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Succulent Guide

Congratulations on becoming a proud plant parent! Welcome to to the wonderful world of succulents and cacti, here is a small guide of how to take care of your succulents properly and tips on how to maintain a healthy, happy plant based on personal experience. (・ω・)ノ


General Knowledge

Firstly, here is some general knowledge on succulents that will (believe it or not) help you greatly when it comes to taking care of your plant.

  • Succulents and cacti are in the same family! This means there are many different kinds and like dry places with little water
  • The world “succulent” refers to the plant’s fleshy, thick leaves. They are like this to retain water.
  • Because succulents are cacti, some can be pointy and have spines (like aloe!) so in general, be careful.

That’s basically all the general information you need to know that will help your plant grow.


Watering your plant:

Although most people believe that succulents thrive on neglect, they really don’t, and need almost as much maintenance as a regular house plant.

MY RULE OF THUMB: When the leave look thin, water the plant.

This rule of thumb is a bit of a last resort. If your plant’s leaves are withered or thin, it needs a lot of water.

Regularly, I water my 2" succulents with about 2 tablespoons of water A WEEK.

In winter, succulents and Cacti go through a dormant phase and don’t need to be watered as often, but I found this information as not useful because when I went as little as 1.5 weeks without watering some of my plants in the winter, they’d start to wither.

Remember, succulent leaves should remain fleshy! And watering them often is the key to doing this.

If you happen to forget to water your succulents for up to three weeks and even beyond, do not worry. At that point, the plant will ration it’s water until you water it.

If you happen to do this, do not immediately think that you have to drown your plant in water to make up the weeks you missed. For a 2" succulent, 2 tablespoons or less is the key. These types of plants can only take so much water at one time.



Repotting Cacti and Succulents is a lot of fun, especially when you get decorative pots or creative with potting ideas.

Some people like to use teacups, and other people use plain old terra-cotta pots.

Whatever the case may be, succulents and cacti like drainage.

So your teacup doesn’t have a drainage hole? No problem.

It is ideal to pot your plant in something that has drainage holes, but if it doesn’t, adding rocks to the bottom of whatever it is you’re using will help greatly.

I have small, 2" white square ceramic pots for my babies, which have a singular, small drainage hole in the bottom. Because I wanted more drainage, I used a few rocks on the bottom, and filled the rest of the pot with succulent and cacti potting mix.

It’s also healthy to keep some of the soil from the original pot to mix in with the potting mix.

When repotting my cactus plant, I preferred using thick rubber gloves to repot rather than gardening gloves because I didn’t want the thin spines to prick me.



I normally keep my succulents on the windowsill over my kitchen sink because it gets the most light in the house while being indirect.

This is the key to good sunlight: light, but indirect. So if you have a windowsill where the sun crosses over it throughout the day, that is the ideal place for your succulent. In winter, keep your succulents inside! And on the sill of a west facing window is ideal because the light is not too harsh in the afternoon.

TIP: make sure to rotate the pot so the plant grows straight.

If you do not have much sun, although I have not tried this, I know some people grow their plants under special lamps which work just as fine.

As far as heat goes, heat was not much of a problem for my plants except for my one pesky Echeveria nodulosa ‘Painted Beauty’ which I had named Rory.

Rory was not a fan of being near an open window, and since I had gotten my succulents in January, it was cold outside. A few rare days of warmth would occur in February which called for an open window, and any time he was near it, he would wilt.

And although Rory is due for what looks like propagation, he is my smallest plant to this day and I don’t want to go onto that step for him yet.



When I noticed my plants reaching for sunlight, they’d bend towards the window and grow very tall and their leaves would space out. Soon, the bottom leaves would die and need to be plucked off and I’d be left with a long stem, a few spaces but still alive leaves, and a small rosette on the top.

This means it’s time for propagation. When I first read on how to stop my plants from getting so leggy, results appeared calling it “decapitation” where you would cut of the head of the plant and leave a stump.

This sounded very scary to me and I waited until a month before I tried to look for answers again and found propagation as the solution.

There are basically three parts of propagation.

  1. the stump
  2. the rosette
  3. the babies (which are actually a bunch of little parts).

The first step to propagation is to remove the bottom leaves from the plant completely from the stem by gently twisting them off. (Even if they are alive)

Place the leaves on a wet paper towel on a pan after they have calloused over and dried out (takes about 2-3 days). You may notice the the root of the leaf may already be growing roots, and if it has not, it will eventually. From each leaf you will grow a new baby rosette and have a forest of succulents! The babies make great gifts. (Note that not every leaf will be successful in growing a baby). This process takes about 3-4 weeks.

For the left over plant, you now have a super long stem with a rosette at the top. Cut the rosette leaving some stem on it and submerge the stem in water after letting it callous and dry out (takes about 5 days) For mine, I submerged the rosette in a medicine cup filled with 2 tablespoons of water. Soon, roots will appear so you can repot the rosette. This takes 2-3 weeks.

Then, cut the rest of the stem the is in the original pot down to a stub. After the stub callouses over, it will start to regenerate new babies around it. This takes about 3 weeks.

When it comes to propagation, it takes time and patience.



Here is where I was going to put any tips I had for growing plants but I kind of mentioned them throughout my spiel. In that case, here is where I will reiterate my most important tips:

- Water your plants once a week or when the leaves look less fleshy.
- 2 tablespoons of water a week for 2" plants (some species may need more or less)
- For repotting cactus plants with spines, it’s ideal to use rubber gloves instead of gardening gloves
- Rotate the plant so it grows straight!

Those are my best tips. There really aren’t any tips on propagation since its a hit or miss kind of ordeal.

Feel free to ask questions! uwu

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Thoughts on the bellamy/raven scene at the end of 4.13?

okay, bear with me. it’s late and my mind is not really functional past 3am but i’m going to type this up anyway, because i’m a bit (actually very) emotional.

i was super impressed by it to be honest, especially because I had no expectations as to how some of the character arcs would come around and create this full circle of growth that they underwent in the past four seasons.

there is a lot to be said about raven and bellamy themselves in that scene of course (which i will), as individuals, but its quite fascinating how these two usually develop this triangle unit with clarke too, who plays another key factor in that scene despite her absence now (yea, believe it or not but bravenlarke, narratively, comes in trio writing and that scene is no exception).

on another note, and I’m not sure if i’m the only one who actually thought of it, but the way the scene between bellamy and raven ends (before we cut to the 6 years and 7 days time jump) reminds me a lot of the scene where Finn expresses the line “Always” himself when raven, after forgiving him for the things he has done to her, tells him that they’ll always be family in season two:

the thing with finn and raven is that while this moment brings forth all of their history and makes a point about how far they have come since they landed on the ground while also showing to us that finn is indeed the only person raven has ever actually considered “family” (she is the one reaching out to him upon realizing how affected finn is by the things he has done that happen to be tied to clarke mostly, if not all), it represents the end of their journey together too, as finn decides to sacrifice himself not much later to save his friends from war.

