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I know everyone’s always talking about Bucky having a mass freak out when he finds out all the dumb shit Steve’s been doing while he was gone but at the same time I feel like the next time Steve jumps out of a plane with no parachute every single other avenger is gonna freak out while Bucky’s just standing there like

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws love and hate ambient noise. It needs to be a specific kind of noise depending on what they’re doing, and if it varies too far from the ambient noise they wanted, they just find it distracting.

🔫(Ø▽Ø⌿ )

  • oh my god
  • imagine established sugar addict andrew minyard starts carrying around lollipops
  • and sucking on them all the time
  • literally All The Time.
  • (when they’re not in practice or sleeping or eating or Doing Stuff.)
  • (he wants to cut down on smoking and the lollipops are a substitute)
  • (as much as he loves to tune out kevin’s constant health talk he does see the merits of a Healthy Lung as an athlete)
  • the first time neil witnesses it it almost gives him a stroke
    • nicky, matt and neil watching tv on the couch eating take out
    • andrew walks in with the lollipop in his cheek
    • neil freezes with the fork half way to his mouth
    • nicky almost chokes on a spring roll
    • matt doesn’t realize at first
    • when he does and finally overcomes his shellshock
    • he sprints of to tell the girls
    • nobody is ok
  • the second time it happens isn’t much better
  • andrew knows what he’s doing
  • neil has to conceal so many fuckign boners
  • he dies a little more inside everytime it happens
  • it leads to heavy, not family friendly make-out sessions on the roof
  • nicky continues to not being able to believe this is actually happening
  • kevin is conflicted over andrew smoking less vs. this shitshow of sexual tension at night practice
  • aaron is Disgusted
  • allison wins a few entailing bets
  • (andrew has little sense of self-preservation but he’s also not stupid)
    • (he gets sugar free lollipops)
  • (when neil retaliates everything gets So Much Worse)

So I saw this post last week and I wasn’t sure if or when I’d be able to draw something for it… but then I had some spontaneous inspiration so have Dorian and Tamlen in a sorta Modern!Thedas AU happy at a pride parade \o/

Fantasy Iwaoi



I don’t know if I’m qualified to answer this at all, but I’ll do my best! Before I start, this is how I draw Sans, how you choose to draw him entirely depends on what feels more comfortable to you and your style. (I tried drawing Sans a bunch of different ways until I found a style that suits me.)

FIRST!! Start off with a ‘t’ shape (we all know the drill but its super important to help figure out where his face goes and how to shape his face)

After all that noise, you can shape his face around the ‘t’. It helps a lot when you’re figuring out his jaw situation.

Again! Use the lines to figure out where to add his face! (*gasp*! he’s already cute af)


Sans is all curves. (one of the reasons drawing him is so therapeutic for me)

Make him round! Add some poofy clothes! Tell him he’s pretty!

Basically my tips are don’t underestimate the ‘t’ and Sans is at his most powerful the rounder he is.


The Night Court’s inner circle