i have no idea if something like that has been done before on tumblr

Bad Dreams (Original Audio)

So i know this idea has been done before…. but me… and someone close to me have been having bad dreams… i couldnt sleep my self…so… this is for them. 

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS!!! I’ve been on Tumblr for what, almost four months? And to hit such a milestone within that period of time makes me really, really, really, really thankful. Anyway, since I’ve done nothing for the other milestones before this, I thought I’d do something big, like really big, but alas, I have no ideas, but I’ll post details later after I’ve come up with something (feel free to drop by my inbox and leave an idea if you want). 

Also, I would’ve added more characters to to this thing, but I’ll be leaving for Kyoto tomorrow, and I wanted to get this up before I left. Thank you to everyone that has supported me!!