i have no idea how babies work


Honestly I have no idea how he is ignored.

He is gorgeous.

His personality is contagious

He has phenomenal vocals

He has an excellent laugh.

He works so hard for his young age.

Haechan is our sweet savage baby.

Go and love Haechan y’ all. He deserves it.

Izzy isn’t the smartest guy in the world.

(thank you anony for the idea) 

Since when I discovered that I am pregnant a week ago, I was thinking how I would tell this notice to Izzy, I really don’t know what his reaction will be like. But today I woke up quite motivated to tell him. So while he slept I prepared all the clues for him to see if he would be able to guess. When I sit in the kitchen for breakfast I hear the bedroom door open. It’s a miracle he wakes up before noon when he doesn’t have to work. 

 – Babe, why that baby shoes was next to my pillow? – he appears in the kitchen holding the shoes, he’s so asleep and his voice sounds weak. He is fucking sexy when he wakes up. 

 – Hum… I don’t know. – I say looking at my coffee.

 – Ok… – he kisses my head and go to the living room. One more clue. – Babe? 

– Yes? 

 – Did we always have this baby outfit on the couch? – he asks, I shrugging and go to the bedroom. As the way I know Izzy he should be confused and I am right because he appears on the bedroom looking at me without understanding. – There is something happening right here? 

– I don’t know about nothing.  – I lie in the bed and he stares at me for a few seconds and then goes to the bathroom. One more clue. 

– Ok! I think we have a baby living here! (y/n) why do we have a toothbrush? – Izzy returns to the room neither nervous and I smiles at him calmly. 

 – Open the wardrobe. – I ask, he looks at my more confused than before and opens the wardrobe. When he opens the wardrobe he sees a little pregnancy test, Izzy takes it in the hands and stays for a few minutes looking at it. I really don’t know what he is thinking about, he stands staring at the test, then he looks at me and I don’t see any reaction in his face…

 – Erin is pregnant? – he whispers and I almost got mad at him. 

 – How I fell in love with you? – this time I almost laugh. 

 – Wait but… Oh… Wait… Wait…. Oh wait… 

– Babe I am waiting. – This time I laugh. 

 – (y/n) are you telling me… 

– Well I am not telling you anything I am trying to tell you without words to be clear.  – he sits by my side, his face is hilarious just totally confused and I am not nervous anymore.

 – I AM FUCKING DUMB! – he screams. 

– A little. 

 – You are pregnant! Jesus we are gonna be parents! – he smiles at me and looks so happy. 

 – Are you glad with this notice? 

– Are you kidding me? This is the best notice ever! I will have a baby with the girl I love! – he hugs me and starts to laugh. 

– Why are you laughing? – I ask smile at him and he kisses me lips careful. 

 – I am laughing because it’s funny and… Oh my God… I don’t know why I am laughing! 

 Then we two starts to laugh and we don’t know why! 


 I wake up in the middle of the night when I hear a voice speaking softly, when I open my eyes I see Izzy passing his hand over my belly, his head is lying next to my belly and I know I shouldn’t but I start to listen what he’s saying. 

 – So I’m a musician… I’m in a band Guns N’ Roses, we are a rock band and we are good, you’ll have some nice uncles, Slash, he could teaches you how to play guitar, Duff, he will told you some horrible jokes and you will laugh, Steven, he is such a nice guy and he will competes with Duff for who will be the funniest uncle and Axl, he is my best friend, he will treat you like a son and will be very jealous and I will be your daddy, I don’t if I will be the best daddy ever. – he whispers and my heart almost breaks. – But I will try, I didn’t expect this and to be honest when I saw the pregnancy test I knew the truth but I couldn’t believe, no one told me how this happiness would be, I didn’t feel afraid, maybe a little scared but not afraid because you will have the best mommy, – I will start to cry… – you will have the best family of all. Your mommy, your uncles and… 

 – You. – I whisper completing his phrase, he lifts his head and looks at me.

 – Did you hear everything? – he asks passing his hand in my waist. 

 – I am sorry. 

 – No… It’s ok I am just… 

– Izzy, we are together in this, you’ll be a great daddy. – I smiles at him and he lies besides me with his face next to mine. 

