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people wanted some more of that chat!nath au sooo heres a sorta continuation to my other comic 

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Requested Asslets Masterlist

(to be updated as ass(orted)(fic)lets are completed)

  1. vmin // “are you kidding me?”
  2. taejin // plaster mold
  3. vmin // “you’re too drunk for this”
  4. vmin // “we are gonna be the BEST fucking parents”
  5. taegi // drunk confessions
  6. ot7/yoonjin // law of the jungle
  7. yoonjin // “dad i think i’m on my period but i don’t know how this works.”
  8. vmin // “Stop opening my packages, my new vibrator was NOT supposed to be used as a potato masher.”
  9. vmin //  "I’m telling you that I like you, but you keep thinking that it’s a friendly joke, so now I have to prove that I am serious"
  10. taejin // “why is there a half eaten steak sandwich in the underwear drawer”
  11. namseok // dora the explorer
  12. yoonjin // “so i found your internet browsing history before you could delete it”
  13. vmin // mattress shopping
  14. vmin // social media
  15. jikook // bend and snap
  16. yoonseok // “i thought you were an asshole when i first met you”
  17. namjin // “daddy i think i need tampons”
  18. sugamon // “what you do you mean i wasn’t supposed to use the whole thing?”
  19. vmin // belly rub + hic-ups
  20. yoonjin // haunted houses
  21. vmin // office halloween parties
  22. yoonjin // first christmas together
  23. vmin // “do these pants make my dick look big?”
  24. kookvmin // “i can think of a hundred reasons why this is a terrible idea, and all of them end with us dying by the force of jin-hyung’s rage”
  25. namjin // tupperware parties
  26. vmin // (both) single dads
  27. yoonseok // diy sextoys 
  28. taegimin // peeing in the ballpit
  29. vmin // “i think we’re my otp”
  30. 2seok // “when do you think they’ll realize it’s gone?”
  31. vmin // flowers + scraped knees
  32. vmin // aliens
  33. taegi // ikea assembly
  34. sugakookie // human barbell
  35. namjin // “singles will be paired”
  36. yoonseok // “we’re going to hell”
  37. yoonjin // “We already have 6 sets of these at home, I don’t care what new colors are out, we are not getting anymore god dammit!”
  38. sugakookie // flowers + lipstick
  39. yoonjin // blind date
  40. vmin // new werewolf
  41. taegi // fake plants
  42. vmin // “i can’t believe you thought that would fit in there”

Inspired by Eine Kleine
I like this song ಠ᎑ಠ

1. I’ve never really thought of doing that, tbh. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing 67% of the time so the stream would just be me messing up and undoing and duplicating layers as back ups >< I also don’t know how to go about setting up a live stream or even recording my screen. (i’m also really dorky and awkward sooo)

2. Yay! Btw, if anyone wants sneak peeks of the finished designs or wants to offer some constructive criticism feel free to message me~


23. Introduce OC that has changed from your first idea concerning what the character would be like?

hahaha oh WOW ok. I mean a lot of them are like this, they grow and change as their stories expand etc., but Violet has definitely changed the most. This is the closest I can really get to her old design, which was, uh………… back when she was the white rabbit in an old Alice in Wonderland rp group. She even used to have lil rabbit ears

The only thing that has really stayed the same is her and her siblings’ hair color, but even that has gotten a little closer to silver. Personality and other-wise, she used to be about 12, and much more sarcastic and abrasive. I was channeling at lot of what I wanted to be at 13-14 into her, and I think it showed. She’s still very closed off, but that relates more to her backstory and mental illness rather than because I thought it would be cool or whatever. She’s definitely more well rounded as a character now, and I’m glad I’ve hung onto her as long as I have. Even if she’s not very recognizable as the same character now. 


Peridot: Scientist/Explorer design ideas for Pirate AU

Decided to upload these as unfinished because, with the new episode, I’m gonna have to put in a little more thought with the designs!
Peridot’s story is pretty much the same as is in the show but instead of being a new gem, she’s a recluse that spends all her time with her machines and experiments until drafted into Yellow Diamond’s navy.
(I promise to write more on the general story of the AU during the weekend!)


I was tagged by @marauders4days​, I’ve never been tagged in anything before so thank you! also I adore your blog :)

What is your name?


How old are you?

Im 19 on the 19th of Feb!

What houses are you in?

Ravenclaw and Horned Serpent

What kind of blog do you run?

Harry Potter

Your patronus?

Black Swan

Your Pottermore house results?

Ravenclaw and Horned Serpent

Which book is your favourite?

I love Prisoner of Azkaban

Which book is your least favourite?

I love all of them but if i had to pick it would be Order of the Phoenix because Sirius Blacks death was one of the hardest..

Which movie is your favourite?

The Philosopher’s Stone

What is your least favourite movie?

Id have to say Order of the Phoenix, purely just because I have seen a lot

What is your favourite quote?

I have so many but “If you want to know what a mans like look at how he treats his inferiors not his equals” or “ There’s no need to call me Sir, Professor.” have to be my faves

Favourite Potter?

James Potter

Favourite Weasley?

Fred Weasley

Favourite Malfoy?

Draco Malfoy?

Favourite Black?

Sirius Black

Favourite Marauder?

Sirius Black

Favourite Golden Trio?

Hermione Granger

Favourite Silver Trio?

Ginny Weasley

Favourite female character?

Minerva McGonagall or Molly Weasly or Lily Potter

Favourite male character?

Sirius Black 

Favourite professor?

Remus Lupin or Hagrid

Favourite house?

I love them all so gravenslytherpuff?

Which character do you dislike the most?

Umbridge and the Carrows

What ships are you favourite?

Jily, Drarry, Hinny, Ronmione - I have many others and a lot of them are conflicting but oh well

Is there a movie you liked more than its book?

not a single one

If you could make up your own house what would be the traits?

clever but also irrational

What would your Amortentia smell like?

Old Books, rain, pine trees and campfire

Which do your prefer, owls, cats, or a frog?


Which is your favourite Harry Potter era?

The Marauders era

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How tf did you even get 23k ?? Thats just wOW IM SO IMPRESSED ?? Thats the highest follower count ive seen lmao... How long have you had your tumblr for?? Btw your art is absolutely gorgeous no wonder so many people follow you! 💕✨

that’s what i’d like to know because i have NO IDEA it’s at 25k now and i just ??jhg thank you so much 💗

it almost makes me feel a bit cool

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(almost. in reality my hands get sweaty whenever i imagine that you all decided to click that button)


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Still dont know how this happend. I left for a week and when i come back this blog has passed 10k followers. (still googling the way to spell followers btw)

I want to do something awsome since we passed 10k, but im not completly sure what tbh, if anyone have any ideas,PM me.

and again, cheers for 10k. lets go for a 100.

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btw, what pokemon go team should i join, the game came out in my country while i was on vaccation.