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genre: smut (not in this part, in later parts), fluff, friend!au, skinny dipping

warning: skinny dipping, graphic smut (again in later parts. in the next part you ask? idk, guess you’ll have to find out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), Baekhyun is a fuckin tease just like how he is in real life.

length: idk man pretty long

Authors note: I want to thank you all for all the positive responses I’ve received for cabin, it really means a lot because I literally wrote it just to write it and now you guys are messaging me the nicest stuff so thank you. Btw I kind of changed up my writing style in this one, so instead of the huge block paragraphs everything is spaced out a little better. Anyway, here’s cabin pt. 2, enjoy.

(I didn’t really know what to do with pt.2 so I don’t know if I’m entirely happy with it so if you guys wanna leave requests or ideas for later parts in my ask box it would be awesome because I want to see where you guys want me to take this.)

pt: 2

“So I guess it’s just you and me till Friday.”

It was like every cell in your body started to reek havoc. Friday? That’s another 5 days alone with Baekhyun, not to mention that you had literally just watched him touch himself to the thought of you no longer than 5 minutes ago; and now you would have to spend 5 days trying not to attack him.

“That’s 5 days. What are we going to do for food?”

Baekhyun put his phone down onto the island that stood in the middle of the kitchen, “I guess my mom left us $200 in emergency money, so that should be good enough, right?” The last word left his lips a little shaky.

“Yeah that should be fine.” You started to walk towards the window, trying to hide the fact that your face had turned a bright shade of pink.

You heard Baekhyun take a deep inhale in, and then his footsteps heading in your direction until he was standing right beside you, looking out towards the lake and many trees.

“Is… Is that okay?” Baekhyun questions, “Because if it isn’t then I understand, I can call my mom and tell them to come home immed…”

He was cut off by your words “Baekhyun it’s okay, I promise. I could really use 5 days to get away from my mom’s constant dancing and blabbling and my Dad talking about golf literally 24/7” you giggled turning to see that Baekhyun was laughing along too.

“Yeah and my Mom’s terrible songs she makes up when she’s doing random tasks,” he starts to tap the glass of the window “or how my Dad literally falls asleep everywhere that he sits for more than 10 minutes.” the way he laughs is only making you laugh harder, “and don’t even get me started on my brother’s constant ‘I’m an athlete mom, not a housemaid’.” he says in the deepest voice he can possibly manage. He sighs “Let’s just make these next five days fun.“ he says turning to meet your eyes, and once again you find yourself melting by the sight of his smile, it really is your favorite thing about him.

You turn back to the window, “Agreed.”

Baekhyun stops tapping on the window and puts his hand down, accidentally brushing yours. You fight the chill coursing through your body.

You turn on your heel to head to the various cupboards displayed across the kitchen, “well first we have to figure out what were gonna eat for lunch.” You shuffle through the various canned items.

During your search for at least something that could possibly work to eat, you felt Baekhyun’s hands on your hips behind you, you freeze. He looks over your shoulder as if this was an innocent act.

“Why don’t we have some ravioli?” His grip on your hips loosened till they were no more.

“Yeah…” with shaky hands you grab the two cans “…sure.”

Baekhyun takes a seat at the island, “Is everything okay?” He asks with fake confusion in his face, he knew what he was doing.

“Yeah I’m fine. Uh… do you want orange juice or canada dry?”

“Canada dry is good.” He sits up straight. “So about the room situation…”

You turn to face him.

“I think it’s too cold at night for us to… sleep apart.” You flush at his words.

You turn back around so you could finish making the food, “Yeah, it really was freezing last night.”

“I felt like I was gonna get frostbite.”

“Yeah I could tell, you were strangling me.” you laugh.

“YAH at least you were warm!” he smirks, “You were enjoying the sight too.”

You flush. “Shut up!” You throw an ice cube at him from the freezer.

He throws his arms up in defeat, “Okay okay, you were just strangled… totally not staring at me while I slept.”

You had no words. Glaring, you threw another ice cube at him.

“Hey! Stop that!” He laughs covering his body to block further cubes.

You place the Ravioli in front of him, “Your majesty.” You say with a bow.

“Thank you my humble servant.” Baekhyun says returning your bow.

You two sit at the island. “Weren’t we supposed to have PB&J’s?” Baekhyun asks turning to you.

You laugh “I totally forgot.”

You find yourself laying on the couch, reading Fahrenheit 451. A pouty Baekhyun enters the room, “y/n I’m bored.” He lifts your legs from the couch and sits, placing them in his lap.

‘This little shit’ was all you could really think.

You sat up, legs still in his lap. “Well what would you like to do?”

He pauses, thinking for a second “Hold on.” Baekhyun takes your legs off his lap and stands, placing them back down on the couch, and heads into your shared room. He returns with his portable speaker and stands with his phone in hand, trying to connect it. Out from the speaker blasts Strawberry Afternoons by Lonely Benson.

He holds out his hand, “Dance with me?” he asks with puppy dog eyes.
You sigh, placing your bookmark back in your book and putting it on the table to stand. You take his hand and he starts swinging you, twirling you, and moving all over the cabin with you. You both are laughing as you dance together. Just as Baekhyun goes to twirl you, within an instant both of his feet fly up from beneath him as he lands on his back. You couldn’t contain your laughter and had to get on the floor as you held your stomach, tears streaming from your eyes trying to ask if he was okay through your cackling. Baekhyun groaned but as soon as he saw you he started laughing too. Soon you both were rolling around on the floor laughing so hard it had almost become painful.

“That was” you heave “the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.” still on the floor. Your abs and face hurt.

“Shut up.” He smiles, pushing your shoulder.

Brushing some loose strands of hair out of your face You sit up, “What time is it?”

Baekhyun sits up for a brief second to look at the clock on the stove, “2:07am″ he lays back on the floor, massaging his cheeks from the laughter.

You stand, “come on, I wanna show you something.” You put out your hand. Hesitating for only a second, he takes it, allowing you to lead him.

You climb the wooden ladder that leads into the loft, with Baekhyun right behind you “your brother showed this to my sister and I a couple years ago and made us promise not to tell you about it.”

He pouts, “What, why?”

“You were being a quote ‘little asshole’ that day I guess.” You giggle, finally reaching the loft. You head towards the little walk in closet just to the right of the room. Walking inside you look up, a small trap door placed in the middle. You turn to Baekhyun, “give me boost will ya?” Giving him your leg, he cupped his hands and hoisted you up. You grabbed the little latch on the trap door and pulled it down, a wooden staircase falling down with it.

“What the hell” Baekhyun whispered.

You started to go up the stairs, until you climbed into an attic. It was small and smelled of dust and who knows what from over the years. The room was shaped like a triangle with a window to the left and various boxes that covered the floor.

You turned around to see Baekhyun studying the room, “why did you bring me up here?”

As your answer, you opened the window. “You trust me?” he nods, “then come on.”

You climb out of the window. The view is absolutely stunning; the moon shines on the still lake perfectly, and you could see all the lights going down the mountain, lighting up the forest just a bit.

“This is the roof.” Baekhyun states after climbing out the window too.

You nod, “Your brother used to take my sister up here when he had a crush on her Junior year.” You laugh a little, still staring at the scenery around you.

He turns to face you. “What now?”

You sit, and look out, your hands finding the wood beneath you to fiddle with the broken off pieces and Baekhyun takes a seat right next to you, “So tell me about life…” you blink up at him. “You know your favorite things, how life’s going, where you want to travel. You know things like that.” He adds, waiting for some sort of answer.

“Well, life’s pretty good. I’m top 2% at our school and I just got offered a scholarship for Golf from NYC and an Art scholarship from UCLA.”

“Besides focusing on school every second of your life, what do you like to do?” Baekhyun presses. When you look at him, his attention is fully on you, he actually wants to hear about it.

“I don’t know, I uh… I like to draw and paint, and music is sometimes my everything. I really like plants so I care for my garden. And writing, Oh I could write or read, or maybe even both for hours,” you babble “and I really really like to watch movies.”

Baekhyun smiled, “Which movies?”

“I don’t know there’s so many,” You look up at the sky, thinking. “I fall in love with practically every movie I watch. I guess mostly 80′s movies.”

Baekhyun lights up, “Really? Me too!”

You smile at his enthusiasm. “My Dad and I always watch 80′s movies, like hmm… The Karate Kid, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Rocky 1-a friken million, Full Metal Jacket, Pretty Woman. All those movies.”

“Or The Outsiders, Back to the Future, Pretty in Pink, Ghost Busters, A Christmas Story, The Goonies…” he continues with his eyes closed trying to think. “Oh! or the Princess Bride, Stand By Me.”

“Yes! All those!” You squeal.

Baekhyun smiles and you shiver, half from it being like 15 degrees outside, and from his goddamn smile.

“It’s cold.” You murmur, hugging yourself.

Baekhyun stands, “Hold on, I’ll be right back.” Disappearing into the attic. He reappeared about a minute and a half later with a thick flannel blanket. “It’s the thickest one I could find.” He sits as close to you as he can and wraps the blanket around both of you. You melt into his warmth as you both sit in comfortable silence, looking out at the lake.

“Hey,” Baekhyun breaks the silence. “I just.. Look. I’m sorry for being so mean to you all these years. I know that I was cruel and you don’t have to forgive me, just know that I’m sorry.” He’s looking up at the stars, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Baekhyun,” He looks down at you. “I forgive you. I knew it wasn’t the real you.” You smile sweetly at him, giving him reassuring eyes.

“Thank you.” He says before wrapping his arm around your shoulders, pulling you into a hug. “So what kind of music do you like?”

You can see the sky turning different shades of pink and blue, the signs that the sun is about to rise.

“What time is it?” Baekhyun asks, he had his head on your shoulder playing with the fringe at the end of the flannel.

“Erm…” You take your phone out of your pocket. “Approximately 5:43am.” You state, tucking your phone back into it’s previous place.

Baekhyun shifts so he can look at you. “Are you tired?”

“Not really.”

You and Baekhyun had spent hours just talking about life in general, about people, about the world, everything. It was nice to finally see him for him.

“Do you wanna go swimming?”

You look down at him, his head still on your shoulder. “Right now?” he looks at you and nods. “But isn’t the water freezing?”

Baekhyun sits up, “So, it’s freezing all day, what’s the difference? Please please please.” He implored, giving you those puppy eyes again.

You give a long dramatic sigh, “Fine, I guess the sunrise will be beautiful from the water.”

Baekhyun shoots you a toothy grin before grabbing both the blanket and your wrist to drag you downstairs.

As he starts to walk towards the door you stop in confusion, “Wait. Are you not gonna get your trunks?”

Baekhyun turns around, “No” a smirk is played across his face.

Dear god.

You walk out the door and follow Baekhyun as you reach the lake. There’s a small wooden pier that Baekhyun takes you to the end of.

“Do you want to go first?” He asks as you look down at the water.

“Were going in fully clothed?” You ask confused.

