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hey dude! i saw someone ask for advice for high school - but do you have anything specifically for senior year? so far mine has been decent (except for a quiz grade that i am Not proud of) but the advice would be hella gnarly! thanks <3

Hmm, to be honest, I was kinda a pos my senior year of high school, lol. I barley took any classes and skipped a bunch to play Animal Crossing on my DS/write scripts for dumb videos me and my friends would make.

So you should probably do better than that… But putting some serious thought into what you want to do in the future is definitely a good idea. Even if that’s just continuing your education.

Haldir: What are you doing just sitting around?

Frodo: Nothing. Just thinking.

Aragorn: I am waiting for lunch.

Rúmil: I have no idea. You are the Head of the Marchwardens. I just wait for you to tell me where to go.

Orophin: I am reading this script. What is this about Helm’s Deep? You were not there in the book. And how are they making The Hobbit into a Trilogy? It is not long enough for a mini series.

Boromir: I am just waiting to die so I can go film ‘Game of Thrones’ and die again.

Haldir: Sorry I asked.


I am just so amazed that 300 people have decided to follow me. I’m just an awkward 21 year old who loves Sims and the internet. Thank you all so much! I love each and every one of you. I want to do something special but I’m not sure what. I was thinking maybe a Sims dump? Or maybe something else? Leave me some ideas!

And again thank you for all for the love, I appreciate it and you all so much ❤

future writings

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you like then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gif sets, whatever.

an actual queen (@bladebarnes ) tagged me to do this.

I know I’ve done this before but I like being under the delusion that I’ll actually finish something :)

Also, I have 0 idea when most of these are gonna come out bc I am the single worst person to ever exist. I wish I was one of those super-organized, super-cool authors who have stuff actually planned but I am not.

* = subject to change

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Hi! I have been following you for some days, but now I discovered you have some posts in the polyam tag! Do you have any idea for what to read about it? I think I am polyam and I would love to have representation about it! Hope you cheer up soon.

Hmm uh I reccomend reading people’s stories if you can find them!! And I’m sure there’s great articles I’m just not in my computer rn

There are times when I ask myself “Wtf am I doing…?’’

This is one of them… XD

(I DUNNO WHY I FIND IT SO FUNNY. This is what I do during breaks…
I’m sorry Roxas, I have some dumb ideas sometimes.. XD I showed it to some ppl and they laughed so thought I’d share it.)

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Since the miscarriage headcanon made me sad af, I have a happier question for you: what names do you think Hannibal and Bedelia would consider for their murder baby? (Let's just ignore the fact that Hannibal might think of Mischa for a girl, we don't need that kind of angst thank you very much.)

I see them having a girl and choosing a French name, something elegant, but feminine. I personally like Isabelle, Aurélie or Caroline, but I am not very good at this haha.

I think her middle name would be Misha and it would be Bedelia’s idea. 

They say I'm a traitor. Maybe I am. All I know is that I did what I had to do.

Leaked plans are better than a funeral. Hacked accounts are better than an empty room. Sold off passwords are better than a broken family.

Ryan knew eventually they’d trace it all back to him. They would see everything he had done, except they wouldn’t see the second part; all they would see was a traitor. He was okay with that. Sure, he’d lose their trust, might even be booted from the crew, but he wouldn’t lose them, and that was all that mattered.

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Hi Gary, I'm a bit late but I just wanna say that I am so SO glad you're still alive and managing to stay positive even thru all this... you're a wonderful person and a shining beam of light for many of us, and from what I've seen in the last few days, you have an *amazing* support network!!!! it really makes me feel proud to be a part of this community~ please stay safe xxxx

I sure do huh.. I don’t usually let a lot of people support me but this time around I don’t think it’s too bad of an idea ahha ^ - ^’ thank you so much for being a part of this amazing group of people. You’re so sweet and I really couldn’t possibly do it without you! Thank you honeybee~ I hope you’re having a good day!

