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Demi and Selena were in a “friendship” movie on the Disney Channel called Princess Protection Program that everyone called a G-rated lesbian movie bc of how gay Selena’s character was for Demi’s.  First off, her name is “Carter.”  It was like a hate to love kind of friendship.  And instead of going to prom with dudes, they went together with a bunch of other girls.  In the end, Demi’s character became queen and they both become secret agents together to protect other princesses.  I watch it 3 times a year man.  Fuck it, I’m gonna rewatch it tonight.

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RFA+Saeran & V Drunk

A special thanks to @actualobsessivetrash for helping me come up with the idea. :) 


  • Everything in drinking is a first for him 
  • Likes sweeter drinks but tries to keep up with the other members
  • When he get’s drunk he’s super bubbly and excited
  • Has more confidence to talk to girls and thinks he’s super smooth
  • Gets hit on by both guys and girls who try to take him home
  • Passes out in the car or as soon as he gets home


  • Waaaaayyyy too into himself
  • Looks into a mirror and starts hitting on his reflection 
  • “Do you have a name or can I call you ‘mine’?” *winks*
  • Challenges Jumin in any competition   
  • Thinks he’s invincible and will hug Elizabeth the Third
  • It doesn’t end well…


  • Can drink with the best of them 
  • Is even more honest than usual 
  • “And you know what? Fuck cat fur and your couch!” *drops invisible mic in front of Jumin* 
  • Will not remember putting money in the waist band of Zen’s pants
  • Tries to explain logically why she isn’t drunk when she definitely is 


  • Wine keeps him calm 
  • But break out the harder stuff and he’s a new man
  • Has a tendency to strip
  • “Jumin put your pants back on!” 
  • Drunk Jumin takes the most gorgeous selfies
  • At some point him and Zen are trying to decide who would be a better stripper and get on top of the bar


  • This motherfucker right here is always up to no good
  • His only goal is to get everybody else drunk
  • So spiking some punch is up his alley
  • Is notorious for trying to kiss anyone, “The Kissing Bandit” 
  • Also joins Zen and Jumin’s competitions (usually pulls Yoosung, Jaehee, and Saeran in too)
  • Laughs uncontrollably until he falls over 


  • Suddenly becomes super smooth 
  • Has a flock of people surround him to try and take him home
  • Very laid back
  • Will deny he is drunk at every turn though and is still sassy
  • However, every bar/club he goes to a fight breaks out? But he’s never around when security shows?
  • Psh, weird, am I right? 


  • Announces when he is drunk 
  • Will stop drinking when he realizes he is drunk 
  • Will remember EVERYTHING
  • Is still the most responsible person and tries to make sure everyone is ok at all times
  • “Yoosung, this isn’t a track field stop running around!” 
  • “Zen, that nice girl was not hitting on your reflection she was hitting on you.” 
  • “Jaehee, licking your elbow is impressive but doesn’t prove you’re not drunk.” 
  • “Jumin?! Why are there dollar bills in your underwear?!”
  • “Saeyoung stop pretending like you see a mistle toe it is JULY.” 
  • *holding back Saeran* “He apologized for bumping into you! It was an accident!” *looks at the other guy* “Run! I can’t hold him back for long!” 

~the next morning~

  • V wakes up passed out on the couch shirtless while everyone else is already awake and eating. 
  • “Well good morning sleepy head,” Saeyoung greets. 
  • “You really lost control last night,” Yoosung comments. 
  • Saeran nodded. “I didn’t think you had it in you to try and punch that guy who bumped into you.” 
  • “Passed out on the couch like an animal,” Jaehee added. 
  • “Why do I suddenly feel insulted by that statement?” Jumin thought aloud.
  • Zen sipped some coffee, “Could you please put some clothes on V.” 
  • V just pinched the bridge of his nose. “I hate all of you, so much.” 
Just a lil bit jealous- Jungkook

Jungkook Drabble
Words: 780
Warnings: none (kissing? idk) 

Jungkook had always been jealous of Dean. Since the day you two met and he noticed the photo of the singer that was your home screen, that heavy and gross feeling set in and it only disappeared when the photo had changed to one of him and you. Even now, well over a year on, every time he heard you singing one of Dean’s songs that shitty feeling crept back in. He didn’t know what it was. He knew you loved him and he trusted you; it was just something he couldn’t help.

