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I have an idea for your dragon au. Since dragons love treasure and jewels and gold I was thinking it'd be cute to replace those with medals and I thought a cute picture, if you want to draw it but you don't have to, would be of Victor in a pile of his gold medals. I'm sorry if you thought it was a stupid idea... but I just really like the idea and thought you might want to draw it. It's okay if you don't (>人<;)

Here you are! Just doodle, don`t consider it like a serious work, naaagh~

Just imagine HOW MUCH their could be, if he takes a part of this events…mm..during 280 years, pfh :DD

Posting this one to tell you again how sweet he was. He did this the whole time, looking directly into people’s cameras, smiling, waving, giving thumbs up. Just making sure people got nice pictures of him. It must be the strangest experience, being the focus of so many lenses, and so many pairs of eyes. He takes it all in his stride and with so much grace. I have no idea how you do it, Norman! x

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There's just no way to end BG without making louis look bad.

You’re absolutely wrong.

Let’s strategize some ways to spin the end of babygate that don’t make Louis look bad. Bonus points if Briana doesn’t look bad either. Please reblog and add your ideas.

Here’s mine:
“there was no need to take a paternity test, because there was never a question that Freddie was my son biologically, because he’s not and we always knew that. Briana and I have never been anything more than friends, but she was in a spot and needed some help, and I love kids and know how important a fathers role is and how it doesn’t have to be filled by the man who contributed genetically, so I volunteered. Now that the father is back in the picture, I’ll absolutely stay in touch as I adore the kid, but now that some things have been worked out, I’m happy and excited for Briana and Luke/Maxx and will always be there for Freddie.”


“You know how cats apparently go on top of wooden fences and “sing” in the middle of the night?”

@miraculous-kwami came up to me with this idea and here you have the bonus part of this illustration: [LINK]

“I also picture someone throwing a shoe and hitting him square in the face.“

(Oh this is the night, it’s a beautiful night~ ♫ And we call it bella notte ) 
I couldn’t decide between illustration and comic so TAKE IT ALL :’D 
And this is the main reason why I didn’t end up with a wooden fence but someone’s balcony:

if i stay (movie) sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “i thought i knew where i was going. i thought i had it all planned out. turns out i had no idea.”
  • “did you really just quote alice cooper?”
  • “do not take his picture, _____.”
  • “you’re asking me out on a date?”
  • “he better be nice to you or i’ll crush him like the bug he is.”
  • “alright, we get it! you’re in love! go away!”
  • “your closet’s terrifying.”
  • “why do i have this feeling you’re about to mess up my entire life?”
  • “start fighting? how am i supposed to start fighting?”
  • “am i gonna die? is that what this is?”
  • “if you live, if you die, it’s all up to you.”
  • “well, food to eat is my favorite.”
  • “i need to take it slow, okay?”
  • “i’m not ashamed to be a cinnamon spice chai latte lover, thank you very much!”
  • “if it doesn’t work out, are you gonna be there to pick up the pieces?”
  • “no running off with some me wannabe.”
  • “the you you are now is the same you i was in love with yesterday, the same you i’ll be in love with tomorrow.”
  • “and, no matter what, i will never leave you.”
  • “being with _____ was like learning to fly. it was exciting and scary all at the same time.”
  • “whoa, the whole three bucks? slow down, big spender!”
  • “i miss you every time you go.”
  • “you so naive, you don’t know shit about the world!”
  • “you can’t just disappear from my life like that and then pop back into it whenever you feel like it.”
  • “you’re not gonna lose me.”
  • “so how come you haven’t written a song about me?”
  • “i can’t lose her again.”
  • “life is this big, fat, gigantic, stinking mess. but that’s the beauty of it too.” 
  • “sacrifice. that’s what we do for the people we love.”
  • “_____…stay.”
  • “i’ll do whatever you want. just please stay.”
  • “i don’t care where we are, i just care that we’re together.”
  • “you wrote me a song.”
things that make me emotional in hamilton
  • philip you would like it uptown, it’s quiet uptown
  • have i done enough? 
  • my life is gon’ be fine cause eliza’s in it
  • freedom for america, freedom for france
  • you really do write like you’re running out of time
  • i may not live to see our glory
  • i did exactly as you said pa
  • WASHington is WATCHing from the other side
  • at least i’ll keep his eyes in my life
  • the orphanaaage
  • george washington’s going home
  • with my last idea; i shall cherish the sweet hope of meeting you in a better world
  • let future historians wonder how eliza reacted when you broke her heart
  • history obliterates, in every picture it paints it paints me and all my mistakes
  • i see george washington smile
  • this man will not make an orphan of my daughter
  • i love my sister more than anything in this life. i will choose her happiness over mine everytime
  • i stop wasting time on tears. i live another fifty years. it’s not enough
  • i don’t want you
  • i have so much work to do
  • why? if not to take deadly aim? 
  • you, you, you
  • i couldn’t seem to die (wait for it) 
  • then i turn and see my sister’s face and she is helpleeess
  • we won !!
  • eliza, do you like it uptown? it’s quiet uptown
  • he will never be satisfied. i will never be satisfied
  • his poor wife
  • i’m willing to wait for it
  • ,
  • he aims his pistol at the sky- WAIT
  • i wanna sit under my own vine and fig tree, a moment alone in the shade, at home in this nation we’ve made
  • i’m not here for you
  • i remember that night, i just might regret that night for the rest of my days
  • hey. best of wives and best of women
  • tens of thousands of people flood the streets, there are screams and church bells ringing
  • america, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me. you let me make a difference, a place where even orphan immigrants can leave their fingerprints and rise up 