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I am afraid that I will never find my true love. I am a emotional human and I like to have feelings(kinda sounds weird). I like to feel intensive (if that makes sense). And I like to imagine my future with someone I truly love and who truly loves me. Not those superficial feelings. No I want it painful because I think true love needs a bit of pain so it can be... true. I hope you understand what I mean... :D So now I have a question... do you believe in true love?

Ummm I don’t think I believe in fate and “soul mates” and the idea that there’s only one person for us. I think you can have many loves and love them all equally. Unfortunately I think love is perceived (especially by young people) as this black and white thing; if you love someone and they love you back, you get together and it’s that simple. But it’s not. Things don’t always work out how you wish and just because you mutually love someone doesn’t mean that person is destined for you ~ relationships and “true love” or merely being in love are two different things. I think it comes down to commitment and sacrifice and devotion; there’s more to relationships than just feelings - that’s my opinion

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what advice do you have for aspiring fic writers? and what's your planning process like for your fics?

my advice would be to practice!!!! if yall could see what my writing from five years ago was like….it’s so embarrassing. but it was necessary for me to become the writer i am today!!!!! practice makes progress and you’re never going to get better at writing if you don’t write!!!

and my planning process isn’t so much a process as like. a web/flow of ideas. mostly i think of a rough plot with like certain scenes/moments that i want, and then i build to and around those!!!! the whole reason i began skyline was because i wanted that kiss in the rain scene!! and it grew from there

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I feel like a lot of mythical beasts are making the message from Rhett about him saying it instead of what he said. I feel like we're focusing too much on "look how cool Rhett is!" Instead of "look what we should do to fight back!" The donations are a good idea, but again, they focus (the drabbles) on Rhett and Link, not on the issue at hand. I know the "RandL 2020" is kind of a joke, but still? We could be pouring our energy into really helping - more than just donations? I have a lot of (cont)

mixed feelings. Because the idea of donating and raising money for charity is great. It is! But I feel like our focus while raising that money needs to be the people it’s raised for, not Rhett and Link. Am I making sense? I don’t want to put down that people have raised money, not at all. Just, I feel like we’re putting Rhett on a pedestal when it’s his message we should put on a pedestal. I guess that and the money aren’t really related issues. Sorry, just some thoughts. I do love Rhett.

But donating is helping? I mean a lot of us reblog and post about the issues going on, stories and ways we can combat injustice (senator numbers etc). Asides from getting involved with protests I don’t see what else could be proposed for fighting back further. I know for me things like this are literally all I can do because I’m over in New Zealand. Others aren’t comfortable using/don’t wish to use their blog as a venue for political discussion - and that’s okay. Donating is important and good. 

As a white, southern male Rhett is a big part of this issue and discussion. So by writing his piece from that perspective, he was recognizing that. So by highlighting Rhett and his piece with the letters and donations it essentially makes the message just as much of a focus. Also, you gotta remember there are beasts out there that have been scared for years that this man - that they support and enjoy daily, might have been influenced by the bigotry of the south. So the joy and love about it is expected. 

The fact that it’s technically being raised in his name doesn’t mean it’s not going to the people it was raised for. It just means his words and influence had a great effect. As for the drabbles, I just think that was genius to use the talents we have to raise even more for the cause than we would have without them. I don’t really care about the ‘how’, I care about the result. 

It’s charity so at the end of the day this is all irrelevant to the fact that we’re doing something awesome. Which you kinda said at the end there. So I guess I just don’t see the issue?

I hope I made sense too ‘non. 

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Hello !~ Your blog is awsome !~ Could you do Elite 10 + Soma + Takumi + Megumi + Alice + Azami reactions and strategy to a hand-to-hand fight please ? X)

Erina, people think we are awesome, omg. So many characters tho, rip. Also sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting I have no idea about actual fghting.


  • He’s most likely to decline an actual fight.
  • But if pushed to it then be prepared to get beaten up.
  • Would come out victorious without a single scratch. Or maybe I am just too biased.