Jungkook looked up from swirling his drink as camera started to snap at the front door. Photographers shouted names, lights flashed and the sound of screaming girls outside filled the space. You instinctively moved closer to him, tightening your arm around his waist. He looked over at the crowd and saw none of other than Dean. Jungkook ran his tongue over his teeth, feeling the heavy feeling in his stomach return at the idea that he and you might just run into each other. Taking a gulp of the liquor, immediately regretting it as it burned its way down, he passed the cup off to the bar behind him and used his now free hand manoeuvre you until you stood in front of him. You looked up at him with an arched brow and mouth open about to ask a question but a harsh tug of your hips told you everything you needed to know.

“I just-” Jungkook started but you pushed up on your toes and pressed a kiss to his chin, then his bottom lip before finally finding home against his. You tasted like the raspberry drink you downed earlier, somehow tasting even better now that it was on your tongue. Jungkook knew he probably shouldn’t be kissing you out in the open but he couldn’t seem to pull away. 

“Are you trying to distract me from Dean?” you muttered against his lips.

Jungkook’s heart lurched at his name.

“No, I just want to kiss my girlfriend” he lied, hands tightening on you. “is that crime?”

You tugged at his hands to let you go only to spin around and press your chest against his. Leaving his hands on your hips, his fingers splayed against the smooth fabric of your dress, you pushed yourself up closer to him. You could feel his heart beat faster against and he took a quick breath through clenched teeth.

“baby, you’re a terrible liar” and pressed a kiss to his nose before starting your turn back around.

The calling of Dean’s name echoed through the club and camera shutters went crazy. In a panic, Jungkook gripped onto your hips to prevent  you from turning around and crushed his mouth to yours. It was teeth and tongue, just a mess of desperate thinking and quick actions. He pulled your bottom lip between his teeth, tugging it into his mouth. Your fingers curled into his silk shirt as you tugged him closer; you now desperate to hold him close. Jungkook tilted his head to deepen the kiss, a sharp gasp slipping from your mouth as he roughly grabbed your ass. Your head started to spin as your knees got weaker. This wasn’t the place to be doing this but you couldn’t find it in you to pull away.

Jungkook pulled away for a quick second to see your eyes closed and now red lips parted as you waited for the next kiss. When it didn’t come in the 0.2 seconds you waited, you whined and moved forward to press his your lips to his. He gave you a small peck before breaking out into a smile against your mouth. You felt his teeth nip at your lips as he started to laugh quietly.

“you want me to kiss you?”

You frowned at his teasing tone, lightly slapping his chest.

“sorry baby? was that yes or no?” you could hear that stupid laugh in his voice. “im not going to do anything until you say something”

Your eyes snapped open to glare at him. That stupid shit eating grin across his face as he waited for your answer.

“it’s okay” you shrugged and turned away from him. “I’ll get Dean to finish what you stared”

Two seconds later, Jungkook had you back against him with his mouth on yours and silent promises of what he was going to do the minute the two of you left.

“By the time we are done, you’re not even going to remember your own name let alone his”

And he was right. There was only one name you could recall from that night; Jeon Jungkook.

A Good Little Girl: Movie Night (Part 2)

The Winchesters. The only two people who know what you need. The only two people who can give it to you. The only two people you will ever belong to.

Prequel Part 1

Summary of Movie Night: You and the Winchesters watch a movie.

Word Count: 2900

Warning: smut, dom/sub dynamics, polyamory, threesome, anal sex, mild edging

A/N: Enjoy a polyamorous relationship with the boys (no Wincest), in which you don’t do much other than explore all your dom/sub kinks. I have so many filthy ideas for this one- I haven’t been this excited since Faking It! Feedback is appreciated!

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over-active-daydreamer  asked:

Hello! Clarifying my ask. Because the ask box is closed I wasn't sure if you wanted me to wait for it to open or not. At first I thought of it to be what would have happened had Mipha survived (I like how you keep the timeline in mind), but I love the idea where it's a much more innocent outing between little Sidon and a small Hylian girl Mipha is fond of. The two learn about each others' races while Mipha follows a distance behind them. A scenario if possible. Thank you so much!

No problem! I enjoyed writing this, the concept of tiny Sidon is too much for my heart!

Mipha watching over her little brother and his hylian female new friend 

She was the daughter of a Hylian merchant who had moved to the Zora Domain a few months back, someone who wanted to start a new life in the watery kingdom. Small, bright, and very friendly. Within the first week, little (Name) had been attached to the princess’s side- asking questions, talking, listening, playing- and despite Muzu’s dislikes, Mipha found herself absolutely charmed by the new child.

Which is why her heart absolutely broke when she saw that she struggled to make friends her own age.

It was no fault of her own, nor of the young ones- rather, the adults surrounding them. Some of the elders strongly disliked the Hylians, even more so the idea of having to share their home with one. As elders, they controlled the young ones and what they observed which meant… well, a less than good situation. 