omg i can just picture Even walking out of the bathroom, at the kosegruppa meeting, and as soon as he’s out of sight hitting himself against the head, closing his eyes and thinking about how embarrassing he just was “yeah real smooth, nice job there. take all the paper towels, great idea! he’ll definitely notice you now, good plan Even, real nice. wow…”

The thing about Miss Quill and Charlie is that while I have no doubt she hates him, I have absolutely no idea how inclined she would be to actually kill him if she got free. She has an utterly clear picture of morality in her head.

Death can be collateral damage - like April would have been, or how the Robot guy found its untimely end. Destruction or acts of aggressions are used for a purpose, or really just to let off some steam. It was even worth her own pain to hit Charlie. And the arn clearly doesn’t care when she takes an elbow to a car window. And I have no doubt she will give detention with the utmost pettiness.

But actually purposefully seeking out to murder someone, in a way that matters? That might require a war. A battlefield. She knows no rules of war. Torture. Genocide. There are no limits. Her own death means little to her, if it ends her war with the Shadow Kin, if it gives her peace. If her people are avenged.

I’m fairly convinced that if she felt she was at war with Charlie, he’d already be dead. Would the arn really keep her from this, if she didn’t mind dying for her cause? “If we had ever met on the battlefield…,” she says, but they haven’t and maybe they never will. I cannot begin to predict her.

I just made this ‘Best Ab Workout Moves’ pic for you guys. Take a couple of these and build your own core workout! If you don’t know how to do the move, just google it. If you like, you can save the image and print it. If you have any ideas for more pictures or printables, please send me an ask or a message with your requests! Go drink a glass of water and have a fabulous day/night. <3

Face Behind The Name!

Hiiii! I know I have posted pictures of me on here before but I’m doing this as part of @booper-dooper‘s cool idea! Anyways, this is me, the face behind my url! Featuring Sam! I love taking pictures with me and Sam, I always find that I look happier and in those pictures. Anyway I’m rambling XD

So here’s my story of how I started watching @therealjacksepticeye and my wonderful experiences of being in this community :)

I was already watching PewDiePie and Markiplier, and one day, in October 2015 I saw his first reading comments video in the related section on YouTube. Weirdly enough, the first videos of Pewds and Mark that I watched were - yep, you guessed it, their first reading comments videos. And I’d heard Jack’s name mentioned by both Mark and Felix, so I was already wondering who he was. He sounded great, and I was intrigued, so I clicked on the video…

…and I’m soooo glad I did! He made me smile right from the beginning. I have to admit, my first reaction was something along the lines of ‘wow he’s loud… but I like it’ haha :D that same day, I think I ended up putting on the reading comments playlist and watching as many videos as I had time for XD and as time went on, I learnt more about what he was like as a person and my respect for him just grew and grew, as a person and as a content creator! ^-^

