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(Funny thing, I do consider this a series but I only write another part when someone requests it. You’ve solved my story puzzle!!!)

Draco frowned at his wand. The defensive shield they were practicing was one of the most difficult and most powerful. Draco managed to cast it about one out of five times and he had no idea what he was doing wrong. He couldn’t possibly be more annoyed.

“Oi, Malfoy, you having trouble with this shielding spell?” Weasley asked.

Draco was wrong, he could be more annoyed. “I’m fine, Weasley,” he said, straightening his back and pretending he was perfectly confident. He didn’t want help, especially from a giant carrot of a human being.

Weasley cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted across the room, “Harry! Over here!”

Draco felt his cheeks start to flush and glared furiously at Weasley, hissing under his breath, “What are you doing?!”

Weasley gave him a jolly grin that was absolutely the most infuriating thing he had ever seen.

“What is it?” Potter asked as he edged around Seamus and Dean.

Weasley threw an easy arm over Potter’s shoulders and steered him over to Draco, “Our good friend, Ferret-face here, could use a little help, can’t quite get the hang of this spell.” He smiled like a jackal, smacked Potter on the shoulder hard enough to make him stumble and then hurried back to Granger.

Draco very much wanted to strangle Weasley with his own tie.

“You’re having trouble?” Potter asked.

Draco frowned, “No, of course not.” He nervously adjusted his grip and carefully cast the shielding spell. Nothing happened.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Potter tilt his head slightly to the side.

Draco gritted his teeth and quickly tried again. The shield poured from his wand in a haze of blue light at circled him in a sphere. He smirked triumphantly, “There, see? I can cast it perfectly fine.”

Potter was still looking at him in that curious puppy sort of way that made Draco want to blush.

“Can you do it again?” Potter asked.

He did not know if he could do it again. He really, really wanted to. He was fairly certain he’d die of embarrassment if he couldn’t. Draco practically held his breath as he tried the spell again. His wand made a rather horrifying fizzling sound and spat out a few blue sparks. Draco felt his face go hot.

“I see,” Potter said in a rather amicable teachery sort of way that indicated the hadn’t realized in the slightest how utterly mortified Draco was at that moment.

Then before Draco could say something, blame it on a headache or a stumbled syllable, Potter moved behind him, wrapped his hand around Draco’s wand hand.

He gently held onto the back of Draco’s hand, moving his wand in the small sharp movements the spell required, “I noticed that this spell work best if its cast as quickly as possible, so all the movements have to be very compact but still precise. Like this-”

Draco could feel Potter’s chest pressed to the back of his shoulder, their arms pressed perfectly together all the way down to his perfect gentle hold on Draco’s hand. He couldn’t focus on a single word coming out of Potter’s mouth, he couldn’t see his wand move, just the seam where their two hands met. Draco’s face felt so hot he couldn’t stand it.

He pulled away from Potter and practically ran out the door, mumbling something about being sick.

Hermione bit her lip, watching the furrow on Harry’s brow as he turned on his heel to watch Draco leave. “It was a good try,” she murmured out of the corner of her mouth, touching Ron’s forearm briefly, “I think we need a different tactic.”

Ron frowned, “What do you think then?”

“I have an idea, just let me talk to Harry, okay?” she said.

Ron nodded, “Alright.”

Part 1 ~  Part 2 ~  Part 3 ~ Part 4 (you are here)

The thing I love most about this cast is how much they all care so much, and so passionately. About the characters, about the play itself, and about the audience. They love this thing that they’re a part of, and they’re constantly desperate to better it, and they really listen to our feedback and take it on board, and you can feel the love in their performances.

I spoke to Theo about how I felt proud of how far the cast has come over the last month, and said that probably sounded weird, but he said that actually no, we’re all on a journey together. The people who come back see the development over time, and we’re the only people who do apart from the cast and creatives, and he said he’s glad that we’re so invested in it, and that it means so much to us. And I think that seems to embody the spirit of this cast. Learning and growing and taking pride in and ownership of the play, and being glad that we’re still on board with them and that we still love it. But honestly, how could we not be on board with them when they produce performances like the one we saw today?


