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sweetheartobrien  asked:

Hey I just want a little feedback on a story idea I have, if you're okay with it? Basically it's about a bunch of teenagers (14-18) from around the world who find out their parents are part of an international gang/mafia and they get sent to a boarding school to train to be a part of the whole thing and they get into trouble,fall in love, have fun all while their lives are in constant danger from the rival gang/mafia What's do you think ? Should I go through with the idea?

That sounds great! Best of luck writing it!! 

-Mod S

The Once Upon a Time 'Reset' Plan: How Do These New Characters Fit In?

By Matt Webb Mitovich / February 16 2017, 10:52 AM PST

Once Upon a Time could look a bit different if renewed for Season 7.

As ABC ponders a possible renewal, the numbers for Season 6 thus far tell this story: averaging 3.5 million weekly viewers and a 1.1 demo rating (in Live+Same Day numbers), Once is down 30 percent from this time last year, and currently ranks sixth among the network’s dozen dramas. As such — and with contracts expiring for Jennifer Morrison and other key cast members — there has been evidence that a “reset” of sorts is on the drawing board, should the show get renewed.

Having heard from series creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis some “interesting” potential ideas for the future, ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey recently told our sister site Deadline, “Regardless of what we decide to do … I think [Adam and Eddy] would put a little bit of a bow here” — what she later called “closure in this particular narrative” — “and then there is a ‘next piece’ that comes after that. So they are trying to figure out what that [next piece] is and how that works.”

Dungey similalry suggested that Season 7 could offer “a springboard in a new direction from a narrative standpoint,” in a talk with EW.com. “[That] doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not bringing cast back, it’s just: How do you kind of hit the reset button in a way that gives you opportunity to expand the stories that we’re telling?”

Along those lines, TVLine now has a first bit of intel on how the series’ current run (resuming Sunday, March 5) will end, and in doing so tee up any possible Season 7. Namely, the May finale will introduce a pair of guest stars, both of whom have the potential to be series regulars if the show moves forward. First up, the fantasy drama is casting a “strong yet vulnerable” leading man in his late 20s to mid-30s, a gent who was once optimistic and hopeful but now is a friendless, cynical recluse. That said, he still possesses a dormant, deep-seated speak of hope that waits for the right person to reignite it.

The other role being cast is a precocious 10-year-old with a “constant twinkle of mischief in her eye.” And though this girl comes from a broken home, those struggles have only made her stronger — something which will come in handy when darkness threatens “everything she holds dear.” And while the character breakdown notes that this lass “never lets the hard knocks of life get her down,” you would be wrong to guess that she is a certain little orphan named Annie.



you saw my pain washed out in the rain
broken glass, saw the blood run from my veins
but you saw no fault, no cracks in my heart
and you knelt beside my hope torn apart

Who You Belong To

Description:  Jungkook has noticed you flirting with Taehyung for quite awhile and has finally decided you need to be reminded of who you belong to.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 8647

Warning: Dom!Jungkook, daddy kink, spanking, minor breath play, thigh riding, hair pulling, punishment, possessiveness

A/N: This is a happy birthday present to @avveh who has been my sounding board for literally every one of these fics.  She helps come up with general plots (what little plots I have in these smuts), what kinks to throw in, even some of the dirty talk, so of course I owed her a birthday present full of her favorite things.

The entire idea for this smut started between the two of us when the Bangtan Bomb for Sope-me was released.  We are possessive smut trashy fangirls and created an entire scenario based on the moment Jungkook got water and looked at something with, what interpreted as, a jealous look.  This is the kind of friendship we have.  We feed each other’s delusions.