Before I knew it, I was deep into the fandom XD I made this blog, I made a poster, I got merch, I made and found gifs, I started making fanart and lockscreens/wallpapers, and I even made music! I had no idea that any songs would be associated with the fandom, but then All The Way happened, and I made THREE VERSIONS (I’m obsessed lol) XD I’ve linked them in the title if you’re interested ^-^ over a year later, I’m still here in the fandom feeling happier than ever to be part of it :)

There are a couple of things that are particularly special about this fandom. It’s a loving and welcoming place, unlike some fandoms, and I’ve found somewhere that I feel like I belong. Even someone who like me who struggles to make friends has been able to do exactly that - I’ve made best friends!! <3

The other beautiful thing about it is that Jack tries his absolute hardest to interact with us. He’s reblogged some of my posts and even liked some of my terrible fanart! Heck, HE COMMENTED ON MY YOUTUBE VIDEO FOR GOODNESS SAKE. I never ever ever expected that to happen to me! Jack is awesome. Not only for this reason, but also because he is a funny, kind and loving person. To me he’s not just a YouTuber, he’s a friend. I always feel this way whenever I watch his videos, and it makes me less lonely ^-^

Jack’s videos have not only been a source of entertainment for me, but also an escape. Anxiety and depression have been a big part of my life for many many years, and Jack’s videos have been a light in the darkness. It’s cliché, but it’s true. Listening to him has calmed me down when I’ve been anxious, especially when he’s said things like everything will be alright. He’s also taught me to be more positive and focus on the things in life that make me happy, which has made me a happier person, which was something that used to seem impossible. On top of all this, Jack saying that he believes in us is what gave me the courage to start making vlogs on my YouTube channel. I was too scared to make them, I thought I would be rubbish and everyone would hate them, but his words made me go for it. I’m so glad because I LOVE MAKING VIDEOS and others seem to enjoy them too, which is what I love most :D 

So thank you so much, Jack!! Not that thank you is nearly enough for what you’ve done for me <3 and thank you to everyone in this community for being such great friends and for welcoming me into the fandom. It feels like a big extended family! I love you all <3

tl;dr: I started watching Jack in October last year from his first reading comments video. I liked him from the start and I do so even more now. I became deep in the fandom and I’m still happy to be here. The community is lovely and I’ve made friends here, and Jack has helped me through anxiety and depression as well as being entertaining. Thank you and I love you <3

