i have no idea what i'm doing


Silence. Darkness. A vast underground cavern. Prince Rin watches from the side as a young man with dark hair and a serene face steps forward out of a small group of people clad in white. The light of a few candles is illuminating his figure, black bangs of hair falling over his face, a huge scarf wrapped around his neck and shoulders covering his nose and mouth. His slight frame moves gracefully towards the center of the cavern, looking young and delicate but at the same time there is a strange air of power about him. Kneeling at the sandy ground he puts his hands down, closes his eyes and time seems to stand still.

Rin can’t take his eyes away. He’s never seen anything like that before, so this is what a water ritual looks like. Energy seems to flow through the lithe body of the dark haired foreigner, through his fingers and out into the sand. His eyes are still closed and his brows narrow in concentration. Rin watches in complete and utter awe as the sound of water rising from the ground breaks the silence. The sound is distant but grows louder every moment until droplets of clear water begin to form on the ground. Water is being brought forth from the depths of the earth by the astonishing power of the young mage. A few more seconds and the water is already shooting from the ground full force forming a fountain. The dark-haired boy finally opens his eyes and their gazes meet for a few moments. Rin feels as though an electric current runs though his body as he finds himself staring into clear blue eyes. He’s not sure anymore about the reality of what’s happening, it might be just a beautiful illusion, it might as well be a dream.

The blue-eyed mage stands up slightly staggering. The ritual must have been extremely exhausting, he looks very tired. The water is now completely drenching his clothes. The prince sees a look of pure bliss pass the other’s features as he watches the water droplets run down his face. Ethereal. That’s the only word that Rin can think of to define the boy in front of him who now seems to be in a world of his own, completely ignoring his surroundings. Rin breathes out, he realizes only now that he’s been holding his breath. The sight is sending shivers down his spine. And for the first time in his life he finds himself completely captivated. Nothing else matters, only the marvelous being in front of him. Thoughts are racing through his head, ‘Want him. I want him. I want. Him.’ Like rain on thirsty land. Dive into him like the sea. Drink him like water.