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A Sunny Sunday

Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where an ordinary day turns into a memorable one. 
Word count: 1287
Warnings: feels, fluff
A/N: @ohevansmycaptain sparked some creativity in me and I got this idea the other day thanks to the meatball calling himself daddy.

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Don't ask me to trade a war for a  wife. Black Sails Eppy 8

I remember watching the above scene from 4x1. In the scene, Captain Flint has given the abandon ship command and Silver is assisting Kofi and Obi with getting Madi off of the ship. The emotion you see in the pictures above are Silver, at first, cajoling her to go ahead with him and Madi demanding that he “get on the ladder”. I loved this scene, but was a little taken aback by it at first. Mostly, due to the fact that Kofi and Obi had things handled. They were more than capable of getting Madi in the longboat. So why did Silver see to her safety personally? Also, why would Madi object to him staying to see to the safety of his men. Silver is the crew’s Quatermaster. He has a duty and if anyone understands the word “duty” it’s Madi. Well, we later find out why the scene played out as it did. In a flashback, it was revealed that Silver and Madi were lovers. However, after watching episode 8, Silver reveals that she is much more than that.

Episode Eight starts with a man riding on a dark road. When we see his face, we recognize that it is Woodes Rogers and he looks to be at Miranda’s burned out villa. He ends up in Flint’s library clearly looking for a specific book. After Rogers returns to Nassau, we see him with Billy. Rogers puts a gun to Billy’s head to remind him of their intertwined fates and I can’t help but wonder if Billy finally realizes that allying himself with this monster was a bad idea? Anyhoo, the book that Billy sent Rogers after is a Avery’s diary and it looks to have map drawings in it. Billy than goes on to tell Rogers the story of Flints and Gate’s friendship and alludes to Flint and Silver’s friendship having a similar outcome. 

~ That’s how close Mr. Gates was to Flint. Stored his most prized possessions in his cellar. Avery’s journals. Despite that measure of trust, all it took was a disagreement over a little money for Flint to kill him. There are no two people close enough that something cannot separate them. Some point at which they were never fully connected to begin with. It happened with Gates and Flint. It will happen with Flint and Silver. You wanted someplace you could exchange the money off the island. There it is. You will lead them there and they will follow you ~ Billy

In the next scene Silver is sitting alone on the Walrus in the dark. Flint enters and tells him that Kofi and his men are on their way to Nassau to attempt Madi’s rescue. Flint gives a confident rundown of the rescue plan. You can tell that he has absolute certainty that it will be successful or more likely that he is trying to convince Silver that it will be. Silver after listening to this finally responds…

~ What happens after all of it? Assume your plan succeeds and we retrieve her alive. Assume your war begins… spreads throughout the New World. I saw what came of Nassau when it was touched by it. The first instant it was deprived of Eleanor Guthrie’s commerce or Jack Rackham’s prosperity or Woodes Roger’s oppression. There’s nothing in Nasau, but horror. You said it  was just a transition. That something better lay beyond it, something meaningful But what if that isn’t so? What is the result of this war isn’t beyond the horror? What if it is the horror itself?  Have you given this any thought at all?~ Silver

~ If we are to truly reach a moment where we might be finished with England cleared away to make room for something else… there most certainly lies a dark moment between here and there. A moment of terror. Where everything appears to be without hope. I know this. But I cannot believe that that is all there is. I cannot believe we are so poorly made as that. Incapable of surviving in the state to which we were born. Grown so used to the yoke that there can be no progress without it. ~ Flint

~ It’s a lot to ask… to wager so much suffering on blind faith. ~ Silver

~ Well, it isn’t entirely faith. We’ll have the right people in place to lead us through it and hold the world together while it finds its balance. ~ Flint

~ You think so much of what you and I can accomplish together. ~ Silver

~ You and her. You and Madi. She’s as wise as her father. She’s as strong as her mother. There isn’t a man or woman in Nassau who’d argue that she isn’t the best of all of them. The cache is critical to our war, but so is she. Critical to holding our alliance together. We absolutely must get her back alive. ~ Flint

~ And you think I’m the one best suited to lead our people through this?~ Silver

~ I think you are the best of us. The two of you together are the world in balance.~ Flint

Yes, I know that was a lengthy dialogue, but I wanted to type out every word. It’s important to analyze all that’s at play here. In Sliver and Flint’s last conversation, Flint flat out expressed that “his war” was more important than Madi’s life. I didn’t imagine it. So why now is he expressing that Madi is critical to the success of the New World? Why is he saying that she and Silver will lead the people together? What happened to WE, meaning he and Silver? Well… Flint realizes the WE, really is Silver + Madi. Silver no longer exists outside of Madi. It has become clear to Flint that they are joined and later in the episode, we’ll find out just how much so. So… Flint played the only card he could…. I stand wholeheartedly behind the two of you… until he doesn’t.

Morning comes and we see Silver and Flint on the deck of the Walrus. They are surprised that Roger’s ship is anchored behind them and has clearly been there for awhile. The two watch in horror as Kofi and his men are brought above deck. So clearly, the rescue mission failed. Next, Madi is brought above deck and Silver looks on in relief that his love is truly alive. However in the next minute it goes all terribly wrong. Kofi is brought forward and shot in the head, so are his men. Flint commands his men to bring the ship around so they can raise the guns. A scare tactic of sorts but Silver says fuck that. He is over this shit and demand’s Hands to get the cache. Then he looks at Flint like yes motherfucka, I tried to tell you. My love will not be dying for this war. Then in a minute, that truly stopped mine and Silver’s heart, Madi is marched forward to be executed. However, just in time, Joji arrives with the treasure. Rogers sees and stops the execution. Then Silver tells the crew to follow Roger’s ship. So, again the Queen proves that she has nine lives.

Well, I’m sure that we all realize that shit hit the fan after that and the fiery exchange that happens between Silver and Flint next was mind blowing…

~ Of course, I love her. I let you try your way, but I am through wagering with her life now. If what it takes to secure her release is to turn over the cache, I’m very glad I brought it with us.~ Silver

~We had it. We had it in our hands. This war was breathing air, it was alive. Now Julius is back in that camp, pointing to a hole in the ground, telling anyone that will listen “This is what it looks like when you trust a pirate.” Yesterday he had nothing. He was shouting in the rain. Now you’ve given him all he needs to kill this war dead.~ Flint

~ My God. The number of times I have followed you blindly, backed you with the men blindly, put me in the fucking ground. Good men, friends because you said “I know the way. Don’t ask me how. Just do as I say.” I may not have understood it. I may not have supported it, but I did it. And God damn it, right now you’re going to return the favor! We will find a way to put it all back together with whatever we have left at our disposal. But do not ask me to choose between a war and a wife. I do not think you’re going to like the answer. Whatever must be done to secure Madi’s release, I am going to do. I do not expect your understanding, but I demand your support. As my partner. As my friend. Do I have it? Do I have it? ~ Silver

~ Yes~ Flint

Wait…. What…. Did Silver just say “ wife”? Did he just refer to Madi as his wife?  How? When? Where? Talk about a bombshell. Remember when we were all analyzing Madi’s ring and the fact that she was rubbing it after Silver was “presumed dead”? Well, now we have our answer. Guy’s you know how I love a good parallel, right? Well… think back to when Rogers told Berringer to have my wife brought to me. Most assumed that his wife was there from England. Then…. Eleanor appears. Well here is another parallel between Madi and Eleanor. Both married, both surprises.  Boy, do I need the details behind this declaration.

