i have no idea what that ship is called

How Do People NOT Multiship?

Seriously I don’t get it. Just looking at Voltron for example here, you’ve got

-Klance, your hate ship, that red and blue, the gay losers who pretend to hate each other but would be very upset if something happened to the other
–Sheith, with all its history and possibilities for angst and comfort
-Kidge, your dumb conspiracy theorists who have no idea what they’re doing in a relationship but they’re trying their best
-Heith, your cinnamon roll lovers
-Kallura, your space power couple and also the way to spite people just for fun
-Shance, your sweet little angel falling for space daddy and it could be unrequited if you like to suffer and I mean Lance called Shiro his fucking hero like can you not
-Pidgance, Punk and Hance, your friends to lovers ships
-Allurance, for crush nerds and could again be unrequited if you’re masochistic
-Shidge, with their adorable and lame support that makes me cry
-Shunk, which is just an even purer cinnamon roll ship
-Shallura, for all your space parent needs
-Pallura, because lesbians are beautiful
-Hallura, the team mom ship
-Shatt, more angst opportunities and the best name

And then there’s your poly ships

-Shklance, where Shiro’s the only sane one and keeping them alive
-Klunk, Kidgance and both at the same time, the purest of friends to lovers poly ships
-Shallurance, which is perfect for Lance angst if you like people feeling like an add on and less important when really they’re just as loved
-Shalluridge, which I can’t even describe how great it is
- Shalluratt, which I don’t actually ship but I get it

Then again maybe is just me I join a fandom and I either ship everything or don’t even ship the Canon there is no in between for me.

  • Yurio: I can't win against JJ or Yuuri otherwise.
  • Me: OH MY G O D, he just called him "Yuuri!" *wipes tears of joy*
  • JJ: Oh my god, he just called me JJ!!!
BTS Reaction/Scenario: Overhearing You Talking About Your Crush On Them

Okay so I’ll continue with the ships and requested reactions tomorrow, but for now I’m going to post what I’ve been working on tonight!

So I had this idea to incorporate little scenarios, basically these are mini fan fics, and how they’d react in the circumstances. Should I call these reaction-scenarios? Idk. But see it as a little gift before I have to get back to college - I’ve done a fresh plot and scenario for each member! :) (some are longer than others though sorry)

Rap Monster

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Sat in a coffee shop with your friend to catch up and gossip, your conversation leads to romance and your friend asks if there’s anyone special in your life. Unknowingly, you begin to tell her about the cute guy Namjoon from work as he is sat just a few tables away.

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listen, i respect matt mercer and he is a sweetheart wanting to respect everyone’s opinion and not call it bullshit so i’ll do it instead. because claiming that kimallura is fetishized is fucking bullshit. i live by the “respect everyone’s opinion” but when we’re having a healthy wlw relationship which so far has only been seen as “gals being pals” (and strangely enough, their affection was okay then) and they finally kiss, it’s considered fetishizing? yeah that’s when i throw that philosophy out of the window and bring my fighting gloves. Cause this shit is serious. Are we really living in a world where two women kissing after going through serious emotional trauma and believing the other to be lost forever is considered fetishized? seriously? i have no words. like criticize relationships in a dnd game you don’t even play in and really don’t have a say in anyway all you want but don’t throw this kind of bullshit around. not when there are more serious things to call out for fetishizing wlw instead of a couple of women who KISSED in ONE EPISODE. like wtf people? 

Not trying to start discourse here but I think I figured out why antis act the way they do and I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on it.

I have a theory that all the worst antis literally only ship what they ship because it’s not straight. Like a lot of them are misandists, I’ve noticed, who hate men so much that the idea of this kind of ship and even bisexuality is completely repulsive to them. So they put no thought into why they ship their ship, just the genders of the characters in question.

Using that logic, it only makes sense that they would call us homophobic. They can’t think outside themselves and their own reasons for shipping and they apply their own shipping logic to us instead of considering a wide variety of reasons for shipping.

Basically, since they only ship their OTP because it’s gay, we must only ship our ship because it’s straight. And no other reason. And they can’t fathom that there even can be other reasons.

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking, let me know if I’m onto something if you like!

Temporal Mechanic

Arrington snorted. “Don’t they wish. I’ve been spending the last two years shoulder deep in this beast, Lieutenant Oxton, and I’ve been watching people try and fail to get the full potential out of this airframe. I don’t like the idea I’ve wasted so much time and effort…and I’m not terribly excited about handing this aircraft over to someone who just came out of Empire, no matter how good your scores were.”

Lena set her teeth in a falsely cheerful smile. “Well, fortunately for me it wasn’t your decision, Chief. So we can either work together and you can tell me what I need to know about this aircraft, or I’d be happy to request a new chief tech for the project if you’d rather, because I’m not leaving until this plane passes acceptance, or I bend it beyond all recognition.”

They stood there, glaring into each other’s eyes for a long moment before the taller woman smiled very slightly. “Maybe you’ll do after all, Lieutenant.”

anonymous asked:

i think im starting to ship burr/jefferson and i have nO IDEA what the ship name is, i knew you were like the expert on these things so please help me

I AM BY NO MEANS AN EXPERT LMAO…just call it burr/jefferson

Or bufferson sounds terrible and i love it

hey guys, it’s allan ( aka judas ) and i’m here to show you my brand new permanent starter call. so like, basically by liking this starter call you are giving me permission to:

tag you in random starters
send memes to you no matter what the situation (unless specified in the tags ofc & u  can send memes to me too)
come to you in your ims/skype if i have a plot idea
ship with you if previously discussed (platonic, romantic, friendship, etc)
have as many threads with you without issue c:

Aeons ago an anon asked for some shippy art featuring Meulin with someone other than Kurloz, and you know, as dope as Meuloz is, Meulin should definitely get around some more if ya ask me! So how about her sharing some dank catnip with Damara B)
I think this is called “shotgunning”


It dawned on me that I actually started down this path 1 year ago tomorrow, and it caught me a little off guard by how much has changed over the course of the year. I have never been part of a fandom, and had no idea what shipping was. Thanks to a show called OL, and blog that provided such a fun fan experience for both the show, and it’s two leads, I genuinely enjoyed every minute of it.

