i have no idea what the character relationships are like in this game

So I made this a while ago and basically this is what I would like to be an actual game. However, I know it won’t be and I respect that Eddsworld will no longer be continued, this is just a creative idea I had and would have liked to share it with everyone and so no hard feeling and a note: I don’t own the art I juts photoshopped it onto a DS cover and this just all in good fun and the idea was mine.

Eddsworld: The game. (My idea’s only). In the Game there would be character customisation. Your character would go around doing mini missions for the characters, having their own room in their house, you’re character could build different relationships with the characters and are able to talk with them, Becoming friends with someone can affect how another character see’s you (for example: If you became friends with Tord, Tom wouldn’t really like you). You are able to explore different area’s and not around the house as you can leave and explore somewhere else (like you could go to Eduardo’s house). Missions would include something like buying Matt a Mirror if one has been smashed but Matt would go and buy his own if you’re the one who smashed it, so what you go around doing effects mission’s too and how the character feels. You can get some character’s to help you like if you needed help finding the Tv remote for Edd but because you have had someone help you, Edd’s stat’s wouldn’t go up as much as if you had done it on your own. You earn money from going out and helping with jobs, money can buy you new stuff for your room or you can even buy gifts for some character’s, if it is a gift they would like then there stats would go up, if you have upset or angered them in the past depending on how bad it is they would either refuse the gift all together (unless you’re constantly helping them out and raise their stats a bit again) or accept it but you could either find it in the trash or there stats would only go up a little. You have a notebook so you can keep on track with what people like and what they don’t (etc.).You can view a character’s stats and depending on how they feel about you they will act differently around you, also depending on what you have done. (for example if you have scared Matt, he will leave the room instantly or hide making it more difficult for you to raise his stats in the future or if you have upset him he will seem quieter and just stick to what he was doing and not really wanting to talk to you. Different character’s will act differently so for example if you somehow managed to scare Tord, He would try and scare you back).   I feel like co-op would be the same with the missions and everything else except if you were to talk to Eduardo (and in this case let’s say you became friends with him and your friend had annoyed him) then he would trust you not to say anything and complain about how he got annoyed with your friend and sometimes they would get you to ask your friend why they did something to annoy them and you could reason with Eduardo in this case but this depends on the Person’s previous relationship with Eduardo (again, in this case) for example, if they have always been enemies he wouldn’t ask you to reason with your friend. I feel like when you review the character’s stat’s it would tell you what they feel like you are to them. (Enemy, strong enemy, friend, close friend, best friend, neutral, not sure, love interest, crush, partner).I also feel like if there is a main mission, the atmosphere of the character as one could change, not only could you and a character fall out (depending on what you do and say) but other character’s could have arguments and fall out and you could resolve it by helping out, you would have to see or over-hear the argument or have someone tell you about it to do so though because of course you would have to have of heard about it to resolve it but if someone tells you and the evidence of what went on isn’t strong enough you would have to find more evidence and of course if a person’s relationship with you isn’t the best or if a character who was in the argument is really affected they aren’t going to tell you. (you could resolve this by doing things for them or just leaving them alone for a bit).If you have really annoyed a person, depending on who (and say if you broke something special to them like Susan for this example)  than that person might go in and break something special too you or go and tell the person you have the highest stats with and depending on that person or how strong the relationship is they either won’t believe the person telling them or will (lowering their stats) or they might (instead of breaking your stuff) break the persons (with the highest stats) stuff and frame you. So you could either frame someone else (resulting in that person having an argument with the person you framed) or you could remove any evidence but this would cause the character to be very suspicious and will try and find out who has done so, again, depending on the character, they will act differently. (Tom being more annoyed, Edd being genuinely upset but trying to remain positive, Tord being a mix of annoyed and trying to seem positive and Matt just freaking out etc.). I also feel like if you were to catch a character doing something they weren’t suppose to (like Tord and his secret room) then you could either Keep quiet or question the character or leave it or tell someone, if you were to tell someone (depending on how much evidence you have) either your reputation would go down or the character’s, if later the person you tell find’s out it’s true, they will apologise (so you could set it up so they get caught). Also your reputation will go up if you have enough evidence and the character you told will trust you more, however if you were to help the character who you caught (depending on how they feel about you) they would either make up an excuse (it’s just his old laundry room), tell you to leave them alone or accept your help. If you help and another character found out, their stats will lower.    


Once again, I’m posting way early on an Ichabbie fanfic event because, hey, the story is ready, and it’s October 28 somewhere!

This is set in an AU Season 3 where Crane and Abbie are housemates, but that otherwise has nothing in common with what was televised. (I am FULL of ideas for what Season 3 SHOULD have been, but you don’t really need my thoughts on what the Horsemen of Famine and Pestilence would’ve been like or how awesome Big Ash would’ve been as a regular character to follow this story.)


Two nights before Halloween, and Abbie had sent Crane on what should’ve been a simple errand—get four bags of candy to replace the ones he’d found and worked his way through during the last two weeks of late-night gaming sessions. Ichabod Crane, cranky grandpa crossed with fifteen-year-old boy.