Baekhyun looks at you, you watch as his fingers hook underneath the hem of his shirt before he pulls it off. “No, were not going in fully clothed.” And there it is again, that damn smirk that you can’t seem to get away from. Baekhyun continues with his shorts as you watch, frozen. It wasn’t until he was about to pull off his boxers you turn the opposite direction, until you hear a splash. You turn around to see a happy Baekhyun swimming in the light blue water. “Come on y/n, it’s almost sunrise.”

Shit. You start with your shirt, crossing your arms to pull it over your head. You close your eyes praising yourself for deciding to wear a cute bra today. Next you unbuttoned your shorts, pushing them down your legs, kicking them off when they reached your ankles. You turned away from Baekhyun to unhook your bra, letting the straps fall down your arms and then throwing it aside, covering yourself with your right arm. You look behind you to see Baekhyun’s eyes trailing up and down your backside.

“Hey turn around!” You scold, blushing at his intrusion.
When he turns around you pull down your panties and try to slowly ease your way into the ice cold water. It was just shallow enough so you could stand, but also deep enough to cover your chest. As you refocus your gaze, you see Baekhyun turned away from you, looking at the pink sun just now peeking out from behind the trees. The sky was a beautiful mixture of pink, purple, and light oranges. You hike up the courage and swim till you’re standing right beside him.
Suddenly Baekhyun puts an arm around your bare waist, constricting so that you’re close to him, your entire body heating up with something close to embarrassment. His hand travels up and down your side, feeling your skin beneath his touch. You’ve never experienced anything like this before, his touch, the feeling of his flesh pressed against yours is driving you over the edge. As you look down you can see his cock below the water, inviting you to touch, to taste. Your mouth starts to salivate knowing that he can probably see you just as well as you can see him, making you press your legs together as you remember the way his cock looked in his hands yesterday. You blush at the dirty thoughts that flood your mind, at how hard you’re pressing your thigh together. Just as you thought he was going to make a move, he swims in the opposite direction.

Goddamnit he’s such a tease.

“Ah I’ve never felt so free.” Baekhyun dips his head below the water, wetting his hair. “Y/n, this is the best idea I’ve had in ages.”

You start to swim around too, splashing Baekhyun occasionally when he decides to be an ass.

You rush inside going straight to the bathroom so you could peel off your cold wet clothes. You start to panic when you realize you don’t have any extra clothes with you and both towels are currently in the wash.

“Baekhyun.” You peek your head out from behind the door.

He comes out of the room and stands in the hallway, laughing lightly at your appearance.

“Can you bring me some clothes?” You ask trying as hard as you possibly could to not let him catch a glimpse of your body behind the door.

Baekhyun smiles a mischievous smile. “Sure.” He heads into the room and you could feel his smile radiating through you as he entered the hallway and gave you the small wad of clothes in his hand.

“Thanks.” You say high pitched and fast as you close the door almost too fast.
When you unravel the wad of clothes you see that it’s just a large white plain t-shirt and a pair of pink panties. “Are you fucking kidding me.” you whisper to yourself. But its all you’ve got, so you put them on, tugging down the hem of the shirt as you walk out of the bathroom.

When you walk into the room Baekhyun is laying down on the bed, scrolling through something on his phone. When he looks up at you he smiles and opens his arms for you to come and lay down next to him, “C’mon, let’s at least get a couple hours of sleep.” You smile, crossing the room to crawl into bed with him, forgetting entirely about your lack of clothing. Baekhyun wraps his arms and legs around you just as he did the previous night, and you found yourself falling asleep faster than you had anticipated.

You wake up to an empty bed. Grabbing your phone from your nightstand you read 12:57pm. You stretch your limbs and think about the events that took place yesterday and this morning. It’s so crazy how literally a couple days ago Baekhyun was just the guy that hated you, that always made it certain that he didn’t care for you, the guy that you avoided to spare your own feelings.

You’re knocked out of your thoughts by a couple noises coming from the kitchen. You unwrap yourself from all the blankets and go to your suitcase to look for some shorts and a clean bra to put on. When you’re finished dressing you head out to the kitchen where you see Baekhyun sitting peacefully playing on his laptop at the dining room table.

He looks up to see you standing there “hey.” he says, standing to walk towards you. As he reaches you he places both hands on your waist and looks down at you, your face beet red as you stare up at him. Jesus Christ, what’s with him always grabbing your waist if he’s not gonna do anything further.

He smirks and lets go of you, walking into the kitchen to open up the fridge. He pulls out a Canada Dry and a string cheese. Still smirking he turns to face you.
“You know you sleep talk.”

Authors note: Thanks for reading! Please please please, if you have any requests or suggestions for what you want to see in Part 3 please don’t be afraid to leave them in my ask box also with other request for senerios, smuts, drabbles, reactions, etc.

Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 3

Title: Someone to Watch Over Me

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Series Masterlist

Summary:  Dean reveals what happened to his wife.

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer, Tiny, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Georgia (OFC), Melissa (OFC-mentioned), Charlie Bradbury, Tyson Brady

Word Count:  2557

Warnings:  mild language

Author’s Notes:  Inspired by (but does not necessarily follow) the movie The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. This work was beta’d by @mamapeterson and @climbthatmooselikeatree without whose help this wouldn’t even exist. Tag list is full.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Ten Years (Part 10)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,786

Warnings: language, fluff, confrontation

A/N: Tags are closed. This part was over 4K words long, so I split it into two. I’m sorry. Reader takes some steps to make everything right again, but Bucky Barnes is nowhere to be found.

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

Originally posted by jennymagicalheart

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The Winter Soldier of Oz

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The Winter Solider of Oz

Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 5,691

@mikeys-thighs @cassandras-musings

Bucky Barnes and the Reader may work together but that didn’t mean that they trusted each other, he’d tried to kill her too many times and the Reader’s powers make him uncomfortable. Eventually they warm to one another and a friendship blooms from their mutual love of The Wizard of Oz and, through no fault of their own, end up in a prank war with Tony and Steve.

To say that you didn’t trust James Barnes would be an understatement, considering that he’d tried to kill you twice already. Once when you’d been helping Steve, Nat and Sam bring down SHIELD and then later when The Winter Solider had escaped custardy he’d tried to throttle you.

Otherwise you’d tried to stay out of the fight between Tony and Steve, you’d not even read the damn document yet and they were already way too eager to take strips out of each other. In the end the decision had been taken out of your hands, you’d arrived at the airfield that day in the hopes of calling a ceasefire and finding a way to work it out for the sake of your sanity.
You skidded into the aircraft holder just as Black Panther was about to stop Steve and The Winter solider.
“Steve what you’re doing is crazy.” You had implored him, the pair of you had been good friends until this, not that you had many friends, and you didn’t want to lose him because of this.
Steve ignored Black Panther for a moment to set his sights on you, “Y/N you have to know that I believe in what I’m doing. I believe what Bucky has said, if we don’t go now then the world will be in worse trouble. You have to trust me.”
Trust him, he’d said, like it was that simple.
Like he wasn’t putting all of his faith in a man who’d strangled you until you’d turned blue, not once but twice. The solider himself looked almost repentant when you looked over at him, did he even remember trying to kill you?  
Again the choice was taken from you, which was actually good because you were indecisive at the best of times. Outside of the door you’d come through into the hanger Vision’s aim must have been off because something rocked the building and part of the ceiling hurdled down towards you.

It had barely registered with you that you were about to be crushed when you were yanked forwards. It hurt your arm getting snatched forwards by the metal hand that had twice before tried to strangle you. Instinctively you swung your fist as you were pulled and punched him square in the mouth. Barnes barely blinked at the collision even though his lip began to trickle with blood and luckily your leather gloves had softened the blow of your knuckles against his teeth. Ripping your hand from his grip you jumped back and eyed the cement block that had landed where you’d just been before eyeing him wearily, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He grumbled with more politeness than you’d expect from someone that you’d just slugged in the face. Natasha arrived to stop Black Panther and in a moment of pure insanity, you helped Steve and your attacker-come-saviour into the aircraft and stayed to help Natasha.
Life went a bit mad from there, you were locked away with the others until Tony managed to get you all out, of course there where rules. For the most part you were all under house arrest unless strictly needed and Tony explained to you everything that had happened with him and the two men out of time.
Your heart went out to both Barnes and Tony, the one who had killed a family and the one that lost it. How Tony had found it in his heart to let Bucky move into the tower you’d never know but if you had to guess it had a lot to do with Steve in his ear.  He was going to be under more orders and rules than all of you, never allowed to be out of sight of at least one of you, not allowed out of the building unaccompanied. Tagged and monitored but at least he got to escape prison if the country found him useful.

You weren’t sure how you were going to get on living with the man who had both tried to take your life and saved it.

After many years of living in solitude it had taken a while to get used to the idea of living with other people but Bruce’s assurance that they were good people kept you with the Avengers, he’d had similar experiences to yourself.  You’d met them while they were looking for Enhanced before Tony had made Ultron. They been quick to trust you since you’d worked for SHIELD before you’d been forced into the experiments that had given your icy powers. You radiated cold and if you were holding something and lost your temper then the thing would be no more than an icicle. That alone should have been enough for Steve Rogers to be weary of you after his years in the ice but if it fazed him then he didn’t let him show and, maybe it was because he understood what it was like to be experimented on, he became a close friend quickly.
Clint had basically decided that you were one of his children and though Natasha didn’t give much a way the others told you how much she had taken to you. Thor helped your confidence a lot as well; with your powers being focused around the ability to conjure Ice Thor’s knowledge of the Ice Giants aided you.
Tony’s constant playing of the Frozen soundtrack did not.

“I can’t believe you made me wake up for this.” You grumbled and rubbed your eyes, you’d only been awake for about half hour and now you were all sat around the table waiting for Barnes to be brought in.
“Let it go, Y/N.” Tony smirked at you over the top of his coffee mug.
God, you were sick of that joke.
Clint rolled his eyes, “Tony if you carry on with that then we’re not going to stop her from freezing you.”
When Clint’s threat did nothing to lessen Tony’s smug expression you pushed yourself over the table to reach where Tony sat across from you and reached out to touch his coffee mug with one finger so that the liquid inside it froze. You sat back and Tony groaned and dropped the mug down onto the table. The frozen coffee block slid out onto his saucer, “You’re an ass.”

“Takes one to know one.” You countered and the others shook their heads at you both.
“Are you always so childish?” Tony asked and you stuck your tongue out in answer.
“Tony leave her alone.” Steve, ever your defender, jumped in.
“Hey! She could turn you back into a Capsicle and I’m the bad guy?!” Tony gestured to you exacerbated.
You nudged the table with your knee so that the coffee cube rolled around in his saucer because you knew that the noise would annoy him, “Least I didn’t make a homicidal robot.” You sang.
His eyes narrowed and his crossed his arms over his chest, “Just for that I’m going to put heaters in your room.”
“I’ll freeze your whiskey.” You countered and he pouted. You both knew alcohol didn’t freeze properly, from your last attempt, but you’d never threaten to freeze his suit, not after he’d fallen from space partially frozen and terrified.  You didn’t want to bring that up for him.