Mipha sighed as she watched (Name) sit on the side, watching longingly at the other children playing. This wasn’t right, being all alone, for no reason. But what could do, it’s not like she could force the other children to play with someone- Oh.

She couldn’t force the other children, true. But who’s to say that she can’t introduce one friendly child to another?


“Hi there! I’m Sidon! What’s your name?” (Name) perked up and turned to look at a boy right her age, holding up a friendly hand. Small, baby-cheeked and chubby armed, he radiated smiles and joy like a warm light at night. 

She smiled and took his hand, standing up. “(Name). It’s nice to meet you! Want to play?”

“Sure! C’mon, I know this cool spot near the palace, it’ll be fun!”


Good. It looked like everything was going well. At least from behind this column. Mipha smiled as she saw the two hold hands with Sidon leading the way, grinning and laughing all the way. She slid from column to column, doing her best to not be spotted by the little ones (though the elders seemed to spot her pretty quickly). 

Soon the children were playing on the plaza looking over the domain, apparently not knowing that there was a very happy princess watching them from around the corner.


“-You don’t know how to swim?”
“Not yet! But daddy said he and mommy would teach me tomorrow when we went to the lake. But when I do learn, we have to go swimming together, okay?”
“Yea! I’ll show you my favorite spot, it’s super cool! And we can play tag with everyone else! And- ey, what’s wrong? Why are you all sad?”

(Name) sniffled a bit, doing her best not to cry. “All the kids ignores me. They say because I’m not a Zora, I can’t play with them-”
“That’s not true! That’s stupid, you can play with us, you just need to learn to swim! And if they don’t like it, they can deal with it ‘cause I’m the prince and what I say goes, okay?”

OOoooh she didn’t know where he had learned to be so kind but Mipha was glad her little brother had as he wiped away the little girl’s tears and continued to talk. They didn’t her to watch over them, they had everything sorted out. She slipped away behind the shadows of the building, smiling to herself.

She had a good feeling about this, she just knew it.

The Blue Stick Part 7

Pairing: Steve x reader  

Warning: Swearing. Pregnancy.

(Remember to always have protected sex people!!)    

A/N: This one has a lot of the other’s points of view, roll with me here. I’m still learning and a HUGE shout out to @writingruna for being so perfect and helping me out with this if it wasn’t for her and spit balling ideas I would probably have a blank screen still. Thanks again love!
(Y/N) your name
(Y/H/C) your hair color  

**Russian Terms:
Nemnogo lyubvi (Little Love)
Rebenok (The baby)
devushka (Girl)

@skeletoresinthebasement  @allyp1023 @castellandiangelo @meatballevan    @castielohcastiel @thejameebond @writingruna

Things with Steve and The Avengers are great till you think you have the flu. When the stick turns blue everything changes, how are you going to tell Steve. Nothings going to be the same anymore and you’re not sure how you’re going to break it to Steve what if he isn’t ready, what if you’re not ready to give your life as part of the Avengers. Everything changes when something goes bad and the team including Steve is waiting for answers. 

“Why do you think that?” Sam’s eyes on your face.

“I have this memory, something inside me remembers hearing him talk about marriage.” You let out a soft laugh.

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Tinder Experiences

So I have wanted to write a book for a while now and my friend came up with this idea where we write about our tinder experiences. i actually like this idea because as a girl making use of internet dating such as tinder you experience a lot of situations other people don’t. i am looking for about 5 - 10 girls who are willing to share their experiences with me. the names of the people you match with will not be published. the whole idea came to my friend when when we were making up code names for her matches, so what we would like to do is to give code names to all your matches (if you chose to participate) to keep them anonymous and just write about your experience with that particular match. your name will also be kept anonymous if you chose so. if you would like to be a part of this please feel free to send me a message . thank you so much x.

So I noticed that in the pta sans au most of the bad mothers are conservative, but what there was one who was on the opposite side of the spectrum. Like all new age and crap. Just something I’ve been playing around with. Her name’s Heather, she got two kids, a girl named Noah, and a boy named Dawn. (Yes that was done on purpose).
Linda doesn’t want to vax her kids because she thinks they will give them autism, but Heather doesn’t because she believes in all natural healing, and doesn’t take her kids to the doctor.
What do you guys think? Give me some ideas
P.S. I have nothing against this kind of stuff, new age stuff, not the not taking your kid to the doctor part, I just it might be interesting to have someone obsessed the other extreme

So story time....