 – I love you… 

 – I know, honey. 

 – Thank you for being this amazing woman and thank you for being the mother of my child. – When he says I start to cry and he hugs me tightly. – Will be me, you and Lucas. 

 – Izzy! Lucas? And if it’s a girl? – I ask laughing and crying at the same time. 

– To be honest I don’t know babe when we tell this to the boys I am sure that they will wanted to choose the name, but it’s ok cause we still have nine months to think about it.


The Dreemurr sibling duo babysitting, what could possibly go wrong?

Well it isn’t Endertale but it’s a little thing I was working on for the alternate story where Asgore and Toriel are back together and have a lil baby goat girl named Astell, as seen HERE

I’ve called it siblingtale because it is not canon with Endertale, it’s completely unrelated. Also I have absolutely no idea how long this will be, it’s just a mini comic so it won’t be that long at all
also Frisk is trying and failing to figure out Papyrus’ special attack he’s been teaching them 

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  • Ino: Sai, it's time to name our baby boy! Now, in the Yamanaka family...
  • Sai: (has no idea how babynames work) Paintbrush.
  • Ino: No, wait, it has to start with-
  • Sai: Bookcase. Or a coffee table.
  • Ino: Are you seriously coming up with names based on stuff we have in our house?
  • Sai: ...Window.
  • Ino: (sighs, thinking) I'm just gonna call him Inojin. My womb, my choice.
  • ---
  • Chouji: It's a family tradition. The name should start with a Cho.
  • Karui: (trying to come up with a good suffix) Cho... Cho...
  • Chouji: (impressed) That's an excellent idea, dear!
  • Karui: ...Whatever...
  • ---
  • Shikamaru: (reading a scroll in the kitchen, not noticing what his wife is doing) Hey, I was thinking. We should choose a name for that baby of ours. Due to the Nara tradition, it has to start with Shika-
  • Temari: (struggling to stun a fresh fish for dinner, not listening) DIE!!
  • Shikamaru: Shikadai it is.

3 February is Setsubun. 

The baby lords are celebrating, LOL. 

Well. Except for Shingen and Kenshin. They get to be the daddy for baby retainers (I have no idea how old the Uesugi folks are, so let’s just pretend this works)

Oh no! I forgot Inu! I’ll add him later, then…

Masanori (Ichimatsu) and Kiyomasa (Toranosuke) are Hide’s cousins + childhood friends introduced in the JP app. 

I think Mitsubun and Yasu’s childhoods are too sad for them to be celebrating Setsubun 


Sans doesn’t know how to handle having a cute brother OR giving affection.

Papyrus is a lil’ shit and will GET that affection.

This is their story.


By the way, this isn’t what I promised, but you guys have no idea how BADLY I’ve been wanting to do underfell baby bones stuff…

“Blue was perfectly aware that it was possible to have a friendship that wasn’t all-encompassing, that wasn’t blinding, deafening, maddening, quickening. It was just that now that she’d had this kind, she didn’t want the other.”

— Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Dear Y/N

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It’s been a couple of days since our fight and I’ve never regretted something so deeply in my life. I am going crazy baby, I can’t live without for a single second longer.

We were made for each other Y/N, what one us lacks the other excels in. I love video games, you love video games. I love cuddling, you love cuddling (to the point I think you were a Teady bear in a past life) I have no piatence with most things, you have the patience of a saint. (How do you manage to keep calm I have no idea. I’ve been convinced your some sort of a wizard for a long time)

While we balance each other out but we also like the same things, I like to work out you like to work out. you love to cuddle, I love to cuddle. I like to kiss you, you love it when I kiss your face. Baby there’s so much I could say but I need to get to the real important things.

I need you more than words could ever express, your the better half of me. You make me a better man. You can calm me down whenever I get frustrated, you know exactly what to do whenever I begin to lose my temper. You know exactly what to do whenever I’m angry or sad. You’ve been there through the highs and the lows and I know that we’ve still got a lot to work to do but I promise we are going to get through it.

I want to grow old with you, get married and have a family because one day we’re going to look back and tell our children about fighting for something is totally worth it.

Your my moon of my life.

Love you always,

Seth x

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This is so precious~

Look at how *mommy* Minho tenderly held the baby.

