i have no idea how the ships called

Anti-shippers are not worried about others

They aren’t. Last year October I suddenly got a huge upswing in anons. Telling me I was going to hell for writing Ultimate Spiderman fanfic. Telling me I was disgusting and a piece of shit because an adult shouldn’t write teenage romances (Although where they think Young Adult novels come from who knows). 

Then they discovered I ship Pitch Black and Jack Frost as well as Kakashi and Naruto and it all went to hell. I was called a pedophile and had some very disgusting violent themed asks. At one point I was deleting about 15 anon messages a day. Someone told me they’d found my charity and they were calling CPS on me because of child pornography and pedophilia.

CPS did indeed end up showing up. And our lived were a mess. A horrible mess. Our devices were taken and checked through with a fine tooth comb, our browsing history was searched, all our dvds and movies that were not marked were taken.

Keep in mind that I’m a severely disabled person and have two special needs kids. It was awful and traumatic. Thankfully going into it the CPS worker said because of the nature of the report (someone finding my info over social media and not knowing me personally ect) she suspected it was a false report.

The police did ask some questions about my multitude of about 3,000 unfinished story starts I have on my computer and seemed amused and a bit disturbed to find out out some of my pairings but they were all great about it. Said they would make sure not to delete ANY of my stories because writing is a great stress relief.

We were given everything back at the end of the week, everything was clear. No child porn, no pedophilia. My kids drs checks were fine, their psych checks were fine. Although my oldest does still have anxiety but like….we knew that already. No signs of sexual or physical abuse on my children.

The case was closed, unfounded, and CPS closed their case also. However, because of the false claim they were going to press charges against the one who made the claim.

I have no idea how this works or if anything has been done yet. BUT FALSE REPORTING IS A CRIME!!!

It tears up families, traumatizes children to exams that are not needed, and puts innocent people into a terrifying experience. These people put us through this experience just because they didn’t like my shipping preferences. How is this ok? It’s not.

It’s sick

And I hope they are punished to the full extent of the law.


So basically my biggest hero and artistic influence just reached 10k followers and im sooooo unbelievably proud and happy for her!!

I made a tumblr account like 3 years ago and didn’t touch it because i literally had no idea what it was or how the hell to use it. So its May 2016 and literally like 5 months prior i discovered this show called star vs the forces of evil and i can honestly tell you my world turned upside down. No joke i stared at the screen and said “i don’t know who they are but i ship it” I HAVE THE SNAPCHAT!! So anyways im super new to tumblr and i final open the app and it asked me what i like.

I typed in starco (i learned the ship name through Instagram). Literally like the first post was one by a user named atomicmangos and it was of Star and Marco missing. And me being me i was like OMFG YESS MY BBYS!! I don’t think i’ve ever clicked the follow button so fast. Another month does by and i see she does these live streams on join.me. I’ve never been to a live stream so i was actually really nervous. I downloaded the app and entered her chat room. IT WAS SOOOOO AWESOME!! AND BY FAR THE BEST DECISION IVE EVER MADE IN MY WHOLE LIFE!! There were only like 7 people there and i got to know all of them!! It was such a comfortable environment and i honestly couldn’t have asked for a better group of internet friends.

   I met my current best friend because of those live streams!! 

 She asked us we wanted to see and i literally started throwing ideas everywhere!! I didn’t think she actually liked them until SHE ACTUALLY DREW ONE OF THEM!! She drew 2 of my ideas. That may not seem like a lot but to a young artist it really opened my eyes and saw a new light on artist. They do listen to their fans. The thing with mangos is she doesn’t treat us like fans she treats us like family. Its like when ever i go to her streams i’m home… all her ideas and her au’s inspire me to draw. Because of mangos i’ve now decided what i want to do for pretty much the rest of my life. I want to be an artist. Like her. I may not be the best at it but i’m trying. I know i’ll get there one day because she told me so. She’s there for you whenever you need to talk and she’s really supportive of anything you do. I am honestly soooo lucky to befriend someone like her. She’s so hard working and i know she has a lot of work with school so the fact that she makes time for us really does mean a lot. She’s inspiring and kind and talented and over all just an amazing person!! I hope we mean a lot to her like she means a lot to us. Im sooo happy and honored to be a part of her mango fam and i will never leave. Why would i! It’s my home. 