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Sherlock Board Meeting
  • Steven: Okay, the fans have been very mad with our brilliant last episode. And I'm a bit worried about my safety. What can we do? We need an alternative episode.
  • Andrew: Just make Moriarty come back again.
  • Steven: What is he doing here? Andrew, you're dead! Mark, do you have something to do with this?
  • Mark: Well, it's always nice if Andrew is on screen. We could write another Sherlock drug trip with him, or explain why he in fact faked his death.
  • Steven: We can't repeat story ideas.
  • Mark: Hasn't stopped us before.
  • Rupert: What if we make a Mystrade scene?
  • Steven: Yeah Mark,you always wanted to snog him, didn't you?
  • Mark: *blushes*
  • Una: Why don't we go through with Johnlock.
  • Steven: No, they are just not written that way.
  • Martin: Hold on, I thought we did make Johnlock cannon in the last scene?
  • Ben: I thought that as well.
  • Steven: What do I tell you about fanfiction and Johnlock?
  • Ben and Martin: It's a lie.
  • Steven: Sherlock and John are just not written gay. What about a love triangle between Molly, Irene and Sherlock?
  • Mark: Isn't Irene gay?
  • Steven: Is she?
  • Mark: Yes.
  • Steven: I totally forgot about that.
  • Martin: And who is gonna take care of Rosie then?
  • Steven: Who's Rosie?
  • Martin: John's daughter.
  • Steven: Oh, I thought Rosie was the dog...Damn I should really start to use index cards for my plot. Or even just write it down.
  • Amanda: Mary could have faked her death, and comes back.
  • Steven: What are you doing her? You're dead as well.
  • Amanda: It's so unfair. Andrew can come back, but not me?
  • Steven: I didn't say he'll really come back.
  • Amanda: Is it because I'm a girl?
  • Steven: No, no. We have so many strong female characters already. Like...ahem...
  • Rupert: Where was Donavan this series?
  • Steven: I give up. Let's bring Andrew back on. We won't even explain what happened. He's just there, okay? Ah, I know he's the twin of James Moriarty.
  • Mark: It's never a twin.
  • Steven: It is when I say it is! And let's kill someone for the drama.
  • Mark: Again?
  • Steven: Molly, let's kill Molly. After Sherlock has fallen in love with her.
  • Ben: I don't think the viewers will like....
  • Steven: Great idea. Now we have until next Sunday.
  • Mark: What about Euros?
  • Steven: Who?
  • Mark: Nevermind. Oh, what about the dog. We need to bring in the dog.
  • Ben: There never was a dog...have you even read the script?
  • Steven: We are the showrunners. If there was dog then there is a dog. Even if he didn't exist prior he does exist now. The Game Is On.

Staff Pick of the Week

So, just before the holidays I posted a staff pick of a Burmese manuscript because 1.) I think it’s fascinating and 2.) we didn’t really know what it was, so we put the question out to the Tumblrverse. We got such an outstanding response from our followers, and the followers of our followers, that not only do we now have a much clearer idea of what we hold, but we also have enough information to catalog it properly! We’re deeply grateful for all your assistance. Thanks again!

Since it worked so well last time, for my staff pick today I post another Mystery Manuscript. It’s a south or south-east Asian book, probably made of lacquered palm leaves in red and gold, with a black lacquered script between lacquered wooden boards. We don’t know its place of origin, the script, language, or the nature of its contents. Can anyone help us with this one? We’d appreciate it.


“If you’re a patient, you shouldn’t have this number!”

That is actually a problem when it comes to doctors and nurses. Patients usually don’t get their doctor’s private numbers.

“Hey look on the bright side now you can stay longer with me! Let’s just distract ourselves from our problems and inevitable breakdowns!”

“Steven I’m starting to feel like having the gems away for a long time is a bad idea.”

Steven what the fuck is wrong with your arms.

I feel like I recognize that board game, but I can’t quite make out from where.

Oh boy have I been there.

Awful thing about anxiety and paranoia (at least for me), there’s no distracting yourself from it. It looms over you and every single thing you try to do not to think about it is then ruined and tainted because you can’t enjoy it.

It sucks so much.

Altar Idea

I’ve had struggles keeping a steady altar or worship space period a) because of space, b) because I’m still in the broom cupboard about my practice, and c) my daughter destroys all.
So I’ve devised a plan to indeed have an altar but in a way that can be hid from prying eyes and from the ever dangerous and investigative hands of my little one.