Your back and forth was cut off by the doors sliding open and the Winter Soldier, or Bucky or Sgt Barnes, whatever name you knew him by, was marched in with a group of armed soldiers. Beside you Steve bristled at the sight and on either side of him you and Wanda both put a hand on his thick arms to remind him to be calm. This was a delicate enough situation without him throwing his shield at it.
The head of the little group stepped forward with a regimented stamp of his foot that you knew Tony was dying to mimic.
“I am to ascertain whether you are all certain of the obligation you’re about to undertake?“ He barked.
“What?” Wanda asked, annoyed at his sharpness.
“He means, do we want to keep him.” Sam explained and it was clear from Bucky’s expression that he was ready for Sam to have him sent back for a refund.
“Well he did save me from getting smushed.” You told them all as you spun slightly in your chair.
“Not a real word.” Clint mumbled and you shot him an amused look.
The jumped up Army man was still waiting for an answer when Tony waved him away, “Yeah, yeah we know, all sales are final, we want him.  Go away. Actually no, bring me a coffee, mines gone cold.”

You gave him a big grin at that and slowly the armed men left you with Bucky and no one knew where to look.

It was about a week before things started to fall into a pattern, of making sure that Bucky was always with someone and getting used to living with someone who had shaped the course of history by murdering people.

You’d stopped being bothered by his presence after a few weeks and the more Steve told you about him the less you worried that he was about to try to strangle you again but that could have been thanks to him giving you a wide birth after finding out about your powers. After all, it wasn’t just Steve that had been frozen against his will for years and you tried hard to keep control of your powers when Bucky was around to try to make him feel more at ease.

By month four you’d gotten used to each other, the restraints against Bucky had eased to the point of him being allowed to be alone as long as someone was within 5 minutes of him within the tower. It was often you who was in so you got used to seeing each other in the kitchen for snacks and when you wanted a drink.

For the most part you stayed in your ‘lair’, Tony coined the name, it was a small room by the towers standards that doubled as a library with a large spare wall that you could project movies onto. Tony let you do whatever you wanted with the space and people often joined you for a film night if they wanted to hang out or just read together. Bucky, Steve and Natasha were the few who were unbothered by the coldness of the room after you’d been locked in there for a long time of your own.

The Winter Soldier had joined you a few times for joint silent reading. You stood and stretched your shoulders, “Hey, er Barnes?” You asked, you had found it was the most neutral thing to call him, “I’m going to get a drink do you want anything?”
He looked up at you, “Water please, if you don’t mind.” The first few times you’d offered he’d simply shook his head so it was nice to see that he was starting to get used to live with you all in the tower. You nodded and on the way out, for the first time, you noticed what he’d been reading. A history of music from the war, your heart pulled a little at the poetry of it.

After you took Bucky his water and put your own on your desk in the lair, you nipped out to your room and came back with your laptop and your old iPod, Tony had brought you one for your last birthday and you didn’t like to throw things away so you’d kept your old one. You sat down with them at the desk and set to work. After an hour of restoring, downloading, uploading and charging you were ready.

You stood and walked over to Bucky, stopped just short of him and waited for him to notice you, he looked up from his book and sensing that you wanted his attention he closed it and placed it on the arm rest of his chair.
“Something I can help you with?” He asked, his voice edged with its usual gravel.
“I’ve got you a present.” You told him, the iPod in your hands hidden firmly behind your back.
His brows shot up into his hairline, “It’s not even my birthday.” He joked deeply and you gave him a small smile at his attempt. He’d been joking more with Steve and Sam as he’d gotten used to being in the tower.

You pulled your hands from behind your back and presented him the iPod, “Ta-da!” you exclaimed as he took the offering from your hands slowly with his human hand. He rarely used the metal one if it could be avoided, you noted.  He flicked it on and began to scroll through the songs and it was hard to repress the smugness of being right when you’d thought that he’d be able to use the device. He just seemed so much more in tune with modern technology than Steve and you’d been right to assume that he could use it.
“Hopefully it will be full of all the bands in your book.” You told him eager to watch his expression.
He looked up at you with complete sincerity in his eyes, “Thank you.”
He didn’t have to say anymore, you were already blushing like crazy with how he studied your face.

He was looking back at the song list when his eyes lit up, “Steve told you about The Wizard of Oz?”
“Steve? No.” Your face flushed again, “Sorry it’s just one of my favourite films. I’ve put the soundtrack on everyone’s device in case I lose my own.”
His lips tugged with a smile, “It’s my favourite too.”
“No way!” You cheered, “lets watch it, I have it hooked up to the projector!”
He gave you a quizzical look and you pointed to the projector which pointed at the blank wall near you both. He gave you a half smile, “Okay then.”
“Yes!” You cheered again and he stood, slipped his new iPod into his pocket before following you down to the kitchen to get the much needed snacks.

“So did you see the film back in the day then?” You asked him as you were raiding Tony’s cupboards looking for popcorn. Bucky flinched visibly and you instantly felt bad, he only talked about his old life with Steve. But after a moment he answered you, “Yeah, it came out during the great depression. No one that we knew could afford to go see it.”
“But Steve told us that you both lived together, that you never had any money either.” You told him. He gave you a look that, if you believed your eyes, was almost cheeky on the Winter Solider, he shrugged, “I was nimble with my hands. I stole some meat from the back of the butchers shop and sold it on, got the tickets with the profits. Steve was getting over a bad chest infection and needed some fun and medicine.”

“Well aren’t you the bestest friend ever.” You teased, “I bet it blew your mind didn’t it?”
His cheeks flushed slightly, “Shut up, it was the first colour film I’d seen of course it blew my mind.”
It was nice to see him joke and somewhat tease, the poor man who had been frozen and enslaved. He waved his human hand like he was waving away the thoughts of the past, “Anyway less than a month after it came out the war began. Obviously we didn’t join the allies straight away but it affected us instantly all the same.”

You threw the popcorn in the microwave while Bucky looked for other sweets and snacks that you knew Tony had hidden away.  
This time Bucky restarted the conversation, “Tony reminds me of the Tin Woodman.”
You titled your head to the side as you contemplated it, “The suit?”
“No, wanting a heart.” He tapped his chest where Tony’s Arc reactor would lie, “But the suit is a good comparison.”
“What about the Scarecrow?” You asked enjoying the way that you’d slipping into such an entertaining conversation.
Bucky didn’t miss a beat, “Steve. How he used to be all thin and gangly, he used to bend in the wind.”
You laughed at the image before asking, “And wanting a brain?”
“He only had to look at an ill person to catch a cold and he was always getting into fights that he couldn’t possibly win.” He paused, “Well couldn’t win back then.”
“I bet you always rushed into save him, didn’t you?” You asked and enjoyed the way that Bucky’s cheeks hued again.

After a moment you asked, “And the Lion?”
Bucky thought for a moment, “Dr Banner.”
You irrupted into giggled and Bucky spared you a smirk. He pulled out a bottle of fizzy pop from the cupboard and set it down, “It’s warm but is this okay?” he asked.
You reached over and held the side of the bottle with your palm and slowly the plastic started the get more rigid and freeze. You stopped short of freezing the drink so that it would be just enough to keep it cool and Bucky was visibly impressed by your control.  

After a moment you asked, “What about you?”
He scratched his scruff on his face in thought before deciding, “Dorothy.”
You grinned instantly, “I could see you in red heels.”
“Ruby heels.” He corrected and you laughed before he continued, “More the long way from home.”
“You’re not enjoying it over the rainbow?” You asked lightly but you both knew what you were insinuating, was he starting to feel human again?
“It’s not so bad,” He reassured you slightly, “But there’s no place like home.”
There was a tense pause before his guff voice asked, “Who would you be?”
“Toto.” You answered promptly.
“The dog?” He asked his lips pulling into a small smile.
“Hell yeah the dog,” you told him as you pulled out the popcorn from the microwave, “Toto was the star and she was in like forty other movies you know.”
His raised his brows, “Wow you really do like the film.”
You shared a smile and went back to your lair to settle in to watch the film and gorge on your snacks, neither of you spoke during the film, you figured it was Bucky’s first time watching it in 75 years so for the most part you left him in peace. Except every time the gang where on the yellow brick road you looped your arm through Bucky’s human one and nudged him from side to side like you were skipping down the road. You had no idea what had processed you but after the second time he wasn’t so rigid and finally when the gang where nearly at Oz and released from spell in flower fields by the Glinda the Good witch, you could have sworn that he was moving with you.

Your shared passion turned your uneasy alliance into a new, tentative friendship. You discussed Oz and he told you about the original book series which you immediately ordered, on Tony’s card, so that he could reread them. Once you’d both read them you also lent him the Dorothy Must Die book series. He didn’t like them as much as the originals but that was because the originals were a connection to home. Eventually you shared more TV with him and he shared more books with you and through them you divulged information about your lives to one another.

He told you about his life before the war and, if he was feeling up to it, he’d tell you about some of his time as The Winter Solider and in return of his trust you told him about how you’d been taken by Hydra and experimented on. Your late parents had worked for SHIELD and you’d followed in their footsteps to a small degree, you worked as a coordinator for SHIELD, often helping plan out the logistics of missions.  
Apparently Hydra had been watching you for some time, they’d seen potential in your parents, and had taken you one night as you’d arrived home. When your powers had first taken over you, you’d frozen the entire Hydra facility and from what Steve had told you on his last recon, it was still frozen. You’d had little control of yourself back then but your connection to SHIELD had made the Avengers trust you and helping fight Ultron had given you a much better handle on your powers.

The others had noticed your friendship with the Winter Solider blossoming but the only person to say anything was Steve, he’d taken you to one side and thanked you for trying hard to be nice to be Bucky.
“Not to be rude or anything Cap, because you know I love you,” You had told him and waited for what he was sure would be an insult, “I didn’t try to be nice to Bucky for you. He’s a good guy whose had a lot of shit handed to him.”
Steve smiled and dropped his massive paw onto your shoulder, “This is why I like you.”
“Well I can rest easy now, knowing that you like me.” You teased and he nudged your shoulder playfully.

You both walked into the kitchen to find Natasha and Bucky sat at the table and Tony stood waiting for you by the counter with his hands on his hips.
“And just what do you call this, Icy?” Tony pointed to an empty coffee jar on the counter before his hands went back to his hips like a sassy mother.
You raised an eyebrow, “Aren’t you supposed to be a genius?”  
Steve joined Nat and Bucky at the table and you didn’t need to look over to know that they were watching your little spat.
Tony ignored your remark and pointed to the boiling kettle on the side, “I came to make myself a coffee and low and behold, someone has used all the coffee!”
“Well who did that?” You asked innocently.
“You were the last to see the victim alive.” Tony accused and your rolled your eyes, it was always your or Clint and you both always tried to set each other up.
“Tony why are you mithering, you don’t even like instant.” You snarked.
“I have to have instant because you froze my coffee machine!” He snapped his face full of more sass than a grown man should have.
“Sure, blame the girl with the ice powers,” You argued, “Anyone could have done that!”
Tony started to complain at you but you tuned him out and sent a side eyed glance at Bucky who was watching you with amusement in his eyes. When you knew that you had his attention you leaned up onto the balls of your feet and clicked your heels together like Dorothy would.
At the table Bucky held his glass of water up to his face to hide his amused smirk at your antics. You didn’t pay attention to Nat or Steve to know that they’d shared a look.