I go to a predominantly white school. But it’s one of those places that’s super accepting of LGBT community. So I was like yeah until I got Yik Yak and then I realized that they were all the white people who “cant be racist cause they have black friends”. But child they was. All these yaks were either fetishizing poc or calling them racist ass names. So now I know. And I feel lies to but what can I do you know. So anyway u was in my writing class and we are doing argumentative essays. So people are throwing out ideas and in listening to these privileged as white kiss complain about the same shit. How Virginia isn’t the south. How are life is for a Jew. How Jews are authentic anymore. How all girl schools are better than co-Ed schools. Blah. Blah. So one of the only other woc in the class raises her hand and says she wants to write about cultural appropriation. And I got excited. One because all class I’ve had my hand up to say that and two because finally something real. But then she fucked her. As soon as she said the words I could tell she wanted to take them back but it was too late. Unlike her I was scared and I was educated so I educated the class and the teacher. And one girl goes cultural appropriation doesn’t exist. America is a melting pot. We see stuff from other cultures and we take it for ours. And I dead looked at her and said so… You know you just described cultural appropriation. Please be quiet. And so they were like so white people cant wear dreads or have full lips etc. I said no. Full lips yes if it’s genetic but if you out here laying to get then. Hell no. You can just take something I spent my childhood getting bullied for. So this basic ass white boy raises his hand and goes well cavemen had dreads and I died. Or I thought I did because I didn’t truly ascend after he continued to speak. This neanderthal had the nerve to say because isn’t dreads when you don’t wash your hair for a long time. And look at him and was like HELLL NAWH!!! See this is why white people shouldn’t wear dreads y'all don’t know what the fuck they are. And my teacher goes. I like this idea. Your passionate about it. But when you write it don’t be angry. I don’t want you to make it a white bashing session and offend anyone. Make it about Black Pride. So, long story short I didn’t write it because I couldn’t write it without being angry. Because just the fact that he felt the need to tell me not to be angry so I wouldn’t offend anyone told me more than enough. Now, the whole class fears me. You know. No one messes with the angry black woman in the corner. For anyone who read thanks for listening. And for Black Tumblr thanks for educating a sista.

i wanted to post this with more concept stuff but i STILL dont have any so here it goes

here’s what should be my final design for my platformer game protagonist (who doesn’t have a name yet)!! She’s a planet hopping fruit hunter looking for each planet’s rare fruit and battling all the other hunters who are trying to take them first. Her power is bubble magic which can be used as an attack and also as ways of transportation!

ive got a lot of ideas for this already but im terrible at drawing anything thats not girls so i dont wanna embarrass myself, youll see stuff later!!

sarahjane81282  asked:

Did you see on IMDB there is also a guy named Kyle J.M. Thompson playing "Resistance Fighter Leader." So does that confirm a) there IS a Resistance, and b) we're still ~somewhat~ in the framework in 4x20? :D

Hi @sarahjane812

I did see him and Marilyn as well who we have no idea who/what she is.

Yes, I think we’ll still see inside the Framework even after the girls get out.  I’ve discussed in other metas how dangerous it is for the Hostages to wake up if help isn’t close since AIDA will either kill them or just wipe their memories and toss them right back into the Framework.  So the hostages are going to have to hang on/stay safe in Hydra World while the girls try to get to them in time (see THIS post on Iain’s double as something I think we could see).  Yay for ticking clocks.  The tickling clock could be stepped up if AIDA realizes the girls are in there self aware and her hostages are starting to fight back or post a danger to the Framework.  

I do really think we see a Resistance of some sort in the Framework and its possible that its separate from Mace’s Shield too.  IE there is a version of the Watchdogs only with made of Inhumans and their sympathizers.   

The other thing about this guy is IMDB has him as “Uncredited” meaning its a really really minor role.  Could be we just see him in TV or video footage or he’s in the background kind of thing.  


Teen Friday

In this week’s Teen Friday…. I interviewed the lovely Han Hye from South Korea! On my blog findteenpenpals I always get questions if there are any pen pals from Korea, so I’m very excited to be giving my readers an idea on how it’s like being a Teen in South Korea! Thank you Han Hye for your Interview and lovely pictures!

Here is the interview:

Name: Han Hye Ji (Han is my family name)

Age: 17

City: Incheon Country: South Korea

Q: What’s typical a typical south korean teenager in your opinion?

A:  - Really similar to other countries’s teenagers. Love to hangout with friends, Doing SNS, Going somewhere, Have a lot of interest,
But I think we have little bit more stress to study.

Q: Is there a trend South Korean teens follow when it comes to make up and fashion?