“always” in that sense is a very short-lived moment for them as raven loses finn by the end of the episode (through clarke’s hands no less, and note that 2x08 is a very heavy bravenlarke ep as well) and has to start to find a way to live without him and deal with the fact that she couldn’t stop this from happening.

so, in one way or another you can make an observation about dysfunction in that scene since “always” (the promising aspect of the moment in itself) gets broken when finn says goodbye to raven - “may we meet again” - and gives himself over to the grounders, shredding the physical idea of “always being a family” because his sacrifice means death and death means absence. there is no emotional preparation for this from an in-universe sense, literally none of his friends see his “i’m gonna turn myself over” moment coming, you know… the turn that essentially even manages to drift many relationships apart.

with bellamy and raven we have to whole idea of “always” turned upside down:

it’s interesting to see how clarke’s “death” serves as a catalyst for this moment for sure, but it’s also important to note that bellamy is the one reaching out to raven here and not vice versa, because while i’m sure that many believe bellamy will focus on his head heavily now (with clarke gone) i feel like this scene communicates that he is starting to find balance between his heart and mind himself like clarke told him to. this is not a “i don’t know who i am anymore” moment for bellamy. in fact, he knows exactly which position he needs to take on without clarke by his side (the baton is a really nice visual touch to the whole idea of that new balance), which adds a more hopeful tone to the tragedy overall, since bellamy, even though he tried to fight against it up until it was too late, got emotionally prepared for this by clarke herself - the possibility that she could be dying on this day and that he would have to take over a complete new role without her (mix of head and heart). like, just think about how this scene unfolds and where it heads to: raven is the one questioning whether they can do this without clarke or not while bellamy is the one who happens to ground raven in that thought process and tell her why they can’t let that happen.

yes, he just lost one of the most important people in his life and he is plagued with an immense sense of guilt up until the moment he and all of his friends actually survive on the ark (when they breathe in air again), but it’s also fascinating to see that he makes that one step towards raven when he says “You with me?”. he makes room for teamwork here, room for the fact that he needs raven in this - the other part of the triangle unit - and heal. there is no point made here about “loss of control”. is bellamy affected by clarke’s “death”? absolutely, no doubt. but he is also ready to not let clarke’s death be in vain. he’s been there and has done that without her before and it made him turn to the wrong side, but now he is going to do better than he did yesterday.

and raven is not going to let clarke’s death be in vain either, but will support bellamy after this loss, because she feels the exact same thing he feels - her worldview in terms of family has expanded beyond what raven ever imagined she could have besides finn, but she has found these people and wants to work with them as much as rely on them, too. and it’s that realization she makes here for herself: they all left clarke behind in a situation that was inevitable, clarke died for them “she saved us again”. so, in retrospect, the groundwork for this moment is that the “promise” that comes with “always” brings new life into raven’s character instead of making it die down in her own hands like it once happened. when she so desperately wanted to save her “family” (e.g finn or even sinclair whom she later tells “you’re always with me” in 4x11, coming to terms with his death all by herself).

its as clarke said, survival is a team-sport. and that’s what they all did, together.

raven’s answer, in hindsight, marks down the beginning of a new journey, not the end. while clarke literally rises from the ashes on the ground, raven and bellamy do so in front of the window up in space when they look down earth:

and i think that’s pretty great.

bellamy and raven survive alongside their other friends on the ark, with help from clarke, which just shows that they are all a family, even when she (clarke) is not around to physically be with them anymore. or in other words: she lives on through them the same way they live on through clarke on the ground.

i want a big ass reunion yall.

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(1) Not for nothing but I dunno how I feel about all of this recent stuff. I mean yeah there are a butt ton of events being planned and released at once, some of them going on for as long as a month, others that are steeped in discourse while others are just responses to each other. I can even understand some content creators feeling overwhelmed. But lets be frank here. No one is forcing content creators like myself to take part in these events. We choose which events to take part in and when.

2) So if a creator is feeling overwhelmed then they need to cut back on the events they’re taking part in and the amount of content they’re creating. Creators dont need a week for that. Trust me I know it sucks to have to pick and choose between events when you dont have the time to do them all, but its a much more reasonable option then expecting everyone with an event idea to put off their ideas until next year just because other stuff is going on.

(3) I mean other fandoms do all this same stuff all the time. Prompt weeks, ship months, challengers, zines, big bangs, etc. They often have these events happening at the same time. But in the end content is still created and everyone in the fandom has more content and a better time because of it. I mean I love this blog but lets be real here. You are not going to be able to put every event on this blog the moment its announced.

4) I mean there have been several instances in the past where I’ve heard of events weeks before they ended up on your blog. This isn’t a criticism, its an acknowledgement that you are only one person who cant be reasonably expected to handle the sheer workload of an entire fandoms event schedule. And inevitably there are going to be times when people do look at the schedule to find a time for an event and think they’ve found one. Except that there is already another event going on at that time-

-that you just haven’t found the time to put in yet. Again, I understand the concerns of writer burnout but this is all getting ridiculous. Is it unfair that content creators will have to miss out on some events in favor of others? Yes. But it also not fair to claim that event planners are “overwhelming” creators. I’M a content creator. I’ve had to deal with multiple event overload. But it was my responsibility to deal with it. Not trying to be mean but if your a content creator and your

and your experienced burnout then you need to cut back on your schedule and TAKE A BREAK. Your health is more important than any event and your self imposed workload is something you have full power over. Only exceptions I can see aside from that would be commissions but thats clearly not what we’re talking about here.

I see where you’re coming from, and having also discussed it with a few other people I’m realizing it may have been misguided to suggest blocking a week as a “rest period.” My role with this blog is supposed to be simply tracking events, and I kinda lost sight of that a bit. Like you say, no one is forced to participate in events, and people are free to drop out of stuff if they need to for their health and peace of mind. 

I think the concern I’ve been hearing from people is that so many of the events are so good and interesting that they want to participate in all of them and get upset/disappointed when they literally physically can’t. Or they do sign up for all the events and then they’re either kept ridiculously busy trying to juggle everything or they’re forced to drop out, which is both upsetting for the participant cause they feel guilty for “failing” and frustrating for the organizer cause they have to readjust their plans. Like you say it’s unfair to organizers to tell them “no you can’t do your event” or “you can only do it after X date” but the flipside of that coin is telling creators “here are (example) 5 events that are super cool and right up your alley but they’re all on top of each other so you can only do max 2 of them. Good luck and choose wisely.” I understand and agree that it’s up to individual people to manage their schedules and their level of participation in fandom according to their other obligations like school and work, as well as their energy levels, and in that vein I’m gonna drop the whole idea of a fandom “rest week.” But I do also understand where people are coming from when they talk about feeling overwhelmed and burning out.

On the subject of months, I have to be honest with you I had never seen a month before in any other fandom, aside from the big general ones like inktober or nanowrimo or femslash February. I’ve since heard from a friend who explained how a month event was successfully organized in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom, but as I understand it the key difference there is they did it where every week had a theme, rather than every day having a prompt. So I’m not saying month events can’t be a viable concept, I’m saying the month events currently being planned in the fandom don’t strike me as a sustainable endeavour, taking into account how they’re set up, the discourse surrounding some of them turning people off, and all the other events already underway.

I don’t know, perhaps it’s because this is the first time I’ve paid such close attention to events in a fandom, but my impression has been that Voltron fandom has an abnormally high number of events. I know that other fandoms also do weeks and big bangs and zines and such, and I’m sure some of them overlap with each other, but do they also suffer from this situation where basically every week between now and March 2018 has anywhere from 2 to 40+ projects going on at once? This is actually a genuine question, I would really appreciate if someone could give me a sense of what the situation is in say the Steven Universe or Yuri on Ice fandoms, etc.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ll back off on the whole “imposing a rest week” idea and stick more to simply tracking events like I should’ve been all along, but I do still want to register my concern at the sheer number of events in this fandom.

Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) 12/24

Genre: Chaptered, fantasy AU, Prince!Phil, Thief!Dan, romance, enemies to lovers, angst and fluff, slow burn (like serious slow burn)

Warnings: some violence, mentions of death (no main characters), dark magic, descriptions of wounds/blood, some hints of sexual scenes (but no actual smut), murder, dangerous situations, stealing/thievery

Summary: Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

Word count: 240,000+

Updates: Sunday

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boyfriend! taehyung

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

  • here i am again hello everyone what’s good 
  • i really need more variety in my writing with the other members but i always am emo for tae so here i am againnnn 
  • first off let me tell u one thing,,, tae would be the boyfriend to be clingy as fuck. 
  • good luck if u wanna go somewhere alone everywhere u go u look behind u o shit u got a leech on ur back
  • HUGS
  • there will be so many hugs ok it will be borderline weightlifting fairy !!!!! like you will just be walking and all of a sudden BOOM tae is attacking u from behind 
  • literally there is so much love in this relationship like shiiT
  • like “ok babe we’re wearing blue today” 
  • or have this dorky matching sweaters sjflkslkfjdls 
  • also morning texts!!!! like every morning he is thinking of you 
  • “good morning babe” or “i dreamed about u :’)” 
  • firsT dATE aHH
  • ur first date would be something of a dinner but not like a fancy one,, just like at the local diner very homey 
  • during which tae accidently spills his cherry coke on u and hes ready to scream apologies but you’re laughing so hard and helping him clean u up and hes scrambling around for napkins 
  • and his face is super red and ur like babe its fineee ily 
  • tae insists that he pays for the entire thing but u are just like??? listen gucci boi i can pay for my dinner its $15 ok like i goT IT so u end up splitting the bill 
  • and you guys walk with ur hands intertwined all the way to ur house 
  • and just as ur ready to walk away he pulls u back 
  • and he just kinda looked at u and tilted ur head up and planted the softest kiss on ur lips and ur scREAMIN inSidE 
  • he would just smile against ur lips and pull away and tell u that u looked beautiful and ur blushing so hard like ur an actual beet at that point 
  • and let me tell u that first kiss was the most important bc that opened the gate for trillions of kisses more that he would give u 
  • like everydaY sO mAnY kISSES 
  • TRAVELING!!!!! 
  • oh my god with tae as ur bf you guys will never stay in one place 
  • you guys like to go sight seeing and visit monuments and go to museums 
  • you guys would just walk hand in hand everywhere and take LOTS of pictures together 
  • he wants to be able to look back and cherish every moment he spends with you T^T 
  • i feel like traveling with tae would include so many adventures 
  • and mishaps 
  • like realizing u left your favorite coat at the hotel and having to run back to get it 
  • or tae accidentally cussing in the language of the country your visiting 
  • poor kid,, but you guys always laugh about it and think about the brighter side of things 
  • ALSO shOppING 
  • I’ll have to probably make a separate scenario abt this bc its so much 
  • but to put it simple and sweet tae would spoil you to death omg 
  • like you want that purse that was super cute? yeah well he bought it behind ur back and is gonna surprise u with it
  • ur mom likes gucci?? hell, ur mom will be getting gucci shit all the time (literally half the reason she loves tae so much likE YES [Y/N] PLS CONTINUE DATING THIS GENTLEMAN) 
  • like i just had this cliche idea that happens all the time but tae would totally pick clothes out for you and you’d try them on for him and he’d be like the fashion judge 
  • and he’d get so flustered sometimes and be like “this looks better on you than i expected,,,” 
  • holidays are really fun because he really values family and he’d hang out with you and your crazy fam/friends 
  • he’d play with your baby cousins/neices/nephews/siblings whatever and practically everyone adores him they all believe you guys to get married in the future (u guys def will) 
  • he’d honestly think of everyone and not leave anyone out, but he’s always by your side 
  • he wants to know everyone in your family so that he could be closer to you
  • idk but tae really seems like the jealous type? I may be wrong,,, but i can imagine that say you have a guy friend, completely platonic, but he has a crush on you but kinda keeps it on the down-low bc ur taken 
  • and tae KNOWS like he can tell this guy is basically in love with you so he gets like this extreme jealousy whenever you smile or laugh with him or playfully punch each other right in front of him 
  • and like he would just take ur arm out of nowhere and drag u away and ur like?????????
  • tae wtf?? 
  • and he’s just like i don’t like seeing you with him at all?? and u try to calm him down but BOOM first fight 
  • and like you go to sleep feeling so guilty bc what if tae was like how you were with your friend except with a girl? Wouldn’t you feel jealous at least a little bit??
  • and tae is at home freaking out bc maybe he overreacted?? he was being too harsh??? what if he loses you bc of this?? 
  • So basically he calls you up in the middle of the night and apologizes and ur like nonoono i should be the one apologizing
  • it’s cute jklsjlkgs like you guys can’t stay mad at each other it’s impossible
  • tae was most likey staying at jimin’s bc he needed moral support now that i think about it. probably ranting to jimin abt how much he loves u 
  • basically you and tae are couple goals 
  • there is so much more that would write but this thing would be so long rip 
  • i hope you guys enjoyed!!!!! 

Okay, so this is a little random … 

At school, we had a field trip to a safety centre. We were around ten, there was a whole class of us, and the idea was to go around this centre and role-play to learn about safety … we got to walk around a lorry to learn about its blind-spots, go into a kitchen where ‘Grandma’ was hurt and there was cooking oil spilled, and there was even a ‘live’ electrical wire outside exposed …

Well, about midway through the trip our guide forgot some paperwork. The teaching assistant with us was supposed to have signed something or other, I forget what exactly, but they needed her signature to continue … probably some liability thing, who knows, we were ten and didn’t care.

The guy told us: “stay here and don’t move”.

We watched our TA and guide leave, while we stood at the entrance of the centre … there was a main road nearby, while the building behind us was empty, and there was a hill just ahead that led onto an empty field … we were bored, but behaving pretty well without supervision. We just waited for them to get back, because we really wanted to get on with the tour.

After a few minutes, a guy from our next part of the tour came along. He was a bit annoyed to be kept waiting … he asked us where our guide and TA were, because he had another class after us, and kept checking his watch. We didn’t know. We were a bit scared in case we were in trouble. So - with a sigh - he points to the badge on his jacket; he’s from the pet centre across the street, and they hired him to teach us about animal safety. He’s even brought some puppies for us to get some hands on experience. 


He tells us how cute the puppy is, but how he left them over the hill out-of-sight, because - yeah - puppies are skittish and it was meant to be a surprise, but our TA was late and it couldn’t hurt to start without them … why didn’t we go take a look? Well, we were ten and these were puppies.

Me and another boy got super excited; we legged it over this hill as full pelt, way ahead of everyone else, while most of the group trailed patiently behind, and one poor boy - who thought something was up - decided to stay behind … with the guy from the pet centre. We left him there, because it was his loss, but the first boy and I couldn’t find these puppies anywhere and eventually came back over the hill to tell the group, who - to our surprise - were found our TA and guide.

The TA and guide were furious.

I will always remember the terror they instilled, as the guide screamed blue murder at us … turns out this was one of our tests. We were told never to listen to strangers, about stranger danger, about grooming, about how people use lures like candy or puppies or things we may like, and we were taught never to leave our location - ever. We could have been killed or ‘worse’. 

* * * 

I guess the story came to mind for a few reasons … 

First, it’s vitally important to educate children. We never repeated that same mistake ever again in real life … in fact, our parents were so horrified that they started role-play at home, as well as began a continuous dialogue, and constantly had talks on safety outside the home. It wasn’t the fault of the “puppies” that we ran, but partially that we weren’t educated enough. We were told “don’t talk to strangers”, but no one told us that a man named ‘Joe’ with a smile and a badge and very normal looking was also a stranger.

Second, the only person to blame was the ‘culprit’ in question … he used a puppy to lure us, but he could have used candy or a movie or even fan-art of our favourite shows … I’d have loved to play with Pokemon figures and see Pokemon art, so I know even that would have been enough. The thing is though that the items used to lure us weren’t inherently bad, but they were just misused tools used to serve a purpose (gain our trust and attention).

The outcome wasn’t to ‘ban’ anything or ‘blame’ any of us … it was just to educate us further on things, as well as to teach us some things can be misused and can be misrepresented. The puppies weren’t bad for having lured us over the hill, and lots of people can still responsibly love and enjoy pets, but how they were used as bad and what could have happened was bad.