 Those beautiful pieces of art work above were drawing i suggested and SHE DREW THEM!! LOOK THATS MY NAME!! COMETS SAYING!! But as always creds to the Amazing: @atomicmangos

Aeons ago an anon asked for some shippy art featuring Meulin with someone other than Kurloz, and you know, as dope as Meuloz is, Meulin should definitely get around some more if ya ask me! So how about her sharing some dank catnip with Damara B)
I think this is called “shotgunning”

look i’m not saying voldemort would’ve actually WON if he’d tried seducing harry instead of killing him, but i am saying we have 100% definitive proof that grindelwald was not above using his own sex appeal to entice powerful teenage wizards to the dark side and look how much further that got him

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“I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there’s this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date.” - pick your pairing, if you're still taking prompts!

Ned was cute, she supposed - it was weird that he had the same name as her dad and he was a bit too prissy for her tastes, but he had nice eyes and never tried to let her win at fencing practice like some of the other guys did, so Arya had agreed to one singular date.

He’d taken her to some hipster coffee shop and bought her an overpriced cappuccino, and they’d mostly talked about fencing. It was practically the same as every other date she had been on (what was it with Harrenhal College boys and hipster coffee?), but he was kind of cute, and she hadn’t gotten laid in months, so…

“Are you planning on studying abroad?”

“Yeah, next semester, I think.” Arya took another tentative sip of her drink, wiping the foam from her lip. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed her phone light up in her bag.

“Where are you thinking about going?”

“Braavos, hopefully.” Her screen dimmed momentarily, then lit up again. “There’s a good linguistics program there.”

Ned leaned forward. “Could you do training there? The fencing masters…”

He kept talking, and Arya knew she should listen, but her phone chimed for a third time. She reached into her bag, trying to look down as subtly as possible. Who the hell…?

Lya M [7:56pm]: i want taco bell

Lya M [7:56pm]: come to taco bell with me

Lya M [7:57pm]: aryaaaaaa

Arya smiled blandly at something Ned was saying (when had they gotten on to the history of Braavosi ships?).

Arya Stark [7:58pm]: I’m on a date

Lya M [7:58pm]: mr arms is working tonight

Ah. Mr Arms (real name Gendry, according to his name tag) was approximately eight feet tall, with arms the size of tree trunks and bright blue eyes, and always waited patiently when drunk Lya was giggling too much to order. Arya was convinced he was possibly the most beautiful man she had ever seen, and she was sure he had no idea she existed.

“… and the Free Cities were the first to build these faster, lightweight ships, since…”

“I have to go.”


“Family emergency. Sorry. I’ll call you?” Arya grabbed her bag, flashing a half-apologetic grin, and rushed out the door.

Arya Stark [8:01pm]: On my way

Sansa [10:13am]: How was the date with Ned?

Arya Stark [10:13am]:  I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there’s this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date.

Sansa [10:14am]: ARYA

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Why is edgepuff your favorite ship? What are your thoughts or head cannons?

Boi fucking good boi everything has started from the one old day I saw one Edgepuff art from one of my favorite fontcest artist (in that day the name “Edgepuff” is not even came up yet), the art probably being planted in my brain for a really long time lmao.

I am now mostly addicted to the ship for how fluff it can actually be…(even th fluff is more like an effect by Papyrus hahahahha) 99% of the ideas I think for it are all sweet and nice and the sweetness is so attractive…… This will be the only moment I will allow you to call me vanilla but I just can’t get out anymore……

Another point here is the “comparison”. I admit that I have quite a weak spot on ships that consisted of two greatly-different person (in both personality and designs, or else why you thin I ship fontcest haha), not mentioned the “Nice vs Evil” and “Soft vs Spiky” dynamic is already an interesting plot subject in this ship. Also aesthetic bonus or black/white contrast.

