and he didn’t mind it one bit.

- also known as the fluffiest pining fic in all the universes. keith is taiwanese because im taiwanese and i was like hell yeah. soft gays with a soft ass plot

2849 words

i’m aware that AJ is a kids game and that i willing play a game made for younger audiences

but some times i see things in the tags and in game
and i have to remind myself that the community is children

idc if you’re in highschool, you’re still a child
it’s challenging to sit there and remember 
“These kids have no idea what they are doing.” ((not saying that i 100% know what im doing either))

ya’ll need to take some time to realize to let things go. Drop stuff. Leave it be.
Do what you can to keep yourself good and happy, stop going out of your way to try and find things to be upset about.

if someone does something stupid or says something wrong, block them.
ignore them.
its the internet where everyone is stupid all the time. 
Dont hold grudges or stay bitter over a neon pink virtual wolf covered in magenta hearts.

even typed it sounds dumb as hell. Dont let one stranger on the internet ruin your mood.



‘  It was obvious for Donna that the Doctor liked you. But it looked like you just couldn’t get the hint. So Donna pulled you aside and decided to talk some sense to you.

   Donna: Y/N, I know that you are oblivious to these kind of things, but surely you had noticed that he always touches you.

   Y/N: Well, yeah you know to make sure that I stay close and so that I won’t wander off. I’m sure he grabs your hand when we start running too.

   Donna: I’m not talking about that kind of touches. I’m talking about how he always touches your cheek and replaces a misplaced hair behind your ear, or that he wraps his arms around you whenever someone gets near.

   Y/N: Are you- Are you implying that he likes me.

   Donna: No I’m implying that he loves you.

   Doctor: What are you two girls talking about?

   Y/N: Nothing really…

   Donna: I’m gonna leave you two alone.

    She winked at the Doctor and walked in the T.A.R.D.I.S.  

   The breeze made you shudder and the Doctor shrugged off his coat.

   Doctor: You need this more than me…

   He placed his coat around your shoulder and you licked your lips. His eyes darted from your lips to your eyes and back at your lips. he murmured ‘oh what the hell’ himself and without a second warning he crashed his lips to yours. After a split second you kissed him back.

   Doctor: You have no idea how badly I wanted to do that….  ‘