  • Why would someone want to fight her????
  • Like, are you seeking death??
  • Would probably bite your head off.


  • Please don’t fight this big guy.
  • He doesn’t like fighting anyways.
  • But he could kill you accidentally.


  • She would get out of a fight with her cuteness.
  • But if you get her plushie into this be prepared to die
  • A very painful outcome to whoever dared lay their hands on her plush.


  • I mean, this isn’t a good idea.
  • Big guy over here knows martial arts.
  • He’s also chef like all of them, he knows how to handle knives real good, don’t risk your life.


  • She’d skip foreplay and just straight up kick your ass.
  • You messed up with the wrong girl.
  • Seriously, what were you even thinking about?


  • Would talk you out of the idea of fighting if possible.
  • If he wasn’t succesful in keeping peace then get ready to die
  • Make sure to call 911 before hand.


  • Look, he won’t bother himself with this.
  • He’ll just send his underlings to kick your ass.
  • Game over for you.


  • He probably is the one looking for the fight.
  • All bark and no bite.
  • Is the one getting beaten up actually.


  • She won’t fight you phisically.
  • She’ll make you wish you were dead the moment she opens her mouth tho.
  • What were you thinking again??


  • Dude, really?
  • Ryou is kicking your ass for her before you know it.
  • Wrong move here too.


  • Look, this dude is probabky the best person you could go to for an easy win.
  • I’m surprised nobody has actually kicked his ass on the manga tbh.


  • She won’t fight you.
  • Why would you fight her?
  • She’s a sweetheart, don’t you feel like garbage trying to hurt her?


  • Are you seriously going to fight this psycho?
  • Would end you both phisically and mentally.
  • Go cry to your mummy once he’s done with you.


  • He dislikes fighting.
  • So he won’t take you up, unless it’s a cooking showdown.
  • Stop picking fights with chefs, please.

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Hey Karla ! I love your webcomics so much , is a great inspiration. As a comic writer/artist as well can you give me some brief tips? Like maybe your process of how to be constant with them when as the same time I see you work as well on other stuff XD ?? and how to do good comic exposure? I find that a really difficult task to do (but necessary)

Hello, thank you :)

Well, about my process, it’s very flexible, sometimes I write all the idea of the script like a short narration, and then I start to develop the details doing the thumbnails of the pages and then the dialogs, or sometimes I write it all in detail. Depends on my mental clarity of what’s going to happen. But usually, I write the whole story down.

About being constant, I’m glad you think I am because I’m not lol. The only thing I can tell you is that you have to get to work, bitch (yes, like the Britney Spears’ song XD) Now I had to stop working on NonNon and Cute Sins because I’m doing a hired webcomic, but I always try to avoid being absent more than 1 or 2 weeks. You have to be flexible to prioritize things depending on your needs in life, etc.

About comic exposure, well, that’s a bit complicated… because if your comic is good, the comic itself will do the job… people will start recommending your work, sharing, etc, so I always suggest you put all your efforts on doing a good, entertaining story (mainly to yourself) and do a decent job, the best you can as an artist and then well, share your work with all the tools available… twitter, Tumblr, etc.


It’s a mess with awful temporary textures but I am so excited that it worked! I was wondering if there was a way to get around loosing cloth physics data when combining more than one mesh in Outfit Studio. Turns out there is: Bethesda often uses separate meshes for outfits and combines them later via assigning them to different body-slots in game. And since I am a scrub with 3ds and have barely any know-how when it comes to weighting/ cloth data I thought “welp, what’s the worst that could happen?”. Current “worst” is a layered dress with physics & no clipping whatsoever without getting in the way of any other mod that makes use of the other available body-slots.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Well, except vanilla engine shenanigans. But now I do at least have an idea how to cut the dress. 

Also an old hair mash-up I am still fond of and a messy pixie cut because long hair gets filthy in the Wasteland and at some point you just have to get rid of it. With a rusty paper scissor. Probably (I like messy hair, ok? :|).


I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me // fall out boy