Later on we see, Silver and Hands talking. Hands is doing what he does best reminding Silver that Flint ain’t shit and that he will clap back at Silver for going against him. Forever loyal, Silver shuts him down,.

~ If you leave him alive long enough, he’s going to make you pay for it.~ Hands

~ He won’t move against me. This will pass. And that’s the end of this conversation.~ Silver

~ So many lies to deny a simple truth.~ Hands

~What?~ Silver

~ The crown does not divide. It cannot be shared. You know it. You want it done. You just don’t know how to ask yet. ~ Hands

~ Hear me very clearly. There is no hidden message and no equivocation. You will make no move against him. You will not speak of doing so to any man on this crew nor to me again. Do it and you’ll answer for it.~ Silver

I don’t care if Hands is a psychotic killer. Yeah he slit a 9 years olds throat. Slitting throats is like his favorite past time, actually. Yet, I don’t give a fuck. I love him. He is the friend, crazy ass uncle, mad dog, just pick an adjective person that you need in your life and I do not care. He is riding for John harder than anyone other than Madi and I am here for it.

The interesting part of this exchange with Hands is that at the exact moment that Silver is forbidding Hands to hurt Flint, Flint is selling Dooley a ghost tale. One in which Silver has been compromised and Flint needs a new partner. So, Flint convinces Dooley to help him remove the cache from the Walrus and bury it in an undisclosed location on Skeleton Island. Everything is going according to plan until Hands shows up. I repeat, I love him.

Remember, when Silver told Hands not to hurt a hair on Flint’s head. Well, Hands didn’t when he saw Flint and Dooley stealing the cache.

~ I knew it would come to this. I tried to tell him. We fight. Only two outcomes, I can see. I die or you die. Either way, he’s going to take me to blame for it. That’s how far you’ve burrowed into his head. He won’t put you out of it until he sees you for what you are. Go. ~ Hands

Hands was second in command to Blackbeard.  Flint’s true nature doesn’t surprise him. He is accustomed to madmen willing to watch the world burn for their own selfish desires. He identified that in Flint the moment that he encountered him. He’s tried to tell Silver repeatedly, but John’s loyalty wouldn’t let him believe. So Hands shows him, by taking him on deck and standing back as he watched Flint and Dooley pull the cache to shore. Silver finally has no choice but to acknowledge that the man that he has followed blindly for so long happily signed his wife’s death sentence.

As a result of Flint’s betrayal, Silver has no choice but to parlay with Woodes Rogers. Can I say that watching Silver hoist himself over Roger’s ship railing and walk defiantly to face Rogers left me in a puddle. Like Silver in that moment was just pure walking sex and I momentarily forgot that the Queen was in danger. It was hot!  So back to the point. Silver tells Rogers that Flint has absconded with the cache and he has sent six of his best men to run him down. So basically your bitch ass better not think of hurting the missus, before I can get you your damn cache.

Then… Billy happened. Lawd, I hate Billy. Honestly, I think I hate Billy more than Flint at the moment. Flint was always shit. I expected more from Billy though. And true to bitch ass form he challenged Silver to tell everything and the Pirate King did…

~ I instructed them to kill Captain Flint.  ~ Silver

Well there you have it folks. Long John Silver  warned Flint not to ask him to choose between a war and a wife. He warned him that he wouldn’t like the answer. And the answer is John telling Hands to slit his throat. Again, Hands is Silver’s psycho bestie so I’m okay with that. Handle your business, Israel.

Black Sails writers thank you for this episode. How could we have known that we'd  get confirmation of Mrs. Madi Silver and Flint’s betrayal all in one episode. Good times. Also, thank you again for Luke going over that railing. Shallow, I know, but thank you all the same. Can somebody gif that, cause (swallows).

R.I.P Kofi. You were fierce and fine and deserved so much more than dying because Billy is a bitch ass. Silver is going to take care of that for you though. Death by stroke is forthcoming.

kashikoikawaiisaschachen  asked:

How intelligent do you think Zack really is? I think half of his stupidity comes from the lack of education. He did have some moments of intelligence, like when he was trying to figure out the writing of Ray's name.

Actually I think Zack isn’t that dumb. 

You’re right, half of his stupidity probably comes from his lack of education and when he tries, he can do it. He read Ray’s name, but at Eddie’s floor, he also thought of going to the other room with a crack on the wall because he deduced himself that it was connected to the room where Ray currently was. He deduced himself as well that the rock in front of Ray’s tomb was his tomb. He thought of asking Ray to get a lighter weapon for him in Episode 3 after he was hurt. He can wrap and unwrap his bandages himself. Once Ray told him that the cell bars were made of steel and he tested it once, he knew not to hit the bars again. In the game, he himself thinks of the vent as a place where Ray hasn’t searched yet in the poison room. He has survived alone during all this time without ever getting caught by the police. 

Also, the syringe’s room: he plans things out, there. If Ray dies, then he’s basically done for. However, if he dies, then Ray will have a problem, and as Cathy said, the syringe’s serum is not deadly. He think about that and that’s why he takes the two syringes. Knowing his vitality and strength, plus maybe the effect of the vitamins, he had good chances of surviving. Zack taking the two syringes was actually the best decision to get out of this dilemma. 

So yeah, he’s not an idiot. If he had received a proper education, went to school, etc. he would probably be way smarter. 

But as his resumes says, thinking is not his forte and he’s poor at planning. He just doesn’t think things through. That’s not how he works. He’s someone who acts a lot on instinct: act first and think after. He doesn’t take his time to think: when he has an idea, he goes for it.

That can be really stupid (aka breaking the card in the poison room, thinking that Ray could have gone through a locked door at B6) but that can also be really useful (aka throwing Ray into the vent) because he doesn’t ask himself too many questions.

He doesn’t hesitate often. That’s not how he works. He does things and if it doesn’t work, well fuck it. Planning is not his thing. 


So I would say that Zack is naturally not a thinking person like Ray - he wouldn’t be a top grade student for example - and his lack of education doesn’t help. However, he’s far from being a complete moron: he has an instinctive kind of intelligence and can be quite clever. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi ! I honestly don't know if it's been talked about before [couldn't catch up with my dashboard...] and I assume it has. But I was wondering what your thoughts were on the "Good" lines in 12x14 ? Both Mary and Sam say it at the end of the episode when we see Ketch and the "rogue hunter" but Dean also says it in the beginning when Mary says she sees Wally die every night. What kind of meaning could it have ? :/ I've been thinking about it but I don't have any clear idea

Hey! So if it was talked about already I wouldn’t have a clue as I have missed out on three weeks of meta and haven’t yet read a single other episode review of 12x14 except for my own which I hastily typed out over the weekend.

But yeah you raise a good point. The “Good” lines do kinda bookend the episode in a way and it is interesting in the way it separates Mary and Sam from Dean at the moment and their feelings on the situation.

At the beginning we have this exchange:

DEAN: Cas almost died!

SAM: A hunter got killed

MARY: I’m the one who burned his body, I’m the one who told his wife. I watch him die every night.

DEAN: Good.

(enter title card)

Then at the end of the episode this takes place:

SAM: where are you taking him?