So yeah … 

Every time I see either victim-blaming, or people advocating censorship of certain materials, all I think is how there are much more effective ways to keep our children safe … education, education, education. Not to mention constant supervision (we needed to be unsupervised to learn our lesson, but had the TA been there then we wouldn’t have been ‘lured’ at all). 

There will always be exceptions and always bad things … you can’t protect every child all the time, but we can educate our children and put as many things in place as possible to protect them, mostly with supervision. If anything does go wrong -? Let’s put the blame on where it should go: the abuser.

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This might be a bit of an odd question, but how would you personally improve Prometheus?

I’m assuming you mean the movie and not, like, the mythological titan.

First improvement: scrap every character except David and start over, because they’re all boring, inconsistent, and terrible.  David is also inconsistent and terrible, but he’s at least interesting, so if we just make him consistent and well written, he’d be fine.

Since the expedition consists of scientists, let’s actually make them ACT like scientists, as opposed to either 1. creationists or 2. poorly written strawmen.  Let’s have them actually be competent in their fields, instead of, say, having a geologist who gets lost in the building he mapped out or a biologist who’s afraid of a corpse but NOT a hissing nightmare penis cobra.  Let’s give them more well rounded personalities than “has an obvious character flaw, like being an asshole or a coward, which shifts in and out of their characterization depending on how we need them to act for a scene rather than being consistent.”

Let’s also have most if not all of the people actually WANT to be on this expedition - it’s a lot more interesting/dramatically ironic if these people are all SUPER PUMPED to explore new worlds and seek out the life they might find there, only to have it all go horribly wrong.  Most of the characters in the film seemed disinterested in the expedition at best and downright resentful that they were there at worst, which resulted in most of the character building moments being “MRAAH I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE ADVENTURE SUCKS,” which 1. isn’t endearing and 2. doesn’t really provide a character arc, since they basically go from “I THINK THIS MISSION SUCKS” to “YEP THIS MISSION SUCKS ALRIGHT,” which isn’t really good for character growth.

I don’t want to brainstorm a bunch of entirely new characters to fill up the cast right now because that’s a lot of work for a tumblr ask, but that’s what I’d have to do first and foremost to make this story not suck.

Let’s move onto the plot. The plot of Prometheus is simple at its core but made into a jumbled mess by its execution, which is what happens when you hire Damon Lindeloff.  So let’s cut to the core a bit: at its center, Prometheus is about people finding evidence that aliens visited earth, and using ancient clues Nicholas Cage style to track those aliens down.  They find an alien world that hides dark secrets and stumble into a whole slew of monsters.

Now, one of the ways Prometheus makes this needlessly stupid and convoluted is that they make the ancient aliens the creators of “all life on earth,” with some bullshit about how humans have identical DNA as the Engineers and all that.  It’s the kind of thing that sounds like it makes sense to people who paid no attention in high school biology and thus only know what DNA is from pop culture.  While this plot point is technically important for the whole “stressful parent/child relationships” theme that the movie has going on, it’s also intensely stupid and I hate it, so it’s getting cut.  Sometimes a theme must suffer for the sake of telling a good story.

But now we have to rejig things to accommodate for that major change, and rejig we shall!  So here’s how things start out instead: archaeologists discover evidence of ancient aliens, complete with what seems to be a star map.  Their corporate financial backer, Mr. Weyland (or was it Mr. Yutani?  I forget which one was involved here), who’s a bit of a wacko, decides to fund a rushed expedition to the planet in the star map.  He thinks these aliens must have created humanity (which the other scientists rightly think is a kinda stupid hypothesis), and wants to meet them to bring humanity to the next level.  An expedition of ambitious experts is assembled, and off to space they go!

They get to the planet and discover that, while it’s technically habitable, all life on the surface is dead.  There are corpses of all sorts of different creatures littering the surface, decayed and partially fossilized.  Some look much like terrestiral life, but a good deal more look very Giger-esque.  Most of the corpses are not in one piece, showing their deaths were pretty violent.  Something horrible clearly happened here.

But our heroes proceed, disturbed but willing to risk the danger in hopes of discovery.  They find an Engineer building and search it, discovering vague holotapes showing chaos on the ship and the creation of various Giger-esque monsters.  They find laboratories filled with strange monsters - David in particular is intrigued by this, as the idea of other artificial life intrigues him.  While the other explorers are trying to find kinship with the Engineers, David finds it all to easily in the monsters they created.

We eventually discover two things: first, the planet isn’t as dead as it looked, as there are a lot of strange monsters living within this building.  The many different monsters in Prometheus were, in my mind, its greatest strength, so my take would push that even farther - we’d have an entire ecosystem of Giger-esque nightmare creatures here.  When first discovered they’d be in a state of suspended animation, but the explorers broke the “seal” when they entered the tomb, allowing the Giger beasts to get active again.  The building quickly turns into a living hell.

Second, we learn the Engineers were nowhere near the benevolent precursors Mr. Weyland/Yutani believes them to be.  They didn’t create life on earth, nor did they visit earth to help us out - they’re colonialists who spread from planet to planet like a virus.  They did tinker with humanity’s ancestors, but it wasn’t so humanity could have some grand purpose - it was to make us better hosts for their bioweapons.  We aren’t children of the Engineers - we’re their petfood.  While Mr. Weyland and the other explorers are disheartened by this discovery, David understands it totally - after all, he was created to be a disposable tool, so why wouldn’t humanity follow a similar route?  The anger and frustration the explorers have at this revelation inspires him, though - after all, if they won’t accept their purpose, why should he?

The opening of the building has also been noticed by the Engineers, and soon enough an Engineer ship arrives on the planet to figure out who popped open their preserved bio-weapons.  The Engineer ship blows up our explorers’ spaceship, stranding them on the planet.  A squad of Engineers enters the building to destroy the remaining explorers and seal things up again, wearing biomechanical suits that make the Giger beasts nonhostile towards them.  We’d have at least one shot of an Engineer in its elephant-face-mask armor walking calmly through a sea of different nightmarish Giger monsters, all of which treat him with absolutely no animosity, because I think that would be a very eerie and interesting visual.

While the Engineers kill a few of them, the surviving explorers eventually figure out how to retaliate, killing all the Engineers in the building and taking their suits as disguises.  The fact that the Engineer’s host form resembles a human very closely is once more a meaningful plot point, albeit in a different way than in the original.  David also joins the group, hiding in the Engineer travel craft with some very familiar looking eggs.

Our heroes then sneak into the Engineer’s ship and try to take out all the remaining Engineers so they can use the ship to get home.  The plan succeeds thanks to David’s secret weapon, but unfortunately all of our human explorers are taken out in the process - either by the Engineer’s hands or, in the case of the final survivor, by stumbling into one of David’s alien egg traps and getting a good ol’ facehugger.

Now the only person left alive on the ship, David returns to the Engineer Building and basically loads up on eggs and other monstrosities, then sets off with plans to spread them as far and wide as he can.

And that’s how I’d change Prometheus.

anonymous asked:

im still seeing posts saying bismuth was right bc she "only wanted to shatter the diamonds". ignoring how oversimplified such an act seems to be, as if there wouldn't be gems to defend their diamond and as if fighting a diamond herself wouldn't be trouble, it's still upsetting that that's the part of bismuth ppl focus on and agree with

Bismuth is right about some things, but that’s definitely not one of them.

Bismuth’s noble qualities are that she’s a very caring person in general- and that even though it wasn’t under the greatest of circumstances, she’s also the first to really strongly and in no uncertain words tell Steven he doesn’t have to be Rose Quartz 2.0. That’s important and I hope she keeps that message up through further appearances.

But, no, she’s not… right about killing the Diamonds. I’ve made many long-winded posts about this before, but. here goes.

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Unpopular opinion, I guess...

The “Rose Diamond” theory seems to have dug its way back up from its deserved grave….ugh…..