“Are you even listening to me?” Tony brought you back to the conversation at hand.
“No, I’m not really.” You told him.
His face flushed, “I’m serious Ice Queen, behave yourself or there will be consequences.”
At the table Steve shook his head, he knew how this was going to end. You put your hands on your hips, mimicking Tony, before answering, “Don’t threaten me Tinman, it won’t wash.” With that you held your hand out and placed it on the boiling kettle, making it freeze entirely.

His face flushed and his mouth opened and closed several times as you turned on your heels and left, calling over your shoulder as you went, “Enjoy your coffee Stark.”
Tony cursed loudly and stormed out.
Steve shook his head again and drank his tea, “Well I’m sure this will end well.”
“They’ve done this before?” Bucky asked.
“They usually go at each other until one of them ends up injured or Bruce loses his cool.” Nat picked up her mug and took a sip.
Steve watched her before asking, “Is that coffee? You finished it off?”
She offered both men out of time a smirk, “Well it was getting a little boring around here.”


Tony’s retaliation started small, as it always did, with him breaking into your room and swapping all of your clothes for Elsa outfits.
So you froze his favourite car before he was due to go to a press conference.

He replaced your desk in your lair with speakers blasting out ‘Frosty the Snowman’ on repeat.
You released pictures to the press of him dancing to AC/DC in his boxers.

He used FRIDAY to turn the heat up in your bedroom.
You turned the floor of his lab into an ice rink.

He took every book in the tower and hid them away somewhere.
You dyed all of his party suits teal – he hated the colour, said it made him look fat.

He told the press that you wished to referred to as ‘The Ice Queen’.
You put homemade slime in his all of his left shoes.

He wiped all the songs from your iPod.
And that’s where things got complicated, you’d meant to freeze Tony’s stereo but your aim was off and you ended up freezing Steve’s recorded player and inadvertently got Steve to join Tony’s team against you.

You sat cross legged on your bed with your chin rested on your hands and sighed, “I need something new.”
Bucky, who for all accounts was lounged on the other side of your bed, dropped the book he was reading, Steve had snuck it too him, you’d still not found the other books.
“I can help you if you want?” Bucky asked, his deep voice laced with amusement, “Even the playing field.”
“What, are you a secret prank master?” You asked and let yourself roll onto your back beside him on the bed.
He smirked at you, a smirk that you were sure he saved only for you, “There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”
“Like how you hair always looks so nice even though you never do anything to it?” You teased.
“You like my hair?” He countered and your face flushed instantly.

He sat up and patted your knee affectionately with his human hand, “Come on let’s go to the lair and make a plan.”

“Honestly, sometimes I impress myself.”  Tony told Steve as he brought up the towers surveillance on the screen.
Clint and Natasha watched them both idly while playing cards at the table.
“What have you done?” Steve asked as he came to join Tony in front of the screen.
“What’s one thing that you can never clean off entirely? That sticks everywhere?” Tony asked him.
“Blood?” Steve tried.
Tony rolled his eyes, “Glitter. Not only is it impossible to get off but it clumps and sticks to sweat.”
“I’m worried that you know that.” Clint quipped from the table.

Tony ignored him, “So I made a glitter bomb and placed it here.” He pointed to a hallway on one of the screens, “This is the hallway from her bedroom to her lair.”
“Glitter bomb?” Steve asked.
“Yep, she walks past it and bang! Glitter face forever!” He laughed and then pointed at the screen excitedly, “Look there she goes with her metal armed puppy.”

Clint and Natasha shared a pointed look before Clint spoke up, “She’s with Barnes, near a bomb like device?”
“Yes, isn’t it brilliant?” Tony grinned.
Clint pinched his brow and Natasha following his train of thought took out her guns, Clint continued, “Barnes? Who we know suffers from PTSD from the war and Hydra? Who, you know, follows Y/N around and has a tendency to lose his mind? You thought it would be a good idea to leave a bomb around for him to find.”
“Fuck.” Tony cursed and the colour drained from his face as he watched you and Bucky approach where the glitter bomb was hidden in the wall.

“I think dying his hair is the best idea that we’ve had so far.” You told Bucky as you were headed towards your lair.
“Do you think Pepper would help us with that?” He asked you and you shrugged.
A ticking sound bothered your ears and you turned to Bucky, “What’s that no-”

It happened fast.

The next thing you knew you were pressed up against the opposite wall in darkness. Had the lights gone off? No. It was Bucky, his body was completely blocking out the light. It took you a moment to realise what had happened. The noise ringing in your ears was a small homemade bomb; Tony had taught you how to make them once.

Surely he hadn’t been so stupid to put on in the tower with Bucky around?!

His head was over yours so you couldn’t see him well but you were face to face with his heaving chest as he let out ragged breaths. His metal arm was completely embedded in the frozen wall beside your head and his human arm was holding your body to his chest. From what you could tell you’d frozen the whole wall in your panic, you hoped that his human arm wasn’t too hurt by your powers.
“Bucky?” You breathed.
No answer.
His breath quietened slightly.
He inched his shoulder back to give you more breathing room.
“Jesus, James are you okay?” You asked and this time he looked at you, his eyes where dark and sorrowful.
Now able to move your hands, you inched them behind his back then brought them back to show him your glitter covered fingers, “James. Bucky, you’re okay. It was just a stupid prank, its glitter, everything’s okay.”

His eyes searched your face, “I thought. I thought it was real.”
You swallowed at the sad look in his eyes, “I know, I know but you’re okay. We’re both okay.”
Your hands reached up tentatively to rub the tops of his arms. He didn’t move except to rest his head on top of yours.
You dared to speak again when realisation of your situation slapped you in the face, “You thought it was real and you hid me?”
He didn’t move his head from yours.
You continued, “Bucky you’ve got glitter all over your back and head. If it was real, it wasn’t and you’re safe, but if it was, you could have died.”
He moved his head to look down at you, his eyes searching yours, he swallowed, “I just reacted. I’m sorry if I hurt you I just couldn’t see you- -see you hurt.”
His words swept you up and soon your body followed as you reached up on your toes and gently brushed your lips over his, soft enough that he knew your intention but could push you anyway if he didn’t want this.

His gasp danced across your lips and for a moment you were worried that he’d rejected you but then his lips pressed against yours in solid, loving kiss. His metal arm came from the wall to wrap around your waist holding you to him whilst your hands went to his hair, tangling your fingers into it as you kissed in the hallway. The scruff of his cheeks scratching your cheeks was delicious and you deepened the kiss.

You separated from each other, you released his hair and he let you down as you stepped back from each other and you both breathed heavily.
His hair stuck out full of glitter and frost and your hands weren’t much better and you said the only thing that came to mind, “Glitter suits you.”
“You too.” He nodded and pointed to your cheek where you’d had glitter from his face wipe onto your face.
A whirring interrupted your awkwardness and when you looked up you saw a half frozen security camera, you’d frozen half of the hallway in your panic, trying desperately to move. You pointed at it, “It looks broken but someone still trying to use it. This was Tony.”
“They’ll be down here in a minute, they’d know how I would have reacted.” Bucky mumbled like he didn’t want to admit it.
You turned to him with an evil smirk, “Then let’s get out of here. Tony put this here knowing that it could trigger and upset half the people in this tower. This is our final prank. What do you say? It would mean pretending to have lost your mind again.” You winced when you realised what you were asking.

Shouting down the hallway prompted him to answer, “You have a plan?”
“Half of one?” You answered, “It does involve writing ‘Surrender Tony’ in his lab with spray paint like the Wicked Witch did in Oz?”
He gave you a smirk, “And after, we’ll talk about,” he gestured between the pair of you, “us?”
Your face flushed, “I’d like that.”

He held his hand out to you and when you took it he pulled to you his chest and he cupped your face with his hand so that he could wipe more glitter over your cheek. You pushed his hand playfully.
“Let’s a way to rust the Tinman.” You grinned.
“Flying monkey at your service.” He clicked his heels and gave you a mock salute and made more frost and glitter fall from his hair.

You giggled and, taking his hand, you ran off together away from the shouting. That was the first of many ‘annoying Tony’ dates running down that hallway, your own Yellow Brick road.

I was a bit worried about this one because it was just my idea not a request but I really enjoyed writing it and I hope your enjoyed reading it!

“The Hottest Day in Paris”- A ML One-Shot

Synopsis: It’s hot in Paris; ridiculously so and running around in a Black Cat suit doesn’t help. What’s a superhero to do? Discovering your suit has a working zipper is a good start even if it drives your lady and purrincess insane! In which Chat Noir discovers some of his abilities can be used for evil.

Notes:  Hi all! I’m sorry this is late. The end of the school year is just killer and I got so tired that I wasn’t able to write. Now I’m catching up and part of that are the requests for one-shots. Clarisa of AO3, here’s yours! I combined the two Chat-strip ideas you gave so I hope this lives up to expectations.



Paris had never been so hot. The news report called it the hottest day on record in the last ten years; the max was 39.7 degrees Celsius. Rationally, it would have been best if everyone stayed indoors but humans, by nature or nurture, who knew, were stubborn. Many Parisians were still going about their daily lives. It was dangerous. However, very few of them actually knew this considering Paris, let alone Europe, had never experienced anything like it before.

Ladybug wiped her brow as the sweat purled on it from her hairline. Chat Noir sat next to her. He downed a bottle of water. She did the same.

“It’s too hot my lady,” Chat complained. He tried cooling himself down with a fanning paw. It was about as effective as a single ice cube in boiling water. His eyes were hazy. Ladybug eyed him.

“I know I’m bad off but you have to be worse,” she noted, “Especially in all black.”

“Tell me about it,” he grumbled. He turned from the edge of the building, rolling onto the rooftop. The heat radiated off of the black material. It burned the exposed skin on his face which he hoped didn’t mean that he was going to have a nasty sunburn later. What a way to be exposed as Paris’s hero- a sunburn. He giggled at the thought. Ladybug didn’t acknowledge his sounds. She continued to drink her water and attempt to fan herself with her hand. The longer he sat there though, the more the giggles started to rise out of his throat and the need to roll around and attempt to find a cool spot became higher; he felt like he was floating.

The heat was really starting to get to him.

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Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (10/15)

Originally posted by karlmordo

AU Summary: With more elaborate tests with Dr. Banner, Y/N finds more information about her abilities and why she’s alive.