KETCH: We have ways of dealing with hunters who go rogue, they aren’t pleasant.

MARY: Good.

SAM: Good.

In the first scene, Dean is being controlled by his emotions. Mary has betrayed and hurt him and the mention of Cas shortly before the story about telling Wally’s wife hits close to home. (We are supposed to associate Cas’s worth to Dean with Wally’s worth to his wife) Dean’s “Good” to Mary is him wanting her to feel that pain as punishment for what she did to Cas as well as to Wally. 

The raw emotion in Dean’s voice and the way this argument was shot meant Dean’s “Good” had a hell of a lot of emotional impact. Also, for the audience, I believe we are supposed to sympathise with Dean here, we are supposed to agree with him and say “Good” along with him. Mary deserves to feel that pain. 

The last scene however, plays with that idea of punishment and what is rightly deserved. Yeah Pierce was a dick for working with the Alpha Vamp and getting innocent people killed, yes he deserves to be punished for his crime. But the audience has had the displeasure of getting to know Ketch and his “methods” and when Ketch says “ways of dealing with hunters who go rogue” it is meant to leave a bad taste in your mouth. It isn’t too difficult for the audience to imagine what Ketch is capable of at this stage, and it certainly isn’t a pleasant thought what might be in store for Pierce. Does anyone really deserve that? Did anyone say “Good” along with Sam and Mary? Or did they grimace slightly at their imaginations conjuring up just what our resident psychopath might mean by “ways of dealing with”?

We don’t instinctively agree with them. We are not supposed to. Their joint “Good” sets them so far apart from Dean and his emotional “Good” from earlier and puts them on the side of cold, psychopathic Ketch. Dean of course, remains silent, which further emphasises how different the two “Good” moments are.

I think this is supposed to show how Sam and Mary are on a dark path and not one that the audience is supposed to sympathise with in the long run. Even though it may not be obvious at this stage. Dean’s “Good” came from a place of emotion, Sam and Mary’s “Good” came from a cold desire for punishment and justice regardless of what that meant. They didn’t even question Ketch’s methods. 

The show has at this point set in motion a course which will separate Dean from Sam and Mary. Their principals are different right now, and I reckon that this difference will grow more evident as time goes by. 

That’s what I think the two “Good” bookends means anyway. 

anonymous asked:

Your sheith post about it possibly being canon I did read that the writers wanted to take Tim in building relationships and the story. Which I think is cool since a lot of shows rush into relationships without any build to it. Also I don't think it's queerbaiting since as far as I know the writers never said anything was going to canon I just think they like to show support.

hi! sorry this got a little long ;; so under the cut it goes:

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anonymous asked:

Please can you do Tommy shelby when you meet him and don't realise who he is (and you fall for him) but when he tells you, you don't turn him away??

“Good evening Tommy.” I smile as he enters the pub. I work as a barmaid in London and Thomas Shelby has been coming in quite a lot since he started doing business in town. We have talked and actually gotten very close over the past few weeks and last week he asked me on a date. He said I didn’t have to answer right away; that he would be back in a week and that he would hear my decision then. It didn’t take me long to come to an answer. He’s very handsome, smart, obviously wealthy and he can be very funny. He’s charming and very sweet to me and I can’t really find anything wrong with him. Yes, he’s damaged by the war, but all men his age are. So I’ve decided to say yes.
“Good evening y/n.” He sits down at the bar. “Have you considered my proposal?”
“I have and the answer is yes.” I say as I place a glass of whiskey in front of him.
He stops trying to light his cigarette and stares at me. “Really?”
“Yes.” I smile again.
“Good.” He breaths out. “Tomorrow is your day of right?” He asks and I nod. “I’ll pick you up at seven.”

The date went absolutely perfect and it was followed by many others and now we are on our way to Birmingham where I’ll get to meet Tommy’s family. I’m both nervous and excited, but Tommy seems to be dreading today. He tried to talk me out of it and he’s been stalling ever since he came to London to get me; I said I would take the train but he insisted that he would come and pick me up.
“Look they can be a little overwhelming and a bit harsh or crude at times and-“ Tommy says as we turn onto Watery Lane, but I interrupt him.
“I work in a bar Tommy; crude comments will not scare me off.
He nods and then stops in front of a house, but he doesn’t leave the car.
“Tommy?” I ask. “Is everything alright? Why are you so scared about me meeting your family?” I place a gentle hand on his knee.
He places a hand on top of mine and then turns slightly so he can look at me. “I enjoy being with you and I want to be with you for a very long time, but I’m afraid that my family will ruin the idea you have of me.”
“Tommy.” I sigh. “Even if your family members are the worst people in the world, that doesn’t change how I feel around you.”
He stares at me for a while before he shakes his head and gets out of the car. He makes his way to my side of the car and helps me out. We enter the house together and there are two men, two women, a small girl and a boy inside. The older woman looks up as we enter while the men continue to play cards and the other woman is fussing over the little girl. The boy gives us a curious glance as we move closer.
“Thomas.” The older woman greets him and then turns to me. “And you must be y/n. We’ve heard a lot about you.” She says as she takes my arm and leads me further into the room. “I’m Polly. These are John, Arthur, Finn and John’s wife Esme with their child.”
I introduce myself to them and then take the seat that Polly pulled out for me. They really aren’t as bad as Tommy made them out to be. His brothers are very kind and his aunt seems like a lovely woman. I laugh at something Arthur said and when I take the cup of tea from Polly I lock eyes with Tommy. He’s still standing in the same place, but there’s a small smile on his face and when he looks at me he breaks his stance and joins us at the table. Tommy and I stay for dinner and afterwards we decide it’s time to go; we still have to drive back to London.
“Thank you so much for everything.” I smile at them. “It’s been wonderful to meet you all.”
“We should get going.” Tommy says as he places a hand on my back to guide me to the door.
“Bye.” I give a small wave and then turn to Tommy who’s holding the door open for me. “Thank you.” I smile as I step outside.
But as soon as I step outside I’m grabbed and roughly pushed against a wall. I scream and I hear Tommy shout at the men that attack us. He is soon joined by Arthur and John and the man that is holding me against the wall has to let me go to help his mates. I stare at Tommy, Arthur and John as they fight the men as if they do this every day and I can’t help but feel slight fear when I see the look on Tommy’s face as he pounces on the man that held me against the wall earlier. I’m snapped out of my daze by Finn who gently tugs at my arm and leads me back inside. Even Finn, at his young age, easily maneuvers his way through the fighting men and manages to get me safely inside. Once I’m inside Polly is immediately all over me. I didn’t notice it during the whole ordeal, but the men that grabbed me left bruises in the form of his hands on me and my palms are scraped from trying to push away from the wall. Polly, Esme and Finn don’t say a thing and the room is eerily quiet until the boys come back in.
Tommy franticly looks around the room until his eyes land on me and he lets out a deep breath.
“C’mon let’s give them a moment.” Polly says as she ushers everyone out of the room.
Tommy walks to where I’m sitting and crouches down in front of me. I keep my eyes on my lap. He takes my hands in his and I wince slightly at the presses on the scrapes. Tommy frowns at that and gently turns my hands around until he sees the now cleaned scrapes. When I glance up I see his jaw clench as he keeps his gaze on my hands.
“Are you hurt anywhere else?” He mumbles.
“No.” I whisper.
“Good.” He breaths out and then he finally meets my eyes again. “I’m so sorry you got caught in this. Those men, they’re in a gang.” I tense up at his words and Tommy cups my face in his hands to make sure I keep looking at him. “And they were here because I’m in a gang with my family.” He explains. He drops his hands from my face after I don’t say anything for a while and he stands up. “I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore.”
That snaps me out of my daze. “What? Why would I not want to see you anymore?”
He gives me a strange look. “Because what I do is dangerous, because they could have hurt you far worse than they did tonight.”
“That doesn’t change anything between the two of us though.” I stand up and walk towards him. “It makes things more complicated, but it doesn’t change how I feel about you.” I add as I cup his face in my hands and make him look at me.
“Are you sure?” He asks as he places his hands on my hips.
“I’m sure.” I mumble as I stand on my toes and press my lips to his.

