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Today, I used one of my left-handed sketches from last year for a quick exercise (don’t worry, I used my right hand to colour it! I’d have to change my entire settings to switch hands with my tablet).
Who likes the idea of mermaids as weird fish creatures without breasts? …apparently, I do.
Aujourd’hui j’ai utilisé un de mes croquis de la main gauche de l’an dernier pour un exercice rapide (ne vous inquiétez pas, j’ai utilisé ma main droite pour la colo ! Je devrais tout reprogrammer si je changeais de main sur ma tablette).
Qui aime l’idée que les sirènes sont des créatures poissonneuses bizarres sans poitrine ? …apparemment, moi.

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(different anon) I'd love to see a tutorial someday too. Specifically, how the heck do you get your pastries and ice creams and bread to look so soft and natural?! I've made a couple simple food pixels myself, but they all seem so stiff in comparison.

hum well personally i think making things look natural starts wi sketching out line work. (i did a comparison of a bread bun, starting with the same blue sketch to show the differences) i always do rough sketches & work over them bc i think it gives me a better idea of the form.

i know sometimes it seems right to have everything perfect & symmetrical but it all depends on what your drawing in the first place - because you mentioned like bread & ice-cream etc those things are rarely perfect anyway, so i guess avoid being too structured

then i think another big thing is the colour choice & the balance of the halftone dots for shading. I feel like too much half tone & its one big ordered gradient & yeah that looks kind of odd. & for the colour.. its tempting to just pick out the darkest tone & just gradually make it paler for the highlighty bits - but in reality when you really look at something there’s usually a lot of different kinds of colours (even if it is just white bread). So yeah id say experiment with that - i usually exaggerate and go for much warmer colours tbh.

the last thing that i think makes a huge difference is how you do the shine (if any). it helps to just think about the actual thing your drawing (goes wi out saying but curved and squishy bread probably has a softer curvy shine) and it’s probably not such sharp stark white

i feel like the picture just explains it all way better haha 

-`mini tutorial about pixel bread bun´-

So something I started thinking about last night whilst watching Cinderella, my mother having just pointed out that the Prince’s jacket conveniently has a dash of blue in it to match Ella’s, is the idea of complimenting wardrobes for two characters who are supposed to be in love.

Specifically, in b99

Like, I’m sure there are hundreds of other examples that I can’t remember right now, but the more I think about it the more I realize that if Jake and Amy aren’t outright matching, they’re definitely complimenting each other, for a large, large percentage of their time onscreen together.

Even very early on, you have outfit matches like this:

or this:

aaah, this:

or even this:

and when they’re not matching completely, there’s always a splash of colour in either Jake’s or Amy’s shirt/pants that pops because it’s the same as the base of the other’s outfit, as seen here, in Jake’s tie:

here, in the checkered pattern of Jake’s shirt:

or here, in the beige of Amy’s shirt:

speaking of Johnny and Dora, they pretty much match through the whole episode, through two days and three different clothing changes:

like, no matter what, 90% of the scenes these two have together, their clothing literally makes them look good together:

and my personal favorite:

it’s also interesting to note that Jake’s staple colours are reds and blues, as are Amy’s – they just take turns switching them up:

it’s a great visual device in ways of linking them inexplicably together, especially in moments of the plot where their story peaks and the synchronicity of their clothing matches their together-ness (ie, Johnny and Dora or the New Captain) (and, even more interestingly, how when Jake is with Sophia their clothing matches/compliments, but when Amy is with Teddy, the same does not occur). inadvertently, through their #aesthetic appeal, it makes the audience like them together, which is hilarious bc as if u’d need anything more to make u like these good noodles’ love for each other.

anyways, someone come in clutch and add that photo where they’re literally wearing the exact same grey pantsuit and blue button down and i’ll die a happy woman,


Commission status: see this post

So I got a new tablet!!! And I’ve improved, so commissions are reopened. Here are the details (paypal fees not included, and these pertain to each single picture):

Chibis (samples):

> each character = $5
> background* = +$5
> flat colour = +$3 / colour with some depth = $6

Sketches (rough drawings): 

> 1 character = $15, each additional character = +$10
> add colour = +$10
> add background* (includes objects) = +$5 to $15 depending on complexity

Lineart drawings (polished drawings): 

> 1 character =  $25, each additional character = +$20
> add simple colouring = +$10 / detailed colouring = +$25
> add background* (includes objects) = +$10 to $25 depending on complexity

*If your background is simply a flat colour, or simple vague abstract colouring, a background fee will not be charged. 