And I really can’t stand that theory. The whole “character A is really royalty in disguise” is something I really dislike. It fits into how people in real life take acomplishments away from others because they’re not the “right” type. For example, most recently post on my dash talked about the nonsense argument that Shakespeare couldn’t have written those plays because he was a commoner.

Or how about all the “this was really invented by person A, but stolen by person B who took all the credit" stuff that happens all the time. People have this idea of what an inventor, writer, creator is supposed to be. And if someone doesn’t fit, then they couldn’t have done it.

This fandom keeps doing it. Lapis HAD to be someone super duper important, perhaps even Blue Diamond herself! Nope, she’s a terraformer. And while that’s clearly a high rank, its not as high as Lapis want to act like it was. Pearl HAD to have served a Diamond because reasons…

Like I don’t get the appeal. Rose Quartz, the common soldier, starting a rebellion and turning against her leaders is more interesting than Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond. Its comes across as a spin on the “OC is wish fulfillment” thing. The only difference is that Rose/Pearl/Lapis is being treated like the OC.

If Pink Diamond had cut her Gem to look like a Rose Quartz, the Diamonds would’ve recognized it. Blue Diamond especially, since she emphasized that they were very close and she’s been constantly thinking of Pink Diamond for thousands of years.

The possession part of the theory makes the assumption that Rose had the ability to possess people aswell. Which…why didn’t the Gems mention that then? Seriously, every single time a new power has emerged, the Gems have said “oh, Rose had this ability too”. The dream walking is the one exception. Why wouldn’t they mention that? At least in Chille Tid, the events in Super Watermelon Island were a bit too rushed for them to do any exploring like that. Am I supposed to assume that the Gems magically knew this information would be important later on and thus kept that info to themselves? Even though it goes against their character up til and even after that point?

The show makes a point of how Steven is a brand new being. One made from Rose fusing her Gem code with human DNA. But he doesn’t get to have anything that’s his? Everything is Rose Quartz? Why can’t Steven’s dream walking and possession abilities be a unique manifestation of Rose’s ability to heal and create/control plant life? An ability that Rose didn’t have, but Steven does because his powers work differently from Rose’s?

“But Rose Quartzes don’t look like that in real life!” Neither does Jaspers. And Lapis gem in the show looks different that the real life one - more dull and one dimensional. Its a design choice.

My personal take on it for the longest time have been that for some reason, Pink Diamond decided to make a Gem in her own image. Pink diamonds and Rose Quartz share many of the same meanings, such as love. And Pink Diamonds represent creativity. Maybe that creativity was used to create a new Gem in the image of their Diamond to be used on this new colony called Earth. Would fit with Bismuth’s statement of Rose being made “right here in the dirt.”

The “Rose Diamond” theory is one I really don’t want to see confirmed in any way. It would cheapen the show. Steven/Rose is already too OP. To the point of it being ridiculous. Them being the “royalty in disguise” trope as well would be so cliché, so lame and too much of a jumping the shark moment for me.

( bias list? pffft, more like a lame appreciation post! wow, so um, i never really thought i’d reach this far with say’ri?? i remember back in october of last year, i decided merely on a whim to play an obscure character in the fire emblem franchise… especially since i felt like i couldn’t do any other muse justice at the time and the fact i’ve been wanting to be a part of the fandom back while i had been an observer as an oc whom some of you might know by the url of unladylikc. 

true, now that i’ve been in it, i do recognize the fact that it is less than perfect, realistically speaking? but all the same, however, it will always hold a precious place in my heart for it is the first fandom i’ve ever really joined and where i met some of the most talented writers that i had the fortune of writing with. anyways, i had always been such an insecure little bean, that more often than not, i would question if i truly belonged here.

by now of course, i kinda know my doubts are unfounded and i want to thank everyone for sticking with me through thick and thin. like i have oftentimes been saying, say’ri is a difficult muse to play, yet you all put up with that, despite my initial portrayal being a shaky one. well, before i start delving into a long winded speech, i think i’m just going to get on with addressing/mentioning cool folks beneath the cut… though do keep in mind i’m just going off by memory here for this list, so forgive me if i forget anyone. )

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I’m still not over Gravity Falls, and I probably never will be. Get ready for an essay, friends.

Before “Take Back the Falls” aired I was a little afraid my interest in Gravity Falls would die out. Sure, it was my favorite show by about thirty orders of magnitude. Sure, I’d gotten into it in a way I’d never gotten into a tv show before. That didn’t count as insurance. I’d fallen in and out of love with stories—especially shows, which aren’t really my thing—before. But you know what? I don’t think I’m ever going to stop loving Gravity Falls, because every time I think about watching any given episode, I feel the same sort of pang I get when I read Thorin’s last line in The Hobbit or hear the opening notes of “When You Wish Upon a Star”—because every time I try to pick Gravity Falls apart, I’m more wowed by what Hirsch and his team managed to do.

I just—okay, let’s look at something really simple, something which, in a lesser show, would have been really cool, but still only that; cool. In episode 1, “Tourist Trapped,” we’re presented with an unspoken question. Well, all right, we’re presented with a couple dozen unspoken questions, but I’m only going to focus on one. Dipper finds a journal in the woods. He opens the front cover and sees the words “Property of…,” with the space underneath for the name ripped out. Who is the author of the journal? We don’t know. Cue giant mystery number one. Fast forward to the end of “Not What He Seems.” A mysterious figure steps out of the portal. The kids ask who it is. Stan’s reply: “The Author of the Journals—my brother.”

So there you are. It took almost three years, thirty-one episodes, and a whole bunch of hints and clues, but we finally, finally got the answer to one of the first and certainly one of the biggest questions of the show.

Except … not really.

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theboyfromtazmily  asked:

Hello! Sorry if you've covered this a lot, I was just wondering - do you have any guides you'd recommend to a beginner in pixel art? Also, any guides on getting into game development? (mainly the programming side of it) Again, sorry if you've covered it and/or these asks sound demanding.

Hmmn, I can help a little bit! Buckle up.

The guide that I think is the most useful is not actually a guide for pixel art. It talks about using colors and using light sources.

There are a lot of different styles of pixel art, and I think that most of the time it is safe to say that a pixel art style is defined by its rules. Rules create consistency. Consistency creates immersive work.

We can use Starbound’s pixel art style as a simple example of how to create art that has rules. Starbound’s wiki actually has a guide set up to help people create their own assets, but it misses a few important details.

Some (but not all) of the rules that many starbound pixel art pieces use:

1. Most of the objects in starbound are drawn so that you can see the front corner of an object. Here’s an example:

The back half of an object rotated this way usually takes up about 25% of the width of the object. If you look at the other tables, chairs,and props in the game, you’ll see that most of them follow the 25% corner rule.

2. Most of the objects in starbound use a 4-tone palette. The 4 shades of brown used for the wood of this object are the same shades of brown that they use for most other wooden things. The four shades of yellow come from their brass palette. Consistency with colors can be very helpful if you use it correctly.

3. Starbound’s light source is always top-right. Every piece of art in the game is shaded as though there was a single white light to the top-right of the art.

So with all of this in mind, if we take a look at my art for Cat Story, we’ll see a few differences from Starbound’s style.

Using Cat Story’s art style, most objects are drawn with a camera angle directly from the front. The 25% corner rule does not exist in Cat Story. 

The light source in Cat Story is usually from the top-left… even if there are lights in the room. 

Most of the time, I use colors from the 6bit RGB palette.

Some styles of pixel art don’t need to limit which colors are used. My style uses these colors as a general guideline, but sometimes I lighten or darken colors from this palette to give myself a few extra colors to work with, like the background wallpaper in the room above.

This color palette has a lot more color saturation than the palettes used in Starbound’s art, which is why it doesn’t really mesh that great when you recolor your Starbound character using this palette. 

Looks weird and out of place, right?