A horrible a person as Yuri is, and as much as he deserves what’s coming to him, I don’t think Leo should be allowed off the hook for his role in making him that way.

Because he basically moulded this child into his perfect soldier.

The timeline is blurry because we don’t know when Leo and Yuri first met, anywhere from 10-3 years before canon started.

We know Leo has been doing what he’s doing for at least 10 years, simply by virtue of Roger having been placed in the Synchro dimension 10 years prior. Which means Leo was aware of Selena’s existence for at least that long since that seems to be what kick started this whole thing, him discovering her existence. And he probably discovered Yuri not long after(b/c if Ray has a reincarnation it makes sense Zarc would and he’s want to keep an eye on it).

And it’s no less than 3 years because he already has Selena(and presumably Yuri)3 years become canon as shown when Reiji accidentally popped over, and Selena had clearly been trying to escape before then, so she’d been there for a while.

And it’s clear that Yuri spent a large portion of his life at Academia. So he could very well have been picked up early on in life.

So you have this kid, orphaned and presumably friendless, ostracized by his peers because of how strong a duelist he is (we don’t know if he was already ruthless, that could have played a part in it but we can’t say, just that he won a lot and people, didn’t want to be around him). And then, this happens to him.

And this is my main point.

Leo waited until Yuri was, arguably at his most vulnerable-an orphaned, lonely, friendless child(like, he can’t be more than 10 here), and basically said ‘I have a big plan, and I want you to be a part of it because of your skills, they are valuable to me’. He didn’t set him on the path as soon as he got to DA, he waited.

I know there’s the joke that ‘this is the face of a kid who was told he could kill people’ but its also, the face of a child being praised by the school’s headmaster and his talent being recognized. This is the face of a friendless orphan realizing someone thinks he’s useful, someone wants his skills. That someone WANTS HIM. Of course he’s going to be happy, kids drink praise like water, especially when it comes from an adult(especially teachers). Of course he’s going to be excited, this is huge for him(and he doesn’t fully understand the nature of it, and by the time he does, he just doesn’t care).

I mean, he’s like, I dunno, 10, I highly doubt he realizes the nature of carding people and simply saw it as a game. As a way to prove how strong he was(the more cards he has, the stronger he is). He became desensitized to the idea and it became second nature to him, an obsession.

Leo took a vulnerable child, and nurtured all the worst aspects of his personality FOR YEARS, turning him into the perfect little soldier, for no less than 4 years. Between that and being a fragment of Zarc(which only made all of that worse), Yuri never stood a chance of being anything but what he became.

So as horrible a personas Yuri is, I hope Leo too, gets his commence for this. Because he did this, he is (mostly) responsible for this.

fuck-off-becky  asked:

Hiii i saw your ask about if Marie and Double D's relationship would be long term or not and i just loved how you answered it, you put so much detail into almost all of your EEd ask's :D and i was wondering how you think Eddy and Lee's relationship is gonna be like when there older? Because of Eddy and Lee's personality's i don't see them being all cute around each other like how the other Ed's would be around the Kanker's if they were to be in a relationship.

Thanks! I love characters and stuffs so y’know ^u^

Okay so you want to know what I think of Eddy and Lee…

Haha okay here we go..

Again, a lot of what I am about to say is my headcanon and even though I know quite a bit about the show, I by no means consider my self an EEnE expert.

Yes I have the same idea as you, that if they were together, I don’t see them anywhere near as cuddly just because of their personalities. I mean, Lee can be softer than Eddy, when it really counts, but she can also be pretty brutal! Eddy and Lee I actually find to be very interesting as a couple. The tall slender chick and the short stubby guy lol. Eddy is selfish and stubborn, not to say Lee isn’t, but If she really does care for Eddy, she has quite the job on her hands to get him to come around. They are both the leaders of their respective outfits, so it’s going to be hard for me to explain all of my thoughts on this without describing the Kankers and the Eds as a whole. So, again bare with me lol.

Let me try to explain my views on Lee a bit. Lee, like her sisters, has issues of power, insecurity, and trust. And it’s quite evident by the way they go around bullying others, in the way they present themselves to the Eds, and the fact that they only hang out with each other. It seems as if they are overly confident, when in reality, people like that are over compensating for their own insecurities, (much like our short, three-haired, protagonist). They exert power over others for fear of the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability (a stigma often applied to women). This trend seems to fade from oldest to youngest among the sisters. Lee acts this way especially more so than Marie or May as she not only is a big jerk to the neighborhood kids, but she also enjoys bossing around the people closest to her, her sisters, as well (again, much like Eddy to his friends). She likes Eddy, and though, yes, she likes to chase after him, she also doesn’t want to look like a fool. She thinks it’s easier to just intimidate him so she can get in his face and say “I like you and there ain’t nothing you can do about it Hehehehe!” rather than opening herself up and kindly expressing how she feels to him, because doing that leaves an easy target for Eddy to slip an ice cold sword of LOOOOOOLLL NOPE into. Which he is thoroughly capable of doing given the chance. Get turned down by a BOY? I don’t think so. Maintaning that illusion of power keeps Eddy “in his place” and from hurting her feelings. Her sisters are most likely of the same opinion, however, Lee is probably the fire starter of this tactic (perhaps learning something from their mother’s encounters?). This is also probably one of the reasons only May decided to try and give Ed a valentine’s day card in the valentine’s day special, as she is the most naive. I’m sure if her sisters had found her bawling, Lee would have been ready with a knew-it-all-along response.