Additional Info (important):

  • What I can do: any pairings from any fandom, crossovers, AUs, OCs
  • What I WON’T do: explicit porn and gore, geometrically complicated backgrounds, realistic likeness
  • Please pay first
  • Digital art commissions only
  • Please have references and a clear idea in mind!
  • I can only accept Paypal, USD.
  • For personal use only. Please do not reproduce for profit. I retain all the rights to the image, including selling and exhibiting on Society6, Redbubble, etc. Commercial art must be discussed separately

Slots: ~5 (once they are filled I will temporarily close commissions, and then reopen them once some slots are free)

How to buy: If you are interested, please send me an ask on tumblr with the option/picture you’d like your commission styled in. Then we can discuss it further via email.

Once I give you my email, please message me within 24 hours and establish a regular correspondence with me/check your email regularly. If not, I may have to either move you down the list or replace your slot.

If you aren’t interested, but have questions, please feel free to message me anytime as well. I will not assume that you want to commission until you yourself explicitly state that you do.


This post may be updated as I go along.

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Daddy’s treasures.

Hi there! This is a short blurb that came to my mind today morning and I needed to bring it to life (It involves dad Harry, and, who doesn’t love dad Harry?)

A reminder: Requests are opened

Enjoy :) !!!

“Daddy, it’s my turn to hide. Close your eyes.” The three year-old girl giggled as she grabbed her father’s hands and tried to bring them to his eyes “C’mon daddy, help me! your hands are very big.” Harry chuckled at the cute little frown settled on her chubby face, as she shook his arms in impatience “Okay, okay.” He obeyed his daughter’s demand, thinking to himself that bossiness was one of the many features she had inherited from her mother, you. The next thing he sensed was the continuous sound of her tiny shoes hitting against the grass, as she run towards her next hiding spot.

You were sitting in a deck chair, looking over the scrapbook Harry had made for your third year as a mother. The paper squares that captured your first steps as parents of a beautiful baby girl, along with the cheesy captions written below, melted your heart. You were so captivated by the images, that the sudden snuggle from your daughter made you flinch “Hey sweetie, what are you doing?” She didn’t give any answer, instead, she curled up in the gap your cross-legged position offered. “Sydney, what’s up, could you tell Mommy?” “I’m hiding from Daddy. He’ll never find me.“ You couldn’t help but laugh when she playfully stuck out her tongue.   

“Are you ready Syd?” Harry shouted from one corner of the garden, to which she replied with a loud, long “Yep!” He got up from his sitting position and stretched his limbs before heading to look for his princess “Mmmm, where can you be?” he muttered as he moved his head from one side to the other, scanning the area. A wide dimpled grin made its home in his face when he spotted a mess of little curls in between your legs. As he got nearer to you both, the high innocent giggles of the child became better audible, confirming his guess. “Mommy is he around?” Sydney whispered, playing with the ties of you shorts. You looked at Harry, biting your lip in an attempt to not chuckle, in return, he winked at you “Love, have you got any idea of where our baby is?” “No, not at all” You felt Sydney leave a light kiss on your thigh, thanking you for not giving her away “She’s really good at this, isn’t she?” “Absolutely” Harry crawled silently until he was right beside the improvised nest your legs made for your daughter. Sydney didn’t even notice as she was too distracted with the colourful ties “Hold on Love, I… think… I… found her!” He took her out from where her small figure rested and rose her up to the sky. The chocolate-eyed girl kicked her legs in the air as loud guffaws broke out from her mouth. When she landed she run towards you to give you a hug “Thanks for helping me Mommy, I love ya.” She spread little kisses all over your face.