If you adjust the color levels in the image by a tiny amount, it becomes very very easy to see just how much more saturated Cat Story’s colors actually are!

What happens when we put art from Starbound into a screenshot from Cat Story? Well, it looks very out of place, because it follows different rules for color, size, shape, and shading.

Sometimes, rules get more abstract. Cat Story also uses rules for color heat. Thinking about colors relative to their distance from white or black, with white being the hottest color and black being the coolest color offers some insight into interesting color relationships.

Remember that 6bit RGB palette? This is what it looks like when you take the color away and only look at the heat:

Color heat is a tool that you can use to direct the viewer’s eye to important pieces of your art. 

I try to make the character one of the brightest objects on the screen so that they are easy to see for the player. 

The next brightest things are usually terrain that you can walk on or objects that you can interact with.

The darkest objects are background props.

Obviously, sometimes it’s appropriate to make exceptions to make a piece of art look more interesting! I have many brightly lit windows in the underground city maps in Cat Story - but I try to keep them small and unobtrusive when I can.

It also helps a lot if you make your enemies easy to see.

Rules and color choice are only the beginning of defining an art style with pixel art. 

Some people prefer super low resolution artwork ( @thewakingcloak ), and others prefer comparatively massive canvases ( @shmoopdev ) . 

Some people use 3D models to give themselves a better frame of reference for their pixel art.http://oddtales.net/ )

Some people use dithering ( @lazymoth - check out their creepycastle project ) to shade and create gradients, other ( @virgovsthezodiac ) people ( @ramheadedgirl ) prefer ( @preecedev ) flat  ( @artificerdev ) shading styles.

Anyway I’ve spent an hour or two longer than I expected on this reply, so let’s move on to the other half of your question.

How do you get into game programming?

It depends on what language you want to program in. Personally, my hammer of choice for game development is C++.

There are a lot of different places to start if you’re brand new, but no matter what programming language you want to use, you need to know some programming basics.

This is the resource that was most useful for me to begin programming games in C++. Shoutouts to Lazyfoo!

Websites like stackexchange / stackoverflow also help a lot when learning basics of programming. 

What are some things that are important to know if you want to program your own games?

Learn how to do things using timers. If you attempt to do huge amounts of stuff all at the same time, it is often more complicated than simply doing a little bit of work once per frame. Breaking up your workload with timers often helps performance, too.

Start with a small project, like clicking on a colored dot for points. I thought a platformer would be easy and I’m here 3 years later still trying to finish what I started. Do not attempt to build some enormous MMO as your first project, that is a bad idea; speaking from experience here.

Learn to keep your code clean. Comment everything even if it’s obvious what it does, because 5 weeks from now it won’t be obvious anymore.

Learn the difference between public and private variables/functions and use them appropriately so you don’t trip yourself later on accident. That’s the reason those safeguards exist - to help you not accidentally use the wrong tools.

You are going to need to be able to understand math relationships. The computer will do the heavy lifting for you, but you need to understand the formulas and why they work. Basic things like moving from point A to point B, which looks like this:

new_position = old_position + normal( destination - old_position ) * movement_speed

 Thankfully, most of these math relationships are very easy to use once you understand them. Now is a good time to brush up on your trig.

If you’re going into gamedev in C++, learning how pointers and references work is non-negotiable.

Some other notes: 

A lot of helpful code libraries are out there on the internet that are designed specifically for making games. Most of these helpful libraries are free for you to do anything you want with them. SDL2 is my weapon of choice, but there are many other options available that might be better for what you want to do.

Sometimes it is appropriate to use tools like GameMaker or RPG Maker to make a game. Sometimes it isn’t. It is useful to know how to use these tools, and it is also useful to know how to get your hands dirty and do it yourself.

Lots of games have basic programming included! You can learn a lot about how programming basics work from reverse engineering objects in Garry’s mod, SecondLife, Starbound, and plenty of other places.

There are hotwings on my desk that need my attention.
Hopefully this is more helpful than “Practice a lot and also google some stuff”


Starry Night (Trollhunters Fanfic)

A commission for @approachingdark​! She wanted a fic with an upset reader who was comforted by Draal and Arrrgh. I just wanted to take a moment and also thank her for being super patient, and for being my first customer! I hope you like it! <3

under a readmore b/c its….kinda long


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anonymous asked:

Any tips on rekindling your excitement about your story? I feel I get very excited about new ideas and can quickly hash out a couple chapters right at first but after a while I get disenchanted with the story and my motivation to write trails off. Any advice on how to stick with a story? Or is it just that I haven't found the right story to write yet? Thanks a bunch!!

Hi nonnie! Thanks so much for sending this question in - sticking with our stories is something I bet an awful lot of us struggle with at times (god knows i do) so I think this is something that’s important for us to focus on. I’m going to split the answer into three main parts in order to give proper focus to the question - how to stick with a story during writing, how to keep your excitement for a story, and how to know if this is the right story for you.

How To Stick With Your Story:

I’m sure plenty of us know this feeling: you get a new idea and its just the most wonderful exciting idea ever. It practically writes itself! Except of course, it doesn’t. And so slowly we begin to lose interest. Until a new oh so exciting idea pops into our heads and off we run with that one. But how can we avoid throwing the old story away?

  1. Plan, plan, plan. I can’t stress enough the importance of planning before starting a story - now those wonderful people who can just write and follow through can feel free to ignore this, but for people like me and the asker a huge part of the reason why we might become disenchanted with a story is simply that it lacks direction. In our enthusiasm, we often sit down to write before we really know where this thing is headed or what we’re doing with it - so remember to sit down and work out the beginning, ending and all the wobbly bits that happen in the middle. If you need help on how to do this check out the planning tag here.

  2. This next one is a bit unorthodox and certainly not for everyone but it works for me so I’m gonna drop it here anyway: don’t be afraid to write multiple things at once. I know, I know it seems like a recipe for disaster and it will certainly take longer to get any one project finished but hear me out. Sometimes, you’re going to want to follow through on a new idea even when you really shouldn’t give up on the old one so it can help to keep focused on both just so long as you make sure not to neglect one of them or let it fester. I keep things in order by making sure my projects are at very different stages in their development - so Noir is on its second draft (rewriting before editing), The Poet is on the first draft (actually writing) and Clarence Graves is in the middle of outlining (planning stage). Again, this won’t work for everyone so don’t worry if its not for you!

  3. Stop worrying so much. Remember that there is plenty of time to fix any problems in later drafts, you have all the time in the world. For now, just keep slogging on with the book in all its imperfect glory. Love it for its flaws.

  4. Don’t over research before you get started. Yes, I know I said that planning was super important. But there’s a big difference between outlining the basic plot so you know where you’re going and researching every tiny minute detail. Will it eventually matter if that particular expression existed in your time setting? Yes. But that is a problem for you to work out when editing. For now, simply make a note of it and keep on going. Nothing will turn you off a story faster than micromanaging yourself.

  5. If you’re the kind of person that hates to let others down then tell as many friends and family as possible that you’re going to write a book. Get them hyped up for it. When you begin to lose interest, let them push you to keep going. I even had a deal with a friend of mine at one point that he was allowed to punch me in the arm if I gave up on the book I was working on - whatever works for you, but let your loved ones keep you going even when it gets tough.

  6. Take care of yourself while you’re writing. It’s important to take breaks - have a snack, a drink, maybe go for a short walk or have a stretch. If you don’t take care of yourself during your writing time, you’ll begin to look on that as the time that gives you eye-strain and a headache from staring at the screen all day, and leaves you full of aches and pains from being slumped in your chair, and that’s no way at all to encourage you to get back to it the next day. If you need advice on how to make your writing space nicer and more comfortable to help with this self-care, check out how to make a writer’s nest.