However, Lee’s leadership is unlike Eddy’s in the fact that eventhough she probably has her insecurities, she DOES have her sisters’ backs should anything bad happen. She never leaves them behind or forgets about them. That’s family. If they were into jawbreakers, she wouldn’t have left them to get trampled by chickens while she had a moral crisis on whether or not to save her sister or selfishly get a free jawbreaker, only to make the shitty decision in the end (“Don’t Rain on My Ed”). Lee is a better leader simply because of this fact, and it shows. The Kanker sisters never fail. They are like a strong chain, linked together and tough to break. Them always getting the better of the Eds isn’t just the cynical humor of the show, but also due to how weak the Eds’ chain is because of the lack of teamwork, trust, and loyalty that they have. This is mainly the fault of Eddy who is (or was rather) the broken link. They have teamwork, but it isn’t nearly to the quality it should be because of his constant selfish behavior, and thus, in the end, they usually

Post movie, Eddy will learn to trust his best friends more since he has come to realize that they accept and love him even with all his faults and past mistakes. This is when things would start to get interesting.
They would finally be able to work as a real team. Instead of crying out, “KANKERS!! Every man for himself!” Eddy would finally have the courage to stand up to Lee, not only for himself, but for his pals. And with this new found teamwork would come respect from the Kanker sisters (best sample of this was at the end of “Fist Full of Ed,” when Eddy actually stood up to the them for Double D, granted after having been a jerk the entire episode). Throughout the entire series it had been an unfair fight between the Eds and the Kankers and most of all, Eddy and Lee; like a cat chasing a bird with a broken wing. But post-movie Eddy would heal, having wings strong enough to fly him and his bros. Eddy could surly find it in himself to get the better of Lee as they grow up and his fears of her fade. She’ll have to step up her game as well, though I’m sure she won’t mind, as it will only make her feel as if she has truly met her match. Eddy would thoroughly enjoy his small victories, probably rub it in her face a bit. This could even happen to the point where, if Lee ever DIDN’T retaliate, he might act proud, but deep down become distressed by it, maybe even a little paranoid.

Even after the events of the movie, he would learn to consider his friends more and keep them in his heart, but Eddy’s Eddy’s experience wouldn’t just suddenly turn him into a kind and gentle young man ready to give Ed and Double D a big ol’ hug at any moment. Eddy isn’t an inherently sweet guy. Yes he has a soft side like everyone, but for Eddy, it doesn’t come about easily. Same for Lee. If Eddy were to enter a relationship with someone like, let’s say Nazz since he has a crush on her and she is the only example of a “typical” girl on the show, He would have to hide a HUGE part of his personality to get her to like him. Eddy likes to joke, and many of his jokes are kind of mean, but he really isn’t serious. Someone like Nazz would be too sensitive to understand that and might get offended. But Lee, dealing with Marie’s slick antics constantly, I’m sure she could take Eddy’s crap without getting the least bit offended. Mostly because she’d definitely have something else in return to get under his skin. And of course, if Eddy ever did start to develope feelings for Lee, he would deny it up down left, right and every which-way. One of the best examples I can give to how I could imagine them interacting would be this text message post

Again, my apologies for the wall of text lol.

Let the Stars Watch

Fandom: Left 4 Dead
Pairing: Nick/Ellis
Rating: M (18+)
Word Count: 4,517
Summary: Nick finds the perfect moment to tell Ellis how he feels. Based on the song ‘Eavesdrop’ by the Civil Wars.

A/N: Thanks to Catty ( mintsharpie​/ellislash​ ) for being a good beta and encouraging me to keep writing in general. 

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the-trinket-witch  asked:

I haven't seen anything previously about Let'sPlay!Yug AU, except for the anon ask and reply-but man do I really love that idea (what other aspects of this AU can you elaborate on? Does Yugi/everyone duel online for their channels or do they play regular games (the idea of Jounouchi being a horror-game LPer is fantastic) I need to be satiated with headcanons and AU's for my first favorite show!

Hello!! And thank you. Hhhm let’s see. I’m bad at explaining things so we’ll see how far I can go. Also I’d be happy to see what people could add if they want to

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You need me, I don't need you

I finally got around to writing another thing in the series of blurbs /loosely/ based on + by Ed Sheeran. This one is a further stretch from the actual song, but after listening to it this is the idea I came up with, doing one with boxer!luke just for a bit of variety. I must warn you a) I don’t know anything about boxing lol b) it’s kinda long so grab a snack. Okay, enjoy. And if you haven’t read it U.N.I can be found here, and part 2 to that here

You were stood blocking the door of your boyfriend’s apartment, arms crossed as you acted petulantly. “You’re going to make me late.” He groaned, head falling back in frustration. “I know, thats the point” you sneered, lips turning up into a sickly sweet smile. “Why do you even want to come anyways, you hate even just the idea of it. You’ve explicitly told me so several times.” His hands were out in front of him now, laughing at your audacity to demand he take you to his match when you’d bluntly brushed the idea aside the few times in the past, much to his delight. That and the fact that you thought you were any match for him. You were so small compared to his tall stature that he could pick you up and place you out of his way within seconds, not the he was going to try it, he knew better than to play the height card. Last time it had earned him a swift but light shove followed by a very long weekend of the silent treatment. “Well I changed my mind!” You huffed, “I’m a woman, it’s my prerogative.” Your sudden stubbornness, although cute and somewhat hot, was beginning to get on his last nerve now. He took a deep breath as he brought his fingers up to pinch the bridge of his nose, hoping he wouldn’t come to regret this. “Fine.” It was barely more than a grudged mutter but it was enough for you, cheering enthusiastically as you hopped out of the way, even opening the door as you waited on him to lead the way. 

“But you do exactly as I say and stay behind the scenes at all times, understand?” He instructed, adjusting the duffle bag on his shoulder as you both made your way to his car, eyes hard as they showed just how much he wasn’t fucking around. You rolled your eyes, nodding obediently. Having never been to one of his fights before you assumed he was just overexaggerating, that ever present need to keep you safe - sometimes overly so - flaring up. “Yes, yes, I get it. Even if I did try something though there’s not a lot you could do is there? You’ll be too busy getting your ass handed to you in the ring.” You winked, grin wide as you held back your laughter. Before you had a chance to make your way to the other side of the car, his hand was on your hip, finding yourself pressed between him and the car in an instant. “You underestimate me on two accounts,” he began, tone so low it sent tingles down your spine, “the first being that you think anyone would be able to stand in my way should I find out you were in trouble.” Being pressed so close you could feel his heart race at the thought, yours doing the same given the intensity of his words - you had no doubt he was telling the truth. “The second being you thinking I’d even come close to having my ass handed to me,” his features lifted, a cocky smirk now painted across his lips as playfulness twinkled in his eye as he leaned back slightly, arms wide. “I’m at the top of my game babe, there’s no stopping me.” You rolled you eyes, finding yourself laughing along with him. Leaning forward he pressed a quick kiss to your cheek and temple before turning your hips as a reminder for you to get in the car already, not missing the chance to swat your ass quickly as he did though. “In fact, if I weren’t so preoccupied planning the best way to keep you safe on such short notice, I’d be more bothered about the fact that you coincidentally find an interest in my occupation just as I start gaining some momentum. A damn glory hunter, that’s what you are.” He teased further as you both slammed your doors shut.

 The car ride was unusually silent for the two of you, both caught up in your own thoughts, coincidentally each being about your significant others. For him it was the internal struggle of trying to get into the right mindset for fighting whilst also trying to figure out what to do with you whilst he was at work in the ring. It wasn’t exactly the best crowd of people, he knew that and be was sure you did too. You were feisty, never backing down to anyone and he loved you for it. But it also gave you a warped sense of believing you could take on anyone if the circumstances called for it, which was fine if you were on a night out and a girl threw a nasty comment your way or if a customer was rude to you at work, but this was different. It wasn’t the most legit of businesses, probably why the money was so good, but this also led to attracting not the most legit people and it had his mind running with all sorts of situations you’d get yourself into and he couldn’t be there by your side while he was fighting, he couldn’t be throwing glances your way every other minute - that’s how people got beat. 