In honour of friendship

On rescuing Dwight:-

Aidan: Dwight Enys, his ship goes missing off the coast of France, his best mate, so Ross rallies the troops together, some of his old pals, to try and find out where he is…. It’s very exciting. It’s a little war movie in the middle.

Debbie: The funny thing is when you talk about it, it sounds like ‘Oh God, Ross being reckless again’ but if you think about it, he’s an army captain, he has done this kind of thing before.  It wouldn’t be like, you know, Francis going off. This guy has military experience. We’ve tried to show that he is very much the leader of this expedition and he knows… he does have some idea of what he’s doing!

Q: Ross is a military man is that where he’s most comfortable do you think?

Aidan: I think so. I think he’s better at making decisions on the battlefield… he’s far more comfortable. It’s when you see him really well-measured and gathered and clear, really. That’s when you see Ross in his element. … It’s interesting to play that side of Ross.

[BFI April ’17]

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What about the Prince Consort visiting a boy's orphanage that's been overtaken by a horrible illness, and having to argue with the Matron (who calls him "the Whore of the North" and says his presence among children would be an abomination) before being able to kneel by the children's bedsides, soothing them and casting healing spells until he's too exhausted to continue. The boys do survive, and never forget that it was His Majesty, Consort Sidney, who held their hands, told the most (1/2)

enchanting stories, asked them about their simple lives, and chased the infection from their bones. Then, about eight or so years later, Sidney is walking with the servants to bring supper to the newest recruits of the Royal Guard – who exist to protect the King, Prince Consort, and the inhabitants of their castle – and when he sees them without their helmets, he realizes that they’re the boys from the orphanage all those years ago. (and yes, i’m imagining them as the baby pens) (2/2)


“Our best and brightest,” the general is saying, as he guides Sidney down the mess hall of bright-eyed, chattering boys. “You need not fear anything happening to the kingdom with them at your side, Your Majesty.”

“I should think my magic is enough to protect me,” Sidney muses, watching a new recruit, not yet 18, stuff his mouth full of bread.

“Well, yes,” the general falters, stammering to correct himself. “What I mean is that Your Majesty should be able to worry less.”

“How kind of you,” Sidney says, stopping in front of a couple boys who’d stopped eating to stare at him. “Good morning, boys.”

“Sid,” one says, in wonder, until another boy elbows him. He clears his throat. “I mean–good health to you, Your Majesty.”

His delivery is sloppy and unpracticed, but Sidney is charmed by how he keeps sneaking excited glances at Sidney. “You seem eager to see me,” Sidney comments. The boy shrinks back in embarrassment, but Sidney lays a hand on his shoulder. “It’s far better than the alternative. Gods know I get a lot of that.”

“You saved my life, Your Majesty,” the soldier says, looking at Sidney earnestly. “I–we would’ve died if not for you. We’re so thankful–we’d never be disrespectful.”

Two more boys look up, shy and curious. “It’s so good to see you again, Your Majesty,” they say, and Sidney recognizes them with a start.

Conor,” he recalls, fond and happy. The boy preens, reddening. “Olli and Jake, was it not?”

“Yes,” Jake says. “Sid–Your Majesty–I–”

“Sid is fine,” Sidney says, settling down next to them. 

“Sid,” Jake says, awed. “Sid, with the stories about the Northern Kingdom and the ice giants that live there. Was–was it all true?”

“Of course it was,” Sidney says, in the same, soothing voice that Jake remembers from his fevered dreams. “One slumbers in the Northern Plains right now, tamed by my sister, the current Commander Taylor.”

Sid descends into more tales, asking questions and laughing at the right time, and the boys feels as though it’d been so recent when Consort Sidney had been kneeling by their patchwork rag of a bedsheet, feeling their flushed foreheads with no hesitation despite the sick that lingered about like a storm, became a loved one when no one else dared to reach out, and murmured healing spells on top of comforting words: “You’ll be just fine, sweetheart. You’re so brave. Would you like another story?”