Look at how awkward *daddy* Onew standing there, having no idea what to do.


I’m so incoherent right now

*crying pitifully in the corner*

Thank you so much for submitting this! It’s so sweet to see Minho being so loving and goofy, isn’t it? And our Jinki hasn’t changed one bit, even since 2010 he only likes babies from a distance/in theory hehe

-Admin M

Okay, after reading this fan fiction of klance, in case anyone is wondering this story is called call me, beep me, by safra, I leave the link http://archiveofourown.org/works/7841764/chapters/17904055, anyway this is a scene from chapter 7, and I decide to draw this particular scene, where lance calls Keith nicknames and kieth is just the flustered baby he is, but I have no clue on how to draw him, since im doing this traditionally, anyway if you have an idea please let me know, of you want to see what so have so far, please feel free to tell me, thank you


So from what I’m gathering, the new episode has led many to think that Pearl would actually rip the gem from Steven’s stomach just to “free Rose”, when we all know that would not happen.

Look, I was a bit scared when she touched his gem and suggested such an action, but let’s be perfectly honest, if you’re an alien on Earth and your beloved alien leader gave herself up to be this newborn organic organism, that you have no idea how works, and confusing it for a concept only your species know, I’m most certain you would panic and consider such measures too, especially with the absence of the baby’s parent *Greg* from stopping you because they literally kidnapped him, thinking it was the best thing to do.

This episode *and others before it* made it perfectly clear that the Gems did not raise Steven because Gems do not know how Humans and Human babies work. This episode showed exactly why; they are clueless and resorted to kidnapping and considering the murder that they would not know would actually happen if Pearl ripped the gem from his belly.

Pearl did not know,

that ripping the gem out of Steven would kill him.

She did not know.

Amethyst did not know.

Not even Garnet knew.

What she did was scary and very abuse-suggestive, but it was not her fault at all. All this hate she is getting is not necessary. Do not bash on a panicking alien for not knowing how a human baby works. The Gems said themselves that what they did was not smart, but it was a learning experience, and they now are smarter and adore Steven, especially Pearl.

She cheered Steven on in Historical Friction,

She covers his eyes to protect his innocence when something even mildly inappropriate is happening (ie Coach Steven),

She gets stabbed in the fucking chest but the first thing she does is to try to keep Steven calm because he witnessed it first hand, when she could’ve been worrying about herself (Steven the Sword Fighter),

She wanted to show Steven outer space but backed out before the faulty ship exploded, saving Steven from dying because she knew it would fuck him up and she would still live against the elements of the never ending vacuum that is outer space (Space Race),

Need I mention So Many Birthdays when Pearl was having the grossest breakdown over possibly losing Steven when he was aging too fast? Because by then the Gems are more knowledgeable of human aging and Pearl was losing her shit,

And she was pretty damn happy to have him back after that whole mess was through,

Pearl is a flawed-ass character but what makes her great is that she tries her hardest to accept, learn and grow as a person. If you guys can’t handle that and don’t think for a single moment why she reacts the way she does with an open mind, you obviously should not be watching this show, because it’s all about that.

I originally wasn’t going to address this issue, but it got out of hand way too damn fast. Here’s my two cents.

Peace and love on the planet fucking Earth, I’m out.

there is this like 15 yr old (white) kid that’s at my hometown skatepark all the time and he told me that his parents were from south africa and he lived there as a baby and he was like “haha i have no idea how i’m from africa and i’m white… i’ll never understand how that works” like… he really had no idea about that whole situation

tamiito  asked:

Could you do a artist!reader dating ethan hc?!

Of course!!

•eth hanging up your art in his room bc he is oh so proud

•eth retweeting and reblogging all your work online

•literally being astounded at how you can draw

•"i cant draw a circle, and you can draw literally anything!! I’m in love with a magician"

•him having you draw him new shirt ideas

•using your ideas for merch and wearing them all the time on camera

•reminding you how talented you are whenever you get frustrated

•watching you draw and just being amazed by how effortlessly talented you are

•calling you his little Picasso

•bragging to literally anyone who will listen about how talented his lil baby is

He’d be so good omg

Pain In The- (The One Who Worries Part 2)

Writer - @dammntwilightsaga

Requested - Yes.

