i have no idea what im doing too

You know the FAHC would wear those ridiculous Tron suits on a heist, set to blink on and off, and call it hard mode. Even more visible than the time they ran a job decked out in neon yellow there is no way to hide, not even the darkness can disguise them and the constant flickering thoroughly ruins their own night vision. The whole ordeal is made ten times more difficult by the way they all crumble into helpless laughter every time they catch sight of one another, utterly childish and hopelessly entertained even as bullets fly all around them. 


people wanted some more of that chat!nath au sooo heres a sorta continuation to my other comic 

*do not repost

(i planned to do one of those wardrobe ask memes for the follower special ..

but somehow i cant find the one i wanted to use, im literally searching for a week now and either im too dumb to properly search for it or it got deleted ..

so if any of you happen to see a wardrobe meme thats really long and uses symbols, like 🎄🎃🎨, please tell me ;__; )

(if it got deleted or something, would it be ok if i let you lovely people send in an oufit and ill draw it ??)

  • Phoenix in PWAA: i literally have no idea what im doing
  • Phoenix in JFA: i literally have no idea what im doing
  • Phoenix in T&T: i literally have no idea what im doing
  • Phoenix in AJ: ahh yes I am an all-knowing god i know every move that everyone will make before they even consider making i solved this case from the moment it happened
  • Phoenix in DD: i literally have no idea what im doing

I miss you more than I thought I would.

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

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you honestly have no idea what the fuck abusers deserve. he doesnt deserve redemption. hes a disgusting being and the LEAST you could fucking do is keep him out of the kid he abused tags.

do you even like? understand that real people suffer from abuse? they arent characters??? they get triggered by digusting characters like endeavour? do you even CARE? but nooo you just keep putting your fucking meta in their tags.

maybe you should think how your actions affect real people. and yeah i understand that YOU are a person too. which is why im being somewhat rational about this. and because i understand that real people are affected i censor t/odo//ro/kis name if its going to be ANYWHERE near the words endeavour. maybe you should think over your fucking actions a bit

have a good fucking night. keep your shit outta tags.

1. i don’t know if you noticed anon, but whenever i do tag Endeavor and Todoroki in the same post, i will usually tag “abuse mention” so people can blacklist or block it in case stuff like that upsets them. 

blacklisting Endeavor would also be a good idea here, that way you don’t have to see any post that involves him, regardless of the tag. 

2. since you mentioned redemption: yes, Endeavor is Todoroki’s abuser. i have never once made light of this. however, their relationship is still important to the series and their respective character arcs. Todoroki is trying to look past everything awful Endeavor did to see why he became the number 2 hero in the first place. Todoroki himself states that he probably won’t ever forgive Endeavor for what he did, and i honestly don’t blame him. but he’s still trying to see everything in Endeavor that got him to the top in the first place.

likewise, Endeavor does seem to hold some regrets over his actions towards Todoroki and his wife. please note: this does not justify what he did at all, but there’s a reason Horikoshi put that there in the first place, because he does intend to give Endeavor a redemption arc. 

this does not mean his actions from before are going to be ignored or forgiven. it means that Endeavor is going to realize what he did as wrong and strive to make up for them, as well as apologize to both Todoroki and his wife for what he did. Horikoshi has made it clear that neither character is obligated to forgive him for what he did.

both their character arcs are related. i’m sorry that this affects you so deeply, but this is what Horikoshi himself has in mind. there is a reason Endeavor’s character arc is being mirrored in a character like Bakugou, who has also abused another character for 10+ years, and who is also getting a redemption arc over the course of the series. there would be no point in mirroring their development otherwise. 

what i think Endeavor deserves doesn’t matter, because i don’t control the story. it is entirely Horikoshi’s, and that is the direction i believe he is going with, given his writing style and the evidence presented in the series so far.

3. again, i’m sorry that this bothers you so much. of course i care about how my posts affect people, that’s why i always tag things like abuse, bullying, blood, etc. however, i’ll try to be more careful about my tags from now on.

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Yeah fluffy TimKon! Just what I wanted to request! Maybe they hang out at Hawai or Smallville or something? But any fluff will do. (Also you may have received an ask without sense. If it's the case I apologize, it was my cat)

Ok, round two, I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to steal a fluffy idea @timdrakeothy and I were kicking around in the IMs cause it’s too cute not to be shared.