Some headcanons since ya ask:

  • Edgy probably would be a little bit of envious on Papy since he is a version of himself that can openly be nice to everyone without being said “weak”. But at the same time, he develops a defensive feelings to Papy as well.
  • Papyrus once accidentally travelled to the Fell universe, where he met Edgy for the first time, and this travel is also the first interaction between multi-universe among all the brothers. (I WILL DEFINITELY DRAW THIS OUT WAIT FOR ME!!!!!)
  • Edgy is surprisingly really good at cooking, even though he seldom do it (mostly because of material package in where he lives also he is always busy on trainings and patrols). This cause him to lose shit when he witnessed how Papy “cooks” spaghetti… and hence extra cooking lessons intensified!
  • Their strength and power of magic would be the same I think… Lmao Edgy would totally underestimate Papy’s ability to fight (Just like SO many others think), but then when Papy use his REAL force Edgy will definitely have a tough fight against him boi.
  • Probably the good example of “Above friends, yet not as lovers”.
The Boy Next Door (Part One)

“Go play outside, John. Harry’s trying to do her schoolwork, let’s not bother her.”

The little blond boy nodded to his mother and skipped over to the back door, tugging it open and skipping out into the warm sunlight.

The backyard was seven-year-oldJohn’s favourite place. Whether he was speeding over the grass attempting to be the world’s fastest airplane, or leaping into piles of leaves, or just sitting under the big shady tree in the left corner of the yard and reading easy chapter books, he loved being outside. Today was a crisp fall day, and the leaves were turning all sorts of bright reds, sunset oranges, and buttery yellows, and John decided to make a leaf pile.

He’d just begun gathering scattered leaves when he heard a rustle in one of the bushes by the side of the house. Was it an animal? John was curious. 

Abandoning his pile, he wandered over to the bushes, inspecting them– and then letting out a squeal as a head suddenly appeared. 

The head was small and covered in tiny brown curls, which were in turn half-covered by a rather battered pirate hat that looked a bit too big. A pair of bright blue eyes, full of curiosity and fascination, stared back at John, who took a step in the opposite direction.

“Who are you?” he asked timidly, a little nervous but also eager to find out what this other boy was doing in his yard.

“I’m a pirate. Who are you, and what are you doing on my ship?” the boy asked, narrowing his eyes.

“You’re in my yard,” John replied, a little confused. “Where’s your ship?”

The boy disappeared back into the bush, and a moment later, tumbled out into the yard, his yellow sweater covered in leaves and dirt. “My ship is the whole world!” he exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air in excitement. 

John giggled. “Where are you sailing?”

“I’m gonna to steal other ships! I’m gonna explore the sea!” The boy jumped up and down, as if eager to continue his adventure. 

“Can I come?” John asked hopefully. He’d never met a pirate before, nor had he ever been on a ship, and he wanted to see what it was like. More than that, he wanted a friend. He didn’t have any, really, unless you counted his sister, but she was always doing work, and never had time to play with him.

The other boy suddenly became defensive, screwing up his little face into what was supposed to be a hard expression. “No,” he said sternly. “I sail alone. I’ve always sailed alone." 

John could see that he didn’t want him along, but he glimpsed a bit of sadness in his eyes, like he’d never even had the experience of sailing with someone else. Deep down inside, he looked lonely.

"Are you the captain of your ship?” he asked the boy.


“Can I be your first mate, then?”

The little pirate stopped and considered this idea. No one had ever asked him this before. They always made fun of him and told him they didn’t want him around, especially his brother sometimes. But maybe he’d enjoy it. Maybe, he’d actually earn a friend.

“Okay,” he agreed, straightening his pirate hat. “Let’s go!” He gestured towards the bush. “There’s a secret passageway back to the part of the ship where my house is.”

John hesitated. “What’s your name?” he asked, after a few seconds.

The boy puffed out his chest. “I’m William! But everyone calls me Sherlock, so you can too!” He smiled at his new first mate.

“I’m John,” said John, who was very much anticipating sailing with this curious new companion of his. “Can we adventure now?”

Sherlock nodded. “C'mon! I’ll show you where my room is on the ship! I have my own captain’s log!" 

As John followed him through the bush, he was prepared for plundering the seas, but he didn’t at all know that this boy would accompany him on the adventure of a lifetime: his own life.