Paralyzing Fear

Request-Isaac imagine where you’re together and Theo arrives and asks you if you want to be part of his pack,but you say no since you’re already in Scott’s.Theo said that it was okay and brushed it off but he started to become obsessed with you and started taking pictures of you and asks you again to join his pack and when you decline again he becomes violent and hurts you but Isaac rescues you and teaches Theo a lesson.You don’t have to write it if you’re not comfortable,it’s just an idea I had in mind
“What do you want Theo?” I asked as began walking towards the senior parking lot where I knew that Isaac was waiting for me. Theo has been talking to me all week, trying to get on my good side, asking me how I’m doing, personal questions.  I’m sure that I knew what was coming, he was recruiting, looking for new members for his pack and he was buttering me up.
“Well I have a question and I’m pretty sure that you are going to say yes.” He said causing me to chuckle softly which I covered with a cough, I wanted him to ask. Just get it over with so I can give him and answer and that will be that. Right? I nodded, wanting him to just ask so I could get this over with. I hated upsetting people.
“Okay, well, you are one of the strongest people in Scott’s pack. You’re strong, intelligent, cunning, and I need someone like you in my pack. So here I am, asking you if you would be in my pack.” He said just as we just reached the double doors that led into the senior parking lot. I put my hand on the bar for the door and looked over at Theo.
“Theo, I’m sorry but no. I’m in Scott’s pack and that is never going to change. Thank you for everything you said and I am sorry, but no.” I aid pushing on the door and walking out, looking around a little before I spotted Isaac leaning against my car.
“Okay, yeah. I get it, don’t worry about it.” He yelled to me, from the doorway as I walked towards Isaac. I did feel bad, I remember what it was like to be all alone but I had a family within the pack, my boyfriend and my best friends and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. When I reached Isaac he smiled, giving me a quick kiss before looking over in the direction I had just come from, Theo probably still standing there.
“I heard everything.” He said causing me to punch his chest softly and lean next to him, against my car. He chuckled, knowing I wasn’t really mad at him. He pulled me into his arms, my back against his chest, his head in the crook of my neck.
“You can’t use your wolf hearing to ease drop on your girlfriend’s conversations.” He whispered in my ear after he kissed my neck once before her wrapped his arms around the front of me, our hands intertwined and laying against my stomach. Isaac knew I hated saying no to people and it meant the world to him that I said no to Theo without even a thought.
The next few days, were a bit weird. I felt as if I was being watched, or followed and I couldn’t sleep with my window open like I use to because I was so scared that something was after me.  Isaac assured me it was nothing, he even slept over a few times because I was losing sleep because I was so terrified. He remembered what it was like to be so scared to sleep, I could only sleep and feel safe in Isaac’s arms and he and I both knew that. I felt the most scared at school so I assumed who, or what, was making me feel this way, when to Beacon Hills High like the rest of us. I like the threat to be right in front of me and I felt now that the threat was everywhere and I hated this feeling.
“Hey.” Isaac said, placing one of his hands on the small of my back as I stood in front of my locker, about to open it. I jumped when I felt him touch me, my fear getting the best of me. We came back to the school after a pack meeting because I had forgotten some of my books, I should have known it was him but my mind was racing in a million different directions. He looked like I had just told him I was dying when I jumped away from his touch so I pulled him into a tight hug.
“I’m sorry, I’m just jumpy.” I mumbled into his chest, and he nodded and hugged me back. I broke the hug a few seconds later to look up at him.
“I’ll be fine, you should go wait outside. I think I’m okay in here.” I said, thinking that if anyone, or anything, was going to come after me it would have to get in the school and get past Isaac first. Isaac had the same thought process and nodded, kissing my forehead and let go of me.
“Okay, I’m coming back in if you don’t come out in five minutes.” He said as he walked towards the exit. I took a deep breath and turned towards my locker once again. I put in my combo and opened it, expecting to find my books, pictures of the pack taped on the door, a mirror and some extra things I always kept in my locker, but what I found was absolutely horrifying. My locker was completely covered in pictures of me and Isaac throughout the weekend. Most of them had Isaac in them so I at least knew I wasn’t going crazy and someone was watching me so I’m glad he was with me but this, this is something straight out of a nightmare.
“You like it?” I heard a voice say and I turned to see Theo walking towards me, the lights in the hallway shutting off behind him, with every step he took. I slammed the locker shut and took another deep breath, trying my best to panic.
“I don’t do well with people say no to me.” He said as he stood in front of me, my back against my locker, too scared to move or make a sound. It was like I was paralyzed from pure fear. He smiled at me and placed his hands on the side of my head before running a hand down my face which made me whimper.
“Isaac isn’t here to protect you now.” He said wrapping a hold of my neck with one of his hands and he began to choke me.
“Oh, yes he is.” I heard Isaac said, his claws out and staring at Theo. Before I knew it, Isaac tackled Theo, letting me take a breath of air and run towards the exit, stopping before I left, because I wanted to wait for Isaac. Both Isaac and Theo had claws out now but neither of them had fully changed. Isaac was on top of Theo, his hands around his neck.
“If you ever come near her again, I’ll kill you myself.” He said, causing Theo to chuckle and shake his head.
“That would be against you pack rules.” Theo mocked as Isaac got off of Theo and walked towards me. Theo had a little bit of blood on the side of his mouth, his neck was red from Isaac but Isaac didn’t have a single scratch on him. One Isaac got over to me he, looked over my neck to a second and pulled me out the door, his hand holding onto mine, tighter than ever before. In this moment, I was scared relieved and happy all at once. I was scared Theo would try something like this again or continue to stalk me but I was relieved to know who it was, that was making me feel this way and last but not least, I was so unbelievably happy to know that Isaac would always be there to protect me when I need it.

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I have two questions. One: How do we go about voting for the next Prime? Where do we go? How many votes can we cast? Question two (No, that last one was a three-parter): Is there an image or picture of The Misstress of Flame in her alt-mode? I have no idea what she transforms into, and at this point I'm starting to think that she changes into a giant candle.