A: - Some Korean girls usually follow the trends. You can easliy find the trends in K-pop girl group’s music videos (Probably Red Velvet( girl group) is the standard.)

Matte-Bright beige color skin is essential. The pink/orange coral color shadows and lips are popular these days.

They don’t seems to do the western style makeup like conturing and smokie eyes. I think they want to look cute, more than classic.

Teens usually wear School uniform at school(uniforms are all different each school), skinny pants and many kind of shirts for outfit every year.
Espacially this year, Tennis skirts and pastel color one-to-ones are hot among teen girls.

Q: How would you describe the South Korean school system?

A: - Pretty strict than other countries but it’s worth it.

There’s two system, One is technical schools, other is general schools.
I am attending general high school so I’m gonna tell more about it :)

Natural resources are not enough in Korea. So we have to develop the human resources. That’s why everyone said the korean school system is too strict.
We go to school at 7:30AM to do self-study, School starts at 8:30AM. and all of the classes end at 6:00PM.
But we don’t go home. Stay in school until 10:00PM to do self-study. So we spend all of the daytime at school.

It’s hard and tired but really fun to be with friends all day. Everything is interesting, except the study :D
Most of countries counting grades like 1~13 but here we count like elemetry school 6years, Secondary school 3years and Highschool 3years. After do the Su neung (Like SAT in U.S) in senior year, go to universities.

Q: South Korea is home of k-pop, how would you describe it? Also do you have any songs you would like to share?

A: -Many people thinks that K-pop is the Idol dance group music, But it’s not.
K-pop is various gerne, There’s Idol groups, Solo singers, Rock bands, Hip Hop crews, Acoustic bands.. So many gernes are in this large range of k-pop. Likewise, There’s a lot of good songs! Actually, I don’t like idol dance music as well.

I would like to recommand:

Wiing Wiing(위잉위잉)-Hyukoh(혁오)
How do I look-Beenzino
Just(그냥)-Zion. T  <<I higly recommand his song.
Hold me tight(감아)-Loco(로꼬)
Too Late-John Park(존박)

Q: If an other teenager would visit you from an other country, what would you show the other teen?

A: -I want to show them Seoul first. Seoul is not only the high tech city, but also the captial city since very long time ago, passing many dynasties. So they can enjoy a lot of various expericences.

That’s not bad to traveling suburb cities. Especaily, My city Incheon has international airport. so everyone who travel korea, has to visit it.
If he/she is intrested in history, I would like to show him/her a GyengJu, another ancient capital city, or intrested in Nature, show them JeJu island, most beautiful island in korea,
I just visited JeJu for school trip last week. Really cool place to rest.

Q: What do you like the most about living in South Korea?

A.-First thing that I like is: I don’t have to care about going outside even if it’s 11 o'clock. Most cities are active like daytime at night too. So I bet that Korea is the one of the secure countries second, Public Transfortation is really comfortable. I had been to some other countries, I haven’t seen anything similar. Lastly, The super fast internet 😄

- - - - - - -

Again I want to thank Han Hye for the Interview, I myself also learned a lot :)!

For my readers: I also quickly wanted to add what’s on the pictues:

Picture One: View of Incheon from Han Hye’s room window.

Picture Two: Sunset of GyeongJu ocean

Picture Three: Seoul’s Night skyview

Picture Four: Jeju island beach!

With all that being said, I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Teen Friday! :)!

xoxo Giulia

Now that i started talking about my other OC’s, i had the need to draw this, you already now Asura as my main comic project but i have seven more lol so meet their respective protagonists:

Eidren (ASURA): despite of being the main of mains i don’t talk much about him, smol, no chill, just like a chihuahua. 

Eagle (C06): smart dude, commands the rebels and try to overthrow an Empire. Heterochromia. “ Desert Eagle” is his nickname. Default gun: Barret M82.

Jonovan (story still nameless): babysister bodyguard, bad person, fancy design lol.

J.S (nameless): smarter than Eagle, gangster, practically owns a country. Smokes a lot :(

The Girl (Orenji and the Painter): Canonically the girl doesn’t have a name but my niece call her “Gura”. The sunshine in this bunch of vandals. Too pure that i have no idea what so say. 

Axl: the story i’ll use to pracice before Asura, you know, the big deal. The dude owns two katanas and don’t use any, useless, the quit dude that looks deadly but is inoffensive.

B:  the quit dude that looks inoffensive but is deadly, the savage one like real savage. The Princes of Sunflowers appears here.

Ironically i still without say any relevant info.

Any writers out there?

For SasuNaru????

If so I have a fic idea!