They really ought to do this more often, Kon thinks as he watches the sun rise from Ma’s kitchen. God knows Tim needed more breaks before he actually collapsed but even Conner had been feeling a little run down lately. He breathes in the cool, early morning farm air and smell of Tim’s paint peeling coffee brewing on the counter top and decides that this is the best way to start a three day weekend. Of course, it would have been better to have stayed cuddled up with his disaster of a boyfriend where they’d fallen asleep on the couch last night but the chores had to be done. Vacation or not, no way in hell could Conner ignore them else he’d listening to Ma shuffling around to get them done herself. He fully admits he can be a jerk, but that’s like, Luthor-level jerkiness right there.

He’s already got big plans for the day: take a leisurely walk to the Farmer’s Market, with stops as secluded little spots for some kisses, to get Ma’s groceries. After that, he was thinking of bumming about, maybe going swimming for a bit in the lake. Then the local Drive-in was having a sci-fi marathon so he was gonna take Tim to dinner then head to that. All in all, he thinks that sounds like the perfect day and his boyfriend should be grateful he has such a kind and considerate clone boy. If only the damn idiot would wake up. How much sleep does a little guy like him need? He fell asleep about 20 minutes into the new superhero movie last night and hasn’t moved since then. Kon shakes his head, this is what he gets for involving himself with a Bat. He hears Tim stirring before he sees him, giving Kon the time to pour the obnoxiously string coffee into Tim’s personal mug and have it ready by the time the boy staggers in.

“Coffee?” Tim mumbles sleepily, his eyes still half closed and one hand awkward scratching his messy hair into an even messier state. Sometimes Conner can’t stand how goddamn cute that boy. Instead of sweeping Tim up into his arms like he wants to, he pulls out the chair next to him and watches as Tim sort of falls into it. “Thanks,” Tim says quietly, reaching around on the table until he finds his coffee and drags it toward him like it holds all of life’s answers.

“Good morning to you too babe,” Kon says, leaning in to deposit a kiss on Tim’s temple. Tim hummed and leaned slightly into Conner’s shoulder. “Did you sleep well?”

“Mornin’” Tim mumbled back, partially muffled by Conner’s shirt. “Better than I ‘ave in a month,” Tim responds grabbing his cup and trying to bring it up to his mouth. Kon watched with affection because the way Tim was leaning into his shoulder, there was no way he could drink the coffee.

“That’s great Tim, I guess you needed it.” With his free hand he reaches up and stops the disjointed path of the coffee cup. “And if you want the coffee, you’re going to have to sit up properly. So do you want to lay on my shoulder or do you want your coffee?” He asks patiently as Tim just moans lightly into his shoulder but makes no move to change positions. So cuddle time it is. He plucks the cup from Tim’s pliant hands and sets it back on the table, taking a moment to reposition Tim so he’s more comfortably settled. He sighs lightly with contentment.

“You smell nice, like sunshine,” Tim mutters quietly and Kon nods at the astute observation, not even bothering to keep the grin off his face. Sleepy Tim was always the greatest, even surpassing ‘I’ve had three shots of tequila and I’m going to say everything I’m thinking’ Tim.

“Really? And what does sunshine smell like? Can we bottle it and make a zillion dollars on cologne? 'You too can harness the sun’s power.’” He teases, if Tim was more awake, he’s sure that’d earn him a dry look but Tim’s currently too busy trying to nuzzle further into his shoulder.

“Smells like comfort, like that feeling when you come into a warm house after being out in the cold. You smells like home.” Conner blinks and looks down at Tim as it felt like the sun was bursting in his chest. That was… really sweet, especially from Tim who can be about as a romantic as a rock most days. He leaned his cheek down so it was brushing against the top of Tim’s head.

“Thanks Tim, you smell like home too.” He responded even though judging by Tim’s breathing and heartrate, he was already back asleep. But that was alright, as long as Tim was happy and they were together then everything would be good for Conner. Ma wouldn’t mind if they left a little later than planned to get her groceries. Yea, they really should do this more often.

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But... isnt that like... if im bit depressed does it mean my relationship will be too?

I had a feeling someone would ask this. I’m depressed, I have been for about eight years. I’ll admit I’ve brought that depression into my relationships before. In my last relationship, I cried for hours every day for about a week straight for absolutely no reason, I was so overcome with this feeling of great sadness that I allowed it to take over my life and relationship for that week. My boyfriend at the time had no idea what to do but it was affecting him / us too. So yes, I do think that someone being depressed can make their relationship depressing. When I wake up though, I choose happiness over and over again. I choose to smile and laugh and appreciate all the little things in my life. I’ve said this many times before but I’m the happiest sad person you will ever meet.

Does me being depressed make my relationships depressing? No, because I choose happiness. In life, I choose to smile and laugh and in my relationships, I choose to smile and laugh too. I think there are a lot of people who choose differently and I understand that, depression can consume you but if you are always consistently sad, don’t you think your relationship will be the same? 