(I haven’t actually made mine but I plan to! This is just a draft of supplies and how to!)

-Cardboard, form board, or thick cardstock strong enough to withstand collage/modgepodge
-Images from magazines, books*
-Dried flowers, herbs, or plant materials*
-Glitter, sassy glue, beads, string*
-Any other material you’d like to use*

*should correlate with what diety, god/goddess you’re worshiping. This is, after all, an altar.

My idea for this is to create a “collage-altar”. Where instead of having statues and crystals sitting out you have them on the collage board.
So once the board is done, you can use it as a base for any other candles, crystals or offerings you might want to use to worship your dieties.
And then it’s simple and quick and easy to put away, wrap in a nice cloth to keep clean…


The night before her birthday she packed an overnight back and headed to Salim’s. He was already preparing dinner when she arrived.

“Hi,” she greeted him, leaning over his shoulder as he chopped onions and kissing him on the cheek. “What’re you making?”

Salim instantly dropped the knife onto the cutting board and spun around grab Ryleigh and pulled her in to kiss her. When he finally leaned back he was grinning at the look of surprise on her face.

“Hi,” he smiled back. “I realised this morning that I have no idea what your favourite food is so I’m making you my speciality, lamb.”

“Ooh sound delicious,” she returned his smile. “And spaghetti.”

“Huh?” Salim frowned.

“Spaghetti,” Ryleigh laughed. “Spaghetti is my favourite.”

“Oh! Well then I’ll make you spaghetti for lunch tomorrow,” he nodded decisively. “Tonight you’ll have to make do with lamb.”

“I’m sure the lamb will be amazing,” she shook her head in amusement. “And you don’t have to make spaghetti tomorrow, it’s not a big deal.”

“Nonsense it’s your birthday weekend,” he stepped back, grasping her fingers and bending forward in an extravagant bow to kiss the back of her hand. “For the next few days I am you loyal servant, milady!”

Miss M.E.

I got a brainwave Sunday night and I think I’ve seen people talking about bits and pieces of this so I want to get this down in one place.

@welovethebeekeeper brilliantly pointed out, what if “miss me” isn’t a phrase, but an acronym? Miss Mary Elizabeth? We know this is her name from the wedding invitations in TSOT.

This is brilliant and totally something the writers would do, and yet another nail in the “Mary is Moriarty” coffin, so I’m officially cosigning and getting on board with this theory. It 100% ties in with the “names are important” stuff that I’ve been harping on for years now. It also seamlessly ties in with the idea the writers have been pushing in their scripts for ages that viewers and characters tend to overlook - miss - female characters. But wait, there’s more.

Remember what the bus lady, Elizabeth, says when she gives John her phone number? “This is me.” I’m speculating that it’s not me, it’s M.E. So here’s a quick rundown of what that would mean:

John is texting with Mary.

As in, this would be a brilliant way for Mary to monitor John’s investment in the marriage. Essentially she’s now got it set up so that she gets a personalized text alert the minute John is feeling seriously dissatisfied in the marriage. When John sends that “hey” off into the ether, Mary now knows she has the green light to really amp up her sweetness and light, to start manipulating John into heightening his guilt. And that’s exactly what she does, amping up the saccharine until we get that death speech. The intent here would be to have “Mary” die a martyr in John’s eyes so that Sherlock can never fully redeem himself, or convince John that Mary was actually a villain. After all, once an idea is planted, it can never be killed. I would go as far as to speculate that John’s text - “hey” is the catalyst that spins everything else regarding Mary’s posthumous case into action. (Whether or not John knows that he’s texting with a potential villain is another matter entirely though.)