  7. Here is probably the most important piece of advice I can give for any writer: just say fuck it and break the rules. Part of the reason why you might be getting bored with your story, is you’re not focusing on what you’re passionate about but getting bogged down in other people’s expectations of you / what you think the reader might want. It’s time to just say, screw all of that and write what you actually want to write. Break the genre conventions, do things no one else has, write what makes you happy, write what scares you. Write the things that only you can write. I promise that your writing will be all the better for it.

  8. Finally, there’s something that you might not want to hear but is just plain true: sometimes you just have to force yourself to get your butt in your seat and start writing. If this is something you want to do for a career then its like any other job - you show up and put the hours in even when you don’t want to. It’s a battle of wills but sometimes you really do just have to be stern with yourself and write something that isn’t as exciting as it was when you started.

This is getting a bit long but if you want to read the rest of my tips, you should check out the full blog post here.

How To Talk About Transphobia In Otherwise Delightful Anime/Videogames/Etc (lite version)

Does the treatment of gender-nonconfirming (especially trans feminine) folx in [INSERT MEDIA HERE] bother you, but you feel like you can’t criticize their depiction (or have been thwarted in the attempt) because someone pointed out the character doesn’t identify as trans or isn’t “technically” trans? 

INTRODUCING: Trans-misogyny. It’s a super helpful framework developed by Julia Serano (a prominent trans scholar whose book you should read).

Here’s a brief definition by her:

Serano’s overall point is that our culture that both marginalizes folx who don’t conform to their assigned gender and marginalizes women reserves a special conflux of hate for those who do both. And what’s especially interesting and useful for us here is that anyone, regardless of identity, who experiences transphobia by not conforming to their assigned gender and misogyny for behaving/performing/expressing themselves in feminine ways, can be a target of it. How you identify is part of it, but another big part of it is how culture devalues femininity itself, regardless of who it is found in. 

Guilty Gear’s Bridget, Dangan Ronpa’s Chihiro, Catherine’s Erica, Fire Emblem: Fate’s Foleo, for example, are identified as “really male” by their creators in one way or another, which is typically used for more or less bad faith arguments that trans criticism shouldn’t apply to them. It is, of course, a real danger to impose an outside conception of gender on someone, so it’s a legitimate argument in a certain way. 

Look at the treatment of these characters from the angle of trans-misogyny and you’ll see a very clear picture, however: 

there’s a lot of hyper-sexualization of these characters, ridicule of their femininity, disgust with their bodies or framing them as artificial or fake, and targeting them for their weakness because of their femininity. Not all of these apply to all of those characters, but at least one applies to each; don’t fall for trying to arguing that a character is trans, just look to see if if trans-misognyny applies.

Arguing the genders of fictional characters written by dudes with no conception of a real trans person’s experience gender will fall apart and misstep very badly because you’re trying to argue something that’s flawed at its very premise. If the author doesn’t think trans women are women, arguing by the in-universe logic of someone who thinks that is going to get you nowhere. Never fall into that trap in the first place!

This isn’t to say that those characters can’t be great characters who you like and/or identify with, just that their depictions reflect the trans-misognynistic culture we’re all subject too. The ways these characters are treated, but more important the ways that the works they are a part of depict femininity and transness, are specifically trans-misognyistic, no matter what the creators say about them or what your own personal idea of what their genders are. Look for how the work (and just as importantly, if you’re making fan works, you!) treats these characters and how they might be debased or fetishized.

If you’re not trans feminine (maybe you’re just trans, or just feminine) you can still use this framework to look at how devaluing of transness or femininity independently happens. A lot of action heroes who are women are also excepted to not be feminine in order to be badass, which should not be a requirement. And we can also see how, say, Persona 4′s depiction of Naoto is very hostile to the idea of transition and how that’s an issue regardless of that character’s identified gender—something we’ll never be able to tell from someone who is fiction and can’t self express.

I hope this was interesting and helpful! However, I definitely recommend reading an actual book rather than leaving your education at a Tumblr post, and Julia Serano’s book Whipping Girl goes into great detail!

Sorey/Mikleo Is Romantic and Canon, the Cross-Tales Edition

Originally, I was going to wait on doing this until after I’d finished my NG+ play through since I’d spread out my original play through over 6 months (so my memory of mid-game SoreMiku is a little fuzzy, while early game and end game are like, crystal clear, lol), but since I’ve been seeing a few “SoreMiku is platonic” or “they’re just bros” and similar reblogs and comments, I figure now is as good a time as any to write this: SoreMiku is a romantic and canon ship, the cross Tales of Series edition.  Also known as: “And you wonder why a lot of us think SoreMiku is romantic when (insert other couple here) gets to do this.”

Cutting for length (this monster wall of text was nearly 3 pages long in Word), spoilers everywhere for other games:

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This time, I’ll be reviewing Switch #3 by Stjepan Sejic. Sorry for how long it’s been since my last review. But here I am!

Before I get to anything else, I’d like to draw attention to the cover (seen above).  Here, we have a wide variety of the wielders who our heroine, Mary Parker, draws from. I’ll identify them clockwise, starting with the bottom left. First, we have Una, who we’ve been introduced to before. A cavewoman, she was the first wielder of the Witchblade, unless others wielded it before it came to Earth. She’s not exactly one for words, befitting her time period, and seems to be more in line with using the Witchblade as a blunt instrument than as a tool for more complex strategems. Next we have Imani, an African woman who first shows up in this issue and seems to favor a bow. More on her below. Then, at the top, is Hilde, from the times of Norse mythology, with a hammer. The wielder in the Stetson hat with the overall Wild West appearance and the handgun as her primary weapon is unknown to me, but the closest I can think of for her would likely be Enola from the prime Top Cow continuity, from the one-shot “Witchblade: Day of the Outlaws.” Minato comes next, hailing from what appears to be an Asian country (which one I am uncertain, but most likely before the widespread use of firearms) and uses some form of sword from her country of origin. Lastly is a redheaded spear-wielder from what I assume is Medieval Europe, based upon her attire and, according to preview images on Mr. Sejic’s DeviantART page, a less-than-healthy obsession with killing dragons with it. This small sampling is likely not all of the wielders. In fact, I am certain of it, as Zala the Twilight Empress is not shown. However, the many conflicting opinions are very amusing and give a good feel for how the comic goes, mixing action with bickering in a satisfactory way.

Now then, on to the issue within. Much like the previous issue, this one does not dive directly into the fray. Instead, we look at Sara Pezzini’s love of coffee, not to mention a brief mention of her sister, Julie. In the prior continuity, Julie entered into a relationship with Jake McCarthy, Detective Pezzini’s partner, but he appears to not even know about said sister in this one, judging from how Sara has to identify her by name. Given that this comic focuses heavily on the adventures (and misadventures) of Mary, her friends, and her enemies both known and unknown, I am unsure if the relationship will come up again. Joe Siry, the captain in charge of Sara’s precinct, also appears, but it is unknown if he will have an important role either, especially considering he seems to be more angry with what has happened regarding the Irons City Grid, whereas he had a connection to Kenneth Irons in the prior continuity. On a related note, I love the use of word bubbles in this scene. While there have been dashes on the outside of said bubbles before to show anger or other high emotion in voices, the heart-shaped bubble that showed when Dectective Pezzini took a sip of her long-awaited coffee showed far more emotion than some other authors would, when they would perhaps place a tilde (~) at the end of a phrase to indicate playfulness or lengthen words, increasing their size or repeating certain letters in a word.

When we last left our heroine, she was about to face off against General Celestine of the Angelus Warriors. I have to feel bad for the guy whose car is utterly smashed (along with Mary’s rib) in the part of the fight we enter upon. Still, it was very amusing. When we come back to Una, I was very pleased to see that Mr. Sejic is taking into account that while Mary is channeling the super strength of Una, she is still a “scrawny teenager” and so cannot perform the same feats.