I’m not saying a depressed person can choose to not be depressed anymore though. I know that it doesn’t work that way but I strongly believe that a depressed person can choose happiness in depression. 

Being depressed and being insecure (for example) are two different things. Mental illness is not a choice, being insecure is.

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I love your skam verse. It is so well done and I hope you will write more. I kinda have two submissions, I hope they may inspire you. 1) I'd like to see a serious fight and how they eventually reconcile. 2) my dirty mind wants to see isak taking charge and riding even into oblivion 🙈🙈🙈. I hope you like my ideas. Have a good day and I am looking forward to your future fics (no matter the content) 🤗

hi! and THANK YOU SO MUCH! (im very sorry for the late reply because i was too busy writing my veela au fic) and he is you isak x even, fighting scene, hahaha. (enjoy! lolll) 

“I can’t believe you would say such thing” Even’s voice is icy, glaring at Isak as if his boyfriend just committed murder. “You should never comment things on that ever again”

“I can’t- you can’t tell me what to do!” Isak recoils, his glare is just as hard as Even’s.

“Oh, yes I can.” Even states, “I can, if what you said is hurtful and damaging”

“It’s my opinion, Even!” Isak defends angrily, feet stomping on to the ground, little does Even knows Isak is secretly hoping that the floor under his shoes is him.

“It’s not an opinion if it’s offensive!”

“It’s not offensive!”

“It is!” Even exclaims and his voice drops a million octaves lower than before, an ultimate sign that he’s ultimately pissed. “It’s so very offensive.”

Isak rolls his eyes and scoffs, “You’re being so dra-“

“You hurt me, Isak” Even cuts him off plainly, he doesn’t sound angry anymore, just… upset. “What you said broke me deep to the core of my heart”

Please” Isak sneers, “It’s nothing like what you said to me yesterday.”

Even looks at him in disbelief, like he can’t understand why his boyfriend would lie into his face so easily. “You said that you’ve made peace with it” he trails off solemnly, “I’ve apologize to you for twenty one times”

“Exactly” Isak says pointedly, “and since I’ve made my peace with it and you should do the same thing”

Even frowns, suddenly angry again and sends daggers through his eyes, he’s looming over Isak, trying to use his height to intimidate the shorter man. Pfft, Isak internally jeers, like that would ever work. “What I told you is a fact, something that’s been supported by so many parties and sources and I still had the guts to said that I was sorry to you because I love you and I wanted to spare your feelings-“

“A fact?” Isak interrupts outrageously, “That’s not a fact, that’s a vile insult with no basis at all-“

“You can look it up on the internet, Isak” Even snaps, “What you said to me is a totally different case, your words have no supporting evidences, it’s totally based on pure opi-“

“The whole evidences that oppose my opinions are also based on other people’s thoughts! And it is not offensive, Even!”

“It is! And it hurts me!”

“Oh, stop being so dramatic, what you said was more painful!”

“How was that more painful?! It was based on various actual sources, yours was a complete bullshitting lie!”

“Jason Mraz is NOT irrelevant!” Isak finally screeches, he really wants to shake Even until this shitty man explodes so that he can finally see sense.

“And the 2013 version of Romeo and Juliet is better than Baz Luhrmann’s?” Even taunts bitterly, “Yeah, not a chance, bro”

“I am entitled on my own opinion!” Isak stomps on his feet, glaring up at his boyfriend so hard he wonders how the fuck his eyes haven’t fall off yet. “And it was a fair criticism, while what you said was simply based on irrational hatred!”

“I have a billboard article to prove my words!”

“Billboard is bullshit!”

“Your 2013 trash has twenty percent ratings on rotten tomatoes!”

“Which based on other people’s opinions, it would be hypocritical to ban me from having positive response about it!”

“Yeah, but not to compare it with the 1996 masterpiece!” Even finishes indignantly, crossing his arms to tell Isak that what he says is final.

“Look” Isak starts, calmer than he was before. “Lurhmann’s version is nice and I loved it, but the 2013 movie is set on the real renaissance-elizabethan era or whatever you called it, and they even had the actors speaking in British accent, and I just felt like it was more real, you know?”

Even stares at him intently for a minute, and then he sighs, all traces of anger seeping out of his body. “It’s just-” he mumbles quietly, walking closer to Isak, crouching down a bit until they’re resting their foreheads against each other. “Our first kiss was underwater and we’re in a pool”

Isak frowns, not following through. “Huh?”