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Yoosung (preferably him in the after end) with MC together with 51

“I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”

When he says that, your cheeks flush quickly. You look to the side and exclaim that you have no idea what he’s talking about, and this just makes him smile more. Makes him wrap his arms around you, planting soft kisses against your forehead.

“I think it’s cute.”

You’re left wondering how he’s gotten so brave with his affections. He used to be able to hardly kiss you after dates, and now he’s able to kiss and hold you close without even a hint of a blush on his cheeks.

“You do?”

“Mhm,” He rests his cheek on yours, thankful you stopped by for his lunch break. Today was rough and busy, and he felt bad making you wait while he dealt with a grumpy puppy. “You always look so proud. And happy.”

You slip your hands down to his waist, pulling back and smiling shyly to him.

“Maybe it’s because I am.”

“Which one?”


There we go- Now he’s grinning and his cheeks are a bit pink. He presses his lips against your forehead once more before pulling away and talking about eating together for his lunch.

He’s really come so far…

i want more meta on tsukiyama. i mean, the conversation they had in ch129 kind of worried me. maybe it’s nothing important, but i personally think this will become a problem between the two of them: kaneki doesn’t know what he’s doing at all and chooses a pacifist approach, while tsukiyama wants blood and to kill investigators. 

also, kaneki asked him to stay with him until the end, but that sounds a little iffy to me, especially after they expressed complete opposite ideas. i think (and also hope because i want them to /talk/) that sounds like when in horror movies someone says they’ll be right back, and then they die. maybe i’m reading too much into this, but tsukiyama and kaneki will probably have to confront each other. 

also, kaneki has sorted things out with pretty much everyone except his right hand, the man who’s most loyal to him, and i hope ishida is reserving their talk for a crucial moment of the story.

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This is Yule again, requesting angst again, can I have some Headcanons on Kanda, Lavi and Allen dealing with a crying s/o?


  • Will try to murder what / who made you cry
  • Leads you somewhere else more private (maybe your room, his room, or even around the corner of a hall, pretty much anywhere with low foot traffic)
  • Has no idea what to do to actually stop the tears
  • Will actually stand there with a dumbfounded stare before he gets irritated and awkwardly gives you a semi hug (pulls you a little closer but doesn’t wrap his arms around you)
  • Tries patting you on the head really lightly a few times
  • Tries his best with words of encouragement (it’s rough around the edges, but it’s the feelings that count for Kanda)
  • Isn’t very physical and just let’s you cry it out
  • Will wait until you’re ready to talk or anything and is extremely patient
  • Glares at anyone passing by (if they stare or try to help)
  • “(y/n), I’m not good at this stuff, but I’m here if you need a shoulder or something.”


  • He’s frEAKING oUT
  • Like what happened to make his angel cry???
  • Immediately leads you somewhere private (most likely his room where he’ll kick out the Bookman if he’s there)
  • Very good at trying to help you (gives you tissue, pats you on the back, whispering encouragement)
  • He doesn’t like waiting for you to stop crying but he knows it’s for the best, usually
  • Asks what’s bothering you when you’ve calmed down and will definitely try to help or give some advice
  • Extremely understanding and caring no matter what the situation
  • He always runs his fingers through your hair while lending his shoulder for you to cry on
  • Wraps himself and you inside his blanket and cuddles your tears away in warmth
  • “I’ll always be here for your darkest moments no matter what, (y/n).”


  • Might actually cry if he sees you crying (he hates seeing you cry, it really does hurt him)
  • Gets a little panicky when he sees tears of any sort on your face
  • He empathizes with you so much and will hug you for hours or just until you’re good
  • Would rather take you outside or a garden of some sort since he thinks the fresh air and the overall outside-ness is better
  • Would rather get to the bottom of the problem soon as possible
  • Let’s you cry for a little while, but then he springs in and calms you down himself, either by comforting with words or actions
  • Always sits next to you with his hands in yours while he mumbles gentle words into your ear
  • He’s always trying to find new ways to make you smile again after crying (food, cuddling, reading, strolling around, feelings sharing, kissing— he’ll literally try everything)
  • The best listener when you talk about feelings and really hates when you keep things to yourself but if you don’t want to talk, he understands
  • “Your pain is my pain, (y/n), and whenever you cry, I feel like the whole world is ending.”