And then there’s that late night text chat. Did you notice that the text from the other person mysteriously appears the second that Mary leaves the room to deal with the baby? Interesting. She also refers to herself as a vampire. Which firstly, explains the whole mirror thing. Secondly, it really leaves the door open to Sussex Vampire tie ins in TLD. As I talk about here, in the ACD canon, the mother is framed as being a vampire and sucking the blood out of her newborn baby’s neck, when actually it’s the jealous step-son that is framing her and trying to poison his brother; while the mother is actually trying to save the infant’s life and keeping quiet about it out of love for her husband. This leaves us ready for a huge twist on that where Sherlock is framed for harming baby Rosie in some way, when really it’s Mary/Elizabeth/Culverton Smith/someone in that network.

Alternatively, John is texting with “E”, or Elizabeth.

Assuming that Mary and Elizabeth are in on this together, in a lot of ways this is the same thing, but it also highlights the point that Mary has a confidante. Someone who is very much not dead and is able to help to carry out Mary’s posthumous case that she’s sending to Sherlock. Someone who we strongly suspect (bordering on flat out knowing) is going to be involved in the Culverton Smith case, and is likely Smith’s actual daughter. If Mary is sending Sherlock a case, and then the daughter of Culverton Smith shows up at his door, this is a no brainer.

Mary Elizabeth Morstan = M., E., ….M?

Furthermore, it would also mean that M.E. isn’t Mary’s initials, it’s her team’s initials. Mary and Elizabeth. The exact same set-up as AGRA. For bonus points: Mary’s assumed name when we meet her is Mary Elizabeth Morstan. If that last initial means that there’s another M in the team who we haven’t linked to them yet, this could get really fun. Moriarty? Moran? Plug in anyone here from M-Theory, and it would be awesome.

Some of the weird situations I have found myself in this year:

• Doing partners yoga with my friends ex who is an actor/fitness enthusiast and therefore very in shape and the opposite of what I am

• Staring a bear in the face whilst responsible for 17 young girls with no walkie talkie

• Peeing my pants from laughter whilst on a paddle board because my friend wasn’t able to do it (and they peed themselves too)

• A follower taking my photo at graduation because she had come up to say hi and my mother having no idea what was going on

• Riding an ATV through sand dunes and literally believing I was going to die

• Riding in a car off a cliff and believing I was going to be fine

• Accidentally flashing my male friend because he asked me to hand him something and I turned around to give it to him forgetting I was halfway through getting changed

• Bruising my butt much more than usual, once by going down a river in a tube where the water was too shallow and the rocks were too freaking high

• Going to the wizarding world of Harry Potter for free with one of my best friends

• Spontaneously bursting into tears when a van rolled up filled with local puppies purely for us to cuddle and give love to

• Square dancing with a 15 year old boy whilst (I was) dressed as a male

• Dancing around in a forest wearing a mannequins head inside my hoodie late at night for the amusement of others

• Sleeping in the house of perfect strangers for a week and then inviting the daughter of those strangers to come and stay with me for a week

• Swimming through a lake out to an island and back at 7am

• Having a paint fight at a deaf camp

• Taking a train 2 hours to visit a stranger and explore mountains with them

• Spending nights sleeping on New York City rooftops and watching the sun rise

That’s all I’ve got right now, but man 2016 has been a cool one for stories

I just discovered that snapchat has a bat filter right now. As in it gives you bat ears and a nose with little fangs plus makes your eyes big. I’m totally betting that Cass and Steph found this out too and use it for every snap.

Jason: “Why is Stephanie snapchatting me?” *opens snap* *immediately spits out drink from laughing/shock* “Huh. Well that’s a new one.”

Dick: “Have you been getting a bunch of snapchats from Cass?”
Babs: “Of her as a bat? Yes. Stephanie too. They keep insisting I should do it too so we can ‘all be Batgirls!’ I’m considering it just for the sake of freaking out Bruce…”
Dick: “… Babs, you just gave me the best idea…”

Dick then proceeds to get the whole family plus to send Bruce a snapchat.