“You know” Even says a little bit shyly, “like in the ’96 version”

There’s a thirty worth of silence before Isak wheezes, “Oh my God”, he turns away from Even, face palming and trying so hard not to burst out laughing. “That’s what all this about?” He asks incredulously, shoulders are shaking as laughter helplessly rack through him, “Even, you fucking nerd”

“Hey” Even whines pathetically, “it’s a coincidence that I would cherish until the day I die, okay?”

“Oh my god” Isak says again, rolling his eyes. “You are such a dramatic loser.”

“I’m not a dramatic loser” Even pouts, taking Isak’s hands into his, “I’m your dramatic loser”

“Oh, fuck off” Isak slaps his chest, chuckling. Then his face shifts, brown-green eyes staring up at the blue ones sharply. “And you still owe me an apology”

Even tilts his eyebrows, silently asking Isak if he’s serious, are you really doing this?

Oh yes, he is. Isak raises his brow back, crossing his arms and keeps eyeing him pointedly.

Even’s shoulders slump, defeated. “I’m sorry. Jason Mraz is still relevant” he weakly says awful lie.

Isak purses his lips, narrowing his gaze at Even, trying to make sure if he’s being genuine or not. Thankfully, Even is a good actor, so he beams, obviously buying to his boyfriend’s words. “Okay” he chimes, “apology accepted”

Even bites his lower lip, it takes every bone in his body (dick included) to refrain from laughing at how cute and ridiculous his boyfriend is. Of all sappy musicians there is, Isak has to be Jason Mraz’s number one fanboy.

“Thank you” Even smiles, he’s so going to use the fanboy!Isak card near in the future. At least Even’s not a whipped and obsessed worshipper over an overnight guitar player-sappy singer sensation. He has better music taste, thank you very much.

Well, Gabrielle is excluded,  her song is a national anthem after all.

              Well, I mean i don’t follow like a LOT of people tbh, so i didn’t know if i should or shouldn’t do a main list? but i decided i should cause having mains are adorable and I want and have the need to have regular mutuals. Also it makes it easier on me for many reasons and just need to clean thing up a bit. So me making a main call, would honestly just help out on that.

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                    i’m pretty sure i don’t have to explain fully on what ‘MAINS’ mean. I basically can come to you for whatever plot/ideas & you can also do that same. Your replies would be first and i mean ( we can also drown together in sinful ideas ) share kik, skype, and maybe all the good things! if you’re a main, you’re in the club !! We have to be mutuals. That’s mostly what matters. So, like this post if you wish to be a main on here !!!

you guys on here: im like tt

me, who has no idea what the hell you’re saying: haha yeah me too … i gotta go … i have normal people things to do

urge (saeran x mc?)

a/n: i don’t have any idea what this is. i’m supposed to finish something else, but i got this stupid idea. might expand on it once i figure out which direction i want it to go. considering it a oneshot for the time being. lots of spoilers for unknown, 707 and the secret ends. 

summary: He had kept their mother alive in his thoughts. Too alive, perhaps.

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Star sign: Cancer

Height: 5′8ish

Time right now: 2:40 p.m.

Last thing googled: “oh my god gif” for one of my many hilarious posts i made earlier

Favorite music artist: ummmm idk TOO many

Last TV show watched: The office

What am I wearing right now: basketball shorts and a bra (my look)

When did I create my blog: I started using this site in like 2011 but i deleted the first blog i had and made this one in like 2012

What kind of stuff to I post: All kinds of stupid and gay shit

Do I have any other blogs: I have a personal & that’s it rn but im tossing around the idea of a nsfw blog tho

Do I get asks regularly: i guess? not really. 

Why did I choose my URL: because, it’s, who i am 

Gender: gorl

Pokemon team: whatever i think is the cutest like probably not anything very strong or efficient 

Favorite color(s): I love so many colors, all the colors of the rainbow 

Average hours of sleep: Like 8 or 9 probably i can’t hang anymore

Favorite characters: a few off the top of my head r Katara from atla, Charlie from iasip, Cassie from Skins (corny), Rapunzel from tangled, probably others i can’t think of atm

How many blankets do I sleep with: 2 

Dream job(s): i don’t KNOWWWWWWWW! i like what i’ve got going on right now tbh i’m not putting away the possibility of going back to school and if i did it would be for something education or psychology related but i’ll see how this rolls out 

i tag (some of you are gonna get double tagged by me and mac i saw beardy did it already idk who else has) @naytchgirl @thekissingboo @samefeel @absoluteclown @weedwitch @debthaver @hagleg @nosleeptilbristol @praiseandblame @hermos1ta