According to the press release, voting will take place on Transformers.com, starting on Monday, January 23rd. Voting is broken into three brackets, but whether that means we’ll be get to vote on each bracket, or if we cast a single vote, we don’t know yet - likewise, we don’t know if we can vote daily, as has been the case in some past Hasbro polls.

On question 2, no, the Mistress of Flame has never transformed and no behind-the-scenes artwork has shown her alternate mode either. 

so since it’s a new year (as well as my sixth year on hell.com, fuckin yikes) and i wanted to make a graphic using this picture of lalice but didn’t really have any original ideas, i’ve decided to do my first ever follow forever lol. i would also like to take this opportunity to remind everybody that q is and canvas are available on itunes and nu’est need the cash fast they haven’t eaten since the face era. anyway.

firstable i need to be literally gay and s/o jacks, @leechaaerin aka my best friend lmao. i’m a cold hearted snake who doesn’t rly “feel” “emotions” so i hardly ever tell u how much i love you and how much you mean to me (and honestly i’m tagging a lot of people in this so this probs isn’t gonna the place where i do that cause i have a reputation to uphold uno) but truly i’m glad that i met you. we’re going into our third year of friendship and i feel like the fact i’ve literally spoken to you almost every day since like 2015 speaks volumes anyway. if anything good has come out of rp ever in the world, it’s the fact it shat out us as a dynamic duo, like cl and dara post-stabbing bom and minzy in the back (this is a joke) or thelma and louise or the two who mattered in destiny’s child.  

now that that’s over with, here’s a (short) list of ppl who have been friends to me over the years and who i’m also glad i met. even though i didn’t meet most of yous through tumblr or nothing. a couple of you i haven’t spoken to for a while, or haven’t known that long, but it would seem like a disservice to list you with people who just kinda have blogs i like, uno. so you get to be in this bit. tbh also i have a bad memory and i’m also shy so like. sorry if i left anyone out sweats

@antiwonho, @captainanamari, @citylockdown@dianaagron, @greenlittleghoul, @ichoria, @kookiesforsanta @princess-of-pansexual, @shimmerlikeagrl, @shinyhaunt3r, @skepticalknight, @sleepypyromancer, @the-maxim-collective, @wwiitchcraft, @xteacupx 

and lastly, some of these next people are mutuals and some aren’t, but in general it’s a list of hoes who make my dashboard full of things i enjoy performing the act of vision upon and who make it fun for me when i log on to this blog!

@001mno, @actaully, @blaclvpink, @bojrk, @bomtoki, @busan-accents, @cetffe, @chaerining, @dongyoungbow, @dove2, @frfrfreak, @gwenstacy, @gzbrin, @hanbiwon, @hypertone, @jihospeach, @jininana, @joohyuq, @junshin-mimi, @kittenluna, @krystals, @lalinie, @leaderirene, @mallgogh, @markjin, @meggyu, @n-ul, @nanssagajii, @oe9, @pohroro, @princessnia, @qaerin, @rhythmta, @seubentin, @substantiallysizedbang, @tachikawa, @theunavenged, @varichina, @vedcl, @wokh, @ygbias, @zelo


I unfortauntely did not get into the Artist Alley for Youmacon, and I also did not have that great a time there in general. A lot of things ended up going wrong overall and my “Relaxing vacation” turned into a stress fest. By the time you see this post, I will by at a local 8 hour convention’s Artist Alley. I hope that it goes better then my last convention. 