Bruce: *walks out of board meeting and checks phone* “What? Why do I have so many snapchats? What?! Not just the kids?” *notifications say there’s one from each child, Clark, Diana, Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance, Wally West, Roy Harper, Conner Kent, Kara Danvers and more who he didn’t even think he had on snapchat* *begins going through them* *EACH AND EVERY ONE is that person with the bat filter and no caption* “STEPHANIE BROWN!!!”

Steph got the blame but Tim ratted Dick out when Bruce asked how his snapchat got hacked and so many people added. Both Dick and Steph had to polish the giant penny for a week because he blames her as the originator. He realizes by this point it was Cass and she is the only one who still sends him then because she’s the only one he thinks actually looks cute in it. 

- Little Red

hey everybody!! here’s a rather scatterbrained guide on how to set a roleplay at an arts’ high school without it ending up looking like a crossover between fame and every high school tv show ever made. all of this is based on my experience actually attending an arts’ school!! by examining stereotypes and misconceptions, clarifying uncharted terms and qualities, and shedding light on some unique things that make art schools what they are, i hope that this guide makes it easier and more enjoyable to use them as a setting. 

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The Impatient Writer.

I am an impatient writer. I get up most days and feel furious with myself and the universe that my book isn’t done.

I’ve been writing it for a long time. And, nothing I do makes it good. It isn’t living up to its potential. Which infuriates me. 

I don’t want to write it anymore. I WANT IT TO BE DONE.

But, it’s not done. And, I have to face that fact. It upsets me that every day it seems like books very similar to mine or being picked up, or published and I’m once again going back to the drawing board.

It’s frustrating, especially, when I know that I am a good writer. That my book is a good idea and that it’s relevant and would probably be welcomed. But, right now it just SUCKS. My book sucks and it makes me angry.

I’m impatient for what’s in my head to be clear on the page. But, it’s not there yet. And, I have to learn patience. I have to remind myself that at my core, I am a screenwriter. I have been trained to write movies and TV shows. Which is why I work in TV and not in the publishing industry.

I have to remind myself that writing a book is actually a challenge because it’s writing outside my comfort zone. I have to remind myself that some people spend years, decades even on their first book. I have to remind myself that many published authors are older than me by a lot. I have to remind myself that my craft gets better with age because my knowledge of the world gets wider with age.

I have to remind myself that having the best possible book is the goal. Not just being published. Not just being a paid writer. But, the best possible story. The best possible draft. The best possible book.

That is really what I am in it for. I’m in it for the one reader out there who will get it on a visceral level. Not for the fame, and movie deals and big paychecks. Bu, for the story I have wanted to tell for a long time for the characters who whisper their tales to me deep in the middle of the night.

This was just my rant to get it out of my system. Now, I return to the book. Got to get it done, by any means necessary. 

anonymous asked:

So if I read that Out quote right, Ben basically admitted to a gay magazine that he experimented in school and it was no biggie (am I correct? I know quotes can be misleading sometimes) and people still think he's totally straight? I know experimentation doesn't automatically = queer but it at least makes the idea he COULD be queer in some way less ~shocking u know? People get all up in arms if u so much as suggest this but yea. I would be more shocked if he was 100% straight but that's just me

(Nonny is referencing this quote)

Pretty much.  What I find amusing is the line right before that quote the interviewer says “[Ben] claims to have been oblivious to the kind of sexual antics for which English boarding schools are supposedly notorious.”  And literally the very next line, Ben shows he was actually quite aware of it. So he knows on one level he’s not supposed to admit to it, and on the other, well, he’s repeatedly described himself as “unable to keep [his] mouth shut”, especially when he starts rambling, and hence a “PR nightmare”.

And yes, for anyone who didn’t pick up on it by the name, OUT is a magazine for the gay community.