* * I have no idea how long this story is going to end up being. But anyway, enjoy this first chapter! AU where Sherlock and John live next door to each other, as you could probably tell. * *  TAG FOR THIS STORY IS #theboynextdoorjohnlock

I used to work for a customer service call center, for a large under garments company dealing in ladies’ Secrets. It was fine, great job but one if my most memorable calls was a woman whose package never arrived so she caked to check in. I informed her that get panache was marked as delivered but since it had been listed as delivered for 5 days we could send out a replacement if the items were still available or I could provide a refund.

She wanted a replacement, no biggie, except a couple items were no longer available. I offered to swap colors or send out the rest and refund her for those, standard procedure. She proceeds to ask me how we could be out of stock if we had them when she ordered them, 3-4 weeks before. They were on sale when she ordered them and since ordering several other sales on them had run as well. That’s it, they were gone and we weren’t expecting anymore if those colors. We went through this at least five times over and over. I offered her new colors or a refund and a gift card on top of it. She just continued to not understand how they could have been in her original package (lost) but there wasn’t a way to somehow magically get those specific ones into the replacement.

Eventually, she decided that I obviously had no idea what I was saying and wanted to speak to a supervisor. So I got ahold of someone, explained the situation and they took the call. I checked back on their customer profile and they had sent out the replacement, refunded the missing items, upgraded the shipping for free and had to send out a gift card twice what what I had offered. But just, the stubborn stupidity of that woman just made me lay my head on my desk and question the world

(Look i didn’t forget the rest of the “give me an AU for five headcanons”!)

This one took me a bit because honestly they’d probably both be just…just the shittiest pirates. So seeing them AS pirates is proving difficult for me to work out with any sort of believability.

Neither has any sort of leadership skills to speak of. Newt dislikes people and would probably go batshit having to work and interact closely with humans on a ship for his life job. A combo animal smuggling and piracy means animal trafficking which he is humongously against. Credence is generally timid so would be pretty low on the totem pole until yknow, he just goes ballistic one day (literally or figuratively depending on if magic is a thing).

So….how bout combo of selkie/pirate ship type AU. Are selkie AUs still trendy in fandom circles? Doesn’t matter here we go.

Thanks @zinfandelli for having the idea jam session with me to figure this out. You may wanna hit her up for more actual pirate AU since she had an easier time imagining Pirate!Newt than me lmfao

-So some legends (I think the Scottish versions? Dont quote me on this) say that male selkies can call up storms and control weather. Keep that in mind

-Newt is a naturalist focusing on magic creatures (I’m thinking in a world sort of similar to Pirates of the Caribbean, where magic and magical creatures are just known things) who pulls a Jim Hawkins and commissions a ship without checking the crew and captain thoroughly enough. Sure they seem rough but man what group of sailors ISN’T? It isnt until they’re way out on open water that whoops, there’s a reason Captain Grindlewald is so shady and Newt is now the captive of pirates.

-Newt being Newt, he does not take this quietly. Especially since they got him to direct them and help them capture things like sea serpents and krakens which he is not down with. The nightly escape shenanigans of the gangly nerd start getting real old real damn fast. So Newt is shoved towards Credence, who has no given rank but is always hovering somewhere around the captain, to keep an eye on him.

-At first Newt figures Credence is some kind of man-servent or something. Except he’s never asked to do anything, all the others keep clear of him, and he’s always just kind of standing around staring at the water.

-He’s a selkie like no point teasing that out ok he’s a flippin selkie who was captured and is being kept because having something that can control weather under your command on a pirate ship is flippin HANDY. (Nothing more than g rated with Grindles who stole his pelt. I aint getting into that level of dark here noooope. He’s just seen as a tool that gets ignored when not in use. Tho how fucked up is it to keep a selkie captured and held on a ship constantly over the ocean damn Grindles that’s cold.)

-Newt has just started getting Credence to talk to him (mostly by continuously talking at him after Credence is ordered to keep an eye on the wily bugger) and he’s JUST suspecting something is up when the ship starts getting pursued, Credence is called up and Newt gets to witness the ship following them suddenly wrecked to shit by a very isolated storm. Jig is up, oh shit that’s a selkie.