This was good, could you possibly do a part 2 where the baby is born.  I’m curious to see how Paul would react. - @xoxoronanlynch

Disclaimer - I do not own any of The Twilight Saga’s characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Twilight

Summary – Paul’s imprint, (Y/N), is officially overdue to have their baby but it finally decides it’s ready to be apart of the world and no one knows what to do.

Warning(s) - swearing, delivery of a newborn, mentions of breastfeeding (this really shouldn’t be a warning.), fluff, horribly written birthing scene lol


A/N - Request are open :)

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10 Things to Help You Stay Safe at School and Work

As a medical student and a martial artist one of my biggest passions in life is helping people stay safe and teach them how to defend themselves. And one of the things that scares me the most is how my classmates talk about not knowing what would happen if they were alone in a dark parking lot at strange hours. That’s and insane idea to me.

I’ve taught multiple self-defense seminars ranging from children to sororities to LGBT+ organizations to really teach people that they have the right to fight back and how to do it in the best way for themselves. This has given the unique ability to modify and create self-defense strategies for different walks of life. That’s why I’ve taken my time to think of a way to express that online.

I can’t really show you how to take someone down, I can give you a good list of how to stay vigilant and a few intuitive techniques so that you can stay safe. I hope you find it helpful!

1. Don’t trust objects alone

“Oh, I have pepper spray.” Maybe you have a metal defense stick, or a little knife. That’s cool, I guess. But where exactly do you have it? Buried somewhere in a purse? Maybe jammed into your glovebox or perhaps on a different set of keys. In the long run, having an external force of self-protection can be useful but they’re useless unless you always have them on you. It’s really a false sense of security. It’s best to learn to use what you have including your limbs, head, rings, bag and my personal favorite…

2. Learn a new way to use your keys

When you’re walking in a parking lot the first thing you should do before leaving is pull out your keys. You should have them gripped in your hands either than the keys are sticking out from one side or the blades of the keys are between your fingers. If someone comes up to you with nefarious intentions you can literally just swing your keys across their face. Trust me, they will not put up an appreciable chase when you just slashed them full force. 

3. Approach your car with caution

This one is a little specific, but very relevant for current times. As you’re walking towards your car, try to get a glance underneath. For some stupid reason there is a trend of people hanging out under cars waiting for you to talk up to they can slash your Achilles tendon so you can’t run away (how f’ed up is that?) In the unlikely event this occurs, you immediately go into a safe building, call the police and tell them there is a body under your car (not that someone is trying to attack you).

4. A distracted target is an easy target

Do not walk around with headphones in, do not play on your phone, do not absent mindedly speak on the phone in while in a dark or enclosed area. The more invested you seem in something else, the more you leave yourself vulnerable, and people notice that. Even if you are on the phone, keep your head up and looking around while speaking at a moderately high volume. This lets everyone around you know, hey I’m attentive and in-tune.

5. Walk with a purpose

If you look like you know where you’re going and are attentive you give off being a certain type of person. A person who is in control. Basically it says “you don’t want to mess with me, because I am ready to go at all times.” Like a hawk. If you walk hunched over, looking nervous and suspicious, it makes you look too afraid to be able to do anything. So even if you’re afraid, walk like you mean it.  

6. Do the opposite of what is expected

What I mean by this is if say, someone pulls your hair from behind or grabs at your wrists, instead of trying to yank back and get away push towards your attacker. This will disorient them because they weren’t expecting such a reaction. You will also be in less pain, and be composed enough to do something to get away like smash your head into their nose or heel stomp them. If they want your wallet, just give it to them. They won’t expect it and if that’s all they want they’ll leave. You can replace cards and ID, but you can’t replace your life.

7. Find your voice

I’ve taught a lot of self-defense, as I’ve mentioned. And I promise, every time I tell anyone to practice yelling someone always thinks it funny. But you know what’s not funny? How many people completely freeze up when they’re grabbed from behind and or being pulled away. It’s like making any noise at all is an impossibility which is an extremely dangerous place to be. As awkward as it may be, a well-placed scream or yell is a very effective move all in itself.