-that adhd feel when you copy down every little detail the teacher has on the board to “pay attention” even though you have no idea what you’re writing because you’re completely gone and tuned out
- that adhd feel when you “come to” and realize you just missed like the whole class lesson
-that adhd feel when you haven’t learned like anything new these past few years because your brain just won’t soak up the information
- that adhd feel when you’re scared of driving or going to an airport alone or being an adult with basic responsibilities like bills and a job because you lack common sense and forget basic rules and always space out and feel lost and you don’t trust yourself handling things
-that adhd feel when you have no idea what you did in class today but you think you’ll “figure it out at home” because you haven’t processed yet that you have homework and learning to do
-that adhd feel when there’s silent reading in a class period so you pretend to read while you think of other things
-that adhd feel when you realize you forgot to write homework down in your planner so you’re fucked unless you ask a bud
-that adhd feel when you’re looking for something in your backpack and right away you forget what you even need so you keep rummaging around hoping the thought will eventually come back
-that adhd feel when halfway through your Spanish class you realize you were thinking of an American idol audition from like 10 years ago that you thought was really funny and how there should be an American idol special with all of the craziest auditions and then you think about Simon Cowell on the X factor and how it really gets to you when he smiles at the contestants because he’s normally a rude guy but that’s a super cool thing for him to do and then you realize you’re supposed to be working on a Spanish activity with your partner
- that adhd feel when you’re like “nah I’m normal I’m making this up in my head everyone zones out here and there” but then you become hyper focused on all these adhd blogs while ignoring all your other responsibilities because u realize you actually are relating here
-that adhd feel when you’re trying to take a test with no meds and you can only focus on the sounds of the pencils of all the kids around you and why do they have to write so hard calm down write lightly


What’s Jaspis Week?

Jaspis Week is an entire week of pure lovable Jaspis!


January 5th!

Here’s the events:

Day 1.) Human AU

Day 2.) Gemling / Family

Day 3.) On a Date

Day 4.) At Night
*Could be NSFW or they could be just sleeping or out on a late-night date. Make your own idea!

Day 5.) Sunset

Day 6.) Beach Day

Day 7.) Whatever You Want!

NSFW: it is acceptable! I’ll reblog it if you have it under a read more or something along those lines. If not, that’s okay! It will not be reblogged, though.


What can you do? Is it only Art?
*Anything! Fanfic, drawings, doodles, short stories, playlists, mood boards/stimboards, anything else!

Who’s running this?
* @evanlazuli

What if my art/story/whatever isn’t good?
*Oh, cmon! I’m sure it’s great! Anything will featured!

Who can join?


Any other questions/comments, ask me/tell me!

Good luck and have fun!!

Before you start an illustration, get reference. As soon as you know the general idea of what you want to draw but even before you draw any sort of thumbnail, get reference, save it, make a pinterest board or a reference folder but just spend some time just grabbing visual inspiration. Props are hard- get reference. Environments are hard- get reference. Drawing characters interacting with an environment is hard- get reference.

your thumbnails and your sketches will be so much better if you just have that reference in your head get reference use reference love reference

Let’s Play a Game

Summary: Things get exciting for you and Bucky when a board game night in the tower takes a naughty turn.

Bucky x reader. MOSTLY FLUFFY/ A LIL SMUTTY (not really though). Word count: 1.9 K.

TW: drinking, partial nudity

It was a hot summer night in the tower when Tony spoke up and said “I’m beyond bored. We should all do something fun!” A few members of the team were out on a mission, and everyone else had just been sitting in the lounge watching garbage reality TV all evening. Steve leaned forward in his seat and replied “Same. Anyone have an idea about what to do?” “How about a board game?” suggested Bucky. “Sounds good to me. I think Y/N has a bunch in her room. Can we play one of ‘em?” asked Nat. You nodded in agreement. Tony volunteered to go grab one, so you directed him toward the top of your closet and told him to choose whichever one he wanted.