Today, Jess closed that wonderful blog, and I found myself saddened and angry at the same time. And, after seeing her numbers, there was no doubt in my mind why she was harassed and targeted to the point of no return. Quite frankly, I believe OL, Sam and Cait owe her a huge debt of gratitude, and a whopping apology, but I am sure that may never come. And, I think it is awesome that people have made sure they know about it over there in the cesspool called Twitter. You really do reap what you sow!

As for Sam and Cait, we learned they are human. Not the perfect people we set them up to be, as no one is. They are gifted actors who bring two iconic characters to life, decent people who support worthwhile charitable causes, and have no problem reaping the rewards of their newfound media status. But, they have a lot to learn about people, and the consequences attached when you choose publicity over human caring. And, they obviously have the worst PR team on the planet! I no longer care if they are together. Quite frankly, I hope they are not. If all of their interaction was for “showmance”, then I will pass. I thought the acting was reserved for their show, and since they are trying so desperately with the scum of the earth to convince me they are not together, I will believe them. But, if they continue their “couply” behavior, I plan to ship the hell out of them. After all, they are the ones putting it out there!

I don’t care about that bulbous wanker, the latest manufactured blonde, and the attempts to make us believe that shit is laughable. Now that it has hit the fan, and caused GOOD AND CARING people to leave this fandom, I truly hold them all responsible for it.

I am a fan of OL, and a fan of Sam & Cait. I don’t have to kiss their ass to be a fan, and I can use humor, snark and giddiness to show it. They have both dropped a couple of notches on the proverbial ladder for me, but I am sure we will see the cute and flirty Q&A"s, IG posts, tweets, fan pics, and let’s not forget awards season. Same song, different day.

At the end of the day, think post, play, express, snark, laugh, criticize, cry, and fan however you want. There are amazing people here, and it shouldn’t get splintered any more than it is. And if that means that I poke some fun at the whole freaking mess, then I will. And, I will also cry for Jess. I broke my own rule, and actually tweeted that today. This fan experience will never be the same, and as my Dad used to say, be careful when you shit in your own nest….you still have to live there. Hope Sam and Cait get the message. People make the fandom, and people can also shut them down.

Good night my fellow shipsters!😘😍💗

I don’t even know what happened, one minute I’m scrolling tumblr and the next I’m reading Overwatch fanfiction. McHanzo I beleive the ship name is called. I have no idea how I got there but it was one of the best things I’ve ever read and I am having some very serious feelings right now. I’m pretty sure it’s tumblrs fault somehow, but it doesn’t matter.

Okay soooo I have nothing to do at the moment and would like to take requests! If you have any prompts or something you’d like me to write, let me know! Here’s the ships that I’ll write:

Septiplier, Dark/Jack, Anti/Mark, Dark/Anti, and Septicbang (although, I don’t really watch gg or nsp a whole lot anymore so I might be rusty with Dan). Or original stuff too!

And I’ll write just about anything other than NSFW stuff.

Just shoot me an ask!:D


*edited because I mistook Ohm for Sark. Sorry*

As always, Delirious will always be quoted, including the natural dubstep

*Bryce lets Ohm passes through a trap*

Ohm: Look guys, so easy!

Delirious: Wow… you’d let your boyfriend through

Bryce: Oh I’d let my boyfriend through? I’d let my boyfriend through?

*dozens of explosive roll down the aisle*

*While they’re taking musical chair to the next fucking level*

Vanoss: One chair left, two butts are remaining! Who will survive?

I’m so done.

  • Scorpius: Rose, I have a question.
  • Rose: Ok...
  • Scorpius: So I came across this muggle site called tumblr-
  • Rose: Oh Merlin no!
  • Scorpius: and there are these things called memes and I am so confused cuz I don't know what the fuck they are and no one will explain.
  • Rose: When your bf has no idea what a meme is *insert pic of confused scorp here* .
  • A few Months Later... :
  • Scorpius: Rose why do I keep seeing my face on tumblr?
  • Rose: Well... maybe I should teach you...my poor poor cinnamon roll . too good, to pure for this world.
  • Scorpius: *is still very confused*
Sirens and Shipwrecks

@hubris-but-no-writing I was that anon about the mer fic a couple days ago

so this is what would have been the one shot, only I realized I wanted to do another part or two with it. But also I have this track record where when I tell any person at all that I’ll write something, it never gets finished. So in light of that, I decided to post what I do have in case the rest of this doesn’t pan out and gets stuck half finished. When/if I do finish my idea, I’ll clean it up and post properly on ao3. So this is, in every sense, a rough first draft. 

Please read this fic’s main inspiration, The Human World; It’s a Mess by @hubris-but-no-writing It is excellent and features Burr as the merperson and the squad as humans

Also this is my first time writing a polyam ship (in this case, burr/revset or /squad or /revsquad, whatever you want to call it), even if it’s barely present here. Honestly i need more practice writing conversations between more than 2 people in general

other notes- merfolk have a perfect understanding of the english language and use the same distance measurements/body language and yet don’t know certain specific words or gestures because shhhhh

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