-Newt also agrees that keeping a selkie captive is fucked up enough but forcing one to live right over the water it can’t return to?? Fuck that. Newt figures if Credence is able to even be on the ship, his pelt had to be as well (is this a selkie thing? Fuck it, it is now asshats).

- this is more than five whatever. Anyway Newt redirects his “make shit up as I go” abilities from escaping to finding and getting Credence’s pelt. Credence helps because he figured Newt is a lot better than Grindles so he guess being owned by him is an improvement.

-you can imagine his gut punched tear inducing amazement when Newt shoves a bundle of pelt into his hands and tells him to get the hell out of there. There’s the whole “what about you?”
“Bugger that I’ll figure something out just get out of here”

- bugger that for shit, thinks Credence in less polite terms. Angry selkie vengeance is wrought and somehow Newt is the only one who gets washed into a lifeboat. WHAT A COINCIDENCE WHODA THOUGHT

-Anyway they become exploration boyfriends after Newt gets a better single person (sometimes two person) sailboat. The weather never troubles him and he always has a supply of fish.

I don’t think i’ve ever wrote about fandoms because i’m too introverted but lately the amount of awful posts/comments i’ve seen about Candice and Iris makes me sick. Especially the one that sn*wonbarry wrote. I assume she is white, based on her favourite ship, but correct me if i’m wrong. I’m white and i love Candice, because she is a super talented actress, and from her articles/interviews she seems like a lovely, intelligent person, who deserves nothing but love, respect and recognition for her acting skills. I love Iris because she is an amazing, inspirational, smart, and kind character. She easily became my favourite heroine. I love Westallen, it’s such a wonderful, healthy, loving relationship. I’m really happy that Candice plays Iris because diversity is still a huge problem in the media. White people dominate the industry and it’s rare if a non-white person gets a leading role. Representation DOES matter. So when a Black woman is the leading actress in a show, it’s a huge thing. And us white fans should be angry about the awful treatment she’s receiving from the day it was announced that she’s gonna play Iris, but we can’t imagine how horrible it must be for Black girls and boys who love her. White people are privileged in every aspect of life. We are in movies, tv shows as protagonist, supporting characters and we rarely get killed for shock value. SB shippers should be at least civil or maybe go find another show, there are plenty white ships for them out there. I’m sure they will find lot and they can self-insert themselves into the ships because i think that’s their main problem with WA.

I rambled too much, my main point was supposed to be that i don’t think anyone should tell Westallen fans to stop criticising SB shippers who are racist. They have every right to call out anti blogs, they had to endure years of harassment from them. I’ve only joined the fandom around season 3, i have no idea how they could put up with these vile people for so long.
If the SBs disrespect Candice or Iris i think it’s only fair that Iris/Candice fans defend her.
I’m sorry for this long post, and for possible grammar errors, it’s not my first language. I hope i’m not offending anyone from the WA fandom, i just couldn’t stand these horrible SB posts.


it’s just me being a rare pair trash, as usual, but the michele crispino x emil nekola ship hit me in the feels so hard which is why i’m absolutely confident to declare them as my OTP ( and i definitely have no problems with victuuri, just to make it clear and let’s go back to me being a rare pair trash). 

i mean, look at these two adorkables:


let’s start at how mickey is so passive-aggressive with emil because emil asked sara out for a date. [headcannon: y’know that cliche plot where person a pretends to be interested in person b’s sibling bec there’s no other way to get person b’s attention. lol!]

and then here’s mickey who grudgingly acknowledges emil’s skills.

look at that guy begging for attention! basically, another ‘notice me senpai!’ dork.

it’s emil’s turn to watch his bae


i was definitely looking forward to the free skate in this episode. look at how mickey carefully watches emil (despite being heartbroken from that dramatic scene with sara, lmao!)

mickey: is he not human?

