i have no idea what i just drew

Ever After (1998)

And, while Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived.


I made some Gem redesigns! I’m planning to do some of the homeworld gems next. 

My main motivator for these redesigns was the fact that I’m super disappointed that all the gems look so plain…(like for example I was really hoping Sapphire wasn’t going to have legs or that Peridot actually had cool floaty fingers) and I’ve seen some really neat monster-esc designs for them!

I wanted to do my own little spin on making the gems a bit less human while also adding in a few things that I thought I’d like to add/change (like their colours and Garnets hair most of all lol) 


Some explanation for each of them under the cut!

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my “OC”. If you’ve met me at a convention you know just how accurate this is.

Anyways, drew this up for a new profile picture, my old one was getting pretty dated so I thought I’d get something more bobdude. I think this is pretty perfect, gives you a good idea of me as an artist as well as exactly what you’re gonna see me post haha

Anyways, new Sweetie new look, hope y’all like it. I’ll have to get used to clicking on this sweetie instead of the old one when I’m checking notifications now haha

In addition to it being one beautiful friend’s bday, it is also the first anniversary of @dazais-guardian-angel and my friendship! Well… sort of. We met before once, but this was the day we reconnected :)

So anyway, happy anniversary!!! I can’t wait to catch up this summer and scream about VnC!


Felt like drawing this after i checked out the Ben 10 reboot. I have to say even though I’m not a fan of the new art style i kind of like how i drew Reboot Gwen.

I’m not going to get into if the reboot is good or not, I’m just going to say that it’s not for me. And if I feel nostalgic for the original i can always try and track down the DVDs. Though I will say that I hated what they did with Gwen in the follow up series to the original where they said “she’s not magic shes ¼th alien.” That just bugged me, i really liked the idea of magic and aliens being their own thing but in the same universe.

anonymous asked:

I read your tags in your last post and.. I want to be spoiled!

Ahh I’m happy to see people interested in the idea >///<

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to spoiler because the idea is old.. I drew it a year ago I think and I improved my skills so.. I have to draw it again. I guess I’ll evaluate the possibility to draw the doujinshi ‘w’

Anyway here you go ♥

Chamber of Secrets - Part 20

(gif is mine)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: OooOOOooOOOOOhhhhh~  

Series Masterlist

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Bonus OT3 Drabble: Slinky


This. This is entirely the fault of @blackkatmagic and @nellynee, and this ask-post over on blackkat’s blog. Because I just cannot resist the challenge of ‘why break up one ship for another when you can have both as a healthy triad?’ So I wrote it, even though I never actually got far enough to meet two-thirds of this ship in canon, and most of the characterisation is based on blackkat’s fics (although probably not half so good as hers).

Because really, who could resist this; “Spunky young power couple seduces village creepy shut in. Everyone is confused.

OT3 for this prompt: Minato/Orochimaru/Kushina from Naruto.

“If I have to sit and listen to you gabbing on about weird obscure jutsu, then I’m going to do it over ramen, you know!” Teuchi smiled at the sound of his best customer approaching the restaurant, presumably with her boyfriend in tow. Sure enough, when Kushina pushed the curtain aside, she was preceded into the restaurant by a sheepish looking Minato. Kushina followed, pulling another man in after them by the wrist.

The redheaded jounin manhandled Konoha’s own snake sannin into the seat next to Minato, then plonked herself down in the seat on Orochimaru’s other side. “You didn’t have to sit and listen.” The man snapped at Kushina, clearly very annoyed with her. “We are quite capable of holding a conversation without you.”

Kushina scoffed at him, flapping a hand. “Please. Minato wouldn’t know what to do with you if I left the two of you alone for more than five minutes, you know.” Orochimaru failed to come up with a retort, looking baffled and irritated in equal measure.

Minato, on the other hand, turned very red and started spluttering. “That’s not- You can’t just- What are you- Kushina!” The last word came out as a whine, and Minato dropped his head against the counter.