The sight Harry had right in front of his eyes brought him goosebumps. Before Sydney’s arrival, three years ago, he didn’t think he could be happier than he was just with you. He reckoned he was at peak of most joy in his life, that nothing was left. Then his little angel came into his life and proved him wrong. The first time he holded her in between his arms his heartbeat rose like never before. Everything about her was tiny and delicate and he couldn’t believe how such a small creature could bring that huge amount of happiness and love. You weren’t less for him; bliss stepped first into his life thanks to you. You two met at college, where he came from an environment of hate and harassment towards him in behalf of his classmates, in other words, he had been bullied. You helped him get over that dark past and returned him the confidence he had lost. You loved him when he was at his lowest and took him out of the spiral of sadness he was in. You were his most beautiful and valuable treasure until Sydney showed up, then she joined the club.

He felt the luckiest man in the world.

That was when he decided to bring the idea constantly settled at the back of his mind to life.

“My loves, I’ll be right back.”

[Few days later]

Harry came back from another day at the park with Sydney. He was placing all the toys they took with them back in their box when she let go of his grip and run to the garden where you were swimming “Baby girl be careful, don’t run that fast.” He interrupted his activity to look after her “Daddy let’s join Mommy, pleaaase.” She begged with puppy eyes “Yeah Hazz, what are you waiting for?” you insisted.

He grabbed Sydney by the hand and took her to her room where he changed her clothing for a swimsuit; he later did the same with his. 

Once in his father’s arms, she noticed a foreign spot in the middle of his clean skin “Daddy, what’s that? Did you stain yourself playing with the markers?” She touched the words with her silky pads “No sweetie. It’s a tattoo.” She gave him a confused look “It’s something you draw on your skin which, most of the times, is meaningful” She brought her thumb to her mouth as she studied it “Have you got any idea of what it is?” “Of course Daddy, I’m a very clever girl.” He chuckled “Okay tell me” The naive child opened her eyes wide, as she realised she hadn’t an answer “Ehh… I dunno.” He gave a loving stroke to her cheek and later placed a kiss on it “It’s yours and Mommy’s name. And it’s located at the area where my heart is because you both are always in my heart.” She blushed and nuzzled in his chest, giggling “I like it very much.” He tickled her tummy,

“And you know what? the best part is that it’ll last forever, just as my love for you two”

Imagine Rafael finding out you can speak Spanish

(A/N: For Anon. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Sorry, it’s short as well!) 

Disclaimer: I don’t know Spanish so all the Spanish in this is from Google translate. So I’m sorry if it’s incorrect. 

Imagine Rafael finding out you can speak Spanish

Your Dad always empathized how important learning languages was and always encouraged you to pursue it. You can remember the lecture he gave you and your siblings when it was the right time. Always encouraging you all to go and take the opportunity to learn a second language. Not only does it have cognitive benefits, it also helps you become better learners as well as help you understand cultures other than your own.

But the most important reason for him was that it would help you connect with people. Like it had helped him. When your Dad first became a cop all he knew was English and he didn’t have any interest in learning another. That was until he was the first responder to a crime-scene and he couldn’t do anything because he couldn’t speak to the victim or the witnesses. He had to wait and depend on someone else to help these people. And he didn’t like that. His job was to protect the people of the city and that meant everyone in the city. That weekend he started learning Spanish. He also went on to learn Russian as well as Gaelic.

He became a lover of languages and you were definitely the same. Your siblings all learned second languages as well but none of them loved them like you did. It may be because unlike them you learned your first-second language very young and not in high school like them. Danny learned Spanish, Erin, and Joe learned French and Jamie learned German.