aw, his worried face when emil falls:

this is just a brief scene when it’s mickey’s turn to skate but emil is like: “flawless!” (hahaha, though it’s just a little ‘change’ with the translation bec emil obviously says “no miss!” here)

and my favorite scene so far? this one when yuri hugs mickey who screams like a damsel in distress and emil pops out of nowhere. “is that mickey?!” (and i’m like, damn it, i will see you two kiss. I. WILL.)

let’s not forget how emil is supporting mickey towards the end when he passes out (bec i think he’s allergic when other men touches him? lol!)

i have no idea what to call their ship tho? [more like, i really hope i’m not the only one who ships them  (❤o❤)]

edit: japanese fans are using “emimike (thanks for sending me an ask about it ^-^)

And here is Leila’s older brother! And how about we call him ANTOK? ;w;
I think Papa Kolivan would probably want that… (SOBS)

Just dropping in more love child ideas with @onetallday and for @kabuki-akuma‘s Allurivan ship!

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can i ask why you like bismuth so much? this isn't a callout or an accusation or anything - i just want to understand your reasoning behind finding bismuth to be one of your faves, if that's ok

I like how loving and protective she is of her friends. I identify with her anger and her feelings of helplessness and that her immediate response to betrayal is to feel worthless and self-loathing–she’s obviously mad about what Rose did, but she never calls her bad or even wrong for doing it; she tells Steven about how much she admired her despite knowing she betrayed her, like she doesn’t forgive her for it but she still respects her and wants to understand. I love her because all her flaws happen because her good points exist at such extremes.

I love what she brings out in the main Crystal Gems team!!! Garnet and Pearl are the selves they normally only show glimpses of (that is to say, both radicalized and self-accepting but also deeply vulnerable oppressed people, and old soldiers of a noble resistance to tyranny) the entire time she’s with them. She makes Amethyst feel better about herself and shows immediate respect for her, and even though Steven doesn’t understand her (and like, I don’t like the way it was written but I think he DID innocently misunderstand her; I would have responded the same way at 14…maybe not the re-bubbling) she recognizes him for what he is: Rose’s attempt to completely understand Earth and do better than she did the first time around.

I love her design…I love how interesting and complex but also deeply, fiercely loving and supportive she is in a well-done ship with Garnet and/or Pearl…I love her Working Class Hero vibe, I love her hair. I love the idea that her gem is a very brittle and low-hardness one, she could have cracked or shattered even more easily than Pearl could have? I love the idea that she went into every battle knowing, expecting that it could be her last, that she was the bravest of Rose’s army but would never call attention to it or take credit for it.

I love that her hands and arms are so big and she could carry Ruby or Sapphire or Pearl and probably even Garnet away from danger in one hand

wrt the bravery/brittle gem thing, I love the idea of Pearl comforting her when she was out of commission with a cracked gem on the battlefield and all they could do was wait on the ground, weapons ready, for Rose to get there, consoling each other with daydreams of freedom

Episode 13

The 12 Gold Saints take on Loki. After throwing some attack, they turn into balls and fight the evil God in space. Eventually, they can defeat him and turn Asgard into the harsh land it has to be. However, their bodies start to disappear. They wish they could aid Athena in the Underworld, and Julian, I mean, Poseidon, offers to help them send their Gold Cloths to the Bronze Saints (who will do basically nothing with them). They all start to leave to give privacy to Aiolia, who gives his necklace to Lyfia and sparkles away before she can tell him about her feelings (what about Frodi, bluenette?). And I have no idea how much time went by, but she decides to perpetuate their memory in Asgard, and it’s over…

*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*


And for the first time in Saint Seiya History, bandages were seen while wearing a Cloth!

This is how they jump to battle! Aldebaran jumps with his arms crossed, Aiolia is in a heroic pose, Mu is praying, Camus is diving and Saga is… What is he doing? XD

This is how the episode really starts! Squeeeeeeee~


This combined attack… ASDFGHJKL~

OH GOD!!! :O ANOTHER OTP!!! :3 Too bad Milo’s forgiveness was kind of rushed, but let’s not forget they are also in battle



“Help! We’re hilarious haunting ghost faces that should be creepy but we’re suffering of quality and look funny!”