Notes: gravitonium and dr. Hall showed up in Agents of shield. ok? so its definitely in the mcu. also coulson and inhumans :)

Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11


“I thought Gravitonium was a pain in the ass to control.”

“Yes. But it is possible to.” Bruce opened up a document with a swipe of his fingers. “Dr. Franklin Hall. He was a former asset for SHIELD and became famous for his work and theories on the extremely rare element known as gravitonium. Hall also designed a theoretical machine that could stimulate the element in a way that would allow its gravitational fields to be harnessed. It was destroyed along with him but the gravitonium was locked in SHIELD’s storage facility. But last time we checked, it wasn’t there.”

“Hmmm.” Stark stared at the holographic files in front of him. “So if we find Hall’s files on gravitonium then maybe we could find the source of Y/N’s abilities. Maybe even make it more powerful.”

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Scarlet Camellia Petals [Hanahaki AU - Shigaraki Tomura]

Don’t worry, everyone! I haven’t forgotten about the 100 followers special! It will be written with the winning character and scenario soon. 

I just started writing this drabble because I’d had a rough day and I really wanted to indulge in something I had a few ideas for already, so I hope you guys enjoy my first attempt at writing a scenario! I hope nobody seems too OOC :’^0 

Warning: there is mention of self-harm, so read at your own risk. Also, since it’s pretty long, I’m also going to put most of it under a cut. 

Also… try looking up the meaning of red camellia petals in hanakotoba. I chose them for a reason ;^) 

-Admin Shigaraki 

Shigaraki Tomura distinctly remembered the first day that they walked into the League of Villains headquarters. He was absentmindedly swirling his drink, watching the ice cubes slowly spin in a circle when he heard Kurogiri call to him, saying someone had come to talk about joining the League. When he turned to look at the door, he saw them for the first time. They didn’t look like a villain at first glance, but upon closer examination Tomura could tell that they were serious about joining merely from the expression on their face.

“Why do you want to join the League of Villains?” he asked bluntly. There was no point in saying it any other way, with any eloquent speech; he could tell he didn’t have to convince them that they should join. It was clear in their eyes that they wanted to be there already.

Their response was firm and without any hesitation. “I just want to show the heroes that this League can’t be ignored.” It was a vague answer, but for some reason, it caught Tomura’s interest. Such determination, he thought, could be put to very good use within the League. Plus, this was one of the first people who had come to him willingly without babbling about the ideology of the Hero Killer.

Maybe I unlocked a new, less annoying type of character, he thought to himself as he contemplated what to say in reply to their statement. Finally, he decided on a simple, “You can join,” thoroughly surprising Kurogiri.

He was far too used to Tomura behaving poorly around visitors, so seeing this newcomer gain acceptance without a single bickering remark from Tomura was baffling to Kurogiri. Tomura could tell this was what Kurogiri was thinking, too—it showed in his glowing, yellow eyes, which had widened slightly the moment the newcomer was accepted.

Once they’d gone on their way, now a new member of the League, Tomura found himself briefly thinking about them. As he sat there, staring down at the half-melted ice in his glass, he wondered to himself why he was so interested in this new recruit. It already didn’t feel right.

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pining fic rec (21 fics)

here is a quick little fic rec of some of my favorite fics with pining!! i hope y’all like them, and as always drop by my ask with requests!  💖

❉ - means you need an ao3 account to read!

Searching For The Cure (We Found Us) by itsprobablylarry (30k)

“So you woke up as a frog,” Louis considers out loud. “What if you’re like that princess that turns into a swan during the day but is a human between sunset and sunrise?”

Harry just blinks at him, clearly unimpressed.

(Basically: Louis doesn’t quite know how to handle the fact that his best friend/roommate wakes up as a frog.)

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Bruce Wayne - Duality

Characters: Bruce Wayne x Reader
Warnings: None
Synopsis: Bruce’s girlfriend makes a confession that stops him in his tracks. Then she makes a discovery of her own.

Part 2 


Bruce walked in at 7am, as he was so inclined to do. The angry eyes of his partner scowled at the sight of him.

“Will there ever be a time when you actually spend a few hours with me?”

“Sugarcube, you know that I’m busy”

“Yeah, too busy for me it seems”

“I’m tired, I’ve had a long night, I want to go to bed”

“No Bruce, you can’t just worm your way out of this anymore. I’m tired of all your lies and evasion. I know you’re cheating on me”

“I would never do that to you. We’re still figuring out how to make this work sugar-cube, it’s going to be stressful and we might be tempted to cheat, but we won’t”

She looked him in the eye as a tear fell from her face.

“I already have”


Gotham criminals had been pretty rowdy lately, resulting in Bruce having a lot less time to spend at home. He wished he could spend more time at home with his sugar-cube, but it’s not like anybody else was around to help deal with the crime. And he couldn’t tell her, she’d insist on helping.

Bruce lost his train of thought as he saw a figure climb onto the roof. A female, she wore dark blue, he’d never seen her before. Her face was covered with a mask, he’d never seen her before. And new was dangerous. He leapt across to where she was, silently landing in front of her. If she was surprised by his movement she didn’t show it. There wasn’t a lot more he could tell about her from being up close, she had yellow contacts in, her mouth was covered by a cloth.

“Who are you?”




“What are you doing?”

“I’m hanging out on the roof, don’t worry I’m not here to cause trouble, just to get away from the hum drum of life”

Bruce scowled at her, that was unlikely. He would have to keep a close eye on her. An alarm bell began going off, the pair looked down on the street to see two men running out of a jewellery store.  

“Better go get ‘em big boy”

“Will you be here when I get back?”

“Big ‘ol Batman interested in me? If only it was because I was pretty and not because he thinks I’m dangerous”

Bruce’s eye flickered between the woman and the store, he had to go. He jumped off the roof to apprehend the burglars. He didn’t see her again that night. He radioed to Alfred the description of the woman and told him to keep an eye out. The night was slow after that.


“You what?”

She hesitated at the tone in his voice but thought about the nights she’d sat up crying in her bed or by the fireplace or sat by the window looking for him. Hoping that just once he would come home early.

“I cheated on you okay? I met another guy. I’m sick of being left alone all the time when you’re not around I’m lonely, but when you are around, you barely talk to me. If you’re here you’re working or sleeping, when you’re not here I have no idea where you are Bruce, how do I deal with that?”

“Not by cheating. By talking to me”

“I tried! Every time I asked you where you were or if you could stay you would brush me off. Because I’m a big girl and I can entertain myself and it’s a big mansion and I should know that you love me. And maybe I should but I don’t, you’ve been neglecting me”

“That wasn’t my intention, but it doesn’t justify what you did”

“I’m not trying to justify my actions I’m trying to communicate to you the reasons behind them. At first, I just wanted your affection but I got so lonely that it didn’t matter whose attention I was getting any more, I just needed it”

“I thought you were the one, my sugar-cube, my sweet girlfriend”

“You didn’t even notice when I started disappearing Bruce”


“You disappeared the other night”

“I have to keep your interest somehow”

“Why are you trying to keep my interest if you’re not a criminal”

“I’m lonely”

Bruce faltered at this information, he was used to hardened exteriors and fierce obsession. This woman clearly wasn’t a criminal. So he didn’t have time.

“I need you to stop hanging around like this, you’ll get in trouble”

“I won’t get into trouble. My names boredom”

“I guarantee your names not Boredom”

“Well what’s your name Batty”

“Not your concern”

The woman fell backwards, her shoulders hitting the floor with a thump.

“You sound like my boyfriend. He never shares anything with me either”

“I’m don’t do love advice, I capture criminals”

She smiles and gets up off the floor. Giggling softly to herself she walks towards him. Bruce prepares himself for an attack. But she just puts her arms around his neck and kisses him softly. He stares in confusion at her.

“We should be friends”


“Did you sleep with them?”

“No, I just kissed him”

“Why didn’t you”

“I don’t think he’s interested in me either”

Bruce watches her begin crying, she slowly lowers herself to the ground. And sitting against the china cupboard she sobs without break. Bruce watches anxiously, torn between his anger and his need to comfort the person he loves.


It was Friday night, he’d told his girlfriend that she had to eat alone again, she’d started crying and angrily stormed off but he couldn’t stay to resolve it, the guilt was eating away at him. Alfred had been nagging him about telling her, but it wasn’t the right time. He was waiting for a slow night to bring her out with him. She’d been increasingly upset about his disappearances and although he knew he should tell her, Gotham always came first, she would forgive him when she knew.

“Stupid girl, why do I let him do this to me?”

It’s Boredom. She’s sat feet dangling over the edge a building, hands furiously wiping away the tears running down her face.

“You really aren’t a troublemaker”

“Get lost, I don’t need you here right now”

“You need somebody”

“Yeah well, somebody left me already”

“I’m sorry”

“What would you know about relationships?”

“I’m in a relationship”

“So somebody out there knows who the Batman is”

“Somebody does but she doesn’t”

“So you just ditch your partner every night and they have no idea why?”

“She will understand one day”

“I can’t believe you just lie to your partner like that”

“And your partner knows you’re here?”

“I wouldn’t lie to him if he asked where I’d been”

“But he does not?”

“This is the longest conversation I’ve had with anybody for a week”

“It is your partner’s duty to protect you if he’s not around maybe it’s for a reason”

“Yeah, maybe he’s the Batman”

“Or a masked villain”

Boredom turns to him, leaning in for a kiss.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m a lonely, neglected woman it’s your responsibility as protector of Gotham. It’s not like your girlfriend will be mad”

Bruce disagrees, but only in his head. He kisses her while thinking of his sugar-cube sat at home, lonely and upset. But that makes him feel bad and this feels good. So he licks her bottom lip, biting it when she opens her mouth. She tastes similar to the women he has at home but as she slides her tongue in his mouth the thought barely registers.


“I can’t stay with you, we have to split up now”

“I know”

She’s hoarse from crying but Bruce strengthens his resolve and turns his back.

“You aren’t happy with me and I can’t trust you anymore”

She makes a noise of agreement and walks upstairs, presumably to gather her things. Neither of them knows where she can and will stay when she leaves. She may end up leaving Gotham, what else could be here for her? It takes her a while but when her things are all packed and a taxi has been called, she stands on the doorstep of Wayne Manor. The place they were going to be happy together.

“I’m sorry this didn’t work out Bruce. I really did love you”

I kissed somebody else too. The confession on the tip of his tongue, but if he said it now it would just start another argument, he couldn’t, not with it being close to wrapped up.

“Goodbye Sugarcube”

Bruce watches her taxi leave before going inside. Where he finds Alfred stood on the stairs.

“I presume you won’t be spending the night in then Master Bruce?”

“I don’t think so Alfred”

“Very good sir”


Boredom is hanging out on her roof as usual. Looking particularly withdrawn.

“He left me.”

“Does that make you sad?”

“Of course”

“But he made you feel lonely”

“I still loved him. It still hurts”

Bruce sighs, unsure of what to say to her. He turns and walks to the edge of the roof, surveying the ground below.