Tony came back snickering with a blue box in his hand. “NOT THAT ONE! PUT IT BACK!” you yelled, drawing everyone’s attention. “Did you make this?” asked Tony, whose snickering had evolved into full-blown laughter. “When I was in college me and my friends made it and used to play it at parties sometimes. I should’ve thrown it away a long time ago. Just go pick something else, ok?” “Nope! It’s this one!” he answered. At that point, Tony had piqued everyone’s interest, and they all started pestering you, wanting to know what the game was. You turned to the group and sternly said “It doesn’t matter because we’re not playing it. Tony’s gonna go put it back and choose a different one, right Tony?” Tony shook his head no, and shouted “IT’S DIRTY JENGA!!!”

Laughter erupted throughout the room. Nat stood up quickly and started walking over to the bar. “I’ll get the booze! I’m pretty sure we’re gonna need it, aren’t we, Y/N?” She flashed you a cheeky smile. “Yeah…” you muttered, becoming more embarrassed as the seconds ticked by. Everyone sat on the floor in a circle while Tony dumped out the blocks on the floor, and then read out the rules that were scribbled on an index card that had been tucked inside the box. “Do what’s on the block or you’re out. Knock over the tower, you lose. If you don’t pick your partner, the group picks for you. Unless otherwise directed, kisses are on the mouth. Good luck!” Nat and Wanda passed out some red plastic cups and shot glasses, and gave everyone a beer to start out with. You noticed the concerned look on Steve and Bucky’s faces. “Don’t worry guys,” you said quietly to them so nobody else would hear, “it’s not that dirty.” You decided to embrace the fact that this was going to happen one way or another, so instead of acting embarrassed, you spoke up, determined that everyone would have fun. “Everyone change spots. We’ve gotta sit boy-girl-boy-girl for this to work.” you instructed. You found yourself sitting between Steve and Bucky, and actually getting excited for the game to start.

Wanda stacked up the blocks into a tower and everyone decided that since you had played before, you should go first. You drew a block from the center of the tower, and turned it over and read it out loud. “Oh, easy one. It says to take a shot.” Your poured yourself a shot of tequila, took the shot, and turned to Bucky. “You’re next!” You could tell he was a little nervous as he drew a block from the tower. “Oh God,” he began, “it says I’ve gotta lick someone’s neck.” Everyone started giggling. “So, you gonna choose someone Barnes or do we have to choose for you?” asked Wanda. Bucky turned to face you with a worried look on his face. “Go ahead,” you told him as you tilted your head away, presenting your neck to him. He licked it and everyone clapped. The rest of the team had it pretty easy on the first go around—most of them just had to take a drink. Steve had to play “spin the bottle” though and ended up giving Wanda the most awkward kiss you’d ever seen.

Eventually, it came to be your turn again. You were secretly hoping that this game would give you some opportunities to do stuff with Bucky—you’d had a crush on him forever, and you had your fingers crossed that tonight would be the night you finally got to kiss him. Who cares if it was part of a game—a kiss is a kiss, right? You drew your block and flipped it over. Before you could read it out loud, your cheeks turned bright red. “What does it say?!” asked Steve. You looked down at the floor and mumbled the words “body shot.” “Holy shit! This is gonna be great! Who are you choosing?!” asked Nat with a smirk. You let out a deep sigh and turned to face Bucky. “C’mon Buck. You’re up.”

“Wait, what do I have to do? I’m so confused. I’ve never even heard of a body shot.” said Bucky with concern. Tony was trying not to laugh when he told Bucky “Just take off your shirt and lie down.” Bucky did as he was told, and you reached for the bowl of limes and dish of salt. “Nope! You’re not getting off easy on this one. I know how you roll, Y/N. You’d probably put the salt on his arm or something. I’m setting this up.” said Nat with a wink. “You’re putting salt on me?!” asked Bucky. “Shut up and just go with it, Barnes!” Nat responded. She proceeded to pour a line of salt across Bucky’s stomach, running from his belly button to the band of his jeans. “Open.” she instructed as she tapped on Bucky’s mouth. She inserted a lime wedge in between his teeth and told him to hold it there and not to move. Finally, she filled a shot glass with tequila and set it in the middle of his chest. “Bonus points if you take the shot with no hands,” teased Tony.