That’s what we have Imani for, who takes up the role of channeled power. I enjoy the look at the different sides of the different bearers. While Una is filled with primal anger and courage, Imani instead projects wisdom and determination. While Una moves with Mary, practically possessing her, Imani instead guides her as a teacher, only taking complete control when absolutely needed. Una’s unbridled ferocity worked for some situations, but not all, as there is no real attempt at defensive measures. By contrast, the first thing Imani does is show Mary how to defend against the holy fire that Celestine projects, then how to create a bow. That bow in particular was something that I greatly enjoyed. I have always been a fan of using powers in unique ways, and the way in which Mary is taught to not only disassemble the threads that make up the three arrows she simultaneously loosed, but also entangle her opponent and even banish her to the plane from which she came without needing to use anything more than vocal commands really shows more of what mystical effects the Witchblade is capable of.

This isn’t to say that Una is useless. As soon as the fight against this more powerful foe is over, she helps to guide Mary in climbing a building away from the police. All that this means is that Una is more attuned to less refined forms of defense, such as running when needed and not in direct combat.

Sonatine’s aggravation never ceases to amuse me. He seems like a man who feels as though he is completely surrounded by imbeciles who cannot accomplish anything of import. Still, he also seems rather kind, for what he can do. He is relatively nice to Tony, his charge, though harsh when he feels he has to be in order to protect him. On the other hand, I found it rather odd that Tony immediately knew Mary is the same person with whom he was once very friendly. Still, this is somewhat ameliorated by the fact that he asks for her last name. Most other fiction would completely ignore that half and assume that there is only one person per first name, even if this is not the case. In fact, this happens sometimes for people I know in my own life, where it is no less silly in my opinion.

The return to Sara and Jake at the scene of the battle had another refreshing addition. While all of the data of the fight was digitally removed from all mobile devices of the people who saw said fight, Sara is rather astute, immediately becoming suspicious of Kenneth Irons, who would have access to the data, and whose city protection grid has failed twice in recent times, both times at these “angel” sightings. Of course, this raises questions about why Irons does not manufacture more issues with his grid at other times to cover his tracks, but that can be chocked up to his apparent egotism.

Following Irons himself discussing how he is in need of adapting his plans to changing circumstances and how he may be visited by one of the Angelus’ agents, Mary finds herself in “the Crossing,” which could be deemed a kind of waiting room for the fallen of the Witchblade, where they come across one another. Here, Mary learns of the past of the Witchblade, including the Darkness and the Angelus, along with meeting with Una and Imani in person.

Imani’s description of the purpose for the Witchblade is very potent, not to mention one I enjoy as a synopsis. “A whisper of SHADOW to offer shelter from endless light – if ANGELUS was to claim victory… a SPARK of light to keep the universe anchored if DARKNESS was to prevail.”

Also interesting, not to mention hilarious, is Mary’s even more succinct description of its nature. “Light and darkness HATE each other except this one time when they LIKED each other very very much, made a BABY, and that baby is now this thing on my hand, right?” Hard to deny that’s pretty much exactly what it is, so Imani doesn’t even try.

Speaking of Zala from earlier, it is in this issue that Mary finally meets her. The double page spread that introduces her in full is absolutely gorgeous, with the sharp lines in many of the pages completely smoothed out to show off the character designs as if they were stand-alone paintings, rather than pieces of a larger comic book. Zala looks intimidating, not unlike Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty fame, and the gray eyes of Mary as she looks upon her are just as breathtaking. I do not know if Stjepan or Linda Sejic made these pages, but thank you for them, for showing just how beautiful the art of Top Cow can be.

Even with how intimidating she is, Zala is not without sources of amusement. She seems to forget that the fact that her name has been hidden from history, as she herself admits, means that a later bearer such as Mary would be extremely unlikely to have any idea who she is, to her chagrin. I am reminded of Maxwell Lord IV’s anger during the Brightest Day regarding loss of memory of Wonder Woman by the general populace. But I digress.

The talk with Zala shows me something else: apparently Mary’s ability to channel the power of other Witchblade users is unique to her. Is that her special skill set, like those of the others? If so, what was Zala’s? Magic only?

After some issues with getting Mary to accept her role as the new bearer, I was actually laughing out loud at her reasoning that led her to accept. She doesn’t care about cosmic balance, light versus dark, or any of that. She’s a teenager, and seemingly a geek besides. Why does she agree? Because she has an actual alien weapon! That’s the kind of thing many a science fiction fan would love to say, even if not to use it. That display of humanity and normality had me laughing for a large part of the day.

While I feel sorry for Mr. Stjepan Sejic’s injury that led to the delay of this issue, I wish him the best. I can’t wait until next issue!

anonymous asked:

hello do u have any favourite tony/rhodey fics?

oh god, you have no effing idea of what you’ve unleashed i’d probably just go on a rant on each of them but instead i’ll try to keep it to a normal casual list ( just two things 1. i usually always bookmark the fanfics i love to bits so i’m gonna take most -if not all- of the ones listed here from my bookmarks and 2. unfortunately i am super picky with fanfics, especially if it’s two characters i adore like tony and rhodey so -while i can’t be sure until i finish- this might be a short list. on top of that, i actually haven’t gone to ao3 for these two in quite a while -something i’m probably going to fix today, cause now i need me some rhodeytony- so yeah, sorry about that ). 

here it goes, actually under a cut ( except the first three cause i really love them ! they’re definitely my favorites ) cause it got kinda long. my bad for ranting, whops !  also totally my bad because this went from ‘my faves’ to ‘all the rhodeytony stuff i’ve ever read and liked’, sorry !

  • tomorrow, on the beach    — aka the best thing that ever happened to me on ao3. as you can possibly guess it’s a ‘edge of tomorrow’ au with tony and rhodey and i swear to god i went to bed that i still had to finish this and spent the morning after with my phone glued to my hand. i had basically only just cracked open my eyes and i was already back on it. i read it like my life depended on it.  there are lovely cameos from maya hansen and pepper potts which i loved and god, it’ll probably make you love rhodeytony even more
  • james rhodes in 8C       – aka the one that will have you say ‘good lord what good thing did i do in my past life to deserve this’ and also ‘for fuck’s sake i don’t deserve this’ cause the pining is Real my friend and it will get to you. it’ll get to you and it will butcher you like a pig. it’s that good. so fucking good. here’s a quote just to get you going: 
    • “Man, no one said you were funny,” James Rhodes in 8C says. Tony forces a smile and rolls his shoulders inward. “Everyone here is a dweeb,” he says. “They don’t know what’s good. What’d they say about me anyway?”
            James Rhodes in 8C tilts his head, and his eyes are warm and clear, and something in Tony feels cracked and exposed, but somehow free. “Nothing important,” he says with a dismissive flick of his wrist, and that’s when Tony knows there’s never gonna be anyone for him but James Rhodes.
  • below freezing        – aka it’s tony’s turn to be the knight in shining armor, but before that prepare yourself: cause you’re gonna see rhodey like you’ve never even imagined. this fic will gently wrap its hand around your heart and, at one point out of fucking nowhere, will squeeze and twist and you’ll probably beg for the end. cause, god, jUST GET RHODEY OUT OF THERE.  this is mostly rhodey-centric, if i remember correctly, but of course that means that there’s loads of rhodeytony things in it. you’ll sob, man. you’ll sob like a child. and you’ll enjoy it so fucking much & the ending’s too fucking much.  ( someone also did art for this here !  but don’t spoil yourself )

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Betrayal // Draco x Reader (Part Five)

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(a/n: ayyy blaise is in this chapter and i made him gay cuz i feel like this fic is way too hetero tbh!!! also its fairly long but there’s smut as well so ya’ll better appreciate (i get really bored when writing smut lmao) sorry it took forever but it was longggg and i had exams)

Warnings: swearing, sex sex sEX

Word Count: 4.6k

Part Four

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