- Admin Katsudon

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I saw you mention in another post the haggar is altean royalty and i don't???? Get why ?? Can u explain it???

This is a theory based around a couple of things. One of them is that Lotor is borrowing a leaf from his GoLion backstory and pretty clearly half-Altean. Moreover Lotor blatantly takes after Haggar in a way that makes it very clear who Zarkon’s consort was. Seemingly, this isn’t public knowledge or I do not think Prorok would’ve had the confidence he did if he knew he was basically accusing Zarkon’s empress of not being good for the empire.

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So you've talked at length about what a romantic sap the Doctor is, but what about Rose? Do you think she's a romantic at heart? Or is she sort of awkward with it, because her past boyfriends weren't all that great, so she probably didn't get much practice. Is it a learning curve for them both? Does she reciprocate the affections/romance of the Doctor?

Oh! Okay. So my headcanons for Rose and romance are… slightly more nebulous than the ones I have for the Doctor. (Mostly because my idea of the Doctor is challenged frequently, so I’ve taken time to really figure out why I think he is the way he is.)

I do think Rose is a romantic, at least in the sense that she really appreciates the things the Doctor does. I don’t see her as likely to make the big, sweeping gestures, for a variety of reasons. 

1) She approaches gift giving differently than he does.

Rose grew up poor. Even her biggest Christmas present as a kid was actually a gift from the Doctor. (Dang, I should have mentioned that in his post.) Gift giving is more about “it’s the thought that counts,” than about shelling out lots of money for the big-ticket item someone’s been waiting for. 

On the other hand, because gifts are about the thought, she expects that thought to be acknowledged. Jackie’s immediate dismissal of the bazoolium really stung. 

This works out well, because a) it’s kind of hard to find a big ticket thing the Doctor wants that he doesn’t have (within reason) and b) Rose knows him so well that the things she gets him–like going to Henrik’s when they were in 1969 to buy him a tie–are thoughtful gifts he definitely appreciates. 

Just to contrast them quickly with examples from the Timelessness ‘verse: On Rose’s 23rd birthday, the Doctor surprised her with a necklace with three diamonds, because that’s April’s birthstone. On his birthday, she surprised him by knowing it was his birthday because she’d thought to ask his previous self when they ran into One. (And there was a birthday dinner with banana cake, but the real surprise was knowing.)

2) She might be more comfortable with the words “I love you,” at least at first, but he is more apt to make romantic speeches.

Rose doesn’t have nearly the hangups surrounding those words that the Doctor does, outside of her persistent wish to not push him for more than he was ready for that led to her not saying them until Doomsday. (A little bit of meta there, but it’s a logical conclusion I think?) And I think that even at the start of their relationship, until the Doctor gets over his notion that the universe will snatch her away if he says he loves her, the words come more easily to her than to him. 

But he’s the one with the silver tongue. He’s much more likely to spend five minutes rambling about all the things he loves about her. 

3) Rose is introverted, and the Doctor is extroverted. 

Big, sweeping gestures come more naturally to extroverts. They say, “Look at me!” which is pretty much the opposite of how introverts think and act. (Healthy introverts. There are obviously arrogant, egotistical introverts out there.)

So, how does Rose show the Doctor she loves him? 

Because we know she does, and it’s important to show that she does. 

1) Commitment

Rose promising to stay with the Doctor forever, and telling him that she’s never going to leave him, are the most romantic things she could ever say to him, probably. He has loved many people throughout his life–not necessarily romantic love, but love–and almost all of them eventually chose to leave him. For her to tell him that his life and his personality are not too much to live with for the rest of her life… that’s huge.