“Tell me about your girlfriend, perhaps that will cheer me up”

“We’re no longer together”

“When did she dump you”


“Well still tell me about her”

“She was soft and kind, always outspoken about her passions.”

“He was the opposite, always quietly determined. Fixing his issues with the world in utter silence whilst taking the blame for the problems. Always played up to a camera”

“She shied from them, she didn’t like any picture or video of her that she didn’t take”

Bruce felt his eyes well up as he thought of her, he wished he’d tried harder to understand. He stepped onto the edge of the building.

“Before you go, tell me one more thing about her”

“She’s lovely. Wouldn’t hurt anybody. I called her sugar-cube”

Behind Bruce, Boredom snapped her head around to look at him. With wide eyes, she thought about all the information he’d given her. The times they’d met and the times Bruce had come home during the week. She slowly and silently made her way over to him, surveying his body, he was about the right build and height. Could it be?


cuntdestroyer03  asked:

Admin Mawile❣ How would the brothers react to an s/o trying to have a bond, even if small, with them? Like napping with Shuu, or pranking people with Ayato? If you could, can you include what you imaging as bonding as well (like what the S/o is trying to do?) I'm sorry if I'm asking for a lot but I looooove your work and the effort you put into it as well as never sugar coating who the brothers are 💖👌🏻

Admin Mawile: (〃⌒∇⌒) Thank you!! 

Shuu (napping with him, trying to be quiet and not bother him):

-It’s annoying that you’re trying to get so close, and you’re a stupid human for thinking he’d ever have real feelings for you. It’s better that you’re finally cooperating and not making trouble for him, but he can’t help but be disgusted by the pathetic effort to reach out to him. 

Reiji (Obeying him, trying to meet his standards without arguing):

-While your efforts to be a more acceptable, well-mannered servant for him are much more pleasant than the usual fuss, you should know better than to expect any reciprocation. You’re prey and nothing more, and no amount of compliance will ever change that. 

Ayato (offering blood, going along with what he wants to do):

-Cooperating might make him hurt you less, and he falls for it distressingly easily. As soon as you start calling him the best, you can see the satisfaction in his eyes. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to draw real feeling out of him, but you’re definitely securing a place as his favorite human. 

Kanato (catering to his every whim, agreeing with him):

-Quiet, submissive dolls are always better, and at least you’re smart enough to obey. You’re much more pleasant to be around now that you know how to shut up and be a good doll. He honestly doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do, and sees it as finally having broken you. 

Laito (entertaining him, accepting certain activities):

-He seems to be delighted with your compliance, and takes every opportunity to praise you for being so good for him. Despite the kind words, he’s as cruel as ever, and you can’t help but feel like you’re being used, like there’s nothing genuine about the affection he’s so willing to give. 

Subaru (keeping him company, while trying not be a bother):

-It’s annoying that you won’t leave him alone. You should be afraid of him, not acting like he’s something you can just make friends with. He goes out of his way to be more ferocious than ever in the hopes of scaring you off, and only gets more and more frustrated when it doesn’t work. 

Ruki (obeying him, showing interest in things he likes):

-While it’s good that you know enough to obey your master, he doesn’t like that you’re trying to act for yourself. If he wanted a bond from you, he would be the one to initiate it. It’s hard to find a reason to punish such obedience, but you’ll still be getting a thorough lecture on the matter. 

Kou (giving him what he wants, praising him and his idol business):

-At first, he accepts your sudden adoration as natural. It’s exactly how human women are supposed to behave, and only after reading your true thoughts does he realize that you’re much more serious. Then, in a slight panic, he resorts to manipulating you more than ever. 

Yuuma (helping in his garden, offering blood and sugar cubes):

-He takes the affection at face value and accepts whatever you want to do. If you want to bond with him, that’s your problem, he’s just going to enjoy the easy meals and extra help. Unconsciously, he might wind up feeling fondly towards you, but it’s unlikely that he’ll realize it. 

Azusa (hurting him, letting him cut you):

-You’ve basically won his eternal love. Since you hurt him so nicely, you must really care about him. Accepting pain from him too just solidifies the idea in his mind, and he becomes convinced that he’s someone very important to you. It’s worryingly easy to win him over. 

Carla (being respectful, submitting to his will without question):

-Your current behavior is exactly what he expects from a meager human. You should submit to the First Blood king in every way, and not just because you’re seeking some pathetic connection. He’s not going to lower himself to dealing with your feelings, so you’ll be allowed to carry on with it. 

Shin (trying to keep him amused, offering blood):

-He mostly just thinks it’s hilarious that you’re trying to reach out. You must be stupid for thinking that he’d ever really care about you, and despite how pleasant your methods are, he can’t help but want to mess with you even more. You’re a fun human to toy with, that’s fore sure. 

What Lies Beneath

Shallura Week Day 1 - Recovery

This is a really slanted take on the prompt, but I think it works. Sort of. Just read it. I quite like this, actually.

Shiro and Allura get stranded after the Black Lion crashes. A bit of cosmic horror, some character exploration, a lot of Shiro being completely smitten.

When Shiro wakes up, everything is blurry. His head is pounding, his whole body throbbing, the only solid sensation that connects him to reality is his back against metal. He attempts to move, but that just sends a lightning bolt of agony throughout every nerve in his body. He lets out a deep shout of pain, squeezing his eyes shut. His torso feels as if it’s on fire.

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anonymous asked:

If you don't mind, could you do Headcannons for Akutagawa, Ranpo and Poe saying 'I love you' to their S/O for the first time? Would you mind doing gender neutral pronouns? If not then a male s/o is okay!!! Thanks (:

headcanons are typically gender neutral unless stated otherwise! i’m….hoping these don’t get super long like the ones yesterday…because there are three characters

Akutagawa Ryunosuke:

  • you don’t say it on purpose.
  • six months into your relationship, and neither of you have ever said those three words. you’re both not really the type to. he’s emotionally stunted by his notice me senpai problems curt, not the best with words, and you’re…well, you’re cautious and quiet. other members of the mafia joke that he must have done something great in his past life to deserve you, but you know otherwise. the two of you make a better match than peanut butter and jelly, and you don’t need those special three words to show for it.
  • with the two of you, it’s the small gestures that count.
  • maybe on some days he brings back your favorite flowers from the shop two blocks from his usual routes, or he checks in with you before missions and stays close enough to you after that your fingers brush
  • maybe on some days, you leave takeout on his desk because you know he can forget sometimes, or you never forget to remind him that he’s good enough and he shouldn’t believe otherwise
  • but never an “i love you”
  • it’s just not your thing
  • perhaps you both feel like it’s stating the obvious, saying what’s already known, but never have the two of you said it to each other
  • this time, though
  • this time, it just slips out
  • your heart is pounding so hard you can practically feel it in your chest, there is blood seeping through your coat, and his touch where he grips you is the only thing keeping you anchored
  • fools, he had called your enemies, they are fools for having taken you.
  • he doesn’t tell you that you were a fool for having fallen into their trap because he knows that you couldn’t have prevented it otherwise, not when this organization had been going after him
  • it’s one of the drawbacks of dating him - people find out, and people try to use you to hurt him
  • it’s just your luck, too, that you had broken your foot the week before.
  • but he came for you
  • of course he did
  • for once in your life, you had genuinely been terrified. working in the mafia has gotten you into some sticky situations before, but this time it was different. it wasn’t just you, it was him, it was the entire damn mafia, because face it, if Akutagawa was lost, there would be others who would make their move
  • but you’re also exhausted, mentally more than anything, enough for you to forget about filtering your words.
  • so
  • when you open your mouth to thank him, the words come out instead.
  • “i love you”
  • thankfully, you pass out before you can even see his reaction
  • the bad part? you miss him freezing for a full second, his ears turning red, his cheeks flushing a pretty pink, and him ducking his head and brushing his lips over your forehead and saying, “i love you too.”
  • let’s be real, he only does that because he knows you’re not awake.
  • the poor boy’s not ready for saying it to your face because he would turn into a tomato and die
Edogawa Ranpo
  • aw look at this cutie
  • this overenthusiastic, super intelligent, absolutely shameless cutie
  • on the cutie scale i would rate him 10/10 would cutie again except points taken off because he has an ego and he can just be so damn loud
  • which is exactly why it surprises absolutely no one when they learn exactly how early on Ranpo first said those three words.
  • okay, maybe you had been surprised, because you really hadn’t been expecting it and he knows, that smug bastard - he probably planned it out that way so he could always hold it above your head by reminding you that yes, he can be sweet when he wants to be. sweet as in pure, teeth-rotting sweet.
  • well, it was more spontaneous than anything
  • it was after a long day of work - overtime, you say later, irritation coloring your words, only for him to laugh and push your head into the pillows, can you believe it
  • most workplaces have you sign up for overtime
  • not at the Agency
  • Fukuzawa suggests it, and everyone knows that he means otherwise.
  • your hair is pushed away from your face for convenience, your hands are tired from filling out papers, sticking pins on maps, typing up reports - everything that could have possibly went wrong that day did go wrong (it’s Murphy’s Law, Ranpo declares, and you try to chuck something at him but are stopped by Kunikida and Atsushi) - and you just want to go home and make yourself a hot bowl of soup and go to bed
  • you’re not the best at taking care of yourself
  • and let’s be real, he isn’t either. he doesn’t even know how to go around with trains, for crying out loud
  • but that’s off topic
  • you just want to go home and have some nice, hot soup, and Ranpo knows, so he takes all the paperwork from your desk when you’re not looking and gives it all to Atsushi - the poor boy, but he lets him to it because he obviously knows what’s happening
  • the whole office probably does, now that you think about it
  • or, like, maybe they’re just completely exhausted
  • you know you are
  • but Ranpo takes your hand and he just drags you out of there, ignoring your protests, and takes you to the closest station and stands there staring at the map with such concentration on his face you wonder if he’s actually trying to learn how these things work for once in his life
  • you end up having to help him
  • obviously
  • when you ask about it later, leaning against your kitchen counter watching him solve a Rubik’s cube, Ranpo says so casually that you almost miss it, “well, it’s because i love you and wanted to help.”
  • you’re speechless
  • it’s a sweet incentive, but Ranpo fails so terrifically that the two of you decide that it’s a better idea to leave his inability to use public transportation alone as it is
Edgar Allan Poe
  • first off, you’d like to begin by stating that while you don’t hate Poe, you find his tendency to accidentally drag you along with him into his books is getting a little frustrating
  • and yes, you’re saying this because you can never solve the damn mysteries
  • it bothers you to no end, because you have always prided yourself in your ability to solve murders, and his books always involved those
  • maybe it’s because he solves it faster than you do - which is because he wrote the stories, which isn’t fair, he should at least give you a chance -
  • you tell him that one day, when a new book is sitting open on your bed and he’s explaining it to you with such animation to his gestures that you feel bad for interrupting
  • and when the book starts to glow that gold, your stomach plummets and you try to scramble back but for some reason he’s pulling you in
  • he looks almost apologetic
  • okay, that’s a lie, he’s absolutely apologetic
  • you think that it was supposed to be some sort of grand plan he was trying to pull it off
  • some sort of surprise for you, most likely
  • you know this because he caves about five minutes into this new world he had created, barely after you had managed to reorient yourself, the words spilling out of him like a confession
  • you’re almost amused
  • (Karl leaps from his shoulders to yours, situating himself comfortably on the obviously more stable of the two, as in you’re the one moving less and the one who’s more amused about the way things are turning out than Poe is)
  • “so,” you say, interrupting Poe before he can get both of you murdered for standing around too long, “what you’re saying is that this is a mystery only i can solve?”
  • he had known, then
  • Poe nods, posture wary, and when you smile he relaxes so obviously that it makes you laugh
  • “let’s get on with it, then,” you say, and you’re not really surprised - you find yourself happy, even excited - as you navigate your way through the entire plot
  • it presents you a challenge, and by the time the book expels the two of you, you’re sprawled across your bed with a faint smile on your face
  • it’s the kind of smile of someone who’s forgotten that they’re wearing one but not doing much to get rid of it once they realize
  • also
  • you end up falling asleep
  • how could you not? Poe dragged you into that adventure around midnight, because it’s the only time when he conquers his shyness and shares his newest creations with you
  • you don’t blame him
  • but you also miss the way his lips curl into a tentative smile, his fingers brush through your hair, and he says, almost awed, “i love you.”
  • he says it now because he realizes just how far his feelings for you go, after watching you and the confidence you had in yourself as you solved the mystery, and he’s not sure if he should be worried about what it means or not