For you, your thoughts had been mulling your mind for sometime now, finally pushing you to take action. Indeed, he was at the top of his game at this point, you’d been with him for just over year but had known him for much longer and it had always been clear that he was skilled in his craft, finally to get some of the recognition he deserved. He’d worked hard to get to where he was now, gathering followers due to him being the next “up and coming” star, but lately things had been changing. Stricter diets consisting almost exclusively of meat because his manager told him so. His tried and tested training regime extended even further than ever including such highlights as 5am runs every morning and practice at the gym most nights til the wee hours leaving you with barely any time to see him because his manager told him so. You’d also noticed that he was coming home in a worse state than he used to, taking longer to recover even after fights he’d won most likely caused by being stupid with his tactics and there was no doubt in your mind that his manager had been behind that too. The infamous manager, whom you’d only ever seen from the window if he came to pick Luke up due to the incessant need he had to keep you separate from his livelihood, also happened to be his coach. He had been since Luke was little, but only in the last few months with his career taking off had he began to take on the role of manager too. Luke adored him, you knew that and consequently knew better than to try and bring up the issue with him knowing it would just cause tension between the two of you, which was why you had decided to meet the man yourself, see him in action to decide if you were right or not. You knew it all felt a little Nancy Drew, like you were going to catch him in the act of physically taking a larger cut of Luke’s money - which you were also sure he was doing, but the thought of someone taking advantage of that kind nature he kept hidden away for the few loved ones he let in made you want to pull on a pair of gloves and go a few rounds yourself with the culprit, not wanting him to lose who he was under the trust he put in his mentor.

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anonymous asked:

Hiii! I hope I'm not bothering with this question, but I'd like to know how you use all of your notebooks and journals. :O) I have many but don't know what to use them for, so I hoped you could help me. Thanks in advance and have a great day!

Hi! Don’t worry you’re not bothering me at all hehe i love getting messages :’)

And same tbh. I hoard so many notebooks and journals and sketchbooks that i’ve had the same problem w/ what to use them for lol but here’s what I do:

  • Bible study - I’m a Christian so yes a lot of my notebooks are used to take notes when I’m reading the bible or listening to sermons, etc
  • Rants - I have an entire journal dedicated to only ranting. Rant about anything from school to work to people to the government to ..whatever i feel at the moment
  • Life events / achievements / happy memories - Positive things for me to look back and feel nostalgic about
  • Movie reviews! - I like going to the movies a lot and actually have a mason jar full of movie tickets. I don’t have a journal but it’d be cool to have one just to write reviews for movies i’ve watched :) and to keep a checklist of movies to watch and have watched as well! (This can also be applied to books or mangas or whatever)
  • Travel - Love going to new places? Record your memories into a journal as well as keeping photographs. Traveling doesn’t even have to be going to another country or anywhere far, visiting a local museum or any cool place works too. Just somewhere that you’ve never been to before :) 
  • Gratitude - It’d be cool to keep a notebook that is only for gratitude. Whenever you feel thankful about something, write it down. This can be a full on essay about what you’re thankful for or just simply a few words. Idk. Something to remind yourself that life is good haha
  • Things I Learned - humans consistently learn throughout life so why not write down at least 1 thing that i’ve learned today, right?
  • Important info - your passwords, your social security number, your credit card info, your most important phone numbers, etc. This is better to be pocket-sized and easy to hide. Only use it in case of emergency. 
  • Ideas/ Brainstorms/ Plans for upcoming projects - omg it’s just so important PLUS hella cool to have your creative process recorded
  • Music - i’d very much like to have a small notebook with entries dedicated to songs/genres/artists that I listen to. How do I feel about this song? What do I like about this song? Why do I listen to it? Who does it remind me of? Who was the person that showed me this song and how does that person affect my listening experience with it? etc. 
  • Gossip - ok so… i have a lot of friends who tell me their secrets and of course since they are secrets, i can’t tell anyone. But that doesn’t stop me from spilling them all over a journal, right? I love knowing who has a crush on who or who hates who LOL omg. 
  • Personality assessments - if you’re lowkey a narcissist who loves to check up on your zodiac and your Hogwarts house and whether you’re an INFP or whatnot, or if you’re chaotic neutral or what your birthstone is, etc. OMG. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. LOVE YOURSELF. Analyze your own personality. Take them tests and learn about who you are. And when you’re done w/ yourself. Write about other people.

RinMaki, KotoUmi, NozoEli, NicoPana, TsubaHono, lily freakin white

Umi and Rin almost bump into each other in front of the club room’s door, both holding their phones in their hands with terribly worried faces. Apparently, they both just received a message from Nozomi saying that there’s an emergency for the three of them and they need to talk about it in the club room a-s-a-p.

“What do you think is this lily white emergency, Umi-chan?” Rin asks with a slight pout, still panting from her hurried steps. “Are we in trouble, nya?”

“I really have no idea, honestly,” Umi shrugs. She hesitantly grabs the doorknob with a shaky hand. “L-Let’s go in?”


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anonymous asked:

l really want to do a dragon age tarot card but l don't really know how to?? have you made any of them and do you get tips for it?

Ah, the Dragon Age tarot designs are so pretty! I’ve got two old ones that I started ages ago, although upon closer inspection of the canon designs themselves I can see some bits that don’t quite match. The best I can do I think is try to break the overall designs down for you, anon. (I need to do it anyway, so I have an idea of what I’m doing too!)

Bellow the cut you’ll find: long winded talk on the “look” of the cards, run-down on tarot cards, a bunch of colour palettes, some example poses, and a bunch of artists to look at that may help. Good luck!

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so @samwell-womens-hockey​​ was talking about how in soulmate aus with “first words” soulmate marks there’s like…. a weird lack of free will since you’re predestined to say a specific thing no matter what happens????

and like i have personally thought about that issue a lot aaaaaaaaaand i actually have also thought a lot about a super angsty soulmate au that explores this exact issue. SO. i’m typing it out now.

1.3k, rated t. this is zimbits but fyi there is also sad pimms backstory and some talk about jack’s OD. so read at your own discretion.

honestly, jack doesn’t believe in soulmates anymore, and he certainly doesn’t want one.

he doesn’t see the appeal in being forced into a relationship with some stranger. just because someone says some random assortment of words, it doesn’t suddenly mean they’re good for you. just look at what happened with kent.


so. what happens with kent is bad.

they meet for the first time in a locker room—jack is shirtless and bent over, lacing up his skates, and kent reads the words written on the curve of his waist aloud, slow, a little confused: “well, you’re all real tall, aren’t ya?”

jack gasps and sits straight up, whipping his head around to look over his shoulder, and then he sees the blonde guy staring back at him. jack can’t think of anything to say: he’s in shock, he can’t believe it’s happened. it feels like already? and finally all at once.

eventually kent blinks and says, “uh, hi. i’m kent?”

and jack says, “hi. i’m jack.”

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anonymous asked:

(Cullen asker)(1/2) It's great that Tumblr has started dealing with your asks properly! I don't wish to defend Meredith's actions (she's arguably a more heinous villain than Corypheus), but from a military background, Cullen's behaviour seems less unreasonable to me. It's one thing to have a problem with a superior (a soldier who never thinks about orders is a poor soldier), but in general, the proper solution is to ask them in private. Publicly condemning them is a bad idea. In all of Hawke's..