8. Let someone know where you’ll be

Easy, simple, effective, but easy to forget. Also, establishing a recognizable pattern of when you come and go to people around you is a really good idea. That way, if someone is out of the ordinary the people around you will realize something is not right.

9. Take a self-defense class

I can tell what techniques to use, but honestly that’s not very useful. To really be able to protect yourself you need to know what it means to actually strike something to be able to translate that into striking someone. A good class will teach you wrist releases, elbows, knees and plenty of other ways to escape a potentially dangerous situation. It’s worth the time to go to a class, and who knows? You might really like it.

10. You are the most important person

I hate the idea that a lot of these practices are made to turn attention away from one target to another possibly. I really wish that something that weren’t the case and that we didn’t even have to worry about this crap. But that just isn’t so. As long as people are willing you to hurt others, you must remember that the most important person is you and it is your priority to keep yourself safe. If you can help someone, in anyway, that is amazing. But you are your own number one.

Stay safe out there everyone!

Matoki Earthventure Fan Project

Hi everyone! @bestabsoluteplottwist and I are planning on making a Matoki Earthventure fan project, more or less just a web comic to continue on the matoki story since TS has abandoned it. We’re in the planning stages right now for how we want to go about everything, what we want to include, and how we want to continue the story, but I hope you’ll all look forward to it!!

For all the work that’s going in right now, we need a little bit of help. Specifically, we need someone to help us make a theme. I know Babys are all crazy talented, so I was hoping one of the lovely theme-maker babys could help us?~ Please contact us for details ^^

Even if we’re specifically looking for a theme right now, any help is appreciated! If you have any ideas or anything you can contribute, please let us know!~ Also please reblog to help us find help ^^

The Talk 2 (Naruhina Version)
  • Hinata: Naruto-Kun I think you should be the one giving Bolt the talk. When she gets older, I'll take Himawari.
  • Naruto: The Talk?
  • Hinata: About Sex and-
  • Naruto: *covering his ears* LALALALALLALLAA CAN'T HEAR YOU
  • Hinata: *wtf*
  • Naruto: Sorry Hinata I can't help there. I have no idea how any of that works.
  • Hinata: Naruto-Kun we have two children.
  • Naruto: I know- but what does that have to do with sex?
  • Hinata: what
  • Naruto: what?
  • Hinata: I-I can't- what?
  • -----
  • Hinata: ...and that's how babies are born.
  • Bolt: cool now can I go? I'm bored.
  • Hinata: And Naruto-Kun? Learned anything today?
  • Naruto: ...
  • Naruto: I... I need a minute.

so yesterday we had an infant feeding exam and honestly it went so badly like on the last page of the written i was like mm ok i don’t even know what this is asking me

and hahahah when i was doing the hand expressing practical the examiner asked me about relevant anatomy and physiology and HONESTLY i just had a mind blank i could not tell you a single thing about anatomy of the breast and I just said “yeah so you have a nipple, and theres some ducts, and there’s some milk”

and we had to put a baby bottle together as part of the reconstitution of formula and i can bang a tommy tippee together in no time but this bottle was from the 1980s and i just couldn’t do it i had this random piece left over and said to the examiner “i mean i know this is probably important but i have no idea where it goes” and when I had to demonstrate feeding a baby with a bottle for some reason i couldnt work out how to do it without my hand being so fucking cack handed and the examiner was like “mmm your elbow is in your baby’s face” and i was like “yes that does appear to be a problem” and i was honestly like tears rolling down my face after the bottle scenario 

anyway, i passed it (i actually got full marks in sterilisation and reconstitution of formula - not so much in my hand expressing u kno) even though it was an 80% pass rate and i was so sure i failed, like half of my class failed it as well cause we hadnt been prepared for it at all. best feeling ever

ps i actually can bottle feed a baby but u kno nerves and all 

halla !! i’m stella and i’m a human being who’s already obsessed with this roleplay :~) i’m nineteen years YOUNG and i’m from the gmt timezone and i hope i’m not alone in this shitty fuckin timezone :~) i’m a very lazy human bean and…. i did look over some intros and i don’t have idea how people type up some gigantic and majestic introductions they have up of their characters because i like working on my babies slowly and this will be SHITE. SO, here you have some shitty information on adrian :~)

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