Think about it. She was so committed to this promise to be with him forever that she found a way to cross the Void. The Doctor told her it was impossible, and she went back to Torchwood and started working on the cannon anyway. I really hate it when people characterise that as clingy, rather than devoted.

2) Small gifts that show she understands him

I touched on this above, but this is a big one to me. Rose understands the Doctor. She knows him. Any time she gives him something that hints at that understanding, it reminds him that her commitment to stay forever wasn’t made blindly, by someone who didn’t know what she was promising. It was made by someone who really knows him, and wants to be with him anyway. 

3) She is fierce in her protection of his hearts.

Rose will always be the Bad Wolf, who wants her Doctor safe. That means emotionally as well as physically. She won’t stand aside while other people are lashing out at the Doctor.

And she protects him from himself. One of the big themes in the Timelessness ‘verse has been Rose working with the Doctor to get past his guilt complex. He beats himself up for things that aren’t his fault, and it isn’t healthy. She’s there for him and can redirect him when he starts going down that path. 

4) Rose lets the Doctor see the real her.

There’s a slow transition that happens from the moment they meet until somewhere in the middle of S2. Rose is brave–I Sort her into Gryffindor–but she also uses her bravery as a shield to keep people from seeing her vulnerable side. 

Rose trusts the Doctor enough to be open and vulnerable with him. Krop Tor is a great example of this. When he apologises for trapping her there, her knee-jerk response is, “No, don’t worry about me.” But almost immediately, she retracts that and accepts his comfort in the form of a hug. She trusts him enough to admit that she’s not perfectly strong right now, and to let him offer his strength to bolster hers.

Thanks for the ask, Ashley! This was fun to think about!

This post is part of my follower thank you AMA. If you want to send me a question, take a peek at the list for some suggestions, then fire away!

Additionally, this post pulled heavily from thoughts I’ve developed in writing the Being to Timelessness series. That’s my canon rewrite of the Doctor and Rose’s relationship, starting with series 2. We’re in series 4 now. 

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I am confused. Is sytry baalberith's and gabriel's son? Does baalberith love sytry? Why does hè treat him like a doll then? And why was sytry forced into hell? Do you have Any idea?

I am not sure about it, What’s happened slowly was like that Baal might be the father … Even what Meta told Sytry was like Baal is the father ,,, But I have doubts about it some time ,, We will not know Till they make it clear …! I do not know if he loves him, he treat him like he’s nothing !! Baal takes him with him to the Hell, He was a lil angel who does not know anything .. Baal sealed Sytry’s powers and his memories, That’s why Sytry didn’t remembered about his childhood tho
I’d like to hear what the other ppl in the fandom think about this ? maybe someone have an idea ?!

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what brotherly genji trope do you like? like overprotective genji, wingman genji, ect..? (and you can answer the question with ur fave brotherly hanzo tropes too if you want lol) im just curious

Mmmm I really like wingman Genji, supportive Genji, wants to see Hanzo finally be happy Genji

let the bros be good happy bros

Alternatively, I like the idea of overprotective Hanzo, but in a Hanzo way where he’s actions over words. There’s no sense that Hanzo is being overbearing, more like, just super vigilant and always ready to have Genji’s back on a mission if needed. He’s not willing to lose Genji again after believing he had already lost him for so long. 

RIP if the enemy invokes the wrath of the Dragons when every thing goes to shit 

I hate being in a relationship

I miss being alone. I miss feeling lonely. I miss myself.

You know what, being in a relationship sucks. You think having a boyfriend is fun? Romantic? Oh, it’s more like ‘stupid’. Why the hell do you need to tell him everything you do when you don’t even have any idea about anything he does? Why on Earth would you stay calm just because you’re a girl and that you need to have patience when he’s out of control? Why overthink while he’s just having fun? Why get sad when he’s sleeping or watching TV instead of cuddling with you? Why get jealous when he’s with his “friends” or when he’s checking out a pretty girl out there at the counter while you’re actually there beside him? Petty things, but you’re deeply affected. Bullshit. I hate being in a relationship.