(2/2)… pre-chantry-explosion interactions with Cullen, he is arguably duty-bound to express support for Meredith’s philosophy. After that, he is SEEN being critical of her decisions, even imploring her to spare the lives of two magi who insist they aren’t possessed apostates. He argues that Meredith was a lesser evil, and this is supported (again, she was a bad person red lyrium or not), as kirkwall fell apart without her. I think that Cullen just wasn’t willing to risk chaos like Thrask was.

Hi again, Anonymous person.

Still no, though. Really, really no. None of your defence is working for me at all.

For a start … I just need to take a moment to appreciate the fact that you start out by calling Meredith ‘a more heinous villain than Corypheus’, and then go on to defend Cullen’s support of her.

I mean – this is the plot of Inquisition, right? It’s the whole damn plot. Here we have Corypheus, our Bad Guy Extraordinaire. He is doing Very Bad Things. But he is not doing them alone! No, he has supporters. Followers. Acolytes. They all think what they are doing is right and justified.

And our Inquisitors, they go out and they stop these people. And then they haul them up for Judgement, and decide whether they are dupes or accomplices.

Warden-Commander Clarel, a woman who impresses me more in a few brief scenes than Cullen does in three whole games, gets a redemption equals death story. Yes, what was going on at Adamant Fortress was a horror show. But with the Calling ringing in her ears, Clarel believed she could not save her Wardens. They were doomed. It didn’t matter whether they died now, or a month hence. All that mattered was that they died stopping the Blight.

She was wrong. And learning that, she tried to redeem herself. She died magnificently, but she died. There’s no new life for her, no prestige and power and cozy card games. It goes beyond that, too: you can condemn the Wardens and drive them out for what they did. You can pass judgement.

So why can’t I slap manacles on Cullen’s wrists, and charge him with taking part in the mass murder of Kirkwall’s mage population? With providing support and cover for rapists and torturers? With working for a criminal gang which overthrew Kirkwall’s government and ruled it by force for years?

Should you recruit the mages, Cullen has a lot to say about Samson. He’ll tell you that Samson should know better, and that there is no excuse for his support of Corypheus. Cullen doesn’t agree with you, Anonymous person. He clearly thinks a man who follows a bad leader is himself bad. He has, after all, a personal quest devoted to bringing Samson down.

So why can’t my Inquisitor point out to him that he’s a fucking hypocrite? That he’s condemning Samson for supporting Corypheus when he himself served a tyrant for years, and gives every indication of having done so willingly and gladly? Why does the game never allow my character to challenge Cullen’s self-serving bullshit?

If Meredith is worse than Corypheus, then Cullen is at least as bad as Samson and Clarel and the rest. The difference is, he gets away with it.

Moving on … I am really, intensely uncomfortable with your claim that it would have been wrong for Cullen to turn on Meredith in public. I mean, for a start, Keran quits the Templars, displaying more courage and principle than Cullen ever does, so apparently doing this is hardly unthinkable.

But more than that? While the mages and the Circles are not real, the things that happened to them are. Terrible things like that have happened to minority groups, to refugees, to prisoners, to children, to slaves, to the mentally ill and the physically disabled. To people who cannot fight back. They’ve happened historically, and they still happen now. Often people in power get away with it, because that’s how the world works. But sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the truth gets out. Then it turns out that, not only was this teacher or guard or priest or policeman doing horrific things, but that people knew. Their colleagues knew, and they didn’t stop them. They closed ranks and provided public support.

That’s Cullen’s best case scenario. He’s one of those people.

Moreover, as I cited previously, he is the beneficiary of such a system himself, having been packed off to Kirkwall because it was a place where his attitudes would find cover and support. Cullen is not ‘pretending’ to support Meredith. He does support Meredith, and he continues to express opinions in line with her thinking throughout Inquisition. Remember, again, that he is the one advocating violence against the Underground. That’s a plan he takes to Meredith.

And … I think I’m just going to have to point out that ‘being critical of Meredith’s decisions’ in the Dragon Age 2 endgame is worth fuck all. She publicly declared her intent to murder Kirkwall’s mages. Cullen stayed at her side and in her employ. He’s her accomplice. Getting a bit queasy about a couple of the murders is not what I’d call holding the moral high ground.

And this?

He argues that Meredith was a lesser evil, and this is supported (again, she was a bad person red lyrium or not), as kirkwall fell apart without her.

This is really just more evidence that Cullen is a bad person. I mean, come on, you just called Meredith worse than Corypheus.

Now, obviously, to a certain extent Kirkwall is a screwed up place because it was designed that way. It was designed as a focal point for conflict, with a number of mystical and historical reasons to explain why this is so. But if you look at the practical reason for the conflicts that take place during Hawke’s time there, it can be reasonably summed up as ‘because the bloody Chantry was running the place’.

Knight-Commander Meredith herself orders the gates barred to the Fereldan refugees. A Blight – the very worst thing in Thedas – is happening, and the Templars are taking the opportunity to pocket bribe money, with a market set up to buy the possessions of these helpless people. It was the Chantry’s repeated and unprovoked attacks on the Qunari, and their horrific bigotry towards elves, that led to the combined uprising that made Hawke Champion. It was Meredith’s brutal treatment of the mages, and her long-term intent to murder them (go talk to Karras in Act 3. He’ll tell you) that led to the mages fighting for their lives in the streets of Kirkwall.

Cullen is supporting a brutal tyrant, who is doing terrible harm every day she’s in power. He’s her right-hand man, Anonymous person. He’s in the pay of Kirkwall’s worst criminals, and until his boss suffers extreme mental deterioration, he’s perfectly happy with that.

I mean – look. If you want to declare Cullen innocent on all charges, go right ahead. I disagree with you, but you get to play your game any way you like. My problem is that the game and the story are forcing me to play nice with a character I think is despicable.

anonymous asked:

I have the same problem as the anon who asked about depositing your allowance money to your bank account without getting in legal trouble because I don't have a job either 😞 it is honestly so hard to figure out a convenient and safe way for receiving allowance money. And as you said, storing it in your dorm/appartment is definitely not safe and you wouldn't be able to pay for rent and bills that way. I wish there was an easy way :(

This is a lament that relates to I will soon receive my first allowance of $5k. How do i deposit that to my bank account every month to pay my rent etc. without getting in trouble?

Let’s continue to work on this problem, and I think a good way is to do it like a hypothetical situation. To set out the scenario, let me assume the following:  (1) The sugar baby is approaching this like a “business” in that she fully intends on paying tax on her income.  Therefore, depositing funds into a bank account is not being done in furtherance of any effort to avoid applicable tax laws.  So, that takes care of a lot of the problems in terms of the legality of depositing cash!  Okay, so far so good.  (2) The amount of the money to be deposited totals somewhere between $1,000 and $7,000 a month, a figure that reasonably approximates most sugar babies’ cash flow in any given month.

With these facts, the only legal issue is to avoid violating the Bank Secrecy Act, which prohibits the “structuring” of cash deposits to avoid triggering the mandatory reporting on deposits of $10,000 or more.  For more discussion of the Bank Secrecy Act, see my link above.  In this case, we don’t have any “structuring” problem because the total amount received in a month is less than 10k.  The only thing that needs to be avoided is the “collateral damage” of the Bank Secrecy Act, which requires the bank to report any “suspicious activity”, which is generally understood as an attempt to structure deposits. But, we’re not attempting to structure here!  First, the amount to be deposited in a month is less than 10k (remember, classic structuring takes place over a period of days, not an entire month!) and, second, the SB intends and will pay taxes on the income!