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28-30/100 days of productivity Last three days revolved basically around me writing my essay and sleeping. Also I started annotating my history books so it would be easier for me to write my essay. And honestly I kind of love it and I feel good about the colour coding, but as a book lover at first I felt like I was just destroy it. Anyway, word limit on my essay is killing me and I have no idea how I’m going to fit everything in! Also I’m kind of obsessed with dried mango and that’s all I want to eat right now.

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What is your opinion on the use of surrogates for homosexual couples?

I fear that surrogacy normalises the idea that women’s bodies are incubation factories. I don’t think any couple, heterosexual or homosexual, should have the right to put another woman’s body through the dangerous and difficult experience of a pregnancy for the procurement of a biological child. Surrogacy leads to terrible exploitation, mostly of poor women of colour. There are better, less harmful ways to make a family – so many children in this world are in desperate need of a loving adoptive family.


OnePunch-Man Week // Day 5: Colours
Use a color or colors as a theme (Click for higher resolution!)

✦make it up to you✦

↳ Harry x Reader

Requested | Harry imagine when he loses his temper and almost hits you?

Warnings | almost being hit by a lover, swearing

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BTS as Degrees

Jin- Theatre 

Okay, Jin has a degree in acting so it’s pretty clear what he likes doing. He’s the captain of the theatre soc, organising events to Film institutes on facebook and winning society of the year awards. He’s never found without his beret, the stage is his second home. Everyone knows he’s just waiting for his acting break. 

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Yoongi- History

Grandpa Yoongi would roll into his lecture on Soviet expansion in the 1930s, sit there with his vintage moleskin notebook and write down anything that was new to him. He’d be chill most of the time, ready to call out imperialist bullshit in his seminars if it got to him. Apart from that, he’s most likely found sleeping in the library. 

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Hoseok- International Relations

Hoseok is your budding UN diplomatic wannabe, who joins the United Nations team as a captain and reacts with fever to human rights abuses around the world. He wants the world to be full of sunshine, just like him. He’s the mediator, fun guy who just wants the world to be a better place so he doesn’t have to freak out most of the time.  

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Taking on different cultures with stride

Namjoon- PPE (Politics, Philosophy + Economics)

Mr philosophy here couldn’t figure out what to do, so went for the creme de la creme of all courses that budding any-body who wants to be a some-body in the world do. This guy is set on being the next game changer, call him Namjoon-Obama, debating Descartes with his lecturer and picking up his morning coffee from the artisian place opposite campus, calling out bullshit elections and analysing third world data trends for fun in his spare time. Yep, he’s that guy. He’s charming though, all budding politicians have to be. 

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Taehyung- Paediatric medicine (Medicine)

No, he’s not specialising so he can get it down with the hot young mama’s. Tae loves kids, and he’s that guy that will roll into his placement as a med student, pull up a chair next to sick kid Louie, and make him feel better. He’d say bye to Louie before making rounds with his supervisor, noting down every little detail about patient history whilst the girls in his group swooned at him. He’s oblivious to how much people are attracted to him, because he’s that guy whose so into his work.  

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Jimin- Pyschology

Soft, understanding and attentive Jimin is the guy you want to go to after having your mental breakdowns. His caring nature shines through and he really wants to help you. He’s a pysch major whose mostly found in the library writing essays on Freud (wearing those cute glasses). 

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Jungkook- Fine Art

This boy is talented af but with a hint of up himself fuck boy chic, he’s your next Picasso who can paint a Stary Night by Vincent Van Gough out of literal water and water colour.  He secretly has a drawing pad full of the cute girl he sees at the campus coffee place, where he goes every day at 3 just to see her. 

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AN: This is more of me getting my ideas out because I have spent the last week in essay hell, with my mind often drifting off to what these boys would do at university. 

Sigh, right now I need a Jimin. 

