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I’m checking if I could have Loid making an appearance in FUZZY. I marked down some Loid thoughts and then his skin color and now it looks like he’s blushing at Fuzzy.

Loid, you bi is showing.
But we get you.
We love Fuzzy, too. 

and jessus I swear my laptop started to play Careless Whisper as I typed this!

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HCs or draft scenario of Sasuke having a thing for Itachi’s s/o.

in some AU where the Uchiha massacre either didn’t happen or it happened later on bc i need Sasuke to be at a decent age to actually like Itachi’s s/o who is probably a good few years older than Sasuke k anywayyyy here we go


It was just a crush. A childish, naive crush. Sasuke was mature enough even at a young age to try and convince himself of that. There couldn’t be any other explanation for it.

But as the years went by, the spiral of confusion and want grew worse. It’s then that Sasuke’s childish crush manifested into an actual fixation.

He was older then, old enough to know that a shinobi should never let feelings overshadow his duties. But it was becoming difficult. Time he should have spent focusing on training was interrupted by thoughts of them. Thoughts of his brother’s lover. It was wrong, somewhere he knew that. But most of all, it was unfair.

Jealousy had always made a barrier in the love Sasuke felt for his brother, especially in recent years. Itachi was the prodigy. The family’s pride. The perfect shinobi. He had everything Sasuke didn’t. And now, he had one more thing that Sasuke could never have.

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So, they call you Georgie or something? Gheorghe. Whatever, get in.

God’s Own Country (2017) dir. Francis Lee

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All around him buildings are collapsing, everyone’s screaming, fires are roaring and Josh just stares in horror.  It’s like his mind is coming out and into the real world, and he’s terrified.  He tries to say something but can’t.  He just ends up gasping for breath and groaning.  He slides to the floor and growls, trying to calm himself but he ends up screaming and having a panic attack.  “W-what’s happening?!”  He can fell his scar throb and he grips at himself trying to stay calm but can’t.  He looks up at someone.  “Help me !”  He screams, his eye turning white.

Hey guys I could use some heelllpppp

Does anyone know how to get two gifs side by side in a text post instead of having them sit one above the other? I assume it has something to do with the HTML of it all, and I’m slowly learning how all of that works. So if anyone has any idea what I’m even talking about at this point, just shoot me an ask or a message or even reblog this and I’ll get back to ya. 

For now, I think my brain is fried and would like to go to bed. If you reach out, I’ll respond tomorrow when I roll out of bed. Thank you in advance!!!