i have no idea of what is this

so there’s this part in chapter 62 where simon and baz are lying on the carpet in front of the fireplace holding hands, and when baz asks simon if he was on the List Of Things to Not Think About, simon says ‘trying not to think about you is like trying not to think about an elephant thats standing on ur chest’ and baz just has a good few moments of fond reflection before he starts smiling and says 'i dont know if that’s a compliment or…’ and they’re giggling and idk the idea that baz is a teenaged boy still baffles me sometimes, but its scenes like that one where the casualness of it is so lovely? its easy to relate to and thats what makes reading carry on so nice

Today is the day I got the keys for my first own flat and the day my blog about gay old men reached 1000 followers. I’m an actual adult.

GUYS! THANK YOU! I have no funking clue why you followed me but thank you for giving me your attention *bows* I started blogging 9 months ago because I was heartbroken and now I am here, still heartbroken but able to deal better with it. Thanks to everyone who accompanied me on the way. I wont mention you here by name (because you might be embarrassed to know me huehue) but you know who you are ♡ I found a lot of friends in this fandom and I’m glad I’m still around.

I still have an inbox full of prompts and a move ahead of me but once things calmed down a bit I might want to do some kind of doodle give away of some sorts for you guys as a thank you. If you’re interested that is.

Thank you. Each and everyone of you.

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what is this listen in a heartbeat?

Actually, it’s just In a Heartbeat. “Listen” was me saying “hey guys listen to me!!” ahaha, sorry about that!

In a Heartbeat is an adorably adorable short film by these two lovely people (whose main tumblrs I don’t know) about a closeted middle school boy named Sherwin who has a crush on popular boy Jonathan! His heart ends up chasing Jonathan, so Sherwin has to chase his heart before it can reveal his feelings to both Jonathan and the entire school!

The trailer is already out and it should be released this summer! It seriously looks so cute!!!


Ya girl just wrote out an idea and I think I want to turn it into a series. It would be a Remus one this time. Right now it is tentatively called The Torturous Year.

Although, I still have Alone Together to finish, and I was thinking about starting that Pure-Blood Diaries series that I mentioned. 

Oh no. 

What do y’all think? Should I stay Sirius trash or should I dip into my love for Remus J. Lupin?

Url change?

Hi y’all! 

I’ve been on this website for a sinful amount of years with the same url. I’ve thought about changing it many times, but I haven’t because I’ve created a lot of content that I don’t want to stay unsourced out in this hellsite. That said, now that I am part of the Btvs fandom I kinda want a buffy url that matches my obsession.

So, please take this poll to help me decide if I should keep tattooeyes as my legacy or if the buffy url i’ve saved are good enough to change into. 

Thank you!