Your heart was pounding with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Steve pull out his phone and start recording. You were never going to hear the end of this, but it seemed too late to back out now. “Give me a countdown?” you asked. Steve led the chant, and everyone yelled “THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!” With your hands behind your back, you bent down and licked the salt off of Bucky’s toned stomach. Then you tossed your leg over him so you were straddling him, and you could hear everyone gasp in excitement. You leaned over and wrapped your lips around the shot glass, drank the shot, and tossed the empty glass off to the side. Finally, you dropped down and placed your hands on the floor on either side of Bucky’s head. You lowered yourself down until you were hovering just above his face and you winked at him before pressing your lips against his, taking the entire lime into your mouth. You sat back up, still straddling Bucky, pulled the lime out of your mouth and threw it into your empty plastic cup. “NO HANDS!” you yelled with pride, as everyone clapped at your performance.

You got off of Bucky and sat back down in your spot as he sat up and put his shirt back on. “Well, we sure as hell didn’t have that back in the forties!” said Bucky with a smile. Steve chuckled and said “We definitely didn’t have body shots back then. It’s your turn, Bucky.” Bucky drew a block from the tower and laughed when he read it. “What does it say?” you asked. He turned and looked you square in the eyes as the group slowly fell silent. A flirty smile played on his lips as he said the words “Your turn,” and held up the block. You leaned forward to read it, and laughed when you saw what it said. “Nat,” you began, returning your gaze to Bucky’s smiling face, “I hope you didn’t use all of the salt—it looks like we’re doing more body shots.”

“I’m not taking my top off,” you warned as you laid down on the carpet. You could see that Bucky was sweating a little bit, and was clearly a little nervous. Nat sat next to you and laughed mischievously. “Roll up your shirt,” she instructed you. “HEY-O!” shouted Tony, knowing what Nat was planning on doing. You knew it too, and giggled as you rolled the bottom of your shirt up to just below your bra, exposing your stomach. Nat looked at Bucky and said “Remember, lick the salt, drink the shot, take the lime. Got it?” He nodded affirmatively. She poured a line of salt on your chest, from the top of your sternum down to where your cleavage began. “Oh boy,” teased Steve. She placed the lime in between your teeth and told you to stay as still as possible. Wanda went to hand her a shot glass, but Nat said “Thanks, but I don’t need it,” and she poured the tequila into your belly button. It took everything you had not to start laughing as you watched Bucky’s expression go from nervous to terrified. You could see that Steve was recording this one as well, but you didn’t care. “THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!” yelled the group. Bucky leaned over you and slowly licked the salt off of your chest. He flashed a flirty grin at you as you watched him move down to your stomach, dragging his fingertips along your side as he did so. He slurped the shot off of you, and then stole a page from your playbook, straddling you just like you had done to him. He bent over, and before taking the lime he whispered in your ear “this is the best game ever.” He took the lime from your mouth, making sure your lips touched as he did so. He sat up, throwing his arms in the air, seeking the same applause you had gotten. Instead, you both turned when you heard Sam saying “What the fuck is going on here?! I’m gone for like two hours and I miss all the fun stuff!”

Bucky spat the lime into a cup and stood up. He held out his hand to help you up, and you took it and stood next to him, fixing your shirt. You jokingly curtsied and he bowed, while everyone else clapped. “I’m tapping out for tonight. I’m just gonna watch for a while,” you said as you took a seat on the couch. “Same here,” announced Bucky as he took the spot next to you. He put his arm around your shoulder, which you felt giddy about but tried not to read too far into. After spending about 10 minutes watching the game, Bucky passed you a hand-written note on a napkin. You smiled as you read the note, which said “Dinner date w/ me tomorrow? 7pm?” You turned to face him, his arm still wrapped around you, and leaned over so you could whisper in his ear. “Seven is perfect,” you said. Bucky planted a soft kiss on your cheek, and you giggled because your wish was finally coming true, and because you never thought you’d be so glad to have lost a debate with Tony about what game to play.

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