anonymous asked:

request idea: it's the hottest day of summer (maybe even the hottest day EVER!) and sans and reader's a/c is on the fritz. how do they beat the heat?

i love stuff like this. normal, every day things that would cause havoc with two nerds who know nothing about being Actual Adults™. you’re awesome, ‘nonny!

have an idea? shoot it my way!

Pairing: Sans/Reader

Summary: When Sans said he was going to get you hot this weekend, you knew this wasn’t what he meant.

Ninety degrees.

In. The. House.

You didn’t even want to think about what it was like outside. No-fucking-thank-you. The sun beating on the roof of your place was more than enough to create a stifling environment. Was this was chicken nuggets felt like when they were shoved into a deep fryer? When chocolate chip cookies were forced under a heat lamp and cooked to soft and fluffy perfection?

You wiped your brow and the bead of sweat rolled down into your eye, immediately sending it stinging. Damn, this was awful.

“Sans, any updates?”

“sorry babe, kinda busy here.” 

He continued to tinker with the A/C unit posted in the window. When he lived Underground, long before he posted up in Snowdin, Sans worked with the Royal Scientist to do research on humans and breaking down the barrier. His scientific background and love for mechanics was sure to help in fixing something this simple. Right?


He’d been struggling with it for an entire hour. In the time that it took for him to finally pry it open and try to fiddle with its innards, you made an entire pitcher of lemonade, had the ice melt and water it down, and chugged the entire thing by yourself just to bring your core temperature down. Now your stomach was cramping from too much liquid shoved in there and Sans was getting more frustrated by the minute.

“damn it.”



“You can’t fix it?”

He rubbed at his temple and avoided eye contact with you. It killed him to admit this. “sorry. guess we’ll have to call someone after all.”

“Shit, okay. Do you know anyone off the top of your head?”

The both of you flipped through the directory online. The maintenance guy for your apartment complex was out of town for the weekend, and all work orders had to wait until he got back. Unless you wanted to shell out for services now and have them reimburse you. But money was tight this month with a few birthdays so close together, and you barely had enough to make rent, let alone waste it on something that wasn’t considered an emergency.

“they’re booked out ‘til next week.”

“Are you serious? What about this one?”

“went straight to voicemail.”


You were sticky all over, your hair damp and the dried sheen of sweat only hardening into a slightly grimy layer that itched whenever you moved. This was disgusting.

“Want some ice?”


You took the last of it out and cursed the fact that you didn’t have a fridge that could make it for you. The trays were taking forever to freeze, at least two hours, and this was the last of it. You popped a cube into your mouth before depositing the rest into a cup to take to Sans. You plopped next to him on the couch.

“Lean back for me.”

He did as you asked and you took a single one, it already melting in your fingers. Sans was a skeleton, sure, but he was also a monster. And in weather like this, he felt it just as much as anyone else. He couldn’t really cool himself off by normal means, so the best way to do it was to rub a piece along his skull to try and bring him relief.

You dragged the cube along his temple and toward the curve of his skull. He shuddered in gratitude and closed his eyes, the droplets skating down his forehead and onto the bridge of his nasal cavity. It was the least you could do. He’d brought all of his tools from storage just to mess with the air conditioner, facing off against the sun beating on his face and hands, and he hadn’t broken down and snapped at you at all. He really was a patient person.


“yeah. thanks, babe.”

“No problem.”

You sat there for a few more minutes, cursing the fact that the last bits were melting into a lukewarm pool of water. Sans downed the rest of it when it did run out, looking a little better now that he wasn’t so parched.

“we gotta do somethin’ else, this isn’t working.”

“I know. I stuck my head in the freezer for a little while, but then it started melting all the stuff inside. And I’m not explaining to Papyrus why his ice cream ended up as soup.”

Sans grunted. “you, uh, ok there? you’re sweating through your shirt.”

“Agh, shit.”

You lifted your arms. Yep. Armpit stains, just what you suspected. You thought that wearing a tanktop would help, but everything was sloughing off onto your clothes. And from every pore, it seemed like. It made your hair damp and stick underneath your arms, and your back was slick with how much there was. The worst part was the amount that formed underneath your breasts.

“I need to change. Again.”

“we should prob’ly just close the curtains.”

“Yeah, no one needs to see this.” You tore the shirt off and threw it to the side, Sans watching it lie haphazardly on the floor.

“nah, i’m more worried about peeping toms takin’ pics of you.”


“yep. lots of creeps out there. and who could resist this?” He jiggled your stomach and you slapped his hand away, scandalized.

“Shut up. I guess I’ll just…strip down. Even more.”

Sans went to work in making sure the room was darker. The blackout curtains were never more welcome as you tried to relish the cool shade, if just for a moment. The window was open, so the slightest of breezes was able to push past and circulate air, but the ceiling fan was busted since the day you moved in and there was no using it.

“want some help with that?”


“your bra.”

“Pffft. Oh my god, I’m not sitting here naked. Nice try, though.”

“hey, i gave it a shot.” He grinned wickedly. “prob’ly for the best. wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you otherwise.”

“Ohhh, I get it. You’re the kind of creep you were warning me about earlier.”

“guilty as charged.”

Sans already had his shirt off and you wished that you were more comfortable to want to run your fingers all over him. He was so fascinating. And not in a gross clinical or fetishized way. He was just…so different and so familiar all at the same time.

You drummed your fingers on the arm of the couch and were just thankful that it wasn’t leather so it didn’t stick to your skin.

“got any other ideas?”

“I wish.” You glanced at the front door. “Would be nice if we could just leave that open, but then I’d have to put something else on.”

“yeah, kind of a lose-lose situation there.” He grunted and hopped down. “you got any ice cream?”

“Only what Paps brought over, and we’re not touching it.”

“shit. uh.” He looked like he was wracking his brain and wandered to your room. “what about the shower?”

Huh. You hadn’t considered that. An icy cold shower would actually….be kind of nice. And then you could cool off by letting everything air dry. It might make your water bill a little higher this month, but there was nothing else you could do at this point.

“That’s your angle, huh?”

“hey. it’s a legit question.” He shucked off his pants. “you comin’ in or not?”

He didn’t let you answer, because he stepped through the door and started it up. You listened to the pellets hitting the shower floor and bit your lower lip. It would’ve been…really nice, but Sans in these types of situations could get pretty handsy. It wasn’t even a conscious thing, he just saw your naked skin and wanted to touch it. And you were not in the mood to get even more hot and bothered, especially not when you were trying so hard to fight off hyperthermia at this point.

Still, you knew that this was the only option you had for the moment. You kept your bra and panties on, tromping through to pull the door open so you could step in.

He was sitting on the small ledge. Positioned with the shower head directly on the top of his skull so the water ran up and down, in and out of every orifice. It looked a lot more refreshing than it sounded, and you cautiously moved in close to him so you could get some, too.

“Ohhhh man.”

“heh heh. stop.”

“But it feels sooooo goooood, Saaaaans!”


You weren’t sure if you could. Not when you just had to verbalize what was going through your head at this point. It was heaven. The slow hum of the water washing over your body, driving away all of the sweat and frustration. Easing your fears about the air conditioner issue and bringing you back down from stressing so hard about it. You closed your eyes and tossed your head back, a slight smile tugging at the corners of your mouth as you felt the droplets caress you in every single—

Hey, that wasn’t the water!

“Sans!” You shoved his hand away from your thigh, which he’d squeezed just hard enough to break you out of your meditation. “Hands to yourself.”


“No you’re not, I can feel you smiling at me.”

“heh. s’yer fault for makin’ all those cute noises.”

“Those are noises of relief.”

“yeah, similar to the noises of relief i give ya every once in awhile.”

You snorted. “Okay, you got me there. Still. If we start messing around, you know something bad is going to happen. This is a recipe for disaster.”

“you sure ‘bout that?” He tangled his hands in your sopping wet hair and tugged it playfully, earning an annoyed grunt on your end. “few kisses won’t hurt.”

God. You were so weak.

Shower kisses honestly weren’t everything they cracked up to be. Maybe it was the position you were in, or the freezing temperature of the water, but it was hard to actually enjoy the sensations when your lips were going a little numb. Everything was much more slippery, especially with the way his digits simply skated over your breasts when he tried to grab hold of them despite the thin layer of fabric between you.

Sans leaned forward to lay a few kisses on your neck, but he scooted too far forward and went headfirst toward the floor.

“OH MY GOD!!! Are you okay?!”

You stood up to help him and grabbed for the shelf to steady yourself, and the soap you kept there slicked your fingers enough that you lost your balance. You landed on top of him. Hard enough that he left out a cry of pain.

You struggled to pick yourself up, the water beating down on your back and a bottle of shampoo knocked over from the reverberations of your fall. It dripped all along your hair and seeped into your eyes, earning a startled scream from you as you held yourself up with one arm, using the other to rub it away and wash it out.

Sans went motionless and his empty eyesockets stared up at you. It only spurred you to viciously scrub at your face and blearily get him out of the stream so he didn’t drown.

You crawled out of the shower with him in your lap, blinking rapidly and trying to stop the stinging tears from welling up in your eyes any longer. Sans stirred after a few minutes and stared up at you, his mouth turned downward in a grimace.

“was it that good? that i passed out?”