So I was writing this draft with tears and anger. My fingers were uncontrollable, typing those words my heart felt. I didn’t even bother to re-read or check, I just typed. And then he sent me this message-

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I very clearly recognised that ezra's line about how he studied American literature was sarcasm. I think it's to highlight the absurdity of this situation, he's literally (or was) a teacher and now he's helping to hide a body, simply because he's wrapped up in what aria has done. It was like, well of course I'm going to help you but I just want you to know that I have literally no idea what I'm doing. At least that was my take. I think Ian delivered the line perfectly!

Okay I’m with you. I read your translation in Ian’s voice and it works perfectly. I’m all caught up!

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Thought I had about the Beauty and the Beast AU; all of lances older siblings and parents get stuck in a painting to keep his older influences away from him, and his little siblings all get turned into teacups. he doesn't talk to them much because he's scared of breaking them, and he angsts a lot in front of the painting, wishing they were there to tell him what to do. I also thought of Sister Mariposa being an actual butterfly, or a butterfly trinket.

Ah, I like that! Definitely thinking that all the little siblings are teacups, but I love the idea that Lance is scared to use them because they’re so fragile now. Nicky doesn’t care though because he already has a chip in his rim, haha. It would be a bit impractical to have ALL of his older relatives in paintings, since there are a lot of them. I’m envisioning a full-on family style castle that has not only Lance’s immediate family, but also his aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. I think over the years he’s gotten a little power drunk and fallen into despair to the point that he doesn’t listen to them anymore. He believes that there’s no way to break the curse because no one outside the castle (that’s Haggar’s rule) will ever be able to see past how ugly and monstrous he is, no matter how his family and close friends who were already here tell him how much they love him. They remember the sweet boy he used to be and it’s painful to see him this way, and they keep telling him he can go back, but he can’t believe it.

im seeing librarian stories on the dash so: once this guy in his twenties stopped me while i was shelving books and told me “you have really shiny hair!” i was like “thank you? i think?” and he goes “i mean, i just turned around and it was, like, blinding” and i had no idea what to do so i just nodded and he muttered “sorry” and walked away stammering to himself while i awkwardly gave him a thumbs up

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Chronophobia :D

Chronophobia: AU drabble about our muses in a different time era.

ooc: set loosely in Medieval era, kind of xD


“And just where do you think you’re going, hm?” Tuah called out at the dark figure sneaking out of the back door to the Savin castle, and he could see the surprised look under the hood, wild curls refused to be tamed and obscured most of their feature. But he had been by their side long enough to recognise them anywhere, even with careful disguise they were donning right now would not help them. He heaved a sigh and pushed himself off the wall, sauntering towards the figure, one hand resting on the sheathed blade on his hip. Once he was a good distance from them, Tuah arched his brow and crossed his arms in front of his chest with his head tilted slightly to the side. “Don’t you think this is getting a little old, Lady Savin?”

“I was merely going for a walk,” they answered, hugging themselves defensively as they looked away. Even with the hood obscuring their face, Tuah could tell the other was pouting their lips, annoyed at getting caught.

“In the middle of the night?” He mused, his brows arched higher, chuckling softly as he looked around. “Seems like an odd time to go for a walk.”

More grunt and words in languages he couldn’t understand, Tuah shook his head. “What are you up to this time, hm? Planning to meet that flower boy again, are you?”

“Am not!” They looked up at him, and despite the low light Tuah could still see the redness on Dani’s cheeks, and he couldn’t help but grin mischievously at his teasing. ‘Ah, young love’, he mused to himself. “I was going to see if any of the guards can be bribed to teaching me how to swordfight.”

At their answer, Tuah heaved a sigh for the umpteenth times. They’ve had this conversation before, and it would always result the same. “Your father will be worried, you know,” he said, as if continuing their previous conversation.

“If he’s so worried about me, then he should’ve allowed me to learn how to defend myself,” Dani seemed had no trouble carrying the conversation as well, lips still pursed in a pout.