OK, that wasn’t quite fair. Most cranky grandpas and self-absorbed teenagers didn’t prepare gourmet-quality dinners on a regular basis, nor cheerfully do ninety percent of the housework or happily binge-watch the Great British Baking Show and the last two decades’ worth of Jane Austen adaptations with their housemate. (He was partial to Persuasion, while she preferred the Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth.) Really, she liked having Crane around every day. He was good company, even if it felt like their lives had turned into a grown-up version of playing house.

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We didn’t have banter in Mass Effect, but I love all those moments where we learn things about the characters and their interaction with each other. A good example for me is when Kaidan explains that for weeks Liara told him stories about her mother. I just like that so much. I’m picturing them talking to each other around a cup of coffee, discussing their family and what made their mother so special. All those quiet moments we don’t get to see and in one sentence Kaidan made me “see” it. It’s not the same than true banter and cutscenes, true, but I really enjoy the idea that behind this one quote lies a complex relationship, and it’s up to us to explore it. It honestly feels like it became the game’s specialty at some point.

Frisk’s Route

I have an idea… 

It might be stupid, but it might also be really cool! I don’t really know, to be honest. 

Okay, so… For Frisk’s route, you won’t be able to date them. I feel like that much is obvious; they’re a child, after all. After struggling to think of something to do for their route, I remembered an idea I had early in the “planning jumble” I had:

Originally, I had a plan so that you could ship other characters together throughout the main game in case you had any dire relationships or something along those lines in your mind (Soriel, anyone?). However, that was scrapped as soon as I realized how much of a nightmare that would be to program alongside the rest of the actual game. 

Then, I started to think again about who Frisk is and what they would do… Throughout Undertale, you help to establish and create relationships with and between other monsters along the way. I feel like, for Frisk’s route, it would only be fitting if you did that same thing, shipping other characters together.

If I made that its own bit of the game that you can only access by going to a specific route, then I feel like that’ll be much more manageable. 

SO: For Frisk’s route, after the route split at the end of the neutral week, you’ll be around Frisk a lot, constantly ‘scheming’ new ways of getting the others to date if you so want to. 

I think it’s a really cute and fun idea, but I’d love to hear another few opinions on it before I start trying to implement it. 

10 Days: Will Ryder ever miss the Milky Way? What things and places will they miss most?

9 Days: Did Ryder have any notable friends or connections in the Milky Way? How about past relationships? Which friendship or relationship was the most significant to them?

See, this is where I’m runnin into trouble with this meme because I play these games kinda backwards? I figure my character out as I go or even develop them further after the fact.

I mean, I go in with a general idea but they get fleshed out as I play the story, find out what I like/what appeals to me, the player, and then find a way to incorporate why that would matter to my character. This is what I mean when I say I want to get the best narrative experience possible, I’m very adaptable with my characters. 

Like, with Inquisition, I started with a qunari who romanced Blackwall and wound up with an elf who romanced Solas because I wanted a story where the things that mattered to my character were central to the story, even if it wound up being a really sad story it made me Feel Something and that was worth it in the end. 

So, long post made short…. I DON’T know what Grace will miss about the Milky Way and I won’t know until I play the game. Obviously she’ll miss some things about it but I’m going in planning to focus on her as a forward looking character who’s more excited about what lies ahead than mournful for the things she left behind. That could all completely change depending on the tone/themes/whatever we encounter in the game.

Imagine: Until Dawn, just that you can really change the game through the relationships between the characters. You decide who likes who, who hates who, which relationship is fake and what are the ending pairings of the game. Example: Saw blade scenario. If you choose Ashley (and later decide to sacrifice Chris for her) you get the kiss. But if you choose Josh and their relationship status get really high later on he confesses to Chris. (So, everyone gets what they want.)

You can make Sam say she’s asexual or let her make more hints on JoshxSam, you can break MattxEmily and get MattxJess together, you can make Mike having secretly heart-eyes for Sam. You decide if Em really likes Matt or kinda can’t forget Mike. You can get Emily and Jess as best friends (or more). MikexAsh, ChrisxMike, no one x no one aaand so on.

(Haha, I know it’s a Horror Game and my idea doesn’t fit plus is really difficult to realise but, ugh. I’m just way too much into these characters. Also, I need more canon interaction. Which I will never get. Yay.)

writers @ telltale

writer 1: dube WHAT IF …. what if we just…. let the forum write our game for us so i can just… sit on my ass… i don’t know how to write

writer 2: that sounds like a perfect idea… okay what does the forum have to say

writer 3: i just got the info… it says “kill off the autistic girl because she’s realistically upset in an apocalyptic setting” oh, they also used a bunch of racial slurs against some of our non-white characters. we should kill them too i guess

writer 2: fuck yes. okay, what next

writer 4: okay so here we go… news is the forum hates gay people. we should incorporate this somehow? like this is revolutionary? 

writer 2: okay what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna queerbait these fuckers across every series we make until they give us their money and then we’re gonna fuck up the relationship with the characters we’re using to bait LGBT fans beyond repair and make them straight last-minute to please the forum, and we’re gonna make all these straight characters with no chemistry suddenly fall in love

writer 5: um hey guys do you think we could maybe stop doing what the forum says… i mean the forum is kind of filled with a lot of people who are racist, misogynistic and homophobic and maybe we should listen to some of the other fans? see what they have to say?

writer 2: You’re fired Jonathan