You broke into laughter and he followed suit, both of you completely soaked and nowhere near clean now that you’d rolled out onto the bathroom rugs that hadn’t been washed since two spring cleanings ago.

You toweled your hair to get rid of most of the excess water, letting the rest of it sit on your shoulders so it gave you some temporarily relief. You were already starting to drum up a new sweat now that you were out of the bathroom, Sans nursing his wound with a monster candy since he’d somehow bruised his bone with the hard landing earlier.

“Okay, so sexy showers are definitely not a thing.”

“i dunno, was havin’ fun until you knocked me out.”

“Ugh, it wasn’t me!”


You glanced outside the window, peering through the blinds, trying to see what everyone else was doing. Some people sat on their porch and sipped away at tea, shades on their face and hats to shield away the sun. Bastards. A lot of them had the luxury of chilling in a straight up bikini or shorts without worrying about others judging them for it. You didn’t even think you owned one that fit any more.

“hey, don’t alphys and undyne have a pool?”

Shit. “Yeah they do!!! Let’s head over and pretend we’re there to visit and hop in!”

“weird that they wouldn’t bother to invite us on a day like this.”

Both of you had to get somewhat dressed for that. You slipped on something you wouldn’t mind getting damp, Sans following you closely to the car. It was the fastest you’d ever seen him actually move as you dodged the hot patches of sidewalk to get inside.

“crank up the a/c.”

“Yeah! Great idea. See, this is why we’re so good together.”

You did as he asked and were met with sweet, sweet chilled air.



“let’s just sit here. not move.”

“Hey, I need this gas to last me for the rest of the week. We can’t.” You rolled down the windows and he shot you a reproachful look as you cut it off. “Sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

“that’s two things.”

“What? What was the other one?”

“letting me get knocked out.”

You took the fastest route to their place, savoring the rush of wind that came with you going over the speed limit. Traffic was light because people were preferring to stay indoors, probably in central air and watching TV.

You pulled up to the gate and hit the buzzer. “Hi, Alphys! It’s just me and Sans. We wanted to see how you guys were doing.”

No answer. That was weird. Usually she spotted you on the street and had the doors open for when you came this close.

Another punch of the button. “Hey, you guys there? Sans, should I call the house phone?”

He pulled his own weight, to your surprise, and his face wrenched up in disappointment.

“they, uh…went on vacation last week.”

You leaned forward and hit your head on the steering wheel. The long, roaring honk broke the silence of the otherwise peaceful street. “Fuck. How could I forget that?”

“welp. there’s just one thing to do.”

“Guess we’ll just have to go back—”

“ —we gotta hop the fence.”


“babe. we go back to our place, then what? we just sit around and hope we don’t die? undyne n’ alphys won’t mind if we take a dip.”

“Sans, we don’t have a key. It’s breaking and entering.”

“yeah, but they’re our friends, so it’s ok.”

“Are you serious???”


You watched him climb out of the car and on top of your hood. He was just tall enough that he could put his hands on the ledge and swing on over. You saw him drop down to the other side and scrambled out to see if he made it okay.

“c’mon, babe.”

You weren’t so sure about this, but it was too hot to argue. The fence was more of a privacy thing than security, so it wasn’t too bad. Right? They were your friends.

You somehow managed to follow suit. Sans waited for you down below, ready to catch you if you fell. But it wasn’t necessary, because you were a lot taller than him and the drop wasn’t as bad.

As soon as you hit the ground, Sans grinned at you and tore his shirt off.

“Oh my god, so scandalous.

“if you’re good, might even take the rest off,” he teased.

You both broke into a running start and dove into the pool. Well, Sans sort of just waltzed over to the edge and dropped in at his own pace. But the water itself, which was constantly filtered and cleaned with Alphys’s groundbreaking system, was so crisp and refreshing that you didn’t even care about getting caught. You dove down deep enough that you touched the bottom, springing back up and enjoying the rush of cold wind against your soaked cheeks as you came up for air.

Sans waded in the shallowest end of the pool, happy just to keep his head above water. You treaded water and floated along next to him, so relieved that you could spend the rest of the afternoon soaking and not having to worry about your own bills.

“I’m never getting out.”

“babe, your skin is doing that weird thing.”

“So what? You said you would love me no matter what.”

“yeah, but we should relax inside. they got a/c too.”

You were going to marry this monster. He just kept bringing good news to the table. “Oh yeah! And snacks! I’m starving!”

“heh, me too.”

You felt around in the mailbox for the spare key and opened the door. You both headed inside, tracking water on the tile floor, going your respective ways to search for towels and food.

“Do you think people make cards for intruding on friend’s houses while they’re on vacation just to eat their food and use their pool?”


“Well, we should get one.”

After washing off the remains of chlorine and combing out your hair, you and Sans snuggled together on the couch and popped in a movie.

When Alphys and Undyne came back early from their trip just a few hours later, only to find you two making out in their living room, they laughed too hard to be upset.

the place between places (6/?)

She wakes and finds her way to the shared refreshers, sonics and watches the last dust of Kieva disappear off her skin. She braids her hair tight afterward, shoulders her pack and wanders. K-2SO was gone when she left her shared sleeping quarters after a few hours of fitful sleep, which Jyn takes to mean he either found a task more to his liking or else Cassian came to find him. If it’s the latter he knows where Jyn’s been assigned as well and chances are he’ll find her again when time and responsibility allow.  Until then it’s up to her to find ways to occupy herself.

The Farragut is not like the base on Kieva, people here have not had a year to grow familiar with Jyn, do not know her situation. They look at her rank-less shoulder, question what a civilian is doing aboard a rebellion vessel. “Someone’s kid?” Someone asks, barely glancing up from their work, and Jyn’s upper lip curls, bares her teeth.  “No.”

The officer looks up, eyebrow slightly raised. “Little young for a bride, aren’t you kid?” Heat rises in Jyn’s face, blooms across her cheeks. “Is there work for me to do or not?”

“I’ve gotta get clearance from on high, it might take a while. New bodies tend to back things up, you understand?”

Jyn restrains herself to keep from rolling her eyes, stalks away.

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I have finished notes for another creative writing critique, I shall reward myself with more sappy DirkJake marriage headcanons! THE RIDE NEVER ENDS!

After the game, the kids have a few hang-ups about rings, but it’s not as severe as the shakes they get in the face of weapons, blood, or the occasional shock they get out of pulling their old god tier clothes from the closet, fitted perfectly to their adult size and as still clean as they day they rose off their quest beds. Depending upon your preferred timeline (*/Gill the Shill mode activated*), Jake’s <i>lascivious reverie</i> before being rudely awoken by Aranea leaves him with weird feelings whenever he looks at posters of Neytiri, and it takes awhile before he feels he can wear shorts above the knee or even think about seeing those sequels James Cameron keeps saying are coming, you guys, really. But nothing unique to Jake stops him lingering in jewelry shops, pondering. Not shopping, but thinking about it.

Money isn’t a question, it’s more about style. In his heart of hearts, Jake knows Dirk will think no less of him if he proposes with a ring so tacky it’s <i>made</i> of diamonds, but Jake wants Dirk to know he knows what he likes. And Dirk doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, but keeps his appearance modestly simple. The anime spikes have become a quieter whorl now that they’re no longer adolescents and Dirk was forced to trade his shades for reading glasses after years of staring at computer screens through them took a toll on his eyesight. Funny that god tier magic didn’t clear that up, Jake thinks (never stopping to ponder how he’s still blind as a cave fish without his own glasses), but at least Dirk isn’t afraid of growing up to look like his brother’s childhood nightmares anymore. With the way Dirk still keeps his triangle shades in a reverent place on his shelves, Jake deduces he’d want something understated and classy, but with flair. Two bands, both made of elaborate gold knots that aren’t quite tasteless enough to resemble hearts, are snapped up the instant Jake sees them. The offer of an engraving is forgone but if Dirk were to accept, Jake decides on the spot to put “For my Prince” on their proper wedding rings. He still doesn’t know if he’ll actually propose, or how, or even if this is what he really wants or what Dirk wants, but if the moment comes he will be prepared.

Dirk keeps design notes in his sketchpad. He knows Jake fiddles with his hands while doing other things. He’ll pick his nails, ruffle his hair, click pencils, bounce his leg, he likes to be occupied. It helps him focus, and Dirk has learned to tune out the more irritating tics. After seeing the idea, he made Jake his own fidget cube as a present. Jake carries it everywhere. Now, he’s playing on the idea of a fidget ring. Twist the band, and little gears click all across the piece. Or, multiple interlocking bands of different metals to fiddle with and move around. Little thumbnails wind up in the corner of larger pieces, an intricate toy of metal and stone next to Dirk’s next animatronic art piece. But it’s never quite right, he thinks. It has to go beyond the idea of just a toy to play with, it has to be a work of art. Moreover, it has to be for Jake. Jake would accept an engagement ring of a coiled paper clip if Dirk were the one sliding it on his finger, but if it’s not made just for him, Dirk will never forget-

Wait, when did he start taking this so seriously?

The subject comes up at dinner, over movies, on lazy mornings, like a rabbit comes up from its burrow. Always when they’re alone together. If Roxy caught wind of it, she’d have the entire ceremony planned in a week, and she already booked the event space so there’s no backing out, you two! It just feels so formal, so official, so permanent. Is it even necessary? Nothing about us will change. And what about taxes?(“Jake, I do our taxes, remember?” Dirk says, and then they both look away, red but smiling) And they’re god tier, Dirk murmurs. What does that do to “til death do us part”?

We might ask Rose and Kanaya, Jake might say, the suggestion slid across as though it were the ring box in his sylladex. Dirk nods. A few weeks later, John and Roxy want to watch Shrek for some godforsaken reason, and the moment “I’m a Believer” kicks up over the credits Dirk and Jake look at each other, catch the other’s eye, and smile slowly. They stay that way until one of the Lalondes starts to turn her head their way.

Dirk settles on just asking, and saving his designs for a wedding ring. Jake, who’s never been one to be choosy about restaurants, starts evaluating finer establishments on nights they go out.

Checkmate | RoyalGuard!AU | Pt. 1

Summary: checkmate (noun): a check from which a king cannot escape; a final defeat or deadlock
Word Count: 3,987
Genre: honestly? a little bit of everything
Pairing: Yoon Jeonghan x Reader 
TW: none i can think of! let me know if you need anything tagged

Pt.: 1 | 2 | 3 | soon™

A/N: i’m not just gonna leave you guys hanging for a week lmao. here’s something for you to think abt/read while i’m gone. see you all soon

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Lying Eyes

Request: can you write one where Dean cheats on the reader? It’s okay if you don’t want to! Thank you!

Warnings: angst, cheating,  self hate

Summary: Dean can’t hide his lying eyes

Song: Lyin’ Eyes by the Eagles

Note: it’s pretty short because being cheated on sucks 

Originally posted by littleblondesamoan

You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you’d realize
There ain’t no way to hide your lyin eyes

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