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confession headcanons (how/where they would confess to their s/o) for phichit and yurio?


-Despite what you’d think, he doesn’t do anything public, since he’d feel a bit like he’d be forcing s/o into it

-Instead, he makes a cake and presents it to his crush with the question

-Yes, a cake

-He’s actually pretty talented at baking

-Also, if he fails a few times at confessing, he’ll just straight up tell them


-Mila made him do it

-’Yuri, you can’t keep liking someone without confessing forever.’ ‘Watch me’

-He lost the battle

-Buys flowers and asks s/o out on a dinner

-It was Mila’s idea. That woman is pretty much the mastermind behind his love life

-Is very, very red while confessing

Storytime, I started to write a meta about communication between Victor and Yuuri that I wanted to post tonight and let me tell you I’m at episode 4 and it’s already longer than any meta I’ve written before please kill me I’m so helpless for them. o.o
Another thing is that I noticed today this blog is nearing to 1k followers and I have no idea what to do with this fact, it’s so wonderful and scary at the same time not to mention I have no idea how to celebrate it so if you have any suggestions just let me know. ^^