I’m going to write it too (in the process of writing it right now) but I wanna see how other people write it!

So Sasuke and Kakashi have to go on a mission but Sasuke gets cursed by an old woman. She says ‘Whoever your soulmate is - they will not be able to say your name’. Sasuke doesn’t think anything of it but Kakashi tells Sakura about it who tells Ino, etc. Soon everyone knows Sasuke has been cursed. Sasuke thinks the whole thing is a lie (after all everyone can say his name properly).

And one no one has ANY problem saying his name. His fanclub, random girls, random guys, nothing. So Saskue think the whole thing is a big plot just to mess with him. Everyone is together and Sasuke’s curse is the main topic and he gets annoyed until Naruto comes around. He wonders what everyone is talking about and Sakura is explaining it to him.

She says, “Sasuke’s name is cursed!” Because she thinks she doesn’t have to give Naruto the details.’

Naruto just laughs and says, “Yeah?? Okay who the hell would put a curse on Sasu - *hic*”

At this point everyone is staring at him and Naruto is starting to blush. “Okay…that was weird… Sasu - *hic*”

“Oy, dobe I know you know how to say my name!” Sasuke says though he’s starting to get a little red in the face.

“S-shut up teme! I can say your name no problem its Sasu - *hic*! What the FUCK!?!?” Naruto screams. Because really why was he having trouble with saying Sasuke’s name???

Saskue is staring at Naruto, dumb founded. Meanwhile everyone else is like ‘I should have seen this coming.’


If anyone writes this, can you link me???

Imagine Fred Trying to get your attention

Originally posted by obviouslyphelps

Dear Dairy, 

 Today the ginger boy in my potion class tried to impress me with a snake heart. While I love the idea of having a pet snake I don’t believe the other girls in my dormitory would like it, so I ignored the gesture. I am sure some other girl discovered it and took it for their own. He is however quite cute…. I think his name might be George? 

 Dear Diary, 

 So his name is Fred, he sent me a paper airplane today in charms of a moving picture showing what was supposed to be me and him on a date. I crumbled it up and bewitched it into a butterfly which bursted into flames when it was over the garbage. I will not accept such childish attempts. 

Dear Diary, 

 Today I saw Fred with that brown haired butch Gryffindor slut, Angelina Johnson. It made my blood boil. Later today I hexed her drink and turned her precious hair lavender…. It should stay that way for the next month or so. When it started to change Fred laughed so hard. I think she thinks he did it, I will make sure to apologize tomorrow. 

 Dear Diary,

 I apologize to Fred, I sent him my own paper creation of a small bird, when he unfolded it I had color changing text apologizing for my actions. He sent me a response back telling me it was a wicked prank and that he would love to have me help him and his friends plot some pranks where they could use that spell. I told him I would gladly help. 

 Dear Diary, 

 It has been a while since the last time I wrote, me and the Weasley boys have become great friends, they want to make me a possible partner in their future business. Fred and I have also started courting, I wonder how far it will go. 

Dear Diary, 

 I come to you after years of silence, I know I wrote very little before my silence. I come though to right one thing… Fred Weasley has fallen…. My love is dead.

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“She’s perfect” your husband says holding your newborn baby girl in his arms. You smile at the beautiful scene in front of you. “Yeah, she’s just like you.” Sebastian chuckles. “I think it’s the other way around.” He says running the pad of his thumb over her cheek gently. A moment of silence passes before he speaks again. “You know, we never actually decided on a name for her.” You look at him and smile yet again. “ I uh, I actually had an idea, but if you don’t like it we can pick something else…” Sebastian nods, signaling for you to continue. “I was thinking about a Romanian name, or a name that means star, or has something to do with space, because I know how much you love space, and Romania.” Sebastian’s face lights up with joy. “What did you have in mind?” “Well,” you say, “I was thinking something like Aurelia Gabi, or Rosalind Elena?” Seb thinks about the two names for a minute, pursing his lips in deep thought. “I like Rosalind Elena.” You can feel your cheeks ache from smiling so big. “Rosalind Elena it is.”

End notes: I chose Aurelia because it’s a Romanian name, and Rosalind is one of the moons of Uranus. I hope you guys like this! I know it’s not the best, but I would love some feedback!

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Dear Megan; Gross is the name of your first love. Gross will be your married name. And gross will be your sexual life after your husband had already use you just for breeding. But don't worry, you are special. You know you are. And how bright and unique and beautiful above all other girls. Have fun.