Someone’s into fanfiction! XP

Like in the classic saga, Aldebaran grabs the lion! XD

But Dohko is an opportunist! XD

Shipping intensifies, even if the ship is unusual! XD


GAAAAAH~ Saga, you struggling, sensitive, poetic cutiepie! :3


Guys, I know you love each other, but now’s not the time to have sex…

It’s great to see them together, but they are truly too many to appear at once in one scene! XD

Sure, call for the one who didn’t do anything until now… Freya got fat with your nonsense!

“Oh, my lovely Saints, have these petals to comfort you while you fight to death!”



Ah, the power of friendship! :D

Hehehe! XD

Toei, listen, when you want to put too many characters in one image, you can’t just squeeze them into a group, or they’ll look like they went through a cementation process and are now one weird creature with many heads, arms and legs. But thank you for a female Aiolia, Camus the headgehog, a very serious Mu, Dohko with Saga’s head attached to the back of his own, Shura’s funny face and Shaka masturbating with some hair out of place Siegfried’s wild hair!

Aldebaran is not pleased with this quality!

Oh, Dohko! XD XD XD

“Hey, Shaka, wanna go to my Temple? I’ll show you how a real tiger does it~”
“I would appreciate it if you removed your hand from my backside.”


C'est fini! Or not…

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Prompt:  Bones gets hurt and the reader is like ‘what do I do?! You’re gonna die!!!’ and Bones just walks her through how to help him and it’s super fluffy because fluff is nice (*´∇`*)
Word Count: 640
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 16,090/50,000 (I started writing a story to post on AO3 for Harry Potter so that’s being added to this total)
Warnings: Accidental injury, cursing
Author’s Note:

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Anon Request: Overwatch’s Recall is bound to gain traction of the viral kind one way or another, so how would 76, the Shimadas, McCree and the Junkers and their S/O handle the situation when they find pictures or videos of them as memes/shitposting material on their equivalent of the Internet? >:3c (Also I absolutely adore your blog and I love how you write! I hope you have a great day! ;v; / )

I love and adore this prompt. It was so much fun to make. If you have any questions, message me.

Soldier 76:

• Let me tell you. This grandpa has no clue how to handle the internet, so he has no idea what any of it means.

• He’d have to ask his S/O for help because they probably understand it better than he would. However, some of the pictures they’d find might be a little too much for them to explain.

• He wonders why people call him a ‘Foxy Grandpa’ or what in the world ‘shipping’ is and why everyone is putting him with Reaper.

• Despite that, he finds some of the videos funny and will watch them constantly, much to the disdain of his S/O.

• Also, he’d probably be the kind to get onto social media and make sure everyone is okay (or he’d totally stalk the younger teammates to make sure they’re being safe. He’s definitely that kind of guy).

• He also doesn’t get why everyone thinks he looks like that one model with the white hair. Soldier 76 doesn’t think he looks anything like him (he so does).

• Don’t imagine him finding some of the stuff from when he was Jack and Gabriel was alive. Don’t imagine him staring at them until his eyes burn with tears.

The Shimadas:

• Hanzo wouldn’t understand all that much and would lose interest quickly. Genji would love it.

• “What is Shimadacest?”

• “Why are people drawing us together romantically? Do they realize we are brothers?”

• Genji would be laughing when they found those strange pictures. Hanzo, on the other hand, would have to take a break from the internet after that.

• Genji would ask his S/O why people are calling him a ‘Carrot Son’. I see him looking back on his style choices and question his decisions.

• Honestly, Genji wouldn’t stop laughing. I think Hanzo might get uncomfortable with it all. I think you all might scar him.

• When Hanzo finds the McHanzo fanart, it might shock him to no end. If he doesn’t have an S/O at the time, he might secretly love it. His S/O would probably tease him about it.

• Genji might be confused as to why people ship him with Zenyatta, but he loves the idea of forehead bumps in place of kisses. Even then, he might never look at his master the same way again.


• This cowboy would love it. He’d be the kind to spend hours on the internet, especially in the late hours of morning.

• “Why is everyone sayin’ I’m a werewolf?”

• He won’t admit it, but he would love the McHanzo stuff he finds. Or any of the stuff he finds where he is shipped with everyone. He’s so popular.