  1. 5-14-16
    1. Amethyst/Peridot
    2. Steven Universe
    3. It is noticeable from the dates that I ended up taking a very extended break from drawing, usually this coincides with the months that I am in school. When I got the idea to draw this, it was when I was noticing a lot of hate with Amedot vs Lapidot. I was planning to do a Lapidot picture to go with this one as a set but have yet to get around to doing it. But hey, eventually is better the never I suppose!
    4. Finished Picture
  2. 5-16-16
    1. Litten
    2. Pokemon
    3. I was so excited for a fire kitten, I was completely hyped for a tiger. I drooled over the ideas of how epic and amazing Litten’s final was going to be that I wanted to sketch this kitty being adorable. I don’t really get animal anatomy since I’m usually a humanoid figure artist, but I tried! 
  3. 5-20-16
    1. Undyne
    2. Undertale
    3. I was thinking a lot about unconvientation beauty, specifically the value we have on “perfect smiles.” I initially drew the teeth for this drawing just kind of there and worked Undyne around them. This was one of those pictures where I didn’t really have a plan for what I was making. It wasn’t until much later that I leaned back from the book and was like “this looks like Undyne. Guess it’s Undyne now.” 
    4. Finished Picture
  4. 5-29-16
    1. Army, Leggy, Navy, Eyeball, and Doc
    2. Steven Universe
    3. My lord I fell head over heels with this blithering idiots. I was doodling them everywhere for days before I succumbed into doing a group picture of them all. I love how all their designs are so similar but they are so unique in personality that after a while you hardly notice. I adored working on this and it was one of those pictures that I kept adding more details even after I thought I was done. Bless these morons, I hope they become crystal gems. 
    4. Finished Picture

This concludes Sketchbook Saturday! Be safe and have a great weekend!

So apparently I am the worst blog ever because I dont always credit my photos..  
I give credit where I can. I work 2 jobs and get on tumblr every once in a while. I have messages telling me how non credits make me a bad person.  If I had the time to back trace every damn picture I post that would be great but I dont I post pics that make me feel good make me feel calm make me feel something magical.. My blog is for me . not for popularity not for money making ideas its just to make me feel what I want to feel.. Its my home away from the real world. I dont take credit for any photos I am not that type of person. I love nature I love art I love animals.. What I dont like is people telling me I am not worthy because I dont spend hours tracking down who took the damn pictures.. So in a weeks time I will be deleting my tumblr blog and taking my fantasy world somewhere else. Thanks for the many years of appreciating what my minds pictures and enjoying the path I chose to follow. Much love and a little bit of sadness xo Earth Witch.


Jihun bf vibes

  • Going on late night walks and taking a bunch of pictures together. 
  • Waiting for you at the café where you guys had your first date. 
  • Using aegyo to convince you to take a break from doing homework and come cuddle with him. 
  • Having Seungjun teach you how to scratch Jihun’s back. 
  • Seungjun accidentally crashing your dates. “Oh I didn’t know you guys were coming here.”
  • Taking pictures of him nerding. 
  • When he misses you. 
  • Ordering take out food when he comes back home late from work. 
  • Accidentally sending you this pic when he invites you to come to the dorm. 

Yougjin // Seungjun // Inseong // Heejun

Credit for this idea belongs to @you-re-making-me-mad

I found all of the images on Pinterest.

Moving Staircases
  • Gryffindor: Guys, I have a great idea.
  • Hufflepuff: We’re not capturing the giant squid to see if it’s friendly.
  • Gryffindor: Picture this: moving staircases.
  • Slytherin: That seems highly impractical.
  • Gryffindor: The whole castle becomes a giant adventure! Forces students to explore! Stretch their nerve, take some leaps of faith!
  • Hufflepuff: Not literally, I hope.
  • Slytherin: And how do they get to their classes?
  • Ravenclaw: Actually, it would force the students to pay attention to their surroundings and challenge their intellect in a variety of ways.
  • Gryffindor: Oo! Oo! And we could put in trick steps! Steps that you fall through and get stuck unless you swing yourself over!
  • Hufflepuff: We are not forcing 11 year olds to migrate through a potential death trap.
  • Gryffindor: And we could have doors that only pretend to be doors.
  • Slytherin: This is senseless bravado, Godric.
  • Ravenclaw: Intriguing. Or maybe they only lead to the right places at certain times of the day.
  • Hufflepuff: Rowena, be sensible…
  • Gryffindor: Walls that pretend to be doors! Doors that yell at you for trying to open them! Dead ends! Secret passage ways!
  • Ravenclaw: We could make it a class project for students to locate and circumvent any potential obstacles in their way.
  • Gryffindor: A competition!
  • Ravenclaw: We could do the same with the rooms themselves, as well.
  • Gryffindor: *high fives Ravenclaw*
  • Slytherin and Hufflepuff: *face palm*