Lmao is this because I called straight fetishists gross 😂? I have no idea what this is supposed to mean but sending me confusing asks doesn’t change the fact that people who make gay people a fetish are disgusting homophobes 🤷🏼‍♀️
Also I’m a lesbian so no husband for me honey


Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re Dean’s best friend, and when Dean brings home his new girlfriend, she really hasn’t taken a liking to you.

Warnings: Cursing, brief fight scene.

Requested by me~! I had this random idea and decided to roll with it!

A/N: If your name is Victoria, you might want to change the other girl’s name.

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“Dean’s doing what?!”, you exclaim, lifting up your arms in shock.

“He’s bringing a girl back to the bunker”, Sam repeats, chuckling at your reaction. You just gape at him, mouth open and all. “I know, I know. It’s a surprise to me too.”

Never once in the five years you’ve hunted with the Winchesters have you seen the infamous Dean Winchester bring home a girl. Ever.

“Her name’s Victoria and her parents were hunters. She quit a while ago though”, Sam explains. 

Well at least she wouldn’t be as freaked out by the weapons everywhere. 

“Are you going to be okay, Y/N?” Sam asks, putting a soft hand on your shoulder. Of course, Sam found out your feelings for Dean a while ago and encouraged you to tell him. But, Dean’s your best friend and you couldn’t risk losing that. And besides, the girls he chose were tall, skinny, and beautiful and loved clothes and nails while you dressed comfortably and loved shooting and hunting. 

“Yeah, Sam. I’ll be okay.”

The next few hours pass quickly and you hear the bunker door open. 

“Guys, we’re here”, Dean’s gruff voice calls out, making you shiver.

Soon they make their way into the kitchen, practically glued together. Victoria is gorgeous, you have to say. She has long, curled blonde hair, a light complexion, and long legs. She’s wearing a dark blue dress and her makeup is done to perfection. Subconsciously, you look down at yourself- A band t-shirt of Dean’s, loose jeans, torn up combat boots. You also remembered you didn’t wear makeup unless it was a very special occasion, and your hair was put up in a high messy ponytail. You frown briefly before plastering on a fake smile.

“This is Victoria. Victoria, this is my brother, Sam, and this is my best friend, Y/N”, Dean gestures, grinning widely. 

“Nice to meet you, Victoria”, Sam gives a friendly smile before going back to work. 

“Ditto”, you smile too. But, she just glares at you, blue eyes in slits. Great first impression, I guess.

Breaking the silence, Dean decides that everyone should watch a movie, which you all agree to. You sit next to Sam and Dean and Victoria sits on Dean’s other side, snuggled against his chest. Waves of jealous flowed through you, but you pushed them away for now. 

As the beginning credits begin to roll, you almost squeal in excitement as you see the title of your favorite movie pop up on screen.

Before you can express your excitement, Victoria pops in. “Ew, I hate this movie”, she spits out, making a face.

Dean flinches, because not only is it your favorite movie, its one of his too. 

Dean clears his throat. “Um, yeah, I do too. Bad choice I guess.”

You and Sam frown instantly. Dean, being the most cocky son of a bitch you know, just gave into a girl’s demand.

You roll your eyes before leaning back and relaxing, trying to ignore the obvious kissing sounds next to you. 

Before you know it, you’re out cold, and so is Sam next to you. The ending credits are rolling, but not that any of you noticed. Finally, Dean broke away from Victoria and took notice of the ending movie. 

“Oh, it’s over already”, Dean sheepishly smiles, before taking a look at you. You’re curled into the couch comfortably, making sure to avoid Sam’s long limbs, which are spread out everywhere. Dean’s expression visibly softens as he sees you stir in your sleep. 

“I’m going to the lady’s room, babe”, Victoria breaks the fond moment, standing up. 

Dean only grunts in reply, looking at you again. This time, he notices you shiver in your sleep. Deciding the couch wasn’t the most comfortable place to sleep, he gently scooped you up in his arms and carried you to your bedroom. Softly, so he wouldn’t wake you, he places you on your bed, tucking you in the covers. He takes a minute more to admire how peaceful and at ease you look. 

Suddenly, Dean feels emotions he hasn’t in a very long time. He hadn’t noticed it until now, but he had always liked you more than a friend. He admired your bravery, your humor, your immense loyalty. And when you almost died on a hunt a few years ago, he felt so broken, so hurt. 

Shit. He’d fallen in love with you and didn’t even know it. 

Fighting his emotions, he forced himself to walk out of your room, only to be face to face with a fuming Victoria. 

“What the fuck were you doing in there Dean?”, she snaps, tapping her foot obnoxiously. 

“I was putting my friend to sleep”, Dean says simply, even though its not true. 