“Don’t be such a ditz, pretty boy.” Kushina chided, and then turned to Teuchi before Minato could respond. “The usual, please, Teuchi-san! Plus whatever this awkward turtle wants.” She nudged Orochimaru with her elbow to indicate who she meant. It was a good thing she had, because ‘awkward turtle’ was not a descriptor Teuchi would ever have applied to him on his own. He started cooking up Kushina and Minato’s usual, even as he raised an eyebrow at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru ignored him in favour of glaring at Kushina. “He’ll have the shoyu tamago ramen with extra eggs.” Minato put in, recovering from embarrassment as fast as he ever did. It was a good thing he could do that, Teuchi thought, since he was dating someone like Kushina, who got a kick out of embarrassing people.

Orochimaru switched his glare to Minato. “I don’t recall asking you to order for me.”

“Did I get it wrong?” Minato asked, caught somewhere between innocent and smug. Obviously he hadn’t, because Orochimaru looked twice as likely to murder him, but conspicuously didn’t say a word. Minato beamed like the sunrise. “So, you were explaining the connection between space-time seals and blood jutsu?” He prompted brightly. Orochimaru sighed heavily, but answered with a long explanation that went entirely over Teuchi’s head. It clearly didn’t go over Minato’s head, because he was staring in rapt attention as Orochimaru talked, in a way that made Teuchi feel oddly like he was intruding on something private.

He served up their ramen, and was not surprised when Minato and Orochimaru mostly ignored theirs in favour of their discussion. He was surprised when it took Kushina several seconds to lift her cheek off her fist and stop staring at them long enough to start scarfing down her usual three bowls of ramen. She caught his look the first time she came up for air, and shrugged unrepentantly. “What? They’re total dorks, you know, but they’re my dorks now.

Orochimaru choked on his first bite of ramen. “Excuse me?” He demanded.

“Well, you are, aren’t you?” Kushina asked, smirking. “We’re a package deal, slinky; buy one get one free. If you want to get some this evening, instead of just staring at Minato like he’s a prime steak and you’re starving, you’re going to have to learn to dance with both of us, you know.” She paused, her smirk slowly unfurling into a predatory grin with far too many teeth. “Last chance to run screaming.”

The stunned look on Orochimaru’s face turned, once again, to murderous annoyance. “I think I should be saying that to you.” He hissed, leaning forward into her personal space to loom over her. Teuchi was a bit worried, although on whose behalf he wasn’t quite sure.

Kushina laughed, and shocked just about everybody when she closed the distance between them and kissed him. Minato whimpered quietly, staring at them with his mouth hanging open, while Teuchi was just trying to figure out when the world had gone insane. Kushina drew back looking infinitely smug. “Bring it on.”

SF9 Fansign Foreign Fanaccount

I don’t know if this is something anyone would be interested in, but I recently returned from visiting Korea where I entered one of SF9′s fansign events. If you’re curious to know how they interacted with me as a foreign fan, I’ll explain below. I tried to condense as much as possible, but it’s lengthy. Also, if you have any questions, you can ask me (:

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I haven’t been able to focus on anything for long over the past two days, so I idly drew out a little Skydancer headcanon I’ve had floating around for about a year.
Skydancers have a little beaky bump at the end of their snout, so I’ve wondered, given their diet, perhaps it’s attached to the rest of their skull with a similar structure to what parrots have (obviously not as specialised) and semi-mobile, controlled with muscles around the front of the face. Similar function to a pair of prehensile lips, actually.

It was supposed to only be a sketchy rough skull to feel out the hinge joint. >3>

encrypted-cat  asked:

I have an amazing idea. Could you draw whoever you want from the undertale cast, as a marshmellow

This ended up being one of those times where I finished, sat back, looked at my paper, and asked myself “what the heck just happened”

So! The first person I thought of when I saw this was Sans

Then I drew him a buddy

Then I made more

And then just for the heck of it I drew the marshmallow goats as literal marshmallows

So uhm yeah that happened

@encrypted-cat I’m pretty sure none of us expected this to occur…but it did, and now I’m not sure if I’m happy or terrified. Thank you for the request, nonetheless!✨

Also let me just say, @encrypted-cat, you… oh my goodness, you seem to constantly be bringing me a smile with some sweet comment on a piece or a really kind ask. Thank you so much for all of your kind words.✨

this is what percy looks like in my head and i will not be convinced otherwise<3

also i have no idea what is happening with my art style~

did you know that as a kid i once drew final fantasy 7 x crash bandicoot fanart?

since both are being remastered, this abomination keeps me awake at night