Musical Theory: Subtext in The Book of Mormon suggests that Elder Price is gay and that McPriceley could be a real thing

 So, I’m a big fan of this show on YouTube called Game Theory. It’s a show that looks at the subtext of video games to figure out answers to unanswered questions in the games (like who Rosalina in Super Mario Galaxy really is, or the true story of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series). It’s really interesting and I’d highly recommend you check it out. I’m also a big fan of a tumblr user called Loudest Subtext in Television, who is famous for writing excellent meta detailing all the gay subtext in the TV show Sherlock. The other day I was reading her meta and listening to the Book of Mormon cast recording, and it got me wondering… is there any subtext in that show? I initially dismissed the idea, but then as I started actually thinking about it… lots of weird things started to make sense, and I actually found a lot of evidence for what I suggested in the title of this post. I eventually came up with the theory that i’m about to present to you now. If you ship McPriceley, or you’re a big fan of the show, or you just like subtext in general, you might want to read on (obviously spoilers for the show below) :D

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notyourplotbunny replied to your post “I need Saphael ideas for Valentine’s Day, help…”

rafe being passive aggressive with candy hearts

he knows they cant eat them but its the principle (sp?) of the matter bc noone has celebrated valentines day at dumort in decades 

Okay, I guess I changed it a little bit but I hope you like what I made of it, I certainly had fun writing this :D And thank you for the idea! ♥

Also posting it already because it’s just past midnight here so it’s the 14th for me already - it will be up on AO3 in about an hour (it won’t let me set the correct date before 1am…)

“What is up with this stuff, seriously??” Stan complained and Simon glanced up from the comic he was currently reading to look at the small pink candy heart the older vampire had pinched between his index finger and thumb. It wasn’t the first one a clan member had discovered in the hotel and the fledgeling couldn’t help but think that the idea was absolutely hilarious.

“What does this one say?” Simon asked and he felt his lips already tugging into a grin when the other groaned.

U suck.”

Laughter bubbled up in Simon’s throat and he wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the little messages engraved into the sweets. Whoever had taken the time to scatter these in the whole hotel was clearly a genius in Simon’s book and he would love to know who was behind all of this.

“I’m still convinced that this is your doing, Lewis! You’re the only one here with this stupid kind of humour!” Stan glared at him but without any heat and Simon knew he wasn’t actually mad. He was simply an old, grumpy vampire without a sense of humour and probably didn’t even get why half of the things were funny to the clan members who bothered to keep up with the modern world.

“Stan, seriously, I would be proud if this had been my idea but sadly it isn’t.”

“I found one with ctrl + z in one of the cupboards in the kitchen,” Lily commented from where she was curled up in the armchair with a book perched in her lap, not taking her eyes off the pages while talking. Stan and a few other vampires frowned, clearly not getting the joke, while Simon stifled more laughter by pressing his hand to his mouth.

“When I got up and went to the bathroom there was a blue heart balanced on the tap with the words get lost. I always thought these candy hearts only had nice messages on them but clearly, there are mean ones as well,” another female vampire added and a few other clan members told about their findings as well. Simon’s favourite ones certainly were the drop dead, bite me, tbh I’d rather not and in ur dreams but the u suck was right up there as well.

The first one to discover the candy hearts scattered across the hotel had been one of the oldest clan members who had been very confused about the I literally can’t message on a yellow heart in their room because they couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to mean. Simon had tried to explain the meaning but he wasn’t too sure that the other vampire had understood.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, someone probably just wanted to lighten the mood,” Lily commented with a shrug and it might have been a slightly weird thing to do so with almost insulting messages on pastel coloured candy hearts but most clan members did think they were funny and a few had actually started a competition about who could find the most hearts - and the ones with the best messages.

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ahhh okay so I dont art very much but I wanted to do a thing? For @callmearcturus and the fic with the frog boi Jake and this is the first time Ive done a thing based on a fic and posting on tumblr and yeeeee many firsts haha But like! The fic is hella good and just going to keep getting better and if you like extremely well written dirk x jake fics 100% worth going and checking out their AO3 and read the fic! :D 

(okay but did i do this right I have no idea what im doing owo;;)