“You know what I think Dean?” Victoria moves closer. “I think you’re a lying sack of shit”, she spats out, and drawing her hand back, slapping Dean hard on the face. 

You had heard the arguing instantly and stood by the door to listen in. And once you heard the hurtful words Victoria had said and the slap that echoed through the halls, you lost it. You harshly opened your door and strode over to Victoria, right past Dean. 

“You bitch!” you yell, bringing your fist back and landing it swiftly and powerfully on her nose, making an audible snap. She stumbles back, but not before landing a weaker blow on your jaw. Infuriated now, you tackle her to the ground and begin landing blows over her “flawless face”. 

“You listen to me, honey. If you ever, and I mean ever, hurt Dean again, my knife will be quite acquainted to your back, you hear?”, you threaten as a groggy Sam pulls you off of her. She only nods, and scrambles to her feet to leave. 

Adrenaline flows through your veins, but you soon relax against Sam’s arms, and he lets you go. 

You look over at Dean, who is holding his bruised cheek and open mouth gaping at what just happened. 

“Oh crap, let me get you some ice”, you softly mutter as you notice the obvious black and blue adorning his face. He lets you go, but not before giving Sam a shocked look. Once you return with the ice, Sam’s gone and Dean’s sitting on your bed. 

You sit next to him, lightly pressing the ice to his wound. He sighs in relief briefly.

“Are you okay sweetheart?”, Dean asks, rubbing your slightly cut knuckles. 

“Yeah, no big deal”, you mumble, shrugging your shoulders. “I’m sorry for beating up your girlfriend.”

He slightly chuckles. “You did give her quite the shiner huh?” You laugh as well. “But…”, Dean says a little quieter. “Why’d you do it? She didn’t hit me that hard.”

You let out a sigh. “I don’t know. She just said some pretty awful things to you and she didn’t have to hit you.”

Dean’s eyes soften as you continue. “No one should ever have the right to treat you like that, Dean”, you say softly.

“Thank you, Y/N, really. I’m sorry she treated you so poorly. I guess I’m not good enough of a friend to stand up for you. I’m so sorry”, Dean whispers the last part, looking deep in your eyes. “And the truth is”, Dean holds your hands in his much larger ones. “I’ll never love her as much as I love you. I love you so much sweetheart”, Dean smiles, liking the way the words flowed out of his mouth. It’s been years since he’s told anyone that. 

Hope rises in your stomach. “I love you too Dean, as a friend I guess-”

Dean cuts you off. “Darling, I love you a hell of a lot more than as a friend.” You can’t help but smile widely, eyes gleaming.

Dean smiles too, eyes crinkled as he pulls you close to him.

He lightly presses his slightly chapped lips to yours in a sweet chaste kiss. You’ve kissed a few people, but none have ever felt like this before. 

Dean softly presses his forehead against yours. “You’re so perfect”, he whispers, still smiling.

With a huge grin on your face, you mutter the phrase Victoria especially hated the most. 


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name: Ben

nickname: none in real life, but Sheepy or Hayven on line

gender: Male

star sign: Scorpio

height: 5′9′‘ (just measured myself today coincidentally)

orientation: idfk man, girls are cute…..

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff I think? (according to potter-more I’m a slytherin but we all know that’s bullshit)

favorite color: Purple and/or olive green, but maybe orange too

favorite color to paint the walls: No idea at all, white I guess, you can do a lot of shit with white walls

favorite color of lipstick: None I don’t wear it

favorite animal: Foxes!

cat or dog person: Cat, I love dogs but have no where near the time or energy to care for one, cats are on the other hand chill af

favorite fictional character: Probably Peridot from su or Scott Pilgrim (from the mangas)

number of blankets I sleep with: Blankets? I got a duvet what is this the 40s?

favorite singer/band: NSP

dream trip: No idea, probably a theme park like Disney

dream job: Youtuber my man

when this blog was created: Lol like two months ago if that, it’s a clone of my old one which I’ve made to escape my sister that was following me

when did your blog reach its peak: Never has never will

what made you decide to get a tumblr: A school friend I think

why did you pick your url: Cus my sister mum friend and teacher all separately told me my hair looked like a sheep and I rolled with it.

last song you listened to: Hippy Hippy Shakes (we were at an american themed restaurant just earlier)

last book you read: Cujo in like September 2016

last thing you ate: Most of a raspberry sundae from the previously mntioned shop

if you could be anywhere right now where would you be: With my partners <3

what time would you travel to: Like 10 years in the future, where technology’s moved on but not tooo much

what fictional character would you hang out with for a day: Maybe one of my OCs so they can help me fucking develop them

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