So, the issue devolves to a simple one:  how to avoid the appearance of “suspicious activity”?  Remember, depositing cash in and of itself is not suspicious and it is not a crime.  For example, there are a lot of businesses, like small local grocery markets that deal primarily in cash.  They make cash deposits all the time with no problem!  And why is that?

The answer to that question is actually quite simple; it is primarily because they establish a steady relationship with a bank, and particularly, with one branch location. Okay, I am beginning to see a path that leads out of the wilderness! 

So, in your case, open or use an account in a local branch office of your bank.  After a relatively short period of time, the tellers will recognize you as a customer and will not think twice when you go to cash a check or deposit money into your account.  (In this vein, it is actually a good idea to physically cash checks instead of using your ATM card!  First, cashing checks will get you “seen” by the tellers!  Second, if you are cashing checks as well as depositing money indicates that this is just a regular account with regular activity instead of just a “piggy bank” that you use to store cash.  And, third, as a side benefit, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to log a late night ATM run into your check book!  Lol)

Go to the same branch all the time so the tellers “get to know you”. And, DO NOT go to different branches to make deposits on the same day! That will get you flagged, because that, by definition is “suspicious activity” and banks actually have pretty complicated computer algorithms that spot that activity. Spread out the deposits over a course of a month, which actually won’t be a problem if you are paid per meet as opposed to a lump sum monthly allowance. There is no need to “explain” the reason for the deposits to the teller, unless he or she asks. And, if asked, just say that you do some consulting work from time to time and your clients tend to pay in cash.  Part of what you do as a sugar baby certainly falls within the broad definition of “consulting”, eh?  Believe me, if you act nervous or blurt out random reasons how you just scored the $500 you are going to deposit, it will look suspicious. Instead, just have some “small talk” with the tellers so that they get to know your face and that you are a regular customer at the bank. By doing this in a professional, calm way, you will not look suspicious and after the second or third deposit, the tellers won’t even give you a second thought.

I just think it is a good idea to put money in a bank account instead of keeping it in your apartment, dorm room, house, etc.  You don’t have to deposit all of your allowance money, just most of it!  You are not breaking any laws by following these steps (consistent with the facts of the hypothetical set forth above); all you are doing is avoiding the APPEARANCE of suspicious activity, which is fine!

So based on a thing, I wrote a thing

Based on this post

I wrote this story

The sun rises on a gorgeous Wednesday morning, bathing the city of Los Angeles in a mixture of golds, reds, and oranges. As the rays continue their ascension over the city, they start to seep into the apartment of one Mark Fischbach, spilling into both his and his 5 year old little boy’s rooms. The intense glow of the golden beams was enough to cause Mark to crack open his eyes. He awakens with a yawn, stretching and running his hands through his hair.

He reached over to the night stand, and grabbed his phone off the charger. Upon turning it on and unlocking it, he came to discover that today was May 20th, his little boy Cayden’s 5th birthday. A small jolt of shock ran through his mind, and he realized he’d forgotten to get him something. ‘Oh shit’ he thought. It was only 8 AM, Cayden never woke up before noon. 'It’s okay, I have some time. I’ll just slip out and get him something before he wakes up.’ he thought.

Mark quietly began to dress himself, throwing on a black tee with his favorite red flannel over it, and a pair of dark blue jeans with a pair of grey converse. He snuck out of his room, and quietly slipped out of his apartment, locking the door behind him. He ran down to his car, in the parking lot, and headed off to the nearest Walmart. He scanned the shelves searching for the perfect gift for his son, thinking about what he knew Cayden liked, what he’d been talking to his son about, and what was safe for him.

He considered multiple items. Magic cards, pokemon, Yugioh, but decided against them, thinking Cayden would want to learn to play and Mark didn’t know how to play himself, so how could he teach him? He considered getting him a BB gun, but decided against it quickly. 'That kid would shoot his eye out.’ he thought. He looked at trucks, planes, helicopters, all of which he already had. Then a thought occurred to him. 'Does he have any stuffed toys? I don’t think he has a single stuffed animal.’ He scoured the shelves for the perfect bear for his boy. There were black bears, lions, tigers, elephants, horses, and then he found it. The perfect toy.

It was a bear with chocolate brown fur and shiny blue eyes. It had a cute little black bow tie with a small top hat. It looked oddly familiar, but he simply couldn’t place his finger on why. He thought Cayden would love it, it was adorable! He bought it, and drove home as quickly as possible.

Mark parked the car, pulled the gift out of the back, and ran back to his apartment. He fumbled with his keys until finding the correct one to unlock the door to the small apartment. As he placed the precisely cut piece of silver in the door and turned it, he heard movement from inside. A sort of shuffling. He turned the doorknob as slowly as possible, and opened the door. He scanned the immediate area, and the living room appeared to be clear. He came the rest of the way in, and turned to shut the door. He noticed a figure out of the corner of his eye just standing there. He half didn’t want to know what it was. “Boo!!”

“Holy mother of-!” Mark stopped himself when he saw his little weasel standing there in his Superman onesie. “Hi daddy!” the child cooed. “Hey son, what are you doing up so early?” Mark laid down the bags and picked up Cayden. “You were gone, so I got up and tried finding you but you wasn’t in the house.” Mark felt a little guilty for leaving him alone, but he wasn’t gone that long. A quick glance at the clock showed it was only 15 til 9. “Aww, I’m sorry buddy. Daddy just had to run out for a few minutes.” He set the child down on the couch, and grabbed the green bag off the floor. There were blue spirals with dots of glitter on it, and out of the top was a tuft of yellow tissue paper. “Guess what daddy was doing?” Mark teased.

Cayden’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, and his focus was totally on the bag. “Is that my birthday present?” The child asked. “It is, but you gotta close your eyes if you want it.” Cayden shut his dark green eyes and held out his tiny hands. Mark walked towards him, ruffled his dark brown hair, and set the bag in his hands. “You can open your eyes now, son.” Cayden opened them to find the present in his hand, and tore out the tissue paper. “It’s a bear!! It’s a bear!” The toddler cheered. “Yep! I saw him this morning and thought you’d love him! So, what are you gonna call him son?” Cayden thought for a moment, examining every inch of the bear before deciding on a suitable name. “Freddy! I wanna call him Freddy!”

That name seemed to hit a bad chord with Mark. He had a faraway look in his eyes, as if he wasn’t fully there. It’s like he was reliving some sort of horrid war, or tragic scene that had taken place in his life. Like someone had ripped out his soul, skinned it, and put it back in. Suddenly he remembered why that bear had seemed so damn familiar. Freddy. He thought that damn game had died years ago. He thought he was free from the clutches of all things Fazbear. How wrong he was. He wished he’d never picked that one, that he’d recognized it earlier, that he’d picked anything but that bear. But, he didn’t want to give his son the idea that it was a bad name. He smiled, albeit forced, and pat Cayden on the head. “….That’s a great name, son. I’m glad you like your toy.”

Httyd harry potter au

Hey! i hope y'all like this!

I even researched some hp stuff cause i needed to get somethings correct… meh…

There shall be more parts after this, though they will be when the gang is older! cause they are like… 11 and 12 at the moment…

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