• His S/O would get annoyed by his constant need to ‘talk to his followers.’

• “They need me, darlin’!”

• He’d probably tear up a bit at the stuff about him and Gabriel (especially the ones where Gabriel calls him son or something like that).

• Out of all of them, McCree would love the stuff he finds the most. Even the suggestive stuff that he discovers. He’d bask in the popularity he has on social media.

The Junkers:

• The last time the Junkers were so popular, they were running from the police. They never thought they’d have so many people saying they loved them.

• Honestly, Junkrat and Roadhog would be the ones shitposting. They’d make their own memes just so they can participate in the fun.

• Junkrat would totally post videos about his explosions and whatnot.

• They’d also wonder why so many people seem to misunderstand their characters.

• “Why are they callin’ you ugly, Roadie? They can’t even see your face!”

• Their partners might wonder why people ship Roadhog and Junkrat so much. Also, they might have to explain some of the language of the internet, but the Junkers get most of it.

• Roadhog will cherish the love people give him and Junkrat, especially since they’ve been without it for so long.

        permanent starter call for PERRY WOODMAN ( oc ) !

                           ❝ how do you like your toast in the morning?
                                    i like mine with a hug.
                   dark or light, the world’s alright, as long as i get my hug.❞

               24-30, chef, heterosexual & heteroromantic.
                   ( + ) talented, romantic, compassionate, sweet, protective, loyal.
                  ( - ) repetitive, restless, low self-esteem, over focused.

                                        liking this gives me permission to:
create random starters & tag you in them! (and vice versa, tag me in your starters!), pester you with headcanons and plotting ideas through your inbox, have multiple different verses and ships, send memes & generally have a tonne of fun.

BTS Reaction/Scenario: Overhearing You Talking About Your Crush On Them

Okay so I’ll continue with the ships and requested reactions tomorrow, but for now I’m going to post what I’ve been working on tonight!

So I had this idea to incorporate little scenarios, basically these are mini fan fics, and how they’d react in the circumstances. Should I call these reaction-scenarios? Idk. But see it as a little gift before I have to get back to college - I’ve done a fresh plot and scenario for each member! :) (some are longer than others though sorry)

Rap Monster

Originally posted by baebsaes

Sat in a coffee shop with your friend to catch up and gossip, your conversation leads to romance and your friend asks if there’s anyone special in your life. Unknowingly, you begin to tell her about the cute guy Namjoon from work as he is sat just a few tables away.

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raptorflora  asked:

Nova Ryder for the oc ask meme

Thank you very much for the ask and sorry it took me so long ♥

The meme can be found here

Full Name: Nova Ryder. 
(I have no idea why, but most of my OCs don’t have a middle name U_U)

Gender and Sexuality: Cis female, pansexual, polyamorous

Pronouns: She/her but she won’t mind they/them either if someone don’t know how to call her

Ethnicity/Species: Human, African-American

Birthplace and Birthdate: Citadel, October 23rd 2163, 0:34 AM, soon after her brother

Guilty Pleasures: Fancy food

Phobias: She doesn’t have any tbh, but she’s affraid of being helpless

What They Would Be Famous For: Being the Pathfinder, of course U_U

What They Would Get Arrested For: …things she does as Pathfinder? O_o

OC You Ship Them With: I have no idea U_U Most of mine would do I guess, but I’ve never thought about it

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: JUNKO KURAN (if they’d live in the same universe), but she would murder everyone so… nothing personal ^^

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Drama, Thriller

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Lots of them U_U

Talents and/or Powers: Biotics, tech, hand-to-hand combat, sketching, sculpting

Why Someone Might Love Them: Cause she cares about people, cause she’s helpful and honest and you can always, always count on her

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Cause she bows to no one and doesn’t break easily (if it’s even possible)

How They Change: Being a Pathfinder teaches her some humility, for sure, since she often had to act against her personal beliefs for the good of the Initiative

Why You Love Them: Cause she’s my newest child and I’m hyped, but mostly cause she’s so confident and honest and even that she has so much on her shoulders, that so many people are counting on her, she still cares and does what she does because she loves it