“Fair point,” he conceded, nodding his head slightly. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Alright, let’s get going then.” Oh, he could already feel that he was going to regret making this decision. At the other’s confused look, he continued, “if I send you to your room, you’ll only be more determined to sneak out, and your father will definitely have my head if anything to happen to you. No, I’m going to teach you myself so I can keep my eyes on you.”

“I’m not going to let that happen,” Dani promised, and it warmed his old heart to know that they were willing to protect him from their father’s wrath. Then, when they finally processed what he had said, Dani looked up, eyes wide in disbelief. Tuah answered with a shrug, before making his way towards the training ground. “The night’s still young, but you have much to learn. And I’ll not go easy on you just because you’re Savin’s heir.” He glanced back at the other, still stunned in their place. “Well, don’t just stand there. Hurry up and get a move on.”

At his words, Dani started to jog a little until they were by his side, and through the corner of his eyes he could see Dani’s head bowed slightly. “Thank you,” the words were almost inaudible that he could have missed it entirely. But he didn’t, and he let his lips curled into a fond smile.

“Of course, my help will come at a price,” Tuah grinned, eyes twinkling mischievously. “How well do you know your father’s chemist? This Iann Cardero person, hm?”

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Hello! I've been following your S/G FFXV Promptio story and was wondering if we'd get anymore soon or is it one of those things that just happens when the moment strikes? I love how you characterize the bros and describe their world. It's terrifying and you don't shirk on that. Anyway thank you so much for sharing your stories with us! Hope to see more soon!

Yikes!  I sort of write as it hits.  I do have a google doc which I use as my basis for things that get posted later.  I haven’t had time to write much (new job!), but I’ve got some ideas….Ideas like the pack realizing just what it means to have had a member forcibly bonded against their will and to another pack member.  It’s going to get sad before it gets better.  Prompto’s been hiding for very good reason and pretty much had it in his mind that he was going to disappear out of everyone’s lives once Noct’s treaty was done.  Which no one else knew about it.  Which they’re going to have to deal.  And then we’re going to get somewhere in there, what happens when bonds don’t just break, but shatter and tear (Nyx/Regis/Clarus).  Which that’s mostly going to end in sad Doctor In Rain for everyone involved.  Plus I’ve got a small idea for Cor (Haha poor Cor, he has no idea what it’s in store, the poor bastard.)

But yea.  You should see some more from me coming up.  It’s just going to take a bit! :)

Scorpius Cosplay Help

Hello fellow Scorpius fans! I am usually pretty quiet in the online community but I am a cosplayer and really want to make Scorpius’s robes when he is in the dark world where people call him the Scorpion King but I do not have any idea what they look like. I was hoping maybe someone who has seen the play could help me out with a reference. I’ve already made normal Hogwarts robe Scorpius but since my Albus cosplay buddy is far from where I live I would feel odd being a loan Scorpius but then i thought why not just make the darker evil robes from the bad world. Scorpius was alone there so it makes sense, right!? Maybe I am just anal and crazy…. definitely crazy!!! If anyone has any help I’d love to hear it (*゚▽゚*).

Anyways, thank you for reading this message and have a great day/afternoon/evening/night!!!!

Bye friends!!!!

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My boyfriends a bit of a switch and prefers to be a sub. I prefer to be a sub too though. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to sex in general, so the idea of being a Dom is even more intimidating. All I wanna do is please him though... Any advice? Im a trans guy, he's a cis guy


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Hi there I really love reading all your theories so thanks for sharing them! I wanted to ask what do you think about kiri being related to crimson riot in some way? I know we haven't seen much of crimson except with the flashback filter when kiri chooses his name but could it also be why kiri might have a lot of money, being relayed to a pro? Maybe that's also why he chose his name to honor a possibly dead family member? Please keep your theories coming I love them thanks for your hard work!

I like the idea of Crimson Riot being one of Kirishima’s family members and when he died, Kirishima took on his name and identity. However, I doubt that’s the case. I think Kirishima would have mentioned he’s related to Crimson Riot at some point. Kirishima’s money situation is still a bit puzzling though, and Kirishima being related to a pro hero would answer the question about where he can easily get money.